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  2. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Of course he is . He thought ' train wrecking' a thread wasnt enough ..... hang on . we need to post memes of that so he understands; .. he needs to starship wreck the thread ;
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  4. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Where is your apology about the trolling of the volcano thread? Did i miss it? Or are you trolling this thread too?
  5. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I know that. The major difference between what you are saying and what they are saying is that i have verified some of the clues you give out from independent sources. Just don't involve yourself with trolls. They will invite you under their bridge and force you to eat mud with them.
  6. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You be the MR T of cultivators !
  7. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Never did I claim that, you are straight out lying and confusing things said to feed your own little agenda.
  8. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Lol, uh...wouldn't unironically claiming a supraluminal typing speed siddhi of 360 million wpm be the definition of EXTREME TROLLING???
  9. Kaivalya Upanishad

    According to your logic a caricature of some ethnical deity among 9 supposed humans, and some random guy claiming he was one of the 9 students of some other deity is a definitive proof, that he was trained and taught by allmighty god cultivator, and has the unlimited amount of siddhi. And the reason why he looks so pathetic and weak, why his speech is distrubed, why his health is so bad, and why his qi is zero, is what. Because he learned a truth of oneness with everything and no longer cares about himself? I find this picture disgusting, but for those of you who reached enlightenment, your great master of advaita who reached oneness with everything and the supreme truth, must the beacon of hope for all beings to achieve supreme quality of life. Go on with your spiritual life, I do hope I will never meet people like you or this IRL.
  10. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    VYY sitting in his lotus for four hours ... ... that he bought with all those $20 'donations' .
  11. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    The lightspeed is just an allegory, same as "10 masters of JC level in the china". I did not mean the actual speed of light. I meant that I am incredibly fast. But these guys are too stupid, anyway, I am glad they picked up this argument to show their complete blindness and stupidity. Like the guy trying to see in on youtube video that are most 30fps, a superspeed action with his untrained eyes and a reaction speed probably closer to 300ms.
  12. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    If it is so easy why don't you try, you keep sounding like a mentally broken kid. As I already proven your clinically stupid, and if I did not do that, you would just blindly push an argument forward with show me your superlight speed on 30fps or 60fps video. Even semi advanced martial artist can move so fast that it will not be visible on any normal camera. However you slow it down, the whole movement will be less than 1 or 2 frames and that won't be visible even in slomo, much less in normal speed. 2. The energy spent on something is not calculated in time, but it is calculated in the work done. Another show off your stupidity and degraded mind. You just told us that if you walk 100 meter in a minute, or run 100 meter in a 10 secs, then walking is more of an effort? See how stupid you are? Just because I am more efficient or faster at doing some work, does not mean I will bother to spend more effort or do more work itself. Rather I spend less time doing the thing.
  13. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    So instead of the trolls asking for forgivance we are seeing a counterattack??? Seriously??? Ok some claims of GSmaster are a little extreme. So what? He isn't the issue here!
  14. What a beautiful Metal Rat!

    Mmmmm ... a super advancement in this technology ? ... then, next phase .... mid year ; then around Xmas ; then some genius will engineer and grow a real rat body and get the grown rat brain and stick it in the real rat and ...... ..... meanwhile ; " Harry, just what the fuck are those crazy " Dunno .... but it scares the shit out of me. " ! big headed monkeys up to now ?" "
  15. Kaivalya Upanishad

    Scamgong, not a cultivator.
  16. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I think I figured out what "Level 9 Magus" apparently is: See all the extreme, unproven claims and projections of misperception, here. Basically, delusional grandiosity is inversely-proportional to the actual low self-esteem and depression. The former is a subjective mask, the latter is the objective TRUTH. So, another textbook mental disorder amongst the Catty Crew... This is what I mean by TRUTH WORK. GSMaster = GDMaster.
  17. Kaivalya Upanishad

  18. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    My friend you are either delusional or crazy. How can you say anyone else here is more crazy than you are, if the things you say are exponentially more absurd. Couldn't anyone just do the same, do a little research, format their wording in a way that 'sells' stature or intelligence? What i don't get is how you managed to have people believe anything you say. of course unless as i am claiming that you are someone else who already has another account and this is just a second one. I still have yet to see anyone vouch for any of your powers or development you claim. ZERO. Zilch. Nada. Nashi. It was also funny how easy it was to stir the pot and turn people against each other. It just proves everyone will always look at any other to display ego sense of worth. Even those who sound so eloquent. if one is gone, there will always be another to pick on. social experiment done.
  19. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    OK, but JUST TO BE CLEAR, you are claiming that you COULD (if you "gave a fuck") easily supraluminally type a 6 million+ word essay in ONE SECOND, correct? (But just "don't care enough" to bother to...despite all your mental gymnastics here of why you "can.") Which, BTW, would not only be a measure of your typing speed (360 MILLION wpm), but also your mental processing speed required to generate that sheer amount of coherent content in just...1 second...
  20. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I have already prove your an idiot @gendao I was not biased and you brought all the evidence yourself. Sounds like there is nothing else here to add.
  21. Does the soul know the difference?

    the why ? good question. It has an infinite list of answers. why are pos colors pos and neg colors neg ? you mean why that ? why are there are males and females. +/- same way there is day and night vertical and horizontal up and down good and bad you make a list and assign pos or neg to each of the two legs on the list up is + down is Neg - good + bad - male + female - etc etc etc The criteria is POS comes first , then its negs after , from its positive
  22. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Why would I give a fuck? see the difference between 30.000.000 and 60 fps video? Going above 20 moves per second makes those moves invisible to naked eye. Yet you were stupid enough to ask for a video recording as a proof.
  23. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Lol, you suck at math. Why not just directly divide 300,000 m/s (SOL) by .01 m (.5 cm X 2 for each roundtrip stroke) = 30,000,000 strokes/s. So, you should be able to type at LEAST roughly 30 million characters/s...but actually more since you claim supraluminal speed now. Now given that the average English word has 4.7 characters...if we allow 5 with punctuation/spaces...that would equate to ~6 million+ words/SECOND. OK, why don't you knock out a 6 million+ word novel real quick for us? For reference, that's about 8 Bibles. I know you're a busy guy, but it should only take you a second...literally?
  24. Does the soul know the difference?

    there are 60 Pos colors ( yang )and 60 more neg colors ( yin ) ALL colors come from white and go to black . white reflects all colors and white and black black absorbs all colors including black and white. white blue green red are the pos basic primary colors black yellow magenta cyan are the neg primary colors IF you continue to combine the 8 primary colors in different ways, youll get different Pos and Neg colors. blue green red make white ( and the 3 neg primary colors. ) yellow magenta and cyan make black ( and the 3 pos primary colors ) 120 total colors or 60 pos and 60 neg Orange brown gray silver pink etc etc etc are all from different combinations of primary Pos and Neg colors. all numbers come from the number 1 all colors from white all negatives come from positive energy ( clear ) All positive energy is source energy and comes from the creator ( you and me ) we are the creator The 1. We are not positive energy . WE MAKE positive energy.
  25. Kaivalya Upanishad

    Forget the highest level, even the lowest level is something you will never ever attain. And nobody of this tradition has ever became a cultivator.
  26. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    So if you run around the earth faster than the speed of light, while shooting your eye lasers, what happens?
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