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  1. Share myths, anecdotes, short stories etc.

    WEll .... I understood the duck
  2. Share myths, anecdotes, short stories etc.

    I think the opposite would do a better job : " This is your one and only life ."
  3. Share myths, anecdotes, short stories etc.

    I am isolated from my family . I chose at a young age to qualify what happens and what results as more important than any family ties. You support me and I will faithfully support you . My brother works against me ? Goodbye brother . That might explain my disparate attitude here . .
  4. Spirit / Soul

    What do you think are the differences between spirit and soul ?
  5. Very unpopular opinions

    It does ? Or is that a fault of translation into English . For example eros and agape are often both translated into English as as love . new thread coming up .
  6. Very unpopular opinions

    Oooo lets start a thread on that !
  7. Very unpopular opinions

    Knock knock ! Who is there ? Salvijus . What ? Salvation Jesus ? No, Salvijus . What do you want ? I want to talk to you about Christianity and you being saved . No thanks. Why not . My dear chap, I dont think you are up to it .
  8. Very unpopular opinions

    Really ? He said 'forgive the father for they know not what they do' . That means we should forgive the father ( God the father ) because god the fathers do not know what they are doing . It might not be beautiful but its one of the best things things snowymountains wrote
  9. Share myths, anecdotes, short stories etc.

    The Parable of the Stork and the Fox . One day, from a branch in a tree , the stork called down to the fox , " Let's stop all this silly fighting , why not be friends, our lives will be a lot better for it . " " I agree, " said the fox . " To cement our new friendship, come around to my place tonight and I will make you dinner . " The stork turned up but the fox had made rabbit stew for dinner and it was served in a flat dish . Not wanting to eat rabbit and unable to anyway , due to the flat dish and his long beak the stork sat patiently , although annoyed while the fox ate , and then excused himself . The next day the stork said to the fox , : Now its my turn to offer you dinner , come around tonight ." The fox did , but the stork had made fish for dinner and served it in a long necked vase , which he easily picked the fish out of with his long beak . The fox sat there annoyed , he would eat fish, but could not get to it . Eventually he became so annoyed that ; " Hey stork ! What's with this, I cant eat from this vase ." The stork replied ; " Well, yesterday you offered me food I could not eat in a dish I could not eat from , so I had to go hungry . Now I am doing the same to you so you can realize what your own careless actions and lack of consideration for others feels like when you are on the other end of it . " The fox contemplated this for a moment and the rep[lied , 'You are right, no one likes to go hungry ..... and no one likes a smart arse ." So he pounced on the stork and ate it .
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    This poor racoon (or is that 'crackoon' ? ) had to do pole dancing in a seedy club to be able to buy her crystal meth .... insidious !
  11. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    AI generated ? Seems to have trouble designing fingers ... and getting the number of them right .
  12. Share myths, anecdotes, short stories etc.

    Its common, believe it or not and actually the theology of some Christian sects : Jesus came to forgive sins and allow us all to go to heaven . Everyone, no matter what you did are doing or are going to do . Someone on a forum stated this and I pointed out the danger , as you did above . I can shit on the world and still be rewarded as people that did not .... huh ? Some one corrected me and said it was actually a valid Christian belief . Then the original person explained it like this : "God loves us like we love our children , say you had a troublesome daughter , you are away and while gone she burns the house down, you loose everything but you forgive her because she is your daughter .... get it ? ' Me : " Nope ! ... Dont teach your kids that shit ! " (I got modded for not respecting another's religious beliefs . )
  13. In praise of ideas

    There ^ you have it ! The thing was there first , our 'ideas' uncovered it , they didnt create it . They exist in the 'ideal world' , when we bring them into the real world they are often imperfect . Looks like we are back to 'The Theory of Forms' ?