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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    It has been estimated that Aboriginal people, in Australia , in good season and good country 'worked' 2 -4 hours a day . That includes hunting, gathering, taking care of shelter and necessities . The rest of the time was for leisure, social activities ( a LOT of singing and dancing ) learning and teaching, travel visiting and feasting, playing with the kids. ( Although I am not sure where tool making and repair fits in with that . Some see things like net making and repair as 'leisure', some as 'work' ) They LOVE dancing - do it all night if they can ... even 'old fellah' get up and have a go - Currently it is 35 hr / week but up to 45 for some and stats show up to 2 months unpaid overtime a year .
  2. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Hold on everyone ! Stand back ! I know how to deal with this ... I did a first - aid course , in my youth . lets see now ....
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Mine is - I 'collect' and breed rainforest plants .... then I release em into the wild Look what happens when you get too much money .... or too much power , or too much popularity ......
  4. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Bravo ! Time for some musical social commentary on that ;
  5. No more right-wing bullshit.

    In the 'old days' we put numerous festivals here, each would take about 6 months out of my life - but it was fun ( so maybe it put 6 months INTO my life ). But it does take money. We prided ourselves on being one of the best cheapest non commercial festivals around. We where nice and did not want to refuse people entry that genuinely could not afford it . I observed there where predators who hunted and took advantage of this concept . I went through ll sorts of dynamics with them over the years . Often they had a wallet full of cash ! " Oh Man, we all own everything Man . What goves you the right to take ownership Man . ... etc " We even had a " if you cant pay, you can get in by helping us work ' policy. Got scammed big time with that . A lot of people where not even asking , just sneaking in . More and more each year as the word got out . They would come up an old track from our pump house, up the river and into the site the back way. So one day I filled it with pulled out lantana, prickles, claw vine and other nastiness. HEAPS of it, rammed it in with the tractor for a good 70 metres I set up a little table at the end and took some tickets and waited . Eventually bedraggled, snagged scraped and scratched people would emerge with their camping equipment and ..... " Good Morning ! Three adults s it ? Thats $180 please . ... and by the way, its a lot easier coming in the main entrance , and there, if you cant afford the fee they will arrange something for you ... but not here . " That and similar dynamics of rule breaking eg no dogs and cats, no glass, leave you car in car park and dont drive around the camp ground , not damaging environment or polluting, etc etc eventually ended all their fun . warned em it might happen but I got the 'hand wave' ... what would I know , I was the 'fascist controller ' (most didnt realise I was the main organiser that made all that fun possible in the first place ) Ho hum . I guess I didnt LOOK cool enough ? I remember one guy, a real hippy looking dude ,single Dad, turned up with a heap of kids, insisted on paying upfront for everyone got there early, helped with last setup, worked all through the festival, helped people, also partied hard . yeah ! Others winged and wined, got in for free, didnt work, had a lot of money and probably didnt have as much fun Tis the way of people , I suppose . It happens via the same dynamic that causes social systems to go capitalist , it is what happened here on the commune and has happened throughout Kibbutz movement . Its the main complaint against socialism / communism that many have . It is refelected in the 'commune movement' and ended most of them. Nowadays they are all interested in a new variation 'Intentional Communities' - whatever. I spoke at a few workshops' on them .... I do know the solution to it ... I was actually lauded by one group when they heard it and they thought I had solved the problem that plagues all this, went and got their leader to listen ... but he didnt like it ..... not having the limelight on him that is .... I dont even think he heard what I said, like the others did . Or didnt want to or just culd not accept such a notion about people and societies . I can explain it later if you like . Pressed for time now
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    'Ownership' is an interesting concept . It was fairly challenging for me (at first) staying in an Aboriginal camp. ' I am off to the shops ( a looong drive ), anyone want anything ? " Ooooooow ... thats what ya get for not 'sneakin off' ! ..... list totalled near $300 and all I wanted was some coffee, and powdered milk Watch this ... I seen stuff like this all the time ... but you gotta be quick and observant, as its just part of the 'way of things ' @ 0:26 - 0:29 . Uncle Lewi stopped off here on way to city , he was picking up some money for some artwork he did on an album cover - 3G. " You spread that around / " I asked him . " Nope ! " .... curious . --------- He stopped in on his way home ; New car, totally cashed up . "Where did that come from ! " " I used some of that money to buy paints and a huge roll of canvass, sat down in my mates squatter warehouse for days painting . Then I got painted up, took my didge' and sticks and canvass roll and a pair of scissors down to Chinatown and set up on the ground 'busking', sold the painting by the metre, just cut off what they wanted. The Chinese tourists paid HEAPS . So I got a new car and this ." - shows me a crazy amount of money. Me ; " Now what ? " " Oh ... I give to the mob * . " * Associated kin and extended family Casual ... just like that .
  7. Warning!!!

    Well, thats how I developed the above one .
  8. Effectiveness of Mudras

    'Body Mudra' - doing 'mudra' with your whole body . or as its more commonly called in the west ' the assumption of God forms ' . It takes some time to work out what one is supposed to be doing , what is happening, and how to do it, but after preliminary navigation through the practice ....... 'deadly' . * *
  9. " She has "strawberry blonde-ish" hair " Another great accurate psychic prediction ! Would you like some more details ? < rubs temples > ... and she lives in the Northern Hemisphere .
  10. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I am very lucky, I can live as I do, yet if I need its a quick road trip to hospital or doctor . But in recent years I avoid that more and more . I have found several main very good bush remedies . They work better than going to hospital ( I am talking serious stuff ; huge gashes, bad burns, kidney stone pain, ulcers ) . Other stuff - broken bones etc . I will go there. Most sickness here with the indigenous is from their remedies and traditional diet being denied to them. And also the introduction of modern things ( foods and habits). So, a lot of the time, bad things come with the new and then they require treatment from the new that they never needed in the first place . And this is often then denied to them . And people say ; look how they live, they are not healthy , just as well we can offer some of them modern services .
  11. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I grew up in suburbia next to a hospital, card yard and busy intersection ( later, when i get older and was allowed to roam, fortunately nature was not too far afield . But then I moved to a rural area ( and river and rain water ) ... and still prefer that . My God, going back for a visit .... how did I do it ? How do they still do it ? ? ? .
  12. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Grabs her by the ankle ... " Oh no ya dont ! " ya gotta help me hold down Earl Grey while i give him something else other than tranquil tea
  13. Jokes

    A Nun decides to jump the convent wall for a night out on the town to see what others get up to. She goes down to the basement and rifles through the charity stuff for an outfit, gets some sheets and ties them together , over the wall and gone . She sees a sign 'Singles Bar ' and thinks ' I am single, so I will go in here. ' and takes a stool at the bar. Immediately a guy appears next to her and ' " Hi Sister, can I buy you a drink? " " Yes please, that would be nice, but how did you know I was a Nun . " " What ? " " You called me sister .... " and she explains her story. " Oh I see .... I tell you what sister , I can show you exactly what people get up to, and at the same time, you will be doing me a 'little favour ' . " Okay then, that sounds good, but you know all about me now, what about you, what do you do ? " "I am a radio DJ, I have a show on KGY . " " Oh really ! My dear old Mum listens to that station everyday . I would really love to do a surprise appearance on your show and say hello to my mum, she would be so surprised and just love that ." " Well, I can do you that favour, if you can do me my little favour - and at the same time, you will get to see what we do for fun, outside the convent . " " Okay, what do I have to do . " " Come back to my place and I will show you how to do everything . " - so they go back to his place, he takes her into his bedroom, sits her on the bed and stands in front of her . he gets ' it ' out and thrusts it towards her ; " Well Sis, do you what to do with this ?' "Oh boy! I sure do ! : She grabs it with her hand and leans forward ; " Hello ! Mum ? This is your daughter Sister Mary Teresa ..... Surprise ! "
  14. Warning!!!

    here is one ... repeat for 3 rounds, 3 times . . Owah Tagu Siam