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  1. Please help me decide

    I am very satisfied with Shibashi but over the last 2 years my energy is become slowly more less. Your explantation means that Peng is nothing for me and SFQ would be difficult :-) i find a lots of good things about SFQ here in this forum. its relatively celar picture. But expiriences with the Lee Holden stuff are very rare. Have anyone explored Lee Holdens System an can give me an overview or a review?
  2. Hello World

    Thank you, that would be cool
  3. Hello World

    Thank you soaring crane :-) Unfortunately, there is in my district (zell am see) no good teacher :-(
  4. Hi there! I like to learn something new an i need your expertise. At the moment in do Shibasi Set 1 two times a day (4/5 Years). i learned Shibashi online but in my area is no "qualified" Qi-Gong instructor. By internet research i found three interesting teachers/forms. 1. Robert Peng - Master Key Videos 2. Spring Forest Qi Gong 3. Lee Holden (New Online Classes or the Qi Gong for health and healing Course) 4. Option is to learn Shibashi Set 2 or/and Set 3 Online by Sifu Wing Cheung´s Course i like to calm my mind, train my body and make provisions for my health. I always move at the border to a Burn out and have problems with my jobs (less energie, overtaxing, keinen Bock ). Which of these systems is good, authentic and maybe the best for me? Does anyone have experience with this four systems? Is lee holden a valid source and which system he teach exaclty? I would not waste my time because I have very little free time Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english!
  5. Hello World

    Hi, i´m 28 year old from Austria and a longtime silent reader ;-) I have learned Shibashi set 1 many years ago and do this every day two times. Now i´d like to expand my practice with somethng new and need your opinion. Thank You!