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  1. Lightseeker, what is the name of that book?
  2. If you are getting cold, it's time to turn the heat up!
  3. .

    Can you make a negative ion toothbrush or some device for teeth? I've heard negative ions do wonders for teeth to the extent of remineralizing cavities and regrowing lost teeth.
  4. Using prostitutes for cultivation

    Thank you for this, very useful. I did a little research and came up with the full story from Wikipedia: ........................................................................................................................................ White Peony's most popular legend comes from the novel Journey to the East.[1] It is said that one day, the immortal Lü Dongbin took a walk in Luoyang spotted White Peony, and was heavily attracted by her beauty. Lü Dongbin then transformed himself into a handsome scholar and slept with her many times. However, in accordance with Taoist alchemy, he never ejaculated, in order to preserve his Yang essence. Unfortunately, Lu’s immortal colleague Iron-Crutch Li and He Xiangu taught Mudan how to make him ejaculate by tickling his groin. Finally, White Peony successfully made Lü Dongbin ejaculate and absorbed his Yang essence. Later she cultivated herself and became immortal as well.[2] Feijianji, another novel from the Ming Dynasty [3] had a slightly different version of this legend. According to Feijianji, Bai Mudan was a common girl (not a prostitute) who was seduced by Lü Dongbin. Later she became very weak since Lu practiced "cai yin bu yang" [4] on her. Meaning he absorbed her yin (female) essence, without losing his own yang (male) essence. When her mother consulted with Buddhist Monk Huanglong (Yellow Dragon), he taught her how to make Lü Dongbin ejaculate and thus restore her yin essence. This event enraged Lü Dongbin, he tried to decapitate Huanglong using his flying sword but failed. In the end Lu admitted his mistakes and acknowledged Huang Long as his teacher. In another story White Peony was ordered by the minister Su Dongpo (Su Shi), to tempt his friend, monk Fo Yin. Actually Su Shi hated Buddhist practitioners because he thought of unmarried monks as not sufficiently devoted to their ancestors.[5] There is also a folktale from Song Dynasty which describes her as a haughty courtesan,[6] who liked to humiliate her wealthy clients. Stories include asking them to kiss her butt. When a greedy merchant named Chen Hua was licking her anus, she even farted in his face[7] Actually this is an allusion for Chen Hua's "duo tun peng pi" (掇臀捧屁)[8] behavior. Duo tun peng pi is a Chinese idiom for flattering. ........................................................................................................................................ If you have sex with a woman and you don't ejaculate, you absorb her energy and she loses it. You gain immortality and/or increase your celestial power. The woman withers away apparently. But if you ejaculate, you lose the power and she gains it, depending on how powerful your load is she can even gain immortality and beyond. Or she can take multiple loads from many men and achieve the same result. The opposite is also true, a man can copulate without ejaculating with many women and gain all of their power. Anybody know what happened to Lu Dongbin after he ejaculated? Did he become a mortal?
  5. Using prostitutes for cultivation

    In "Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion" by Stephen Eskildsen pp. 16-17:
  6. Semen retention = useless ?

    Semen retention/celibacy strengthens your will power to the extreme to the point of conquering death and beyond. What is will power? This is when anything you wish or command just happens, you begin to control reality by your will alone (desire/wishes), it's the art of fighting without fighting, doing without doing. Killing without killing, making money without making money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgy9fJV5lEI Watch -
  7. food a limitation on spiritual progress

    This book is gold, ordered it right away. Like I said, there's an easy way to remove the evil Yin Qi with cupping, paida, and gua sha (easiest), and then you have acupuncture, moxibustion, etc.
  8. food a limitation on spiritual progress

    I met Hongchi Xiao in NY 3 months ago, he is the one that's promoting paida lajin throughout the world, words are not enough to explain his presence, everyone in the room was wide eyed as if they saw God himself.
  9. .

    That Weir unit was terrible, it made the hissing noise, made me feel nauseaus (from the ozone and possibly positive ions), and most annoyingly it generated lots of static electricity anything I touched in the room gave off a huge spark and painful shock. Negative ions IMO are Yang chi (heaven), the opposite are the positive ions or Yin chi (hell). This explains the - ion healing effects. After using that Weir - ion generator I lost faith in all - ion generators, that's why I prefer the natural sources of - ions. Which unit did you use to test for the negative ions, can you post a link?
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    This is encouraging that we can have a source of negative ions indoors. The main one I used definitely produced ozone and a strong ionic wind, I could smell the ozone in the air. It was so powerful that after 1min of operation anything I touched in the room (walls, light switch, my chair, desk, even the pen and laptop on my desk) would give off a very painful static shock. This is the one I used, do not buy this one: https://www.amazon.com/Wein-VI-2500-High-Density-Ionic-Purifier/dp/B001GXLH2K/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1472385040&sr=8-5&keywords=negative+ionizers Tell us which models you use so we can get the same ones.
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    Anything inorganic like salt lamps or bracelets that give off negative ions (without electricity) is radioactive and should be avoided.
  12. .

    I bought one of those negative ion meters from ebay for around $50 and tested various items at home. The shower, air conditioner, heater, and faucet showed 0. Surprisingly my laptop showed a good neg ion count at the bottom. Having bought a USB neg ion generator, it recorded good levels and my huge - ion generator was off the chart. But both of them made me kind of sick almost instantly to the point of making me throw up so I don't use them anymore. Nothing beats natural sources of negative ions. A walk in the park, on the beach, next to a river or waterfall, or forest is much more preferred. Even better is to live in a forest or wooded area.