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  1. I hear you friend. lately I'm just watching the wheels letting it go...
  2. how does one acquire what already is? where is there to go and what is there to do, when what is, is all that is? what to do when what is being sought, is what is seeking...?
  3. Call to Vikings!

    I'd prefer it was in print and not an e-book, but Tafl supposedly contains rules for a variety of games played on a Tafl board.
  4. Call to Vikings!

    Here's a very brief article on one journalist's time among the modern Sami.
  5. Call to Vikings!

  6. Psychic Attack

    Fully agree mate. I've long had the observation in myself that what is often interpreted as fear, is actually the sudden rise of inner power in response to a situation. The pure energy of it is neutral, but so potent, it triggers the reject response and is easily labeled as fear and shunned, instead of cultivated and used. Seems a symptom of the disconnected nature of our culture.
  7. Nietzsche Quotes

    I recall making one of my many blasphemous statements in the presence of a religious friend, about one of the many contradictions in the king james bible. religious friend: "you can't say that! that's blasphemy against god! you offend god and are in danger of damning your eternal soul!" me: "dude... chill. I can say it... i just did. and it makes sense... why would god not want me to use the logic she supposedly supplied me with?" religious friend " " me: " blasphemy is pastor territory, when they have no answer, or can't tolerate the cognitive dissonance pointed out in one of their many fallacies, they cry 'blasphemy' and hope to shut you up... I mean, seriously, if the creator of the entire universe, is capable of being offended by this simple idiot... she's quite insecure for a supreme being."
  8. Call to Vikings!

    That looks amazing! Thank you! Haven't seen that before... not easy to acquire, but what a fun way to start learning the language.
  9. Mair 19:1

    Ya got me there.
  10. Mair 19:1

    He did admit to not being certain which one was the dreamer and which the dream. Who wakes from the waking dream?
  11. Nice one Lima! the most straight forward path? realize it's here now. be it... wake up... right now.
  12. Master Wang Li Ping teaches the fire breathing method, it is foundational. The region between the eyes is not Niwan, in the center of the cranium, it is the central orifice, (the square inch in the square foot). This is a gateway, or portal of shen in and out of the body. Master Wang recommends the Secret of the Golden Flower at his retreats, specifically the version translated by Richard Wilhelm.
  13. How to cultivate detachment?

    The Sage is in the world, but not of it. This phrase changed my experience of life when it saturated awareness. Being present in the world, without trying to carry it. Participating fully without taking it personally. The Sage veritably dances through the world, dancing the dance, connected, healing, working, playing, fully present, yet not entirely invested, in the end, it's still only a dance. No matter what occurs our essential nature is spotless, unstainable, never cracked, broken or marred by the dance of life. When dancing, I move through the music across the floor, there is no predestined time or place to arrive. Unless I manufacture one. I dance through the music (environment) and movement (decisions/actions) arises in natural expression of connected presence. When releasing a need to end up in a particular spot on the floor (condition in life), I am able to release more fully into presence. When present without taking it personally (thinking things should be different), I am utterly, perfectly, exactly where I am... should and shouldn't fall away as irrelevant. The center is everywhere. Bliss is a natural state. Participating fully without taking the world personally has become 'the art' that I cultivate and it's coming around as the cycles play out... but only when I release openly and fully, without projecting or holding back, nothing kept sacred, all open to flow and change. Release the outmoded forms of thought and identification with emotions that bind me to unhealthy reactions based on should and shouldn't, but not to the point where it breeds harsh unconnected closed heartedness, or overly emotional fancy and fantasy. It doesn't do to release in a harsh analytical manner, any more than it does to release in an utterly disconnected fantasy, with no attention to detail, or presence in the eternal now. True Release to me is about releasing into full presence, into authentic essential nature. It is not about 'not giving a shit what others think or do', or 'being above it all', or 'simply hardening the heart and not caring'... nor is it about not giving a shit what I do and its effect on the planet and others... letting the world do its thing without a care or connection. Quite the opposite. It is releasing fully into what is, as it is... now. As I have release that which is not part of my essential nature, notions of self that were handed to me by my well meaning parents and by a not so well meaning society/school system/government, my heart opened and when the heart began unfolding, awareness and presence unfolded and the intricately interconnected nature of life beams all about me, no matter the circumstances. When I take action, I release fully into it. When I love, I release wholly into this emanation. When no action is required, I release fully into not doing a thing, with no regret, or guilt. Release into presence... in the end, what else is there? Bit by bit, I move in and through social situations as I move through my forms, with awareness, presence, open to shift... flow, without predetermined expectations. When conditions shift, respond naturally, spontaneously and fully accept what arises, whether you will act to bring shift, act to move on, or not act and simply abide, in presence and acceptance, the center is everywhere and the Sage dances through it. It's blissful to participate in the game of life, without taking it personally, or having to demean or devalue it to protect my essential nature. There is now the unshakable knowingness that at our core, our essential nature is truly spotless, unbreakable, unstainable, never lost and ever present.
  14. Barefoot bums

    Walking barefoot is one of the great, simple joys of my life. Barefoot now for twenty plus years. Only ever wear shoes at work (which is 4-7 months a year), or in a restaurant/store. "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair." ~Khalil Gabran