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  1. Umbrella or Enema ?

    I think that was one of my first posts here : I am going to fly ! It went on for some time , some buns thought I crazy .... I thought some bums crazy (as they where kinda believing it was possible and encouraging my 'belief' ) ... then I admitted I could fly .... straight down . Gurdjieff ..... Umbrella and enema ? ? ? - you know where he can stick his umbrella .
  2. Red

  3. Let's Scry!

    yes, I did that some time back ... no problem withdrawing it all .... although it did look a little different afterwards
  4. Let's Scry!

    Has 'nature' done that ? or is it our modern life style, conceptions, programming .... something . The reason I ask is that many indigenous people seem NOT to have such a barrier. They live in the 'dreamtime' . Well, in some of the cultures here it is like that .Is not Shamanism another example ?
  5. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Nope . It all depends on if the car is reliable or a problem car . Surely ( the car using people ) have encountered this ? If the car is constantly breaking down, I dont need no 'Mirriam Webster' to define if its good for me or not . Virtue ? - judgement call, isnt it ?
  6. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    I can be both an arsehole and a jerk to others without any need to judge them at all , as lesser greater or equal to me . I am totally non prejudice and non judgmental about who I am an arsehole to . All are equal in my arseholeness. .... some of youmay have noticed this
  7. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Maybe a lot of this is from a 'programme' ? .... that one where we all get 'judged' ... at 'the end ' The world has a loooong history of imagining such things ; Sūrat al-Qiyāmah
  8. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    But surely we use our facilities of judgement all the time ? 'Being judgemental' is using those facilities. What others seem to be protesting about is when a comparative judgment is made with another person to 'look down upon' them ? If you see someone continually borrowing money and not paying it back, do you make a loan to them and write your money off because 'we are all one' , or do you make a judgement call and consider them untrustworthy or unreliable and not make the loan . I know a guy, been a bad junkie for years, a couple of times he has slipped up, forgetting who he is talking to ( me, that is ) and mumbled some feeble excuse to try and get some money. I laugh at him and say 'Its me your talking to.' and he gets an embarrassed sort of laugh and diverts away from that . Doesn't mean I bitch about him, are not friendly to him or help him in other ways . But if you asked me about him ... about if you should loan him money, I would say ' Well, he is a junkie and you probably will not get the money back, he owes heaps of people money. Perhaps people are meaning 'do not condemn others ' ( despise , look down upon , or even judge them as a lesser person )when they say 'dont be judgemental ' ? Might be time to quote Liber Librae again " Be not hasty to condemn others; how knowest thou that in their place, thou couldst have resisted the temptation? And even were it so, why shouldst thou despise one who is weaker than thyself?
  9. Red

  10. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    .... thats a boxing reference, not a religious one .
  11. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Looks like he just wore a right cross .
  12. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Exactly what I meant above . I dont 'judge' any one for being an alcoholic , a junkie, a prostitute, a priest, sober, single or married . But if I see someone is constantly drunk AND they drive, and they offer me a lift, I will make a judgement on weather I trust them, if its safe , etc . Or even as simple as if I think someone is telling the truth or not , that's a judgement too . Making a judgement on them if they are a 'good or bad; person for telling THAT lie is different from judging if they are a liar - IMO .
  13. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Why ? I disagree . I make lots of judgements, constantly , and it has nothing to do with changing my view . Actually some judgements I make might make me change my view . The complaints seem about certain specific prejudicial judgments , not judgement generally .
  14. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    YES! Thats 'the other 'type' of judgement . Perhaps prejudice ? Maybe we need two different words ?