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  1. The Nostalgia Machine

    I`m having a lot of fun tonight with The Nostalgia Machine ( You pick a year and up pop the songs that were popular from that year, at least the songs that were popular in the US. Someone elsewhere online suggested plugging in the year that I was 13. Interesting. Actually, all the years that I was in highschool brought back memories. More recent years, not so much. Anyway, thought it might bring back memories for others and wanted to share.
  2. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I suspect you are understating your abilities there a wee bit, Walker. LetĀ“s say IĀ“m living in some Mexican pueblito about to be robbed at gun point by local banditos when Taomeow, Silent Thunder, or yourself steps out from behind the cactus and saves my ass. That kind of golden synchronicity is the mark of serious juju!
  3. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Exactly. Suppose IĀ“m a master. (Big leap, I know.) What upside is there for me to arrange a bunch of scientific testing to confirm abilities? Probably not much. My ego isnĀ“t invested in being famous or having people think IĀ“m a spiritual bigwig because in my mastery IĀ“ve gone beyond caring about such things. Maybe I could get more students but who wants more students? If anything, I want less students! A few highly devoted students is more than enough. Would-be students are free to demand any level of proof or scientific confirmation they like. Nobody is forcing anybody to take up any particular practice (or at least I hope not). At the same time, nobody is forcing teachers to provide any empirical proof (or at least I hope not). Everybody can do what they want.
  4. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I ST referring to the folks his hypothetical MAGA hat doesnĀ“t keep at bay or his lack of pants doesnĀ“t keep at bay? Or both? Interesting either way. I imagine the intersection of folks that frequent both Trump rallies and nudist beaches is a small one, though I am open to being corrected if any naked patriots wanna give a yell.
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Meditation is a lot like marriage: You begin in pursuit of ecstasy and eventually settle for mild contentment. After twenty years you realize that contentment itself is a kind of ecstasy. From "SparrowĀ“s Guide to Meditation," The Sun Magazine
  6. Lust - and what to do about it

    To me, this feels like a productive line of inquiry. A new baby boy -- wow, what a potent transitional period. I wouldn`t look at the erotic feelings you are having as some sort of problem that you have to deal with alone, through spiritual practice or by any other means: you and your partner are taking this journey through shifting sexual wants/needs together. It`s not that either of you are wrong. You are not wrong if you feel lustful; your partner is not wrong if she doesn`t. Rather, this seeming problem is really an invitation to doing the "dual cultivation" of digging deep into the roots of your togetherness. Out of this process a stronger bond could emerge.
  7. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    No you didnĀ“t call for a ban, Earl. Sorry if I implied otherwise. Personally, Gendao doesnĀ“t bother me because I virtually never read him. (Sorry Gendao!) Well, thatĀ“s not completely true; IĀ“ve read enough to know that his thing is colonialism. As far as the validity of his theories go though, I plead blissful ignorance. Even so, I know what itĀ“s like when a member gets under your skin. For me it was Windwalker -- that guy drove me bonkers. I probably shouldnĀ“t have called out GSMaster the way I did. My negative comment about him provoked a negative comment about me -- that IĀ“m not a cultivator. We could probably go on for several pages cutting each other down but I hope one of us has the maturity to stop.
  8. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    ItĀ“s true that I havenĀ“t made it through cultivator kindergarten but my parents have enrolled me in one of the best preschools so things are looking up.
  9. Thanks. I trust your judgment when it comes to toxic materials, among other things. MexicoĀ“s weird. The other day I passed a cheese shop with big signage informing customers that all their products were pasteurized, as if that was a good thing. When things are natural here -- which isnĀ“t always -- itĀ“s often in an unconscious way, because nobody has bothered to make them artificial yet.
  10. My apartment here in Ensenada, Mexico rents for $220 a month including wifi. IĀ“m a ten minute walk away from La Guerrerense, the ceviche stand that Anthony Bordain described as "Le Bernardin-quality seafood in the street." ItĀ“s heaven until you want to take a hot shower and discover the city has turned off the running water. And God forbid you actually put toilet paper in the toilet because youĀ“ll surely stop up the pipes. I love to visit my friends in the states because my friends are nice people, yes, but also because their homes feature wall-to-wall carpeting. One other thing: itĀ“s easy to buy stainless steel cookware and cotton sheets in my homeland; here everything is aluminum and polyester. Yuck! Still, ya canĀ“t beat the tacos.
  11. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    LetĀ“s not ban anybody for their political views, mo pai associations, or eyebrow raising personality traits. Bums should display basic courtesy to others and refrain from making out-an-out insults, thatĀ“s all. I personally do a mental facepalm everytime I read about GSMasterĀ“s alledged ability to teleport across the universe or, worse, his unfailing ability to accurately diagnose mental illness -- but IĀ“ll just have to suck it up. The trouble with banning people for saying stupid things is that somebody has to be the arbitrator of stupidity, and thatĀ“s not an easy job. Better to stick with the ole insult rule. Call someone a name: edit your post or take a leave of absence. Say something inane: welcome to the club.
  12. What are your thoughts on AI and its coming implications?

    Yeah, I wondered where you were going with that. I actually like the juxtaposition of those thoughts with the subject of AI though. ThereĀ“s a lot of (understandable) fear about AI and technology generally, sci-fi nightmares that our computers will become conscious and turn on us. Some say itĀ“s already happening. I do think thereĀ“s a place for making wise, intentional choices about tech use. I recently changed my cell phone to greyscale (black and white) so IĀ“m less tempted to click on those shiny app buttons. At the same time, the use or overuse of technology will never taint our spotless nature. Good to be reminded of this.
  13. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    If I keep reading this thread I might need a doctor to be present.