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  1. “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.” ~ Khalil Gabran
  2. Porn

    Don't forget Xena! One of my favorite places to have a beer in Brooklyn was the lesbian bar down the street from our place in Prospect Park. They had Xena: Warrior Princess on a loop and it was so devious. I told Rena (the irish immigrant/owner) that it was a rather genius ploy that kept me at the bar eating and drinking far longer than I would ordinarily...
  3. Porn

    Her behaviors, not appearance. Cate is hot, but her character Hel emulates men, she out mans even Thor.
  4. phenomena vibrates, frequency resonates in patterns I tend to observe as 'things' yet there is no solid anything... anywhere. this truth cuts through illusion relentlessly. gratefully. every aspect of my seeming individual self and my seeming none self, oscillate on spectrums of resonant vibrational phenomena awareness... clear as void penetrates all in a dark room deep in the basement of Rarig center @ the University of Minnesota in 1991, I discovered my voice resonating spontaneously in subharmonics... the cracking effect on my mind was paradigm shifting and caused an avalanche of opening that continues to unfold as the moment lingers on...
  5. Porn

    whoa she's a bit manly for my tastes but each to their own. should you survive courtship... I sense she'd eat your head upon climax. though, as ways to transition to the other side of the dream go... that one seems to possess merit... at least in form of a good story on the other side.
  6. Einstein on china

    a human, from a place, with a culture... expresses some xenophobic tendencies about other humans from other places with vastly different cultures? staggering! shocking!
  7. Probability of Change

    off topic so apologies, but related so I'll post it anyway as it's compelling and keeps returning to my mind pond lately. I don't see objectivity in any human process or endeavors, it's as illusory a concept to me these days as the notion of some things being 'normal'. ask the same question of any oracle two times in a row, five times, ten... is there an objective answer? look at a tree twice... do you see the same tree? are you the same? is the tree?
  8. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Interesting stuff Starjumper. who is the arbiter of what comprises good and evil I wonder? to the antelope, lions are not helpers, nor beneficial is one good and one evil? what are the origins of evil and good? compelling stuff...
  9. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    I'm reminded of a documentary titled In Search of Balance. It is a detailed study of how we grow food, how our soil is utilized and what impact the health of the biome of our soil, determines the nutrient and mineral content in the food we eat. It also addresses that good food is the first phase of health and a source of potent medicine in preventative and treatment phases. We can only absorb nutrients present in our food. Our food, derives these nutrients and minerals from the soil. The soil depends on the biome of the microbial network. Consider Roundup... a poison that is designed to kill "everything but what we want to grow" and then the corn/soy/etc is genetically modified to be immune to the roundup poison, so it can grow. However, it cannot derive the same nutritional content once the complext network of microbial life in the biome of the soil is no longer present. One ends up with food that will fill the belly but not supply vitality, nutrition, nor defenses against sickness. That documentary on the practices of farming soil is still available on Netflix to stream if anyone is interested. I highly recommend it. The good news in the documentary, is that soil long depleted by short sighted practices can bounce back very quickly, with a small amount of care in short order. Another great aspect is that with this emerging practice, all of the elements involved in restoring the soil are completly non toxic. At one point one of the farmers takes the camera into his shed where he's got his various soups of microbes for treating the soil in various stages and he takes a sip from them, knowing they are probiotic and filled with beneficial life, instead of harsh, life crushing toxins.
  10. *waves*

    Welcome to the Bums mate!
  11. Bums I am missing

    Yea. I have no doubt she is thriving. She is as authentic a person as one can encounter in my estimation. I don't worry for her... I just miss her.
  12. Probability of Change

  13. Bums I am missing

  14. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    Incidents of bowel disorders seem to be more prevalent in techno-dependent, more sterile environments than in the third world. We don't have exposure to many bacteria growing up and thus have a reduced spectrum of flora in the gut overall. Though this is likely my own projection.
  15. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    Of tantamount importance... no matter what I eat... is how I eat it, my overall approach to the food, to the consuming of it, who I am with, how I feel about them... and the state of the person/people handling it when it was prepared. There are certain places I enter hungry and very soon realize... nope, I'm fasting for now, can't/won't eat the food from this/in this place. Gut flora is where it's at to me, for overall health and vitality... the flora in our gut is aware, it's alive and it's the foundation of the source of the energy we glean through nutrition. It responds to what we think about eating and to me, is behind many of our cravings. This is why it's so important what I choose to eat when coming off a fast... that food is going to begin a foundation of flora in the gut and this flora will be wanting similar foods to maintain its own life. Gut flora is what is behind many of our cravings I suspect. None of the western dr's my wife has consulted have talked about fecal transplanting, or anything aside from steroids and other pharmaceuticals. They don't even mention what she's eating... sad really. Transplanting seems a viable option to me once she can get past the chronic inflammation. Though at this point, I'd like to see her drop the western dr treatment for a while and consult a TCM for herbal/accupuncture and see how she responds.