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  2. I think there are too many terms here that are either esoteric or vague for me to comment. I just don't agree about this "source". I believe that there are objective truths. I don't believe in syncretism.
  3. No. I have not sought such an article. The burden of proof is on the more outrageous claim. I do admit to being a bit snobbish when it comes to academic and pseudo-academic articles. The linked article has--in my view--irrelevant footnotes, that is, few to underscore the big claims. It's the sort of stuff you find on the History Channel.
  4. For a long time, I always thought “This is possible, yes. but it’s impermanent and therefor another illusion. Not the truth. It can be taken away. ” This is still true to me. Can’t get attached... Then, however, I met someone who could provide that introduction. Now I see there actually is a lot of benefit in working with a connection like that. Someone can show you how to get out of the woods if your lost... They will guide you out. But you wake up the next day and your lost in the woods again. They continue to show you, and you start to remember the way yourself. Pretty soon your out of the woods completely. Whether you stay out or go back in to help others who are lost is up to you. Technically the woods don’t exist anyway right? Lol...
  5. More_Pie_Guy KenBrace Brian
  6. Hi, I'm not sure why you are directing these quotes at me.
  7. Today
  8. Hi Apech, If you touch my Dada-da, I will go after you. I aim perfect with my eyes closed - bull-eyed and mental vision 20/20. Be forewarned! - LimA
  9. Huge hugs
  10. Aussie bums
  11. Hi Creighton, I am relatively new at TDB; I joined in March 2017. Thus of the four bums, I can only identify one. He is Brian - a sharp shooter and a great humorist. He's a very naughty boy! A Beautiful Clown - I also recall Brian's serious posts on colours. - Anand
  12. I agree any port in a storm, "yeah its that cold here now". And I also would give you a look like you got to be kidding bro... close the damn door. My neighbors are either erecting tarp enclosures or putting the chickens in their basements... one old rooster name of "cogburn" won't have any part of that confinement nonsense. My kind of mindset in my youth, give me liberty or give me death .. I'm slowly but surly moving towards any port in a storm... I prefer a good brandy, as if it matters... and avoiding storms ... I can't use being out in the sun to long as an excuse..
  13. I miss Mal.. (wrong thread but malcontent came to mind...)
  14. Thank goodness! I channel / closely resemble old Rooster Cogburn when I employ my firearm skills ... and all witnesses seem to say the same thing " Damn not bad shooting for an old, one eyed, fat man"
  15. SandrofV I think you may want to go through this thread and see some of the outlines Sifu Terry made of what he practiced that week for a class. You may notice he doesn’t practice everything, and his students still benefit from doing whatever form in no particular order. Even if you don’t see the unique benefit of each meditation, it’s your task as a student as well to keep practicing and discover while engaging in dialogue here. There are several students with practice journals here who you may read and note their reactions. While it’s good to compare notes you can also focus more on your own diligence.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Civilization and its Discontents
  18. Somehow a fox sparrow (i think) found its way into the house today. It wasnt panicky as some birds will get, it sat on the corner post for the rail of the staircase looking at me. so, I opened the front door to allow it out. It looked at me like you've got to be kidding, yeah it's that cold here now. Last I saw it flew upstairs. Not sure how it got in the house although I did have a couple of packages delivered today and had the door propped open long enough to get the packages in.
  19. Crime and Punishment
  20. I miss you but then I could never aim this gun properly.
  21. Someone once said we should all try to be like Yoda - hence Yodisattvas - long time ago now
  22. Rishi Das
  23. Hi Dada-da, But of course - only when you are here, then can you miss yourself wondering to yourself as a Taoist. But when you are gone, I will missed you and I will wonder where you have wandered. But be rest assured - I will come and knock on your door. Anybody home? When when are gone, you will never be a goner to me. Let me state it categorically here - when you are gone: I WILL DEFINITELY MISS YOU. Creighton - thank you for the opportunity for me to tell Dada-da thus before he is gone. - LimA
  24. You're Yoda?????
  25. war & PEACE
  26. Good man.
  27. Water (Now onto Kripke's Naming and Necessity...)
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