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  1. It is known

    Love it ! Now take a dog . They walks around the room the same way . You pick them up, turn them around, put them down and they
  2. Emotions are the path

    You gave me a 'realisation clarity gong ' in my head Distinct advantage in treating a lot of things 'as real ' ( not 'as if real ' ) . Even if I deny the existence of chi or ki (due to personal experience, testing myself, examining anecdotes, etc . I can not deny that if I adopt and practice the 'ki principles' I have a distinct advantage and result (in M.A.) if I practice them anyway. This plays a major part in my whole 'magical theory' in that ' certain practices lead to certain results ' - any attempts at establishing some type of modern 'reality' to them is immaterial . That is not the purpose . here we approach the essence of 'Daimonic Reality ' ( my old friend, again ) Also the bit I high lighted in your quote above opens up a whole other dimension about belief . What if we objectively USE our belief system / wiring ( instead of just letting the system run , without realising its running ) .... use the system instead of it 'guiding' us ... in concert with the above . I know thats confusing for some .... I remember here a while back some poster was freakin out because I said I believed that the world was created by a giant snake that is asleep under Uluru I wasnt asserting 'thats how it is or was ' , I wasnt trying to nullify anyone else's belief about the creation of the world . I even IB ed the belief part . Anyway, we all know our beliefs have little to do with reality .... wait .... we all know some other people's beliefs have little to do with reality I can understand that for some ..... they seemed to have horrible societies . I might be a cultural anthropologist , but certainly not a cultural apologist , and just cant get my head around mass baby sacrifice but ... All of them ? I am thinking of a culture , led by shamanic knowledge that has survived from pre 60.000 ya through all sorts of climate change and environmental 'disasters' without wrecking their own environment that they where dependant on . But Euros thought their 'existence' was fruitless and mundane . Yet for the Aboriginal , pre invasion , their earthly mundane existence and enjoyment of simple primal pleasures was not separated from any concept they had of 'heaven' or 'spirit' or even 'soul' . Yes, I am sure it gave rise to it , but with a new purpose and a totally different view about life . ..... thanks for the 'head gong ' .
  3. Hello G'Day

    I dont know much about this but is this something like it goes ; you get a prep , put it on the 'receptor' plate , the machine records and stores its frequency, then you put a 'card' on the 'broadcast ' plate , zap it with the frequency and then dissolve that in water ... with a continuation of normal BD process ? Does dowsing times , eliminate the need for astrological observation ? Even with the Moon .... I suppose, at least with the Moon, you work within the obvious cycles ? Sounds like large scale mono cropping ? I got a nice little patch of broad beans swelling up at he moment .... they will go into my Sth American empanada filling .... for local new cafe . The view from cafe is out the back, spectacular . Even got a free camping area next door ( by the river , toilets, BBQ and wood supplied ) ..... if you ever come out this way . ...... 'value added ' , as they say .
  4. Locking threads, discuss it here

    But during this last fiasco Welkin was insulting people left right and centre . I even pointed it out and you said " sigh ... I know " . I know more then two members that are confused by the standard . Okay , I will slow down on both innuendo and 'plain speakin ' .
  5. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I just wanted a definition of a particular action that is against the rules and that one can be suspended for . It appears I have to read EG's content and with MY discernment figure that out myself ? 'ceptin its hidden ! But now maybe unhidden for educational purposes ...... oh dear . That was my complaint about sweepin stuff under the carpet in the first place ! Looks like we have departed from 'plain ol speakin' again ... or maybe not ?
  6. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I had to edit that . ? Why , dont get it . are the young being bumped off in a daobums reverse coronavirus situation ? I seem to recall a few kerfuffles where new people that are young complain about some members opinions and info becasue they are 'old' and feel a hierarchy does not support them due to their young age (instead of the immaturity present in their claims , thinking and / or presentation ) . And it seems a lot of older members have left . Maybe I missed the sarcasm though .... and are just old and confused
  7. Locking threads, discuss it here

    ... posted this before I read the thread post above
  8. Locking threads, discuss it here

    How is 'personal take down' defined here ? Seriously, I dont know , I even looked the term up , there are deconstructive definitions , a wrestling definition .... I thought 'urban lingo', looked that up but its about picking up people for sex . I am supposing it has specific meaning here . I suppose that topic IS closed to further replies but not announcements . That is not uncommon; the other site I am on has a suspension log that gives notification of suspensions, periods and reasons . I feel this is important . But they dont allow 'replies' ... it just gets too messy and undermines their authority ... but its a very different site than this one . Some people here seem to think its different here and should be done a different way . Its assumed people and mods are coming from a 'different perspective' ..... but perhaps they are not ?
  9. It is known

    What a stupid disagreement to kill and persecute over ! Ya know what I got to say to that ! I would 'bless ' them all with one finger !
  10. It is known

    They are increasing in number ;
  11. It is known

    The people tougher though . I saw a doco on Sibera , in some small mostly abandoned village . Mostly old people left. An old lady was being interviewed outside her home, they where talking about the season when some freezing dreaded wind was approaching called ' The ...... ' (something , cant remember ) and she goes " The ..... comes , I am not afraid , nearly everyone else has run away, I have done it over 50 times ! It cant beat me ," Then as they are walking along they pass her large veggie garden, it has a frame over it and is encased in plastic and built up on a platform of stones, she stops, opens a door in the bottom of the stones and throws some firewood in to the fire under there ! And this is summer time ! Needing a fire to be able to grow veggies ! And she lived alone .
  12. Hello G'Day

    Hi . I used to be a preparations maker for BAA - Biodynamic Agriculture Australia . I've had a little bit to do with farming . ... and a lot to do with observing . Also, I was friends with a guy that bought the first radionics machine to Australia (according to him ) , he passed away years back , he was in an interesting occult group from the UK . Saw some of his stuff . Tell me about your farm ; geological surrounds , regolith , soil types, crops ..... I'm all ears
  13. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    During this crucial moment of 'pivot ' I feel that ........ wait ! .... shit ! .... did I leave the stove on ? "
  14. It is known

    I remember when we had three cows . Also we have a small tofu plant that was in full operation back then. One of the pieces of equipment was a large steel cauldron with a gas burner under it . Every so often I would get some fresh creamy cows milk, straight from the milking and put it in the cauldron to make a massive batch of burfi . Burfi made from fresh cows mmmmmmmmmilk Saffron Burfi
  15. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    Yes there is and your following post was the way . The reasons are not that obvious as you ARE responding to me . But that was probably just another failed attempt at insult . Thank you for your answer . It explains a lot . But the other person may not feel the same way about it as you do at all . In all good faith, you may have made a mistake about this . Like I said , and you may have noticed it yourself ; different people respond totally different to the same stimulus you give them as others . We are all different in that regard . Yet, apparently this was .... " For my entire life, i felt like there was no truth, no justice, no one that could defend me. " If you had let it go , why are you considering any justice about it ? Likewise , I wish you could feel how i feel about your attempts to insult me, I mean you tried to insult my intelligence , my family, my ethnic and cultural background , even my fav internet discussion site , u ... and I dont care , its rather amusing ... you could have done a much better job . I wish you could feel that way . At the moment , you are more 'bouncing' of me , but remember , others , with other totally different approaches , here in this thread have tried to point some things out to you . Maybe re read that later , after you have calmed down . ... thinking on it , you did just trigger me with this 'justice' idea (well done ! ) . Is it justice or more a type of 'retribution' ? ... a 'getting even' ; " I want them to feel the pain they 'gave ' me . " Personally I threw out 'justice' long ago , it seems an old fashioned concept . I really like what the 'Judgement ' old school Tarot card morphed into ------------------------- Dont seek 'justice' make 'adjustments ' I believe you spirit is powerful too . That is not what any mocking is aimed at . What is being aimed at is ... well, go back and read the posts that are NOT mine . That might help . But then you went on about protection and justice , and dare me to mock you further .... there are some clear overtones there . I could mock you further , but not to make you feel bad and need you to feel protected by your powerful spirit, (which might break out and seek retributive 'justice' on me .... somehow ) , BUT RATHER I would mock you to help you make an ADJUSTMENT in yourself so you no longer suffer from this affliction . Not sure about my chances of that though . Nice trigger though - daring me to mock you ..... what a delightful double temptation .... it nearly worked . Look man , I do not believe you are a nobody ! I mean , thats one good reason for me NOT to take up your dare , becasue if I do and nothing happens you would feel helpless and nobody . I do not think that and if I did I would mocking your arse off right now and dancing around going "Oh yeah ... oh yeah .... in your face ! .... See nothing happening ! "