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  1. it's not the year of the horse

    No, it is 羊 with no gender specified nor species.
  2. The Father and Son of Taoist Philosophy

    You lost me by throwing out piece by piece without a direct answer as usual. My double headed snake...... Are we talking about Kung Fu or the serious.....???
  3. The Father and Son of Taoist Philosophy

    Year, but the Kung Fu series was written by a China man called Bruce Lee who has a BA degree in Philosophy.
  4. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    The whole idea about semen retention came the old Chinese swordsman fictional stories like 武俠小說. I don't think that practice was ever existed in China. Perhaps the practice of celibacy but it was not called semen retention.
  5. The Father and Son of Taoist Philosophy

    Then, where do you think that the philosophy in the Kung Fu programs came from...???
  6. The Father and Son of Taoist Philosophy

    Great! but how?
  7. The Yi Jing Begins with the Eight Symbols of the Ba Gua

    In regard to the attributes for the front and the back and how they were defined.....??? Let's look at the sides of the hill. The sunny side of the hill was consider to be Yang which is the front. The shadow side of the hill was considered to be Yin which is the back. Ref: Yin-Yang
  8. Can we not love our brother as ourselves?

    It seems to me this is always falls into the dilemma of double standard.
  9. Can we not love our brother as ourselves?

    It seems to me that Yutang was quoting from Lao Zi.
  10. [TTC Study] Chapter 3 of the Tao Teh Ching

    使: to make it happen; let it happen I am glad that we have some agreements in our discussions for a change. Finally. we have come to our senses.
  11. Karma IS real after all . ( or is it ? )

    TM doesn't believe in Yin is within Yang and vice versa. 陰中帶陽 Yang is within Yin 陽中帶陰 Yin is within Yang
  12. The Father and Son of Taoist Philosophy

    It was be because no one has read Chapter One correctly. Lao Zi had introduced Wu(無) and You(有) in Chapter One and explicitly expressed throughout the TTC. All ZZ's ideas were derived from LZ.
  13. Conflicting Info

    The key to get the correct answer is from the right source. It seems no one knows how to get to the right source. Unfortunately, the source may be right up front for grabs but many chances had gone by unknowingly.
  14. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    Walker..... Sorry, my translation had disappointed you. I am glad that you didn't like it. To be honest with you, I had done my best to do an unbiased translation to reflect what the article says. btw I don't think my Chinese is that bad and deserve such strong remarks from you. However, even though I did the translation but I did not like it anymore than you do. It is because I believe that is not what Chi Kung is all about neither.
  15. Some Info on Hu Yaozhen

    Okay..... I will stop here.