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  1. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    Could I get a PPD as well please?
  2. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    To those beginners considering this exercise, or perhaps feeling disheartened by the lack of progress, do continue forward I stopped for about a month after this post trying other things, and eventually returned back to it. I do one session a day, and only now am I beginning to notice changes. I've probably done the anchoring the breath about 70-100 times so far, give or take (I don't quite remember when I began). I'm starting to notice little things about my attention; my ability to direct my attention regardless of the times my mind goes to another part of the body, has improved - I feel mentally stronger during my meditation now, less in servitude to the whims of my mind. I'm able to focus a little better on the actual body parts not the place I imagine them to be. I can see I have been carrying tension in my attention, even carrying a pessimist attitude of "there's no way I can do this" within my attention, which was really strange to notice! I have a tremendous way to go, just to be able to place attention on the physical body as opposed to a distorted mental representation of it, but after what feels like countless sessions of getting absolutely nowhere, being utterly disheartened, and giving up for a bit, I can say that it is worth sticking with this practice. If I, monsieur neurotic, can make progress, I'm certain anyone else can too! Stick with it!
  3. How to recognise a taoist master

    Are you being serious?
  4. What Would a Taoist World Look Like?

    What is elixir poisoning?
  5. Blocking a user?

  6. @Vajra Fist How did you find it helped with sinking the qi and being grounded in general? How long did you practice daily?
  7. I'm attracted to Damo's taiji course as his free material online is particularly fabulous. I have read that taiji has a strong focus on Sung/Song, and it seems the course covers much which would enable the sinking of qi, and building the mind-body connection. It seems like it would build a solid foundation for Neigong, building a dantian, etc. Is anyone currently working through this course who would like to share their experience? Would you recommend, and how have you fared so far?
  8. How does Jing relate to desires?

    Btw best of luck on your retreat, do come back when you're done and let us all know what's up
  9. How does Jing relate to desires?

    It does! I was confused about the differences between dispersal & leakage, you've cleared things up a lot! When Jing is full and consolidated, it does not leak, which means it keeps on building constantly through daily life, is that correct? If so, this excess Jing, where does it go? Does it naturally fuel the Jing->Qi->Shen process? If the Jing is consolidated and so there is a great excess, it has no 'choice' but to become qi? So really, the aspect of the desires being fuelled because of greater Jing is basically leakage. It's a sign that you're replenishing Jing, and that can go so far, but it's like having a bucket with 11 holes in it and only 10 fingers to cover them - covering one hole just exposes another, and the water can't really go beyond that. ..so consolidated Jing leads to a calming of the desires, but consolidated Jing requires a calming of the desires through calming of the mind, at least to some tipping point. Now on the more hypothetical front, as a normal person, could you replenish Jing till it's full, about the point where the 'boom' cycle becomes the 'bust', and then hold out, dealing with the accompanying emotions as they arise? Might there be a use to operating in the space of being 'full of jing', learning to walk in this place and paying careful attention to one's physical and mental behaviour, in a way that might bring about some insight, gradually leading to less leakage? Of course coupled with a grounding/sinking type of practice, but I can't help but feel there has to be some use to not entering the 'bust' cycle, even if it takes a lot of effort
  10. I've read many things on this forum, and so apologies if I can't exactly quote anything. I've read on this forum that according to alchemical traditions, having consolidated Jing causes one not to be driven by base desires. Dreamless sleep appears when fully consolidated. But I've likewise read that as Jing consolidates - as dispersal is reduced through healthy living, the urge to consume that Jing increases. Could it be that as one moves towards consolidation, abandoning various habits, the desire to spend that Jing in those activities that drain it, increases as Jing increases, until a tipping point is reached, where Jing is fully consolidated and the natural approach is keep it that way? This would be without alchemical practice, or is internal alchemy the only way to fully consolidate the Jing? I find when I limit activities I would consider Jing draining or dispersing - are they the same? - the temptation to indulge them grows ever stronger. If I'm burnt out from clearly Jing draining activities, I have no desire for anything. It's like a certain level of overflowing jing - beyond what is necessary for basic functioning - is necessary to 'want' to do things, so perhaps the enjoyment and desire to do 'things' increases as Jing increases. It could be very helpful then, to consider the increase in the wanting of things as a sign of progress when limiting them is the goal. The change in perspective could be very helpful in continuing to consolidate the Jing. What are your thoughts on this?
  11. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    I thought the exercise had to be done exactly as Damo set out, but you seem to be implying that it's more about building physical body awareness, the end result being an anchored breath as you bring the body parts together. I will try as you mentioned, I think it will help a lot! I have heavy difficulty feeling my throat at all, so entire sessions dedicated to it could be quite helpful, as well.. On the point of 'feeling my throat'.. I know you've run through this a little.. but am I correct in assuming that I essentially want to open my awareness to whatever the body or a body part is 'feeling', during this practice? Do I create a space, upon which the sensations from the body are projected? I feel this goes counter to what you mentioned earlier on in the thread, in terms of letting go, but I presume I must at least be aware of 'where' I'm placing my attention, not lose myself in it. Eg. I must know that I am paying attention to the abdominal cavity whilst simultaneously paying attention to the abdominal cavity? Sorry for all the questions, it's more difficult than I expected 😅
  12. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    @freeform @Shadow_self why do you consider it to be harder than Damo Mitchell's exercise?
  13. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    @freeform is there anything I can do about preventing excess thought during practice? It feels a bit much when I practice and it lowers my alertness a great deal.. I've read that having a lot of qi can help one ignore thoughts, but I'm guessing any qi generating exercise is a mistake if you're not anchored 😅