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  1. What is Taoism

    this... Taoism is a word. Words are mind stuff. Tao is not a word, and never a thing... but it is what it is to each of us in our minds, while that has no bearing on actual Tao. Can't be spoken of, yet invests all words and word making processes. Gossamer, effervescent, inexhaustible, indefinable. The moment we turn it into a word, or a mental notion... pfft... not tao.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The health of the tree is revealed in the quality of its fruit. ~anon
  3. What are you listening to?

    maybe wait another month or two though...
  4. What are you listening to?

    People say we got it made Don't they know we're so afraid? Isolation We're afraid to be alone Everybody got to have a home Isolation Just a boy and a little girl Trying to change the whole wide world Isolation The world is just a little town Everybody trying to put us down Isolation I don't expect you to understand After you've caused so much pain But then again, you're not to blame You're just a human, a victim of the insane We're afraid of everyone Afraid of the sun Isolation The sun will never disappear But the world may not have many years Isolation
  5. What is Taoism

    My son just told me about a Donut Cafe in East Hollywood. Apparently they've mastered adding mashed potatoes to their donut batter and offer "Blood Orange Blueberry Potatoe Donuts" oh. my. god. I told him, next time I'm on location anywhere near there, I'll bring home a dozen. Though I'm an early year Gen X, not a hipster... I'm still all in on that shiz!
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    Most folks are asleep. Lives lived hypnotized by the constant pull of sensation fulfillment addiction pursuits of food, sex, comforts, or pain avoidance... as well as thought/emotion cycle addictions of tv/media/rote conversations regurgitating what said media repeats so often the veracity is irrelevant but still earns you perked ears around the water cooler. We think 90k thoughts a day. The vast majority are the same thoughts as yesterday. Reinforced by what we choose to consume in media and in conversations. What you think is your personal reality. My pursuit of the praxis of relentless doubt has yielded great (if extremely painful) results in relentlessly tearing down untruthful assumptions and projections in recent years. Folks experience of life is always from the center of their own awareness... and when awareness is a constant barrage of sensory induction through ecstacy pursuit and pain avoidance, combined with the almost unavoidable onslaught of media thought/emotion cycle reinforcement which further anesthetizes and induces deeper hypnosis... the prognosis is... well... not good. What room is there for pure action in the moment when awareness is awash in a stream of overwhelming stimulation? Read any newspaper for confirmation of the results. 45 will behave in one way, predictably for sure. He will do whatever he can get away with, for as long as he possibly can, to further his own anesthetization and if confronted, will rage, foam at the mouth, assault, rape, pillage all while crying how victimized he's been. For a guy who craves loyalty above all else, he demonstrates he has none, to anyone. He'd drop his own kids off a cliff to save himself I'd wager. Remember there's no possibility of having a conversation when one person involved only wants to sling shit, and argue... or spin narrative to suit greed. You either walk away, or endure it if you remain. Seems now we as a culture are taking the 'endure him' route banking on him being voted out next term, unless someone takes up real action to cease it again, but then the Republican'ts who long ago crawled in bed with the Blood Cult Christian Fanatics, will tow the line of their 'party' as they did in the Senate when they bent themselves over for his presidential approval penetration. Seems he gets to run his course until he tires out, or finally fucks up seriously enough to take himself out. Either way. The climate that brought him to bearing is the climate we are all living together. The climate we are as a country. This is where my deep concern centers... I find 45 a benefit in two ways. Primarily as an example of how fucked one can be and still thrive in our culture. And secondarily, but directely related to the first, he's been a benefit for those who weren't aware how Racist, Misogynistic and Xenophobic and Imperialistically Militant 'Murica really is and always has been, it's been a stark wake up call as to how ill we are as a culture. That may be a boon. Because before you can begin seeking help and healing, you've got to first become aware that you're sick. We're getting that awareness spreading of how sick we are, particularly among this most recent generation. And it appears to be spreading steadily, even in spite of the chronic hypnosis of modern american screen based life.
  7. An opinion or observation of madness

    How funny... in my memory of it, it was some fancy insider detective term I hadn't heard before... Well... memory's the second thing to go eh?
  8. sean gone?

    Well, in 16 years, sean has posted ~3200 times... (unless he's playing @ puppets with us ) In the seven years I've been a member, the only activity by him I've ever witnessed was the recent sweep. Though I do take long breaks, so perhaps I've missed some of his former visits in that time. Either way, I get the sense this place, though owned and started by him... is not much on his radar, nor a priority. Absolutely Nothing wrong with that. He shagged out the old admin crew when he returned and found the tone untenable... and has since allowed to ground to go fallow now. Chaff and weeds will grow, but equilibrium will find a balance between mud/bog and good mountain valley soil. It's up to each of us, what we'll plant in our responses... only now, the only repercussions come in the form of... more responses... or not. No mommy daddy figures to play authority. I prefer this over the unavoidable biases of any admin. It's a nigh on impossible task to be neutral and fair across the board. So we share what we share and folks respond... the shit responses are shit. Unqualified observer's responses are akin to traffic noise. Devoid of inherent applicable value and meaning. No biggie here. Words... ideas... concepts. True, no new members can join, but perhaps that's part of going fallow and allowing things to settle. All sharing here is thoughts, mind stuff... and nothing about thoughts are inherently real, true, or even important, no matter how pithy or insightful. It's playful coming here, some times the conversations are deep, revealing and insightful. Much is social in nature. Some is trite and assinine... so what? Nothing wrong with any of it, to me. Still plenty of pearls shining in the mud... in fact, the mud helps bring focus to that which shines in contrast... and without mud, where would the lotus anchor?
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    “I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” Bilbo Baggins
  10. The perfect weapon

    Perhaps the body and blood of Christ compels the virus into recession. I'm all for a good blood cult ritual... was raised in it (though charismatic lutheran, not catolica) The Power of Christ Compels You! (couldn't resist)
  11. An opinion or observation of madness

    I'm reminded of @manitou's signature... 'no president can be this bad by accident.' It just doesn't seem possible he's this cartoonishly horrific by accident. manitou and I spoke on the phone some years back and 45 came up. Being a retired Detective who specialized in organized crime, she said something that still resonates regarding our current pres. "He seems to be completely in the pocket of Putin, probably compromising pics or some such causing him to respond to the pulled strings. But he's organized crime through and through... I know a _____ when I see one." forget the term she used now. Then there's my Uncle, also retired Detective, also LAPD. But he excitedly voted for the guy and grinned and praised him widely for the first year or so... Then the shit began to pile up and lately... while he no longer touts his swamp draining skills, nor shouts oo'ra any longer when his name comes up. He's utterly mum on any criticism and retreats from any conversations of 45. Some folks even after waking up from the Kool-aid fever dream, still can't bring themselves to speak out. Ce la vie'.
  12. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    Food Qi Health Exercise Stillness Emotional Equilibrium... it's all related to me. Master Zhou, when specifically asked once by a vegetarian at a group retreat about whether people should eat pork, smiled broadly and responded "Pork! Big Qi!". She was rather taken aback. I was not. But that's me and I've been eating for my blood type for years to great benefit. I find overall health affects Qi flow and Qi flow affects overall health. When I was dealing with an irregular heart beat... Qi was very low for a time. Processed foods are a power sink, and a drain for me. Lack of exercise for an extended period will dampen Qi flow. Many factors contribute. The foods that are high in phyto-chemicals help promote a strong immune system. And a vibrant Wei Qi field prevents illness and promotes spherical awareness. Our family eats a diet, high in high fat proteins a fare amount of fruits, and a ton of veggies high in phyto-chemicals. We avoid processed foods, but still go out to eat at restaurants and enjoy some treats, but keep that minimal. We don't eat a lot of grains any more and cut out cow's milk and dairy years ago. I have a personal motto... if it grows, it flows. But, if it comes in a box, with a bright colorful label, even if that once grew, i avoid it. We tend to shop only the perimeter of grocery stores.