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  1. combating addiction to porn

    I hoped that someone here might have had knowledge on how to store sexual energy so I wouldn't have to consume it. A chi kung exercise, visualization, etc.
  2. combating addiction to porn

    thanks for replys. I can't succumb even to just masturbation, because I view it as a sin. But let's not make this a discussion about whether its right or wrong. Before I masturbated(although without porn the urge came more often) just so I wouldn't have to watch porn(porn is worse for me than just masturbation) but I can't even do that anymore, theres always the urge for porn.
  3. combating addiction to porn

    I have a problem with watching porn and subsequently masturbation. The urge come about after every two weeks after previous falling. I reckon thats the time when my body has gathered enough sexual energy to start troubling my mind. Every two weeks may not sound bad to some, but it is very troubling to me. I hate it and it has been going on for years now and I have lost some of my hair too - I can feel the effect on my scalp afterwards for days. I try to direct chi from lower dan tien to spine but it doesn't help. And it doesn't help that my energy body is completely messed up after my chi experimenting since ten years. My body doesn't store chi very much.
  4. jing falling to the ground

    thanks friends for commenting and kind words. Edward M, thanks I will try that to see if it helps.
  5. jing falling to the ground

    Hello, has anybody some advice, about how to keep my jing, and not having it always falling to the ground? I can feel it going to the ground about 2/3 times a day and it always feels depressing. The reason why I can't keep it in my body is that due to some very incorrect body feel, my belt channel is in my chest now and I have been trying to put it back in the midsection for 4 years now. I have come to know now that the belt channel is what keeps the jing from leaking to the ground. I can save some other type of jing due to correct body positioning but not this one which falls to the ground. Thanks in advance!
  6. weight chi trapped in legs

    I can now keep the weight on ldantien and ldantiens weight is carried by the legs. I realized that ldantien must also be supported by the heel(it is connected to other parts of the leg too. this way(in addition to perineum and spine feel) the weight chi does not go down to the feet.
  7. weight chi trapped in legs

    I found a way to counter this problem. the weight chi is supposed to circulate to the spine and it goes there from the ldantien(or from the ground if you have is stuck there) by focusing on the perineum and the spine. Upper part of the spine I think, the point which leads the chi to the arms(in macrocosmic orbit) or the neck too maybe?
  8. weight chi trapped in legs

    thanks for the replies. I managed to get it out but I did it by imagining that the leg pressure originates from ming men, not lower dan tien. It took it out of the legs but at the same time all(or most) of the weight chi(is it called earth chi?) disappeared. So I guess the leg pressure should originate from ldantien so weight chi gets generated maybe. I have been trying to generate it back for 2 days now but only a small amount of it has been generated back. Because of it, I feel uneasy being around some people(those whose energy I can't face properly) or in a crowd.
  9. weight chi trapped in legs

    Hi all, I got a new problem. I have been trying to increase the weight chi( the chi that determines the center of the weight, feels like slowly moving liquid that can be in your stomach and partly in the arms aswell), by focusing it in the lower dan tien and letting the legs carry the weight fof the lower dan tien. In the beginning it felt good and I had the energy to get up from the bed earlier than before(I usually can't get up until very late, I don't have the energy at all), and I felt easier around people. However, it went to the legs and does not stay in the lower dan tien. I have tried to getting it upwards to the arms and it does leave the legs sometimes when I give pressure to the legs. Now im just trying to get it out of the legs because it doesn't feel good and I can't interact with people well. How can I keep it from flowing to the legs and where is it supposed to be focused? Behind the navel does not seem to work for me either? thanks in advance.
  10. a photo or a drawing of the macrocosmic orbit

    thanks for the site! Very good information! So does the macrocosmic orbit also follow the meridians only? I welcome all advice, but I don't want distance healing done to me. Right now, I believe that if I can get the jing to stay in my stomach and spine, I will be able to contract the vertebras, opening the diaphgram to give space and the belt channel will fall again to my midsection. I have also tried other ways to drop it, but I have been unsuccesful so far. I have this condition since 2012 spring. Im not in terrible shape, but since I don't have jing or have it very little, my body saves some of the calories from the food I eat into a beer belly, thus increasing my cholesterol levels.
  11. a photo or a drawing of the macrocosmic orbit

    Thanks for the input and advice. No, I haven't masturbated much, I try to be selibate but I've fallen about twice a year for masturbation during recent years, more for porn but not much of that either this year.
  12. Hello all, If anyone could draw or post a detailed photo of macrocosmic orbit, especially the leg channels, pictured also from the front of the body(not from the side only) I would be very appreciated. Also, if anyone has a tip about how to keep jing from leaking down(I don't have a belt channel in the correct place in the midsection to retain jing, I have the belt channel in my chest due to incorrect practices) I would be VERY appreciated. Now if I eat something, the energy from the food leaks down to the ground. Thanks!
  13. Secrets of the chi and the spine

    well, The Holy Spirit does not completely go away from inside the body(there is no feeling of emptiness, for example), but It does not manifest as well as without the mark, also people can´t see It in your eyes anymore.
  14. Secrets of the chi and the spine

    let the vertebraes drop all the way down to the tailbone, I believe now. You will see results if you have done what I told before in this thread
  15. Secrets of the chi and the spine

    Some people could say also that chi is imaginary...