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  1. It´s possible that you know more about hatred and other emotions than I do but it is bold of you to say so. In any case, far be it from me to get in the way of fun. I rather enjoy internet sparring from time to time myself.
  2. If this is true, is he really worth the effort you´re putting forth to craft replies back? This is not my dog fight (God fight?) but it´s a slow afternoon and thought I´d weigh in. But don´t be like me: there are so many other more productive things to do than opine on the internet.
  3. I´m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that @Nungali doesn´t think he´s God. He thinks he´s a big joker. Maybe, I dunno, that could be part of his secret of happiness. Just my take.
  4. Oops -- mixed up my V Bums. Apologies.
  5. Very unpopular opinions

    Thanks for the thoughtful post -- and for floating the possibility that I have more of a healing presence than I´m giving myself credit for. I tend toward self-deprecation and shy away from boastfulness, but I´ll take this opportunity to come out of my self-deprecating shell and affirm that yes, I do believe I have a healing presence. At least to some small extent. That said, I also think there´s tons of room for further development. I like the idea of practicing without concern for the fruits of practice. Something very profound in that.
  6. Very unpopular opinions

    Lots of wisdom shared, @Taomeow, @snowymountains. I´ll take a bit to digest it.
  7. Very unpopular opinions

    @Taomeow @snowymountains The above strikes me as both correct and unpopular, and I´d be very interested in any further insights either of you might have about it. I´m someone who would like to develop a healing presence. Not to do any formal doctoring, just to be of help to the people I come across in everyday life and loved ones. But I do offer encouragement and consolation on occasion. For instance, I will tell my psychotic partner that nobody wants to hurt him when he goes outside, nobody is "looking" at him, etc. Such encouragement does seem to help, but only momentarily. In your opinions, is there another, better, way to go about this?
  8. Jewish Plurality

    Of course the Jewish people, and the values of Judiasm they (at least to some extent) embody, have had an influence on the wider world. I don´t think Daniel means to claim otherwise. Everybody influences everybody. We live in a soup of humanity and, for better or worse, our flavors inevitably meld. But what is true is that Jews don´t try to convert non-Jews to Judiasm. There might be a few outlying cases, like when an observant Jew wants to marry a non-Jew, something like that. But there´s no push in Judiasm to make everybody Jewish. It just doesn´t happen.
  9. Jewish Plurality

    Too bad. Christians give proselytization a bad name but I wouldn´t mind so much if some nice Jewish boys knocked on my door bearing bagels and pastrami.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Here´s a find one of my good friends shared with me. Intense! DIANA ANKUDINOVA (Диана Анкудинова) Last Dance (Dernière danse) "Full song, Best performance" (
  11. Transgender Q&A

    I had a feeling this transgender question & answer thread was gonna be mindboggling.
  12. Transgender Q&A

    Nah, I´m just a little humor-challenged at the moment. My bad.
  13. Transgender Q&A

    Actually, no. I don´t think being "spiritual" is associated with having a low voice on a population level. It´s something personal to me. When I´m more anxious my voice goes up. My practices help me deal with my anxiety allowing my voice to drop back down. Other people´s mileage will likely differ.
  14. Buddhism Question: Sweet-Sorrow?

    I do. But it´s not true. Pizza is not like X at all; pizza is much better.