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  1. The interpration of the term wu wei(無為), in the Tao Te Ching, simply means do nothing to interfere with nature. In other words, let nature take its course.
  2. Side effects

    Everyone has a different understanding about Qigong. What is Qigong to you?
  3. The internal Taoist Alchemy is separated from external. It is because the external method causes death by using poisonous elements. Since the external alchemy had failed, the Taoist went to the internal alchemy which is called Neidan. The Neidan uses the three intangible ingredients called jing chi shen(精氣神) to form the elixir. Indeed, Neidan works out much better and gives good result for longevity than external alchemy.
  4. In Taoism, I don't think the purpose of Neidan is to unite whth the Dao. It is because Tao is not another name for God. According to the Tao Te Ching, Dao is existed before any god. Chapter 4 The Fathomless Tao. 1.道沖而用之或不盈。 2.淵兮似萬物之宗。 3.挫其銳 4.解其紛, 5.和其光, 6.同其塵, 7.湛兮似或存。 8.吾不知誰之子, 9.象帝之先。 1. Tao is a vessel and its function seems inexhaustible. 2. Abyss, aha! It seems like the ancestry of all things. 3/7. Fathomless, aha! Unconscious or conscious. 4/8. I don't know whose son he is, 5/9. It seems like before the heavenly god. ***** lines 3 through 6 seem to be out of context. They were reappeared in Chapter 56*****
  5. Neidan (內丹) is an esoteric Chinese Taoist terminology. It is a unique term in Taoist mysterious philosophy. I don't think there is any equivalent for Neidan in other cultures!
  6. Does Qi cultivation supercharge human traits?

    Speaking of Qi cultivation, I think that there is a difference between western and eastern thinking. In western thinking, qi cultivation is the cultivation of energy. As oppose to eastern, it is the cultivation of breathing. The cultivation of breathing results the increase of energy in the body. That is what leads to the western thinking of qi cultivation is the cultivation of energy. Eventually, we are talking about the same thing but just one step ahead in the western thinking. It says all in the biochemical formula: Oxygen + glucose => CO 2 + H2O + heat + energy. Please read about cell respiration for clarity. This is something has to be discovered on your own!
  7. Does Qi cultivation supercharge human traits?

    No, it does the opposite. It enhance the personal quality in real life to become a better person. However, it could make a person look younger.
  8. LDT meditation without a teacher

    From the Title of the OP, I think you have some idea about the Neidan already. LDT meditation is the key to reach the realm of Neidan. If you know how to do that, then, no teacher is required.
  9. Talent

    Welcome! Everyone is talented for cultivation. Cultivation is to make someone to become a better person and put some spices in life. That is why we cultivate! Finding out about cultivation is your first step to cultivation. Please enjoy your presence on the site. Have fun!
  10. Cultivating the mind through the body

    The modern definition of Chi Kung is adjusting the body, cultivating the mind and regulating the breathing. These are the three significant factors of Chi Kung must be considered. Hence, Chi Kung cannot be accomplished just by adjusting the body and cultivating the mind without regulating the breathing. Adjusting the body and cultivating the mind are not too difficult but regulating the breathing is the hardest part. The movements of the body are controlled by the mind. The practice of movements will be registered in the brain and the mind will be more flexible to react spontaneously. Also, breathing is affecting the mind. The practice of good breathing habit will help to send more oxygen to the brain. That will keep the brain cells healthy to have a strong mind. Thus both of these two factors has a great influence affecting the health of the mind.
  11. Headache, daydreaming need help

    Some violence happened to you at young age that might causing you to have some flash back, perhaps?
  12. Am I practicing Qigong or Neigong?

    Of course, practice is important. However, It is better to know what is being practiced. Understanding the method to know what and how is also important too. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time or have not accomplish the goal as intended. For example, to practice Qigong is to practice how to breathe in a special way as defined by Tu Na. Otherwise, it is not Qigong as one would think as what that was. You might say practicing Qigong all your life without really know the basic principles and accomplished nothing or as intended.
  13. Am I practicing Qigong or Neigong?

    I don't why people would bring politics into martial arts. It is very misleading. FYI Qigong(氣功) has existed for a long time but it was called 吐納(Tu Na). It is an esoteric term for the special Taoist breathing method and is different from regular breathing. It was practiced to acquire alchemy. The modern term Qigong means breathing method that is easier for people to understand. Some natives and westerners having difficulty to grasp the whole meaning of Qigong by creating their own definitions. Hence, it created a vast confusion in the world of martial arts.
  14. Most accurate Golden Flower translation?

    It very difficult to translate without having a complete understanding of what the author's intend. Is there any particular segment that you would like to have it translated? I could give it a try for you if you like?