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  2. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Well mentioned facts. I think it's a personal practice. Some practice sexual tantra 5 times a day at least. Others are celibate for a lifetime. It does on your personal way of integrating with life around you. For example Prince Gotama taught to master the 5 aggregates means to not be influenced by them or feel them when they act, minimising their effects on you. Other can very well master do the opposite. So again, should you kill? Well should you help this one person because you feel like it? Similarly should you judge this ones persons life? Who are you to know. Practice is absolute. You judgement, opinions, emotions and circumstances are not. This is why an ounce of real practice is worth infinitely more than a lifetime of charity and benevolence; in the past some sects would stand up on a rock for years, even sleeping standing up. They become dry, and their spirit could be said to be secondarily developed in their practice, not primarily.
  3. An opinion or observation of madness

    that "someone" is full of bullshit unless they meant certain neo-nazis or white supremist types who have openly advocated and or carried out violence... also your twisted enjoyment of being a fanatic devils advocate any which way is not hilarious but kind of sick
  4. An opinion or observation of madness

    Yes, I was amazed to find here in Portugal that someone had marketed a wine called 'Yes We Can' in the Obama first term. No-one knew what it meant - I mean they spoke English ok but they had no idea why that slogan could have any meaning here in Europe or let alone in the US. There's another wine called Dao which isn't bad and another called Dharma which is quite good. All of which is irrelevant I realise.
  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    Someone remarked that there are many, many people in the USA who would gladly call an airstrike on their own neighborhood. Spite is a huge motivation for many people who have no expectation of getting any tangible benefit from any government. That's why the Democrats are foolish to continually prop up candidates who offer nothing but more of the same. Obama of course won in 2008 with his "Change!" slogan that elicited new enthusiasm from voters. The simple, vague idea that he represented something different led many people (myself included, I admit) to project unheard of hopes on the man, hopes which turned out to be unfounded but which were nevertheless politically motivating.
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    I get a sense (from a great distance) that the levels of motivation to turn out might be different - and the causes, by which I mean a mostly negative motivation on one side.
  7. Emotions are the path

    As I am experiencing it, the I Am is something that is realized rather than learned in a linear fashion. All the books and study were necessary - at least they were in my case. It was by seeing the common metaphysics that exist at the core of all traditions. IMO, anything that doesn't reach the I Am, the realized knowledge of who we really are, is a path that stops prematurely. The I Am consciousness is indescribable. It snuck up gradually, didn't really enter all at once. Once I realized who I was, it was overwhelming. I felt connection with all life. When in the consciousness, it's almost as though there is an emission, a radiation of light that extends out, who knows how far. But learning to live with it is something that I will be doing for the rest of my life. It is ours to wear, to have (after all, we are it) and to be the conduit for the I Am in this world, extending it outward always. And once that I Am point is reached, it is an indication that ego is transcended while in consciousness. 'While in consciousness' is the challenge hitherto. How often during the day do I remember Who I am? More and more often, it seems. My personal view is that it's not something that's easy to wear. Often it runs cross-current to what people are doing. And it's in this mindset, the I AM, that incredible things can be done and performed. Just be careful not to take internal credit for what has happened - that reinforces the ego and works against us. When in consciousness, 'Not-Doing' is always the preferable answer - just letting nature run its course. But there is also a current of agape love that extends to everything and everyone. The awakened one will know intuitively which way to go. Great topic, Apech!
  8. Well it might be hard to believe, I don't mind... After a series of experience that lead me and someone else to become strong allies it the soon battle on Earth (presumptions) If not already started.... I was asked to communicate with my "alien family" in space for a confirmation of my identity[...]. So did I and then the night after we meet me and the guy and I was getting attacked by some forces days before which made me very sick and incapacitated. The person is Tarot card reader and healer and helped me out a lot. Then I did something I rarely do and showed him a picture of an alien hybrid that I could get. The picture is not totally accurate as it is a "redrawing" of my personal sightings/experiences around the Alien hybrid case on Earth. At that exact moment he received from the timer of his stove or oven (I am not sure the word, English is not my first language) that consisted in a very long and very fast Morse Code. Getting closer to the oven would make it stop, recording with his phone with made it stop (The first two time). But then the third time, recording with a phone worked. So we have recorded the message and started to see if we could decode it. My new ally started to decode the first part which was "I am Fesi" When the third broadcast was done the timer started to go crazy about the displayed time then ended up showing only the flat bars and then, back to normal. As in date of today, the recording is on his phone so I do not have access to it yet, (Need a copy of the recording). My new friend was very shocked and amazed as many phenomenon lead him to me and things like that never happened to him so right now I can't tell more has he need to reinstate his state of mind, making him not to decode yet the message any further. I understand him so I don't push. I then made some digging and searching, found some stuff... But yet... I never heard that name or if I did, I don't remember... As my memory is being manipulated a lot by my family, especially my mom, after I request them to protect me against "too early disclosure" of some of our "secret information" [...] I might just have miss something. I don't think they were my alien parents, probably more likely to be my cosmic mom from her plain, where I was born. She is described as cream skin, very beautiful with a small nose and large red eyes having "some sort of red thing, like pomegranate" stating her fertility. I am not here to disclose, but I understand I have to explain a little bit to get an answer. I now see it, it is a war coming here, they know what is kept on Earth... some Forces will try to get it. To be continued....
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    Not "advocating for Russia's forces" or anyone else's, just interrupting the Neo-Reaganite/McCarthyite circle jerk on this thread with inconvenient facts
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    Voter turnout in the swing states is going to determine this. Overall voter turnout has been trending lower since 2008, 61.6 %, 2012 58.6, 2016 58.1.
  11. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Another answer might be to thank them for everything they've done before you off 'em. The other alternative is to be like the man in India who goes around without clothing and sweeps the path ahead of him so he doesn't step on any living thing. Where to land along the spectrum? The choice is ours to make...once we realize who we actually Are.
  12. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I've already tried. It just made things worse. Previously they were silent....
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    if you are advocating for Russian forces just come out and say it instead of putting down western forces, also if you are a citizen of a western or Nato related country you can renounce your citizenship and move to Moscow and get citizenship there where it sounds like you would feel at home.
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    Note that this image is from US state media, so we're looking at a conservative account of US military projection.
  15. Mosquitoes, ants?

    I think this is personal opinion. It’s going to be sects of daoism that Have these beliefs because of influence of Buddhist ideas and depending on the culture or communities aversion to death and understanding. You can’t see how Logically it would seem proper to not kill things we didn’t have to, especially from our human social perspective? It’s logical consistency overflowing from how we view other humans. The trouble is the worlds functioning is indifferent and we don’t have true knowledge of what and why life is. Zhuangzi touches on these kinds of dilemmas of logic and shows that ultimately your “truth”will be ties to your perspective and since we lack the “ultimate truth” about just about everything there’s going to be a whole lot of perspectives. there’s going to be a a number of different “daoisms” you should look into why that is and it will help you understand better
  16. An opinion or observation of madness

    saying it's "hilarious" is a truly ignorant, flippant and shallow statement being that a mis-step by either side during such encounters could result in a serious and deadly regional conflict involving whatever forces are present at the time of such incidents and which could also escalate much further! Does that mean the US has not also tested Russian boundaries with military forces to whatever extant, no but if we had done as many careless close encounters as the Russians it would be all over international news!! (with undeniable photos and verified reports like we have of them pulling crap, including what they have pulled on other countries besides ours)
  17. A translation is now available online of the Neo-Confucian Xin Jing, a short anthology of texts on the subject of cultivating the heart:
  18. I'm stashing my images - just phone snaps of notebook pages - by uploading them to a free blogspot site (one I've used as a more or less blog for years) and linking from there. Left click on an image and it says "copy image address ", among other things. Copy that, paste it into the post and By clicking on the image you can manipulate size and other parameters before posting.
  19. An opinion or observation of madness

    To anyone familiar with the development of NATO since 1991, this is a hilariously ignorant statement.
  20. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 13

    One of my favorites, and one I'm sure I'm enthusiastically mistranslating because of the delicious narrative I'm percieving.
  21. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 13

    Verse Thirteen To show favor to the disgraced Will scare the daylights out of them. It is very expensive to worry about your body; About survival, about becoming poor,or even homeless. So what do the disgraced have to be afraid of? To show favor is to lower someone, to show that they are your subordinate. Being singled out for favor is as scary as disgrace. This shows that being favored and being humiliated Follow the same rules. Why would someone tell big, expensive problems To a subordinate? The ancient city of Yunwu is in ruins. It has vanished into clouds and mist, The name is Remembered as a quality of Tea still grown in the region; Served at that moment that it is hot and steaming. They had big, expensive problems. The putative author of this account claims to have been there, Not identifying himself as acting as a “the person you should emulate ” in any way At the time. I suppose he was younger, and still foolish. In order to achieve the same level that our putative author Occupied at that time, One would have to solve An unspecified but finite Number of fairly expensive problems. Things pass by, into the past , under the sky; If you are easy going You may depend upon the sky To remain overhead; for events to follow their natural course, For water to flow downhill and so on. Love the body which does the work. It’s all of the power you have under the sky. 云雾 yun wu Yun, Clouds Wu, Mist Shifting nothing Clouds and mist The “Cloud Tea” of Le Mountain 無 wu “it is not” The thing that is not there. Why should I tell some subordinate about my big deal money problems? In my younger days, Before I was as wise as I am now, I was there at Yun Wu When the kettle came to boil; I was lucky to get out with my skin. They still grow tea there, But under different management.
  22. Need help inserting pictures please

    I prefer to link to pics from elsewhere on the net. It's fastest and does not require any upload, or resizing. To do that, the photo needs to already be on the internet somewhere. You right click on the photo/pic you wish to use and then select the 'copy image location' option. Then you return to the post you wish to add the pic to and right click, select the paste option and the image should appear in the window. You can also upload a limited amount of files directly to the site through the attach feature which is just under the reply window. Next to the paperclip that reads: " Drag files here to attach, or choose files... " This is a two step process. The 'choose files' option will let you browse your computer for the file you wish to add. Once selected, that file will show up under the reply window in miniature, with a small plus sign and a small garbage can overlayed on it. To place the file in your reply, you press the "+" icon and it puts the picture wherever your cursor is currently resting in the reply. If you change your mind you can hit the garbage can icon and delete it. There is a restriction of size of file for this second option. So you may need to first downsize particularly large files or they will induce an error that prevents them from being added to the site. Your third option is useful if you want to reuse a picture you've already added to the site. This is the icon on the bottom right in the grey box that reads: " Insert other media ". Selecting this will give you two options: Insert existing attachment (pics you've previously placed in replies), or "Insert image from URL" (not sure about this one, I've never bothered with it, but expect it works similar to the 'copy image location' you would use the URL of the pic). happy imagining mate.
  23. It is known

    yikes, that is one fierce looking ant! Btw. instead of throwing them meat scraps how about throwing fresh green peas? Encouraging them to be veggie ants instead of meat eaters might be safer ... Now I remember a movie called, "Sand Kings" with Beau Bridges. It had super intelligent ant like creatures that were in and brought back from Mars soil samples. Beau smuggled out a small sample of them from a secure lab and then they got loose into the environment via his at home experiment's with them that went very bad! I kind of like tarantula's and trap door spiders but have trouble with many other types like the fast aggressive ones, especially when they move into the house, thus I think I have a lot of spider karma coming back someday
  24. Emotions are the path

    I see what you mean - and it is true that beginner Buddhist would be taught like that - but in later stages, or at least in vajrayana there is a different approach. I think the insubstantial water is essentially pure but is contaminated by our emotions. One stage in dealing with this alchemically would be to let it settle but this would be followed by transformational processes. From my own experience I would say that we have a bundle of emotions which we are particularly attached to - and we tend to rotate through them in certain moods or thoughts or states of being which have the effect of either agitating us or making us stuck. Both have the effect of robbing us of an awareness of our true selves. Releasing from the 'stuck' state is a heart thing - where if you get it right there is free circulation through all the centres and channels which lays the ground for integrating energy and awareness. Something like that
  25. Serpent Lore

    I found this old thread about frogs and snakes which has some nice pictures: and I thought I'd use it as a jumping off point. I can mostly talk about Egyptian snakes and serpents - because that's what I know a little about - but also we could cover the Nagas from Indian mythology and I'm not sure what Daoism has in the way serpents. Then we have the old favourite of kundalini serpent power. Just to kick off from the 'snakes and frogs' thread I should mention the Egyptian Ogdoad. These are eight deities which represent primordial chaos - they are four pairs male and female of frogs and water snakes. Their names mean 'wateriness', 'darkness', 'infinity' and 'hiddenness' and they were worshiped in Khemenu (City of the Eight) which the Greeks called Hermopolis. the word for infinite or chaos was often represented by a tadpole - you can imagine a pool full of squirming tadpoles. Because they are amphibians they live on the edge between water and dry land - in fact they metamorphose from one to the other - so you can see the idea of something which originally belongs in the primordial water (soup) and emerges onto dry land as suggesting how things are energised by the infinite to create life.
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