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  1. Check out my fractals

    Like the visuals. I muted the sound though after a bit. I am imagining them being projected, large scale . Ever thought of that ? It can be done at a 'Duff' but why restrict yourself ... you could apply to 'VIVID" * to be a visiting artist and Tim Clapham and Mike Tosetto explain how Luxx helped Director Ash Bolland turn the Sydney Opera House into a natural wonder for Vivid Live 2017 @ * Vivid - Sound and Light Festival
  2. U R O

    That is some very clear weather we are having !
  3. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    but seriously though .... I think transmissions are, or should be, about a specific tradition and certain people in that tradition, so make sure you have a connection with that tradition before connecting a lot deeper with it .
  4. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    very useful ... but do not go near IVT though . It could cost you 4 G !
  5. Freedom or Bulls***

    $250 ! must be a truckload ? Here its a very big rip off at $120 a large trailer load . I got 2 huge trees cut up in a giant pile and about another 8 logs and 2 trees to chainsaw .... so they can stick their $120 per load this winter !
  6. Thats what you quoted me as saying .... but you are a lying , counterfeiting, re-writing post quoter here is what I really said ; Its not that you took a word or two out for abbreviation , you totally, re wrote what I wrote yourself and changed it so you could question it and use it to further expound your bullshit ! Peddling is free energy as it comes from 'the void' Well, so is star jumping and hopping .. why not make some thread on how star jumping an hopping is free energy ... and eventually get to your rant about music .... YET AGAIN Next time you try to pull a scam, dont make it so obviously bustible .. did you think no one would notice ? And why do things like that anyway , it just totally undermines any credibility you might have with anyone , if you have to stoop to such low and obvious tactics .
  7. ... If that video doesnt play properly .... peddle harder !
  8. Dude ! It is not 'free energy' . YOU are supplying YOUR energy , which will need to be replaced , with food air water light. I suggest a freer source is made from a usually disused 'bi-product' .
  9. Corruption and Natural Growth

    The best way is to not quote me in the first place . Maybe even put me on ignore . That would be great
  10. Corruption and Natural Growth

    Yes. - It should also be noted that I am speaking generally ; when I say potassium is used or needed, the plant or soil balance does not actually use '' the element potassium' but needs to find the right molecule (compound, chemical, etc.. ) containing potassium so it is actually nitrates , phosphates and 'potassiums' . Have to be in the right 'form' To create a 'new substance' Feeling, and thought, and ecstasy Are but the cerements of Me. Thrown off like planets from the Sun Yea are but satellites of the One. But should your revolution stop Ye would inevitably drop Headlong within the central Soul, And all the parts become the Whole. ( Hopefully )
  11. Have you been harvesting Seb Pearce ?
  12. I explain how they had no concept of alien meaning extra terrestrial . You then observe ; " Ok, so the indigieouness there are alien life forms? " I explain again : " The Australian Aboriginal arrived in Australia perhaps 70,000 years ago. And they still live here now, living the same lifestyle, fairly much, until just recently (1770) in concert with tending the land and virtually becoming part of it - one of the oldest continual cultures on the planet .... and you just assumed that they are alien life forms . " and " Why ? They live in a terrestrial environment , so why are they extra-terrestrial ? " Then you suggest ; " It just happens so that our planet exists in a vast ocean of extra terrestrial environment. " and after that you INFORM me : " They are not alien to life on this planet." Seems there is no point talking to you at all , you cant even seem to follow a conversation . ... its all about some confused and diverted roundabout way of trying to get back to : "more of who you are, that will also allow you to be more of who you are. "
  13. Year of the Pig

    Yes. Friend came around other day, she was minding my neighbours little girl and " Can I watch Pepper Pig . " Okay ... friend finds it, puts it on ... except someone had put "Striptease' dvd in Pepper Pig case ! ( some buck's night somewhere will be pissed off ! )
  14. May as well say the Australian Aboriginal is a marine creature then , since Australia exists in a real vast ocean/s You really aren't getting anywhere in your attempted argument .