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  1. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Okay ... I watched it . Nothing in there about electron umbilicals and 'jiggling' . Like I said ..... 'poetic' .
  2. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    No thanks . I dont like those 'metaphors explaining physics vids ' and them electrons having unbiblical chords stuff Its more like this ...... < looks round for props > ... half this old chorizo and this ..... egg flipper . (Now I am having flashbacks to that thread here about 'world famous, important, professional and tv glamorous physicists explaining E=MC2 and there were all these nods here about it but I said they were wrong . Yes Brian Cox ! You were wrong . And I was mocked (or not understood ) only our very own Brian ( God bless him, wherever he is ) agreed with me . TV psychicists .... phtoey ! Prof Brian Cox looking adorable ;
  3. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    You got it ! The light from those stars ( that we observed / looked at ) left those locations thousands and thousands of years ago and its path converged as it travelled towards the earth until it reached our eyes where it was only about a meter apart
  4. Does anyone experience walls popping around them?

    Indeed ! I am a 'cabin dweller' too . Thats why I asked . As far as the 'personal popping' goes, I recommend ...
  5. chinese swords

    Great ... spear too ! I have just started using it (without the rolls and somersaults ) . Basically I suspected a lot of the staff ( long and short ) forms I was doing might be adapted from the use of spear, so I stuck a spear point on one end and .... bingo ! It even clarified some previous moves in the 'staff' forms that seem unknown or untaught. Its nothing like this highly polished, difficult and well executed 'drill ' above though . Another interesting point is the 'double dagger' , they are similar to my two medium to short length machete ( I got wooden copies made for training and 'drills' ) - I got the forms and techniques from the 6 double weapons forms I study ( 3 kama and 3 sai forms ) . I hadnt thought about using them against the spear though . So thanks for that ,
  6. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Yes 'imagination' travels faster than light , not information , two different things. (Thats what I think you mean , as I know no other form of 'instant travel' ) . But what when you look at a far away star ( 'ancient' light ) then quickly zip your eyes across the sky to another star far away from the first , maybe thousands and thousands of light year apart, it only takes a fraction of a second to cover the distance
  7. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Wot ? < unless you are being rather 'poetic' here >
  8. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    I dont think it can help it .
  9. Does anyone experience walls popping around them?

    It could be anything ... hard to tell from your scant description of the phenomena eg what is your wall made from, is it shared with anything on the other side, does it have plumbing in it, what are the house foundations like . etc ? If it s a large Doh sound ..... someone watching Simspon's in next door apartment ? ( Sorry, couldnt resist that one )
  10. Flashes of light

    The series seems specifically made for our SBS 2 channel and is not viewable outside Oz . However some youtubes of some of them have started to appear . Its called 'The Cactus Apprentice' . A great series ... a fav episode was 'Dreamfish' , an hallucinogenic fish that gives the eater Nightmares . The situation re Mandrax and its mass distribution by the South African government episode was amazing ! ... and the LSD one , where they went to an old psychonaughtical chemist's ranch who had been altering the LSD molecule to give variant results - like increased intelligence and had buried his samples all over the place ... which they went and found and dug up .
  11. Flashes of light Do you know this guy ?'s_Pharmacopeia Awesome chemist ! awesome series !
  12. Unfair Karma

    Then, there is 'karma' in the Japanese sense . I like that concept .
  13. Unfair Karma

    " Unfair ? ...... Unfair ! What makes you think life should be 'fair' in the first place ? What, you think there is some Gid sitting up there or some mechanism that takes your human values and judgements of what is fair or not and should make a law of cause or effect and then project that back into your environment so it operates for you ? " " Goodness ! You sound just like my father, thats the exact sort of thing he would say ! " " Well .... your father was a very smart man . " (old remembered conversation with friends sister who was complaining life was not fair ) . Karma can not be unfair .... you pollute your water ; your water is polluted ... and the further effects of that effect you . You jump of a high cliff - you splat . You give out your anger to others constantly - you live an angry and unhappy life . You disdain dogs and look at them with contempt - the growl and bark at you . What is unfair about that ? Or are we talking the 'other type' of 'karma' ... where I get to live in white, western, material, opulence or high caste or class, because, obviously , I am or was a great kind spiritual person, somehow, at sometime. And those who slave to make my products and have a poor lifestyle .. well ... karma ... they must be or have been 'bad' . Now, if you are one of the slaves .. living in shit and working long hours to supply products to the opulent and privileged few ... dont rebel or overthrow ... karma ... you will get your reward in the future ... after this life though . That type of 'karma' ?
  14. Ego

    Ahhhh .... you mean the Supreme Macro-cosmic Ego ?