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  1. Yi Jin Jing

    In a video, Robert said that Yi Jin Jing is a classical qigong style, much as ballet is a classical dance style. He said that many dancers start out with ballet training as a base, even if they then go on to practice other dance styles. Similarly, Yi Jin Jing provides a foundation from which cultivators can branch out in a number of other directions. i think It´s intended as a beginning point rather than an end point.
  2. Surf's Up !

    I suggest a two-step process for dealing with strong emotions, including anger. Step one: feel what you feel. Repression is bad for the body and there´s no sense pretending to feel only "love and light" if that´s not the case. Step two: take the step back suggested by Thelerner. Just because you feel angry doesn´t mean you need to punch someone. In fact, punching someone is rarely the best option. The key is to create space between an emotion and the acting out of that emotion. A big part of being an adult is not acting out our emotions -- while still allowing ourselves to feel them.
  3. What happens to suicides?

    If nothing else, it is heartening to see how much people care. The voice of depression says that nobody gives a damn; this thread demonstrates otherwise. So many wonderful people offering wisdom and support.
  4. Am I doing reverse abdominal breathing correctly?

    I recently watched a Robert Peng video in which he said that infants (up to about the age of 6 months) reverse breathe. I´m no baby expert -- is this true? If so, it suggests to me that reverse breathing is good for something. (On the other hand, Robert Peng contrasts reverse breathing with unreversed breathing which he calls natural, I dunno.)
  5. Yi Jin Jing

    Yi Jin Jing seems to be in the air. There´s another thread now about Robert Peng´s online class as well. I think it starts on July 20, though. I plan on taking it.,
  6. robert peng yi jin jing

    Thanks @Cosmic Soldier for bringing this to my attention. Looks interesting. There´s an online course starting July 20 and I think I´m going to do it.
  7. Question about breath retention

    We can think of the breath as having four parts: the inhale, the pause at the top of the inhale, the exhale, and the pause at the bottom of the exhale. Although it´s possible (and a practice in it´s own right) to completely eliminate the pauses, most people will naturally have slight pauses at the end of an inhale and exhale. Already this is breath retention, albeit in a very minor form. The pauses are powerful because they are moments of neutrality, of balance, of silence. They are analogous to the solstices. The days get longer and longer (inhale) until finally there´s a moment of pause as we get to maximum yang at the summer solstice (pause of top of inhale). Then the days get shorter and shorter (exhale) until finally there´s a moment of pause as we get to to maximum yin at the winter solstice (pause at bottom of exhale).
  8. @Walker All of us size up other people based, at least to some extent, on our own personal histories. As a gay man, I don´t take kindly to people saying that a particular martial art is for gays, implying that men like myself couldn´t possibly be serious and skilled fighters, that we just want to roll around on the floor with each other half-naked. I´d heard enough of that kind of put down to last me a life time by the time I´d reached the 8th grade. In a similar way, I´ll bet that your background as someone who has lived around violence makes you sensitive to macho dudes who brag about how they could hurt other people. We object to this kind of talk even in jest. I agree with you that it´s harmful. And yet I don´t share your passion for objecting to Starjumper´s teaching. My sense is that he knows a lot and genuinely wants to impart his knowledge to others. I think that beneath the bravado he´s a peaceful, maybe even loving, person. Is he perfect? No. Would I prefer if he dropped the aggressive posing? Absolutely. But teachers are human beings and even good ones come with a whole bevy of flaws. The truth is that Starjumper is going to teach. Some students might benefit from his instruction, others may not. You and I will likely not be among his pupils. Perhaps that´s our loss, perhaps it isn´t. In general, I´m not a fan of threads whose purpose is to say that a particular teacher or teachings is bad. There are bad teachers out there, but it mostly doesn´t help to say so. People are going to study with the folks they feel a connection with. Some people are going to study with Starjumper, even though we´re bothered by some of his verbiage. Rather than pointing out the bad, I find it´s much more useful to champion the good. Objecting to Starjumper won´t stop other people from studying with him. We just don´t have that power and I´m not convinced it would be a good thing if we did. I suggest focusing on the positive. What spiritual practices have made a difference in your life? How did you learn about them? Your answers to these questions will likely inspire others; attempting to takedown Starjumper won´t.
  9. I´ll second this. I´ve learned a lot from teachers whose personal style I didn´t like much. One of my favorite practices came to me from of a flamboyant fellow with a way too high opinion of his own abilities. Still, what he taught was gold.
  10. Problems most might not understand!

    Hi Zero Inf, There are videos available here on the site, usually embedded from Youtube, some of which appear quite good. Also quite a few great practices posted by members available for free. A lot depends on what you are looking for, hoping to accomplish. Yes, it´s discouraging that live instruction isn´t available in your area and that paid materials are out of economic reach. Even so, what´s most important is your own dedication and determination. If you can log on here, help is available.
  11. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Darkness rocks! I´m on a mission to create a totally lightless sleeping environment. The blackout curtain material I bought on Amazon works as far as it goes but light is still seeping in here and there and I´m an all or nothing guy when it comes to darkness -- even a hint of light is too much. Your remark about light on the skin mirrors my own experience. Sleeping masks that cover the eyes do little good if I "know" that light is still hitting my skin. The beauty of darkness to induce relaxation is that it´s so easy. Well, finding/creating darkness isn´t always easy...but once the darkness is there the relaxation comes on it´s own -- no effort required. Relaxation ought to be easy and in the dark it is.
  12. Haiku Chain

    Quality of life what shall we do now honey, morphine overdose?
  13. ADD or ADHD

    I´m not sure it´s possible -- or preferable -- to sidestep emotions in a relationship. Would I want to be in a relationship with someone who didn´t feel emotionally connected to me? Not for a second. Which isn´t to say that emotions can´t muck things up. It´s not easy to deal with anger and jealousy, to deal with the commonplace, virtually inevitable and heartbreaking discovery that one´s partner isn´t who we first imagined. This stuff is hard. It´s hard but required. There´s no getting to mature love without facing one´s emotional darkness.
  14. ADD or ADHD

    I feel for you here, Mig, I really do. Because I´m in a very similar situation with my partner. He has a serious mental illness and I want to help him by setting up rules and creating health-promoting wellness programs. This fix-it mentality of mine -- and perhaps yours -- is a problem. It´s a problem no matter how much the other person might appear to need our help. I´ve really no business telling you this as it´s still a lesson I´m learning myself. Still, Kar3n is right here. I hate that she´s right but she is.
  15. ADD or ADHD

    Speaking as someone in a relationship with a mentally ill person, I´d seriously consider walking the other way. A good question to ask: what is it in me that´s attracted to a person whose likely to have trouble paying attention to me?