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  2. Exactly. 道 … 天下母 - Dao … the mother of all (Ch. 25).
  3. Your Experience of Standing Meditation

    Warhammer 40k references. The Emperor he speaks of: Psyker: That's all there is to say.
  4. Unpopular Opinions

    I’d rather be skinny than enlightened.
  5. Wild cats

    cloud leopard travelling upside down. (unique rear ankle's)
  6. What do you train

    Karate went thought its own evolution. Originally it evolved in 17th century Okinawa as a self defense system after some Okinawans went to China and learned White Krane Kung Fu and then made their own adaptations in Okinawa. Then fast forwarding to the early 1920's, news reels of boxing matches made their way to Japan and the people were mesmerized as Japan didn't really have a proper striking art. The reason for that is Jujitsu was designed to be used on a battle field where everyone was using armor so it made no sense to develop unarmed striking. So after the Japanese people became familiar with boxing they began to look for their own "Japanese" striking art. They found that on the island of Okinawa which was a part of Japan, there was a martial art that we know of today as Karate that had striking. So they decided to invite a few Karate masters to mainland Japan to teach but since the Japanese people were interested in the sport of boxing and not self defense Karate was modified into a striking sport and a lot of the grappling aspect that was organic to it was lost. *I was a history major in collage, so yeah I'm a nerd lol 🤓
  7. What do you train

    I am messing around a bit. Karate has deep roots in earlier arts but Karate as the West (mostly) understands it was formulated and codified in the early 20th century. The juxtaposition with BJJ can be eye-opening for those who buy into the 'mysterious ancient art' thing.
  8. What do you train

    He is talking about modern sport Karate in Japan.
  9. What do you train

    How do you know that Karate developed during that time. I thought Karate was systematized in Okinawa in the 17th century ?? Just wondering
  10. Today
  11. What do you train

    I believe the controversy is that some feel that UFC 1 was "rigged" since Royce was not paired up against any wrestlers but only strikers.
  12. What do you train

    Finding out that BJJ was forming in Brazil (1917-1925) at the same time as Karate was developing in Japan (1912-1926) blows people's minds!
  13. What do you train

    Thank you for the clarification. I am sort of familiar of all those styles and if I remember correctly Judo became popular in the US after 45 and then Karate took over. What I find interesting is the way they market names and some become popular and some don't. Just like Pankration in the 70's that never took off or then after 90s sambo never became popular. Today, there is a controversy about how Royce fights were not equally fought or didn't have athletes prepared as what you have today.
  14. What do you train

    You are correct. Judo came out of Jujitsu. I believe back in the 1920's a Judo practitioner went to Brazil and began to teach. One of the students was the patriarch of the Gracie family Carlos Gracie. Back then Judo was still being called Jujitsu so when Carlos decided to make Jujitsu more functional (ie. throw out what was unnecessary and perfect further what did work) he named it Gracie Jujitsu. Originally even early Judo had a lot of ground grappling but as the sport evolved it began to focus more on stand up throws and take downs and emphasize grappling less. On the other hand Gracie aka Brazilian Jujitsu emphasized ground grappling a lot. It became popular in the states after UFC 1 when Royce Gracie won after beating every other opponent that he faced, which led to the modern phenomenon of MMA.
  15. What do you train

    I thought that judo was the evolution of Jiu-jitsu to become the national sport. I understand that In Judo, much of the emphasis is weighted on standing techniques versus ground techniques. On the other hand, Jiu Jitsu is heavily focused on ground techniques with some standing techniques in the form of self-defense. Is Brazilian much different? Or was it marketed differently and the timing was right in the 90's when full contact, kick boxing were fading away that became popular? Or is it another trendy thing that is so common in the US?
  16. grave disappointments

    B: let’s tell them to meditate on how ugly their bodies are. result: some 100 dead people. B: okidoki no worries, let’s now do another experiment. Yippee, such fun. I would have thought a more natural response of the Buddha would have been to stop talking in public.
  17. grave disappointments

    @thelerner super annoying. I bet they said it was ‘for your own good’, like eating sprouts.
  18. grave disappointments

    Last month I re-ordered my medicine and was told no. Calling learned no more unless I saw the heart doctor. I'd been on the medicine for years. Told them I was about to go on vacation, I was nearly out, just get me some. I assumed my doctor who I'd known for years would break policy and write me a subscription. Nope. I had to make an appointment later and was told no. Letting them know I considered them heartless soulless bureaucrats did not change their minds. So, had to see the doctor. There are worse but when you're on a vital medicine you don't want to feel blackmailed by your health care.
  19. I'm about to just start saying Dao De Yo Mama 🤭
  20. 2 different “jing”s: 道德經 dao4 de2 jing1 清靜經 qing1 jing4 jing1 經 jing1 - scripture 靜 jing4 - calm 清靜 qing1 jing4 - tranquil 清 qing1 - clear 靜 jing4 - calm
  21. I agree pinyin is the one to use, imo all other romanisation systems obsolete now.
  22. When meditating is hard due to a runaway mind, I like to use Guided Meditations or Yoga Nidras. Good ones will relax the body, put you into a light trance so when they end you're clear enough to meditate. Breathing rhythms will do that too. If you're interesting there are tons of meditations on youtube. If the idea is meditating after listening, go for a short ones with a pleasant voice and induction that draws you in, ie try a few. My favorite youtube for breathing rhythms is I find the Dao to be an ocean filled with all things. Our path is to learn to move in harmony with it.
  23. How to build Qi?

    The best way to "build" qi is to still the mind. There are two potential problems with stilling the mind - The mind is scattered (too many thoughts, in too many directions) The mind is polluted (very self-centered, greedy, grasping) The remedy for a scattered mind is to do practices that make the mind one-pointed. Mantra mediation, breath watching, breathwork will help with that. In fact, any repetitive task can be used to do this by being watching and observing the mind continuously through the practice. The remedy for a polluted mind is to do selfless service - volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital etc. As we do more service, the mind gets purified. After that, real mediation can start. And stillness realized.
  24. Hahaha yes yes! That is exactly the scene I was thinking of! You're awesome! 😂
  25. How to build Qi?

    We can of course get energy by harmonic oscillation with virtual photons from non-commutative phase space (void). Unless you're already experienced with handling sunspot guts (烏肝), best way to start is get some fresh air and a walk.
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