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  1. Primordial qigong aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment

    Hi Learner, If you're going to practice this form, I'd encourage you to learn and do the whole thing. My sense is that, perhaps more than than most forms, performing just a part is of limited utility. I like to practice very slowly but that could be just me. As for what to expect, I suspect this varies widely with the practitioner. For me, sometimes the form evokes a very sweet, peaceful feeling. Sometimes I find myself standing straighter or breathing deeper. If the form appeals to you, I'd advise committing to daily practice for some period of time with an attitude of curiosity and adventure. Be patient. Your experience is apt to be uniquely your own.
  2. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I was just playing around, @old3bob. My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, one way or the other.
  3. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    This is the natural evolution of internet conversation. Start talking lurkers and soon you'll be discussing the ethics of (innocent?) nipple brushing at topless beaches. Did it happen to you? Me too. Anywho, jump on in lurkers -- the water's warm.
  4. After pirate Mark left the seafaring life, our hero Daniel was, temporarily, mathematically marooned. But Daniel was not sad, at least not infinitely so, because he knew he had a Self, god-dammit, a beautiful and unique frickin' self, and the world was full of wonder, not empty at all as some silly internet fools opined.
  5. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I'm a little hazy on the timeline but believe I lurked for years before posting. Now I'm up to 6,177.
  6. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    Not odd at all, imo. If you're reading posts, you're part of the community. Glad you're here.
  7. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I think I'm going to go back to lurking.
  8. Unpopular Opinions

    What if a lurker is pressured to post and then we all change our minds? Will the mods send a message: we really wanted you to speak up, but on second thought...
  9. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I guess I just don't get it. What about lurkers bothers you? Are you irked that they're freeloading, getting access to all this cool information but not contributing? To me it's like wandering into a fancy art gallery when I have no intention of buying. If the viewing stokes my appreciation for art I think it's all for the best. And who knows -- someday I might buy. Sometimes people lurk because they think -- rightly or wrongly -- that they don't have anything to say. Sometimes people lurk because they're sensitive and know that the sometimes harsh back-and-forth of social media dialogue isn't for them. Sometimes people don't have a good grasp of English. People lurk for all sorts of reasons and I figure it's their decision and not really my business.
  10. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    Somebody should write a dystopian short story about lurking Bums who are forced at threat of banishment to post. "But I don't know anything about non-dualism, your honor. I'm only 13."
  11. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I'm kinda the opposite. I'd love to think I have an audience of hundreds thousands of eager PPD readers clamoring to read my writing but alas...
  12. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I don't understand your post. If somebody has something wonderful to say, then yes, I would prefer to hear it. But one thing I've learned chatting online is "ya can't change anybody else's posting style." Many a Bum has wished that you'd change the way you post, old3bob. I myself have wondered whether your style of political commentary actually hurts the causes you believe in. But try as we might to change you, you persist -- gloriously! You say what you wanna say and cannot be stopped. And good for you! In the end, perhaps that's for the best, that each of us has the freedom to express ourselves -- or not express ourselves -- as we see fit.
  13. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    The word "lurk" sounds a bit sinister, as if people who choose to keep their opinions to themselves are climbing on ladders to peer into their neighbor's bedrooms. But wait, isn't that ridiculous? There's nothing wrong -- and often a lot right -- with staying quiet. Lurkers of the World Unite. You are bothering nobody. Share when and if you feel inspired.
  14. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    Welcome to Five Guys Exactly! Can you imagine meeting a group of rowdy Bums at The Five Tibetans after work for drinks? Not what I need to get in shape but lots of fun.
  15. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    That's true --- the five tibetans it ain't! I guess I just liked how the cheerful voiceover and cartoon animals created a positive vibe. It's something short I could imagine doing with my partner every morning.