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  1. Mana from Heaven. It's rained three times this morning! Full gorgeous pounding rain. Our last measurable rain fell here in mid May. It was just shy of 3/4 of an inch, or 2 cm. When I first hear it on the roof, it's not a choice, I simply bolt to the door and walk outside to get soaked. I've always loved rain. It was a selling point in our early relationship, my wife recalls, watching me dart out of the car to go bounding off through an unexpected downpour and walk the rest of the way home in the rain, waving and grinning like a school kid on holiday break. But after moving to the desert, my former appreciation has unfolded into a driving love... a heart expanding wow experience every time I encounter it now. We used to take camping trips to nearby areas when we knew there would be weather, to simply sit in it. Had to share. We're in for some more over the next days and hopefully the trend out of the crippling drought of the last 10 years is yielding. Love Love and Love!
  2. My wife spent time with Amma. It was not earth shattering, nor paradigm shifting. It was utterly simple. Grounded, nurturing. Simple caring shared among the present. The only exposing here, is more of the OP exposing his inner landscape. On that note... I'mma go hang out with my gal, Amma style.
  3. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    I don't... and I suggest leaving that to Jerry, the one offering the teachings, to vet potential of prospective students. Unless speculation is your entertainment... then... enjoy!
  4. Greetings

    Welcome back!
  5. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    I have for some decades now, been wondering when the Chinese oppressed would awaken enmasse and how intense the resulting backlash would be against the machine... i shudder in empathy... it's utterly horrifying, the implications of it. And as my experience of our politics elucidate and reveal our spiritual inclinations as nations and tribes... I have mulled rather sincerely, and increasingly over the last 23 years, the notion of relocating my family out of the US and back to Norway. With each story I read of their lifestyle, I find it resonates with my own sense of life. Perhaps @thelerner is correct and the blood calls us home. So far, it's an amorphous visage... yet it is ever present... and grows in clarity with each perusal of what passes for 'news' these days.
  6. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    That sounds exactly like what Jerry offers in the seven year program. Postgraduate level focus in the arts of his lineage.
  7. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    I picture Jerry, reading this... Imagine his response and it's nothing like anything I'm seeing by anyone participating... Perhaps we wait and see if anyone of his students has more to share? I spent time in conversation with one of his students, during a 10 day retreat with Wang Li Ping. He saw me studying from Jerry's book and struck up a conversation that evolved over the 10 days we spent together into a memorable sharing of different lineages. It was a flowing, open conversation that was characterized by mutual benefit. He was curious why I studied another lineage's book so intently when not openly studying with them and I replied. Dao flows from and to all. One of the few remaining impossible things I still affirm, is the false notion that anything ever anywhere, could ever be separated from Dao by even a hair's width for a millisecond... ever. So I am open to the flow and trust the anchor of dao in my own awareness to ferret out that which is beneficial to me, and that which is not. When i encounter that which is not beneficial, i no longer see any benefit in attacking it. I let it lie as it does and I move on. I have so much energy to work with on any given day... i no longer see benefit in spending it on what I despise in the moment. I find my energy is much more poignant when used supporting what I love, than in attacking what I find repulsive/unhelpful. I found him and his knowledge well rounded, his energy deeply rooted and his reaction to encountering unexpected and unwelcome news to be adroit, mature and respectfully distancing. He never once bristled, attacked alien concepts, nor childishly admonished views that differed from his own. In my recall of my time with him, he was a reflective credit to his master and his school. A helpful reminder... this thread. Thanks for it. I'm reopening Jerry's book and seeing what is calling me out of this conversation's result.
  8. The Universal Form

    Cheers mate! It's been about twenty years now since I studied with Master Tan and Huang. Still one of the hardest things about leaving NYC was losing those two teachers. I saw Richard about a year and a half ago. He came out to Cali for a visit. He hasn't aged a day. Bagua for life! Master Tan taught us several variations of Universal Form, but never in my recollection did he refer to it obliquely as Qi Gong. Though the name derived as it was so adaptable to hard, soft, electric, breath driven styles. Looking back I see clearly how Masters Tan and Huang never really taught 'explicitly' as many Western teachers do... As in "Today we will learn Qi Gong and it will bring these benefits. (followed by lecture), or swing your arms this way, this will open the kua and bring speed and power to your hand strikes" They would direct us through the process oif praxis and correct posture and form and leave the rest to us to explore, encounter (or not) the various applications and potentials. I used the soft form version extensively as I recovered after shattering a section of my left collar bone in a bicycle accident. Orthopoedic surgeon told me that I'd never recover fully, would lose 40-50% mobility and strength, likely never being able to lift my elbow above my shoulder again. I said "ha! Watch me!" and promptly went to Richard for advice. Richard sent me to Grace Ho, a Chinese Herbalist who operated a clinic off of Mott Street. After diagnosis, she prepared a collection of herbs, tree bark and various other items to boil for hours and drink the solution. I did this for six weeks, three times a week. This stimulated bone growth and combined with the steady, soft, breath driven universal form, I returned to the surgeon 12 weeks later, fully healed and strong. He was flabbergasted and could not hide his shock. Though he discredited Grace and the Qi Gong as placebo, I did not. My collar bone fuzed back together, though it's now shorter and in the shape of a lightning bolt. Which I lovingly attribute to the passing dangers of bringing the notice of Thor upon one's self. Still recall those days training with Richard and Larry, Rex, David and the others with golden light. What a gift those years were!
  9. What are you listening to?

    My Apple Story One day Apple deleted in the neighborhood of 8,000 tracks of mine in the early 2000's. Individual stuff, unique tracks, gifts that can never be returned or resalvaged... Apple deleted them from my hard drive because they did not recognize the tracks in their catalogue and assumed I must have napster/stole them. So they, being the good parents/corporation that they are, decided they should delete them from my hard drive one fine day when I synched up my ipod. I was unaware at first. Then when I realized my track count was way off, I thought it was a faulty hard drive on my end... yeeeears later I read a random article describing how Apple settled a class action law suit over the illegal deleting of unrecognized files off of user's personal drives. The tracks I lost were irreplaceable. I have friends who are and were (then) big time international dj types (Tenaglia, Digweed, Sasha, Borali) and I received a steady stream of fresh tracks from their sets as I was not able to travel then (unfunctional foot had me locked in a chair for a couple years). I had at that time, stuck in a chair, burned and catalogued all my cd's and tapes to digital and relegated all the cd's to boxes in the closet, so my entire collection was on hard drives. They deleted a host of my purchased tape music as well, but this was recoverable, just took time to redigitize it from the tapes. My rage and pain when I discovered my backup hard drive was non-functional and all those unique sets were lost was staggering. Still bites a bit almost twenty years later. I smashed the ipods I owned with a single jack, uninstalled itunes and will never purchase another Apple product in the remainder of my life. The End... p.s. ( at least i'm not bitter about it ) On that note... I'mma get remarried to Coyote Woman
  10. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Been waiting (not very patiently) for this one for a few weeks. It arrived last night... I'm giddy about it. Reflections On The Dawn Of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited I'm rationing it. Savoring, rather than devouring.
  11. manifestation

    Really appreciating this topic. It's been percolating since you first shared it. The Bolded bit reminds me of the analogy that 'awareness is an ocean' : my own and each individual awareness arises like a wave in the ocean and can be identified and experienced as a distinct, individual process in a manner of perception; yet at no point, is the wave ever separate from the whole of the rest of the ocean, nor any of the other waves arising. And the wave itself is not made of the ocean, but what is observed as a wave is a motion flowing through the ocean. My body is not a static thing. I am not one human being... except on a certain level of magnification. Get more myopic and my body is a collection of five trillion individual cells, self arranging in a complex, interrelated pattern that is the involunatary expression of an unfolding process of conditions in existence. This body is experienced lately as a complex pattern that self sustains in an involuntary relational response to stimuli of the environment, for a few decades, then diminishes back into soil, minerals and water vapor. That which manifests, arises seemingly 'of itself', seemingly involuntarily, yet simultaneously, wholly and utterly in accord with all of its environment. The environment is comprised entirely of organisms, while the organisms arise within the environment. Where does one cease and the other arise? self and other dissolve into one another of late... Manifestation seems relational. Requiring several aspects co-arising Relational arrangement. Patterns arising in response to conditions. I experience reality in direct relation to the nature of the organs awareness senses with... Does music manifest in reality? Is music real? It exists in time, yet where in space does it take shape? it seems formless to my senses, yet a cymatic plate will reveal vibration expresses as form in certain conditions. what makes noise different from music? when does music transition into noise? when do I transition into environment? when I eat a banana and it becomes part of my liver, skin and bones? when i excrete the unusable remnants of it and these become a flower next year? manifestation seems relational.
  12. What are you listening to?

    Internet: So which instruments will you be using in this set? FKJ & Masego: Yes. Masego: but... I'mma definitely start with the passport though...
  13. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    dao gives rise to all jesus, buddha any talk about jesus and buddha any talk about dao all arises from dao dao spoken, is a word dao in expression... is all of reality, life and unlife holding none, giving rise to all and harboring nothing, while sheltering all within its influence dao
  14. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Mom, opens her arms wide and smiles at you. She scoops you up and cradles you. Then she lovingly feeds you the elixir of health, disease resistance and vitality... from her own body. All while singing, cooing and cuddling you. talk about power~!
  15. Do What Thou Wilt

    Mom, opens her arms wide and smiles at you. She scoops you up and cradles you. Then she lovingly feeds you the elixir of health, disease resistance and vitality... from her own body. All while singing, cooing and cuddling you. now that's power