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    I am dead serious about this. Maybe some others will be at the same place I am. Or if you're not yet, you probably will be. My 92 year old mom has full blown Alzheimers, she's in a really good facility. She doesn't remember me or my brother, her grandkids, nothing. (Although she does remember all old music and lyrics from the '40s, which is how I bond with her now) I fear that I am developing the same problem. I have very little short term memory any more. I don't look much to the future any more. I'm in a strange hovering place that really requires that you focus on the Now. It's very much the same as being in Consciousness, in the place of I Am, but less blissful. When I remember to be In Consciousness, which I do to different degrees throughout the days, I feel great. But this seems to be a push-pull between the two: Consciousness vs. Dementia. The way I have learned to protect myself from making ridiculous mistakes, or missing appointments (which I do a lot) is to focus on the Now as much as I can. That way, I can still bring a little organization into my daily routine, but it's difficult. My mind is sort of blank now, much of the time. But the short-term memory loss is getting horrible, and this is getting serious. I woke up the other morning, couldn't find a particular bra, and found it in the refrigerator 20 minutes later. That's the sort of things I'm talking about. If you lived with someone like this, you'd worry too. But I am finding that staying In Consciousness (out of necessity, in this case!) brings an end to the confusion. Things do truly fall into place. But I step out of it for a few hours unintentionally? Everything turns to doo-doo. So I thought I'd just pass on the 'live in the now' information to anyone getting up there, or living with or caring for old folks.
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    This is of a personal nature, but my mind is blown today. My brother and his wife were giving away an old chest of drawers. As they were cleaning out the drawers, they came across one that had very old handmade valentine or birthday cards in it. They were all made by either me or my brother, given to mom or dad when we were real young. The drawer also had a letter written on a birthday card, from my father to me. For whatever reason, he never gave it to me. Quick background - my dad was an angry man who used a leather belt to disciple me. We had a horrible relationship, but had a nice communication at time of his death. He was one tough old LAPD cop. This was apparently written shortly after I joined the PD in 1969, about 50 years ago. But it was never sent. This is it - Barb: As I sit here in bed and review the past thinking of the times I've scolded you, spanked you and punished you, I now know that during those periods I was unable to express my love for you, for at that age you'd reject it. Many of times I've wanted to hold you in my arms and pour out my love. I have never in my life given up on you and I have never been so proud as of late. As we grow older in life, I feel that many things go unsaid, for sooner or later all of us must go. Therefore I want to be sure to let you know that I've never done an act that I didn't think would be for your benefit - that's not to say I'm always right but only to say I wouldn't hurt you for the world. No one will ever love you more than your mother or I. What a beautiful feeling of....I don't know....verification? I'm still astounded.
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    I think there´s a quality of ego surrender inherent in the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is about recognizing something good in the outside world that exists outside our circle of control. When we´re grateful we step aside from preoccupation with ourselves and recognize the other. In some ways, gratitude is about recognizing that we aren´t in control, that good things can come to us unbidden. In working with gratitude, I´d emphasize the sense of surrender and letting go, the idea that it´s a big world out there and we can´t control everything and don´t need to. Maybe it´s not so much a matter of how to work with gratitude as how to let gratitude work with us.
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    Awakening is a progressive thing, it doesn't stop with the realizations expressed by the OP and other posts on this thread. There can be experiences or perspectives of awakening that bring us to a place of frustration, intolerance, aversion towards a 'lesser' level of being that we perceive we've risen above. This can be a painful place to be but it is also an opportunity to come to terms with that very aversion. Know that it is just a perspective. There can be experience and perspective that is quite the opposite. A direct experience of the connection of all life, all sentience, so powerful that one is overwhelmed by unconditional love and compassion for that which once elicited aversion. The danger here is one of attachment to that perspective, reification of that experience. It's every bit as much an obstacle as the ignorance. Can we take each of these perspectives as our path, integrating and reconciling the seemingly paradoxical truth of each on its own merits? And can we find inner peace in the face of these and all other circumstances that challenge us in both positive and negative ways? That's at least how I attempt to navigate the path.
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    That’s why I always say “Thank you” to Alexa. That little bit of kindness will go a long way when Skynet takes over. I hope she remembers me...
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    You are approaching these teachings with too much head, not enough heart. The result is the amusing irony that you are wielding sentences about not learning from a book you studied in order to win a debate that doesn't actually exist. This debate does not really exist, because "there is no room for contradiction in the Dao," and because both of these traditions are extremely up-front in admitting the insurmountable limitations of language. Well, shucks. On these paths, one studies always, but not in order to accumulate knowledge. Rather, one studies in order to understand what happens as one practices, and in order to enrich one's practice. While studying and practicing, one does both with detachment. It is probably not a great idea to study too much without practicing, as you will simply exhaust and make restive your mind, which is counterproductive. Going back century after century, the texts written for students who are serious about practice have long warned that applying too much mental effort to try and wrap your mind around spiritual teachings far beyond your personal experience ranges from being a fruitless endeavor to downright hazardous. That you profess to suffer from depression, anxiety, and social isolation that have worsened in tandem with your studious approach strongly commends your decision to change your approach. But it does not mean that Buddhism or Christianity are the root of the problem, nor that wielding what you seem to have learned from the Daodejing as an antidote will fix anything for you. You don't have to take my word for it though. You could also just keep on doing what you're doing for another year or two and see if you have ameliorated your depression, anxiety, and social isolation. If you have, then you're probably on a better path than you were for the last half decade. Congratulations in advance. "You can always learn more" is always true. Some may make this statement from a standpoint of wisdom and contentment, some from standpoints that bespeak a lack of fulfillment. Then the fact that I am so wrong about so many things should certainly suggest to you that I must be one of great intelligence, indeed! If you could demolish Buddhism for me, I would be very impressed, and I am sure you and I would both benefit tremendously by your efforts. No, I mean you are speaking about things you do not have a thorough, incisive understanding of. Therefore you make statements that reveal you have very incomplete knowledge. You have yet to discover that many of these ancient teachings contain layers of meaning, up to and including meaning that cannot be verbally expressed and which surpasses the logic upon which thought and language rely. You also have yet to discover that many of these ancient teachings can be approached from multiple angles, which may seem to be or even in fact be contradictory. In other words, you are wielding a vocabulary that you do have much of a grasp of in terms of the knowledge you would acquire through study of books alone. On top of book knowledge, you also lack the sorts insights than can only be gained by penetrating into the teachings so that you do not remain stuck looking at the finger pointing at the moon. Thus do I say you have more to learn. 慢慢來. Of course they are full of flaws and contradictions. I cannot speak of other traditions, but both Shakyamuni (and a great many subsequent Buddhists) and Laozi were very up front about this problem. Luckily it is only a surface-layer problem. One who enters into the depths of these teachings via practice and heart will not be beset by apparent contradiction. You ask, why would anybody pursue teachings that are flawed and contradictory in the end? To go beyond the teachings. Now, if the teachings do not appeal to you, perhaps it is best to just walk away from them. I can see no good reason to continue studying if the teachings are off-putting. But you might then also wish to consider walking away from your strong opinions. It might not feel to you this way right now, but you gotta admit there's at least a chance that maybe some of what you're saying is sorta kinda founded on bullshit.
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    In the advanced text of Advaita Vedanta, titled “jivanamukti Viveka”, the author, Vidyāranya Swami lays down three requisites for liberation, enlightenment, awakening. The three are — Self knowledge, jñāna dropping of vāsanās, or habitual patterns of the mind that appear in the form of compulsive behaviors and cravings Cessation of the mind, in the sense the mind stops clinging to things According to the book, all three must happen simultaneously, and not sequentially. However, depending on whether one is a seeker or a knower (jñāni), the emphasis is on different components of the triumvirate. While for the seeker, the primary emphasis is on gaining the knowledge (via studying the texts, transmission from a realized master, contemplation and meditation), along with cessation of the mind, for one who has realized the Self already, the emphasis is on dropping the habitual patterns of behavior that arise from activated karma.
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    Hi, this is my last time here, so I would like to thank so many of you guys. This forum was incredibly useful and entertaining to visit. Especially thanks to such people as @Aetherous, @Wu Ming Jen @Spotless @dawei @steve @thelerner @Starjumper . I have learned quite a lot especially through your posts so kudos. I really appreciate you and your insights. So thank you and best of luck. As for reasons to leave, well the buddhist forum here is quite a ... well. Let's say it is quite hard to visit it as it unfortunately takes a bit too much patience to see the attitudes of some towards something I hold as close to my heart as buddhadharma. Well, this is here to appreciate and celebrate so thank you guys and hope to see you in another dream, or day who the hell knows. Bye!
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    This thread is for public offering of for sale Videos of some of the levels of Tien Shan Chi Kung, as well as some bits and pieces of Tien Shan, which I am calling Black Dragon Chi Kung. Tien Shan Nei Kung, a vanishingly rare prehistoric system of true nei kung for cultivating super health, longevity, chi power, and spiritual growth. This video shows the beginning level of a vast system which contains thousands of techniques, has interminable depth, and takes decades to learn. It can take you all the way to the mountain top. The beginning levels of Tien Shan are excellent for healing. getting rid of sick energy, cultivating healthy energy, and balancing your energy. It has a genius level of focus on being fast and efficient, no time is wasted on useless or low power methods. This is the type of chi kung described in the book "A Lineage of Dragons" and is the cultivation practice that Master Fook Yueng, who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher, used for himself to become one of the more powerful and advanced chi kung masters in the world. This is the true beginning level of Tien Shan Chi Kung as taught to Steve Gray by Fook Yueng. It contains hundreds of techniques that the astute practitioner will be able to perceive and practice. The video has a voice over explaining how the movements should be done properly. To succeed in this type of cultivation the student must turn the sound off after one or two times and have it on very rarely if at all after that. You should strive to close your eyes more and more until you can do the whole thing without watching. Students who wish to come here to practice must first memorize this form so that they can do it with eyes closed. This type of chi kung is very different than most, which are bits of systems which some teachers have watered down to make easy to learn, this is a practice that has withstood the test of thousands of years and is specifically for producing super men and women, as described in the video at the end of this post. The DVD is thirty minutes long, I would like to see suggestions for a good price for this - thanks. This is the video which describes the goals and results of Real nei kung: I'll be continuing to edit this as I update the description.
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    Perspective shifting is an important subject that doesn't get much air time on Dao Bums, but they really have a major impact on us energetically. For example, if you have no faith or spiritual understanding in your life, then your perspectives will become your Gods. Think about that. Everything you do will be within the confines of these perspectives. Energetically, you will carry them like an article of clothing. What you wrote about is more like shifting perspectives through intellectual reasoning, but you can shift them energetically too. My Master teaches "perspective shifting" like this.... the image is his, but the words are mine. Imagine a beautiful flower in a meadow, the flower is you. There is a camera pointing at your flower, which represents your mind, in time lapse mode. Sometimes the camera is positioned in such a way/angle that you only see the ugly parts of your flower. This is your perspective. You forget the meadow, the forest, all sense of separation from the camera. But when you remember your inner self, or true nature, you remember that you are free to position the camera a different way. You can take a step back, have a more panoramic view and focus on the beauty emanating from your flower. This isn't just poetry, it opens a door for further understanding. Perspectives are not a brick wall that you are doomed to keep driving into. Perspectives become malleable when you remember that they are held together by Light and energy. Energy and Light respond to intent. If you wish, you can release these perspectives to their Light, there is really no one to stop you. Light will help you shift and create new perspectives. Practically, this is as easy as making prayer to release a given perspective to a higher spiritual energy. If you are Buddhist, release them to the Buddha of infinite Light. If you are Christian release them to Jesus Light. Remember that it's not about Jesus or Buddha, it's about the Divine, and the fact that the Divine understands the language of intent perfectly well. So if you just take that meadow metaphor above, and ask the Divine to think of a new perspective for you to see your flower in a new way, the energy will shift almost immediately. Remember to keep you heart open and be sincere to the energy you are releasing your perspective too. The Divine responds to your sincerity. Going through this process with an intellectual mind for example, or being full of doubt would negate the value of this exercise. You need to be curious as a child, and you need to offer your innocent mind to the Divine. Then when your perspective is no longer in your hands, the divine sculptor can work on it again, and the energy can shift. Most people are not willing to try something like this because it's not scientific, but energetically this is how works. In our tradition we say ... you want to heal yourself ? First heal the Divide. Because how can you be healthy if your perspective is not healthy ? The Divide is your separation from your spiritual center or source. When the Divide is healed, then it will trickle down to your physical body, then you can work on your blockages in a more efficient way. In contrast it can be very hard to heal someone if they choose to attach to unhealthy perspectives about themselves or the world.
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    Q: How spacious is your guru? A: Mine's very Rumi.
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    It's deeply intriguing... that no matter how many apples I eat... they all transform into human within this body. I never become apple. And yet, though I'm human through and through and all that I consume transforms into human, no matter if it is vegetable animal or insect... no where in this body do i find a human element. Within this body are all the same elements as in the stars, moons, planets, nebulas... and yet within this body, they form human and in the fields they form wheat and gophers and spiders... Morphic Fields might interest you as a topic manitou. The underlying field of energy, the frequency so to speak that determines how species grow is the idea behind it. Fascinating stuff... mostly unanswerable to me... explorable but not readily answerable... and I find I prefer it that way. Answers are rigid, fixed and ultimately boring things these days. Closed things that deaden curiosity. Living, open ended questions are fluid, vital flowing interesting explorative processes that spawn creativity and curiosity. Questions are as life, whereas answers... pfft. They are small and lack gravity for me. live the questions and to hell with the answers... i'll follow my curiosity past every answer clothed in small human ideas and words. if I have one answer, it is silence and in this silence i have been shaken by a thunder altered which only birthed another world of questions.
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    There have been times in my thirty year marriage when I have experienced the same. Deep trauma requires time to process. Suicidal tendencies on occasion have kept me close to home. Sometimes it was me, other times her. Though I have not perceived these times as chains binding me from finding and experiencing truth. They were inroads to uncovering new depth of life right where I am in that moment. To be able to be a healing presence for one I love... what is a higher calling? Is there more meaning in a monestary? Or a job? Or meditating? For me, connection is life's meaning. Twenty years ago it was me, relying on her to stay close and be my hope. Over the last seven years, she has unveiled deep trauma and experienced a total spiritual collapse. I have experienced an unfolding of awareness in my holding space for her and adding my effort to providing a place conducive to healing in our home. Things of this nature are cyclical. Working with it is like peeling an onion. Many layers, seem the same, induce some pain and tears. Remind her in the darkest times, the only constant is change. Life is change. It cannot remain the same. The layers are not the same. this realization arose spontaneously in one of my own suicidal moments: "why make a permanent decision, based on a temporary emotion, or way of seeing the world?" Life skill is developed over the course of a life... let it. It may seem like it's the same pain, but it's another layer. and eventually when peeling to the center of our pain. we found the same thing in both our pain and the onion... nothing was there... aside from mis-identification perhaps with memory and response to stimuli I can whole heartedly endorse that this does not inhibit a full life. We have traveled the globe, performed shakespeare, checkov and ibsen in front of tens of thousands, moved across the continent multiple times, brought a loving son into the world. And in my not abandoning my love for her for convenience or something shiny on the horizon... I have uncovered a shine in my own raw presence of which I was previously unaware. You sound connected and present. Those are rare qualities in my experience. Doubt is a friend I've found. I find it shifts awareness out of complacency into presence. Presence is the one thing I think we can truly offer another. All else may be lost, stolen, broken... but presence... once shared. rings of the eternal to me.
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    I found this quote today and it sort of sums up my current view of life: "Morality depends on social interests. Natural law doesn't give a shit" The world we find ourselves existing in really doesn't give a shit, not one bit. All the religions and spiritualities in the world today tell us lies. Utopias don't exist. Humanity's masses are walking around in their own little bubbles staring at their smartphones 24/7. As soon as people have to wait in a line/queue/pick their kids up from school - out comes the smartphone. Families out in restaurants, each member with their own virtual world not communicating with each other. From the real world to the virtual in a nanosecond. It really saddens me to see this.The more I observe human behaviour, the more I despair. Transhumanism is here now, and has been for years. Who needs robotic implants when the world is addicted to technology ? I have no desire to wake up the majority of humanity, it's beyond help. Kali Yuga is playing out before us, just as it needs to, naturally. Awakening is a very lonely place, believe me. Even when you're surrounded with people who love you. The world is a beautiful place only people fuck it up.
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    I think it is a great piece of writing and I totally relate to it . I dont think it is meant to be understood in the 'normal sense' and could be misunderstood though. But , to me, there is a LOT of advanced stuff in it. It also seems to be a very strong representation of 'white school' magick / tantra . A few things stood out ; " " The pleasure orientation is very important, very powerful, and very basic. If you are not pleasure-oriented, you can’t understand tantra. You have to be pleasure-oriented, because otherwise you are pain- and misery-oriented." - On the surface , this seems simple but on a deeper level it is the simplified essential nature that separates the 'black' from the 'white' school. The black school is life denialist; it believes in a 'fall from grace', that life and the material world is somehow lesser, it is dualistic , unclean, unspiritual, that life is suffering, that we need redemption, often via sacrifice, and basically its all pain and misery . White school accepts and celebrates life , life is a choice we made to express our own essential developing nature, its meant to be enjoyed and creative, it is a rising of the spirit , not a falling, the material world is not lesser than the spiritual world and may even be the same thing . It should be joy and the expression of love and joy. I will start quoting from other 'white tantric' sources to compare; "1: 13. I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy." " But this is not a psychological trick of convincing yourself through positive thinking. It is an obvious, reasonable, and real thing. " Yes, this isnt a simple 'affirmation', it is a real and lasting (even through tragedy ) conscious and unconscious 'mind set' that can take years (or in my case near 1/2 a lifetime ) to REALLY accomplish. " 1: 58. I give unimaginable joys on earth: certainty, not faith When you treat yourself well, you feel good. When you feel good, you dress yourself in good clothes and adorn yourself with beautiful ornaments. It is a very natural and basic way of relating to oneself. 1:61 ". But to love me is better than all things: if under the night stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, ...ye shall wear rich jewels; ye shall exceed the nations of the earth in spendour & pride; but always in the love of me, and so shall ye come to my joy. I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe, and covered with a rich headdress..... Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me! The main qualities of tantra that come out here are basic trust and basic elegance. Elegance here means appreciating things as they are. Things as you are and things as they are. There is a sense of delight and of fearlessness. You are not fearful of dark corners. If there are any dark, mysterious corners, black and confusing, you override them with your glory, your sense of beauty, your sense of cleanness, your feeling of being regal. O LORD , deliver me from hell’s great fear and gloom Loose thou my spirit from the larvæ of the tomb I seek them in their dread abodes without affright: On them will I impose my will, the law of light. I bid the night conceive the glittering hemisphere. Arise, O sun, arise! O moon, shine white and clear! I seek them in their dread abodes without affright: On them will I impose my will, the law of light. Their faces and their shapes are terrible and strange. These devils by my might to angels I will change. These nameless horrors I address without affright: On them will I impose my will, the law of light. These are the phantoms pale of mine astonied view, Yet none but I their blasted beauty can renew; For to the abyss of hell I plunge without affright: On them will I impose my will, the law of light. Because you can override fearfulness in this way, tantra is known as the king of all the yanas. You take an attitude of having perfectly complete and very rich basic sanity. ( Thus guy knows what he is talking about ! )
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    I think Chogyam Trungpa was considered many to be legitimate and a good source of info, while simultaneously not being good in some other ways. I think this particular quote is legitimate in terms of Tibetan Buddhist theories, but can see how it can be viewed in a satiating base desires context. Sometimes it's not good to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", and people who do bad things can have many good qualities. But also, other times you poison your water when using a dirty cup, and spiritual authority figures must be held to a high standard.
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    It is exactly what I have been trying to tell people for years. On certain websites with certain made up systems of Yoga they avoid any experience like the plague with lofty words and nonsensical ideals. Oh but you will become attached to experiences. Oh really I say, How pathetic and cowardly. How Droll. Experiences come and you should enjoy them. Experiences go and when they do you can remember them with fondness. Nothing lasts it is all temporary and temporary cannot be permanently attached to. Take your ecstasies to the limit and beyond you will not get hooked what you will get is something quite different. You will not become like the drug addict ever craving the next fix that is absurd. The Pleasure orientation is very important indeed how else will you ever bring your mind to 1 pointed absorption. Through dent of will? Your will shall break long before mind will become one pointed and absorbed. By belief in setting up an inner resonance on the level of mind with Mantra alone? This will not work other than in a very shallow and weak way. Through years of practice which are likely only to culminate is deluding oneself and never comprehending Spaciousness and emptiness which must be done experientially and not intellectually. Tantra is not a path for the weak or those too preoccupied with silly ideas and it takes a degree of maturity and a degree of Purification of the Sushumna channel and the Chakras which are tantamount to what I am calling maturity because until you do it is all intellectual clap trap without meaning. If a person can not feel Divine Vibration and Electrical sensation, cannot hear Divine Sound, Cannot see divine light which is all a creation and after effect of the friction of purification then they have no hope of grasping the ecstasies of Tantra or the pleasure that takes one beyond mind and human limited experience of life. So start with Purification of the Sushumna Channel and the Chakras and cleanse them of the traits that are keeping one down in the mirk and the mire. Kriya Yoga is a form of Tantra. It starts with Global Purification of the Sushumna the Chakras and the Nadis. As time goes on the mind and emotions which are codependent on these Astral Structures to manifest in the material world and bond with an otherwise dead animal to living power of God. As time goes on the mind and the emotions change.
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    The last sentence was hilarious. The fact that hundreds of millions of kids are gonna grow up hunchbacked with iPad-irradiated genitals, porn addiction, post-natal acquired autism, diminished creativity, and weird-ass compulsions to photograph food and "like" everybody else's food photos is un-hilarious. I use no social media (except for this site, which I've actually made real-life friends from, in addition to countless enemies, most of whom I have vanquished using my tremendous qi powers) and I never find myself feeling like I'd have a better life if I had a little page where I could let people know I just ate a sandwich and plan to go poopee within the next five or six hours. I meet random people on the street, in stores, in classes, wherever on a regular basis. Partly I think that's because not having my nose up Mark Zuckerberg's proverbial ass all day has left me with the time to work on old, bad habits (which predated social media for me) like shyness, fear of rejection, cantankerousness, aversion to small talk, reluctance to smile, fear of looking stupid, etc. All that took time, but was worth it. I can understand why a lot of people retreat into their phones, but it's a pity that so many people practically come to live through them. However, I gotta add that while I can relate to your comment to up to a certain degree, I spent the last three days in a huge auditorium where well over 1,000 people sat paying rapt attention while Tsoknyi Nyima Rinpoche offered subtle body teachings. It was easy to find warm, open people to chat with during breaks and on the way to the subway afterwards, and I only saw one douchebag playing with his phone the whole time. As he was in front of me and I was forced to see him compulsively checking on his CCTV monitoring station to see what his dog was doing (I did not realize people did this... fucking hell) and peruse shopping websites, I felt compelled to firmly tap him on the shoulder and show him my wrathful deity face. The second time it worked, although he responded with a dramatic pouty offended face haha. No idea why he would pay $60 bucks to stare at live video of his dog while some Tibetan guy speaks about the importance of not living in your head, but whatever, not my problem. The other 1,000 people there were great. There are still plenty of people around who are in various stages of "waking up," or at least not being too asleep.
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    The pleasure orientation is very important, very powerful, and very basic. If you are not pleasure-oriented, you can’t understand tantra. You have to be pleasure-oriented, because otherwise you are pain- and misery-oriented. But this is not a psychological trick of convincing yourself through positive thinking. It is an obvious, reasonable, and real thing. When you treat yourself well, you feel good. When you feel good, you dress yourself in good clothes and adorn yourself with beautiful ornaments. It is a very natural and basic way of relating to oneself. The main qualities of tantra that come out here are basic trust and basic elegance. Elegance here means appreciating things as they are. Things as you are and things as they are. There is a sense of delight and of fearlessness. You are not fearful of dark corners. If there are any dark, mysterious corners, black and confusing, you override them with your glory, your sense of beauty, your sense of cleanness, your feeling of being regal. Because you can override fearfulness in this way, tantra is known as the king of all the yanas. You take an attitude of having perfectly complete and very rich basic sanity. ~ Chogyam Trungpa ~
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    Hear you on the harsh aspects. It can be relentless. Reminds me of this. But I sense the folks 'lost' in phones now, would be no less disconnected, without the phone to focus on... They'd be just as checked out from connecting locally by looking at a magazine, reading a book, obsessing over some thought of their own devising, or something someone said, or what they wanted to buy, or pissed about what they wanted to buy but couldn't afford... instead, they are obsessing not about a thought of their own devising, but they are consuming other's thoughts through their phones, instead of magazines, books, newspapers. Phones are the magazine/movie theater/television/radio/newspaper/telephone all in one. But seem a symptom, not the source. Remember when we used to connect on the subway or the bus? Ugh, not me mate... I've always been a loner in most public settings, though very gregarious in private. As someone who used to draw much unwanted attention, I cultivated invisibility for years, before achieving some deeply relieving success. Rode the bus to University in Minnesota, and used the Subway for seven years in Brooklyn. I didn't leave the brownstone without a book and a walkman to keep folks at bay... (lol walkman!). The only thing they weren't good at distracting awareness from, was smells... dear god the smells in NYC in the summer. walking around lately feels a lot like this me. and I connect with a few folks now, whether shopping or wandering. but it's rare. true, undistracted presence is a rare gift indeed. i cherish it and return it in kind when i encounter it. I find folks who encounter me in this blissed out state and notice me, regularly avoid me, it's cute. My son says between my very slow gate, penchant for squatting and staring at seemingly mundane things for long periods and the blissed out grin that I come across as a very stoned viking who's wandered in from another century. It was my son who taught me that the only thing he ever craved of me as a toddler, was my attention and presence. The toys, stories were secondary. He craved connection. He knew what is real.
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    The tone of the topic may sound depressing and morbid, but it's only my thoughts on modern living and the human condition. Believe it or not, I experience a profound sense of joy and appreciation for what I have nearly every day. My words here might not suggest it, but that is the truth. I'm fortunate to live in a semi-rural area where the quiet countryside is within five minutes walk. No traffic noise, only the sound of birds, farm animals and the occasional jet passing overhead. I feel at home in nature, and in relative solitude, but I experience a massive disconnect from humanity. It's like there's a huge gap between myself and the rest of civilisation.
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    On some level you are right. Yet, this is all part of the evolutionary process of connection, the most primordial of human desires which began literally when fire was first discovered, and warmth became the universal antidote for alleviating feelings of fragmentation, coldness and malnourishment. Life was simpler then, and on some level, it still is, if.... in the midst of heightened awakening, there comes a realisation that ultimately, the seeming mass of humanity and their current state is predicated on how we choose to think of seeming realities. It gets clearer, and perhaps less harsh where spaciousness is allowed to permeate this awakening process. The good thing is, even when there is that lack of distance and space, it does not mean that one is separated from being a part of that awakening. Probably one's experiences get a little less pleasant and more time & energy consuming, but awakening, nonetheless.
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    Greetings, for the last days i experimented with doing nothing, just sitting or laying on the ground, doing nothing in particular. It's crazy hard to start, because to my quick fix mind it seems like a huge waste of time. Most of the time, it's pretty relaxing and healing. Yesterday i tried something out. I was chilling with my girlfriend on the bed. Mostly i would do something (talk, touch), because i hate "awkward silence" or the thought that i would bore her. But i just contained my action and stopped doing. Not in the literal sense that i would not move and speak, but that i just remained in my inner stillness, wich resulted in less forced interaction. This was at first very uncomfortable, because the "oh no i am boring she will leave me" anxiety came up. After a while i just let all movement and speaking happen, with less trying or controlling. This resulted in a great evening, with a lot of intimacy and progress in the relationship. My question: Is this what Daoist call Wu Wei? What is Wu Wei really? I imagine myself living in this kind of letting it happen state and it's intriguing. How do i get there? I'm grateful for every answer.
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    Life is suffering. Thats what the Buddhists (the ones that manage to survive Ride’s death cells! 🤣) tell us. It’s not only suffering. But suffering is guaranteed. Whether it’s the Royals or the pimps or the banksters - or droughts, hurricanes or lions or meningitis... One way or another we will experience suffering. Even in the formless realms there is suffering... There are two things you can do... 1) do something that alleviates a little bit of suffering for someone else. Or 2) do something that liberates you from suffering altogether (‘enlightenment’)... Preferably go for 1) and 2) both - because you’ll probably not manage enlightenment, but you can alleviate a lot of suffering while trying... But idle complaining is (in my opinion) the least productive and most destructive thing to do.
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    Forum is taking a dive from what it used to be . I've had enough. I'm gonna start doing a real for life, right here in ya face running ritual invocation ... in this very thread ! In a series of posts . SO LOOK OUT ! And be warned - stop reading now if you cant handle it ..... RUN AWAY ! Now ..... < starts rummaging through ritual supply box > .... " Oh ! So THATS where that went ! ...... a melted candle ? WTF is that doing in here .... a lock of Margi's hair ..... Oh yeah ! my jewellery collection of left over earings and bangles found in my bed .... a matchbox with 3 MDMA ! ..... a g-string .... ! ? ... Hang on .... I'll be back .... this could take some time .
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    In Taiwan there are people who teach along lines of what you seek. If by "religious Daoists," you mean the priests in Taiwan who offer ritual services, it is probably true that most of them are not highly focused on following the most sublime teachings Laozi offered to humanity, but don't be sure that none of them understand these things. Taiwan has ~23,000,000 people, and therefore quite a few Daoists who offer various types of services that you could fairly call religious. Given the size of the population and the fact that this is a very diverse, open culture, be sure that any attempt to characterize its people and groups in simple terms will mean you have gone and mischaracterized its people and groups. Speaking specifically of religious Daoism, it is not unusual for people to be accustomed to "switching hats" here. Somebody who is comfortable in a role such as that of a ritual master may also be quite comfortable in a role where statuary, chanting, costumes, and so forth are quite irrelevant. As one teacher once put it to me, "there is no room for contradiction in the Dao." If you are truly looking for a teacher, you might benefit from spending some time reflecting on that statement. If you let rigidity creep into your vision, you may very well fail to see signs of a person who possesses what you say you seek. Such people are, very often, not especially obvious. At any rate, it is good that you have hit the road to learn about the world, its people, and yourself, but beware of being too sure you know what is going on in the minds of the people who you have observed thus far. I assure you that if you walk into any Daoist or Buddhist teaching/practice environment, you will find as many versions of the teaching as there are people in the room. The range can be striking, going from "I'm here because this is an easy-ass life" to "I'm here because I'm afraid of going to hell" to "I'm here because I'm lonely and bored" to "I'm here because I need the free food" to "I'm here because I am crazy and this is where my family figured out to put me" to "I'm here because I am attached to the teachings in some way that is not truly liberating" to "I'm here because I wish to seek liberation that transcends any of the 'dogmas' and practices, but I will utilize these things for now" to "I am quite far along the path and have seen past its 'dogmas' and practices and can teach you many things if you empty out your cup, humble your mind, slow your breathing, and stop taking your thoughts so seriously." Et cetera. You may need to increase your patience, humility, friendliness (extremely important in Taiwan), and "tolerance for BS" in order to stick around places for the amount of time you will need to even bump into people who have what you wish to learn, much less get a hunch which ones they might be, and then establish a rapport with them. Which, again, will be difficult (especially in Taiwan) if you have not taken the time to ease into groups, and put groups at ease. Edit: this sort of thing takes months and sometimes years. Two other suggestions. First, it would be wise to put down whatever mindset it is you have that has led you to "struggle to see value." Too tightly wound. I suggest that you simply observe yourself, the teachers, the teachings, the other students, and so forth. For years. While practicing a few things that you resonate with. Secondly, in the context of Buddhism and Daoism, you have much to learn about the words "emptiness," "karma," and "meaning." I hope you find a way to fill the gaps in your understanding, and to have joy as you do so.
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    Another approach to working with gratitude is to work with what is blocking it from naturally arising. In the tradition I follow, the basic premise is that all of the enlightened qualities we seek are already always available in us. We do not consistently experience them because we lack access, we block ourselves from that very access. Our practices are mainly to eliminate those blockages and allow these qualities to arise spontaneously and effortlessly. If we try to generate these qualities they are often misguided, informed by our confusion and ignorance. We don't attempt to pack, concentrate, or store anything because we are not the storehouse, we are simply a conduit or doorway and it is our job to open, not close or hold things in. The storehouse is far greater than this physical body and mind. It is the very ground of existence from which we have never for one instant been separate. So from this perspective, if it appeals to you at all, look at what blocks gratitude from naturally expressing in your life. Is it expectations, taking things for granted, not paying attention to what you have, not taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the day, the taste of salt, the feel of rain on skin? Do we revel in the miracle of our children growing and learning without getting irritated by their boundless energy and lack of restraint? Do we value the little things our partners do to make our life just a little easier? Do we value the person who takes our trash away knowing that otherwise we would have to do it ourselves? Do we even see that person, maybe say hi, leave them a little gift? Do we value each and every breath, knowing that many struggle every time they breath; each and every bite of food knowing so many children are presently hungry? I'm not saying we should be obsessed with everyone who is suffering all around us but we need context for the many wonderful things we take for granted every day. A little bit of mindfulness can go a very long way. Every moment of life is filled with so many blessings! Simply having this opportunity to type on a keyboard and share thoughts with all of you all around the world instantaneously... unbelievable! And to think so many have to walk miles just to collect water every day, others hiding in fear as bombs drop around them or gunshots ring out from the drug gangs like in my poor city, one of the most violent on earth. You asked about how to share gratitude. For me this is very practical. Meditations are wonderful and energetic practices are supportive but to really bring this stuff alive it needs to express in our lives and in our relationships. Energy isn't just something to be guided through the channels or concentrated in the dantian, it is what courses through me as I am connected to my inner source and share that connection with others with openness and sincerity. Energy is connection, just like a circuit, break the circuit and there is nothing there, no flow. I try to be a bit more mindful as I interact with others, knowing that they likely have some significant challenges in their lives, some may be horrific. I try to see that the world looks very different from their perspective and their interaction with me reflects their perspective. My perspective may be profoundly different in ways I can't even imagine. Can that give us the opportunity to feel a bit more patience, a bit more understanding, and not take things so personally? Can we make eye contact with everyone we meet and offer a genuine, warm smile because we feel so fortunate to be able to walk and see? Can we go the extra mile to express our good fortune through a little volunteer work on a Sunday morning rather than typing posts online? Can we tip a little larger, take a little less, make our next car electric, and listen more to others rather than tell them that they should be more appreciative for what they have? This is not about telling others what to do it is about looking more deeply and carefully inside. For me gratitude starts recognizing that voice inside that is so often critical and judgmental and seeing it for what it is, simply energy, ignorance of my true nature manifesting in many dysfunctional ways. Gratitude requires connecting with a deeper, more authentic source of that energy in a way that allows it to express without being distorted by all my many desires and expectations. When the inner voice no longer has control of my life, there is an opening for something much more powerful and authentic to manifest. Many qualities can come from that source and what comes is generally what is required by whatever circumstances are present in the moment. Anyway, sorry for the rambling post but I was feeling a little bit connected inside and this is what spilled out. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I need to do some work...
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    Do you remember how bad it was for you on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008? What if I told you that I remember how you were going through a really rough time on that day, and you weren't sure if you could handle it. Don't remember? Whatever was happening then is apparently nothing to you now. At some point in time, all of today's troubles will be the same. Such a distant memory that they are hardly there. Now try to imagine being 20 years in the future. What will be different at that time for you? Then, from that perspective, look back on today. In 2039, ask yourself if you're bothered by what happened back in 2019. Can you even remember anything about June 3rd, 2019?
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    "I can't believe they just cut me off in traffic, and are now driving so slow. What an asshole!" Okay, now watch this whole video... With all of those stars (suns), honestly, how many planets are in existence? It's countless, as far as any eye can see, and even endlessly beyond that for all we know. Think about that - reality extending without end. How can we even imagine something that doesn't end? What if the idea behind Stargate is real, and you could travel between certain planets, many light years away. What types of beings exist in these other inhabitable places? Are they similar to us, but merely with different cultures and languages? How far out have they explored? Do other beings know of how to travel to meet others? What if we can figure out how to make connections in the near future with other inhabitable places, and explorers make some expeditions and show us video of these new planets? Do I still feel like the person driving in front of me is an asshole?
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    Everything´s stance may be more compatible with a functional life, but I´d like to like to live in a state of near perpetual wow. Admittedly, I´ve got a long way to go. At present I´m only gobsmacked by the most obvious of miracles -- double rainbows, a really good eggs benedict, the human ear. As I exercise my wow muscle, I hope to get that mindblown feeling in response to smaller stimuli. The world is wondrous aplenty; it´s my abilty to perceive wonder that could use some shoring up.
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    High energy method for opening and energizing your crown point chakra and your head aura. A high energy Taoist method from Tien Shan Nei Kung. The purpose of this video is to provide an example of high energy spiritual chi kung for you to practice at home. Doing this requires you to build up shoulder strength so in the beginning you may want to run it at double speed, you can also put your arms down for a few seconds and then resume the exercise. Keep your eyes closed most of the time while doing this, focus inwardly. It is less than ten minutes so hopefully not too difficult. Keep checking your shoulders to make sure your shoulders are down as far as possible and relaxed as much as possible. This can be done standing or sitting. You can do it in a bed or in a chair, you can do it in the air, you can do it anywhere. Ideal for armchair enthusiasts and couch potatoes, because you can do it in your armchair or on your couch while eating potatoes.
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    In my case, what blows my mind is my mind. It is f... crazy this thing!!
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    Rites of some sort help to slow down and make real in the gross physical our wanted - intended - exercise of connection to the subtle energies and more hidden fine high levels of being. Rites also signify an awareness that the two are not exclusive - that Light is All and Everything - including dirt and incense and sweat - it’s in a sense being in non-denial of one’s humanity. Like saying a prayer of thanks for one’s food prior to eating. The consideration that the higher is providing the lower - and additionally that there is no higher or lower - neither is more real than the other - but an affirmation that just because it is not “in your face” does not mean it does not exist. It is an affirmation that some “otherness” that is not apart from us is clearly and unmistakably the essence of the Light - and we are speaking to it and in it as it.
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    I'm not sure who you people think I am nor am I sure if my email is public but if it is, give it a go in a search engine and see if the result you get are who you think I should be. If my e-mail address is not public, then a mod can go and do that and clear this whole thing up, as it's starting to bug me
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    Everything that came before this point, your experiences friends places, are dead, they are ... not existing. You might say that you have lived 50 years, but where is it. Imagining that you carry it around with you as a possession that you reminisce about. But it is not there any more, it has died already. Have no fear that when your body dies, that your many years, your 80 years of life will come to an end. No, they are already gone. They have gone the moment they arrive. It is finished, non-existent. Clinging on to ghosts might be an entertainment, but it is only as a protection against now. Existence is kind for it does not punish us for holding ghosts to ourselves out of fear, it gives us a lot of room. Yesterday is gone as if it never existed. Where does it exist ? Nowhere. Your inner substance is like a lens, the light of time flows through it, but it is always Now. The only thing that remains of time, is lens through which it passes. Arising in time are many things, and they perish also, all perishes. Like waves smashing on a lighthouse endlessly. Only I remains. In my relationships I have a tenuous connection to someone, for a time. Perhaps if we go beyond time when we are together, after time we will still be together.
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    Hi Folks, I keep finding myself returning to this forum so I finally decided that I might as well become a member. I'm not much of a "joiner" of things and I'm a little wary of belief systems in general. I think that's what attracts me to Taoism, at least the philosophical aspect, it seems to encourage finding one's own way rather than simply falling in line. In fact, that's why the forum interests me, there's a lot of intelligent (well, usually) discussion from people of diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and traditions/non-traditions. And...it seems to be fairly active, which is getting to be a rarity in the age of facebook and twitter. So, I'm reluctant to say very much in my very first post. I'm well on in years and a little disappointed in the haphazard way I spent (I musn't say wasted) most of my formative years. I'm pretty sure I know a lot less now than I did 30 years ago, but more importantly, these days I see beauty in simplest things. One thing I have learned is that a good sense of humor can take you far . Thanks for being here TDB, looks like a great place to stop in from time to time.
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    Two common reactions I notice in those around me to such insight... life is inherently meaningless boo hoo i give up. way of the poison dragon. life is inherently meaningless... i'm utterly freed to engage revitalized and totally open life of the intrepid explorer mine seems to be a repeated ceasement of engaging the mind in loops of sought out comprehension of what does not require understanding to operate fully... life flows with or without my mind understanding it in a box of words and thought-forms... the universe is not here for me to 'get it'. so instead of chasing supposed to's and must be's as I did so much of my early life... I simply let life and my own beingness occur. I react as I react, sometimes taking action, sometimes observing from non-action all the while trusting inherently the anchor of the dao within me to abide. so long as conditions are such that my being remains, i too abide.
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    Five generations! What a romp you gang must have gotten up to! The mind body thing is truly and epically mysterious, her mind was gone and her body was vital as a steam engine for the last years. And even though she eventually lost most of her personal memory and identification, she never lost her mannerisms, expressions, nor her love of stories and she still hated broccoli lol. When she passed, my sister whom was the one person she still recalled most of the time, was in the room with her, reading to her, which in the end was her very favorite thing in the whole world. Such simple joy... I'm reminded of one of my favorite movie lines from the first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bilbo says of his eleventy first birthday party... "It is no bad thing, to celebrate a simple life."
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    I'm so grateful that you posted this topic, mrpasserby. I have a history with this, and some of the criteria above make me feel so much better about my current state. Yes, I believe I am - and have walked the path since reading the Castaneda series seriously as an adult maybe 30 years ago. I did this because I was married to a native American man who was a shaman. He put me on to the books, although I was pretty firmly entrenched in metaphysics at that point. But to my delight I realized that so much of what Don Juan would tell Carlos was metaphysical in nature and merged so conveniently with my path. I have done some wonderful healing with this. I use a shamanic-type ceremony (of course using rattles, drums, medicine staffs, healing hoop, sometimes cannabis to get into the second attention immediately). I don't really require the ceremonial part for the healing, but people really like it and it keeps them a bit off-guard in their thinking; it keeps them from thinking "Oh this is ridiculous, it'll never work". They're too distracted with the other stuff around. Previously, when my husband was alive, he would perform an acknowledgment of the directions, things like that within the ceremony as well. But my gift is to be able to see why the person is manifesting the malady, very deep personality dynamics, which I can see because of a 3rd eye and a 4th step. Doing a recovery 4th step and acknowledging the blockages and unwanted traits within myself means I can recognize the problem in another. Clarity appears. And I use the understanding that we are All One to anchor as a basis to escort that person to the other side, the side of health. But what I'm really grateful for is this - the paragraph that talks about being an introvert because we're actually a sort of bridge from one field to another. This gives me relief because I sometimes beat myself up for not wanting to participate in more things, and I have virtually no social life at all. I just don't want to go out there. And that's nothing new. Neither Joe nor I, when he was alive, socialized with much of anybody. The ceremonies may have been the most social part of us. Maybe now that I see that I have a reason for being an in introvert, I'll stop flogging myself.
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    Some soft words I chanced upon today that might add a drop of inspiration to the ocean of seeming despair..... an important process In changing your patterns and unconscious programs Is feeling the impulse to behave in a certain habitual way and choosing not to act on it. Instead, just sitting with the feeling. ~ maryam hasnaa ~
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    Meaningless drivel to me. Does not represent tantra as far as I’m concerned - and it’s coming from a sex and power obsessed alcoholic A great example of what happens when you mix spiritual cultivation with wanton pursuit of your base desires...
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    As a fellow argumentative person, I recently noticed that although I can be angry, I am actually very uncomfortable with being angry. It's a strange thing, but it seems that I was taught always to be "good" and so when I am angry (or sad etc...) then I don't feel comfortable and try to pretend I am happy. And then I get really angry. Anyway it's a big mess. What I have found interesting is to allow myself to be angry and to sit in meditation and really embody it, minus the "story". Just to accept and feel the energy let it be there, and soak in it. This feels honest, and integrative. And I feel some power returning to me, and I do'n't feel so angry. It's a strange thing, but true. Likewise for all other emotions, I allow the to be and soak in them ... but without any story, just the bare feeling energy.
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    I think the answers to all of the excellent questions raised can be found by looking inward. Seeing our own reactivity, confusion, frustration that arise when we feel challenged. It expresses in infinite ways. It can be cut at the root. The secret to fixing it - we can only change ourselves, we can’t change others. But if we truly transform ourselves, the world around us benefits.
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    It's always been this way. The only difference is now we have a greater ability to share information so it seems worse than it actually is.
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    We talk about Creative Intelligence and Intelligent Design But we cannot come to approach Emotive Design Or the idea that Emotion in its highest levels my be far beyond Mind or at least any resemblance to such a claustrophobic word. In the rush to clarity and a rebuke to the female it has been cut out of our nature to allow the incredible heights of Compassion and ever enduring Patience and Love to be wed within the pervading essence of Divine Awareness AS Emotion. Yet - In Abiding Awareness - Non-Object Awareness - No Self - and Awareness near to this and on High Intellect and Mind are not words that surface - they have no fingers in this. But Emotion Ungrasped Awareness - Pure Golden Light seems so clear and without reason - Unborn - Innocent and All Encompassing.
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    Very possible to get that physique naturally these days, with the advanced training, nutrition and supplementation that we have in 2019.
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    Course.. it could be said you're willing to be operated on by one of 2 surgeons who took seminars to learn the art. Got to level 3 or 4 out of 72, one died tragicly early, other quit the system. So, not roided-up but not exactly studying in med school either. Plus, I don't think SoG is roided up. From a brief correspondence I had with him, he's into old school kettlebells, whereas Americans tend to keep the ball facing gravity side down, the 'strong men' have such strong grips that they keep the ball facing straight out. Much much harder training. I could be wrong but I think its an outer muscles shows inner discipline kind of thing. zOOm, It's not my cup of tea, but I bet you'd learn somethings if put down old animosities and studied with SoG. Not that you would but if you wanted to criticize, and one or two who've studied w/ him has, from a point of knowledge instead hearsay then you should try a month or two. I bet $5 you'd be surprised. addon> I never made the connection but for years Pandabearguy would have his people spam the site with pictures of him(??) shirtless (maybe pantless) wearing a rubber baby panda mask. I don't know if that was Pandabear but now I know why he did it. He was copying SoG, showing off his muscles. Thankfully my large muscles are the kind that hide behind the layer of fat protecting them.
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    My grandmother had dementia similar to this. When she was still alive, we had five generations of a family... yes, we all procreated early offspring Her short term memory was gone... she was like the movie Momento; she asked the same question every few minutes. But she did not lose her long term memory. At least she remembered me. The mind-body is a fickle thing. Makes one appreciate our existence too.