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  1. Yes . .. ... you do .... but ...... I need more attention than that .
  2. Now .... 11, 235 ! Nothing to see here folks move along ....
  3. Do not resist evil ? yet .... do not swear ? That sounds like swatting a fucking fly while you allow a crocodile in the house . But then again , 'they had a background in theosophy' so .... I'm not expecting too much sense there .
  4. It was still a lot of fun to about 1/2 way through last year . For me, the decline started before that .... back when my mate BKA left ..... now even Brian is gone .
  5. Hmmmm ... cant post this one for some reason ..... anywayz, it will come up on Youtube videos as 'Small Craft Rough Sea' by Prop ... track 7 , 'Low' . ( 'vibes' come in at 1:10 ) I think I want a vibraphone ...
  6. Two pages but 11,065 views ? I think I could even better that number by starting a thread called ; ' A picture of my arse' . You guys !
  7. " ... epic, majestic, symphonic, brutal, beautiful , tribal, mysterious, deep, sexy and VERY Tool .... "
  8. For many ancient peoples , its all in the poems / songs ; their history, travels, survival skills, ancestry and relations, travel maps, esoteric and initiatory knowledge ..... etc .
  9. Wow ! Now there is a demo of feline strength ! You know, just yesterday (after various jobs and activities around here ) I was thinking , living in rainforest environment is pretty full on at times ...... ... but this isnt a place where jaguars pull crocs out of rivers for dinner !
  10. I put sprinkler in the tree and keep the birdbath full. A few different birds sit amongst the branches showering. Kiddie pool up the back and a basin under dripping tap out the front. Cant help the bats though . They dont seem smart enough to simply move into the shade , just a few feet away, some hang from branches in the shade but others choose bare branches at the top in full sun ... and fry . Thunderstorm at 3 am .... cooler now.