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Found 12 results

  1. Source: Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson
  2. Hi everybody. I just want to ask some help and suggestions on where do i start on martial arts cultivation? One that boost physical and mental state especially on fighting. Thanks so much!
  3. Where to Start? Auckland, NZ

    Hello all, I am Adrian, 48, (male) Auckland NZ. I've had a long association and interest in Daoist texts and philosophy after my aunt left the Dao te Ching in my house when I was a kid and I found it had a very strong feeling of familiarity and complete 'rightness' for me. I bumped into the Mo Pai thing with the Magus of Java text a few years ago about Jonny Chang, got interested, contacted Jim (now passed) and practiced it for about a year. I think I may have done myself some harm doing this without close supervision - but I stopped because I felt I was doing it from the wrong motivations anyway. In any case then I read a few of Shifu Lin's short works on Mo Pai and Sexual Alchemy. All this makes sense to me but I think I need to find a legit teacher to at least have some more conversations with as I'm not sure I'm ready or have time for hard core Mo Pai life commitment! Also I have a sense of uncertainty about Shifu Lin as some older threads on this site bear out. So does anyone have any advice for me about where to start a conversation with an experienced Daoist practitioner, not necessarily Mo Pai or even Nei Kung, ideally anyone NZ/Auckland based but with reasonable english!! I'm not much of a fan of just doing mysterious unexplained practices AKA "jacket on, jacket off"! Cheers, Adrian
  4. Daoist Dieta

    Good day guys. Jun Yu Xian again for another beginner's inquery. Please suggest a diet that could help me in cultivation and also would help me make my body fit. Note that I am not neglecting workout. I just want to want to eat something healthy.
  5. Book Recommendations

    Hi! I recently finished reading The Master Key by Robert Peng, and the stories with Peng's training with his master were truly amazing. I can recommend reading the book just for the first four chapters and also the last part of the book. Beautiful book. Anyway to my question. I've already read and enjoyed books like: Life of Milarepa Opening the Dragon Gate Autobiography of a Yogi A Peaceful Warrior The Magus of Java So I would like to ask if any of you have read other books that have similar stories of student-master relationships and found inspiring; or simply books that detail the inner journey of a disciple on his or hers way to enlightenment? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello - Have anyone ever heard of the name "Li Pek Wen" or "Li Pe Wen"? NOTE: Please consider it a "fuzzy" reference to the name, as I may get the surname wrong or the name pin-yin incorrect! That name was told to me verbally a while back... Supposedly a really famous daoist author of the ancient... Though I have no idea what he wrote!!! Thanks, Tedd
  7. new or returning

    My name is Jolanda, I think I was here before . Studying Daoism: learning from texts, reading books and scriptures, teaching and doing Tai Chi and Qigong, recitation, meditation, zhan zhuang, circle walk, letting go, returning ... In this moment my Daoist name is Xìn Rù, disciple of Liu De MIng. Living in the Netherlands, wanting to manifest a Dutch Daoist Center in the future, but then again, letting go of desires: just starting with welcoming people to learn, read, recitate and meditate with me, for recognizing the Dao, in a very simple Way ... through email, skype or facebook. Maybe starting a community - group on facebook, if there is interest.
  8. So in chapter 16 of the TTC, it ends with: "Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you. When death comes, you are ready". Ready for what? Is this gone into detail in any Taoist texts? At all?
  9. Here's a hypothetical topic of discussion (and knowledge mining) -- If you were given the choice and ability to create a Daoist community (let's say in the US), what would you consider to be integral parts of such a community? How would you go about building one? Is such a place even practical or possible in today's world?
  10. Hey, so somebody I know purchased the statue in the photo and it has somehow made its way to me. I'm curious to know if anybody has any idea which deity or sage the statue is of. I was thinking Fukurokuju, one the seven lucky gods but the figure seems too tall and slender... Anyway if anybody has any idea help would be appreciated.
  11. Taoism vs. Daoism

    From what I've gathered Taoism and Daoism are basically the same thing; just different translations of the Chinese word. I've heard a few people say they are a little bit different though. Are they?
  12. Hello everyone! My question is - what concepts does one need to accept to call himself a Daoist? My answer would be simply - "The Dao produced One, One produced Two, Two produced Three, Three produced ten thousand things." My understanding is that that metaphor denotes periods of creation in the Universe. Dao = Primordial being One = Existence Two = Yin, Yang Three = Yin, Yang and Qi, however, this is disputed Ten thousand things = Everything that is Am I right or wrong? So accepting those basic concepts: Dao, Yin-Yang, Qi and perhaps the Three Virtues (compassion, humility, moderation), one can call himself a Daoist. There is also the difference between philosophical and religious Daoism, which sounds like a Western misconception. I believe every Daoist is partially both religious/spiritual and philosophical. I sincerely doubt that Daoists agree with everything Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi or Lie Yukou said. What are your thoughts? How would you define the basic concepts of Daoism and how would you define a Daoist? Thanks in advance!