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  1. Humans Without Souls

    One of my first goals in therapy, some decades ago, was to feel like I was inside my body. It wasnĀ“t as though I was anywhere else -- I am not the floating-around-the-ceiling type -- but I didnĀ“t feel solidly rooted inside myself. I think this is a symptom of the kind of soul fragmentation Taomeow mentioned above, and I think itĀ“s extremely common. ThereĀ“s all sorts of subclinical cases: people who function just fine in everyday life and donĀ“t have any glaring psychiatric diagnoses and yet arenĀ“t entirely put together either. When cultivation is working for me I know because I feel myself inhabiting my body differently. My voice deepens. ThereĀ“s not that baseline jumpiness that keeps my energy from settling down out of my head. IĀ“m just more me.
  2. Continuation

    And yet this thread has gone on long enough.
  3. Continuation

    The dialogue you quoted from me was probably a little heavy-handed. I just wanted to illustrate the nature of my own frustration with the subject. Your gentle questioning of the dynamic and how it might change is certainly a breath of fresh air. It would be amazing if space opens up here to have a real discussion of Mo Pai. Or else to drop the topic altogether. Personally, I donĀ“t think that will happen because the people who could contribute to that discussion donĀ“t want it, nor do they wish, really, to drop the topic. Guess IĀ“ll wait and see.
  4. Continuation

    If you really want discussion about Mo Pai to stop, Mildmouse, you could lead the way by not contributing to the discussion. For instance, you could refuse to reply to this and all subsequent posts in this thread. The conversation would dry up quick, I assure you. You could engage in threads about other topics and not interpret everything through the lens of your practice and practice group. The only reason people know youĀ“re involved with Mo Pai at all is that youĀ“ve said so. If you stop saying so people will forget and youĀ“ll get the moratorium you say you want -- and save the millions of dollars you imagine it would take to buy the forum from Sean! Of course you may want to talk about Mo Pai and thatĀ“s fine. I just wish youĀ“d actually really talk about it -- the technique, the results, etc. If itĀ“s not safe to talk about it because people here are too...well, I donĀ“t know what...but anyway, if you canĀ“t talk about it here, then donĀ“t. ThatĀ“s fine too.
  5. Continuation

    IĀ“m not so irritated really, just passing time posting at a cafe. Still, itĀ“s strange to me that thereĀ“s so much talk about Mo Pai -- all of it at the instigation of supposed group members -- and then when someone naturally asks an innocent question like "tell me about your practice" nothing is forthcoming. All we get is endless talk about how it canĀ“t be talked about. ThereĀ“s no substantive talk about Mo Pai at all, only talk about how the group is victimized here. I donĀ“t have a problem with people having secret practices. Many people here have secret practices, IĀ“m sure. But itĀ“s disingenuous to say you donĀ“t want drama while doing nothing but stirring up drama. Obviously the drama is wanted or there wouldnĀ“t be any. Most people with secret practices donĀ“t experience drama because they donĀ“t constantly advertise their secret practices. Problem child: IĀ“ve got a shiny new toy car but I wonĀ“t show it to you. Curious child: Is it a red car? Problem child: I canĀ“t talk about my car because itĀ“s not safe. Curious child: OK, what do you think theyĀ“re serving for lunch today at the cafeteria. Problem child: Who cares. IĀ“ve got a shiny new toy car but I wonĀ“t show it to you.
  6. Continuation

    ItĀ“s not a big deal to have secret practices that canĀ“t be discussed but in this case itĀ“s better not to discuss them.
  7. Taomeow, as a person with a "traumatic developmental history" (aren`t we all?) I appreciate your care with terminology. Life is occasionally tough and I`ve been known to judge myself harshly. I`d rather not add "defilements" to my list of negative stuff to deal with.
  8. Continuation

    I personally am interested in Mo Pai and would love to know more about it. In particular, IĀ“d like to hear about the life and practice experiences of the people who have taken up the discipline. And before anyone from the "group" jumps in to tell me so, I already know: this is not a safe environment for such sharing. Thelerner tried to start an actual discussion about Mo Pai once. He did it in his personal practice area so he could moderate flamewars. Despite his sincere efforts, it went nowhere. Too bad. Some people think thereĀ“s too much discussion of Mo Pai here, but I think thereĀ“s not enough. Actually thereĀ“s no discussion at all. No real discussion that I remember of techniques, no real discussion of experiences. I think this is a situation that calls for some equaimity and acceptance. MildMouse is MildMouse. Ilovecoffee is Ilovecoffee. WeĀ“d love it if they answered questions. If they engaged in some sort of reasonable back-and-forth dialogue. Well folks, ainĀ“t gonna happen. I can choose to stop beating my head against the Mo Pai wall -- or not -- but the wall is here to stay.
  9. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    I was a very flexible piano player in my youth so to show off for visiting relatives I used to play the Maple Leaf Rag with my feet behind my head.
  10. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Oh, I didnĀ“t realize that. Thanks for letting me know. It looks like her video is still available on her website but too bad that sheĀ“s not teaching in person. Good luck finding the right teacher for you!
  11. Continuation

    I suffer from a persistent delusion, the idea that itĀ“s possible to win an argument on the internet. Despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary, I believe that if I present myself logically my debate opponents will carefully consider what I have to say, come to realize that they were wrong, gracefully acknowledge the correctness of my view. This basically never happens. ItĀ“s much more common that people simply ignore me and reassert their own view. And so on it goes... This is what I see happening here. ItĀ“s very hard for me to disengage. I want others to see that I am right and come around to my side but thatĀ“s just not gonna happen. Resistance, as they say, is futile.
  12. Continuation

    Perhaps all the contention in this thread could be solved once and for all if we just made it into a video?
  13. robert peng yi jin jing

    So far the course has been great for me. Peng says that if he had to pick one word to describe the practice it would be "mighty." I can see that. Yesterday during practice I found myself in a very determined, warriorlike state of mind. Not angry, just very yang. Anyway, thatĀ“s how IĀ“d describe it. I mention this because itĀ“s so different from my usual way of being which is a lot softer. While IĀ“m not sure IĀ“d like to go through life stuck in warrior mode, itĀ“s been good to touch in with this end of the spectrum. After practice I took a nap and for a little while after I woke up I was different -- more extroverted, saying whatever came to mind with less of a filter. This change didnĀ“t last more than an hour or so but I enjoyed it.
  14. Continuation

    ThatĀ“s fine, MildMouse. I wonĀ“t debate the issue further. If what you really want is a private discussion with Earl Grey though, may I suggest the private messenger? Or even regular email, Skype?
  15. Internal Family System

    Now youĀ“ve got me curious. Am I being sorted into the "in favor" camp or am I the "seemingly neutral" one? I love the idea of seeming neutrality (so mysterious!) and am hoping for that category.