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  2. Gospel of Thomas

    True. People can claim whatever they want...they would only be doing themselves a disservice. And im not knocking the ascetic life. It’s just not for me. 😊 Anyone that feels the need to “prove” how unattached they are ... is missing the point...
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  4. Gospel of Thomas

    This literal interpretation is not limited to biblical Christianity though, giving up possessions is also the Buddha's rule for himself and Buddhist monastics, and it is still practised by Indian Sadhus - both of these systems are highly respected and may even be considered to be the highest form of practice in their systems, above 'householders' who practise a softer version of non-attachment. I imagine the decision to 'sell all their stuff, and give the money to the poor' might in itself be a huge step towards non-attachment, though of course it's no guarantee of 'enlightenment.' Perhaps it just increases the likelihood of enlightenment. I think a real danger in the inwardly focused renunciation is that it is far easier to claim non-attachment to possessions than to actually do it, claiming I am unattached can be done today, but very few who claim to be unattached could actually go ahead and sell everything to give to the poor.
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  6. Not mixing

    Hi, Good systems are internally consistent and use terminology and some more subtle ways of communicating in a way that adds up to whatever the goal of that system is. If you mix systems you can get confused by overt and subtle differences which might impede progress. Having said that if you yourself are clear about what you are doing it is perfectly possible to study different systems and learn from them all. It all depends on whether you want to do the work and have clear enough understanding to do this. For many its not a great idea 'cos you can end up with a mush which doesn't really work. I don't think its about dogma as such but more consistency and application. Of course you must make your own mind up about this.
  7. Lord of Death

    Death is coming? Well quite frankly it can't do me worse things than life has done. Soo I'll be here drinking tea and enjoying some butter biscuits and getting a head, while you run buddy. There is no running away from the death, buddy. But damn biscuits and bjs are not so out of reach if you are polite, handsome and/or have money.
  8. Not mixing

    Depends on the system and practices. Some systems are integrated well and adding additional practices could result in some form of overload. Also, views may be different and that can result in different outcomes at a more subconscious level.
  9. Not mixing

    Hello. What are people’s opionins on when a teacher says to not mix systems. Yes other teachers say it’s ok as long as they are spread apart. Is it a dogmatic idea or one in truth? Jeff
  10. Lord of Death

  11. Lust and demons?

    Wow. thank god that I am an ordinary person. dodged a bullet on that one. Buddha died, Lao Tzu died. Jesus Died. The idea that someone who does not fuck is special, is such hubris. maybe special as in short bus special. LOL. Good luck with all that.
  12. It is always open or you'll be a dead man. In our school, please read my teacher's uncle view on this, the way I learnt Bagua and Taoism as a natural result of correct practice: with effort, with my FEET and fully immersed in the natural world, the best teacher of all teachers: Internal Intent
  13. Lust and demons?

    Thanks to you! As long as they benefit the community at large is all that it matters.
  14. Lord of Death

    Perhaps, if you explained what you mean LESS cryptically ? All students die too ... and followers die as well as leaders . Not sure what your point is
  15. Lord of Death

    That looks like Master Ueshiba and his students
  16. Lord of Death

    NO time for happy ...... just RUN !
  17. Lord of Death

    Run ? That will not help . A man went to a fortune teller and was told the Lord of Death would come for him and find him in the town market place in one weeks time. So he fled to Samarkand and hid himself amongst the crowds of people there. But then he bumped straight into the Lord of Death, who seemed surprised and said : "There you are ! I knew I had to pick you up this week in your village market, but I was worried that I could not get there as I have been so busy here . "
  18. Through some experiments I've discovered that, in watching porn, we connect with a species of "shared space" with our Ajna chakra. Porn is a mental construct. Even though we believe it to be the sex in it that makes us aroused, images of sex do not affect the lower chakras. They can't reach them, as those chakras have a very limited (space-wise) interaction with the world - the muladhara chakra only connects through touch and very close proximity, for instance. It is through our Ajna chakra that we connect with the arousal-generating mental constructs of porn. It usually fucks you up, but that isn't too important for the common person. You should worry about that only after having gotten some achievements on your practices. Denying a way of psychic/physical relief to repressed unconscious beliefs and obsessions is more harmful than being covered in the energetic equivalent to stinky shit
  19. I suppose you don't want to become obese like people have been assuming, but simply get rid of having a WAY too low fat content under your skin. Being too skinny will make you prune to disease and can be as harmfull as being obese, so I understand were you're going eith this. Now, there are three kinds of fat ny TCM. There's humidity, phlegm and "meats". Humidy and phlegm are bad fats. The kind of thing which make you obese. The "meats", however, are the things which constitute your underskin fat and muscles. Now, to gain "meats" you'll need to tonify your spleen while also increasing your Yin and heat consumption. This need to be done concomitantly. If you do only one of them, then you'll end up sick. In order to do that, you would need a lot of exercise and lifestyle changes, so I suppose that would take too much time. I have a girlfriend who has the same problem as you, and I can say that most of this "poor absorption" problem comea actually from deeply-ingrained mental issues. Not like you're crazy, but common neurosys we all carry. They could origin from this life or others. In order to help you with your desire, henceforth, I would recomend to make a simplifyed tea cerimony for yourself everyday. Fifteen minutes should be enough, but it would give you the calm and feel needed to listen to what your body carves and desires. Once you do that, achieving a good weight with a healthy amount of fat should be enough. The objective is to reduce the mental restrains you unconsciously put on yourself and allow for you to listen to your "meat sack" (body). It will know what to eat
  20. The Complete System

    Beautiful rendition .
  21. The Complete System

    A great song indeed:
  22. Lineages- old and new

    My answer is with the assumption that you are asking me if an Awakened teacher that does not have a lineage as you have mentioned above can - in my view - take on a lineage with the power and Grace expressed above. Yes - but - it is not necessarily the case. If one is actually Awake and abiding in Divine Essence - and they were moved to adopt such a lineage - the chances are quite high that none of what was mentioned would be a problem in the least. This is entirely in the makeup of what is manifest in that teacher. For some seekers very little guidance is needed and for some close proximity to a teacher is needed - for many a teacher and considerable guidance is needed. Some teachers will not be inclined to open transmission and in fact you might sit right next to them and not feel much at all - unless they open. And even then - the student awakens when it’s time and the teacher does nothing other than reside in Presence. Some teachers are inclined to a very wide variety of happenings and institutions spring up around them. Some teachings are very trance oriented and some teachers don’t trance at all and would not teach trance. Grace is over thought by students - we are all in Grace - yet wilfully sidestep it in the illusion. Grace dawns upon Awakening. Many aspects of Abiding Awakening appear to be Enlightenment while they are quite early on aspects of settled Awakened being. Even many absurdly “high” levels appear to be aspects of a settled abiding Presence. One does not have to be “Enlightened” in order to be at many levels assumed to be reserved only for those at Enlightenment. And then one can argue - or bring up the question - is there such state in its entirety or is it also and ongoing expansion. It is safe to say at some point one has entered Enlightenment - when one knows nothing it would be difficult to say what that would be.
  23. The Complete System

    Ok, but I don't think I need to post a link to my choice since every adult in the English speaking world knows of this great work which drew crowds in the Big Town for many years.
  24. Edward Selim Michael - The Law of Attention

    Ok, I intended to say that if you feel you need a teacher get a live one. Kabir probably says it better than me If you've been working with a live teacher for 30 years, closely, and you're not cooked then I suggest it's not working - you, her, or the both of you. How many of her other disciples are finished, according to whatever definition of enlightenment is in use? How do you rate your chances? I don't equate seeing light/hearing sound with Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not an experience as far as I can tell. I think it's quite possible that enlightenment in terms of these concentration practices is not the same enlightenment as realised through e.g. dry vipassana: however I've never come across anybody who has progressed both Shamatha and vipassana to their ends. I'm also of the view that shaktipat, or initiation, can be of benefit, at least at the outset of one's path. But I don't have a well-defined model of how that works - kundalini blah blah blah, but at some point needs to go beyond the individual body/mind. Atman => Brahman, as it were. I found Salim least convincing when he talked about other people's delusions and ruts. I liked his simplicity (naivety?) with regard to his self-discovered path, but I think he brings an unfortunate outsider psychology to, let's face it, thousands of years of spiritual practice and realisation.
  25. The Complete System

    “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
  26. The Complete System

    It's clear that the lyrics are secondary to the music in case of Iron Butterfly's master piece, so it should rather be considered as not a song at all, than as a bad song. But no need to discuss this any further. Bums can listen to the composition on my earlier link to YouTube, and thus form their own opinion of the quality of the composition.
  27. The Complete System

    like quality ?
  28. The Complete System

    Or leave something to the imagination...
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