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  1. I say poke the trolls... what else do they have in the end?
  2. the sword is visible the strike is not visible ?
  3. I appreciate your inclination to more natural processes of birth and growth. But I don't share your seeming level of pessimism and vitriol over the physical condition. To me, you lend far too much weight to the physical. One candle alights the darkness of a thousand lifetimes. Physical to me is gossamer, vaporous paper. Changing in a flash. Whereas Awareness is ever abiding the very fabric of all that we refer to as reality. Formless and empty, it gives rise to the flesh, not the other way round. So issues of clairvoyance, clairaudience, all faculties of mind process stem from awareness, not from the physical brain. The form and function of the physical brain, to me, is more akin to how dew manifests on plants in early morning. Brains and bodies stem out of awareness. And bodies shift in response to shifts in awareness/realization. My body healed within a few weeks of a shift in awareness, healing painful conditions that kept manifesting in my body for more than a decade. This is a truth for me. That bodies manifest in fields of awareness, physical manifestation is not the source of awareness. As such, the functions of awareness supercede even the harshest limitations of the physical in my experience.
  4. true enough... this brings me to a point again that constantly asserts itself in my mind pond... it does seem life feeds on life, no matter the form and this is seems utterly natural, though intention in the act seems paramount. A shift in my relationship to decay has been coming on strong for several years now, but the last half year intensively. That life is seems at its core, a greedy, acquiring, grasping and attaining/acquisitional process... life is seems always to be grasping to maintain its inertia, while decay sings to me of loving, releasing, nurturing openness in totality. The utter release and giving away into the all in all. Decay and death takes us all eventually, because it seems to be love. Life is seems more like avoidance.
  5. The more I release mind stuff and projection and obsessive thinking and believing thoughts, the more I seem to experience the only reality... awareness. The bliss associated with this awareness, clarity and emptiness I would describe as love. Though it is beyond any definition my mind could hold of that term, prior to these experiences.
  6. Fascinating but I can't imagine the disconnect to be involved in such a study. Such diversity in humans. I go to work and build things... These folks induce heart attacks in anesthitized critters... and study their dying brain functions. "Welcome home honey! Good day? How did work go?"
  7. I live with a palpable sense of the utter lack of independence of 'things'. There is no one thing that can to me, be demonstrated to be separate from all else. There is only One void is form form is void in a fluid, flowing change. Not a static, solid anything... anywhere.
  8. As Terrence McKenna once succinctly said. "if life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, does not include the right to explore your own consciousness, then the declaration of independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on." I experienced two moments of incredilbe realization while using psilocybin mushrooms, that catalyzed years of emotional pain and ignorance in brilliant flashes of understanding. The effects of these realizations, far from fading out after the mushrooms had left my system, completely altered my sense of self and the manner in which I interact with the world and my own emotions. Fundamental shift. Vajra realization. Entheogens have many incredible benefits, aside from the poorly understood manner in which most people view and hence interact with them. Glad to see western medicine getting back to studying and using these clinically. A true gift, that fungus. I am deeply grateful.
  9. i no longer have any firm beliefs... but there are a few things I suspect may be truths.
  10. She was able to tell Dr Weiss things about his own dead son that she could never have known... woof! That is some compelling stuff! Wow, I bet Dr Weiss had quite the face when that transpired through his Yale/Columbia trained materialist mind paradigm.
  11. In a conversation with my gal late the other night, I brought up my assumption/suspicion (one that I've had as long as I can recall), that before men realized they were part of the birth process, that women naturally ruled the world. Due to them being the source of new life. My wife replied "Where? When? When have women ever not been subjected to the power of men, or held the power of society? I think it's all a myth/assumption on your part." When men realized they had some input (ha) to the process, there was in my assumption, a shift to the Patriarchy. Throughout my late teens particularly, I had this recurring thought, that the pendulum has shifted to its extreme of the yang and there will soon be a shift toward the yin. I can find many references to socieities like the Iriquois Nation, where children were marked matrilineally and women held property separate from their husbands/fathers. I know that in Viking life, women held property and were granted divorce if they approached the All-Thing and voiced their desire to separate. But these are not Matriarchal Societies by any stretch... I'm curious now if this is always just some assumption of my own devising, or if it recurrs in my mind because it is seeded in ancestral memory of another time with a different way.
  12. Another very intriguing aspect to the perception of dreams and 'reality', I've also been marking how becoming aware in 'real life' as a child exactly mirrors my experiences becoming lucid in a dreams. I do not become lucid before my dreams start. I've heard some folks do, I haven't experienced this myself. When lucidity arises in the dream state, the dream is already in process and something within the dream environment triggers my awareness to become conscious that I am participating in a dream. It was the same way in my 'waking life' childhood. I don't recall the start of this life. Somewhere between the ages of 2 and 4 I became aware of my life in what feels like the exact same manner I become lucid in dreams. This conversation has reminded me of a film I love on this topic. Waking Life. Time to pull that off the shelf and revisit it.
  13. Waking life and dreaming seem to mirror each other and seem inexoribly linked to me. My earliest memory is of a dream. Before I knew what dreams were, as a toddler, I had a dream so horrific, so real, it caused my awareness to snap out of my body in my desperate desire to escape the scenario. That laid a foundation for always having a suspicion that 'waking life' is not awake at all most of the time. Our lives are rounded with a sleep and we sleep through our waking. This is why certain moments of life stand out so much... when clarity and awareness pierce the slumber and we experience that 'aha!' of true wakefulness. Humans seem prewired to drop into trance and hypnosis as their default state. Waking life and Dreaming mirror each other, to me it's like when I am in the water and my eyes are above the water, or below the water. I also find myself wondering... when in a dream of climbing a tree... what is the tree made of that I can so clearly feel under my fingers as I climb... in fact... what are my fingers made of in the dream? Also, I have moments of clarity that arise seemingly spontaneously in waking life, where in midstep while walking down the street, my awareness will suddenly 'come awake' and I look around rather stunned at the reality of the world... where before my body was walking about, yet awareness and mind were not in the body. Really intriguing topic.
  14. We have a silver cup that lives under the spout of our water dispenser and our habit is to fill it and let water sit in that cup until someone comes along and uses it. Then they refill the cup and let it sit for the next person to come along, so there is always a cup of silver charged water waiting for use. I've been drawn recently to making my own colloidal silver water, but am retiscent for some unkown reason up to this point.
  15. I was at work one day and a painter saw my double dorje/vajra necklace and asked if I had a teacher. I responded "yes.. everywhere! you, him, the floor, the door, those trees, the insects...."