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  1. It's all getting too much

    There is still a faint feeble heart beat ... many organs have been removed . And its not about age , its about how many posts you can make without being banned . PS . I looked at your posts ; you asked two questions and both got an answer In any case , this is a response to your questions. . .
  2. How do you save money?

    Get money money ..... then spend it . Usually I dont waste time .
  3. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Designer swimwear ..... by Salvador Dali
  4. How do you save money?

    And not living .... helps to save money . --------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Luke , I think someone was seeking around last night while we where asleep stealing things ! I am sure put some information on the shelf over there last night ( about letting energy flow through the LDT and not being stored there , and with an attached question or two ) and for the life of me , no matter where I look, it seems to have vanished ! Not a trace ! Weird isnt it . I did see a note from the cleaners , they said they found some rubbish and threw it out ???? Surely they where not referring to my info ? Surely not, as I see over there on the other shelf , that ...... 'stuff' is still piled up all over the place ; that stuff about fleshy surfs needing boats , everyone barking and being idiots, and a whole lot of crazy shit from people that 'stopped taking their meds' .
  5. How do you save money?

    I dont leave the farm, then I have no where to spend money . Also no debts or auto repayments , so if I dont actually spend the $ , nothing is coming out . I use gov. funded prescriptions. One expensive one I did have , not on the scheme , I have now replaced as I found an exercise set which gives better results. My house runs on rechargeable batteries . I have a large shower and manually removed the internal reducer ( that they all have now ) AND installed a booster pump ( again solar power ) for super duper high pressure shower . It is gas heated water , but I keep it on mark 2 and that lasts a much longer time , I turn it up to 7 -8 1 hr before use and then back down afterwards . I have considered a solar hot water system , but my place is inside a grove of big trees , not enough sun light ..... or very long pipes (not viable ) would be needed , The only TV I watch is free broadcast , but that is pretty shit , so I tend not to watch much, I cant imagine paid tv is much better . This time of year I cook on the wood fire inside a lot , that saves gas as the fire will be going anyway (at night ) . Sometimes I will part cook a pot meal and then wrap it in old towels for the last half of the cooking , saves gas . Living alone , often have leftovers . I dont wear dresses . I use the veggie garden where possible, the property has a fair amount of fruit growing on it . and now, I get free health honey (see signature below ) Nah, I dont do that . That would chew up electricity . But I do find I have a bit of 'waste' at times , not an issue, it goes in compost or the birds get a feast . the best way I have found , better than a fridge , to store food is to leave it in the ground . Eg. carrots, ready to pick last MUCH longer in the ground than in the fridge . And is much more satisfying to pull some carrots out the ground for dinner than it is pulling them out the fridge . Yes, not going out means saving on fuel as well , but there is no other transport option around here ... except hitch hiking . I have a 20 year old retro classic car , thats cheap .... as long as it doesnt need attention ! I did buy a new motorcycle , also retro, a few years back, but it was 'cheap' (half the cost of the equivalent Triumph ... which is made in Thailand now anyway ) , 'sensible' , sturdy and not too much can go wrong with it . They are also a LOT cheaper to run and easy to work on . Still, the best way to save for me seems to be just stay at home . Oh yeah .... and dont do drugs ........ kids ..... unless you make em yourself .
  6. We live by concepts

    Wow Luke ...... you are a budding Miles Barlow ; " Leading a cult was like mountaineering without oxygen ; an exhilarating head rush of insanity as the sherpas of common sense abandon you to your fate . But while ascending the summit of self proclaimed omnipotence I became distracted by the glacier of promiscuity , scrambling across it with reckless abandon , stranding my helpless flock of disciples in the middle of judgement mountain ."
  7. We live by concepts

    Down here, 'peek-a-boo' is a game played with children where you hide badly ( say behind a nappy or a towel ) and then reveal yourself . So, I agree, cant ever say I seen a gorilla do that . So this means Apech is wrong . 'Cause no gorilla be playin peek-a-bo . Glad we cleared that one up !
  8. Ohhhh crap ! ....... < contemplate > ...... well, this is better than ................ * * being eaten alive by meat ants ..... having 'normal consciousness' ...... living in some concrete cube in the middle of a city ..... having to go to work every day ...... that last 'girl friend' ...... long covid .... I cant seem to help it .... it intrudes and erodes my depression . . . . just when I am getting a good grump up , it rears it head . - Sheeeesh , what a waste of time this is ! .... but at least I am not typing away on the David Icke forum
  9. Looking to Buy Landed Hoplites

    .... I cant wait to see what happens next
  10. Gods don't bark in Blue Sound

    Loneliness ?
  11. In memoriam

    Marblehead is not riding a dragon , he is still in that 'retirement cottage ' in the field with the butterflies . And SJ can be riding a dragon ... or be a dragon .... or whatever . What if .... bear with me for a minute .... what if , when we ' pass on ' we get a choice ? " Unto them from whose eyes the veil of life hath fallen may there be granted the accomplishment of their true Wills; whether they will absorption in the Infinite, or to be united with their chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labour and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else, unto them may there be granted the accomplishment of their wills ."
  12. In memoriam

    Yes, I had interesting converse with him for a while .... until he threatened to kill me ( with his superior iron palm strike to my heart ) He felt he could beat me in a ' fight to the death ' . I didn't mind ... I am gonna die one day anyway - he did beat me at that though . I wonder what happened ? He told me once some locals where 'after him' . if he gets his way , he will probably be an eagle for a while , and soar around all those parts of his spectacular vista where he lived , that he could not access in his body .
  13. Ideagasms

    I ran a cult for a while ' Five Star Salvation' .... it was easy to set up , but it soon got out of control ;
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I am watching 'Vietnam Journey' - a cooking show : A traditional dish from some village , you must have this special clay type baked ceramic pot / wok thing . ( yeah okay ) You must cook over hot coals .... it won't be the same otherwise . ( yeah .... all right then ) You must put a certain local leaf in the bottom of the pot ... it won't work otherwise and it won;t be the traditional taste ( yeah sure ! .... get on with it ! ) . Now, take a whole chicken and place it in the pot . (okay ) " Now , add a can of coca-cola ... it doesnt have to be coca-cola , any cola will do , but traditionally , it is coca-cola ... " ( )
  15. Is torino shroud real?

    Close , but no cigar . It was an early experiment with 'photography ' .