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  1. Broken Tulips

    Always intriguing to contemplate what is the nature of value and how we humans define worth.
  2. deleted

    When everyone's cup is full, it's time to stop talking and drink the koolaid tea.
  3. Please Delete, Or Lock And Move To The Rabbit Hole

    A conversation occurs when two or more parties engage with and listen to one another in an exchange of ideas. So far here, folks seem to be talking at one another, not with one another. Not much conversation taking place. I've experienced and embraced a space within awareness in recent years where one engages new, strange, or opposing concepts without submitting to the compulsion to instantly reject or support them.
  4. Everything is perfect?

    Wow @Small Fur Dropping pearls! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    Bone is fluid tissue. The moment this realization arose was penetrating and paradigm shifting. We seemingly arose in aquatic origin and those emanations abide within the liquid nature of our current form. Susan Harper has been exploring the nurturing of the fluidity of bone as connective tissue within the human form through Intrinsic Motion to astounding results. This short video demonstrates the visceral qualities of our fluid nature when full flexibility allows comprehensive flow of and between interstitial spaces and connective tissues. I see within her body's motions, countless versions of our evolving form thriving as one unfolding fluid entity in the present.
  6. The act of inhale and exhale, so fundamental, so intrinsic its alchemical nature often escapes my awareness. Every inhale is the literal merging of my perceived seperate self, with the outside world of my environment. I have never inhaled a lung full of life that was not exhaled by the 10,000. Our very atmosphere comprised entirely of the combined exhalations of every plant animal fish insect and hurricane in an endless cycle. We literally breathe each others breath in every moment of our living. As Without, Within. Such alchemy as this is often lost to awareness due to its implicit familiarity and foundational nature. Most breaths are breathed beyond my awareness. Yet when i opt to engage in breathing through awareness, with intent and full presence. So many potent effects and affecting arise when engaging with breath with intent and technique. I have no explanations for meanings of particular sensations, but wanted to share my unabashed joy and exuberant highlighting of the magic alchemy inherent in our every breath, in the bellows of our breathing beingness where all share of their inner process with the outer flow. Mingling above and below. Such treasure as this!
  7. Lately, boundary areas between on and off the mat, praxis and daily life deliciously dissolve. Several tenets resonate as constants throughout awareness, (wherever it abides). Embody an unfoldingness in impeccability. (particularly in the relating of witness to judge) Radical authenticity in word, thought and action is imperative. (This does not imply stuffiness, or seriousness. Rather its opposite is required (for myself). Nurture unflinchingly authentic, open playfulness. Radical of release in unfolding presence. Whole hearted, unabashed, acknowledged and accepted presence). Do not take any aspect of perceived reality personally. While awareness may experience within Maya, our true nature is not of it. Wholeness of awareness in presence. Abide in Beingness. Simplicity. Release everything and what remains is true nature.
  8. Happy Equinox!

    So deeply appreciate this time of year and this morning was quite the gift. Upon waking, was greeted by two dragonflies ringing in their next generation, embracing one another while hanging inverted from our festival lights outside our kitchen. While my partner this life and I have been adventurous in our embracing, I can't recall any inverted hanging encounters. Quite the sight! My dream transition into waking was being welcome in the home of Three Wyrd Women.
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life. Khalil Gibran
  10. What are you listening to?

    Lost another friend yesterday. While I won't have a headstone myself, if I did, it would simply read. "see you soon" See you soon old salt.
  11. Looking for good teachers

    Some years back I reached out to Damo in a blind email with rather pointed questions regarding Dao Yin and he was quite generous with his time and thorough in his detailed responses, even though I am not and never have been his student. My usual teacher was unavailable for an extended period at the time, which is why I took a shot. So yea, with nothing to gain from me, he was open, knowledgeable and kind. Indications of having been on the path for some time. When my formal teacher (18th generation lineage holder) returned, we covered the material again and he approved of Damo's assessment.
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    “We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.” ― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha
  13. The Cool Picture Thread

    Jose Manuel Castro Lopez
  14. Wild cats

    I have often marked how readily some 'domestic' cats may flip from affection to aggression in a sub-instant. And then I'm re-minded that the 'domesticated' cat is still and always remains seemingly wild at source and the domestication arises and abides on her terms and time table and may be rescinded or reestablished by her, at will in any given moment. This is perhaps what I most appreciate and respect about the nature of 'domestic' cats. They choose us.
  15. The Grades of Initiation

    Seems a bit sticky to claim a concept does not exist... It seems very large territory to cover with one's local awareness.