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  1. Retro Tech

    The wonders of home electricity ; " Knob and tube wiring ' - best to do it underfloor , its 'safer' that way Electricity in the home makes life easier .... or, at least shorter dontt touch the middle bit !
  2. Retro Tech

    1937 Henderson BMW R 7
  3. Retro Tech

    In the good old days , kids safety and accidents was considered part of growing up (if you made it that far ) nearly every ;playground' had one of these , but here, they ended a lot sooner than this one , virtually no flat bit t the bottom, then on to concrete , if you where lucky - usully it ws a puddle of mud, gravel and maybe some broken glass . " Wheeeee ... "
  4. Retro Tech

    'seasy ; I went to the local junk yard, got a big metal bath and put a fire under it . Now I have graduated to a large outdoor gas cooking ring under it , attached to a gas bottle , easy on and off and temperature adjustment . Very snazzy new bath house, but actually the bath will remain outside as I enjoy that so much and the ..... 'wash house ' just has a shower and sink, its crazy big as I hate small showers. I had fun building it ( my first lone build ) and I enjoyed being in charge ( of design materials , all aspects. Its off to the side of the cabin, connected by decking and elevated walkway, all that and the building is made from 'murbau' ( a supposedly sustainable rainforest timber that is a golden orange colour ) board and baton exterior, about 1/3 floor to ceiling windows, double glass sliding door entrance, a 'river beach' floor tile (looks like sand with river pebbles in it ) , light and dark green Italian tiles with a silver, glass and moonstone accent strip, White cypress ceiling boards , Chrome and glass 'art deco' style lights and interior fittings , stone basin on a white cypress bench. It has a an entry deck down one side and a wider one at the front for sitting (as its a great view from there ) . Its in a grove of turpentine trees and palms and ferns that make shadows all around so I painted the underside of the decking roof like that ( I hate looking up to bare tin on a verandah) by laying it all out upside down in the yard covering it with palm and fern fronds and spraying it with various shades of green. Its rather stunning and quirky' , I got a 'wow' from a builder friend when he saw it . Merbau; white cypress pine (on a floor) ll this was supposed to originally be not much more than shed with slat floor and a camping shower . a good 'cabin wife' is hard to find
  5. Nearly all your posts here have been rude . What ? You didnt realise that ?
  6. Retro Tech

    Cool . My 'cabin in the woods' is fairly civilised;solar electricity , gas, water pump, chainsaw, generator. .... even got fancy new bath house with gas water heater ..... no more outdoor cold showers . Man's best friend in a cabin during winter ; When we used to go to the farm at Goulburn ( very cold in winter ) it had the best old style wood fired heater in the lounge room of the farm house ; very wide front for long logs, fire door on the front and sides for easy loading ... those old mica windows on the front ( before we had fire proof glass ) . It sucked air in from outside through a vent in the wall and a pipe that went into the back, through the top and out air vents at the front, so warm fresh air would come out the top of the heater, rise into the room making the cooler air sink to the floor, the heater had a wide scoop air intake about an inch above floor level to suck in this colder, now stale air, burn it in the fire box and expel it out the chimney , you could have a totally sealed house and still have warm fresh air coming in . My cabin, now, just sucks in the air it needs through the cracks and joins in the woodwork of the walls . It must have got REAL cold at Goulburn, the old farm house , which was half fallen down, had layers of newspaper ( some announcing hostilities pre WWI ) and wall paper on the walls .... I always wonder why they wallpapered it , until one mid winter morning we turned up pre dawn and I jumped out to open the metal farm gate and my palm stuck to it . also, all around the door frames and any joints where nailed little bits of flat metal to keep any tiny breeze out, they where all old cut up jam and sardine tins . But 'now' .... electric cooking .
  7. Retro Tech

    DDT ? Retro chemical technology . a day at the beach ; If you dont like that .... go to the swimming pool instead ;
  8. Retro Tech

    Speaking of things 'atomic' ... here is a junior 'chemistry set' that 'teaches' kids about radiation . Fun ( and uranium ) for all the family ; Lets kids create and watch nuclear and chemical reactions using radioactive material. The set originally sold for $49.50[3] (equivalent to $530 in 2020[7]) and contained the following:[3][8][9] Battery-powered Geiger–Müller counter Electroscope Spinthariscope Wilson cloud chamber with short-lived alpha source (Po-210) in the form of a wire Four glass jars containing natural uranium-bearing (U-238) ore samples (autunite, torbernite, uraninite, and carnotite from the "Colorado plateau region")[3] Low-level radiation sources: beta-alpha (Pb-210)[10] pure beta (possibly Ru-106)[10] gamma (Zn-65)[10] The lab contained a cloud chamber allowing the viewer to watch alpha particles traveling at 12,000 miles per second (19,000,000 m/s), a spinthariscope showing the results of radioactive disintegration on a fluorescent screen, and an electroscope measuring the radioactivity of different substances in the set Probably worth fortune now
  9. Retro Tech

    Here is a classic, and one that works well Simple in its design , suitable for gas, electric or campfire The 'Atomic'
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    What does a Bogan girl use for protection during sex ? a bus shelter
  11. Retro Tech

    Aston Martin Laguna Let's make an over expensive car with every but of 'modern' technology ( from the 80s ) we can fit in it . This is pretty funny ; " It looks like n anteater and its interior is insane .... " try from 3:35 or 10 :20 ... " Button 'TRST' ... I have no idea what this button does ... " ( he looked in the manual, but it shows a different dashboard from that in that car - my 'favourite' trick .... I have encountered this with a few products ... same model number but what you have is different from what's in the manual !
  12. Retro Tech

    aerotrain Jet prototype Turbine passenger service;érotrain feel free to contribute more ....
  13. 'Kata' is not usually done slow . Someone was watching us practice some in the park , later they approached us ' What is that you are doing , Tai Chi ? ' Me; " No ... we are just old . "
  14. Please try to pay attention to WHEN things where posted, If you noticed ... that was BEFORE you where politely requested to 'dial it back bit ' . . . and BEFORE you posted about the value of wei wu wei . ... it would be a shame if you missed out on the benefits of your own advice . .