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  2. Beginner keen to Learn

    Welcome to the bums, straybird.
  3. I dislike saying mantras. Id rather do breath regulation and visualization with each 9 kuji, 5 ekements and the grid thing for protection.
  4. The beginning of a qigong session is usually more quiescent as you mindfully adjust the breath, posture, and mind to enter into a relaxed state. This is part of what distinguishes qigong from just doing basic exercise. That said, some qigong methods that I find quite heating are Yi Jin Jing, Five Animal Frolics, and Swimming Dragon Qigong. Since you are aware of Ayurveda, you probably know the yogic Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), a classic method for generating body heat. You can find YouTube videos of all of these.
  5. Actually walking even for an hour at a steady pace doesn't really warm me, even in summer. Heart rate goes up but my body is really a walking refrigerator... I also tried Shining skull breath from yoga but that feels like turning on an air condition in my face instead of heating my body, which is what it's said to do Qi gong is my main physical exercise, and it does warm me up, just takes a long while. Here I am looking for more effective and quickening practices
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  7. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    At the end of this website you can find good info too on Raynaud's:
  8. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    "Raynaud’s phenomenon is caused by overly-sensitive blood vessels within the fingers and toes. They are more affected by cold and stress. The blood vessels narrow substantially, causing a decrease in blood flow and associated color change. The lack of blood flow often results in a pale, or white, discoloration. Subsequently, the digits can turn blue and eventually red as there is a sudden influx of blood into the digits after the episode is over."
  9. exercise of almost any kind, or just walking should help
  10. Hello everyone I love Qi Gong but have recently began to feel that I am very in my comfort zone with the practices I do I have a generally sedentary lifestyle, a strong meditation practice .. and also the inclination to become cold and stagnant.. In an Ayurvedic diagnosis my consitution is said to be dominant Kapha Lately going to classes the beginning section is always gentle. For example breathing into the dantien in standing meditation... and I am feeling my body become restless, agitated, because I need to move. Too many hours of being immobile is now requiring this of me, even though before I would take enjoyment being very still I was wondering what styles or what practices you recommend that generate heat and circulation effectively. Do you have any experiences with this? Thank you!
  11. Do What Thou Wilt

    I have finally finished my comprehension of religion. I have studied what I could of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Thelema, and have concluded that all are valid. I believe we need Christianity more than anything, because our God does what He desires, and we are not meant to comprehend Him. I believe He is fair and that we all have a place in Heaven. I believe we need Saints to intercede for mercy, I believe Jesus is Holy, I believe we have free will to do what we will, and that we are free to love who we will, how we will, and why we will. I believe that mankind has a lesson to learn about killing, and I think that the liberal Democrats have it right. I pray for us, because my study indicates the end times are upon us, but only God will know that hour. Pray for me as I pray for you, my friends, and find love where you can, Amen.
  12. Do What Thou Wilt

    The essence of Crowley's religion is free will. It's really that simple; we are free to be and to do and to think and to feel what we like, and to react according to how that makes us believe. We are free to fight for our beliefs, I assume that he took a page from the beloved Jews and Christians that fought and killed for their religion and values. People say "Look what so and so did in the name of their faith" Thelema is no different in text. People in a Democracy are trying to avoid this though; there is a new current of morality. But I'm not here to talk about the liberals, I want to address the God fearing people of Earth. History, and personal experience, shows that God will do that which He will do, for His own reasons, and He will put us through what He wants to, for He is God. We need someone like Jesus, born to mankind, tempted by man and God, to learn what it is like for us, for God does not know. We need that intercession for the sake of earning God's mercy. You may call this God illogical, or a demon, and that wouldn't be far off, for we want a God that makes sense and cares, but who can limit God and His Will towards Creation? So what we are left with is the science of kindness and obedience in the form of Christianity, and it would be well advised to plead with God for mercy for yourself, and for all of us. We are free, we can do what we will, and God will do the same; supporting or opposing those He watches.
  13. Voices from 'Murica

  14. Permission and Place of Posting

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more.
  15. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    Raynaud's phenomenon
  16. Do What Thou Wilt

    Maybe you aren't ready to ascend? Or maybe you chose to stay and help.
  17. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Some beings that incarnate as human are here to assist the processes of the planet. Some of them can usefully lead. Others work more on the inner planes
  18. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Are some people destined to have power? Why?
  19. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    I am reading books from the hygienist tradition: Herbert Shelton, John Tilden, Henry Lindlhar, etc. I highly recommend these books, you can learn a lot
  20. Asking for feedback

    Thanks, Mcoolio! When I'll get the eight cards printed, I'll check if they are, indeed, too similar and, in case, will try some other design. I would love to hear from you if you test the two cards method. It's easy to make them with blank business cards and colored markers, the image is just to please the mind. All these cards are just an alternative method to cast hexagrams. I was always more attracted to the yarrow stalks method than the coins for their asymmetric odds but stalks are not very portable and require the proper space and time to be done properly (and, probably, this is how it is meant to be). Even using sixteen beads was too cumbersome for me (they rolled around, I kept losing them, ...) so I tried to come out with something easier to use (at least for me) and that would generate lines with yarrow stalks probabilities. Cards are very flexible in this regard and it seems I did not exhaust yet the possibilities they offer.
  21. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    What style of (medicine) books is this you are studying, because these methods you mention seem a little bit random Cold hand and feet is also something I suffer from a lot. When I was still playing soccer, one time in winter , my big toe was completely white and as hard as a rock. Starting a practice (qigong, meditation, ...) improved the problem a lot. I remember one period where I felt particularly in the flow of the practice, where I used to train outside in the cold for hours. When I met people afterwards and shook hands with them they were shocked at how cold my hands were. But to me it felt like a cold summer breeze. I'm not there yet, but am convinced that with a good practice eventually, I will no longer suffer from this problem.
  22. Asking for feedback

    The trigram cards you posted a little bit higher seem a little bit bland to me. All look the same and have to look carefully to distinguish the trigrams. Just my view of course For the casting with the dots inthe last 2 posts: Seems like it could be a nice method to cast a hex. The summing and direct method both seem fine to me. Using 3 coins works fine for me though. Not sure if I would prefer the card using over the coins. Would have to try it out.
  23. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    Certainly: 1. You were born with LEGS. Use them! 2. Taoism was born in the mountains. Putting the two together: This routine will cure many, many ailments; for sure. NATURE is the greatest healer!
  24. The wonders of Indian civilization

    There maybe some exagerations and mistranslations due to lack of proper knowledge of english. But you can still see that these weapons have similar effects to that of modern nuclear weapons. Infected foodstuffs, pottery breaking without any cause, hair and nails falling out, infertility in humans and animals are some of the similarities I am talking about. It is just some exaggerated stuff. In Buddhism as well you can see some exaggerations while praising the person of the Buddha or Bodhisattvas for creating impact. People record their activities and add their own statements to increase the impact. In the Ramayana, Indrajit is said to have wiped out millions of vanara soldiers with the Brahmastra in a single day. However , the story of Ramayana is known even now. Arjuna contained the weapon's destructive effects, but Ashwatthama directed the energy malevolently to an another target which was in turn contained by Krishna. The story of Ganesha getting an elephant head is part of the puranas which is mainly of metaphors . Wisdom is supposed to be distilled from them by properly interpreting them. The weapons of the Brahmastra is mentioned in both epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha, which have a logical narrative to a large extent. Battle formations and tactics and their corresponding counter-tactics are described in detail. Even now, chanting of mantras are considered to be important in increasing the efficacy of medicines prepared in Ayurveda and indigenous medical systems of India. And I have personally seen and read of people who have exhausted all that allopathy had to offer but found their cure and healing in Ayurveda. So it is possible such weapons based on mantras were there in the past, and knowledge of them deliberately wiped out due to the present age of Kali Yuga which is considered inauspicious due to the dominance of the guna of tamas. Even if these weapons and the epics are just tales of fiction as Atlantis is supposed to be, there still remains wisdom to be distilled from them to guide our turbulent present.
  25. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    measures of personalized individual power is from the greater power that gives or lends it when aligned with it, the bottom line is that the true Source of power has us, and so to ever think we can have great power for just our own designs is just more ego.
  26. Beginner keen to Learn

    Hey! New here from Pakistan and i have just joined this forum. i was reading threads here and find them interesting and now i am also interested to learn more about arts. Also i find people here are good explainers and knowledgeable. As a beginner i am interested to learn about philosophy, the third eye, about the 6th sense and about how energy works. As a beginner any good recommendations of where should i start? So about myself is that i am a sports person, love to go out and socialize with people, also do practice to perform good. Here many things are new to me and love to learn about them. Excited to be part of this community.
  27. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    The uncontrolled desire for power is out-grown quite early in the spiritual path. As soon as it is clear that Life has meaning, it is obvious that arbitrary use of power is a backward step Then right relationship becomes much more important - until that too is achieved.
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