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  1. I was recently introduced to Edward Selim Michael by a very spiritually-insightful Jewish woman who has hosted Quaker and Buddhist groups for as long as I have known her. I recently finished reading Michael's book, "The Law of Attention: Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance". He clearly states that the aim of the book is "direct inner experience" and that is what attracted me to him. My own spiritual mentor of over 30 years once said, "Question everything, even what I say... and, if a teacher can't point you to the direct experiences, then go elsewhere". Edward Selim Michael seems to be such a being who points one to the direct inner experiences. I just ordered another one of Michael's books, "Obstacles to Enlightenment and Liberation", because he warns against getting into comfortable, familiar ruts and I plan to use his book as a checklist to see what tendencies I may have that could be holding me back. Michael seems to be a man who has been there and not just some one pontificating grand theories and quoting the masters but one who speaks from direct inner experiences. I wasn't sure where to post this topic but decided to post it here because, despite his yoga/meditation inclinations, " It was to Buddhism that he felt closest, but as his teaching was based on his direct experience, he did not hesitate to quote Christian, Hindu, or Sufi mystics." To get the discussion going, I will include without comment a few quotes from his book, "The Law of Attention: Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance". (Note that I have replaced the masculine word "he" in the quotes by "one".) 1. "The aim of this book is to help seekers arrive at recognizing, through direct inner experience, their higher nature and the after-death state, the state from which they originated and to which they will return on leaving this form of existence." 2. "Without perhaps realizing it, one will then start to sleep inwardly again, thinking that one is still working by being merely satisfied with the intellectual knowledge and memory of certain limited spiritual experiences one may have had in the past." 3. "If, during meditation, this luminous expanse of consciousness becomes adulterated and diluted in the slightest degree with one's habitual state, it will then inevitably cease to be Truth." 4. "It will be readily evident to one who has practiced meditation seriously and has had enlightenment that what was right and necessary at the beginning of one's quest will no longer be right or practical later".
  2. As the process of abiding as awareness unfolds, one encounters following one of three conditions - actively abiding as awareness with no or negligible other contents of the mind. A apparent departure from condition 1, with a lot of contents of the mind. There seems to be an obfuscation of the “true nature” as one is caught up in the drama of samsara. Abiding as awareness but many thoughts and emotions flow naturally , with no attachment to them. Condition 2 is remedied as soon as one recollects the fact that one is awareness in which dramas of samsara rise and fade away. Even the thought “I am no longer abiding as awareness” is a recognition of the Self as awareness, and realizing this gives one the freedom to be, without suffering from guilt or fears of “losing” condition 1. This realization and associated relaxation results in condition 3 naturally arising. It is that simple. Feel free to discuss
  3. i m new on this page

    hello, i tried to control masterbation for 40 days but on 41th day nightfall happened. i could'nt control myself. i masterbated once n now i feel regret about this. how to transfer this enrgy to the brain. i have lots of question but not able to find the answer. plz help me regards
  4. Hi All.. This is my first post on this forum. First of all i will tell you my symptoms that i have been living for 1 year 3 months now. I just did meditation for 10 month, and all of the imbalance thing happened. I guess its because i was just too focused on my third eye and crown chakra area, not doing any kind of grounding, and not prepared. 1. feeling bumps in the head( forehead, around the eye sockets, crown, and both of my temples) 2. depersonalization and derealization, feeling disconected from reality ( people, places, enviroment, myself, and my mind) even i dont feel its me whose typinh right now, and my hand that typing right now now syncronized very well with my brain because i just feel so disconected. 3. brain fog, loss creative, indecisive, hard thinking prossess, cant read or understand a deeper topic on books, when the first time i experienced this is just so much harder,, i cant understand 1 sentence from books. 4. losing motivate to do anything. because everything looks heavier than before. 5. depression, panic attacks everyday, anxiety.. feeling like what happening in this world is too much for my brain to take. 6. every concepts in the world seems confusing, i cant understand a thing anymore 7. losing the sense of self, like i have been born again. 8. plants and tress look vivid and crystal clear, so beautiful.. except objects, animal, and human.. still looks the same but it disconected way. I have been doing energy follow attention to reduce all of the energy that got trapped in my head the techniques is pretty much similiar with the MCO ( but just for the front channel to drown the energy down, not the spine because it can bring more energy to my head and i dont want that), and also i did grounding visualization and its worked. I have been using all of the techniques for 2 months, and its give relief day by day.. But i feel the energy still so much in my head, and theres also energy got trapped in my throat. Like i feel there is something in my throat, but when i try to get it out, i just burp. So i burping everyday to get out the energy that stucked in the throat. My family thinks im weird, and made me want to go to the Doctor, but i dont want them to spend money to go to the doctor, while the problem obvisiously just about the stucked energy in my throat. Thank you so much, for anybody who kindly helped me out through this!
  5. Hi there, I had the realisation of having aphantasia about 2 years ago, ever since then my mind became fixated on curing myself and redeveloping the skill possesed by 99% of the population. Through my fixation i learned obsessively about everything i could relate to it: digestion, diet, nutrition, leaky gut, chakras, energy, reiki, ibogaine, ayahuasca, god In part i am very grateful to it, because only through the realisation of having aphantasia did i become spiritual, reiki level 2, meditation initiated and fundementally a happier human being through my reconnection with the devine. Every free moment that i have i like to read about ayurveda, yoga, hinduism, energies etc and super interested in alternative medicines considering that i have tried most of them and on my way to study them on my new life path of becoming a natural healer So happy for my new life path, but still there is the aphantasia hanging around almost like a curse. I have considered many causes including stuff like carmic debts and i am almost out of ideas... I am begging anyone that might have tools to help me understand and overcome the affliction known as aphantasia. Thank you in advance, Human
  6. Greetings and Love to 1 and all

    Hi everybody!!! Longtime lay-omni spiritualist here! I'm a working percussionist, drum maker, music producer and DJ in NYC. My family consists of the 3 of us - my common-law wife & an 8 year-old 3rd grader called "Love". We live comfortably in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. All 3 of us do a damn good traditional Okinawa Goju-Ryu class in Harlem 3x/week. Our teacher turned us on to the standing and sitting 8 pieces of brocade forms. It's reignited my personal quest for this old school knowledge from Asia I started when I was a kid - 1st from my father ranting about Taoism & physics then stumbling onto Mantak Chia's books in the early 90s. We're 2 years into this Goju discipline next week & as I turn 44, my thoughts turn to my end game: I want to live long & need ALL my systems functioning strongly into old age to achieve my goals. IMO the Taoists and Buddhists figured all that out 1000s of years ago & I thought this'd be a great forum to discuss. Looking forward to listening to/sharing with all of you. 1 perfect love, Ceiba aka Brotha Sean
  7. I have been practicing the microcosmic orbit meditation for a few months and find it generates a lot of positive energy within my body. I hear again and again the value of meditation. Given the pleasurable sensations this particular meditation generates I wonder if this practice could ultimately be just another form of attachment, one that is best to release. Curious the groups take on this.
  8. Huge topic. But I get asked this all the time from patients, students, etc. What system should I study for personal growth? Here is my two cents from 30 plus years of professional practice and personal study. This will be a thread that I attend to in between patient load at work. Pardon if my reply is slow at times. Sol
  9. I just tried this today and was finally able to duplicate results I'd had in the past naturally. I had to go against some useful meditation suggestions I'd been given, which I suppose is why some say this shouldn't be introduced to people as meditation or they will get the wrong idea. Anyway, I just want to check with my favorite community to make sure I'm on the right track, as I have no teacher, and the problem with looking something up online, especially something as esoteric and hidden as Taoism still manages to be is that you get a lot of different sources from a lot of different perspectives, difficult to discern. So I fall back on you guys. All I did differently from regular meditation was clear my breath out of my lungs first, and start stoking my belly like a bellows, first shallow and fast, but then longer and still fast, focusing on pushing out and letting it draw in naturally. Then after I felt some heat there, I settled into stillness and observed for a moment. Once I was able to focus on the LDT and let the thoughts drift away, I began to observe how the breath in expanded the perineum and the breath out let it contract. Building from this, I started to squeeze it in with the exhale and let it expand with the inhale. This was extremely clumsy at first, but I have practiced squeezing the perineum quite a bit in my life for sexual reasons, so it came quite easily to me I think. Anyway, basically this: fire, pull water in, steam fills the body,keep pumping, more heat, more steam, fire grows. When it got to the heart I panicked and stopped, but continued back on for a bit before sitting back and just observing how I felt, which was warm, pain free without medication (a miracle) happy and...whole I guess, like I was my whole body and not my thoughts, and at moments the sound of falling rain became indestinguishable from the "sound" of my own body buzzing, both in distance and as an object apart from my self. TL;DR- pumped my LDT and squeezed my perineum, felt with everywhere. Just looking for guidance and thoughts, or encouragement if it's due. Practical advice basically.
  10. I keep reading about the importance of the six yangs, or six dragons, as represented by the hexagrams. What does this mean? It is mentioned in many of the texts I am cross referencing as I study "The Secret of the Golden Flower." At the very least, what is the beginning? My understanding is that it means practicing spiritual principles in all of my affairs.
  11. I'm on day 50 of a dedicated routine, 30-60 minutes twice a day. My question is in the title. But more specifically, how am I too follow the instructions suggested to me during meditation without thinking? For example, observing the nature of thoughts, pondering, "Where do they come from?Where do they go?" Also, once Im, "In the zone," as I like to call it,I still have these vague thoughts which are just observations of what is happening. All thoughts of past or future melt away, except for the occasional thought of how I can try to describe the experience to someone else, but I'm working on that. Is this okay and a natural part of progression? They are not constant, and sometimes appear as chatter I can't even hear that sounds very far away. Thank you. It's very difficult to even form these inquiries into coherent questions.
  12. Like the name says...

    I chose the name seeker of truth not just for the good book series but also because I am seeking truth. I have ever since I first read the magus of java. I was heart broken when I found out that the subject of the book was no longer taking students from non- Oriental heritage. Since then, my search has yealded little in the way of truth, clues or people willing to help. I turn here in the hope that someone knows something that could help.
  13. A Shamatha Meditation Based on Symbolism, Visualization, Mnemonics and Classical Conditioning. This 3-level meditation method is based on pure psychology and a completely rational method to develop focus, objectivity, discipline, inner purification, a desire for liberation, inner stillness, understanding ‘destructive normality’, and a preparedness to walk on the path of spirituality. You can read the disclaimers given at the top to understand the objective of the meditation:
  14. I wondered whether the Kuji-In practice has ever been combined with a moving form such as the circle walking from Bagua Neigong? Would this cause problems, or would these two practices be compatible? After all, Bagua makes a considerable amount of use of mudras, as do most of the martial arts, but very few actually use double hand interlocking mudras such as those found in the Kuji-In practice. I usually practice Kuji-In in a static posture, either sitting down cross-legged or standing in some sort of horse stance, but I wondered what effect a moving form in combination with these mudras might have. Thank you.
  15. Hello Bums!

    Greetings. I've read the forums from time to time & found good information here in the past so decided to join proper. Have taken many ideologies from different places throughout my life and have constructed a belief system that is again in transition. Been practicing Yoga and Qigong regularly, many years of different Yoga styles, Qigong is new. Have been practicing the Spring Forest method and would like to learn more traditional methodology to have the option of weaving the two together or practicing another form. I am interested in a spiritual wellness as well as mind-body wellness. I've begun meditation over the past 2 years which really isn't a lot of time. Focusing on breath work. Have worked with TCM practitioners quite a bit over the years though my knowledge feels limited. I wish to more fully participate from a more informed mind. Am happy to read on different modalities a roots of said practices. Am interested in learning how things are connected from Taoist perspectives as have found some of my beliefs and practices here in the past. I feel the need to look deeper. Pleased to be here. Moon Yin
  16. New member, hello to all !

    Hello from Germany / Europe, thank you for granting me access to this forum ! My main intention is learning and asking questions, plus being able to learn from other experienced practitioners. I am coming from the Yang Style Tai Chi form and started out with basic health improvement goals. Nowadays I focus more on topics such as Nei Kung, safe ways to open energy channels and in general similarities and differences in meditation practice ( Taoist / Chan / Zen / Shamatha practice ). I welcome all guidance and once again thank you and my best wishes to all here in the forum.
  18. Most of the Qigong, Neigong, and meditation systems seem to require keeping the mind still and free of thoughts, or otherwise their benefits would be annulled or at least compromised. I have practiced Flying Phoenix system for over a month now and it is working just great: it doesn't require any subduing of thoughts. It was a surprise to discover that there are internal or meditative energy arts that actually worked without imposing any requirements to one's mentations. Now I am wondering if there are other energy and mind cultivating systems that are similarly lenient on keeping the mind still. If there are others like that, then how do they work? Most of the GM Doo Wai's family arts seem to use breath percentage methods which also enable Flying Phoenix to do its magic, but I don't know if these other arts also enable to keep one's mind thinking on anything and get the results regardless. I would love to have experiences from people who have practiced any GMDW's arts other than Flying Phoenix. Does Sunn Yee Gong require stilling the mind? Sifu Garry's statement here in SYG Q&A seems to imply so, but I don't take that as a definite answer. @phil gracefully answered in the Flying Phoenix discussion that there is a Shaolin art like that, but how does its energy cultivation work then? If it's an external method such as in Iron Palm where you keep conditioning your palms with striking and using dit da jow to heal, then it does not qualify for an internal or meditative energy art in the sense I am asking about. Okay, your turn now. Hopefully we all can learn something nice and new about the healing wonders of energy and mind.
  19. Methods of Inner Silence

    Hello again, While studying, I came across quite a few different methods of achieving inner silence, quieting the mind, a prerequisite to most all practices, whether East or West, and crossing many cultural boundaries. The two basics I have reduced to pinpointing and flooding. An example of pinpointing is to focus on one mantra, a single sound, reducing everything in your concentration to a single point. An example of flooding would be the form of walking while holding a particular hand gesture that is not normal, and not focusing on anything in particular, but keeping the eyes open and using peripherial vision to let all sights and sounds around you flood your senses. As you can imagine, you can certainly come up with many variations of this same thing, and probably new ones that I have not logged. What I can say about it, is that when you have silence, sound can easily let you know, because it changes radically and in my opinion, faster than any other sense factor for me. What forms of silence for meditation have you used? How well do they work for you? How many use the form of rolling the eyes up in the head? Particular ways of sitting? Holding the hands in a particular fashion?
  20. The start to meditation is in all literature vague at best, long-winded, and so non-productive that many people bail on it before reaching any positive results except for a nap. Part of that is the funky descriptions, expectations, and sometimes thinking it is some kind of special condition to be reached or held onto with a mental deathgrip. Looking at this from another point of view, I looked at the practices of SW Native American tribes. From the old Celtic view. From other avenues of relgion and practices. The common ground is very interesting, from prayer to ritual and back again. And it points to some basics that don't require lotus positions or other difficult practices. We pass through a brain condition daily. It is not a foreign place. It is not something special. Holding it for a period of time longer than the short passage between being awake and being asleep is special, and the point of most practices. The "charge" point that people pass through while falling asleep appears to be enough to keep life going. One short spark is all it takes. So you would think that falling asleep over and over should increase the storage of energy. Dipping in and out of that state, if you will. Meditation is made even more difficult by special breathing techniques and body positions. Without which, the claims are, you will never make it. I disagree totally. I think that certain methods and techniques help move the mind and expectations into certain directions, but those are not for everyone, and are not the alpha and omega of accomplishing anything. They are simply, one way of many. And pursuit of them should be kept relative to the desire to keep traditions alive, but not held as the only way to reach Nirvana. Making special promises to not do this, or not share that, has become a tragic way of screwing people by many charlatans. But now we can measure them, and no chirp wave means they are full of crap and have no power, and should not be teaching anyone. One of the basic ideas is that you have to "store" energy, fill up your center or Dan Tien... This can supposedly take years, and if you don't graduate from this or that, you should give up and stop trying. Looking at masters, however, at their mental and emotional condition, whether they smoke, fight, drink, or have some serious moral and ethical issues, it appears that ethics and morals do not seem to matter one bit. Living clean and healthy doesn't seem to matter. They still get sick, they still die. Most of them at least. So accomplishing the things we see on YouTube or read about has nothing to do with how you think and feel, how good or bad a person you are, and probably many of the other things that typical religions try to force you into doing to become a master. There are forms of standing or sitting that do evoke a more extreme awareness of gravity, lowering your center of gravity is extremely important. More than likely, this is the awareness of the pull of gravity, like feeling sunshine, which is also moving at about the same speed as gravity. And now science can see that gravity also stimulates forms of photons, yet they seem unaware how they got there. Breathing is mentioned, as the "force" is contained in the air we breath. When in fact, breathing from the diaphragm actually stimulates the flow of spinal fluid. Anything that hurts the nervous system or causes nerve damage can block the flow. Insulators block the flow. Metals are good and solid conduits that can retain this energy. They are also dense, heavy, gravity attractive. So there is much more behind the scenes that science might still uncover about these practices. And that would make sense to the Western scientific mind, and make it easier to produce feedback equipment and create a means to better measure progress and better help us non-esoterics along the way. So what do we know about meditation and science? Brainwaves for one. Alphawaves are the basic strong measure when we observe meditation. Rolling your eyes upward and holding it produces almost immediate alpha waves. So add the eye roll to your practices. To stop yourself from falling asleep, there is a simple technique. Simply hold up one hand. If you become so relaxed that you might drift past the point where you should be, your hand will drop, and this motion can usually catch you before you drift into sleep. A sign that I have noticed, is the change in sound. Everything suddenly becomes louder, or sometimes an echo is generated. I have not found any science behind this yet. Of importance is also emotional energy, and interesting wordplay is E-motion. Without it, the energy does not seem to flow or focus. Also of importance are the visual techniques used by different cultures. The mind is capable of focusing attention on different points of the body, like moving your "attention" to different parts of the body, and visualizing light, expansion, contraction... feeling something tangible. Feeling the energy ball between the hands in Tai Chi is one of these, and after practice it does produce measurable "chirp" waves, which are the same waves detected when science measures gravity. So the assumption is that not only are we becoming more aware of gravity, and the flow of it, we are capable of snatching some form of energy from it, or it is the energy, or the photons are the energy. Regardless, we are capable of manipulating gravity, changing how it interacts with us, and thus producing chirp waves, which in turn stimulate CD34 stem cells, which in turn can heal almost instantaneously. What we can measure, is that the magnetic fields change, the stem cells change, temperatures change, visual sparks fly, people jerk like an electric shock when in contact with it, etc. So if ever there was a reason to practice meditation and awareness of gravity waves, there it is. Alone the stimulation of CD34 stem cells should be number one on the list. The other list, the one with iron skin, starting fires, defending yourself, may also be variations of these same sciences. Science is coming in fast. Please add your own science or experiments that have helped to improve practices, of any kind, since I am very sure the energy is the same, no matter what background or cultural ethnic origin.
  21. Hey guys, A truly beautiful experience happened to me yesterday. I was with a friend. And as we were talking and getting to know each other, I let the idea that I wanted to meditate slide into the conversation. The reason bringing that up wasn't weird was because we were discussing spiritual subjets, and one of those happened to be meditation. So it wasn't outside the theme of the converstation. Anyway, I can drive energy from my head to my toes, I told her. She looked at me puzzled and curious at the same time. I interpreted the silence as an invitation to show her what I was talking about so I reduced the distance between the two of us and sat in front of her, a few centimetres away. I extended my hand. She grabbed it And I said, "I'm going to send you my energy now. You're going to feel electricity (That's the best way I could describe it)." The technique I use to meditate, without going into how I'm able to do it, is to squeeze a part of my brain using my willpower. The effect of this is the same as when you squeeze a sponge and water comes out. Obviously instead of water energy would come out. The way you percieve it is like a rain of white energy that massages your whole body and relaxes you. So I began meditating and she started having all kinds of sensations: crawling sensations on the skin, strange visions about birds and lakes, etc. Another person, on another day, in a whole diferent set of circumstances, told me that she saw a white aura around me and felt electric-like sensations on her face after I had meditated. I have to mentionne that both these individuals are extremely sensitive to energies around them. I doubt "normal" people would've noticed anything. Do any of you have any explanation for all of this? Truly apreciated Regards
  22. Hello and greetings

    Hi there My name is Alex, 27 years old. I really enjoy reading taoist literature and after discovering Mantak Chias books I aim to take the written knowledge and create some experiential understanding. Hoping along the way that can find some junior bums on this forum to start up on the path with and make use of the experience already gained by those who have kept up the practice for a long time. I have experience with meditation and completed a 10 day vipassana course with S.N. Goenka,.. I had known about Mantak for some time after a friend of mine had explained how he had been to Tao Garden 20 years ago and loved it, a few months after I went to vipassana and then on my first day back into normal life Mantak Chia had done an interview with on my favourite youtube channels called 'London real', it was literally one of the first things I saw when booting back up my phone. Tao Garden have given me contact details for one of Mantaks instructors who is sometimes in Bangkok (my current place) and willl start some work with her when possible. I am focusing for now on the inner smile which I find to be a relaxing and rejuvenating exercise and with the teachers guidance I hope to open the micro cosmic orbit. During that time I have started to do some of the exercises in multi orgasmic man. Mainly just the PC pull ups as am using the time to calm my mind away from quite strong sexual urges. It's been 23 days since that started and have been quite strong is resisting the urge and thoughts. This is welcoming and surprising as have had previous attempts in life which never seemed to go past 10 days, this process seems to be much more about the ease and think that this will help the Qi Gong journey. Not directly linked Taoism/Daoism? but am also doing breathing exercises from a book called 'The oxygen advantage' which is about retraining the body and mind to breathe calmer, slower and deeper through the nose at all times even when sleeping and even though he goes about things in a much more western scientific approach he quotes Lao Tzu and Taoist literature once or twice. He has also attended vipassana retreats so I believe he is well into this kind of stuff but for marketing purposes has chosen to position his books in a certain way. However anybody who is interested and would like to try the exercises please send me a message and I look forward to assisting where I can. Thank you for taking the time to read and look forward to this journey.
  23. Wu 108 Long Form

    Does anyone know of a good Teacher of Wu 108 Long Form in the Everett, Washington area?
  24. Emotional Basket Case

    I make time to meditate every day. I don't always make a lot of time, but that's a different issue. Sitting in silence is a strange thing. Sitting. Breathing. Observing. Sleeping? The sudden fall of my head that wakes me before I realize I'm beginning to sleep. Dreaming? My emotions run in cycles. I'll be fine for weeks. More than fine, I'll be content, maybe a little bored, feeling like I'm going through the motions, like it's just a silly game. Then BAM! I dread meditation - hate it - , start looking for excuses to not do it. I'll wake up in the morning, chest heavy, and start crying. Or I'll be driving my car, think of a deceased loved one and start laughing. I can smell their cigarettes, right next to me! Sitting in silence is a strange thing. I don't know where this road leads. In my youth I wanted "enlightenment". He he. Young people want a lot of things. Now I just want truth. Peace is always appreciated. Happiness is good, too.