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  2. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    The 12 year orbit of Jupiter was used to calculate the Solar year and Solar calendars. Previous to that, Saturn was used to determine the Lunar Mansions and Lunar calendars. That's the switch in Greek mythology from Chronos to Zeus. Coastal people watched Tides more, inland people watched the Sun. The "offices" are Time Periods. Just like Wu Xing (& 10 Stems) are Time Periods - the order of the risings of the visible planets on the horizon. All this was used to create the Chinese calendar. -VonKrankenhaus
  3. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    Zhineng is the first qigong I practiced and an excellent lineage/practice. It is their wall squat, which are screaming hard while being anatomically excellent for alignment.
  4. Do What Thou Wilt

    That last post was in response to this ^
  5. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Actually 7 stars: Lo Shu adds the Pole Star that these rotate around, Polaris, as well, but that isn't a star "in" the Big Dipper. Also, Mizar, the second star from the end of the Big Dipper's handle - is a binary with Alcor - traditionally a test of eyesight ability. Of course, that's the source of the "Swastika" as well. None of these are "real people", but at various times both real and imaginary people have been associated to them. VonKrankenhaus
  6. Do What Thou Wilt

    I got my deck waaaay back as a youngun, only one Fool card in it . Not only that, it also came with only one magician card , the one on the right .
  7. INFERNO !

    Its not looking good. Slowly the fire creeps closer everyday . Now the one the idiot arsonist lit crossed the main road, has joined in with another huge one and has got into the head of the valley I live in. Its still a few km away and even if it didnt get here, this is one of the few ancient rainforest areas left that has not been burned . Now, this relatively unburnt area is surrounded by a horseshoe of fires.... slowly closing in. I went to a huge meeting yesterday with the fire services and locals at the local hall. We were told that, inevitably, it is going to get here, its a narrow valley with only one road in and out. The only thing that is going to stop it is heavy rain and that is not predicted until February . They keep making containment lines but they dont work. Last night the smoke was so bad it was inside the cabin, I could see it under the lights . It could take 3 weeks for the fire to et here or a few days, depending on conditions. They havent been able to do much preparation as they have been busy elsewhere, like to the SE around Kempsey where over 40 homes have been lost. They have asked for extra help next week, more crews, choppers and the air tanker , but 'authorities' seem reluctant . They need them elsewhere. There was also some controversial issues . Like when someone questioned the condition of fire trails . hearing between the lines - they have been neglected and problematic, probably due to lack of govenrment funding and resources. They said they tried to get a big dozer up one of the forest roads to get into the area to redo the fire trails but they sent it up on a huge flatbed truck which could not get up the road . .... I would have though to go up with the dozer itself , clearing along the way. Anyway, too late now, that stuff should be done every year. And the government here is still refusing to acknowledge climate change or implement related policies to do with fire and funding . A few years back I bitched about it on here . A few local lads , good kids, being unemployed decided to join the local volunteer fire service. They did well, doing the training , even going interstate to fight dangerous fires when extra support needed, learnt how to operate the equipment , one even rose to 2nd in charge. Then the government informed them that to continue getting their payments they needed to do volunteer community work, They replied they where already doing that but where then told that volunteering and working in the volunteer rural fire fighting service didnt count ! They had to go and do volunteer work ( like refolding old clothes in a church thrift shop or something . So they left th fire service and the area . Brilliant guys ! Just brilliant. sometimes it feels like I am surrounded by idiots . Anyway, gonna pack up , move some stuff into town and leave vehicles at friend place , convert the car so its got a bed in it, somehow and get ready to evacuate ... and stay like that, in limbo, for .... ? Supposed to leave as soon as the map shows a yellow colour . They said once it turns red it is too late to leave , take shelter . Where ? Inside your house and close the windows . Whaaaaaat ? - I'm going early if it happens ...... when it happens .
  8. How's it going?  Starting up nei kung practice again on New Year's.

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  10. You don't need to make war to be happy. And everything that anyone has ever wanted to do, be or have, is because they thought that they would feel better in the being, doing or having of it. When you actually make joy your priority, unconditionally, emotionally, then you will understand life evermore. But if you're still waiting for conditions to change, just hang on, you will die soon. And then you got no excuse anymore to not be happy.
  11. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Amitabha (alternate name Amitayus, meaning infinite life) is a word to refer to a specific Buddha. Supposedly. Many believe this practice is not actually Buddhist in origin, that's true. Mindfulness of a/the Buddha is not sun worship though. Also the word ābhā(Sanskrit)/obhā(Pali) means radiance or splendor in general and is used to refer to the appearance and aura of any type of lesser or greater deva(deity/spirit), who does have that type of splendor, at least in the Pali Canon, multiple times, I assume the Sanskrit Agamas are the same way. Not just the appearance of the Sun deva. That said I'm not exactly a fan of Amitabha practice.
  12. internal anger

    It appears you did not read what I wrote but responded with reaction and then near the end you speak of Oppressing as though to infer that something I wrote promoted oppressing something. My response was entirely to the nature of your original message - which conveyed Anger as a sort of useable tool of which we are generally in control. It is not a "useable tool" but rather what I described above - much more of a Happening. Specifically I mentioned that no judgment upon it or toward it was helpful - and Specifically that overall the idea of it as a Tool somewhat laughable. Anger is reactionary - a tool is something you choose to employ. If you "choose to employ Anger" it is called Acting - and yes you can cross the line from Acting to being lost in the acting and consumed by it. It is easy to be fooled by what we think we can pick and choose to "do" To be less IN Anger was never - nor will it ever be - effectively reduced by oppression of it (without at the very least considerable backlash in other areas within) - but practicing mindfulness and learning what catalyzes Anger within us can lead us to far more effectively Being.
  13. Do What Thou Wilt

    Nungali, which Fool card do you tend to use when doing Thoth readings? Or do you keep all three at once?
  14. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    I tried zhi neng a year ago and I felt it wasn't for me. I think there are better systems out there, but this depends of you of course. One thing I like though is their emphasis on doing 100 squats every day. "100 squats a day and never catch a cold", they say!
  15. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    @knowledgeseeker I've been doing Mingtong Gu's online program - and working with local teachers where I live. There are a lot of different teachers who all have slightly different approaches.
  16. This episode was what they used to explain to me when I was a kid:
  17. I can spot a vet suffering from PTSD from a mile away without even a word needing to be spoken. Two vets live close by and one is always dressed in camo fatigues and saluted me when we were out walking a couple of days ago. The other was in Naval Special Forces and who knows where his mind is or was.
  18. Do What Thou Wilt

    The movement of the Star in the Thoth deck, and how this movement is actually related to a passage in the Book of the Law was interesting to me as well. Today, I'm contemplating the old and new Fool (with the visual reference being the Rider and Thoth cards). What is presently standing out is the potentiality presented in Thoth, compared with the clear precariousness in the Rider version.
  19. I grew up around a lot of vets who were displaced from the US after, along with their counterparts from Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. They ended up around Indochina and the Philippines and definitely gave me perspective on that. Some damned good music and it was as one of them said "having Rambo as your uncle, and finding out you had a dozen Rambos for your uncle". Of course, I didn't know what PTSD was as a kid, so...
  20. I don't recall seeing any officers that were persons of color. My basic training drill instructors were both African American NCO's both of whom were in your face nasty at times. As to the ratio of persons of color to whites I would need to research that one.
  21. Did you find that elimination of classist and racist barriers true in your service? What about the disproportionate number of blacks as grunts and denied R&R in Australia, or racist COs? How has it improved since then?
  22. new too me!

    Thank you.very much!
  23. To further your point, military service would remove racist classism barriers which would for the most part would level the field. That was for the most part what happened in WWII with the exception of the Red Ball Express, an Army Air Corp squadron of African American pilots. Regular Army and Navy was segregated for the most part.
  24. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Buddhists, historically, were competition, and taoists suffered dire setbacks when this or that emperor favored the spread of buddhism -- though recovering and thriving again at times, when the emperor would discover that buddhist monasteries, granted vast privileges by his predecessors, exempt from taxes and allowed to own lands with bonded slaves, had grown disproportionally wealthy and powerful, and would get worried about that and turn against the Buddha and toward the indigenous gods again. Institutionalized religions are extremely manipulative, and also extremely manipulated. So the attitude toward your chanting some other name, a native Chinese deity's name, would depend on who you ask, and when. Amitabha is a Sanscrit word for Buddha and means "infinite/boundless light." A version of sun worship, the oldest religion on earth since the advent of patriarchy. So you could probably substitute any name of any sun god. The Hindu believe, however, that it is the sound of particular words itself that has power, hence the prescription for assorted chants and mantras, and it is also assumed that they lose much of their power if not verbalized precisely. The act of just chanting any mantra may have pronounced calming effects on the mind, so even if it's not esoterically powerful in a particular verbalization, it might still subjectively feel as doing something useful. I remember a chant in my kindergarten the kids created spontaneously -- it went "dog dog dog dog" and it did harmonize and lift the spirits. In Chinese Amitabha is enunciated Ēmítuófó. I wonder whether it would sit well with one of those Hindu gurus who believe the sound precision of a Sanscrit word is what counts.
  25. Or we could go back to the days of the Greeks and Romans, where citizenship and citizenship rights meant you had to serve in the military as a citizen and then have military service to even be taken seriously to be a politician, let alone the right to vote. Did you know the rise of "suffer fests" like Tough Mudder came as a result of the lack of rites and strenuous activity in daily life? The boredom and lack of purpose or camaraderie without some sort of calling whether through military or volunteer or religious service is what makes people so lost in the modern industrial world. Of course, Tough Mudder would never sell in Israel because they all have mandatory military service. When I was growing up, acting like a moron led to everyone saying, "Man, go get yourself a hobby", and somehow, being an idiot on the Internet is a hobby instead of actually engaging with others and connecting.
  26. Thank you for your service is just another feel good trite meme. I really get tired of hearing it! There are times when I think the draft should be reinstated thereby forcing all to serve in some capacity. No deferments for bone spurs or other bullshit. Why? Then the U.S. government will be forced to stop using the military as a war of aggression across the world. The primary function of the U.S. military is to stand guard for imperialist corporate interests! E.g. the recent remark by Trump in which he stated that the military had secured the Syrian oil fields
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