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  1. Taoist wisdom is for the wise

    Daoist robbery
  2. Does meditating on the Dan Tian build up the Qi there?

    I don't believe we have.. I tend to lurk more than post to be fair, as I'm still quite new to this whole thing. The pleasure's all mine, you have some good posts! Throw an apple and run. Leave the mess to everyone else
  3. Does meditating on the Dan Tian build up the Qi there?

    What's so wrong about a drink with friends?
  4. Does meditating on the Dan Tian build up the Qi there?

    Afaik no, it will instead build stagnation, as you will likely be directing the mind in a contrived way. If you want to learn how to build and store qi in the lower dantian, have a look at damo mitchell's neigong course: https://damomitchell.com/nei-gong-course/
  5. Help me find a gentle Qigong form

    Are you okay? I don't recall your posts being like this, you don't sound alright. Kind of looks like you're using a text generator of sorts
  6. Filling the Dan Tien

    What are they like? How does it feel to be around them? Are they noticeably different to other people, eg would you know they express original nature if you saw them just like that, or perhaps through speaking with them? Or is it more subtle? Hope you don't mind the questions!
  7. Filling the Dan Tien

    Have you ever met anyone like or close to this?
  8. Filling the Dan Tien

    This is interesting. So eventually you want to move towards cultivating spirit? And by doing so you can move towards expressing original nature as opposed to your base nature. That makes sense. The difficultly perhaps is getting sidetracked once you have developed and refined the energy body into using that excess qi to fuel one's base nature. Finding a teacher who is accomplished spiritually as well as energetically then, might be a wise approach, as they can guide you in the right direction once you are accomplished enough.
  9. Filling the Dan Tien

    This seems to be common descriptor of generating lots of qi - it acts as an amplifier of sorts for whatever your nature is. For people who don't have a wholesome outcome when there's more of 'them', what can be done? If qi does not transform, what does? Is it cultivating virtue, mental training / discipline? You've mentioned many accounts of skilled qigong practitioners who go haywire basically leaking qi through base desires. How is this sort of development prevented?
  10. Allergies from a tcm/daoist approach?

    I've seen countless warnings not to take herbs like that across this site, enough that I certainly don't plan to I think it might be worth trying some lifestyle changes as mentioned by @Gerard though. I don't know of any 'good' TCM practitioner, nevermind very knowledgeable herbalist. Does anyone know of any in the UK perchance?
  11. Allergies from a tcm/daoist approach?

    @Gerard Yes thank you it is indeed very helpful! I will try eating warming foods for breakfast and refrain from meals after 3pm - would snacking have an impact at all, or best to refrain entirely? I've read that those with weak Earth should limit dairy, would you recommend this? With regards to asian squat, may I ask the reason why you recommend this? I can do the squat just fine with no effort, so it will be easy to implement. Would wuji as used in taiji work for 2)? The mechanics are raising the crown, releasing to stretch the yao, sinking into the feet. Lots of questions, so thanks in advance
  12. Allergies from a tcm/daoist approach?

    i'll send u a dm!
  13. I've displayed symptoms of allergic/intolerant response as far back as I can remember. Think constant nasal congestion, dry eyes, facial tension, mental fogginess. Blowing my nose 20 times a day is not unusual for me. I finally took an allergy test which recorded IgE reactions to 42 different food and environmental allergens. Reactions to every single item were recorded, ranging from low to high reaction. Somehow I have a severe response to meat (pork, beef, chicken and lamb), which is really odd? From the perspective of western medicine, there is no solution, aside from eliminating the food items and minimizing the impact of environmental allergens, or anti allergy medications. From my brief analysis of TCM, it seems allergies can occur because of deficient wei qi - studies have shown herbal remedies can decrease overall allergy response, as well as acupuncture potentially being an option. I'm interested to hear your perspectives on this!
  14. Semen retention debunked

    You've mentioned elsewhere too the act of being kind even if you don't want to. Is there something to being kind even if you don't want to? Your emphasis is not in vain I am certain