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Found 2 results

  1. I don’t mean the usual changes in sensation (like changes in temperature), but is there any physical change?
  2. the lower dantian?

    Mantak Chia talks about applying pressure to the lower dantian with your finger for one to five minutes and then place right palm over your left palm to mediate. I have found this useful and been using this mediation technique. He points out not to visualize or worry about your breathing but feel with intention, but I also know others talk about visualizing with intent to activate the lower dantian combineded with deep breathing through the nostrils. Do you guys feel that I should visualize at the same time I mediate on the lower dantian and apply breathing as well or stick to what I been doing? I know some talk about visualizing a golden light the size of a golf ball at same time breathing in qi to expand the qi in the lower dantian. Do you think I can add this to mantak chi technique I have been using?