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  1. Stage 1 . From mollis (“soft”) +‎ -ēscō. I become soft; I soften. (figuratively) I become mild, gentle. (figuratively) I become effeminate, unmanly.
  2. I think it was Patrick Harpur ? that said the modern male archetype is Faust . I agree ! He likened the times and religion Faust was embroiled in to our 'old consciousness' ( pre dualistic / 'scientific revolution ), and Fausts dabbling in magic and forces he didn't really comprehend to our dabbling in science and technology , energy production, etc A man caught between two worlds , often ignorant of what he is invoking . " "Faust" and the adjective "Faustian" imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term " - Wiki . Now, I cant help wondering if the outcome, in this regard, will it be according to Marlowe or Goethe ? ( and note how Goethe's Faust is 'redeemed' )
  3. That's the issue ! He goes trough one guy per video ! Note how he said the first guy had been " struck there a few times and is quite sensitive there now " . That's what happens with a ' demo partner' . Hopefully, some enraged person in a street fight reacts the same way . ( Don't seem to work in MMA comp though . ) But regarding the 'poor guy' ... been there done that ; went with instructor to another school to show their instructor some stuff ( at his request ) and my instructor is showing him all this stuff on me . But then the other one would go ' Oh ! I see, we do it like this .... " and do that to me , and mine would go ' and we do this ... this ... and this ... followed with a take down and this ... " and the other would go " Interesting, I would do this ... and this ..... " and on and on it went ... " ( Don't worry .... I eventually ' got even ' with both of them )
  4. Yours might be ... mine I can still hose scrub hose-rinse and the water all drains out the gap between the floor and wall on the north side even over the bumps and dips in the middle .
  5. Ha! Unless you have no dreams - or do not remember them ! Your more likely to be spending time with 'your unresolved self' when you asleep and dreaming . I see you have never done a stint of ' night duty ' ?
  6. Thing is though. If you spend time with 'archaic people' like San Bushmen or Australian Aboriginals ... its not at all like this video says . I'd recommend the experience . You would learn a lot about 'archaic consciousness' Even just reading 'Uncle Bill's ' book , you would learn more about it than from that vid .
  7. Maybe this one, then ? Here is one about a good 'swordsman' (uses a 'stick' instead - but I won't say why and spoil the end in case you want to watch it ). ' Twilight' his associates called him .... imagining he was fading out ... until word about this got out .
  8. Interesting how this tread subtly changed from sacred masculine to divine masculine and then got criticised re the 'divine aspect of masculinity ' .
  9. If you haven't seen it its worth a watch Its Tatsuya Nakadai 'Sword of Doom ' " Evil mind - evil sword " ..... Here ... he meets his match (Mifune) ..... lesson .... don't ambush the wrong guy !
  10. More unusual stuff happening in my garden ; My green pitcher plants died during winter so I cut them back to the moss level ( they in a 'peat bog' pot ) . This spring they shot back up, looking very healthy but this weird stalk came up in them. Is it a flower stalk or an invader, It was hanging down with a ball on the end. then started to open this morning .... an intricate spiralling unfolding, but there is a type of ball underneath. I checked it on sunset and it looked shredded, Thinking insect attack, I googled some pics .... yep a flower ... but a strange one ! Here is the bud coming up with a higher one starting to open. Here is the 'shredded ' stage Didn't make much sense until I found this pic of a cross-section ; 'Open the pod bay doors Hal' . Hope I get fruit and seed .
  11. What ! ? How dare you address me in that manner !
  12. Yes, but if not fully aware of what 'it' is going to be , you should turn around from it . ( A point I am always making about footwork in kata . )