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    This is not a case of relinquishing ones body at death or alowing possession because one does not have the will to live or the seniority over a stronger being. It is not a Shamanic passing of Akashic records and lineage. All of these things are possible and many of them fairly "frequent". This is consensual exchange. This would be alienation from ones family and relatives and even if this was attempted to be mended it would result in odd new juxtaposition with regard to DNA in the new bodies - the frequencies they emit and are immersed in. Jobs, school - pasts and futures - altered. Eyesight, hearing, thoughts and physical skills - altered. Speeds, cadence, probably voice, diet - altered. It will not be the same as moving from spirit to body but rather from body to body - things will be move around - like all the furniture will be moved around. You wake up to a different set of clothing through and through. Aside from the technical things - consider these things.
  3. All things bigger then. Until shrinkage does occur After a cold bath.
  4. Far away, long gone Childhood days so long and mild All things bigger then.
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  6. I was asked to respond to this. I wonder if any of the literati here know about the Kang bed-stove linked to alchemy training. It is found as far back as 1000 BCE in archaeology. The principle is called the "Chinese burner" but it is also called the "inverted downward draft." I don't want to appear to be derailing this thread - so I'm just going to point out that the principles involved as the same as internal alchemy. I won't make the full analogy here - as it would get too entailed - but we know the Tripod cauldron was an early inspiration for alchemy as well. I'm just asking if anyone knows of these connections to this diagram. If not, whatever. thanks.
  7. and get rid of that ninja outfit ! Here ;
  8. If you have some thoughts or comments on it, would you mind posting in the Taoist text (misc) section in the NJT thread? I saw in your alchemy pdf that you also have checked out some yoga theory concerning this.
  9. My Name is Nobody. Might be the strangest movie Ive ever seen. I'll leave it to you to make your assements of it..
  10. I have read some interpretations of that. So the thing about the science versus traditional alchemy analysis - is that the two meet as opposite extremes, as a dialectical reversal. So science is the mythology of our time - as we our left brain dominant, using right handed dominant technology. But the shamanic training is right brain dominant using the left-hand path so to speak. So I go into this in my 2012 pdf - it is kind of complicated to get into. But consider that it is well accepted that science can not "explain" what qi energy is. Mainly this is assumed to mean that qi does not exist. Or as you hint at science claims qi is electromagnetic or some kind of bioenergy. But in fact - the reason science can not explain qi is because it is from "noncommutative phase." This was also discovered by Eddie Oshins - independent of me. So he corroborated my discovery. So noncommutative phase is actually mathematics - and so it is abstract - but Oshins realized it is the secret of neigong as he called it - or neidan or the Tai Chi, qigong, etc. So if we consider the "qigong fever" in China of the 1980s - it was claimed that some new kind of "force" would have to be discovered by science to explain qi energy. In fact this is noncommutative phase - it does "Unify" quantum and relativity - but again only as a dialectical reversal - called "indeterminate reflection" in dialectics. So for example Yan Xin called the Yuan Qi energy - "virtual information" - and so he was referring to unified field theory physics. But of course it is not "really" unified field physics. haha.
  11. All About Eve. The loss of the soul.
  12. Excalibur. Secular story. Best re enactment.
  13. Yeah I didn't say that but whatever.
  14. Oh thanks for giving me the heads up - I didn't even read your response yet. So now I read it. But then you admitted you had not read my posts in your thread. haha. So if you read my posts in your thread - you would see that there is very specific discussion of your claims, now proven erroneous - by the latest DNA analysis. I don't want to derail the thread here - but I already linked it in your thread - so you would have to go back for "remedial reading" if you want to. Hint - it's the dude I first quoted who created the term Aryanoid - and you said I made that term up. haha. His name is - Nazib Khan if I remember correctly. Now if that is correct - then I should be able to just google his name and the subject to find the links I already posted in your thread - that you have not read yet. haha. Hold on. Here you go - see this is the latest DNA analysis, not your 2013 stuff.
  15. At present, I have a crush on the Nei Jing Tu, but I would not for the world post my interpretation of that here, you guys and gals would chew my ass within seconds!
  16. Mr. Turner.
  17. Awesome flyer - I admit I'm a bit jealous of anyone who has a chance to attend
  18. The Last Time I Saw Paris. Lost love. Maybe watch this one before the last one
  19. Yepp. Actually, over the years I have collected "definitions" of what it means to be a master. Have two in my PPD section, haven't had the time/motivation to add the rest. Lets just say they differ, and they include the dude writing it
  20. Begin Again is pretty good. People making what they like and the nature of success.
  21. I used to be into this science stuff. There are magnificent research on how electromagnetic signals from the heart can be detected all over the body, and a lot of physiology research on the functions of the nervous system, brain and so on. Unfortunately, when I delved deeper into my practice, more and more became hard to explain. At present I am satisfied finding things in classical writings that seems to describe what I experience, accepting that the now long-dead author might have ment something else.
  22. To the Flying Phoenix Qigong community: Just seven days until my 3-day, 20-hour immersive Flying Phoenix Qigong workshop at the beautiful Eastover Estate and Retreat in Lenox, MA. Eastover is an elegant Gilded Age mansion with 24 buildings placed on 600 acres in the beautiful Berkshires that was recently renovated into an affordable 5-star hotel and spa (with beautiful studios and training halls) that is uniquely focussed on Chinese holistic health practices by its visionary owner, Ying-xing Wang. A second 3-day workshop begins August 29. This is the registration page for these workshops at Eastover: As you have already discovered for yourself through use of my Chi Kung For Health DVD series, every Flying Phoenix Qigong Meditation is synergistic with all the others. The energy cultivated by any combination of the Flying Phoenix exercises is tangible, cumulative, transformative, and lasting. And there is nothing like immersive practice of 7 to 8 hours per day times three days (approx. 22 hours) to deeply establish the sublimely rejuvenating Flying Phoenix healing blue energy reserve in one’s being. The tuition for either of the workshops is only $240--the same cost as a one-hour private lesson with yours truly, either online or in-person. So instead of getting one hour of instruction, one gets 20+ hours of guided training and expert corrections and learns all the material in Volumes 1 through 4 of my DVD series, including the capstone Flying Phoenix Long Form Standing Meditation as taught on Vol.4. Join others from all over the world in perfecting their Flying Phoenix Qigong practice during the high season in the Berkshires while enjoying Eastover's fine amenities and exploring the rich arts, music and cultural offerings of Lenox and Stockbridge--the home of James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie! Not to mention Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony) plus the historic Jacob's Pillow Dance venue. Sifu Terry Dunn
  23. Hi Taoguy, Answer is simple and stated here many times before. But nor problem I don't mind restating it: does this mean that it doesn't matter what the conscious mind does? YES. ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE BREATH CONTROL SEQUENCE AND HAVE ASSUMED THE POSTURE AND/OR ARE DOING THE MOVEMENTS OF THE FP MEDITATION, YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND CAN BE ANYWHERE DOING ANYTHING...AND YOU WILL STILL GET THE SAME LEVEL OF HEALTH BENEFITS. Should I just do nothing? YOU SHOULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO! Try to enjoy your practice. Sifu Terry Dunn
  24. Yes and no. I have a differnt convergence to you perhaps. I tend to be broad up top.. introverted yet spatial. It doesnt really turn me on. But if it works for you.
  25. Wow, Marblehead reading Tarot cards... That's absolutely fab!
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