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  1. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    No, I was talking about this free MCO course. I havent yet enrolled into membership at his site, although I probably will have to check it out.
  2. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I have watched 5 videos now and there has been good results only after a couple of days. I have managed to extract the lead from perineum as he says (or something like that)which is extracting yang chi from jing if i remember correctly. Yang chi harvesting also felt good and I could feel the chi but he said,that it will leak if there is not a dan tien created so maybe I will have to look into that because I am leaking. Although I have done some chi kung in the past and prior to viewing these videos I have been learning to breath low for a couple of months so Im not a complete beginner.
  3. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I would like to start from the beginning. He says that this MCO course is for those with already some experience. He said in the dan tien video that the chi will leak unless youre at a certain stage in training and I am quite sure that it will happen to me. Is this "Foundations of Qigong" something for beginners and where could I get hold of it? Is it a book?
  4. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    ok thanks
  5. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    I see. What do you mean by Ying-Yang, if I may ask?
  6. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    I made now some progress by following Returndragons deep breathing advice,utilizing also the lower parts of the torso for breathing, there is chi activity that it and perineum+feet connection has created. It feels better when theres atleast some of this chi retained which previously all leaked. I will try to retain all of it and keep it from leaking. I couldnt go on with high breathing again because I felt that some type of chi was leaking. The corners of my mouth started to drop with that.
  7. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Thanks for replys. I have read that moving the dan tien is high-level stuff so I understand the doubts that I have done it. But you can do it the wrong way without ability, and I have no ability. Now my dan tien ball is gone, escaped to the sky through my head. But I'd like the belt channel back then it would be possible to create a new dan tien which I did before I lost my belt, but didnt't manage to place it correctly and thus I lost it. And I don't think the belt will come back just by physical exercise and not thinking about it. Although otherwise it would sound like a good advice. I remember very clearly what happened and when and how, I'm not trying to guess anything.
  8. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Actually the dan tien ball didnt rise to chest but below the chest. But this isnt bothering anymore since it escaped through the head completely many years ago. Now there are new problems.
  9. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    I quit all chi related things for more than two years about ten years ago, when I lost hope for recovery. Still, nothing improved and I had mild depression, and lost hope towards the future, although eventually a couple of beers consumed daily improved my mood. Then I started to try to fix things again and actually had some success and was close to healing but due to lack of knowledge things went bad again. The problem last time was dan tien ball rising to chest and back root channel rising to back.I managed to partially fix that. This time the problem is that I can't store chi because I messed up my belt channel. But Its better to not say how I did it. Nevertheless, its in my chest now believe it or not.
  10. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    You asked the reason why I started meds. It was psychosis and was caused partially by my destroying of my energy body after several years of experimenting with my energy. If my energy body would somehow be fixed, I believe I would be completely well, even though I have been diagnosed now as a paranoid schizphrenic-
  11. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    thanks for reply. A couple or two times a day I can feel something sparkling flowing from my body through the legs to the ground. Before it was happening more frequently, I guess its going to happen less and less and then I die, I don't think I will die very soon though, because im in my mid thirties. I have understood this sparkling energy as chi. There are glimpses when I can temporarily, keep it in the body it and it feels good. But up till know its only been temporary.
  12. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    I think I felt a little bit better and easier to talk when I changed breathing to diaphgram. I think I will go this way for now at least. Unless something new comes up.
  13. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Seems to me that I was incorrect after all. I had to make some calls but I couldn't be normal, i had negative energy. I wasn't out of breath, I don't think I was the last time either, when I talked with friend, that would be different. I don't think breathing low is natural after all. For me it is easy to feel when I go wrong because I don't have good chi to make up for the incorrect practices. So I can feel the effects more strongly.
  14. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    I tried breathing low yesterday but then I didn't do it today and reverted back to the way I have been breathing for many years, above the navel about in the midsection but then I started feeling terrible when the evening was coming and I felt like I was about to break mentally but then I went back to breathing low with the navel and now I'm feeling ok. Thank you for your help.
  15. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Ok, thanks for the information. I have thought that chi comes from the food also, not just from the air.