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    Thank you for the answer but i did not ask that question. I asked what do you do when a student can't stop moving as a qi deviation from spontaneous. The problem with "that" evidence is that it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. I can point you to threads here in TDB that involve people having been damaged by training in Spontaneous qigong systems. This isn't proof either, by the way, just an indication.
  3. This is your innate intelligence signalling you to drop the idea of full lotus. I dont think its a good idea to place too much attention to outer forms, especially in the presence of some form of physical challenge. Its one of those things where those individuals who can do it will tout its veracity and superiority. In doing so, they make others feel inadequate (some do this maybe unintentionally), so this isn't exactly a careful type of skilfulness expected of one who claims to be a long term full lotus sitter, is it?
  4. It isn't used to build a LDT. So i will repeat the question: what about it?
  5. I am first quoting Sifu Terry Dunn from the official Flying Phoenix discussion thread. See the Flying Phoenix discussion from page 188 to 190 to realize how Sifu Terry, Bak Fu Pai tradition, and the Flying Phoenix Qigong system were completely unjustly targeted and smeared by sock puppets and vicious trolling related to ausar and people sympathetic to him. Their intent was to create confusion and/or scam people out of money. The FP discussion thread was put under Sifu Terry's direct moderation because of this. Here is how Sifu Terry summarized the situation nearly two years ago: Now let's inspect a little closer what the Welcomer had recently said. Yes, I am sure that spiritual dumpster diving has brought many people to grounded and happy living, not to mention imparting of deeply illuminating basic ethics of having altruistic concern for others. Here is a thread that discusses ausar's fraudulent activities: I have added emphasis to following quoted bits from the ausar expose thread linked above: With all this it's very clear that digging through garbage in this case only leads to getting in contact with toxic sewage. Why don't the current TDB moderators seem to have real care about a serious scam operation that rocked the board two years ago and lead to heavy consequences like people getting defrauded and sick from purposively perverted practice claimed to be authentic? Please note the additional complication that many GMDW videos are definitely illegally appropriated per GMDW's Youtube statement that Sifu Terry brought up. They should not be available to anyone without authorization and proper Bak Fu Pai training. I sincerely hope that you are not insinuating that me confronting ronko and using swearing words were any part of earlier negativity that you implicitly brought up. The truth is never marred by direct and abrasive language when the context is just like it now clearly was, hence there couldn't have been anything negative in how and what I brought up to discussion. Ronko witnessed the ausar scam and the damage it caused, so he should know much better.
  6. Don't force it. You want to slowly work up to full lotus, it can take years but that's okay because you don't need it straight away (if ever according to some systems and lineages). Here's a good start: You'll want to stretch as often as you can throughout the day, not sit too much/too long (get up and walk around every 30 minutes to an hour or so and so forth)
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  8. Non dual Buddhism

    Essentially, the three kayas are a unified whole, but in practical terms, they can manifest individually and embodied according to each specific manifestation. This is why, for example, Guru Padmasambhava emanate different 'bodies' (aspects of enlightening qualities) at different times for different reasons. I dont think its a mistake to be 'interested' in the absolute nature of Dharmakaya, although for me, I would replace the term 'interest' with resonance. That hunger for spiritual release, I would assume, always begins at the level of intuiting that we can be much more than what we are, and in that, we get a sense that emancipatory freedom is possible - otherwise, why would we seek a path and practice it? So, this intuitive awareness is the voice of Dharmakaya whispering its reality, and for those that hear the faintest clarion call, make the connection and thus begin the arduous journey. After all, when the complexities are stripped away, Dharmakaya nature is but the nature of Mind, which, known (hopefully) to all Vajrayana practitioners, has both the qualities of empty-ness, and cognizance in a unified display. Making that connection, however, is only the beginning of the path. Those who receive the Guru's blessing of seeing into Mind nature discovers the knowledge of the absolute certainty of the indivisible, inseparable nature of mind essence which is undifferentiated from Dharmakaya essence - they do not, at that point, 'see' the speech (as you said, the communicative) aspect (Sambhoga), nor the manifestly integrated aspect (Nirmana). These two aspects are latter results that arise thru the practice of perfecting the various paramitas, of which the entire body of Vajrayana practices are subsets of. This would begin with ngondro, and evolved gradually to lead the practitioner onwards to the higher Maha Ati tantric cultivations. In the lower yanas, cultivation begins by contemplative exercises that involve understanding the discipline of mind and body to achieve integration, so it can be said that at this level, the practice's main focus is on Nirmanakaya and takes Buddha Shakyamuni as the inspiration; the middling, but supposedly slightly superior yanas are where self-effort is given some sort of respite - here, practitioners access not only inspiration from Buddha Shakyamuni, but also that of tutelary beings. Here, some traditions focus on metta bhavana, and practitioners of metta attune themselves with the energetic aspects of Chenrezig and her various subtle manifestations, while some others may also attune themselves and find resonance with the Pure Land path of Amitabha. In a sense, these are the 'enjoyment' yanas - thusly said because the practitioner realizes he or she is no longer left alone to fend off Maya - there is now some assurance that the practitioner is somehow being 'watched over' by the faith they have generated in Amitabha or Chenrezig, and therefore, can fearlessly make progress while 'enjoying' their protective gaze and intercessions. Recognizing the possibility of the interplay of enlightened beings with mortals is said to bring forth the realm of Sambhogakaya. Some random beginner's thoughts
  9. John Chang - Jesus

    How can you doubt in the existence of your Spirit though ? How can you doubt in a sublime energy that somehow reconnects you to the Father, in other words the Spirit inside you ? I don't proclaim to understand the Bible intellectually, but to me, it is besides the point. Let the scholars argue about it, let the skeptics make fun of it, and the intellect doubt everything that's written. But it's never been about the words. The Holy Spirit just Is. Jesus Was. We have a Spirit. He discovered it and called it Father. Everyone has the opportunity to be with the Father, to be whole in body, mind and spirit. It doesn't matter how rusty the sword of the Bible is, what matters is that you can wield it to reconnect yourself to your Spirit. But you have to be willing to read from another place. Put the intellect aside, wipe the dust off, and read it as a child. Offer your innocent mind to the Bible. And call on the Holy Spirit to help you unlock the full potential of the words for you. Without becoming fanatical about it. Because there is nothing to be fanatical about Spirit, or any religion for that matter. If you read like this you won't add much to your knowledge of the Bible, but to your depth. And with this depth, you'll find you don't even need the Bible, because its intent lives in you. The energy is just there when you need it, just like Jesus said. / Just to provide another perspective on this book.
  10. John Chang - Jesus

    I'd say knowing that we don't know (very much nor the unknowable beyond duality with a dualistic mind) not doubt in the regular sense of gnawing or panicky doubt...
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  12. Being in the present moment?

    If sitting is a problem, standing and walking are also good options. Anything that is a little less stimulating so that it’s easy to notice when grasping and following thoughts, emotion, sensory experience,...
  13. New Neigong Forum

    Please note the mobile site does not work yet, and in general it's kind of crappy, as I am still learning how to set it up properly, my apologies in advance The PC version should be up and working just fine
  14. New Neigong Forum

    Hi all A long time lurker here just wanted to let you guys know I recently made a new Neigong forum My plan is for it to be similar to the old neigong forum founded by @KenBrace I plan to discuss a variety of neigong related topics including immortality, mopai, thogal, six yoga's of naropa, tummo etc Please join up if you practice any of the above or are so inclined Thank you
  15. I'm pretty paranoid about screwing-up my knees. And last week I think I pulled a muscle in my leg just from sitting in a chair, with one leg crossed over the other for too long.
  16. Long time lurker

    Thank you guys!
  17. Yes, I was wondering if the sculpture represented a significant arrangement or date for the Sumerians . They ( I think it was the Sumerians) also had a similar arrangement of stars - the four royal stars . Half a mo'. Ah ... it in my studies about Persians ; Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut.
  18. John Chang - Jesus

    Ha... another one just popped to mind... "Doubt is sin." Turns out... Doubt has been my most treasured and rewarding trait.
  19. I seem to recall that it actually referred to the constellations that were positioned at the time at the four cardinal points, 90 degrees apart. Precession alters the zodiac's relation to the seasons at a rate of one constellation every 2160 years (1 degree every 72 years). The cardinal points shifted from one constellation to the next in approximately 6540 BC, 4380 BC, 2220 BC, 60 BC and AD 2100. The system was used for creating and changing calendars -- and was thought of as corresponding to the changes of the ruling deities of the period, out with the old, in with the new. E.g. the worship of the Sacred Bull -- Golden Calf -- Taurus -- was in full swing everywhere where's anywhere when the constellation became visible at dawn, coincident with the Sun being in the constellation. I.e. circa 4480–2320 B.C.E. The biblical prohibition on the worship of the Golden Calf actually derives from this system and originally meant something like, the times, they are a-changing, the Bull no longer rules so stop worshiping it, move on... this is the age of Man, dude. That's what was reinterpreted as meaning something different by those who lost their astronomical/astrological roots and took great liberties with the fragments of knowledge they retained, as is usually the case with all experts who lose touch with the history of their field of expertise and start making shit up.
  20. John Chang - Jesus

    I read the Bible. Cover to cover, old and new... twice, different versions. KJ first and another after that, forget which now. Matters not. Many sections I read dozens, hundreds of times... Reading it was the only course of action I had, for of all the most crucial questions I ever posed to church elders and my mum, all of the most important, the most distressing and challenging... were systematically ignored, cursorily dismissed with gross over-generalized simplifications, or responded to with seemingly, wholly irrelevant non-answers. Which was then usually followed up by accusations of my faith... claims I was disruptive (i was) and pressure to 'get out of your head and into your heart',. 'just trust god', 'if you had jesus in your heart, you would know peace, not inquiry." All were common for me to hear in Sunday School. Questions of my Faith were common... which always struck me, for it was precisely my unflincing belief that was driving me to uncover the truths that i had faith surely must be present. If anything, through the actions of those I knew from the Church, I steadily began to wonder if many of them possessed the faith they claimed so diligently. "methinks she dost protest too much." That line in Hamlet was like a bolt of lightning for me in realization of the self deception and rationalization that was so prevalent among the adults in my congregation. So I finally just opened the book they all kept claiming contained all the answers. The direct word of God. And read it for myself. Houston... we have a problem. My Mum was so proud, while it was ongoing. "you should see his bible study! It's so intense, he reads the bible non stop. I think we've got a preacher on our hands." If only she knew what was unfolding within me, or what was coming; she'd have ditched that bible pronto, for, once finished I'd approached her and asked... Me "have you read the Bible?" Her "Of course!" Me ".... All of it?!" Her "Well, no. Not all of it." Me "I think you should. I did and from now on... I'm done with any kind of organized Christianity." Turns out the shortest route to Apostacy for me, was to read the source material myself.
  21. How does your Garden Grow

    The last few months ... and still one left .... my dragon plant has started producing . It tastes like perfume .... or 'parfait amour ' All those different coloured dragon fruit ... do they all taste the same or not ? I haven't tried them . Plus the usual veggies . A large row of broad beans ( for Sth American style rice ; broad beans , rice, capsicum, onion, fresh herbs, chorizo, chicken ). A row of tobacco - that isnt doing very well , wrong season ?
  22. John Chang - Jesus

    Well, you tried . Here is a hint ; successful preachers have been trained to do it , and can spend a fair bit of time in training and study. It helps if one knows the texts well. Some even have to study divinity and Comparative Religion - they where the bulk of the students in those two subjects when i did them at University .... although most dropped out . I have never heard of Christ being embarrassed before . Can he be 'embarrassed ' ? Maybe its not him that was embarrassed at all ? Facepalm ? No . Embarrassment . - the first embarrassing moment in history ;
  23. Non dual Buddhism

    I'm mulling these ideas over so bear with me. Buddhists usually talk about the three kayas - or bodies of the Buddha - but in tantra they are more seen as aspects of reality. I kind of assume people know what they are but anyway: dharmakaya - the absolute nature of reality (?) sambhoghakaya - the enjoyment or communicative aspect of reality nirmanakaya - the manifestation of buddha-nature e.g. the appearance of Shakyamuni himself as a historical being. The way I see this is that when examining the nature of reality you can either look deeply into the essential nature of 'things' = dharmakaya ... this is also called pure perception and particularly in guruyoga sees buddha-nature in the lama but also all reality as a pure buddha-field. Sambhogakaya is to do with the unceasing play of form and inter-relation of form/function - like a kalaidoscopic display of the dynamic in the buddha-field, you could say rather like an unstoppable vibrational field of energy or something like that (although this begins to sound a little non-buddhist. The Nirmanakaya is the uncountable emanations of 'things' , thoughts and so on which emerge from this dynamic field. What in Daoism would be called the ten thousand things. So you look at the nature of reality - and see its essence =dharmakaya, see its display of inter-relating possibilities = sambhogakaya and the infinte complexity of manifest forms = nirmanakaya. Now, a mistake I think is sometimes made is to think all I am interested in is the absolute nature, the dharmakaya itself, but actually this is a kind of abstract way of thinking - as if you can separate out one kaya without the others. This is why they sometimes talk about the Svabhavakaya - which is the sum of all three. More later when I've thought this through a bit more. Please critique what I am saying if you so choose
  24. John Chang - Jesus

    Naaaah ! You aint finished yet . You'll be back in about an hour
  25. John Chang - Jesus

    Indeed, I have no idea what 'properly read' means, it could mean 'a brief scan' or 'read every word but with improper attitude ' < shrug > ... I was going more on his ; " I'll read it and see what comes up. " Its a thing I have been doing for many years now .... the apocalypse started some time ago people ! Can you not look around and see it ? prayer, in its many forms can be a powerful tool for the psyche . Even Crowley advised, that before any magical operation ( if you want it to be successful ) ; ' Inflame thyself with prayer ' .... incantation , mantra , etc .
  26. Non dual Buddhism

    Do you practise vajrayana Virtue?
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