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  1. Imo: Reality is hard to understand, hard to cope with. Some people find it more attractive to merely mindlessly regurgitate someone else’s words. That way no effort is required, and they can get their rocks off pontificating.
  2. imo, definitely futile imo, excellent advice
  3. @ChiDragon Sorry, I got that wrong. Kroll lists 白日 (bai2 ri4) as “white light of day, broad daylight”. Thanks for all the info. I gather that: - daytime ghosts (in the TT post) are an anomaly; normally 鬼 (gui3) appear at night only - 魂 (hun2 gui3) also ascends to the sky; so the ‘daytime’ is needed to denote 仙 (xian1) ~~~ 魄 (po4 gui3) is the descending one, or does it just disappear with the body? ~~~ 仙 (xian1) are rare. Lots of ‘normal’ people die in the ‘daytime’. So I gather 白日 refers to being able to appear in daylight (rather than ascending/leaving in daylight).
  4. Looking for guidance

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  5. Looking for guidance

    Hi CD, I have changed my post to the link. That way you will be able to make all necessary changes.
  6. Looking for guidance

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  7. Looking for guidance

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  8. daytime ascending” However, So why mention the “daytime”? Could 白日 (bright sun) possibly refer to the “body of light”? [ “they could dissolve even their bodies into pure energy and just vanish”; ”permute his physical body into light”] 白日昇天 - body of light ascending to heaven. ~~~ 白 bai2 - white; bright 日 ri4 - sun 昇 sheng1 - ascend 天 tian1 - sky; heaven
  9. What, according to you, is “Daytime Ascension”? What are the Chinese characters for “Daytime Ascension”?
  10. I meant to ask something else. Re. daytime ascension (the soul rise from the body during daytime when the sun is up). If I decide to let my soul leave my body, does it matter at what time of the day I decide to leave? Does it have to be in the daytime, when the sun is up? Or can I depart just as well in the nighttime?
  11. Is it in any way relevant when one lets the soul leave the body?
  12. What is “daytime ascension”?
  13. virtue and emptiness

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