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  2. Yi Jin Jing

    In a video, Robert said that Yi Jin Jing is a classical qigong style, much as ballet is a classical dance style. He said that many dancers start out with ballet training as a base, even if they then go on to practice other dance styles. Similarly, Yi Jin Jing provides a foundation from which cultivators can branch out in a number of other directions. i think It´s intended as a beginning point rather than an end point.
  3. Question about breath retention

    The proper practice of the Wim Hof method requires to hold the breath with empty lungs at first and then to inhale deeply and hold the breath for about 10 seconds with the lungs full of air... only under those conditions, some "feel good" chemicals are released in the brain. Therefore, I wrote that Wim Hof teaches to hold the breath after inhalation AND exhalation. As for Master Nan, I have the impression that he said to hold after exhalation AND inhalation, but giving - in private circles--more emphasis to holding the breath after the exhalation. Also, in the video that I posted he actually said OUT, IN, HOLD (giving emphasis to retention after inhalation). Those are the points that I made. The fact that Anapanasati doesn't describe kumbhakas was just for developing the discussion a little bit further. I should also point out that the practice of certain forms of breathing meditation (especially with retention) may cause at times some "internal frictions" with consequent outbursts of excessive anger for futile reasons ...
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  5. Question about breath retention

    Where the content appears crude and loud, often it dampens interest regardless if you were Jesus or Vishnu incarnate.
  6. Question about breath retention

    OK so now we need to point out that the above statement is not accurate. So that's one example - that corroborates my claim, contrary to the assertion otherwise. so that's the 2nd corroboration of the Wim Hof method as based on holding the breath AFTER EXHALE. and now the 3rd corroboration: that's good enough CONTENT for me for now. Anyone want to still claim that the Wim Hof method does NOT teach holding the breath AFTER EXHALE?
  7. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    You said many things, but I don't know why as you don't have any contact with Julius Caesar.
  8. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. — Marcel Proust
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Hell is empty and all the devils are here. — William Shakespeare
  10. Question about breath retention

    A snake in a bamboo can only go one way. Sigh
  11. Yi Jin Jing

    Yi Jin Jing principles are everywhere in the internal arts... it’s what makes these arts internal... The real stuff is all rather secretive. It’s also very powerful and can be dangerous. It’s not in any book or video (at least not fully). By ‘real stuff’ I mean taking things beyond just activating the Jing Jin - but building the (physical) Dantien... generating huge quantities of yang Qi and yin Qi and ‘filling’ the body... this eventually moves into the marrow changing work and alchemy... Robert Peng’s (yang Qi) skill is all based on the Yi Jin Jing - but from what I could see he doesn’t actually teach the real stuff.
  12. Question about breath retention

    If you mean me sitting in full lotus at the computer? Yeah it touches the third eye pineal gland nerve! haha. Nice try though. Now - if anyone has anything to say about the content of the thread? I'm flattered by people fixating on me personally just because I've posted clear evidence that proves my point - kind of funny isn't it! Someone posts REAL evidence on thedaobums and suddenly said person is the focus of an ad hominem campaign while said evidence is ignored! Oh not too surprising I guess.
  13. Question about breath retention

    So you're not interested in the content topic of the thread? fine with me. As for "tendencies" based on the FORMAT - as I pointed out certain assertions were made without any kind of evidence to back them up. Then more assertions were made on simply cut/pasting parts of my sentences - which is a nice semantic touch - not too dissimilar from using one of the chosen click fonts seen above. Or maybe it is a bit dissimilar? Maybe cut/pasting PART of a sentence to try to change the meaning is a bit dissimilar than simply highlight part of sentence while leaving the whole sentence intact? It's all a bit too pedantic maybe but as long as said font click options are freely available - then you can be brash about ignoring the content of the thread as much as you want - doesn't bother me. You wanna keep discussing syntax formatting issues as etiquette of a system (the interwebs) created by the US Empire military that is spreading genocide and ecocide on Earth? Nice touch! Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of toxic waste sites leaching into water anywhere in the US. Meanwhile the US military is the number one polluter on the planet - and again it CREATED the interwebs! So social etiquette on the interwebs is quite fascinating. For example if I post images of 2-headed depleted uranium babies on this site then they're gonna get censored BUT I did personally go get arrested to protest against the largest manufacturer of depleted uranium in the world - headquartered in liberal progressive "MN NICE" - twin cities minnesota, US Empire! So maybe protesting to get arrested is not the best "etiquette" while censoring the images of the product of nice friendly etiquette is much more appropriate. Yes the interwebs is kind of confusing I guess but at least we can take comfort that it's all being stored and monitored by the NSA supercomputers. Have a friendly "appropriately" properly formatted reality for you.
  14. Qigong or taichi?

    Good advice. I do both, sometimes I’ll be feeling more Tai chi and other times a quick 5 min qigong.
  15. Qigong or taichi?

    Taiji is much more fun. Qi Gong has more scope for spiritual development. But the biggest deciding factor should be your access to a good teacher...
  16. There are many different techniques for approaching these new levels of awareness. Every person is different and as a result will gravitate towards different methods. If you'd like i can give you a blast of chi to help you on your way.
  17. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    As I said, they are becoming the moreness of all the best of all that they have ever been, and are still doing so even right now as we speak. Even you are doing so, right now, as we speak.
  18. Qigong or taichi?

    That's a tough question. But what Everything points out is really true. Taiji is really a qigong ... But not exclusively a qigong. After practicing taiji for a number of years, I took up a qigong practice and it greatly helped my taiji. And I suppose the reverse is true ... taiji can really benefit qigong. As a general recommendation, I would suggest taiji over qigong for a couple of reasons. First, taiji is not only about developing energy, which it does very well, but also about maintaining energy connection while moving. In addition, taiji also develops your ability to sense/receive energy, as well as direct energy. It involves developing intent. These things are true iff you can find a good traditional instructor. A side affect of a good taiji class can be a social one. Many taiji groups are little communities with a family like composition. They are usually a mixed group with practitioners of different levels of ability. Cooperation and support from the group can be a very happy and health encouraging thing. Of course, I am clearly speaking from a taiji bias. So, take it with a grain of salt. That said, you are probably more likely to find a taiji group than a qigong group. Either way, it is really important to have hands on instruction to guide and correct your gongfu.
  19. Qigong or taichi?

    For it to develop health then you would have to do it regularly, and so you should find something you would actually do and would like to do. And there are many things called qigong or taichi out there. Some just lead to health, others leads to the Tao/spirituality.
  20. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Really, then where are they ? Where is Julius Caesar ? Seen him around ? No. Think about this; at night when you sleep, somebody else in Japan wakes up and starts the day. Is it you ? No, it isn't.
  21. Qigong or taichi?

    Well, I know it may sound cheesy. But whenever a question contains the word "or" just replace the word "or" with the word "and". Then when you have done that, consider it. And then replace the word "and" with the word "is". And there you got your answer. Always works for me. Maybe it's some kind of universal permission slip by which we more fully allow ourselves to be our own evermore greater realisation of all that we truely are being and becoming of evermore. So take the best of both worlds, which work for you, and then you will improve your relationship to both, as you will become the greater relationship to both and also of both. Kind of like a triad. Where on top you have Toni. Bottom left qigong and bottom right taichi. Then take the relationship between the three as a line between the three. And you got yourself a triangle. Then consider that these relationship lines, can also develop a relationship with eachother. Which is an inverted triangle, within the greater triangle. So now you got yourself a tri-force. And this is how you allow yourself as a consciousness to allow your very own evermore greater realisation of all that you truely are the evermore greater being and becoming of evermore. I'm now gonna attempt to make a tri-force. And I hope I will succeed. But most often, I always fail. So here goes nothing. I hope it looks like something at the very least, on your screen. Toni /\ /__\ /\ /\ / \/ \ Qigong ----------------- Taichi It is way to elongated and out of shape, but it will do for now. There's always room for improvement. Right? So your relationship with both, will relate to one another, and thereby create a third relationship, between qigon and taichi itself, by virtue of its ability to reflects it's relationship of the relationship between your relationship with both... If that makes sense... Kind of sounds like inception...
  22. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Bla bla bla. You are still a slave to your own freedom. Can't escape it, I'm sorry.
  23. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    You don't die, no one dies. You are primarily non-physical consciousness. You just continue to become the more and better. The improved version, the better, or all the absolute best of this life, into the better of the moreness of being that you will be becoming the ever moreness of thus then. So if you say dying is bad, then that wont come with you, into the moreness of what you have become and will be becoming the ever moreness of. You'll just leave it here, like a flawed or irrelevant thought form, that is just completely irrelevant to all that you have truely become in your ever more being and becoming, evermore, as one and the same thing. And you always continue to expand into the moreness of what you will be becoming the moreness of thus then, waaay waaaaaaaaay WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond those limitting flawed premises. Way more fully realised, and way more satisfying to realise all of that which you truely are being and becoming. Because that is also who and what you always will be capable of allowing yourself to allow yourself to be realising all of that which you truely do want to realise and thus also can and will be supported fully to be the evermore allowed being and becoming realisation of your evermore being and becoming evermore. If you will allow yourself to realise all of that, because no one else can do that for you, and so they never will, except you, can, and so always will be the most capable, of realising all of it for yourself ever so more fully allowed by you for your very own evermore allowed realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, in joy. And that is simply the point of your life and also the point of the moreness of your life, to simply more fully be able to enjoy it, as that is always something you can and so also always will be doing for yourself. Especially if you allow yourself to be who you truely are, because you do want to be allowing that, to enjoy your life more fully always here and now. Which is also why you always will be capable of doing that. Which is also who and what and why you are, and the benefit of all that you are for yourself and everyone around you aswell. That you thus then also always truely want to be allowing yourself to be do or have whatever you want, because that is also always what you will be capable of allowing yourself to be do or have whatever you want. For that is who and what and why you are who you are being the evermore becoming of EVERMORE! ALWAYS RIGHT HERE AND NOW WHERE ALL OF CREATION ALWAYS IS. EVERMORE. That is why I always say, if you want to understand the non-physical, you have to feel joy. Otherwise, you are simply translating something else or that which is a lesser truth, and of lesser relevance to all that you always truely are being the evermore becoming of, thus. For if you feel joy, you are in alignment with your true being, and so you are thus then MOST FULLY capable, physically and non-physically, of fully realising all that you truely are, as one whole complete eternal and infinite being of evermore being and becoming evermore, always right here and now, where all of creation always is. Where you always truely are. If you will simply allow it, by being more fully present here and now for the purpose of allowing your evermore being and becoming more fully. That always feels like joy. Of full blown allowed realisation. No need to die for that. You can also just simply meditate to allow all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, by releasing thoughts of resistance, by letting go of them, by focusing on anything that doesn't encourage thought, consistently enough, so you allow your natural realisation to come forth again, always right here and now, more fully realised, of all that you truely are being and becoming in full joy, evermore. Hope that helps.
  24. Question about breath retention

    all them cultural appropriations touchin muh nervez your posts have become noise, Drew. classic egghead that cant connect with the real world/real people, typing in big red font doesnt get your point across any better than if you succinctly summed things up in a paragraph instead of 16 pages that go into all kinds of detail that stays removed from being much of any practical use - which was where the "posts borne of experience" quip came from, as if the space in between b sharp and f flat is going to help one make gains in cultivation.
  25. Question about breath retention

    I think thats exactly the point of experiential insight - knowing the whole spectrum of options, and then exercising discretion, secure in the knowledge of whats appropriate and whats not. In some sense, thats what cultivation means. Unfortunately, your brash tendencies does not reflect well your claim(s) to knowing even basic online etiquette. You have a nice day too.
  26. What are you listening to?

    Ok, one thing led to another and this came up ...
  27. Qigong or taichi?

    Sorry to ask such a question but I can't help it . what do you think is better in the long run for developing health and energy, qigong or taichi? I know it is also a very generic and abstract question, as there are many different types of qigong and even of taichi. But what is your opinion about that?
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