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  1. Perfect deadpan delivery. I love it!
  2. Speaking of horny hippy chicks, here´s a related question: do you friends just come on by whenever they want to visit or is it proper etiquette to call first? My old Portland buddies are divided on this question. Some like the community feel that happens when people feel free to drop on by; others gaurd their privacy and want ample warning before receiving visitors.
  3. I think it takes a certain gumption not to lock the house, an admirable cockeyed optimism and confidence. Personally though, I lock.
  4. Someone makes a snarky comment in Off Grid and now I´m angry. "The hell if I´m going to let him out-snark me," I think as I compose what I hope will be a withering comeback. My fingers hover over the Submit Reply button and I´m ready to fire when suddenly it hits me: this beautifully caustic comment of mine isn´t likely to convince anybody of anything. It´s an important choice, give in to a hostile impulse or fight to be a Warrior of Peace.
  5. It´s too long I know, but I suggest... Outward Bound on the WuWei Express: Last Stop Before Trumpville
  6. Three quotes from Ivory Compton Burnett... A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit. There isn´t much to say. I haven´t been at all deedy. People don´t resent having nothing nearly as much as too little.
  7. Very cool understanding. Warriors of peace have the courage to face their own shadows. They face their shadows, allow inner conflict to fall away, and share the resulting peace with the world.
  8. That rider seemed fearless. Then again, that´s probably what it takes to enter wu wei.
  9. The past is never dead. It´s not even past. William Faulkner
  10. Well said. I think it also depends on the phase of the process. Let´s say I´m doing something creative like crafting a Daobums post. In the beginning it´s more of a BLUE thing; I put aside my critical "right brain" for the time being and allow in a dreamy creative quality. Too much emphasis on getting things right (ie winning) in the beginning can stifle the imagination. Towards the end of a project my ORANGE side kicks in. If it´s a TaoBums post, I´ll read it aloud. Do the words make sense? Does it flow OK? Is that really how you spell analytical? Because in the end I don´t just want to have fun here, I want to actually communicate. If I write something that makes someone else think, to me that´s winning. (And yes, I realize I spend way too much time thinking about this.)
  11. Some bums probably remember the experience of being picked last as the member of a team in physical education class. I know I do. Two students would randomly be assigned as team captains; that meant they got to choose their teams. First one would choose and then the other until the teams were decided. Naturally, the captains picked the best players first. The point is to win, right? Well, let´s just say I was never the best player. I remember one afternoon in eighth grade when I was captain of that day´s softball team. I don´t know what got into me but I decided to turn everything on it´s head: I picked the very worst players first and put them in the most important positions. Our one good player was way out on the field, while the class nerd was playing first base. Now that was an interesting game. So yeah, in the scenario Silent Thunder proposes my heart has always gone with Team BLUE: I don´t generally put much stock in winning. That´s too bad for me, maybe, because we live in a pretty ORANGE world. People tell me a "results matter" attitude is part of being an adult. Politicians can´t tell their constituents that they didn´t get the bill passed but had a lot of fun trying. You don´t tell your boss that you lost the contract but really enjoyed smoozing with the client over that fancy expense account dinner. If you want to keep your job you gotta win: It´s all about the money, honey. I think I´ll always lean BLUE, but perhaps there´s room for a little ORANGE sometimes too. Perhaps it´s like Yin and Yang. Which one´s better? All good Daoists know you can´t have one without the other -- that´s kind of the point. A hardcore rigid position in either camp can mess a person up. Better to recognize that different situations call for different attitudes and go with the flow.
  12. Oh there´s something called following now? I hadn´t the slightest. Seems like it would be enough to thank -- or curse-- someone from afar.
  13. I¨m grateful that I can see who thanked other people´s posts now. At first I got notified about who thanked me, and saw the number of thanks others got, but not from whom. One of the things I like most about Daobums is the feeling of community. Noticing which posts other´s are grateful for helps me get to know them and I like that.
  14. Add in just a few more mini-practices -- stretching, quiet sitting, napping -- and you´ve got enough for a lifetime.
  15. Once, during a chi gung workshop, an unfortunate gastrointestinal incident led one of the participants to nickname me with the dubious Daoist moniker "Green Cloud." I imagine I would be known for that had anyone lived. Sadly, they did not.