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    Wu Ming Jen?
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    Hi Dada-da, Good night. - LimA
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  5. Light and Dark

  6. Greetings everyone,

    Please be aware that is no longer active but is always working, For those who want to contact me, you can send a message through my website contact page.

    Sifu Jenny Lamb
    Namo Amituofo 南無阿彌陀佛


  7. Light and Dark

  8. Please be aware that is no longer active but is always working, For those who want to contact me, you can send a message through my website contact page.

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  10. Some unnecessarily beautiful poetry and music was included in Lam Kam Chuen's series on Zhan Zhuang :
  11. Now I’m intrigued.. can you please tell me more?
  12. My answer is yes and I have been doing it for years already for a number of purposes, primarily healing and protection purposes. Altough the development and the quality of the energy varies upon the diet and the consciousness of the one doing it but yes its possible, With right practice and intent anyone can do it.
  13. Dharmakaya / God?

    Hello. I was always and still am inspired by the path of Siddharta Gautama, it is a beautiful and meaningful story and I remember it often. I have spent a lot of time on Buddhist retreats, and studying their philosophy and practice, but today I understand it differently from many, as I understand many things differently from others. I understand "what it is". I remember being at the very excellent International Meditation Centre in Chippenham (UK), and in the evening a story from a large book of traditional stories was read out ... it was an opportunity to relax and listen after a whole day of Shamatha practice. This story was about Buddha laughing when he saw a couple who had destroyed themselves through drinking. My ears perked up - why did he laugh ? Alcoholism is not funny. I spoke with the teacher about it in his study the next day, I said "why ?". At first the teacher didn't understand what I was talking about ... apparently no student had ever approached him to clarify a story that was read out. On a subsequent retreat I had a confrontation with the same teacher about whether I should "think" about Vipassana or just do it. I left that retreat on day 2. But the question was very important, relating to the correct use of intelligence and also Sila, finally I have found answers. I have confronted quite a few people, sometimes publicly, sometimes making a fool of myself. And finally I found the answers I needed. Likewise Buddha also left situation after situation, teacher after teacher, until he found answers. He worked, he exhausted himself with work, he struggled with the Demons of Mara, and he touched the Earth. That is Buddhism to me. Gurdjieff was a on a train once with a student and absolutely exploded at the train conductor creating a huge confrontation with passengers and staff all rushing into the carriage to break it up. A second later he was total calm and invited them all to leave, then he sat down calmly with his student as if nothing had happened. A lesson. We are all so goddam afraid aren't we. But the whole show is really for us, we are supported in every conceivable way, the air, gravity, the sun, our hearts ... it's all for us.
  14. Equanimity in times of Suffering

    My inner essence is with you.
  15. Equanimity in times of Suffering

    Three days ago I fed the cat his dinner with cream. I picked him up, petted him, groomed his face, and placed him gently on the ground. He looked fine, all things considered, and wanted out so I opened the door and watched him step onto the porch. I haven't seen him since. Neither have my neighbors. I fear the end has come. I try to hold out hope but it's difficult. The last three weeks have been borrowed time. I have enjoyed every single moment. Please let the cat be OK, and if his life is over I pray the end was quick.
  16. Light and Dark

    Yeah, I still prefer shades of grey as opposed to white/black, light/dark.
  17. Light and Dark

    Quite true! There can be no shadow without an object to cast it. When that happens one side of the object must be bathed in light. To lament the shadow is to also lament the light.
  18. Light and Dark

    Keep in mind that yin does not mean dark per-se, rather is means darker; and yang does not mean light, but rather lighter. I keep coming back to this color chart. I guess a picture does speak a thousand words!
  19. As you may have seen in this post, , I talk about how Osho references controlling and transferring energy to someone else. In my mind this has always been an art known to taoists, and practitioners of Nei Kung and similar systems. Is this true? Do the practioners of these arts, really have this ability?
  20. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    I don't recall that but then it was a long time ago. I know about them Sirens though.
  21. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    Animals are very receptive to energy. I grew up on a farm with a lot of different animals. If one can control their own energy the can control other living things as well. I have seen a demonstration of acupressure points done on a goat that was fascinating I am more familiar with the human anatomy which to my surprise is very much the same.
  22. I see what you are saying.. in this context however, false methods of Shaktipat are mentioned. This means they create the body “shock” through improper means.
  23. Dharmakaya / God?

    Funnily enough I don’t enjoy churning concepts to death, especially abstruse ones where the intellect will only take one so far and it may involve years of study, practice and reflection to begin to realise them on an experiential level. While keeping an awareness of difficult ideas, I focus on what I can understand and don’t let uncertainty and confusion get in the way of practice - it’s a graduated path. I can relate to not having access to answers and explanations, it can be tough. From the answers you found it appears that Buddhism didn’t provide you with expanations that fitted your experience, though conversely others who had similar questions may have found theirs in Buddhism. In any event sharing your experience is generous and one of the things this forum is all about.
  24. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    But do you think that this is the technique that the chi masters use to control animals? Here is the video if you don’t k is what I’m talking about
  25. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    Yes, the skill is absolutely real an easily attainable but application that is a double edged sword.The application implied by Osho would be disastrous IMO.
  26. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Ha! I also read a lot of Greek mythology when I was young. Niw that I think about it ... that was probably my first clue that the world is full of wiley women. Speaking of Sirens ... any of you ever read Sirens of Titan?
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