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  1. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    This "quite" reminded me of Commander McBragg:
  2. Hey -

  3. RIP Cheya

    I was thinking about one of my favorite Bums who has been missing for some time and learned that she transitioned back in January. I gained a lot from her posts over the years. https://www.oshonews.com/2023/01/21/adeha/
  4. What is bigu ?

    Qigong Bigu or Fasting: The Best Investment in Your Health and Long-Term Wellness by Dr. Kevin Chen. He does these retreats quarterly. I haven't taken one but hope to eventually.
  5. Micro Qigong?

    There are some versions of Yi Jin Jing which use relatively little external movement and consist of sequences of tightening and releasing different muscle groups by doing things like pressing the palms down, spreading the fingers apart, tightening the fists with the thumb inside the other fingers, and so forth. You may also be engaging the core and perineum (and coordinating the breath) with the "flexing" while doing this. One of these is shown in Dr. Yang Jwing Ming's early book Qigong for Health and Martial Arts. Another, called Sinew Metamorphosis is taught by Sifu Anthony Korahais in his Qigong 201 course (probably learned from GM Wong Kiew Kit).
  6. Books on Qi

    Hi Dan, two books that I think meet your criteria and would recommend are The Way of Qigong by Kenneth S. Cohen and The Healing Promise of Qi by Roger Jahnke.
  7. Hi Asher, I don't have any experience with this material but here is a Tai Chi/Qigong teacher that has done some work in this area: https://www.susanamatthews.com/brain_workshop.htm
  8. The beginning of a qigong session is usually more quiescent as you mindfully adjust the breath, posture, and mind to enter into a relaxed state. This is part of what distinguishes qigong from just doing basic exercise. That said, some qigong methods that I find quite heating are Yi Jin Jing, Five Animal Frolics, and Swimming Dragon Qigong. Since you are aware of Ayurveda, you probably know the yogic Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), a classic method for generating body heat. You can find YouTube videos of all of these.
  9. Potent Systems

  10. Waitankung

    Just learned that there is a DVD in English: https://www.primehealthproducts.ca/store/ydan-details.html
  11. Blocking a user?

  12. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    I took one two day in-person workshop with him and that was enough for me. It was on a short 5 or 6 movement form. He spent almost the entire first day on the first movement only, going into overwhelming, endless detail about it, then rushing through the rest of the form on the second day. Lots of self-aggrandizement and treating attendees in a demeaning manner. He brought a couple of guys who did Japanese martial arts up front to demonstrate that he could hurt them using pressure points. There were also some women hanging around up front gazing at him like cult members. He had one of them strip down to her underwear to make some anatomical point (he did this with a guy also). I doubt that his Chinese teacher would have done that. The whole vibe was pretty weird. He also appeared to be over 300 pounds at the time, and had trouble walking. He said that he had been in 5 or 6 car accidents in the past few years. I give him credit for losing a lot of weight since then and being able to move better. I did take a few series of classes from one of his students later on, and fortunately that person had none of the same characteristics and was a better teacher than his master.
  13. https://www.gofundme.com/f/square-inch-press "We are gathering funds for the newly launched Square Inch Press ζ–Ήε―Έζ›Έη€Ύ (SIP), which will be the publishing wing of the Daoist Foundation ι“ζ•™εŸΊι‡‘ζœƒ , a US-based Daoist religious and educational non-profit (501[c][3]) and public charity (170[1][A][vi]) dedicated to fostering authentic Daoist study and practice and to preserving and transmitting traditional Daoist culture. As one of the few Daoist presses, aspiring to create a similar cultural space as Snow Lion or Wisdom Publications in Buddhism and Paulist Press in Christianity, Square Inch Press will publish tradition-based books with a Daoist aesthetics and material culture. The current fundraiser aims to gather seed-money for book-design, type-setting, copy-editing, and the actual printing. The first projected title is Entering Stillness: A Guide to Daoist Practice ε…₯ιœζŒ‡ε— by Louis Komjathy 康思ε₯‡, Ph.D., CSO and Kate Townsend 唐鄉恩, EAMP, CSO. Anyone who makes a donation of $75 or more will receive a complimentary copy upon publication, which is tentatively scheduled for April 18, 2022. As is the case with other Daoist Foundation projects, all contributions are tax-deductible."