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  1. sean gone?

    True. Personally, I´m finding it difficult not to engage with threads and people who aren´t good for me here. Part of me is attracted to the drama of it all but then I find that my time here has dragged me down rather than lifted me up. It´s perhaps not so different from reading Coronavirus news. As important as it is to stay informed, it´s easy to overdose on scary stories. I miss the mods. The forum with mods is like a healthy buffet with grassfed buffalo burgers, organic powergreens, and no distracting icecream sundaes to tempt me. Without mods, it´s like you have to pass through a Snicker Bar factory just to get to a carrot. Yes, it´s possible to do. Yes, it´s my responsibility to say no to that Snickers and fill up on the roasted carrots hidden in the corner PPF. But hey, I´m human. This stuff is hard.
  2. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    @GSmaster Sometimes it helps to hold back a little. Your view seems to be that your spiritual level is far and away superior to the vast majority here. Honestly, I don´t have my third eye open, am unable to read energy, and can neither affirm or deny that position. But for the sake of this post, let´s say I believe you. From your point of view, you are a God and most bums are comparatively like ants. No matter how true this is, it doesn´t help to say so. It doesn´t help the Bums you are talking to, and I dare say it doesn´t help you. I´m assuming you are here because you´d like to be helpful. You would like your posts to be useful to others. Trash talking about other Bums, even the most idiotic among us, even me, just makes the forum uglier.
  3. sean gone?

    Poor Sean. After a lifetime of community activism, the capitalist machine rages on, seemingly more powerful and evil than ever. Discouraged and despairing, he finally succumbs to a complete mental breakdown. The diagnosis is in: dissociative identity disorder. Yes, that`s right, his personality split into a bunch of tiny pieces. All that`s left of our beloved founder on the board today is a subpersonality that calls himself GSMaster.
  4. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    I called you a peer as a courtesy, benefit of the doubt kinda thing. If you feel otherwise, I´m fine with that.
  5. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    If you´re interested in my opinion, please interpret my laughing emoji as follows: stay if you´re willing to participate without insulting your peers (which, hello, we are). Leave if you´re not.
  6. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I don´t know whether Thelerner can see energy or astral project but I´m pretty sure he can mix a cocktail, raise a child, run a company, manage an investment portfolio, improvise a soup, chat up a stranger, love a woman, and post on an internet forum without making a total ass of himself. That´s gotta count for something.
  7. sean gone?

    I´ve sean a bad moon a´rising.
  8. The Ass Game

    Do not ask what your country can do for your ass; ask what your ass can do for your country.
  9. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Not true. With my unparalleled powers of perception I instantly knew that GSMaster could never turn a phrase like effortlessly prolific keyboard takedowns or authentic Antlantean Sephirotic traditions and that the playfully mischievious author in question could only be our resident scholar, SirPalomides.
  10. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    Troll is to Virus as Ignore List is to Social Distancing.
  11. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I recently gained the siddhi of not posting in threads like this. Opps, fell off the wagon a little bit there.
  12. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    @steve who inspires by example. The fruits of your spiritual practice are evident in the way you treat people here on the board. @Trunk who is scrupulous and careful in his public recommendations and posts ways of looking at things and practice ideas that are both beautiful and actionable.