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  1. One source, many rivers. You remind me Taomeow, it's time to reread Fritjoff Capra's The Tao Of Physics.
  2. The present moment. Much in comon with Tao it seems to me. Unmeasurable and ungraspable. As soon as I measure it, it has passed. Yet it is never used up, always now endures. Eternal, untouchable and unwithering. And indivisible. All occurences are now, all memories are recalled now and all future ruminations happen now. My mind and memory create a sense of time through my comparison of the flow of changes I observe. Yet this is dependent on my own personal perception, which is subjective, filtered and projective. I know I cannot trust my perception of time based solely on my tools of perception. If this were the case, then we would all likely still be espousing the truths that the Earth is flat, does not spin or move in any way and that the sun and celestial bodies swirl around us. There are times to touch truth we must reach beyond what is obvious to our senses and to our short term, logical easy assessment thinking. It's tough for sure. My logical perceptual mind cannot and likely will not reconcile all time as one. And that is fine. It does not neted to, in order to be and do what it has adapted to become. Yet there is for me a palpable, unshakable sense, a knowing in my bones, that there is no meaningful marker, no possible distinguishable separator from one moment and the next. The present is one great flow, of which my perception is a tiny a2are portion thereof. This has been made very palpable just now as I have spent the last 90 hours in a dark windowless room. Puncuated by faces and hands, needles and words exchanged, all merging in my memory as one long flowing soup of healing, pain and change. Celestial change seems real, but not time in the human sense. Tuesday morning @10 am is a purely illusory and made up mental concept with no basis for any actual reality. So I side with Einstein. Or rather the knowing in my bones does, in spite of the railing fist my logical mind lifts and shakes at him in consternation.
  3. How her voice pierced my heart! May her spirit fly as free and powerfully as her voice which will resonate on in her recordings. Om
  4. One night, in the liver hour, I woke with white hot panic crawling up the back of my neck. It was accompanied by a deluge of horrific anxiety driven fear thoughts. As this continued to crescendo into un sustainable levels, a short mantra began in my mind. I simply allowed this sponataneous mantra to over shout to thoughts until only peace remained. I have no formal mantra practice, but I will silently sing these personal from time to time, with beautiful effect. Physics explains that everything is vibration. While I never chant this mantra aloud. I have found ohming and neutral, deep humming to have profounf resonant qualities in both body and non bodily awareness.
  5. Awesome story! I bet she still remembers you. Though I thought The Root of Chinese Qi Gong was written by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming? Edit to fix giant thumbs typing bad letters on very wee letters.
  6. How I long for that intensity again! What gems Masters Wang and Richard are...
  7. That was my first thought as well Andrei... looks strikingly similar to many of the totems of the Pacific Northwest Tribes.
  8. how... predictable.
  9. Well said, that goes along with that other gem of behavioral patterns... willful, forced ignorance
  10. When cups are full, there is only room for silence... so... " "
  11. Yea, that's not surprising. Word objects and thoughts are utterly personal, in spite of some cultural, social and familial similarities. I don't believe everything I think, in the end, they're just thoughts, nothing about any of them are inherently real, true, or even important. That said. If you want to find strong people by any definition. Spend time in your neighborhood being connected. They're there, if you are aware and open, you won't be able to miss em.
  12. This thought settled with me as well. It seems to me that the students are the living force of a lineage. While the founder/teacher draws the students through tales and observations... the lineage only comes about when the students assimilate what is taught and the longevity, vitality is then exemplified in the enduring fruits of the teachers who are born out of the system taught by the founder. The health and vitality of a tree is known in its fruit.
  13. The health of a tree is shown by the state of its fruit.
  14. I recall a time when searching Tao Bums on a search engine would bring up this site and a video made by sir pudgy taoist upset guy, where he was flashing his gun and talking about how Tao Bums was a 'fake taoist site'.
  15. hmm, your comment made me wonder if The Procession Of The Equinnoxes is really just the Earth hitting its 'speed wobble'.