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  1. lngbookings as in Lotus Nei Gong
  2. Did not read the whole thread, don't care to. All I can add is that some people who I think know what they are talking about quite a bit would recommend Henry Lu's Chinese System of Natural Cures instead, as a better, still accessible book on Chinese Medicine. Everyone can take that as they wish of course.
  3. Cold is to Heat like, -1 is to 1, if that makes any sense... You can also explain it like this: digestion needs warmth, happens in warmth, if you eat cold food, it's inevitable that it has to be warmed up by the body and that warmth is sucked from the body into the food, now you need more fuel to produce that warmth back up again. What if instead you eat warm food full of Qi (food gets more Qi from the cooking process, if I recall correctly too)? You get added warmth and added Qi, you don't have to produce that yourself just to be able to digest that food. Arguably cooking is also something like a semi-digestion, so less effort needed again, the whole process is more efficient. Being warm is 'life' being cold is 'death' - sort of... Think also of cold blooded animals, how much activity and 'life' they are able to produce as opposed to warm blooded animals. Might not be putting it perfectly, just my 2 cents. I agree.
  4. I can feel the negative effects way before it hits the intestines. Basically an unpleasant contraction and a sting of cold in the stomach. You don't really want that obviously. Cold is contractile in quality and yes it sort of slows Qi movement/healthy functioning etc., as far as I understand, but someone with more knowledge could give you more details. Basically, why would you want food that almost just gives you negative amounts of energy(in the case of extremely cold, like ice cream)? This actually becomes less important later on I think, but in the early stages especially the LDT area is fragile and you want to support it with every little gimmick possible. Drink warm water if possible after practice, that will promote circulation and relaxation in areas that might have been a bit roughed up by the work you did. I would imagine frozen food, even if warming in quality before, gets a bit 'coldified' - if you reheat it, maybe almost re-cook it? I wouldn't worry about it too much, you want to eat fresh if possible, otherwise just heat the life out of it.
  5. Cold water && Ice cream? = yes; Effect = bad; How much = quite a bit; Ignore = unwise; popsicle -> warm? = no; In human speech: don't ignore it if you want to get anywhere, it's just general health advice too, if you get sensitive enough, it's perfectly obvious why.
  6. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    The Academy is rather incredible. As far as I know, there is nothing quite like it in the Daoist world... Constantly getting updated as well. 140ish hours of footage, on a wide variety of topics. Plus a structured training for Neigong and Taiji, +Bagua upcoming.
  7. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Cool, thanks, makes things a little clearer. Based on my reading of the conversation, it seemed to me that no-one was saying "Indian Gurus are bad" - more like "Unfortunately quite a few Indian (and otherwise) Gurus are bad (more than is comfortable to believe)". How does that sound to both parties?
  8. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    To be honest, I haven't followed this conversation too closely. For my sake would you mind telling us what point are you even defending? I feel like you guys might not even be disagreeing, could be good to re-iterate what one is on about exactly this deep into the conversation. Just that you need a teacher to progress? Or what? Guru = good? If yes, do you honestly think all guru also = good?
  9. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I'm reminded of the prototypical Asuras of Buddhist cosmology, and how they often 'do good' or were reborn 'there' as a result of 'doing good' (ie. merit) but they do it with the wrong motivation, for example giving large donations to gain wealth from it or power in the future or supporting spiritual practitioners in the hope of gaining their supra-normal power for protection or to help impose their wills; or just simply mixing a lot of bad with whatever good they do... They could be associated with what we'd consider 'demonic' quality. It also seems that this 'demonic' quality (or similar terminology) is often associated with all sorts of errors in spiritual practice as described in Daoism (other Indian traditions?) as well. It's also worth noting that even though they have greater power and majesty than humans, they are often ranked below the 'human quality' / realm, because of this tainting/mixing, they are thought, overall, to be in a more miserable state. These 'Asuras in the flesh' would then have little trouble with dazzling others, be it with their power or some genuine goodness they might have, but looking at the larger picture, they might be headed in a worse direction than even the basic human state (although what the ancient texts mean by the human state doesn't exactly match how 99% of humanity is nowadays)...
  10. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    It is genuinely unfathomable to me why people have any respect for him or pay him any attention (other than to see the dangers and what not to do). I imagine it's people who scoff at virtue themselves and are looking forward to experiencing the very same pitfalls as well...
  11. Finding a master or school

    Check out Damo Mitchell and Lotus Nei Gong. Lots of senior instructors and branches all over the place, might be a good fit for you (or might not!). A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong might be an interesting read for you too.
  12. Calling All Metal Rats

    I wonder.. do I count as a Rat just because my Year sign is a Rat? Is 'befriending the Ox' actually just wearing an ox pendant and that's it? Are there any more specifics around the pendant? Where can one get appropriate pendants or is there nothing specific one has to look for beyond 'it should be an ox'? I'm interested in Chinese Astrology somewhat, but so far I haven't really found a book that had a decent amount of *practical* advice for someone who doesn't want to dive into it too deeply. Could you perhaps direct me to one or some other alternative? Or maybe I'm being too picky and I'll have to dive in if I want something I can apply in life. Thank you.
  13. Purpose of QiGong

    Why don't you enlighten us a bit more? Or point us in the right direction for further information? So far you've only said how unbelievably wrong and misinformed freeform is, but not the why or the how or what the alternative perspective is. What is "Spiritual Qi Kung"?
  14. Purpose of QiGong

    How about Baguazhang? I've heard it's supposed to be 'even more spiritual' than Taiji. I've heard the opposite about Xin(g?) Yi. Is there any validity to that? Or are they just different?
  15. Recently there was much discussion about Damo, his school and his teaching. I was wondering is anyone from here going to his new program? Is anyone here an actual member of his school?