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  2. What are you listening to?

    C.I.A BIRTHDAY 9.18.1947 JIMI HENDRIX DEATH 9.18.1970 And you know what thy say on GOST FROM THE PAST
  3. State of the World Address

    The State of israel was declared By the U.N on 29 noveber 1947 29 in international code is total disaster on october 29. So the U.N didnt give the State of israel a chance . By the way i am Israeli
  4. A Path of the Light

    Light? Dark? Whose Light? What kind of light? Allegorical? Literal? Temporal? Philisophical? All, or none of the above? Ha! My ignorance in this clearly shines like a beacon!
  5. Samsara

    Interesting, a similar quote comes to mind. Ramana was asked a question along the lines of, "why?" He replied that this entire universe has appeared for the purpose of their opportunity to raise the question.
  6. Samsara

    And some even arise to assume the role of purposelessness. All is fair game for the master idler. Moths drawn to the flame of extinction, those in darkness drawn to the light.
  7. Ego

    Disagree. It appears you are confusing ego with egotistical, an easy thing to do for non Taoists. A Taoist sage once told me: "Your ego should be like a wild stallion racing free across the open plains". I now return you to your standard Buddhist/Hindu mind programming. Next we can talk for hours about the non existent 'self'.
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  9. The power of words and how we deliver them

    words for me hold no power in and of themselves. they are neutral sounds... vibration. i am not afraid of them, nor upset by them, nor pleased with them. the timber and intention words are used with however... that is paramount. In my line of work, there is a plethora of locker room talk (by the guys and the gals) and a veritable nonstop onslought of verbal assault and back and forth, in the form of ribbing, joking and creative expression. This banter fosters and strengthens bonds, rather than causing strife. However, change the tone of the intent of a phrase and the wars get going in nano-seconds. Intention is everything. When an energetically sensitive person intends to use words to inflict pain... seems to me, only a rare master is able to slip out of the hook of shenpa and remain uninjured/engaged. Some wounds are inflicted by what is said... most, I find are inflicted by how and why something is said.
  10. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Thanks Mate. I'll attempt to clarify intent. The use of mere is not authoritarian, for I claim no authority... nor do I intend a denigration, or devaluation of the physical. (Although I hold no worship of, nor attribute great importance to the body, or any forms over non-forms, I don't denigrate them either). Mere in this case is used to connote my sense of the stark contrast between my prior illusory experience of the seeming solidity of forms/perceived objects, to the realization of what is now a deep abiding experience that what before seemed solid, now is experienced as simply/merely/essentially, emptiness and vibratory flow of energy in patterns perceived. Perhaps simply, or essentially would carry less emotional/judgemental value as a word. I'm not certain. Merely still flows as I work the phrases in my mind. In semantics, each word carries a meaning for each mind. Clarity is so appreciated though... so To me, everything is light of varying frequencies... a la Tesla's Cosmological models. For me, there is nothing solid, unchanging and concrete, all is (merely, simply, basically, essentially) vibration/emptiness/non-thingness that I used to attribute solidity to, and now, realize (for myself only) is the interpretation of endless flow. Each of my senses is a glimpse, interpretation and processing of the flowing present, experienced in a frozen state in my mind as a past. If any words bring a sense of judgement or authority, simply disregard... I am sharing only and not claiming anything as truth. And as usual, I am not at all serious... though I am very sincere.
  11. A Path of the Light

    i would but you know how they like to snip things off us cats
  12. Samsara

    "Q: Samsare kim saram | What is the meaning or essence of Samsara? A: Bahusah abhi vicintyamanam idam eva | This alone is to be reflected on repeatedly" I was reading the Prasnottara Ratna Malika (Garland of Gems -- q & a) by Adi Sankara. Came across this question and wanted to share -- one of his numerous works on Advaita Vedanta. In this, the Acharya asks some 67 simple one liner questions and answers them himself. Direct and concise one liner Q&A. "In his Prasnottara-Ratnamalika, our Acarya asks: "Samsare kim saram? "(What is the meaning of worldly existence?) He responds to the question himself:" You asked the question thus. Keep asking again and again. That is the meaning of samsara. "("Bahusah abhi vicintyamanam idam eva.")" Some of the answers are brilliant. It is best read the questions in context. Here is the link to Prasnottara Ratna Malika entrie set of concise Q & A
  13. Traditional folk dance and martial art

    очень смешно
  14. Samsara

    So based on not self teachings.. Does the self completely disapear.. or does the self disolve into the tao(absolute ground state)?
  15. Samsara

    That makes sense.. In and out of ego, In and out of self, Reflection of needs and wants as a microcosm.. Merging and understanding the macrcosm..
  16. A Path of the Light

  17. A Path of the Light

    In your case Apech, I'm wondering if it might be wiser to consult with a competent veterinarian?
  18. Chapter 40 of DDJ

    Yes they are 'pictograms' and are basically symbols or drawings. The root of Dao is foot and the head of an ancient shaman wearing deer antlers, meaning to walk in a wise way.
  19. A Path of the Light

  20. A Path of the Light

    I am always looking in the mirror for signs of narcissism but fortunately I see only perfection.
  21. A Path of the Light

    Hi Dada-da, Great to be with Nature. Have a good rest. - LimA
  22. A Path of the Light

    Agree. We merely needed to find some common ground. I float around a lot so we had to wait until I hit the ground.
  23. Chapter 40 of DDJ

    Hey, It's your thread. You can take it which ever way you wish. I'm just responding to you in my own way.
  24. Haiku Chain

    not from suffering is the truth made clear, but from moments beyond self
  25. A Path of the Light

    @moment You've misunderstood the dynamic between me and my friend @Marblehead. As far as I'm concerned, we didn't need to reconcile because there wasn't any falling-out.
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