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  2. Dear fellow Dao Bums, I have recently begun studying Chen’s style Tai chi after much research on different styles. It would seem to my personal views (which are limited to mostly Western/Hindu systems) that Chen’s style is the oldest and closely related to the original principles of TaiJiQuan. It encompasses movements of hard and soft. Tension and relaxation. Fast and slow. Unifying the polarities into a whole system. Chen’s style also has a great depth to the movement of chi and its movements. From what I have seen of Yang style it seems to only be soft slow movements. Now that being said, I have seen a few people express concern on any tension at all. I was hoping some practitioners of different styles could weigh in with their personal experience and start a conversation on the differences between the styles and the beliefs surrounding them. Cheers, E. S. A. The Wanderer
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  4. Question on the dantians

    Sounds a lot like creating a tien (field) in my analogy I actually don't think we disagree in this regard. Different systems approach dantien development differently... As you say, you clearly do work on your dantien to some extent. If you had a fully functioning dantien to start with, you wouldn't need to light fires or make anything more coherent. And I'd be surprised (and confused) if your school thought that you already have the Dan (alchemical elixir) present. It's true that in more alchemical schools there is a lot of further work to be done after the 'flame' process - preparation of the vessel/cauldron. But that's not what I'm referring to.
  5. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    Good point. And fatigue, headaches and symptoms of autonomic dysregulation might be caused by the brains inability to activate functional networks, proper blood circulation and the glymphatic system. Meds, and the reason why one started on meds, can cause that. Proper basic practices will fix that though (If I ever get an PPD I will dedicate a thread to this subject).
  6. What are you listening to?

    396 Hertz for my dog. Earlier it was Geddy Lee with Yes through headphones.
  7. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    You dont necessarily needs a detox, maybe theres no medication left in your body. What happens is that long term use of SSRIs will change tthe structure and quantity of your serotonin receptors to adapt to the medicine. When you stop, your brain need to readapt his receptors because you changed serotonin supply. You will feel these effects until your brain get totally adapted, it may be fast or it may take time.
  8. Question on the dantians

    I know that’s your opinion. I don’t agree with you. In my tradition, Dantiens exist, and all we do is make them more coherent (sort of like focusing light into a laser beam). Yes the teacher can and sometimes does kickstart the ‘flame’ so the student can make it into a functional fire. As with a few other topics, we have to agree to disagree on this.
  9. Unwinding Desire

    Desire is a clunky word it's way too broad unless you have a teacher that can give a very specific definition that aligns with the tradition. Desire is part of the three poisons in Buddhism. Desire, Aversion and Ignorance. 'Desire' isn't simply wanting a glass of water - it's more like a clinging - like an attachment to sensory desire. At the root of who 'you' are you may find a kind of deep hunger for some sensory stimulation... to feel good, for sexual gratification, attention, status, money, and all the sensory delights that money can buy... While desire is a 'pull' - aversion is very similar, but more of a 'push' - a kind of dissatisfaction. Ignorance is confusion, delusion - lying to yourself...
  10. Hua Shan Pai Do Ga Qigong

    Thank you. And with you receive any info please tell me!
  11. What are you listening to?

    The mighty Ennio Morricone has left us
  12. Body, Speech, and Mind in the Bön dzogchen teachings are the doorways to the three bodies and are referred to as the Three Doors. In the Bön system the Body maps to the Dharmakaya or Bönku - the Body of Bön. Speech is Sambhogakaya, or Dzogku - Body of Perfection. Mind is Nirmanakaya, or Trulku - Body of Manifestation. The mapping may seem counterintuitive but relates to our practical experience in meditation - body of emptiness (dharmakaya) is experienced through stillness of the body; body of light (sambhogakaya) through silence of the inner and outer voices; and body of great bliss or manifestation (nirmanakaya) is experienced through the openness and spaciousness of mind/heart which gives rise to inner warmth, the four immeasurables.
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 75

    In addition to the above, I'd like to point out the point here that is on the people as well, again striving and being distracted and having little concern about their own mortality.
  14. Martial Arts demonstrations gone wrong

    Here is Dillman self confessing his fakery (and a whole lot of others ! ) and also admitting he had a real chance with a real master * but never followed it up .... he went down a very strange path instead . * Hohan Soken is 3 back in my style's linage through Ted Lange - who settled in Australia (ie, my instructor's teacher was Ted and Ted was a student of Hohan Soken . seeōken - 'students' . )
  15. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    The magic I practice is not ritual magic, but the art of making things happen without motion. Controlling the weather for the day with a thought would be a good example of it, but it's easiest to think of it as a soft luck modifier without the need for physical action. It doesn't require journal-ing, nor do I keep records of spells I cast or techniques that I learn. I've actually never kept a journal for anything, ever. It's one thing that's just against my personal values. I'd like to leave very little proof of my existence, if at all possible. Well, that's becoming less and less possible with each post I make online, so I may need to reconsider that value. Indeed though, my house is not exactly clean. It's cleaner than when I started, but definitely not "clean". That said, I don't think it's at the point where it would cause this process to stretch like this. The only other thing I can think of is contamination in my energy, which would be a bit harder for me to notice, but I do not think is the case given the fact that my internal energy has only risen since starting and my external energy influence has stayed steady with slight improvements. I'll look it up, thank you! A lot of my issues with cultivation are in the fact that 20+ years of work was covered in a 6-hour seminar, so I've definitely got holes in my process. He did cover both micro and macro orbits, but I did not recognize how important they were to open until after I'd already had my fire rise, so I'm paying the price now.
  16. Question on the dantians

    ‘Don’t exist’ and ‘do exist’ are not the only choices When you go to create a new field for your crops you first find a fertile spot - where the soils are naturally deep and rich - but not so deep to be wet and boggy... this is very much like the lower Dantien of an untrained person. The next step is to cultivate that land - clear the stones, pull the weeds get things flat and even. This is the ‘Tien’ part of Dantien - meaning field. This is the LDT of a trained person. The step after that is growing the plants - watering, weeding, managing the winds, rains and sunlight until the plant produces a seed - this seed is the ‘Dan’ part of the Dantien - the elixir. This is when you have the true Dantien. Although we usually refer to the area at all three stages of development as the Dantien.
  17. Martial Arts demonstrations gone wrong

    seen it before , a good one though , black uniform guy started out as tool ; got told the others name and he 'Whatever " WTF . the other guy reminded me of myself at Aikido; I wouldnt resist but I wouldnt take a dive for them . some thought the other is supposed to take a dive. hence ..... Aikido 'demonstration' , some instructors hated that , others, it didnt matter , and they did their technique easily on me .
  18. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    I’d recommend you o find Damo Mitchell’s MCO course - it’s free and the only genuine teaching on the mco that I’ve come across in public.
  19. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    yes a practice journal is very handy for exactly that reason and more. It’s a useful tool
  20. Experience with tcm - Not qi gong

    While this is all very new to me it is my understanding QiGong isn’t quite as simple as just starting a routine. It’s more of a wholistic system. A lot of preparatory work is done to set a strong foundation for both the mind and the body. Just like proper TaiChi would never have you learning a routine until at least 6 months of movement/meditation prep.. I would suggest reading the book The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, available on Scribd. If you don’t have an account I will happily send you the PDF, just PM me. Cheers, E. S. A. The Wanderer
  21. Question on the dantians

    First off: thank you for the reply! I may not have been clear in my description, but I am already at the point of being able to use qi from my dantians. That said, I was not familiar with the idea of not being able to manipulate energy from them without intent, so that is a much appreciated point. Does that mean that it is impossible to apply acupressure/acupuncture to the dantians directly? Would this mean that external healing/attacks on the dantians are impossible? I've not tried to mess with someone else's dantians before, so I would not know this from experience.
  22. Question on the dantians

    Dantian is different from the acupuncture point . The acupuncture points are always there as important , existing energy concentrated points on the meridians even you do not apply your mind to it or just in sleep . For example, one of the most common used acupuncture points is on the Large Intestine Channel: LI4, Hegu( '合谷') , in between your thumb and index finger, where you can sense it by pressing and holding it for 2~3 minutes , then you sense some flow of energy along your forearm . Dantian is something different; if you do not apply a mind , some intention on it , qi will not arise from it to show its existence , let alone rising from the bottom of our body to your head . First you mobilize it by slightly apply your mind to the lower , middle or upper dantian ( apply a mind to the UD , its strength is difficult to grasp , don't careless try ! ) , then later for initializing higher quality of qi, you apply no-mind to one of them , or just "apply " no-mind to nowhere ..
  23. Experience with tcm - Not qi gong

    Both qi gong and TCM herbs use the same stuff to sustain and nourish us : jing and qi . The only difference is by ways of different media . While TCM makes use of jing and qi in treated herbs , minerals ,inserts ..etc that we eat , stick or steam the body, smell into our nose ...etc , gi-gong practitioners use mind , intention, focus or just no-mind or no-intention to initialize , first qi inside our bodies , later qi outside of our bodies , to do the same job . Some TCM herbs , same as qi-gong , do replenish our kidney -yin as qi-gong does .
  24. Chi generator to store chi

    I was under the impression they proved external Qi. In fact from great distances. There is a document in the CIA archives I saved that went over all the studies done by the Chinese government or something along those lines. Read chapter 3 from the official CIA library. CIA-RDP96-00792R000300430003-5 If you don’t feel comfortable going to the link, PM me and I will happily send you the PDF.
  25. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    What a sight to see. Never heard of anything like this. I wonder if maybe something in Paradoxal’s day to day life is causing a influx of toxins that is not allowing you to get pat this point. I am very new to this myself and am very interested to see if I will have any of said effects related to my personal drug use. Maybe a daily log would be useful? That’s what we do in ritual Magick. Very precise notes and observations that allow you to try to parse connections and then further try to discern correlation vs causation. What you ate, sleep schedule, etc... things you feel might have an outcome on your practice. Cheers, E. S. A.
  26. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    You are wherever your thoughts are, Make sure your Thoughts are where you want to be. -Nachman of Breslov
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