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  1. An opinion or observation of madness

    While not lacking for other vices, I┬┤ve never been one to smoke things. My abstinence has mostly worked out fine though I do miss the comaraderie I imagine smokers enjoy. It must be nice to bond with fellow puffers, huddled together out in the rain, feeling cold but united in devotion to tobacco and a sly sense of cultural rebellion. Years ago, I asked a hot stoner if he would engage in one of my aforementioned vices with me; he said yes, but only if I smoked up. I agreed and it turned out to be a good experience. Afterwards we went out for pizza -- delicious!
  2. Is turning 40 all downhill?

    Fourty year old single women might well say the same about guys in their age range. Then again, most is not all. Perhaps you┬┤re the exception who will find the exception. Or maybe, even better, you┬┤ll find a wonderful woman who "looks like she doesn┬┤t take good care of herself" but has a wonderful smile and gets your sense of humor and is quirky in all the right ways.
  3. I think there is conversation about those groups but if you want more, by all means, start a dialogue. The way to support the homeless, overweight, differently abled, etc is to support them. As a fat old gay guy, I will wholeheartedly applaud your efforts. Just remember, supporting these folks doesn┬┤t necessitate the withdrawl of support for the cause of racial justice. There┬┤s enough love to go around.
  4. Amen. Overt racism has largely, though not entirely, gone out of fashion. People these days are less likely to shout standard racial slurs, for instance, for fear of being seen in a negative light by a more socially conscious public. What we┬┤re left with is systemic racism, a more slippery, hidden kind of prejudice that┬┤s harder to pin down, harder to see. Racism has retreated out of sight where it can operate subconsciously. This is both heartening and incredibly frustrating. My mom, a white woman, told me recently how she┬┤s become newly aware of her own racism. She remembers feeling afraid to ride an elevator alone with a black man. Looking back, she feels that her fear was based on race and unjustified. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share got me thinking about my own biases and prejudice. I love that we were able to have this conversation. Nothing blocks progress towards racial equality like those three little oft-repeated words: I┬┤m not racist. Racism is such a cultural bugaboo that nobody wants to admit to being party to it, not even a smidgen. And yet almost all of us are. Black lives matter. Some members of the movement by that name may have fomented violence at their protests. They may have defaced property. I am entirely against both violence and vandalism, so I wish they wouldn┬┤t, however justified their anger. I believe that most police want to serve the cause of justice and do right. (Am I naive?) The answer to our racial woes is not to eliminate law enforcement. What police officers and everybody else needs is a safe place where we can search our hearts and bring to light our biases without shame. Progressive anti-racist vitriol can be counterproductive when it creates a hostile polarized social environment uncondusive to personal reflection and the quiet taking of responsibility. Unless we give ourselves permission to become aware of our own racism we┬┤re doomed to act it out.
  5. Are there evil master?

    Evil masters exist but I don┬┤t pay ┬┤em no mind.
  6. Is turning 40 all downhill?

    Life┬┤s not over at 40. It┬┤s over at 54. Actually, no. Some of the good stuff does start to decline with age (though less than people think, depending on lifestyle choices). But there are opportunities for growth at every stage of life. Statistically speaking, happiness peaks very late in life, in a person┬┤s 70┬┤s I believe. Twenty year old guys tend to believe that testosterone is everything; guess I can┬┤t blame them for playing to their strengths. Oldsters know better.
  7. Love and group coherence

    I┬┤ve bought several of Heartmath┬┤s EMwave machines, hand-held biofeedback devices to help train people to get into "coherence." I liked the practice but the devices kept breaking on me. I┬┤ve read that breathing at a rate of about 6 breaths a minute can also help people reach the same state. Imagine that practices like Metta would work too. Too bad the EMWave is so unreliable though because I like gadgets and quantification.
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    SirPalomides has always baffled me but now that mote has unmasked his secret identity -- as the colorful SenoraLeFay -- the pieces are finally starting to fall into place.
  9. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    Hi Takingcharge, Have you followed up on Freeform┬┤s suggestion to take a walk in the park amongst some trees? This strikes me as excellent advice and I would do it everyday. Nature is so healing. Of course a single walk in the park isn┬┤t going to be an immediate solution -- I┬┤m not saying that. You need to get medical care. It sounds like you┬┤ve tried though and it┬┤s not immediately available. If you can┬┤t get in to see a doctor, I think being outside in nature for a bit is the most self-caring thing you could do for yourself.
  10. Expressing gratitude for material things

    I┬┤m grateful for tasty food. the tongue-numbing tingle of Sichuan peppercorns oysters on the street in Ensenada fluffy chicken tamales sold out of street steamers in Zacatecas early in the morning my mom┬┤s vanilla icecream with dark flecks of real vanilla the bartending prowess of my buddy Bill who never skips Happy Hour those pimiento-stuffed olives they put in martinis any alcoholic drink with a salted rim falafel stands in Jerusalem eating pancakes at 2am on a Saturday night after hitting the bars on Stark Street in Portland in my twenties corndogs at the county fair hot chinese mustard the street market in Tehuantepec where I once ate iguana soup (tastes like chicken) pineapple upsidedown cake with lots of carmelized goo on top anything from Tartine in San Francisco
  11. Dancing

    I don┬┤t know why but this dance scene really struck me the first time I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien and has always stayed with me.
  12. An opinion or observation of madness

    My mom, admittedly not a peer-reviewed source of unbiased medical info, told me that this has been a low year for the normal flu because of all of our social distancing efforts. Thought that was interesting.
  13. On Spontineity

    Yes, it does. Emulating the Dao, I imagine that I am a fierce wind or a torrential rain. I play the game of being stormy with people to see if they can flexibly and spontaneously bend with the natural forces I wield. (Ha! They can┬┤t.) Eventually an even bigger wind comes along and blows my roof off. Oops. Such is the ever-turning Dao.