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  6. The guy in the video is scrambled eggs.
  7. I think a country needs its conscientious objectors as much as its soldiers. The objector 'checks' the worst impulses of nationalism and destruction, they act as a national conscience, checking the propaganda all nations at war create. Yet in a dangerous world its naive to think we don't need soldiers. Some of the best soldiers will become conscientious objectors, and the some of the conscientious will be in the front lines and beyond, maybe not fighting but risking there lives in an effort to gain peace.
  8. The question of having a lineage and a teacher is an interesting one to me... a good teacher may actually make things 'worse', as they won't be interested in providing a safe place for you to retreat to. You might well find — at the critical juncture — that they encourage you to step off that precipice into the abyss, rather than come down from the cliff edge. Which obviously runs somewhat contrary to the idea of practicing a nice, orderly spiritual path at your own leisure.
  9. I don't think any of this is unnatural or uncommon, it does seem to be part and parcel of a process. I have even heard that — paradoxically — as the separation becomes weaker; the fear intensifies. Bruce Frantzis' account is a very good one. When you say to experience or unify with the Dao "is supposed to be the highest good, true bliss, power, peace, etc.", this is interpreted by the mind and the personality as wonderful and inspiring, but the subtle bodies contain aeons of trauma and forgetfulness (made up of samskaras/thoughtforms/volitions). In fact they are built from them. The dissolution of these is the dissolution of everything that is familiar and known. Without these bodies there is no existence. (At least not in any recognisable way.) So it is not surprising to experience fear of that disappearing. You could say that the highest good and power is rather uncompromising, and that it allows no possibility of negotiating yourself out of a tight spot. This is perhaps an under-reported aspect in the glossy brochures. So when you stray into territory where the mind becomes eclipsed by greater powers, the awareness starts to dawn that there's no longer any real chance of escape. None of the known tricks and scheming work whatsoever. All of which can be threatening. Spiritual goodies sound good... but even peace and beauty may be too much to handle for a sentient being e.g. the Seraphic angels are so divine in light, it has been said even the other choirs of angels cannot bear to gaze directly upon them.
  10. What is your opinion about miso? I've read the fermentation takes care of the anti-nutrients. Great post. Also there are humans with digestion problems due to low stomach acid. It's usually misdiagnosed and mistreated by doctors. True about the mice, it has to do with their microbiome. It works similar in humans. Chinese Medicine says don't eat raw food or only very small quantities and depends on the food. You probably don't suffer from low stomach acid.
  11. It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right - especially when one is right.
  12. THACS, Can you tell me what the arrows and labels in those diagrams mean ? Re System mind and awareness mind, and between the squares?
  13. White Rabbit, I think I did test out as INTJ but lost track of what it means, I would be the same either way, right? In Campbells book I saw an image of Kali I liked. It was my impression that such are symbols of complicated ideas. Even if they seem fearsome, one who comes to terms with the concepts favorably , may find they no longer feel the same about the symbol.
  14. There is a Seed and Roots of the Cause of Suffering, it is the two things you have in common with All Sentient Beings across this Universe, hence the ability to Liberate All Sentient Beings. You start with intelligent Sentient Beings since they Destroy their Habitat, causing Animals and Insects to Suffer (All Interdependence). The Seed: Perception The Roots: Designation. Perception and Designation create Reality. Through the Sense organs of Perception, designations are created. Designations create Thought and Emotions. Thoughts and Emotions both inner and outer. Through Designations of the untrained Mind you create your own "Reality". Designations are Memories within the Brain and constructs of the Mind. You replace Designations with Compassion, if you look at the meanings of Compassion, find Designations. Perceptions, Thoughts, Emotions, Actions/reactions all become Compassionate. Replace Designation with Selflessness, "There is no "I", no "me", just "One or Oneness". "No Name, No Thought, No Formulation is there for the Wisdom that has Gone Beyond" - Liberation of Mind - Awakened Awareness - Reality as it is By your Designation of Dharmakaya, Perception and Designation prevails lifetime after lifetime. Designation is seen and unseen, Neither Perception nor Designation are fixed in anyway. Nothing in Existence is fixed in anyway. What say you?
  15. Hi Stosh, There is no implication, Whatever the equation. Healthy curiosity is okay. Whoever called into play. Not only with cats. To catch dirty rats. - LimA
  16. In the book by Loch Kelly "Shift into freedom" he mentions getting instructions to the Golden Flower technique by a Chinese doctor of acupuncture. and Loch Kelly then describes some experiences of pure awareness after doing the practice as taught by Dr. Chan.
  17. I don't think you can describe it as a 'step-wise march' - quote from your link:
  18. It would be sooo awesome if this is permanent, and doesnt cool off gradually in a couple weeks !
  19. And yet he enjoyed the benefits of those that did, allowing him to practice his religion while still living in a country that uses war as one means of ensuring those benefits for its citizens. Why not just move to a country that aligns with ones beliefs. Or find another way to serve ones country if its just about killing, if its about war itself might be a problem living in a country that has them. you talk of daoist thought and yet Remember if you use daoisum as a reason, you will have to explain this to a panel of people who will be versed in the rational for those calming this status which will still not prevent you from having to register or serving if called up..."unlikely" All it will do is confer a status if they agree or not if they don't agree..What happens if they don't deep is ones convictions.... This is conviction. You seem to be bringing the future into the present citing the past "your grandfather" all the while not attending to now. Why not practice wu wei, and allow things to unfold and reveal the right path for you.
  20. There are many ways to run a life. We had some gnats flying at work once, tiny black floating dots . Like a single screen pixel , they were nearly impossible to focus your eyes on. and so I clapped mostly in vain while they drifted around, and lived out the brief time alloted.
  21. Hi dawei, Now it is time to be serious. I am relatively new at TDB. I have not been exposed to Somnus before. But I have read a few of your posts - credible. You have come across as one I can put my bet on. Henceforth - Avoidance. - LimA
  22. If you side with the sheep, you have to rely on the shepherd or fear the wolves. That is the way of the world.
  23. Aaron, Try non-meditation: no effort, no technique. Just sit there. Don't try not to think. Just BE. Just be at peace. Let thoughts come and go on their own. Be like an animal. They don't use effort, but they're in a meditative state. It's like when you're driving your car, or laying in bed. Just let your mind be natural, be itself.
  24. If it were me, I wouldn`t bring Taoism into it. Philosophizing can be intellectually stimulating and fun but I suspect it`s besides the point the point in this case. The real question is this: do you want to be in the military? If the answer is an unequivocal no, then I`d do whatever is prudent and reasonable to keep yourself from being enlisted against your will. I say life is short. If you don`t want to serve, don`t serve. Don`t mess around justifying your decision with verses from the Tao De Ching, just live your life on your own terms. What could be more Taoist than that?
  25. Hi Will! I've enjoyed reading your posts. WHY should I love others, care about others? Why should their welfare matter to me? I've thought a lot about this, and I've concluded that there's no way to put into words WHY I should love others. Of course, kindness and compassion are socially beneficial. Helping others effectively is good for society. But why, besides the obvious reasons of practicality and utility, should I really and truly give a damn about other people? People matter. People's happiness matters. But why should they matter to ME? I feel that love is a value, and kind of law, of its own. It is a light unto itself. You see, it's not so much that you SHOULD care about others, it's that caring is LOVE, it's that caring is good. It's GOOD to love. It's OKAY not to love, but far better is to love.
  26. I abhore violence. Yet on those occasions where it is required... it should be swift, and complete. and engaged in without glee, or triumph... violence is failure.
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