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  1. Does this forum enjoy spam threads?

    Not surprised Corn and spam muffin Spam fries with mayo Hello Kitty spam sushi
  2. Does this forum enjoy spam threads?

    Ummmmm ..... is this the start of it ?
  3. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    Oh, just pour it through ? Someone else said to crank it through - hence the confusion.
  4. And now for something completely different...

    Go Goddess ! .
  5. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    A beautiful old tractor, but impractical . Going old style , one cant seem to go better than the 'old grey' MF . so far I have done 1/3 of the front field and all of the east field mid winter cut with a dodgy old ... stupid little thing - it heats up my left foot and has a hole in base plate that peppers you thigh underside with chopped up twigs !
  6. Any tractor or deisel mechanics here ?

    yes, I heard about that one .... then I heard this one .... if rings damaged kero might get into lower engine and then a fire starts

    Not many women can scratch you back with their feet !
  8. Psychic Attack

    How cool is this for a demo of that principle ;
  9. Psychic Attack

    Nooo ... he is an 'islander' me .... I'm a 'cheeky fellah' cute isnt he ...

    Tell it to Wellsie .
  11. Psychic Attack

    He was in the car ..... guess where he is now ?
  12. Psychic Attack

    You mean you send the energy down an optic fibre cable ? (I am a lo-tech )
  13. Psychic Attack

    Funny, because I am a stickler for correcting 'projective language ' Shall we go again : I was having a nice lunch with XGF cause she wanted to shout me a meal for my birthday. .......
  14. Psychic Attack

    Like the internet ?
  15. Psychic Attack

    Yes - and ( since your curiosity abounds ) for other such rules laws and guidelines ( if you do not have a background in evocative magic ) see