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  2. Are you a Shaman

    This is a pretty good joke. please reread the post about Shaman at the Rabbit hole. I am sorry if I offended anyone this was my attempt at posting information that others can understand more clearly then my poor posts. Here is what to look for in the post: (I will also delete and re-right the post by the end of the day) The following articles and comments are going to continue to expand. Take credits taken directly from the articles within my post. 10 Signs You’re a Shaman & Don’t Know It By Lissa Rankin The Shamanic Journey To begin embracing your purpose, please feel free to check out my new book The Anatomy Of A Calling. Click the link below to see if it’s for you: Lissa Thanks
  3. Shambhala

    They glow like the despair of my heart that wants to find the answer to how rubies glow under black light, but cannot find the answer anywhere... A really tiny little tiny cute little speck of hope in there.
  4. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    and theorized on world wide web is that the wise dragon (reincarnated 1st husband?), was flying Denarys to the current Red Priestess who would most likely resurrect her. I'd follow a show with a simple tandem story line of Arya's travel and Gendry's travails as newly minted noble.
  5. Are you a Shaman

    LOL. I just took a look at your book trailer. Mr. Passerby is a lovely lady? You shapeshifter you. My ability to visualize is just about nil. I am very left-brain weighted due to 30 years as a career detective. I can't imagine anything! I can't visualize anything. It's just blank. I don't even dream. The few dreams I have are usually the answer to a question I've been having, and sometimes my 'answer' in healings. But that's it. I've gone to journeying group meditations and have tried repeatedly to visualize and get down to the lower earth. I cannot. I try going through a hollow tree down into the earth and just cannot. So I don't know if this disqualifies me from being an actual shaman. I know that many of Castaneda's encounters with Don Juan were in that visualization state; in fact, Don Juan was able to include Carlos in his own imaginings, with Carlos being in awareness that he was there. Could I ask a favor of everyone? Please don't jump on Castaneda with both feet and crush him on this thread. I've heard so many negative opinions on this site about what a sham Castaneda was - but he certainly did a lot for me; for both me and my husband, the books took on a life of their own, and odd things happened to us which followed the theme of where we were in the books. It was really strange. It was an initiation.

    TTC does indicate a world beyond words, that's true. But it also uses words to indicate it. There is no problem with that. When a person says that words are meaningless, what it means is that that person is not intelligent. As most intelligent people have jobs and work, it is mostly unintelligent people who have the time to be spiritual. This is one reason why spirituality is so dumb on this planet, and so poorly explained and so mysterious. Because intelligent people are back in the city earning money for their families leaving the dumbasses to argue whether words mean anything.
  7. Citta

    Welcome back lifeforce.
  8. Today

    I do not understand what you are saying and what is with the monkey fetish? Going beyond word form is laid out in the Tao Te Ching in what the first sentence? communicating with out words was normal and now travailing around the world with out speaking the language this is highly more effective than using words. The international language is easy Words are a form of deception and only can be communicated by ignoring the opposite of what is being said causing absolutes that do not exist. As For the title of this thread Nothing is absolute.
  10. Shambhala

    I had that made for a wedding ring for my first marriage, (and I didn't pick it out of a catalog, just in case that thought came up). If I knew then what I know now I would say it was a premonition of a time long ago. The ruby that the jeweler used was like a five dollar cut-in-India rush job. I wore it all the time, in my metal shop and when working on cars and it got bashed around so much that all the corners were rounded off. Then once I bonked it against some firm part of a car engine and heard a soft but distinct high pitched crack sound. Well, lo and behold, my father in law of my third wife, who I was with at the time, was a crystal and gem hound and a master at his hobby, which was faceting stones. So he and I went to his 'hidden' gem store downtown to pick out a nice synthetic ruby. Synthetic rubies are chemically the same as natural rubies, they are simply a lot more pure and perfect. We searched through their big collection of ruby blanks till I found one that called out to me, it stood out as one that was just a bit lighter in shade, a bit brighter. ... and then the master did his work of love and gave it the best of all brilliant cuts and polishes. So, you could say it glows; and do you know how rubies glow under black lights?
  11. Without coming across as overly dramatic - I’ll need to consider if it’s a good idea to share it in public or not... Sure - I understand - and it made sense. It’s just not quite what I meant.
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Do you believe the continued "jokes" are helpful to you? I've known a couple people with this tendency - to say mildly disparaging things that hint at their own underlying feelings, and then claim they're just joking. May I ask, how much are you actually joking? And how much are you expressing your own fears? And if you do fear, why do you keep poking?

    @Wu Ming Jen But you made a post; do you see ? For a monkey, a small biped with big ego living on an unimportant hole in the universe, spirituality is really at his furthest possibility, it is a rare possibility for a monkey. And the monkey's ideas spirituality are very basic. Black and white. Talking and thoughts and ideas are all wrong, apparently. Yet spirituality has existed through them for thousands of years, and has brought light into this world. The truth is more interesting than black and white. Much more interesting. As you engage in sculpting yourself, you choose from the noise those thoughts that represent reality, that reflect truth ... out of a chaos of a noisy planet. There are many energies but when you identity your real self you identify from all that noise the truth, of you. And you become more; and more intelligent. Truth is creating order out of chaos.
  14. Are you a Shaman

    What I said was is the spirit of connecting like minded people so we may learn and contribute to the understanding of the nature of reality and our individual and collective purpose (if any) in the whole. In other news, I started reading your book; and I must say the first chapter really got to me emotionally. I'll reserve any comment until I finish the book, but I must say that I really love your writing style. The message you convey is something that resonates with what my wife and I, and her group of friends talk about.
  15. The Doomsday Scenario

    Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it? Concerning the time lines stuff, I don't know anything about those things so I can't comment. The concept of 'timelines' is meaningless to me, and it feels like a lame attempt at defining something which is undefinable - I suppose all attemts would be lame? Some people say there is a sort of a quickening, that a lot of new people are starting to awaken, whatever that means. I only look at awaken as a person realizing they are a slave and deciding to do something about it. Which would imply that a lot of people who claim to be awakened should polish off theri glass belly buttons. There is a great increase in knowledge that the spirit world is real and more people are getting that good old non materialistic attitude. There is a great population here now on Earth, which means many spirits have reincarnated at this time, these soon to be much more interesting times, they have all come here for a big event. Like this is their last chance in 50,000 years to either crap out again or become ass-ended masters. As is the nature of things, things will divide into their opposite extremes, which is happening now, they go far away .. and then they return, which is the action of Tao. Fundamentalism is being fomented around the world at a dizzying pace. Fundamentalist is another word for stupid, infantile, selfish, uneducated, asshole, immature, crybaby slave. Christian fundamentalism is being fomented in the US, and the flat Earther's are actually a piece of that. (It's like, lets see how fucking stupid we can make our people, it's a test) Christian fundamentalists made outstanding slaves: "Here's the bible, gimme the gold, and If you don't believe in god we'll chop your head off". But then, to the great dismay of the 'church', people started rejecting that. So the ever resourceful rulers thought, "gosh, we should foment Muslim fundamentalism, they'll make fantastic slaves". and so it is that now we have them going around: "Here's the Koran, gimme the gold, and If you don't believe in Allah we'll chop your head off". So, getting back to things diverging into their opposite extremes, the worldwide rise in fundamentalism is balanced by an equal worldwide rise in spirituality and awakening. ... But the bad guys have all the guns.
  16. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Your sharing in this post is far more interesting than that drivel you shared from someone else's riotous mind. Did you catch how Arya sailing West of Westeros opened up the possibility of expansion of the GOT universe? (Wait, are you the one who didn't watch?)
  17. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Except we're directly told by Jojen (in that scene) that there is no one else who can do that (warg into a human). And then there is the later scene where Hodor becomes "hodor" when he is told to hold the door and it ripples through his lifetime/timeline.. I'd say ripping through someone's timeline would suggest very strong ability. She wasn't a faceless man, and unable/ unwilling to give up her identity as Arya Stark - which actually fits like a custom made glove with her saving her brother from the Night King.
  18. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    I'm good with a little nerding out, hell I'm good at a little nerding out.. but there are limits as too how much time I'm willing to invest. (And that was a very long copy/paste that quickly proved itself to be erroneous supposition and conjecture - at which point I stopped reading.)
  19. Yeah agreed. We're working the external to affect the internal, so it's not easy. When you asked for the inner energetics, I provided what I felt energetically when going through the movements. But I think you mean something else by 'principles' ? For example, stuff like relaxation, posture ? If so, could you please share your perspective on the principles required to get motion in these congenital meridians ? Your experience and perspective is valued.
  20. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Still waiting on the 3rd Rothfuss novel myself. Was a fascinating series so far. Just two different "universes" that many book readers came to accept long ago. Kinda like the Kelvin timeline in the Star Trek franchise. Conveniently overlooking that GRRM only gave the go ahead to the show runners when they were able to discern Jon Snow's parentage.
  21. I think it’s a good set. It’s not ‘wimpy’. What you get out of it depends heavily on the internal principles while doing the set as well as your level of inner ‘connection’... (btw - the principles you mentioned isn’t what I’m talking about!) Would it actually cause much of an effect to the 8 extraordinary meridians? Maybe a little bit - but not to a great extent... but that doesn’t mean it’s not very useful. In fact Qigong simply can’t affect the congenital channels very deeply... but it can help to prepare for the deeper stuff...
  22. Shambhala

    Thanks for sharing all of this. Lately I've been really interested in this region, too. It all started when I watched the video by Indigo Speaker, The True History of the Bible: (YouTube won't allow this video to be embedded here for some reason). Anyway, I looked for other sources to back up what he says. I found what most people would consider "legitimate" sources to back it up. It's all true and totally destroys the worldview that many people in the Evangelical community hold. Then as I dug deeper and learned about things like the collapse of the Bronze Age, invasions by "The Sea People" during the collapse throughout the Mediterranean, chariots were invented in Central Asia, horses were domesticated in Central Asia, then horses and chariots were taken to the Middle East and Egypt, people from Central Asia we're part of the Hyksos along with Semites that briefly ruled Egypt, Indo-Iranian (the real Aryan people), Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language... I could go on and on. What I'm trying to say is that there is still much to be learned about the influence of ancient Central Asian cultures. I think they were way more advanced than people realize, just as much as Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia.
  23. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Yup Yeah. Not just me but classical traditions that have had thousands of years of experience in this sort of stuff I understand. There are cause and effect chains in everything you do. I get that when you first get into energetic arts things can be exciting and seem kind of magical... but the reality is that there’s quite mechanistic principles behind most phenomena... It’s not that magical once you understand how it works. Just like long distance runners dropping dead in the middle of a race - it’s possible to do yourself great harm if you don’t understand and follow the principles... There are many pitfalls even if you are really skilful and know what you’re doing - for example the famous Jiang Feng recently dropped dead in the middle of a healing treatment because of an error... So if you’re doing things without even knowing what it is you’re doing, you’re much more likely to cause yourself harm. There’s nothing wrong with causing yourself harm of course - many fun things are harmful - but it’s worth at least knowing what you’re doing and how it’ll affect you. And don’t worry - you’re not likely to drop dead from the stuff that you’re doing... Jiang Feng developed great skill in transmitting very dense, concentrated Qi - so when things go wrong they really go badly wrong... like the difference between crashing while riding a super bike vs a tricycle
  24. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Yeah... it's tough. One famous Buddhist Master, Reggie Ray, still has trauma because his caretakers left him crying through the night when he was an infant. They never went for him because their perspective was that it would make him stronger or something like that. So he was left alone crying in the dark, through the night, for his entire infant-hood. He has countless hours of meditation under his belt and still struggles with it. One time he was yelling stuff in meditation to release it, in a very cathartic manner, like 60 or 70 years after the fact. I'm not talking about delusion though. You can still be honest in how you feel. I'm just saying see yourself more through the eyes of the Divine, and not through the eyes of judgment. This is not your fault. Not judging yourself doesn't mean you'll stop making progress. Yeah when I used the word 'content', that was more on the psychological level you are right. Anyways, sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  25. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    I was going to recommend something like this. Start with legs about shoulder width and shift weight to essentially 100% to one leg and then shift it 100% to the other leg. The key is to do it very, very slowly to encourage the energy build-up and release to opposite sides. I also move the arm up on same side as the left shift. Palm up when going up and palm down when going down. Keep shoulders to wrist completely relaxed.
  26. Citta

    simply staggering... in the original pali there are... no words for nun, monk or buddhism so what did gotama teach? my teachings are to be deemed brahmayana 'the path to the brahman, the path to the absolute' whose citta is devoid of defilements... is deemed a brahman... such a one is crossed over, tathagata... become brahman the highest apalachian in doctrine of earliest buddhism is the attainment of brahmanhood wholly liberated brahman. wholly awake. has become liberated. wow. just wow.
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