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  1. Call to Vikings!

  2. Call to Vikings!

    How readily all these years, I could have sought them. How perfect that I should have been content to wait until brought by a friend. thanks rene. here is what came to me:
  3. Call to Vikings!

    I have no functional knowledge of Norwegian. The following Norse Folk song arrived in my awareness like a bolt of silent lightning that shook through my core and woke something so deep within, i'd no concept there were aspects of me where this brought waking... I've never been able to describe even an inkling of it. It is so hauntingly personal. So deeply resonant to that notion of deep winter, longing, loss and gratitude. The vision arose unbidden, and unsought, in the midst of 'regular life' as have been all of my most intense shamanic callings and travels. This song was the catalyst for one of the most intense and personal shamanic deity/personification encounters of my life. I'd be interested if anyone has a translation. I wrote down the experience as she appeared to me. It would be fascinating to find out how my vision and the words relate, if at all.
  4. I love the Corral Castle. I happened upon the story of Edward Leedskalnin some thirty years ago while researching a character for a play. What a fascinating man. I spent many long hours fascinatedly reading up on his life and his work, where I could find it. Edward built the Corral Castle, entirely by himself using the simplest of tools (a few key unique ones he fashioned himself), in tribute to the woman he loved, who left him at the altar in his homeland of Latvia when he was a young man. He was crushed and would carry the torch for her, the rest of his life, never marrying another and eventually dedicating his life to shaping the monument of his love. For a time he lost himself in books and the library, where he claims, eventually he happened upon an understanding and proclaimed to have figured out how the Egyptians were able to work stone the way they did. He moved to Canada. He contracted Tuberculosis from which he recovered, no small accomplishment in the late 1800's. Having moved to Florida and consulting survey maps, he decided upon and purchased what was considered an odd plot of land by the relal estate crowd, but it was just what Ed was seeking, a particular type of stone. He would spend the rest of his life carving and placing the monuments in his castle. He worked by himself usually by night, always spurring any offers of assistance, and was a distinct oddity to his neighbors. The gate to his castle weighs several tons and was so perfectly balanced on the post which ran through it's core, that a young girl could open it with one hand. Several times Edward was approached by the Army Corp of Engineers, inquiring as to his methods for moving massive stones by himself, a diminutive man of 100=110 lbs, with minimal tools. One time, he was beaten and hospitalized, but recovered and never shared his methods. When the bearings in his main gate doorway needed replacing. The Army Corp of Engineers arrived with a team of engineers and a full spec of construction gear. They were able to rehang the door with considerable difficulty on its pivot with new bearings, but those with experience at the castle claim it has never worked as smoothly as the original hang. Partially through his construction, Edward soured on its location and decided to move it all some 10-20 miles away to another site. Neighbors reported offering to help load massive stones when they sat near his truck, during the move. He always refused any aid and the following morning, the neihbors would scratch their heads as the massive stones would be loaded in the truck overnight. He wrote a paper on magnetism, which I could not comprehend, but it seemed central to his process. I read and reread it dozens of times. It's just beyond me. I have a theory that magnetic fielding of the earth is unique to each meter, the magnetically sensitive gland in the brain of a salmon allows it to follow the current or flow of magnetism to its birth place, because of this unique 'magnetic fingerprint'. So if one can find this frequency, could it be possible to generate a magnetic resonance of a stone to cause its polarity to match that of the local earth field, causing the same bouyant resistance that we use to float massive trains on magnetic cushions and levitate along the tracks when they weigh millions of tons? Such a joy to ruminate on this stuff. I'm so grateful to Ed and his dedication to expressing himself so monumentally, mysteriously and privately, simultaneously. Here's a picture of the 'magnetic current' tool he fashioned for his work. Its entire structure is like an altar piece of sacred geometry. I may have that paper on magnetism in my old files. I'll root around and see if it's here if you're interested in giving it a go.
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    the following just arose in awareness: as above, so below heal the heart, heal the whole
  6. Life flows. Never static, always flowing and unfolding in presence. No thing is unchanging and beyond shift. Reality expreses plural and mutable.
  7. Klonk ...

  8. Klonk ...

    You had me at "I always wanted to be a turtle..." Welcome to the Bums friend. Your name makes me smile.
  9. The Cool Picture Thread

    @rene I recall March in Minnesota. Relentless is the word I'd ascribe to it and on average it starts with a glimpse of Spring to come, then is the heaviest snowfall month of the Season. I never minded Winter all that much, but March was an endurance test. Those drifts are very real. Respect. It was all worth it for me when those Earth shaking Thunderstorms in April kicked in though. Gaia how I miss those!
  10. What do you sleep on?

    My wife and I sleep on a queen size, cotton outer shell, rubber internal air chamber mattress. We each set to maximum firmness, though on occasion my gal will adjust her side to accomodate residual back issues. The mattress rests on a platform of wooden planks. No metal aside from a few screws in the framing. When possible, I prefer to sleep in pitch dark. I have come to deeply and increasingly appreciate complete darkness over the last decade. We have heavy curtains in our bedroom and for the last several years, I sleep with a mask to aid in creating a light free sleeping environment.
  11. Bums I am missing

    Hello My Friend! How I appreciate your images and words. Thank you! One of the most wonderful aspects of any vacation for me... is the moment of opening the door and returning home. Exhale and settle. Here and now. Such simple bliss. Such treasure! How wonderful, to seek out the unfamiliar, only to rediscover everywhen, the familiar. Home is always here and always now. And it's so good to be home.
  12. Full Lotus Posture and Energetic Meridians

    These preperatory and maintenance stretches are invaluable to me.
  13. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    my son and I at the museum. walking by an oil painting of adam and eve at the apple tree... with the serpent. my son: Dad? me: yea? my son: why do they always paint adam and eve with belly buttons? what were they supposed to be attached to? me: i love you.
  14. Call to Vikings!

    The previous series led me to this gentleman Shawn James, who completely by himself has built a log cabin deep in the woods of Canada. While it's not Viking design, his techniques and skills are very high level and I found so many valuable tips for my own woodcraft through watching him. Figured you might pick up some beneficial stuff while you work on your meditation cabin. Skol!