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  2. Chinese Shamanism

    Chinese Shamanism is a view of the world and a way of healing, rather unlike what is know today in most modern forms of health. The Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine is the foundation of an ancient School of healing, However; In addition to the parts commonly know in the west, there are additional Key features little known by the mainstream that are still practiced by Shaman today in remote regions of China. Lecturer. Healer, Joel Signeur reestablishes the Five Element Theory including Medical Astrology, Divination and other parts, restoring the ancient Shamanic practices. He details practical examples of experiences using the complete system with literally thousands of clients over many years. Many healings have been witnessed in this work. Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, healers of all kinds and laymen interested in how life works, have gained valuable insight and clarity that is fundamental to healing and the design of life itself. This teaching holds that: ● A health problem generally comes from just one or two main sources, specific to each person. By finding it's root we can eliminate the illness. ● Timing matters - Strong cycles exist that can make or break healing. ● Natural marks on the face map the present and future. "Face and Fate are linked". ● The internal organs interact with each other in ways beyond their obvious mechanical functions, determining the health of both body and mind.(e.g. "The liver is not just a filter.The heart is not just a pump") Link Note 1: Chinese Shamanism is a very long tradition. The TCM has cut off tremendous amounts of its folkore and Shamanic roots by the Communist basically but before too as the Chinese become more intellectual. Note 2: Anything visible or material exists in an invisible form before. Note 3: Our modern mind is too sophisticated!!!!!! Too detached from Nature and Spirit (due to the influence of the Wood element which in turn controls the Earth.) There was a thread on this topic with the exact link to Joel Signeur's page but it is gone now. Reviving it. I hope it is useful to you ALL.
  3. Haiku Chain

    an amphitheatre or dome, a vaulted space in- between the nothing
  4. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    You see that folks ... I dusted two of 'em up at once ! Their Mommas be so fat that when God said, "Let there be light," he asked them to move out of the way. Oh yeah !
  5. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Yes I can . I see energy all the time ! Nope, mine opened on its own spontaneously as a child . But you could be right , maybe I had millions of years of incarnations before this one ? Oh no , many people who read some of my more serious posts realise the opposite . besides, you poo-poo EVERYONE , so .... mhe . and you considered that comment worthy of response ? DUDE ! ... for real ? Come on ... you ca do better than that ! and again ... I never said it was . You seem to have intense and chronic strawman syndrome . Oh, now I get it , you know this , regardless of the fact that I never mentioned what it actually WAS and was just responding to some stupid claim you yourself made about tarot , and then could not even follow the conversation about it , or seem to know about lineal logic or communication , or just plain talking about it , but have gone off on this rant chasticing me for things you have imagined where said . And I am the one that needs medical assistance and is crazy ? Okey dokey then yet Y0U have the knowledge abut a tradition that I never mentioned which one it was ? Oh right ... them magical powers of yours again . Oh man ... I did it AGAIN ..... .
  6. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    If you are honest with yourself about self-cultivation and recognizing the imminence of death, then the practice of transcending fear and panic is no different than any other day. If you are not honest with yourself about these things, now you have a chance to get some real insight into the situation.
  7. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    No more "business as usual"... for a little while, at least.
  8. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    No you cant. I have talked with people here and there is pretty much nobody who can see energy on this board. Qigong / daoist studies work from different angle on human development, and they get to energy vision at much later / higher point of development. If to go by natural order of things and just let it develop on its own it would take many millions of years to get third eye open on its own. Idk if its not obvious for you on your own, but anyone who reads your posts can see that as results of whatever you practiced, you have brain damage and it shows in everything you type. At this point what you need is a medical treatment, not to do "esoteric or magic practices". No. If you can whack someone nose by thought alone, and it can be tested from distance by objective measures. Because you are dumb as doornail, Tarot is not a deck of cards. It is not a game to play. You dont even know what Tarot is and why it was created. You lack some critical knowledge about tradition you claim to belong to.
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. JRR Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring
  10. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Sweden is next to Australia in today's numbers ; S - 3,700 ... A - 4,163 , yet we are doing the opposite . We got the Army patrolling to 'help people understand ' . Dont leave home unless its essential ! But what is 'essential' ? Well, last night our PM gave us an example ; " My wife went shopping and bought a HEAP of jigsaw puzzles yesterday . If her and the kids have to saty home for 6 months , they will be essential . " Also problems like domestic violence rise are trying to be countered , authorities acknowledge there may be some 'side effects' . But preliminary stats show this approach MIGHT BE flattening the rate of new infections, they have not increased in two days . Deaths rose yesterday, but that is a time lag effect, I think . However , I expect to see surges and lags in any trends and stats . I went to town today, it seemed like a normal quiet day , then I came out of the supermarket and the street was near empty . Some places have put up good sanitising facilities outside , others haven't bothered, about 1/3 of places closed . I heard a quick news reference that Woolworths isnt going to allow shopping anymore but just pick ups of pre packed 'staples' ??? The local shop is still a good secret . I got heaps of good stuff there . AND they supply washing facilities out front , disposable gloves and clear distance markers . Now they are doing home delivers soon . They might even need to employ some drivers with vehicles . One further method is regional shutdowns . Bring it on, I say . Besides, IF you are supposed to stay home except for essential needs then you should not be inter regionally travelling anyway . If you have an essential reason then you are allowed through . Our 'far spreadedness ' here may be to our advantage ; there is only really 2 large regional centres south of here to Sydney , in 600 kms. Us Aussies gotta stick apart .
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  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Gildor was silent for a moment. “I do not like this news.” he said at last. “That Gandalf should be late, does not bode well. But it is said: Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. The choice is yours: to go or wait.” “And it is also said,” answered Frodo: “Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.” “Is it indeed?” laughed Gildor. “Elves seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill. But what would you?” JRR Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring
  13. Its a Fata Morgana . Now dont get all sexually frustrated about that .
  14. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    Yes - that’s the one I mentioned to you - just recovering from it on Feb 10th. It will be interesting to see what’s up when they have antibody testing available.
  15. It's all getting too much

    I found Sean ! I gave this guy 10 bucks and I " What happened to you man ?" and he " Well, I had this idea about running an internet forum with little mediation, relying on the maturity of those involved in spiritual sciences .... anyway , long story short , have you read 'Faucault's Pendulum' ? Ended up like that . Anyways , I'm much happier now . " .
  16. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Dusted 'em up again ! OH YEAH !
  17. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Oh cool ! Once, when I was hanging out with Bruce Lee I did this side kick that was so strong, the guy I did it too ended up landing on Mars ! Bruise ( that's what we used to call him ) said " WOw! Nungers , from now on I do MY side kick like that . " and also " We better get a stronger planet ." I never said I was going to punch you in the head . When people get rabid, they cant seem to read properly ! But YOU however have now clearly made a violent threat to me . This will be interesting ! So ... the heart is it ? ... so be it . No , I am far to old for your astral child raping guru , and by the way , calling my art 'karate' is not accurate either , perhaps Mixed Martial Arts is a better term . And we all know how you 'secret power ' dudes go against MMA
  18. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I suppose anyone who even questions what you write is instantly judged as non authentic . What you WHERE talking about was " siddhi, that come inevitably when someone practices with Tarot. " I questioned that statement of yours as BS and now ... your response is the above confused ramble ? Oh, well done ! Where YOU not the guy that said idiots are exposing themselves here ? Okay then ; follower /ˈfɒləʊə/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: follower; plural noun: followers 1. a person who supports and admires a particular person or set of ideas. "followers of Nietzsche" a person who takes an active interest in a particular activity. "he is a keen follower of football" someone who is tracking a particular person, group, organization, etc. on a social media website or application. "she remains an immensely divisive figure, but she has a million followers on Facebook" 2. a person who moves or travels behind someone or something. Nope , none of them . maybe YOU need to check the definition of 'follower' Or maybe try to insult me with a better word or phrase ? What makes you think there where not any of those in the other tests I mentioned . All I did was NOT detail them when I mentioned the other tests . if you cant even read a post here properly , how on earth do your study any ancient texts and get any sort of relevant meaning out of it ? I see you admit to my siddhis now . Make up your mind . You write really confused stuff . First I have no siddhis .... then I do have them ... Now you are assuming I learnt everything from books ? ? ? Or I never had a transmission . Where do you get this stuff from ? Your own projections , your own imaginings . Or maybe my posts are too dull for you and you have to insert all this other imaginings into them ? Oh sure ... I know how that stuff feels . That made you feel like a 'Jedi' did it . Now we are going into examples from fantasy films and gaming are we ? Oh wait , thats how this thread started , I forgot ... 'Mortal Kombat ' Also, as a matter of fact, I actually worked with Neo in Matrix everyday You misread AGAIN ? You are inserting all this confused imaginings into what I wrote . Those skills are not to ascend and become immortal , they are there so we can kick arse BOTH physically and magically . It is rather hilarious to see a dark and brooding ' powerful magician' who boasts and makes claims of magical internal wizard powers, such as yourself , sitting on his arse , nursing a black eye and being absolutely unable to do anything about it Of course I can see energy . Actually that is ALL we can see . Impact on biological organism ? Does whacking the dog's nose with a newspaper count ? Actually my psychic influence on animals only goes as far as my field does . Snakes seem extra receptive and ravens even more so , actually, over great distance for them , but I suspect its not the same one - they pass the message along . ( ah ! < listens > there was one on cue ) You would have a clue about my siddhis . Its just that you read my posts in a .... 'GS Master ' way
  19. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Thanks for the link to the article. It started out real interesting. Do you have $15.99 so I can finish reading it?
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