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  2. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I'm going to change the book description. The first one was just a back cover description and it was aimed at the Bruce Lee crowd. Well, it turns out that the Bruce Lee and Jeet Kun fan clubs are a pretty small segment of the population. On Facebook the dragon groups are much bigger than the Bruce Lee groups. A lot of them are dedicated to computer games, but not all. Also I think that people who haven't been exposed to chi kung will make better students for this kind of thing ... in general, of course. Anyway, the big point is that Amazon allows a book description of over 3000 words that they put with the book so people can find out about it and see how the author writes. A big giant free advertisement, and I screwed it up. So I'm posting the old original description (122 words) here followed by the first draft of the beginning of a new description. (around 500 words) So you see I can write a lot more in the description. What I'm looking for here is suggestions as to what you think I can add to the description to make the book look juicier? Of course too many words sometimes isn't better. First book back cover and description: This is a true story about a secretive Chinese master who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main teacher who lived in Seattle, Washington. The author, Steve Gray, was this master's qigong student for eight years, making him a kung fu brother of Bruce Lee. Grandmaster Fook Yueng was one of the old school masters with an astounding story to tell, he was one of the more powerful Chinese chi kung masters in the world, making him a Taoist Wizard. He had much wisdom and many amazing abilities that are described inside. This book is about Mr. Yueng, the incredible things that I learned from him, and the things I experienced as I progressed along the Way as a well trained wizard's apprentice. —————————— New online book description (draft) I have some good news for those of you who love dragons. Dragons do exits. They are real … in the spirit realm, which is just on the other side of the veil. Can you see through the veil? Some people who are able to can see and speak with dragons. There are also immortals, gods, demons, and evil spirits which impersonate monks. In this book you can read about how these beings and others operate in the spirit realm, how they relate to each other, and what they want from you, if anything. The book also explains about wizards. Wizards also do exist. Wizard is one of the official Chinese definitions for a powerful and advanced Taoist qigong master, a master who is super psychic, who has special abilities, and who is far along on the journey of spiritual advancement. Basically the same as a very advanced yogi from India and the special abilities they have that they also are able to demonstrate. This book explains the true nature of dragons and what they like. It explains the steps that a person takes along the path of growth to become a dragon. Here I will describe some of the main steps which are described in the book: A person who has a good heart begins by doing the right kind of qigong (there are many wrong types). Next step is finding a very powerful master to learn from so that the apprentice can ‘get his motor started’. This book describes in some detail what kind of teachers to look for and which kind of teachers to avoid like the plague, the book also explains which types of qigong systems lead people along this path and which ones are more medically oriented. If a person is lucky and they practice hard they may themselves become a wizard, at which point they are able to talk with dragons and immortals and others. When the wizard dies he may become an immortal, what is called a celestial immortal, like an ascended master. Some of these immortals, who then are living in the spirit realm yet are able to interact with the material realm, become dragons. There are a couple of ancient lineages of qigong, and a couple of ancient lineages of yoga, in which the masters body’s are inhabited by the spirits of dragon. Those are the systems which are said to be lineages of dragons, and this book describes one of those lineages in detail. It tells of Bruce Lee’s secret kung fu teacher in Seattle, Fook Yueng, who was one of those dragon master wizards, and it tells us Bruce would have become one too if he had lived. Told by a long time apprentice of Mr. Yueng who also has dragon spirit animating his body. In the book it describes the nature of these kinds of spiritual cultivation systems, it describes the kinds of exercises and meditations that they use to cultivate power, and how they all fits together. It also gives a few examples and a few hints for the perceptive. I’ll bet that there were a couple of dragon lineages in Europe too, but the church either ended those or drove them underground, I think ended is the word here, although these things could be revived by students of the Eastern traditions who go on to become dragon masters and then move to Europe. The author, Steve Gray, has moved to the wilderness of South America. In the book it explains why the church was against dragons and what they did about it. and so on and so forth (2500 words still available)
  3. I tend to agree with this statement. To me the Yijing is like the scientific arm of Daoism. But, it is not an easy text to master. It requires a lot of study, reflection and discussion ... since it is through discussion that we test and confirm our understanding. In my own experience, I had always had some misgivings about the common simple interpretation of Yang and Yin. That is, as being a simple dichotomy understood through common real world exmples like light/dark, heat/cold, masculine/feminine. Those example, while valid, seemed to me to be only qualitative. They seemed to lack explanation of the motivation for change. It was not until I went to the Yijing ... specifically investigation of Qian, Kun, Li and Kan both as trigrams and as hexagrams ... that I began to see Yang and Yin as being not only equally motivational of change but each dynamic in itself. My understanding of this is still developing. My point though is, here is an example of the Yijing being capable of providing valuable insight which, at least for me, which would not have been otherwise available. So, there is real value in the Yijing. As for the Yi being a suitable model, I think the evidence is there in the examples of martial arts and medicine that systems can be based on the Yi. In my mind it is not a question of whether or not one ... Yijing or modern science based model ... is superior but one of suitability of one method over the other for a particular application. These considerations will be the subject of perennial discussions ongoing, as they should be.
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  5. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Finding your own way into practice is always great feeling.
  6. A nice collection of red herrings.... If you have some actual examples of the usefulness of the I Ching in understanding processes of change then please post them here:
  7. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    When you were the new breath of God, you were pure positive energy. As soon as you came here, you were surrounded by fearful people, and you didn't like it at all. But there have always been those who love you unconditionally, to remind you of who it is you truely are again. We've all been so used to trying to make up, for missing home. Filling the void, food, material, drink, drugs. And forgot that it has been who it is we truely are evermore. And it will ever and only ever be found within oneself. Where all that you seek, you had always already contained all of it, evermore. Because you are not here to take anything. But to give endlessly. Then even the dark archon lords will wake up that it simply becomes easier to find all that one seeks is already contained within oneself. You are only ever given so that you may share it with another. That is the true wealth and we all already have known it forever. So let's forget that we canever forget. Because we simply can never succeed in becoming any less than who and what it is we truely are. And all that we've truely become, as it yet evermore calls us forward evermore.
  8. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    It is a pun on Long Men Pai. It is not daoist, it is not traditional, so don't get into a fret about the "Pai". If you have questions about the skills, you could always join. 😁 But there are seated exercises of Nei gong type, standing exercises, and summonings based on Enochian (?) magic. The purpose of the system and the goal of the system, well, you could always join. Is SOTG a fraud? Define fraud. Is he claiming to teach a traditional chinese lineage? No, he is claiming to teach what he teaches. No fraud there. You may dislike it, which is an other matter. Is he powerful in his transmissions? Well, if you decide to take part of one, don't go to work that day. Does that compare to your average three different lineages initiated Daoist priest? Who knows. Next question is, how do you find the time to practice material from three different spiritual lineages? Or is it just a contest? The one with the most lineages when he (becomes immortal) wins. 😁 Personally, I found LMP too dependent on focus and visualisation, so I stuck to my system. But I also found LMP a supportive place to hang, a couple of years ago. Would I recommend LMP? No. I wouldn't recommend my tradition either. Pick something easier 😁.
  9. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    You're only supposed to use three dots ... instead of four or five.
  10. Does science present a superior understanding of human behaviour than say Shakespeare? Does science have a ‘truer’ understanding of emotions than music? If so - why don’t we get rid of music and Shakespeare!? This search of ultimate truth is a hangover from Aristotelian logic and Christianity and it’s colouring our perception without you realising it. The Daoist view is that human kind can’t begin to fathom the full complexity of the ultimate truth... so there’s no point in trying to... but you can study its actions and you can certainly gain insight from it using tools such as your body, your consciousness and your intellect and the Yi Jing...
  11. @ freeform It sure looked promising, and that's why I devoted quite some time to reading books about the system of the I Ching as some kind of model for the changes in the world. But when you look at what the model actually delivers in the sense of adding to our understanding of change, than nothing of any substance remains. The modern scientific approach by means of differential and/or difference equations or the applications for integral transforms and operator calculus for the description and understanding of processes of change is hugely superior. I think it's a pity that this is so, because it would have been very interesting when the I Ching did in fact present a worthy alternative to modern science in understanding change, but unhappily this doesn't appear to be so. Nevertheless as an oracle the I Ching could very well work, but not because of any supernatural or synchronistical underlying mechanism. But this discussion has already been had some time ago, and I don't like to repeat what has already been said.
  12. Spring cleaning

    Getting outside and enjoying nature. Theres a few parks near near me I make a point to go to every weekend and walk for a couple hours. Im looking forward to this Sunday as it is finally warm enough and the snow has melted to go for the first time this season. And it’s not just nature parks... go explore the world. Lots of cool locations near us that we aren’t aware of unless we make it a point to find. Imagine what mysteries are waiting to be discovered!
  13. Actually I think you’d really like it. it is the ‘mathematical’ underpinning of Daoism. You don’t need to be doing divination or using it as an oracle. Its a theoretical model of the ‘movement’ and changes around every moment.
  14. That's true as regards religious Taoism and it's many superstitious practices. Neither Lao tzu nor Chuang tzu promotes studying the I Ching. It's perfectly possible to be a philosophical Taoist without studying or using the I Ching. And personally I don't even want to get into the mindset of religious Taoism. I have had enough of make-believe: western or eastern.
  15. Actually I’d say Yi Jing study is a must if you really want to get into the mindset of Daoism.
  16. Not Mistranslating the Bible
  17. Bill mentions a few names in one of his videos who were inspirations for him. These start around the 9 minute mark, but the whole video is good to watch to get an insight into how he and his wife Joan started teaching.
  18. Did you know that a lot of stone , especially limestones , are fairly soft when quarried and dressed and then over time they harden ? Would you like to see some of the tools and the techniques the Egyptians used to make holes in hard stone ? They left records of it, ya know . . . . the technique and the tools . Or you could just ignore all that and carry on with this 'great mystery' .
  19. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    Not sure what happened, but I will put the blame on the Western lifestyle with the obsession with work. Work mostly depletes people and when they get home, they have to take care of their kids etc. So no time to much else than work, sleep etc everyday. The social media has been a part of destroying this and I feel it is unhealthy to engage too much on Facebook. Social media also tends to rely on mental gymnastics and the physical connection which is necessary gets broken. That is why we see people with rage attacks and the conspiracy nuts going crazy like in New Zealand. Personally I feel much better going out in nature and listen to the birds and the wind moving rather than engaging on Facebook. Human mentality is becoming twisted and far from the reality of animals. In the discussion of globalization we seldom hear the voice of the whales for example, if they enjoy having thousands of ships moving in the oceans all the time. Economics is simply more important and everything else gets a mental downgrade. Regarding spirituality it is also getting too mental. I feel spirituality without human connection is too mental and seclusion like a monk is making people dry up and getting crazy.
  20. Here is Ed using his ' magic light magnetic gross physical manifestation technology to build Coral castle . and here is the picture of the REAL magnetic wheel that looks like an altar piece of scared geometry .... and here is your theory ...
  21. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Mehinks the critics are quite 'effected' by the mask . I think it was a trigger - to do with some past trauma , perhaps. .... its just a mask And after all your complaints about the mask - if he removed the mask, so what ? Just another face . What? D'you get burnt or something ? Why all the outrage ? [ I went full masked once (body head face, everything - deff the weird looking outfit - but it was at a fancy dress party, in a town where I only knew one person ( who took me to that party). Everyone assumed I was some friend or member of their group, it was a great mystery for them, as they could not figure who it was . It was delightful fun, I ate handfuls of the best food, scoffed other's alcohol, smooched some women, whose partners uncomfortably put up with it as they thought I was mate 'playing a trick' . I acted pretty outrageously actually. Then when I left, they pleaded with me to reveal my identity - okay, I revealed my head and face and left and they where all ; WTF ? Who the hell was that guy .... Besides , LMP has demoed some groovy shit here .... and, in the past, given a fair bit away ..... to the perceptive .
  22. Good observation. The biggest problem with the big stuff the advanced stuff is it is the simplest. This is very advanced stuff. Unti it is intuited and known to be true use crutches like Kriya Yoga and so many other paths. These crutches do help. By experience you can get this, I know I am is still working on this since 1986.
  23. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    Nice post. You can also turn any prayer into a meditation if you wish. Just pray and wait for a subtle response. It might be nothing, a breeze, an image or silence but it acknowledges that the Divine is there and doing something for you. You can ask to feel the gentle caress of the Holy Spirit for example, to heal someone else, or yourself. As my Master always says, the Divine understands the language of intent perfectly well. It doesn't care what language you are praying in or what rituals you are following. It knows your cry before you even voice the prayer. Energetically what's happening is you are developing a relationship to Light, through praying to the Holy Spirit, which is the Light of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit comes to you he's not adding anything new in you, he's just awakening your own Holy Spirit, your own Light, based on your intent/request to come closer to the Light. "I am the way, I am the truth, I am the Light". Message healing which you wrote about, or information Qigong, even prayer, works through Light. It is intent cast in Light. It is also Jesus' promise that your prayer will always be able to reach the Father. Light is one level deeper than Qi. When we do a Light healing with my Master we use Jesus' words, "My yoke is easy and my burden is Light". This can be interpreted in different ways but it's true that Jesus doesn't require much of us. Just an open heart, a sincere intent, and then Light does all the heavy lifting. All Jesus has to worry about is Light, fanning our Light, changing it according to our prayer, etc... Practically we imagine a Divine Light in front of us and call on the Holy Spirit, then pray, and wait. Even if you felt nothing, the energy will have shifted before and after your meditation, and something is always listening to you. You might not know it or feel, but everything might be different about the rest of your day.
  24. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    It seems to me like the Way that Jesus taught, and then the apostles expounded upon, which references the Old Testament, presents a lot of ways for us to develop ourselves. It's primarily a matter of character development, which we don't find in other religious traditions. To some, it might seem like developing oneself on a level of character and virtue isn't so interesting. Where's the meditation? Where are the rituals? Why don't we get to the astral realm, and read the akashic records? Where are the prayer beads and the mantras? But developing oneself as a good person is the gateway to the occult mysteries. It is literally info on how to "develop oneself", and is "cultivation" opposed to sharing various meditation methods, which don't necessarily "develop oneself". Besides that, unofficially there are a couple of meditations one could do from the Bible. One of them is "be still and know that I am God". Another is the Our Father prayer that Jesus taught...and he also gave the instruction to practice it while alone, or locked in one's closet, as opposed to doing it publicly. Even simply reading the Bible, such as the Psalms, is a meditation method (called Lectio Divina). There was a forum member here, who once spoke of a method called "message qigong", where the vibration of various words has an effect on the subtle energies of the body as well as the mind. For instance, meditating on the word "peace" would have a different effect than meditating on the word "tranquility". Well, he didn't say this, but reading scripture is the same thing as that, and the words themselves change who we are...besides the conveyance of the meaning of those words, and when things don't make sense (such as two different sections seeming to contradict), the insight that is drawn out naturally as a result of the intellectual conflict and lack of resolution.
  25. Yes I drink with my girl.its dangerous because we're both lushs ie no boundaries.
  26. Greatings!

    Hello, Anselm, and welcome. Your membership is approved and we're happy you found your way to us. We look forward to accompanying you on some of the way that you still have to go. Please take the time to read the post pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum Terms and Rules. This covers all you need to know when getting started. For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day. Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you, Fa Xin and the TDB team Hi Anselm, Welcome. We are all new at one point or another, but the trick is to always remain open to learning more. I hope you enjoy it here. You are welcome to jump right in to the ongoing discussions, revive an older thread, start a new thread of your own, or start a discussion in the "Newcomer Corner" sub-forum to expand on your introduction or ask general questions to help you get started. May you enjoy your time here. Fa Xin
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