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  1. Adam Mizner interview/podcast

    My favourite bit was the dynamic between Adam and the interviewer, one of his live-in students. The interviewer is clearly a laid back, down to earth guy who Adam quite likes having around. Adam would make some thoughtful comment that would have me thinking really hard about what he'd said, but the interviewer would completely ignore it's profundity and just carry on with another question. Interviewer - What's the most important aspect of travelling 'the path' ? Adam - 'The people you hang about with ...' ---sultry look into the interviewer's eyes---
  2. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    hmmm - although what voidisyinyang says may well be correct, the stronger effects he describes may well require a number of full days of meditation, rather then just extending one daily sitting.
  3. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Apparently, while Damo Mitchell was on a Daoist retreat he saw someone partially disintegrate, which kind of goes along these lines. However, energy and matter can neither be created or destroyed. If you turn any mass into pure energy, in accordance to Einstein's equation E=mc2, it creates incredible amounts of energy which is very hard not to perceive - just consider a nuclear bomb which converts very little mass into incredible amounts of energy. For a physical body to disappear but not leave any traces ... well it's not easy see how this energy still exists but is not perceivable. (apparently there is one answer - it just changes it's 'frequency', from what to what and how is not really clear)
  4. As for the Yi Jing I hear that you should use yarrow stalks instead of coins, but I'm not sure why, is it important?
  5. He doesn't often criticise others in this book, but one of the times he does is when he explains why you bend your knees in a ZZ pose. He claims to know the real reason why you bend your knees, and complains that there are other teachers out there who unfortunately don't know this real reason. He says the real reason you do this is in order to lower your centre of mass from your chest into to your LDT and he even has pictures showing how this happens. The idea that your centre of mass is in your chest is simply wrong and can easily be demonstrated by holding your body straight and trying to find where your balance point is while lying on a rolled up yoga mat. You'll find that it is pretty much near you LDT already, and most definitely not in your chest. This mistake does not take away from the practice, but it shows - a mild lack of understanding on his part of simple concepts - a tendency on his part to take at face value what he gets told by others - a lack of criticism and questioning of him by those around him, given that a basic error was allowed to get to print. ... He also has some other philosophical attitudes that I can see where he's coming from, but are at odds with my own. One of them is that all major religions really are just a quest for immortality, and that if they come across as otherwise or hide this fact, it just a 'good public relations exercise'. This is clearly something he tells himself to justify his own single minded aim to achieve immortality through his practice. ... He also has the attitude that 'absolutely everything happens for a reason'. There are those that believe this and I don't mind that attitude, but I'm afraid for me, this is similar to having a fundamental 'interventionist god' approach to life. I tend to add some chance into the mix. ... He also says that the healing sounds should only be used if they come out naturally during Zi Fa Gong, where as I definitely find them to be beneficial while not in this state. I'm also not a fan Zi Fa Gong, but that's just me. ... There are lots of good things I do like in this book and it really has given me lots to think about in terms of what I do. And there are a number of things I've been trying to incorporating into my practice and life thanks to him, so I'm pleased I read it. But I'm just not a massive fan of his work, because if he can make simple errors about things I do understand, I worry a little bit about trusting him when he discusses things I don't understand.
  6. very advanced energy practice

    change it
  7. very advanced energy practice

    your profile picture has someone holding a gun ummm - i'm not entirely sure i feel I could trust you to tell you anything...
  8. I've just read this through this book and it's been really good for me to compare my practice to what he says. Damo Mitchell seems to create a bit of a 'love or hate him' response on this website, and I can see where this is coming from. There are a lot of traditional attitudes in his approach that I really like. But when he discusses things that I actually have some experience of, his knowledge is either weak or simply wrong. This makes me a little nervous when he then talks about things I don't already understand - should I trust him or not? But he has provided me with so many counter-points to what I already do, that in the end I quite like his work - even if I only end up disagreeing with some of what he says.
  9. very advanced energy practice

    This is a basic hypnotic / NLP technique. Interesting how it crosses over into these 'advanced energy practices'.
  10. very advanced energy practice

    I've just worked out a way for me to follow Voidisyinyang's posts. I simply ignore all the words I don't understand and don't make sense to me. When I just focus on the words that I do understand and do make sense to me, I am then able to follow the thread of what he's saying, and it can then be quite interesting.
  11. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    I wish I'd kept my ZZ sessions shorter and so I wouldn't have kept giving up.
  12. Zhan Zhuang alignment "rule"

    It's strange, when I started I out I was really conscious of this change in alignment between these two postures. But now I don't notice the difference at all. It could either be that my muscles are stronger and so I no longer need to change my posture in order to hold my arms in a raised position. Or, I'm so used the change in posture as I rise my arms that my mind has stopped noticing it. Either way - your noticing it is a good thing as it means that you're increasing your awareness of your body. But in time, it becomes such a small thing that you no longer think about. Well, that was the case for me anyway.
  13. Zhan Zhuang - Leg/Low back meridians - advice

    I myself have long term sciatica and also have practised ZZ every day for the last few years. The only time it has aggravated my sciatica is when I tried out a single weighted stance a while ago so I stopped this stance. Other than that, the slow improvement in strength around the back muscles has only helped my sciatica to the extent that I never get any pain from it unless I do some very intensive sport. However, I have progressed with my practice very slowly and very gently. 5 minute stands for the first 4 months. Very shallow height, pretty much up until a couple of months ago. So take it very slowly and give the body time to grow and develop at its own slow pace.
  14. Interval Timers for Practice

    I've got that enso pearl and I love it.