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  1. Watching The Birds

    ... ummm , just in case your 'legendary skills' where under rated .............. find a picture on the internet, on your screen , that is - dont try to right click on a picture on the wall
  2. Watching The Birds

    find picture > right button 'mouse' click on the picture > select 'copy image location' > set cursor in TTB posting box where you want the image > right click > select 'paste ' .
  3. Watching The Birds

  4. This is a must see

    Well ... that music is not my cup of tea at all .. and I was even more 'surprise' when the guy doing the TC started singing .... or miming . I thought it was 'strange' BUT It reminded me of when I was trying to learn Crane Form ( Okinawan so a totally different 'performance rhythm ' to Chinese). I decided to learn that and a long Swinburne poem at the same time, so I would practice the form and recite out loud at the same time, but I could match rhythms . Which must have looked pretty strange and funny . But I can still do both at the same time ... I think ... half a mo' ... Yep... still can do both at the same time I actually love training to music, gotta be right rhythm though .... like in Capoeira . or below (next post ) And I DONT mean some lame martial arts demo to 'Eye of the Tiger ' PLEASE NO ! Not again !
  5. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    YEAH ! That was brief, to the point and .... 'punchy' . Thats what we call 'the pitch' or the hook , its gotta be short quick and good . Front cover stuff (down the bottom ) . What Starjumper has been writing is more of an 'outline' ... good for a back cover .
  6. How to become less blind

    3rd principle - element air - have 'no mind' . Once, when I was trying to show this guy a sword combo , that he just could not get, in the middle of it he said to me ; " I wonder what's for dinner when I get home ? " Me ; " If 'no mind' is too hard , just think of 'clear blue sky ' . "
  7. How to become less blind

    I liked reading this post, could relate to a lot of it ... being 'retired' and all that . My 'isolation' really isolated me .... , from development in martial arts. But then after a while I found a teacher I needed, at that time, right here, sort of hidden . [ The curious thing is too, that when I was more heavily into Aikido ( Aki-kai), and moved here, I was the only one that seemed to know it . But later I found out that the 'head guy' for Oz ( like a few different 'schools', they have HQ in China, Okinawa, Japan, USA and have 'regional masters' looking after different countries ), before I moved here, had married a local woman and had bought land and started construction for house and 'Australian national dojo' ...... in my valley ! When I first arrived, I used to pass the empty block with the strange looking very large spring floor ... and nothing else . Dont know what happened there , I think he lives in NY now ? Also his son went to local High School , he has returned a couple of times for visit , I did a couple of sword sessions with him. ] On the other hand, my lack of REAL isolation, was needed as the 'school' part relies on the 'student' . Maybe thats why we find bigger schools in city , many more people to supply the 'rare breeds' out of ? In any case, here, eventually, numbers dropped so the 'official school' closed . the unofficial one is pretty interesting and a LOT more laid back . I didnt spend all my money building a big place , it had a nice cabin and I started building a big house that would sleep visitors (as at that time it was a thriving retreat centre , sometimes every bit of floor space with a sleeping person and people camping in temple and in tents). But that 'died down' , I got rid of the then GF as she was hopeless and I thought :Why bust my arse finishing the house when I have a fine 'bachelors pad (cabin)' ? So I got this horrible mess half built house on the path in . I will get to fixing that one day , there is a conversion plan. But hey , things happen , and happen in a certain way for a reason. I would not change a thing, considering how it all turned out and how I feel right now. You might feel the same way eventually. I am guessing they are like the energies here . If they want you to stay, no way you will be leaving , and do NOT think of fighting it . This aspect is sooo well known here, people warn others about it. One woman was told, she had 2 attempts and things went wrong and stopped here. But only when she was trying to actually move , trips to town and visiting out of the valley are ok. She was told and rebelled and stated she wasnt going to be told what to do ! S o she packed and took off and put her kombi in the river off the 2nd bridge - with baby in car ! No one was hurt or injured though. A few months later, she was offered a good place in nearby town to rent, everything seemed to be falling into place, she moved there with no problems . Seen it heaps of times ! Conversely, no matter how much you wanna stay, and they wanna spit you out .... you gone . But there is another whole other side about our connection to land , they energies that are there, the energies we help develop there, how they move with us and/or stay behind. Its different if we are not 'born out of that land', but that does not stop us making powerful connections, discoveries and developments (in self and land ). I use the term 'connection to land ' (here the term is connection to country' and most may think they understand it, but it can be an immensely strong and powerful thing . Its a very big part of my indigenous shamanic path . Eventually one 'melts' into 'landscape' , becomes part of it, even if we where not born out of it. "When I die, I go back to earth . " - 'Big Bill ' Neidjie But people not really interested any more ... its just .... 'Old man's story ' I moved up on the mountain for 6 months, I loved it ! Yep ! New ones, amazing ! But I had already become 'sensitised' . But I had not given up my valley place . I would visit - cabin in valley by river and lodge on mountain up in clouds - yeah ! But it turned out I was not to leave .... 'I ' ( and my 'dragons' ) even kicked the governments / Attorney General's arse in the Supreme Court case and got the land and houses ( and temple and festival site back ) ... even tour lawyer was weirder out by our 'fortuitous circumstances' and turns of event and said ' Whats going on ? Why do these things keep happening ... are you guys 'doing things' ? ' Well, sometimes we feel a bit hemmed in , especially in high mountains and deep valleys (mine looks like a moss filled crack in the earth from above - its an old subduction fault . I like to get to the beach - 40 mins away and look out at the vast horizon of the Pacific. But , you know what's it like , I (and many others ) go on a trip away and then its very obvious, how bad it is 'out there' and how good we have it 'at home' . Just do something different for a bit. If a big move is really going to happen ... it will all start 'happening' . ( this is probably gonna sound really obvious and dumb when I read it back later ) Peeps no longer interested in what we used to do .... they get attracted to 'hermetics' and 'shamanic stuff' and 'Magick' but its in the form of 'dance parties' / 'forest doofs' . I got fooled myself once, saw this poster for some hermetic ' type event, covered with 'very suggestive' glyphs and symbols .. WOW! people are into that ? Nah, it was a 'theme' for a dance party . How was the theme played out ? I asked around of some people that went , apparently it was just in the advertising poster .... yeah .... they get me going . A whike back, someone bought some wayward youth here on a camp. I was asked if I wanted to teach the boys any MA, they where so keen! Okay. ... 'boys' ... more like big muscly youth at least my height . I would keep going with them until they pleaded to stop. I would ask "Whats up ? " and they "We been at it 2 1/2 hours ! " So I would 'let them off' , then when they gone ..... " Urrrrgh ! " - stagger home ... ahhh me hip ..... oooo me back ... run a hot bath oh shit , why did I do that Just turn the empty big house into one My half built house started as a metal foundry ! That idea (last occupant ) never took off. Anyway, it turns out my new shed, which I was told is overbuilt and too big. now has space big enough for an undercover 'dojo' . I never intended that . Sometimes I wonder how much 'I ' run the show and how much the 'dragons' do . When I started work on temple, it was never meant to be a temple , by stage 3 I realised it was going to be . At one time GF came out into yard and yelled at me working up on the crazy structure " What the hell do you think you are doing ? " Me ; " I dont know ! " Well, unless she I mean they are 'meant ' to be there That worked out its own way too, having people is fun, but SOME people ! ...... Aye yi yi ! Let's just say, I am finding great enjoyment and peace without all that 'young fellah fast and crazy fun stuff ' . But I can say I did that, I have the memories and it was fun . As far as moving permanently or staying, I guess its about discerning little twists and turns, 'speed humps', needs for a break (.. how long since you had a 'holiday', ie, a change for a little while ? ) etc with real life changing directions .
  8. How to become less blind

    Mrs Banhammer now is it ?
  9. How to become less blind

    < rushes in to help > NO ! Stop ! .... you might get banned ... Let me do that for you .
  10. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Good word ! 'PENG ! " should be used more often Mr Nishihira's teacher ( Hohan Soken) would use that 'whippiness (to) deliver explosive shocks of the physical kind to people ' s 'pressure points' .... people that thought they knew what they where doing like @ 6:00 my fav is in training when I can all of a sudden, unexpectedly , get my face right net to theirs , off on the side, as soon as they realise, I then lean a little closer and ..... " Hi there . " If they dot get it I give them a little nod ... if they dont get that, I give a slightly bigger nod and gently bump their nose with my forehead . ... one time, a guy mistook my 'joke' as a hesitation and tried to get a head but in first .... I just nodded and he ; ,< both hands up to his head > " Arrrgh shit ! " < instructor rushes over to him> ; " No no no ... dont try to head but someone on the top of their head! " Then, at the end f training , you can hand them back their wallet . Actually, I really did steal an instructors wallet once He got me to come around his dojo when no one there to teach him some stuff ( for free, which, no doubt he incorporated into his own paid curriculum ) and I noticed he had plastic hand guns on the weapon rack ; " Don;t tell me you been teaching the kids self defence against a hand gun ! " 'Yeah sure, go on ." " Whaaat " "Take one up and I will show you ." "You cant be serious.... well, okay then . " < takes up gun and points it at him from a distance > " Hand over your wallet ." He takes it out and offers it in his hand , "No ... drop it on the ground and then kick it across the ground over to me .. " he does it and I pick it up while holding the 'gun' on him, then motion with it 'Now piss off. " But then he smirks " Its only my 'going out wallet', just $50 in change and no cards . " " Yeah ? " <points gun at his kneecap > " BANG! .... thats for being a smart arse . " Ummmm dude ... its a projectile weapon ... it doesnt have to be used at close quarters Yeah, it doesnt really depict what I meant though ... 'kata' is a weird beast ... is more on my private vids where he is demonstrating actual technique . He was also on a lot about the foot work and stance ; 'base' .... a firm base to 'tie the whip to' , he was always ; step, then grip ground with your toes .. always on about gripping ground with toes. probably comes from his teacher , Mr Soken, who used to be told to train on floating log on pond , sometimes his teacher (Nabe Matsamura, nephew of Bushi ) would jump on the log with him and make him fight him . " These were hard times for the Matsumura family, who now made a living by farming alongside the peasants they once ruled. So training for the young Soken started early in the morning before going out to the fields, and then continued late into the night, after the day’s work had been done. Training was tough, and often brutal in the tradition of the old samurai’s. This training included balance training on slick banana leaves and on different levels and types of ground. Later kata’s and sparring was done on more dangerous floating logs and small rafts." This old-school style has its origins in white crane ..... we should meet up and 'compare notes' one day
  11. No 'binding' . They are built due to 'appreciation' and to give thanks for bounty provided . They even got me to construct their 'front door' differently I had an open doorway ... I thought, for an entrance . But they wanted a 'baffle entrance' . Anyway , here are some pictures of Yoruba spirit houses The dense forest of the Osun Sacred Grove,now a UNESCO wrld heritage site , on the outskirts of the city of Osogbo, is one of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria. Regarded as the abode of the goddess Osun
  12. Watching The Birds

    What's the problem ? people say "Hello" to me, and I answer " Hi " all the time, and it isnt a problem ...thats a friggin' BIG raven ! (
  13. Watching The Birds

    Yeah , I felt that way when I saw the thread had been bumped ... started reading this page , with fond memories ... and then ... Well. who knows ? I certainly dont , after ALL my experiences I cant deny that it is possible . So, just in case ... here is a nice bird to watch ? ' A poor will ' ? Did you mean a ' whippoorwill ' ?