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  2. If primordial qi flows everywhere, why not also potentially through WuJi? Maybe analogous to the particles that pop into existence even in a vacuum.
  3. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    Yes, most chargers we buy today have a peak voltage shut-off. Most any solar panel you buy will have a peak voltage output of 7.2 VDC. Charging to that voltage won't harm the batteries. You could buy a cheap volt meter (less than $20) to put in line with the panel/batteries and you would know what the voltage of the batteries are if you read the meter at night time when the panel isn't putting out a charge. No, not sorry. It was a challenge for me when I first started with my solar system for the fish ponds. There was no one I could find who knew much about solar electric panels. I was around electricity for the twenty years I was in the Army so most of what I had to do was already first hand knowledge. Yeah, I can understand you wanting to be off-grid as much as possible and still have the ability to do things This little project will get you some first hand knowledge with solar electric systems. Might even cause you to invest more so that you have more capabilities.
  4. when time runs out...

    In one short parahraph, I could say, that when time runs out, or becomes less, physical space becomes more, and thus you have the physical freedom, but not the time-al freedom that your soul has. This no-freedom in time physical experience is only effecting a small part of your entire consciousness, which is an extension of your greater consciousness, which is what your physical soul is. So you could say, when time runs out, you are born. About the long post to fearful perspective of the musician in the video you shared, I removed it for you. I can never decide what is more on topic, the toptic title or the content of the topic itself. I am stupid like that
  5. Fragrant Qigong and IMA

    Hi Aleks, as usual I suggest to learn from an experienced master. However, to my knowledge and from the sources I've got, the pratice of Fragrant Qigong brings with it some strict rules. You can read them on the documents that I'll link below. For some of them, like avoiding to practice near meals or during thunderstorms, I can personally say that they are of great importance, since I've experienced adverse effects from my mispractice. Some of them were persistens headache, choking, choughing and similar things. They cleared up after some time, but I do think they are a clear indicator of error in the practice. This is the website of Master Dolic, in which some informations are avialable. Below I attached the documents I was talking about. There are some knowledgeable people on this forum, if you scan it wth the search function maybe you'll find them. I wish the best luck to you and to your cultivation frag1.PDF Dont's_in_fqg.pdf
  6. Oh excellent! Dont most normal chargers have an auto shutoff, either timed or metered? How will I know when they're ready to go? Will a continued charge hurt them if I dont get them off in time? Are you sorry yet you started to help me? I truly appreciate your time on this, MH, thank you. I really need to find a workable way...
  7. Taoism: What's the goal?

    Yes, only in the traditional Chinese system. In the West the fear of God kept humanity in the dark for milennia. Same as in India with their gods. That fear continues even today. On the other hand we have materialistic Science, another god.
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  9. Mair 20:4

    When Confucius was besieged in the area between Ch'en and Ts'ai, he went without cooked food for seven days. The old gentleman Jen went to console him, asking, "Were you close to death?" "Yes." "Do you dislike death?" "Yes." "Let me try to explain the Way to avoid death," said Jen. "In the Eastern Sea there is a bird named the lazybird. It flip-flops along as if it had no power. The lazybird will only fly when there are others to lead it on and will only roost when there are others that press close to its sides. When it goes forward it dares not take the lead; when it retreats it does not take the rear; when it eats it dares not take the first bite, always preferring to take the leftovers. Therefore, their ranks are seldom broken and outsiders rarely can harm them, hence they escape calamity. The straight tree is the first to be felled; The well with sweet water is the first to be exhausted. You seem intent on ornamenting your knowledge to amaze those who are ignorant and on cultivating your person to highlight those who are vile. You are as ostentatious as if you were walking along holding the sun and moon above you. Hence you do not escape calamity. In the past, I heard a man of great accomplishment say, 'Who is self-assertive has no merit; Merit that is complete will collapse; Fame that is complete will decline.' Who can get rid of merit and fame, and return to be with the masses of men? He flows with the Way but does not rest in brilliance; Walks with integrity but does not dwell in fame. He is so plain and ordinary That he may be compared to an imbecile. He erases his traces and renounces his influence, doing nothing for merit or fame. For this reason he does not blame others, nor is he blamed by others. The ultimate man does not seek renown. Why, sir, do you like it so much?" "Excellent!" said Confucius, whereupon he bid adieu to his associates, sent his disciples away, and retired to a great marsh. He dressed in skins and haircloth, and ate acorns and chestnuts. He went among animals without disturbing their herds, went among birds without disturbing their flocks. If even birds and animals were not afraid of him, how much less were men!
  10. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    The batteries will be in series. That means that 1.5 VDC times 4 batteries equals 6VDC. If you consider the flashlight thing all you will need is a cheap plastic one.
  11. Taoism and Imperfectionism

    There are indeed lots of people who combine Confucianism and Taoism by applying them to the spheres of social and spiritual matters respectively. I don't like the extreme ritualism of Confucianism, but apart from that I think there is a lot of common sense wisdom in the Analects. I don't think that as a (philosophical) Taoist one should have any reservations in accepting common sense wisdom from whatever source. As for measurability there is the basic restriction of the time available. I don't believe in immortals and so I consider (even enlightened) people as finite in the amount of time they have to spend in their lifetime. Now one could of course care for all of humanity in a rather abstract sense, and that would take perhaps a few minutes. But that in itself would be no more than an empty gesture. To get personally involved with someone takes a lot more. And so there are certainly limits to the number of people one can get personally involved with (and personally care for) within the space of one lifetime. That doesn't mean that one considers other people as being less worthy in any objective sense, it just means that you simply don't have the time to treat everybody you meet on an equal footing.
  12. What made so many modern people retards ?

    They would be the people I talked about in my posts and the links I put up - on the previous page .
  13. simplify

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  15. I think we are capable of creating conceptual constructs of things we've experienced and things we have not. I resist speculating about what happens upon reaching a conceptual projection... I see little credibility or value there.
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  18. Ohh!! Need to check this out!! Thanks, Nungali !! (-:
  19. Lucid dreaming and Tibetan dream yoga

    yes, my friend my exact experience, it comes from somewhere that is not something I can noodle out. so to speak. good comment
  20. Right, good ideas, thanks (-: Hmm - wont a 6v panel fry a 1.5v D-cell directly wired to it? Maybe there's a charge controller that could be put between them? Good idea using a 4-battery flashlight for housing..wonder if I should use a plastic cased one lol
  21. Taoist Immortal vs Buddha

    What about MTV Celebrity Deathmatch?
  22. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    some radios need no electricity or batteries ;
  23. when time runs out...

    lost me with "When people are scared of children" although it may've been a crafty well thought out hook and even supported with brilliant analysis.... then, i reside in the childrenland, so yeah yeah --- yeah trolling with trombone every younger person i've encountered this week, more than a dozen less than three dozen,(the holidays have begun, so its hard to keep accurate count) have expressed to me that for them i am family. probably just holiday sentiment, but i will take it now the cob webs have shook loose i remember this morning just before daybreak one youngster played this on his smart phone, celebrating another friend's birthday--which seems appropriate to this thread not to mention this song being a better response than the future stones song,,
  24. Greenland creatures coming

    Yes ... thats a good point , after all , to keep up a reasonable population we only really need a few males . About one for each state . and I am prepared to 'do my duty' (for the good of all)
  25. simplify

  26. when time runs out...

    umm, I'd say life and death in forms are two sides of the same coin, whereas LIFE as Spirit that is not bound by forms knows no death. Btw, your effort is recognized but I imagine most are not into trying to chew and digest your long posts, thus I suggest that you might consider condensing replies to a few short paragraphs? You could also start your own diary page somewhere for those that have the time to chew and digest along with you....
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