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Found 3 results

  1. Hello a new book is out called "Taoist Shen Gong Qi Gong for Meditation" available now. It covers a Daoist I jin Jing and six standing posts from the Yang Tai Chi system as well as other Daoist topics. It is a translation from Zhang Dun Xie's book that is out of print and very difficult to find. The I jin Jing is different from the "Buddhist" versions in practice today. The six standing post are not seen hardly at all on any social media. (I have found a little on a Chinese site). They move from posture to posture and are also used for Dian Xue or Dim Mak. If anyone gets it I would like to hear comments about the two sets in it. Has anyone practiced or seen them before?
  2. trey4ever

    Yo, initially i found this place for the 72 transformations. After reading a bit i felt i had something to add and its purely speculation from my life experiences. My name is treyshawn dewayne hall, which is divided like so = trey-host, shawn-women, de-he, wayne-surfer bro. Again my true intrust is in other realms cause my physical perspective has been conquered. religion wise i believe in only reading the beginnings because ending are due for change and change is the most important variable during the 72 transformations.
  3. Tao Te GIF

    Some HT meditations presented in GIF ...