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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    In contrast, anti-Semitism and anti-Islamism are usually not so openly professed.
  2. Hello from Greece!

    Hi Andreas. Welcome to the forum.
  3. deleted

    Thank you very much for elucidating, it is a very ingenious translation. However, I prefer to use the oldest available text (MWD A). Your version does not comply with MWD A, which: 1j splits up the characters in a different way: 道 可 道 也 非 恆 道 也 名 可 名 也 非 恆 名 也 2) uses 恆 恆 was the name of a later emperor. The taboo on the use of the emperor’s name, resulted in the substitution 常
  4. deleted

    Could you please post your current translation of the characters of the first line? (I posted my latest version in the post above).
  5. Spotting a fake master

    @Apech I have put you on my ignored users list.
  6. Spotting a fake master

    sex and money A real master does not have sex with you, full stop. A real master does not demand much money, just the normal entertainer fees.
  7. deleted

    The guard at the gate asked Laozi to write down his teachings, in reply, Laozi started with: 道 可 道 也 - As for the teachings that I [Laozi] can express, 非 恆 道 也 - they go against the customary teachings. 名 可 名 也 - As for the morals that I [Laozi] can express, 非 恆 名 也 - they go against the customary morality.
  8. The chakra system is genderless

    This picture seems to have a chakra! 內 經 圖 nei4 jing1 tu2 - inner scripture picture picture at
  9. deleted

    panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ) "everything flows" (Heraclitus)
  10. deleted

    ‘grandiosity’ & ‘depression’ are two sides of the same coin. No worries, you will find the middle way. Be well.
  11. There’s a button top right, “See their activity”, click on that. Then on the left you can click on “Topics” or “Posts”.
  12. deleted

    Yes. Reminded me of this quote: ”It’s not to say that these things didn’t haunt me, because they did. I just stopped them from haunting my son’s childhood. He was 37 when he finally learned the full story. … During that phone call, … he kept repeating ‘you were so normal’ … To me, this was one of my greatest accomplishments in life.” (she survived an attack by Ted Bundy)
  13. Dao Bums (here i am)

    I’m in the same country.
  14. The chakra system is genderless

    The 3 dantien do correspond with the 3 basic chakras. Yes, the chakras in a female body rotate anti-clockwise, and in the male body, clockwise.
  15. deleted

    Indeed. Like the first line of the DDJ. If the Dao cannot be expressed, then “who would write a useless book”!