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  1. Divine Truths from Master

    So, what is the Seb Pierce ' New Age Bullshit Generator' for ? Well, according to Seb ; " So, what is this for? Put it on your website as placeholder text. Print it out as a speech for your yoga class and see if anyone can guess a computer wrote it. Use it to write the hottest new bestseller in the self-help section, or give false hope to depressed friends and family members. "
  2. Now compare MY post that I wrote to clear things up with this ^ response by Starjumper to that post . The comparison says it all ! YET AGAIN , he does a better job of revealing his true nature than I ever could !
  3. Divine Truths from Master

    But it is not up to you to make the comparison , it is for anyone else that wants to see where you steal lame 'wisdom' from , since you have non of your own, except empty boasting about yourself If you had a brain, you would be able to read and understand how to get off that intro page - You need to 're ionize electrons ' . If you really didnt copy from there it just means you copied of someone else that copied from there ... which is twice as bad ! BSMaster exposed ! Child, look within and beckon yourself. It can be difficult to know where to begin. How should you navigate this higher totality
  4. Divine Truths from Master

    You are a troll Sean, can you ban BSMaster .
  5. Divine Truths from Master

    The quantum matrix is approaching a tipping point. We must learn how to lead heroic lives in the face of desire. The future will be an angelic refining of transcendence. You and I are travellers of the multiverse. To navigate the journey is to become one with it. This life is nothing short of a refining quantum leap of eternal flow.
  6. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I can agree that your words are the best proof ..... of 'something'
  7. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Now THIS is BSMaster work ! Note how different it is in style and content than the other stuff he claims is his wisdom, yet is clearly a copy (he didnt even remove the embedded pictures ! "D ) of in his 'wisdom thread ' These are the phrases which ID it as BSMaster writing ; " You will start a new, and thats quite a meaningless life. I have been a master myself in martial arts for a dozen of Lifetimes. I have killed thousands of people by my own hands and I have memories of it. " Now compare it to 'his' wisdom posts ; " Where there is dogma, transformation cannot thrive. We can no longer afford to live with greed. You must take a stand against dogma. It can be difficult to know where to begin. How should you navigate this archetypal quantum soup? The quantum matrix is calling to you via sub-atomic particles. " - just ever so slightly different
  8. Divine Truths from Master

    And you calling me a liar GSMaster will not stop people from going to and discovering the truth , by simple comparison . .
  9. Divine Truths from Master

    Its well clear now that what you are trying to pass of as your wisdom (and isnt it interesting that several people challenged you on NOT posting any wisdom , just hollow chest thumping ... that 'all of a sudden' you have decided to make posts of your 'wisdom' Which is clearly nothing but copy and paste , including the pictures from But dont believe me people , go to the site yourself and see the offerings there , now compare it to the OP in this thread .
  10. ... science again tsk tsk ...
  11. Nah ... its actually the rotation of the earth that does that . there I go again, using ' fake science ' to try to dispel 'occult knowledge' and 'spiritual science' .
  12. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    The reason these types always eventually fail Wu Ming is ; A king may desquise himself as a beggar but a beggar can never get away with pretending to be a king