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  1. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Test Place the following activities in order of personal preference from most to least appealing: (a) spiritual practice, (b) conversation about spiritual practice, (c) conversation about who should or shouldnĀ“t be kicked out of spiritual forums
  2. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I appreciate your post Welkin. Personally, I donĀ“t want to shorten EarlĀ“s suspension but you make a lot of great points.
  3. I am a Celestial Master

    There was one here but we banned him for trolling.
  4. Locking threads, discuss it here

    @moment HereĀ“s a brief excerpt from an Earl Grey post in the Mona Lisa thread I find problematic. If your ego matched your skill, you'd be quiet. If your actions matched your words, you'd be quiet. If you knew what's good for you, you'd be quiet. Can you imagine yourself writing these words? Does the tone feel respectful or supportive or constructive in any way? If a member habitually took such a stance vis a vis other members and you were a mod, would you let it go?
  5. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    Call me naive but IĀ“m inclined not to worry about spirit possession. I donĀ“t know anything about Spring Forest in particular. To me, calling on "MasterĀ“s energy" isnĀ“t woo-woo or dangerously esoteric -- itĀ“s just good practice. Whatever we do, we stand on the metaphorical shoulders of those who have come before. Honoring this sense of lineage deepens connection. I believe that energetic support from past masters is always available in all traditions and one of the keys to success is having the humility and wisdom to avail oneself of it.
  6. How are you?

    ItĀ“s been tough, this whole pandemic thing. While my life hasnĀ“t changed much outwardly, I feel the general stress in the air, so much uncertainty about what comes next. As always, IĀ“m trying to improve myself through diet and my various spiritual practices. Wish I was one of those people who letĀ“s everything go and enters a state of profound grace and love but so far no. Maybe someday. IĀ“ll share a bit of the journal entry I wrote this morning in the hopes that it strikes an amusing chord.... This journal, like so many of my journalistic efforts in the past, will document my attempt to secure health and happiness through various wellness practices, medically sound and otherwise. IĀ“d call it Distaster Diet: Food For Apocalyptic Times but that implies an overly narrow focus on cuisine. Wellbeing is 80% kale salad, 15% pushups, 5% someone to cuddle with while binge watching Survivor. I do however stand by the assertion that cataclysmic change is afoot. Why else would I be eating broccoli? Last April, during the Spring of Naive Hope, I thought surely the pandemic would be winding down by now. Guess again. Obesity is a major risk factor for severe coronavirus complications so IĀ“m in a race against time to slim down before getting infected. The last thing I want to do is burden my family with the cost of an oversize casket. Speaking of caskets, homosexual sex hounds have been laughing in the face of death for decades now and if you think the latest bug will deter us you need to wake up and smell the poppers.... The entry goes on from here but takes a less family friendly turn better saved for another day.
  7. Neither do I. What struck me as funny was a picture of a cat, not environmental destruction. ItĀ“s true that I was ribbing you a bit in my post above, and perhaps I shouldnĀ“t as I know how seriously you take this subject. While you and Taomeow may have different views on the science, I suspect you share a deep concern for the earth and itĀ“s many inhabitants.
  8. The world may be coming to an end due to Anthropogenic Global Warming or any number of other reasons. Not having done much undergraduate work in the biosciences, IĀ“m poorly versed to debate this important subject. In any case, IĀ“m fairly convinced that thereĀ“s little I can do to evert disaster so I avoid depression by focusing on lifeĀ“s remaining small pleasures, pleasures such as those provided by the cat photo Taomeow posted. How accurately does the cat in question reflect TaomeowĀ“s attitude? Very accurately, I suspect. ItĀ“s hilarious.
  9. A message to the moderators

    Does this thread qualify as a comment box?
  10. Is the consensus here that Damo is presenting good stuff? Intrigued by his free microcosmic course, I went to his page and ended up getting sidetracked by a Yi Jin JIng video. In the video he says that the Yi JIn JIng isnĀ“t a set of exercises but rather a set of principles. Well, OK....I think I remember @freeform stating something similar. Damo poo-poos the idea that the Yi Jin JIng could be an exercise set saying that the forms that exist do little more than stretch the tendons. At this point I felt myself getting disillusioned and discouraged: I learned Yi JIn JIng as an exercise set online with Robert Peng, and, although my experience is still quite limited, IĀ“ve found it very valuable.
  11. naughty points record

    YouĀ“re never gonna get those goodie points, Cleansox, unless you learn to read carefully. The being Steve mentions is my high-achieving brother Luminal. IĀ“m Liminal. Luminal is all smiles and sunshine whereas IĀ“m a creature of shadow and twilight. Luminal spends his days enraptured in an annoying state of total meditative absorbtion and doesnĀ“t have time for the forum. If youĀ“re interested in befriending a light being -- and collecting the accompanying goodie points -- you might try ilumairen.
  12. Elixirs

    IĀ“ve recently started making eggless aioli. I peel a whole bulb or so of garlic cloves and smash them up in my mortar. Add a bit of salt and a squirt of lemon. Then dribble in olive oil very very slowly while constantly whisking. The result has a diesel fuel intensity thatĀ“s not entirely pleasant. But for adding garlic flavor to dishes thereĀ“s nothing like it.
  13. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Shunryu Suzuki said it best: Each of you is perfect the way you are...and you could use a little improvement. The attitudes of self-acceptance and self-dissatisfaction need not be opposed, but can, and perhaps should, comfortably take up residence in a person right next to each other. We need both. Self-dissatisfaction without self-acceptance commonly leads to shame and depression. Self-acceptance without self-dissatisfaction leads to becoming POTUS.
  14. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Maybe assessing "how someone is doing in life" isnĀ“t about figuring out whether or not they are facing obstacles. ItĀ“s not about checking bank balances, blood pressure, or the status of marriages. Instead, whatĀ“s really telling is how someone reacts to the challenges that inevitably come their way.