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  2. Who or what is answering?

    Whatever the mystery that lies behind the Yijing it certainly is fascinating. Again not only answers I've received (including statistically improbable exact same answers to similar questions and ones which include exact words or phrases I contemplated in relation to my question) but also some shock-inducing synchronicities regarding my Yijing answers and later experiences in life. Perhaps I will have to read Richard Smith's "Fathoming the Cosmos and Ordering the World" in order to find some traditional interpretations as I've been meaning to read the work anyway. I did manage to find this passage from the book "The I Ching in Tokugawa Thought and Culture" when researching though: The Ashikaga School was a training center for I Ching diviners. Its curriculum put more emphasis on divination than philosophy. Using the I Ching and Chou-i ming-ch’i ching as its major textbooks, it taught fourteen kinds of divinational skills, from the most basic yarrowstalk oracle techniques to advanced methods such as fate calculation, astrology, and geomancy. Before using the I Ching for divination, scholars of the School read a prayer that invited both Chinese and Japanese deities to come to the School. Here is a standard prayer recited by the ninth rector, Kanshitsu Genkitsu (1548–1612), in 1596: In Japan, I—XXX who comes from X province, X prefecture, and X county, on X day of X month—want to use the oracles to solve my doubts. I am wholeheartedly inviting all deities in heaven and earth, Gods of Sun and Moon, Gods of the Five Stars, . . . the Child Holding the Yarrow Stalks, the Child Showing the Oracles, the God of the Six Lines, . . . all deities in Japan, Gods of the Four Directions, hundreds of guardian deities of the mountain, forest, river, and sea, Fu Hsi, King Wen, the Duke of Chou, Confucius, Cheng Hsüan, Wang Pi, Chu Hsi, and the spirit of past masters of the I Ching. I hope all of you can come to this place of ritual. This [paper] is the proof of urgency, please come at once, as requested. So it appears at least this particular school invoked all possible deities, immortals, sages, and powers when inquiring of the oracle perhaps suggesting they believed one or all of them would aid in the answer.
  3. Teachers and political opinions

    Do you really want to learn from a qigong teacher who is anti-reality? To each their own, however.
  4. Who or what is answering?

    Are there any good online Yijing courses? I'd like to learn more about it, but don't want to read a bunch of books.
  5. Who or what is answering?

    I see. I understand how different levels of revelation can happen at different levels of understanding. I do that in my stories as well... Also I found that having terse and direct exposition of truth was beneficial too — made/makes me puzzle over what was said, and why, at various points in my ever-unfolding journey. Sometimes it will elicit ridicule, sometimes disbelief, and underneath that will be a planting of a seed — which will bear fruit on its own accord...
  6. Who or what is answering?

    I´m not saying that an understanding of the absolute isn´t useful in the transactional world -- for those that understand things on that level. Some might say that absolute understanding is the only useful thing. But not everyone gets it and I think enlightened communication requires an awareness of context. Why is the sky blue? The answer you might offer to a graduate student in physics likely differs from the answer you´d give to a three year old. I don´t think it´s necessary to out-and-out lie, not even to the child, but we can offer a developmentally appropriate version of the truth, a training wheels version for toddlers. We might even resort to fiction, wrapping deep truths in superficial untruths. That´s OK, imho. It´s not lying. It´s compassionately adjusting our communication style to meet someone else where they are.
  7. Hello

    Hello Jimmy Pendrick, Your account is approved; welcome to the bums. Please make sure you’ve read the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations if you haven’t already done so. warm regards, ilu
  8. New to Dao Bums

    Hello Anand, Your account is approved; welcome to the bums. If you haven’t already read the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations please do so. warm regards, ilu
  9. Who or what is answering?

    Even if it’s not true? IMHO it is a false dichotomy that the absolute is useless in the transactional world. All ethics, guidelines for proper conduct, etc come from the absolute. Isn’t it also indicated in DDJ chapter 38? The way I was taught to refer to the I Ching by my teachers was to do it meditatively, stepping out of the monkey-mind mode and letting the deeper mind/spiritual mind take over. Then cast the yarrow sticks (though I find that virtual coin tosses work for me too). The point I’m making is that certainly, the I Ching provides a framework for interpretation, but to make it work, we have to work with it at a much deeper level than our ego-mind.
  10. Who or what is answering?

    What does your Self want to do? Say something true or say something useful. As Steve suggests, the two outcomes are not necessarily the same. Myself, I´d rather read something useful.
  11. Who or what is answering?

    Haha my daughter and I have had long talks about the Self
  12. Who or what is answering?

    To me the I ching describes how energy works so a given situation has a direction which can change. The power is listening to the stingless sound of energy in our daily lives. Manifesting reality we do all the time the i ching allows us to be warned and change course or set the course and excel with the least amount of resistance to obtain our goals. There is an amazing amount of good advice with each situation described in the I ching. High gong benefits humanity
  13. Who or what is answering?

    I'll say this, your approach sure makes for easy parenting! ... Where do babies come from daddy? The Self! ....
  14. Haiku Chain

    in charge of this mess is an angel of star light indigo at dawn.
  15. Alcohol and Qi

    If you are doing medical qigong , or try using the so-called "post-heavenly " qi to do some cure , then drinking some alcohol does help you initializing and enhancing qi ; or you mix alcohol with some herbs , say Ginseng or Dang Gui , to enhance its curing effects; you can find tons of these materials related to alcohol in TCM writings . If you are doing Taoist alchemy , then drinking alcohol is unlikely to be proposed as in that area, a delicate application of your mind is necessary ; drinking alcohol expands your qi and makes you not capable of consolidating your mind , besides, arousing sex drive ..etc all are not so beneficial .
  16. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @Cleansox There are formal diagnoses, but they are broadly just indicating systemic inflammation, which is true. No sleep issues. I do have a bunch of symptoms, but I have a good idea as to why they are occurring. Of course the body has its secrets...
  17. Who or what is answering?

    Whether we recognize it or not, we can never not be the Self. I’ve had similar discussions too. Often been reprimanded for conflating the absolute and relative. So I wrote some thoughts on this matter — Everything we do in the relative, is informed by, and guided by the absolute imho. Duality also appears within the non-dual.
  18. Who or what is answering?

    For sure. If you recognize it, that is deeply meaningful. Otherwise it can come across as little more than a tautology, simply replacing the word mystery with the word Self. I have a good friend with whom I often have deep spiritual discussions. He would sometimes get frustrated with me as I was prone to playing the non-dual card. It can be used to easily short-cut just about any debate or discussion. It sensitized me to try to stay within the appropriate frame, absolute vs relative, depending on the nature of the discussion in order to have a worthwhile give and take. Yijing by its very nature is dualistic so I think it’s useful to stay in the relative frame when discussing it. Just my hang up perhaps.... 🙃
  19. Who or what is answering?

    Wise or empty answers that anyone can express... Made me remember a song by The Rutles:
  20. Haiku Chain

    I could not care less for the latest stupid ass in charge of this mess
  21. Who or what is answering?

    How can we be anything but the Self ?
  22. Last week
  23. INFERNO !

    Some travelling musicians are in the process of making a video of how the community where I live is recovering from the massive November 2019 forest fire. Here’s the preview clip they’ve made about their project: Watching it brought tears to my eyes. People here have lost so much yet our sense of community remains strong. I wrote this post earlier on this thread in the immediate aftermath of the fire. At that stage I wasn’t aware of the full extent of property loss in the area. The devastation was much worse than I realised then; I even understated the number of houses lost along the road I live on. A good many of the houses destroyed had been lovingly built by their owners over many years and were like works of art.
  24. Who or what is answering?

    ... and asks... The problem with that answer is that if you don’t directly know Self, it doesn’t explain anything and if you do, you wouldn’t need to ask the question in the first place.
  25. Haiku Chain

    Caress inky shoals? Fishy, fishy, fishiness, I could not care less.
  26. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Hi, can kids do FQ? I got a 6 yo and an 8 yo who are keen on joining me whenever they see me practice.
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