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  1. If you have an old broken tv, you could remove the innards and set the outside case with glass screen up in the window, and pretend you are watching the eclipse on tv . But then, I guess you would miss all the commentators remarks : " yes, its getting darker ... I can see a bit of a shadow ...." Make sure you have good supply of coke and popcorn This time, my money be on the big black space lizard , this time I bet he eats the sun and swallows it, and doesn't throw it back up again .
  2. I had one of those tvs that gave off light ... from the back . Sometimes it would break and parents would call tv repair man, and he would come around (sometimes even at night ! ) and replace a 'faulty tube' .... fascinating things they were Remember that ? Nowadays, no fix ; just dump em whole on the flat earth
  3. Like everything it has 3 'in principle' moving to a 4th 'in actuality' .
  4. No that's two ... and its apples and oranges . The other two that goes with a third as variants to heat are light and moisture ... on earth In space, the three are temperature, light and time . Now , the third 'option' to particle and wave is ...... ? ? ? ? ...... anyone ?
  5. Nice . I would come over there, slap your face and drink you beer and sit and look at that. Sounds relaxing .
  6. You would like the old Crowley comics then , cant quiet remember the name .... a part of the old 2000AD comics and a religious superhero called Cannon Fodder and the Blue Deacon, were battling the return of Crowley ( who ad appeared driving a sports car with 666 numberplates and a 'scarlet woman' passenger . ..... couldn't find it. But I think it is in this one; Crowley was v. unimpressed with Parson's magical work to date, and more so with L . Ron , he sacked Jack from being Californian OTO Lodge Master. Then there is the story about L. Ron and Jack's wife running off with his savings account and a yacht , Jack ran down to the shore and called up a thunderstorm and they were driven back to shore .... so the story goes. But the reports go like this ; Jack ran down the shore and called up the coast guard ( who went and caught them ) But, regarding ' what uncle Al considered lunacy, re 'Moonchild working' Do you think its the working itself , taking it literally, or because of who was doing it ? It reads like ( to me ) you think it is the 'creation of ' a Moonchild and not 'summoning' one , is what you think made AC think it was lunacy.
  7. You should read in that book, some of the stuff they got up to with explosives and attempts at rocket fuel ! Its fun to blow stuff up Especially just outside the window of a scientific conference ! Also, seeings Jack was never qualified, except from home experiments as a lad and onwards, how the hell did he get a job like that ! He had a breakthrough re solid rocket fuel while watching guys pour asphalt at road works I had a mate that used like blowing stuff up for 'practical jokes' .... he had to give it up, that sort of thing makes people ' nervous ' nowadays .
  8. "Right ! That's it ! I am not going to come around and visit you anymore ... I even threw the front door key you gave me in the river ! So There ! " " Oh ? Okay then . " < next day, he appears in the kitchen > "Oh , you're back ? " " I found an old set of keys in my draw . "
  9. Aha ! I see the problem here . Yes, you do have no idea what people are talking about . But we do know what each other is talking about ., So, why don't you ? (That was a rhetorical question ) So, you see, the problem lies in you and your perceptions - not the forum.
  10. Damn northern hemispherers ! here I am , not only having to do 'map rotation' but world rotation , every time I try to read one of your northern astrological charts ! Try this , face north, the sun comes up on the right and goes down on the left . Or better still ; imagine the earth as it really is ..... its size, relative to you ! Its interior, a gigantic huge mass of superheated electromagnetic inferno of plasmoidal metal twisting in torturous torsion creating huge magnetic fields that sweep out into space and on that a thin eggshell of crust, with you as an infinitesimal spec of dust upon it. And just above that a very thin shell of air , and then the freezing deathly cold and vacuum of space . Lie on you back against the earth and feel all of that . Then, bring in the earth's rotation , then its tilted axial path around the Sun . And imagine the Sun, its size and distance, in scale. Then add the planets ., each moving in their orbits . Then see a comet coming into the solar system. Transfer yourself from the earth surface on to the comet . Now ride the comet out of the solar system . Bye ... enjoy your trip
  11. Hey ! What about this . Peeps be seeing the world flat a lot nowadays ..... 'cause they spends so much time , seeing 'the world' through a flat screen ?
  12. Ahhhhh .... the wisdom I sometimes encounter on these pages