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  2. Nevertheless, it is a dangerous practice.
  3. I think that’s the right correlation We cannot pet anything much without doing it mischief.
  4. I think Good life is practiced in many forms, from Fitness, hypogastric breathing, mindfulness meditation it is called a taoist or sundo(仙道).
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  6. I've read a lot online about the practice of semen retention as a tool for enhancing spiritual growth. I wonder if this practice of retaining sexual energy is contrary to Taoist principles as it seems like an unnatural channeling of energy.
  7. Hi everyone!

    Hi MildMouse23 You made the right decision
  8. What path of Buddhism is best for beginners?

    1. The Four Noble Truths 2. The Eightfold Path. This is the starting point, and essence, of all forms of Buddhism. Observe impermanence in the world around you. Ch'an is very close to Daoism. The two have mutually influenced each other throughout Chinese history.
  9. In truth, there is a risk to all things. There is a death from ejection upwards, and a death from a drop out below. Either way, nobody gets out of here alive. But you would have to do more than just channel energy upwards into the head. There has to be a specific type of meditation and it is not a "stumble upon" technique. Its very challenging. All in all, probably not. But kudos to engaging in an evolutionary practice.
  10. You would really have to F@#! it up. Get it? Giggle.
  11. I studied Bagua for about 5 years with two different schools. Briefly with the Yin school. Mostly with the Gao school. I love Bagua. Its like chess of the unarmed combat world. Multi tiered attacks and counter balanced flow based executions. Both the striking and throwing techniques rely on timing and leverage more than strength. The true strength developing exercises of the traditional schools are not to be scoffed at. Some of those guys end up being quite thick and stout. An advanced practitioner is attacking your upper body as a distraction while moving to take out your foundation. Then pretty much crushing you. Great for multi directional attacks. I personally believe this is the style that originated Aikido, but I have no evidence to back that claim. The inefficiency of this art is the obscure style of some techniques. When adrenaline hits, if you have not practiced literally thousands of times, the manner of execution is difficult under full combat flow since it requires higher thought. And it is rather difficult to find a qualified practitioner. Most of the lineages are becoming rather thinned out.
  12. Never piss off the old dudes. They've seen it all and are pretty exhausted at the over exuberance of youthful arrogance. Cheers to grey hairs.
  13. Yep. Yep. Yep. Passion origins from the realm of the enteric nervous system. That region has the most ability to tap into the tribal memory of what works to keep an individual alive. Raw data. It KNOWS which areas are most efficient to increase survival probability in the individual. So if it has an element of passion, then that is your enteric system attempting to make you more efficient in a region that is deficient.
  14. Can We Know Truth?

    A reason to considered 'magic' is to find out what we dont know , how some things effect others without us being to able to sense how they did it . Of course this depends on how one defines magic , I have a specific meaning in mind. Sometimes 'magic; can go by other names eg. magnetism or 'colour theory' , ie, the 'magic is undiscovered science' idea ; magic is an overall term for things that do not have a scientific name yet, or maybe never will . I think the most apt use of the term magic is in dealing with our psyche and unconscious; areas we know little about 'scientifically' but know a fair bit about how to manage and 'drive' them using 'magical technologies' . However, ARL * may now be approaching that area ? *
  15. God and stuff

    'Seasy ..... happened long ago .... I looked down .... and there it was ! Hmmmm . I just picked up some sexism from meself - maybe you are not male ? In that case i shall explain to the women how you find them .... with a little story
  16. Yutang Lin

    which btw I think could be adapted to help on the recent topic of, can we know Truth. or trouble that neo-this or thats might get into, or.....
  17. Yutang Lin

    it's been awhile since this quote has popped up, and since many of us have been going around and around in ways related to it I thought I'd add it to the we can see what else pops out. By Yutang Lin: "Teaching of "Non-form" indicates non-attachment to form. Misinterpreted, it is adopted as holding to absence of form. Abiding in no forms at all, one falls into the abyss of void. Only in no grasping to form or non-form lies true liberation"
  18. Significance of the Wu-Liu Pai

    Just ordinary one : -) In Chinese , " 精神" ( " jing- shen" ) is a fixed term being used daily , which implicitly tells people that they are two things closed related ; it ,in fact , implies that once you have enough jing accumulated , your spirit will be affected and upgraded , only unnoticed by ordinary people ...
  19. One of my 'paths' is guided meditations. You listen and gain a little bit experientially the lessons taught. They tend to be best absorbed by listening to the same one daily. Here's a link to a thread I made. The one above is from Barry Long with physical and mental practices for quieting the mind and resting in a place of love. I find it very powerful. Its best when listened to daily over a few weeks because changing the way you think and feel is not a 30 minute endeavour, it takes time. A few posts down is another guided meditation on feeling happiness.. resting by a creek while stars come down filling your body and mood with positivity.. literally endorphins. There are a couple other good ones in the thread. See if any are your cup of tea, and if you find one that feels good. Listen to it repeatedly for awhile. Give yourself a chance to internalize it then let it go. Course feeling better is only half the battle. We need to work on aspects of our lives, improving them, inorder to turn feelings into reality, move along the path. Sometimes improving life means learning to make a better lentil soup.
  20. What path of Buddhism is best for beginners?

    I'd start with Ajahn Brahms. Lately I'm listening more then reading. Here's a link to some of his talks. They are insightful and humorous. Peruse and listen to one that strikes your fancy. To me such dharma talks aren't about becoming a Buddhists, rather they're about gaining some wisdom, self control and understanding the human condition. Go for funny like Smart Thinking Wonder Boy or his deeper talks. He is a head monk. Here's a good podcast on Buddhism, Zencast, looks like they're up to 449 right now. They have a couple of courses on different aspects of Buddhist writings and mindfulness. A great podcast to investigate. If you have a smart phone its easy to find an app that'll download there talks. Last I'll leave you with a link to the Zen inspired dharma talks of Michael McAllistar. He's a good listen. Like Ajahn Brahms, there is a good sense of humor and take on contemporary matters through the lens of traditional wisdom.
  21. Anxiety. A whole journey ahead. Please read this: Link My personal recommendation is the lifetime study and practice of Baguaquan/zhang. It will heal you completely, teach you how to eat correctly, when and how to sleep, teach you the inner laws of Nature, realign you wit the Tao, and a lot more. You'll need to find and a very capable real life teacher for this. Good luck.
  22. Mair 19:6

    It seems to be characterized by a lack of civility, accountability and return to tribal instincts. Agree with that ... relearn fundamental principles of free society. I think we coulf also learn a lot from social psychology ... why we behave the way we do.
  23. Can We Know Truth?

    Why even consider magic? I just say, "I don't know." Sometimes I'll add "but I'll find out."
  24. Can We Know Truth?

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." --Arthur C. Clarke "Any magic is explainable with sufficiently advanced technology." --Lost in Translation
  25. Can We Know Truth?

    "Spooky stuff at a distance" is nothing more than stuff happening that we yet do not understand. No magic, no miracles.
  26. Can We Know Truth?

    No, the cat is not both dead and alive. It is either dead or alive. We will not know until we open the box. Probabilities are infinite. And yeah, the particle and the wave. One particle exists. It can be in only one place at any given time. A series of particles may or may not create a wave. One particle cannot be a wave.
  27. Can We Know Truth?

    The whole idea behind the mind experiment, or "gedankenexperiments", of Shroedinger's cat , was that in the quantum state the cat is Both alive and dead at the same time. much like the light slit experiment, where light can be Both a wave and particle at the same time, and has been demonstrated and reproduced in labs many times. So can something be both "real and un-real " , or True and False at the same time? This is an ancient question, and certainly not of modern making. How or Why does it happen, (or not happen), haven't a clue. But then again, we are socialized to believe in western reductionist materialism. can't help it. the best I have ever done, was drill little holes in my belief box, so I could glimpse the bigger picture.
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