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  1. YouĀ“d be surprised.
  2. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    As far as I know, they wouldnĀ“t. I just found it interesting that another Daoist teacher also likes this chant. It seems thereĀ“s a lot of cross pollination between Buddhism and Taoism, with many practitioners taking up pieces of both. Purists in both camps likely decry this mixing; personally, I donĀ“t think itĀ“s so bad.
  3. In a simpler world people who started threads titled "All welcome for open conversation with no secret motives" would be welcoming, open, and free from secret motives. Alas.
  4. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Sifu Jenny Lamb, who taught Yi Gung (Kunlun) to Max Christiansen, is a big proponent of chanting Namo Amituofo.
  5. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Oh thank goodness! (As a less-than-perfect oldster who, nevertheless, still hopes to accomplish something, this is good news.)
  6. Full Lotus is a state of being.

    I used to be good friends with a mega-wealthy woman whose family had struck it rich from Texas oil. My friend enjoyed her money but it also caused her all sorts of problems. She lived in boring Vancouver, Washington (sorry Vancouverites!) because she couldnĀ“t stomach the idea of paying the higher taxes sheĀ“d owe across the river in exciting Portland, Oregon. She had trouble dating because she always thought that guys wanted her for her bucks rather than her personality. Being at the far end of the curve -- whether itĀ“s flexibility, intelligence, or money -- isnĀ“t always what itĀ“s cracked up to be. This is something poor fools who canĀ“t even sit full lotus will never understand.
  7. Full Lotus is a state of being.

    IĀ“m reminded of a yoga class experience I had years ago. I used to be very flexible and there was this one pose the teacher had us doing in class (not full lotus) that came effortlessly to me. In an attempt to challenge me, the teacher offered a few more difficult variations but nothing made the pose any harder. She finally gave up saying I was unfortunate because there was nothing the asana had to teach me. ItĀ“s probably true that I didnĀ“t learn anything from that yoga position, but twenty five years later IĀ“m still thinking about the comment she made that day. Sometimes itĀ“s the effort that difficult challenges call forth from us that ends up making the difference.
  8. Greetings

    Nice to see you again Songstan / CrazyfoxAli. I like your avatar pic.
  9. I don`t know anything about Amma but I`m glad some here have come to her defense. Well, perhaps defense is the wrong word -- too polarized. What I mean is that people have illuminated this topic with their own calm, neutral wisdom. It feels good to think there`s good in the world. I believe good people exist -- that sublimely, awesomely good people exist -- and would prefer not to lose the innocence of this conviction.
  10. Taoist triva and memorabilia

    Your question, Earl Grey, is addressed to Taomeow but in the fortune-telling spirit of this thread I hope youĀ“ll indulge me while I put my own psychic powers to the test. Hmmm...where did Taomeow get the above insights into the year of the Yang Metal Rat? (Luke gets out crystal ball. Wraps himself in purple shawl embroidered with glowing planets and stars.) Did Taomeow get her information off the web? This is weird -- nothing is coming up. Did it come from a book? IĀ“m not seeing anything. A real stumper this one.
  11. Taoist triva and memorabilia

    Steve the Terminator has a nice ring to it. Terminator of injustice, I reckon. (Or perhaps Terminator of Ignorance, wrathful deity style?)
  12. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Some Bums have reported benefit from VoidisyinyangĀ“s instructions and advice. Nobody is speaking up here to say that theyĀ“re Paypaling any money, but I bet he does get his share of PMs. @sean, is this kosher? IĀ“d prefer if business advertising was confined to itĀ“s own area, perhaps to peopleĀ“s personal practice areas or...isnĀ“t there already a designated thread to announce paid workshops etc? IĀ“ve never belonged to the spiritual-stuff-ought-to-be-free camp, but one thing I like about this forum is that weĀ“re all peers here. Lets keep the advertising to a minimum.
  13. Impunity Watch

    Thanks @Earl Grey. IĀ“m not ashamed. Well, not of eating meat or buying things that "intersect with exploitation" (great phrasing from Sean). ItĀ“s more that I think thereĀ“s a balance to be struck. We can try to arrange our lives in such a way that we donĀ“t harm others and I believe thereĀ“s value in the attempt. At the same time, itĀ“s worth noting that such attempts will always fall short. Perhaps capitalism is the problem, I donĀ“t know. Maybe itĀ“s deeper than that, a fall from Eden endemic to civilization. Things being what they are, I believe itĀ“s simply impossible to live without harming other beings, try though we might.
  14. Impunity Watch

    A person can go crazy trying to be good. ItĀ“s easy for ethical types to get anxious just grabbing a bite to eat or getting across town. ItĀ“s easy to get depressed reading the news. My mental health is shaky enough without the double whammy of excess goodness and excess information, so I minimize saintly behavior and knowledge of current events. I eat animals. I shop at Walmart. IĀ“ve never taken Uber but I would if I was more comfortable using my smartphone. ThereĀ“s virtue in being morally clean, no question. ThereĀ“s also virtue in coming to terms with the inherent dirtiness and imperfection of life. We do the best we can. Or maybe we do a little less than our best. I try to stay in good contact with family and friends. I mostly (but not always) avoid saying mean things to people online. I tip at the coffeeshop. ThatĀ“s about the most you can expect of me.
  15. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Wise counsel is always worth something, though often undervalued. The trick, I suppose, is to recognize it when you see it. IĀ“ve found that it can be delivered from people in all sorts of poses -- full lotus, half lotus, standing on one foot, sitting in a name it. ThereĀ“s plenty of wise counsel available for free right here on this site. I trust that the people who graciously deliver the goods know who they are.