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  2. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Flatulent Earth ! Dont blame me , its Aristotle's idea ; " The earth is essentially dry, but rain fills it with moisture. Then the sun and its own fire warm it and give rise to a quantity of wind both outside and inside it. This wind sometimes flows outwards in a single body, sometimes inwards, and sometimes it is divided. All these are necessary laws. Next we must find out what body has the greatest force in movement. This will certainly be the body that naturally moves farthest and is most violent. Now that which has the most rapid motion is necessarily the most violent; for its swiftness gives its impact the greatest force. Again, the rarest body, that which can most readily pass through every other body, is that which naturally moves farthest. Wind satisfies these conditions in the highest degree (fire only becomes flame and moves rapidly when wind accompanies it): so that not water nor earth is the cause of earthquakes but wind, namely the inrush of the external evaporation into the earth. ‘We must suppose the action of the wind in the earth to be analogous to the tremors and throbbings caused in us by the force of the wind contained in our bodies. Thus some earthquakes are a sort of tremor, others a sort of throbbing. Again, we must think of an earthquake as something like the tremor that often runs through the body after passing water as the wind returns inwards from without in one volume.’
  3. An end to the intellect?

    No he does not say ' stamp out those that get in your way, and get your way' YOU added that to what he did say and what he did write, which was ' Do What Thou Wilt ' You got the first part right , but why did you feel the need to add that second bit , which is something you made up ? No, wrong again. That is not the only Law , even if it was one , as you yourself have been writing in other posts on DBs ; 'Love is the Law .' Is it ? or is this just you declaring what a complex piece of writing 'is' and that's it , end of discussion . Where on earth did you pick up these 'tactics' ... and why on earth do you think they will work .... and here , of all places . You gave up and lost interest as you found it too hard (on more than one level ) so you just declared to yourself you ' got the message ' and stopped reading . The message is NOT 'Do What Thou Wilt, and fight for what you want'. It is very clearly ' Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, love is the Law , love under Will . Which even YOU started off quoting at the beginning of this written out saga of yours . Mhe .... I am proud , confident and wealthy and I STILL cant do what I like .... it would interfere with my True Will too much .
  4. No I dont claim " Crowley wanted everyone to be different " . he did acknowledge every one WAS unique and individual though . And in another thread I did not say " there is a Greek definition of life that would be the same for all of us, and call that our True Will " So any demand from you about which is the statement I never made in the first place is defunct . If you cant read and understand what I write and have to make stuff up about it , heaven knows why you chose someone like Crowley to interpret !
  5. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    學道之人不識真 People who study the Way do not cognize the real 只因從前認識神 Simply because they always identify with the thinking mind 無量劫來生死種 The seed of rebirth and redeath for innumerable kalpas 痴人喚作本來人 A fool summoned to act as the original self
  6. Scott Meredith

    What book was that out of interest ? He has quite a number of them. Can you explain what you mean by Niwan, like the center of the head ? No matter the teaching style or the way this guy chooses to engineer everything, you've got to give props to this guy. Just for the fact he's an MIT PhD who speaks both fluent Mandarin Chinese *and* Japanese, and also went quite deep in the internal arts, even if he's doing his own thing "McGuyver" style. Hope I can be like him one day, at least meet him half-way haha. Although I don't like engineering my practices at all, but I'm sure he has many valuable things to say. I enjoyed one of his books a while back. It's very interesting the image you choose Cheya. I know a Master that is quite far along spiritually and she also showed me that image, the same as your avatar, because it matched her own experience too. Out of all the images she had access too, she chose that one, just like you. I think it's significant. She also gave me that image on a postcard, so when I see your avatar I think of that. You know what they say, great minds think alike, haha.
  7. An end to the intellect?

    Lets take a second look at Thelema. According to Crowley, Aiwass is either a being from another dimension, an alien, his higher self, his guardian Angel, or, as it says in the book of the Law the minister of a God. He claimed to have heard it, claimed to have channeled it, and if I know Magick, probably wonders if he didn't just conjure it all up based on his own knowledge. The fact is he calls this book sacred scripture- so in his mind he is either the God that declares this, or it was given to him by a being from a higher plane, that is a God. As far as "creator" goes, I don't think Crowley or Aiwass claim to know one, but they do claim that the Universe is the playground of Hadit, and the rest of us, and that this Law means to fight for what you want, and its really that simple. You can look at things he wrote after he "received" this text, thoughts on what it might mean and how it might work, but the actual BOOK of scripture, unless you consider his writings as well to be holy, says that this is the Law: Do What Thou Wilt, stamp out those that get in your way, and get your way. Is this a book of lawlessness? Yes and no. It is a book where the strong declare the Law, and so the only Law is that the strong get their Will done, and that is as far as any of this needs to be considered. What Crowley suggests in his after works is how this might work if the strong used his reasoning to get their Will done. This is just HIS thoughts on what makes sense, and frankly I don't know enough about his Will or logic because I didn't complete my study of Liber Aleph and by the time I got to his Class A documents I lost interest in listening. I got the message- Do What Thou Wilt, and fight for what you want. If you don't take these things as scripture, then its just fiction and the musings of a man that wanted to do what he liked because he was proud, confident, and wealthy.
  8. Scott Meredith

    Hi Tao Stillness, I chose that image as closest I could get to my experiences after locating.. and activating... what Scott calls Niwan, the energy center in the very middle of the brain. Never in a zillion years would I have found that without Scott's input, and finding it was a transformational discovery for me. That said, I'm interested in all things brain, and will definitely have a look at Ken Cohen's piece on brain cleansing. Thank you!
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  10. An end to the intellect?

    Purity of heart is to will one thing. Soren Keirkegaard.
  11. The way you all act in this forum

    products and consumers? The Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality "school" doesn't sell anything. So do you consider "dragon" and "tiger" to be part of a school? I consider them to be principles that transcend even China - the dragon was most likely originally the crocodile from ancient China and so connects to India and even Egypt. Only the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth are found in ALL human cultures. So the Octave is the Emptiness and Yang is the Perfect Fifth and Yin is the Perfect Fourth. Those are the basic principles of the oldest philosophy of India as well - the "three gunas" - and also from Pythagorean teaching. These principles go back to the original human culture, the San Bushmen, from even before human language had spread to different dialects!! So the San Bushmen intentionally use gibberish words in their healing songs just as qigong master Yan Xin did mass healings in many parts of China where they could not understand his dialect!! So then we can understand the principles without even needing to understand the language. That is the beauty of music as meditation.
  12. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Take that, flat earthers!! Now you've got your ultimate proof that the earth is a globe!
  13. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I just remember a thing that used to happen at work ; Wait ! Wha's that noise ? Sounds like air coming out .. has your tyre got a puncture . " What ! " bends down to listen to tyre ..... " BRAAAAAATTT TT T ! " One time the Greek veggie man turns up with a delivery , another huge one . Me; "Oh no, we gotta make a pass chain again " Veggie man ; " Dont worry boys, I git a new trolley . " pulls it out the back of truck . Me; " Say, thats a nice trolley , looks brand new and .... hey whats that noise , is the tyre leaking ? " Veggie man ; " WHAT ! Its brand new ! " bends down to listen to tyre . Simon ( 2 IC ) : " NOOOOOO ! " grabs veggie man and wrenches him away . Veggie man : " What the hell ? " Simon : " Dr Bacon was just about to fart in your ear . " A few days later Veggie man gives Simon a bottle of wine " here ya go, this is for saving me ." Simon ; " Huh , saving you ? " Veggie Man : " Yes ... saving me from Dr Bacon's fart ." (or what is otherwise known in the industry as ' back quack' .
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    (Reason for edit: Nungali said it all)
  15. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Maybe you should use Earl Grey's friend as one of the scary things.
  16. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I got a friend that used to like blowing stuff up . As time goes on, that gets harder , fireworks where banned eventually and used to have to do seedy stuff , like go to Canberra and make undercover deals with Chinese grocers ( " You want cheap firecracker ? " ... "Yes I do actually ! " ). When that dried up it was flogging explosives from the special effects department . But nowadays, when a bin or something blows up people dont laugh any more , explosions make people nervous . So what to do ? I am visiting his house in the city and he wants me to watch a little film he made , of the latest 'Sculpture Symposium ' - they have this thing once a year where a popular coastal walk in one of the very expensive suburbs in eastern Sydney s dotted with sculpture and modern art and the locals can stroll along , stop, sip their portable champagne and engage each other in 'symposia' Whatever ... so the film starts, there is a cave / grotto with people standing around looking at some yuppie conglomeration and discussing its artistic merits . Then Billy enters the scene and i realise one of his mates must be filming from nearby. He stands there contemplating the sculpture from different angles, trying to mix in with the crowd then makes his way over to a nearby rubbish bin, drops something in it and starts to walk away , increasing speed . Oh no ! Whats he done, this is gonna cause a problem ! But there is no bang . Then people standing around gushing about the obscure 'installation' start looking uncomfortable, moving around, looking at each other , now fanning the air, covering their faces and start to evacuate the area . "Whats going on ? " I asked . :" Fart bomb . " Oh dear ! [ A while back, he showed me a birthday card he got from work , he said he didnt get it and asked me why anyone would give him a card like that . Really ! ? It was one of those retro cards ; a man in a straight looking suit holding a briefcase is running down a street laughing - caption ' Although Brian (and someone has written 'Billy' ) was a full grown man with a steady job, he still found it funny to knock on peoples doors then run away .' ] Described him to a T ... but he still doesnt get it - He is banned from it completely now, one of his old decayed Chinese 'Roman candles' blew up and misfired,, one ball hit his wife in the head and another went through an open house window ... boy did she go off ! The last event, I was at a dinner party at their place , he excused himself and wet out to, we thought , the back toilet . Then we hear a flush and the basin tap, he comes back sits down and we continue . A minute later KA - BOOM ! far out ! Everyone at dinner nearly jumps outa their skin. His house backs on to the University car park, a big hollow concrete structure. Wife - angrily . 'BILL ! ' Innocent : " What ? " " Did you do that ? You did didnt you ! " " Of course not , what, you think I can jump the back fence, jump the Uni security fence, plant a banger, jump back both fences and get back to the dinner table before it goes off ? I dont think so . " Wife ; < nasty glare > Later when his wife leaves the table he winks at me and learns over and whispers " Time delay fuse " . Its gonna go bad one day !
  17. Dealing with extreme twists and blockages in channels

    I'm not kundalini-active... although I have had a few momentary experiences of what seemed like kundalini activity in the past. One example was in the hypnogogic state, just after I'd been dreaming about facing death, and I felt an immensely powerful and intelligent energy, way beyond anything like qi, pushing against blockages after it came to life in my sacrum area. I could feel it boring/burning through small sections, and it felt ferociously destructive as it became more animated. However, I realised that this was only the case from the perspective of the obstructions that opposed it; so despite being somewhat frightening, it was an experience I very much welcomed as it shone a probing light on the more obscure and inhibiting parts of the mass of mortal imperfections I habitually treat as my true self. Likewise, when I've felt gentler energy moving around and encountering blockages, I've learnt to see any ensuing aches and pains or uncomfortable emotions as important messages from my body about the disharmony between the inner and outer worlds. Where I would have retreated into a purely intellectual sphere when faced with such difficulties in the past, I now try to acknowledge them and at least introduce the possibility of overcoming them, but that final step of simply letting go in order to move on is what proves most difficult. This is great advice, and beautifully put. I've been heartened by reading some of your posts on other topics before I officially joined this forum, so thanks for your encouragement here. It's very much appreciated
  18. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    post it in tarot section, that could do with a spark up
  19. The way you all act in this forum

    Sorry, I know nothing about OpenDao. You are right, 70,000 years ago there are no schools yet. If a few schools need a long time to be developed, they would not be simple or easy to learn. Some people collect complaints so they can make better products. Critic information can help other consumers, too. Thanks for the link. From my point of view, they did not understand 性命法诀明指.
  20. From East to West

    Law is the language of the gods. There is the material Law, there is the emotional Law, and there is the Laws of logic. Among these are the rules of kindness, strength and beauty. So far none of these truths unite as a whole, and so we have different people placing value on different Truth, and thus: Chaos.
  21. Death of Sogyal Rinpoche

    Sogyal Rinpoche wasn't a monk, as far as I know, so had no prohibitions on girlfriends and stuff. I think he just struggled to keep his head when his book sold millions of copies and he was being courted by celebrities. That's just my understanding though, I don't know all the details of this teacher.
  22. From East to West

    The Christian Faith is very deep in its awareness of Desire, and its unfairness in how we wind up treating one another based on these things, but these are the things that we have, and if you want power and wealth, then sell power and wealth and beauty.
  23. Death of Sogyal Rinpoche

    This dove tails on another thread we had on how celibacy can lead to stagnation, can lead to mental demons out of control. Does it happen more often in clergy due to celibacy. Due to fame and ego? Or is it part of the human condition, happening to everyone to some degree and but its the rich, famous and clergy who get the press.
  24. From East to West

    As I was considering Chaos, its cause and purpose, it finally dawned on me that desire is the cause of it. I don't see it the way I am told Buddhists see it; I do not think that having no end to desire is the cause of suffering, for I believe we like to want, and we like to get. What I recognized, thanks mostly to studying Thelema, was that it is in our acquisition of our desire that we cause suffering- to the people that hold the object of our wanting. This led me to Law, and realizing that the Law of Thelema was the Law of the strong, and that it wasn't just in light of a community of people who all have equal value as living beings. We are a long way from this Truth- for in our society people, though they are meant to be equal, are not, and they are not treated as such. Power and knowledge and wealth and beauty separate one person from the next, and these types, if not outright given privileges, have access to buying them. The story of Adam and Eve is a story of desire, for it was their wanting to be like God that cast them out of their innocent garden, and this is what I experienced, for once I was a wandering youth, in love with life and love, and when I was forced to contemplate Good and Evil, I fell from my innocence and ignorance.
  25. Mair - 2:2

    I know this thread is very old and it much predates me here at TDB. I have been slowly going through the original text in my textbook (新譯莊子讀本, published by San Min Shuzhu Yinhang in the late 70s), and having trouble understanding how Mair got the above translation. The authors of my textbook very clearly make the "some there are" to mean some voices, not some people, and the part about "pleasure and anger;..." are voices/thoughts bubbling up inside a person that no one knows where they come from. After the, "Enough! Enough!" the next sentence is, 旦暮得此,其所由以生乎!Which seems like it is finished by the following sentence, which Mair puts in the next section, 非彼無我,非我無所取。 The first translates to, "Dawn to dusk these come, from wherever they are born." The second to, "Without the other there is no me, without me there is nothing accumulated." I see zero reason to translate the first sentence as, "The instant one grasps this, one understands whence they arise," and think that the two sentences I put together, instead, talk about the thoughts/voices arise and accumulate continuously unless there is no me. Which would tie everything together from the beginning of the chapter and say why Nanguozi (whom Mair calls Sir Motley of Southburb) launched into the whole thing about the pipes of man, earth, and heaven to explain his state of 吾喪我 (I ended me, which Mair translates I forgot me, either is fine) in the first place. My textbook's interpretation of the pronoun 其 as the words 言 instead of as "some people" seems to make more sense, and the chapter division is puzzling to me.
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