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  1. Suicide?

    When younger, I decided to sit still till enlightenment. Result, my toe turned black due to a blood clot. Fortunately I then stopped, went to the GP and lived to tell the tale, lol.
  2. Just joined and want to say, hello.....

    @Cleansox ???
  3. Checking In

    @HouseontheBorderland Sounds great. Enjoy
  4. Pronunciation Classical Chinese?

    @ilumairen Thank you very much for the information, much appreciated. I have now registered with the Original Dao.
  5. Pronunciation Classical Chinese?

    Thanks for the answer. Please ignore the pm, I got ninjad.
  6. Pronunciation Classical Chinese?

    @wandelaar I just joined and am looking for such a thread as well. I wonder did you find one? If so I would like to hear about it.
  7. Checking In

    Lol, that’s exactly what happened to me too.
  8. Just joined and want to say, hello.....

    Hi @Tombajo I am interested in this, because I am translating the DaXue and the ZhongYong. So how do you get around this problem?
  9. New Member

    Hi @TaoistNoodle I am happy no longer to be the newest new member, lol. I have no knowledge re your topic.
  10. Hi, your username drew my attention, because I am currently translating the 中庸 . 

  11. What’s Tao?

    Thank you @thelerner for your welcoming, 😊 and for the info, I will keep it in mind.
  12. What’s Tao?

    I started learning Chinese two years ago, my aim is to make my own translation of all the Tao Te Ching verses. I got sidetracked by a friend who is into Confucianism. She gave me 大学 and 中庸 to translate. Lol, I have finished 大学 now, it took me almost a year. I am now doing 中庸 and the character 道 (Tao) is in it. I don’t want to leave it untranslated, as is often done. But what could be a short translation for it? I went online in search of a short description, and that’s how I found this forum. Nice to meet you all.