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  1. transmuting sexual energy/Dantian

    You can gain some achievement with no intentional effort what-so-ever. Simply maintain a degree of celibacy and have some daily standing / sitting / moving practice where you just focus on the practice itself. If you're standing, stand. If you're sitting, sit. If you're moving, move. The LDT will fill itself quite happily without having to worry about any 'flowing of energy', which can be at best pointless and worst counter productive. Maybe the celibacy thing can be dropped in time, but it does help to start with and means you don't have worry about any kind of intention.
  2. How to learn 'sung'?

    It's one of those things that there more you search for it, the more it can elude you. After looking, and failing to achieve it I now take a more roundabout method. First simple way is to add more moving practices to your routine. There is one opinion that you should be moving for at least as much time as you stand. Then if you really start standing for very long duration, you should have even longer moving practises... The other approach is that sung is a consequence of your over all attitude to life itself. The more relaxed approach you take to life, the more sung your stand is. Now, I'm absolutely useless at achieving any kind of sung, but I have found the above approaches increase the relaxation during a stand.
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Politics is a highly emotive subject. When you live in a country outside of a particular political debate, you naturally have less of an emotional response. Then you become more capable of seeing 'both sides' of the argument ... Get me on to Brexit and I'd be less of a "bothsider" ...
  4. No more right-wing bullshit.

    You are spewing anit-Trump vitriol - how long are you going to continue doing this for?
  5. No more right-wing bullshit.

    YES - YES - YES !!! I completely and utterly agree with this statement and believe it to be true. But, talking like this to Rene when she made, in my eyes, a very rational statement of the obvious Was very, very poor.
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    It's worth going back a bit and reflecting on the fact your democracy gave you a choice of Trump or Clinton ... good / bad ... representative ... of systems and society ... edit HOW ON EARTH IS SO MUCH ANTI-TRUMP RHETORIC ACCEPTABLE accept everything... edit 2 why are these extreme partisan views not banned???
  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Is there only bad in Trump ?
  8. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Yes, Jesus did clear the religious square of dealers and traders, but if that is the main point one takes away from the New Testament, then every other line has been ignored. He reduced the whole bible to two sentences 1 - Love god (with all your heart, soul, body and mind) 2 - And treat others how you would like to be treated. The second point is a universal truth across not just religions, but also humanity. What is more, you do this in the face persecution. You remove your own failings before you try to improve some one else. You persevere with helping those you dislike. There is good are bad in everyone - this fundamental concept has been ignored here - on a spiritual website of all places. It is a simple fact - the majority of threads were not dominated by right wing American politics before the purge.
  9. Website Design

    At the moment I'm learning how to design websites. One of the things I've recently been coming to terms with is how I can suddenly find own ego slipping into what I design and how I design it. It can happen with out my realising it and there's no one to stop it. For example - ooo - I could create this kind of website or that kind of website, wouldn't it be fun. Only to later on realise that the motivations behind it were not sound. I'm afraid this post is a direct criticism of Sean. Yes there are some extreme opinions on this website, but for me, on the whole there is a fairly good balance of opinions and it was fairly well moderated. And there has also been a lot of very good debate around right wing politics. The open sentence of 'are there any other leftist out there' was very, very badly judged and my heart sank deeply down. Starting off with that kind of language petrified me. One of the greatest qualities of the website is the equanimity demonstrated by a huge number of people. Please, please Sean - reflect on not only what you are doing, but how you are going about it.
  10. Don't Do Knee Circles

    That's interesting what she says there. I do 30 knee rotations each way just before my stand and so I watched the video carefully. Should I now give them up? Not yet. Firstly, one of the problems she mentioned was that after having done the rotations, the student then damage their knees by twisting it too much in the form. It is therefore an incorrect practice of the form that causes the problem, not the warm up exercise. Secondly, with all of my joint rotations, I can actually feel them become freer by doing the exercise. It has given me something to think about though - and that is I've heard somewhere that if you do knee rotations, you should not take the knees beyond the toes, which maintains a very small circle. I have to admit, I do rotate them just beyond this point. Maybe I'll reduce the size of the circle...
  11. coding

    This thread is really hitting close to the mark for me at the moment. 20 years ago I spent a year working at an electrical engineering firm, 6 months of that was coding. For the first 3 I was simply given ‘The C Programming Language’ and told to complete it. After 3 months working on it, I’d done all the exercises except those from the last chapter on Unix. I then spent another 3 months working on some company code with little success. The book gave me a very good overview of the language, but gave me no confidence as programmer. I now realise that was because those 3 months was not enough to get to a confident level. Anyway, after that I decided that I did not want a job that was primarily spent just sitting at a computer so I went off to do other things. Strangely enough though, during the last 9 months, I’ve found myself studying web design quite intensely. I have been using a website called ‘Free Code Camp’ and it covers a large number of aspects of web design, all be it quite superficially. I’m now at a stage where, along with a basic proficiency of the front end, I can just about put up a full stack website which deals with login and registration, either using MySQL and PHP or node, express and Mongo. But just in the last two weeks my massive motivation to do this has completely disappeared. I just don’t know if this is the direction I want to continue in my life. I’ve had this uncertainty for some months, but I just pushed through it, but I can’t any more. … It’s been very interesting reading what ‘Lost in Translation’ has been saying as I can clearly see where he is coming from with everything he has said and it has given me good food for thought. I’m just going to have a couple more weeks off coding while I ebay sell all the junk in my flat. Then I’ll return to it just so that I have a basic portfolio to show for the last year so that if I do feel the desire, I could then start applying for some entry level job… I’ll then have to take it from there – maybe just try it out, maybe not.
  12. I have a simple ZZ practice and it can take you quite far, or at least give you a nice foundation with which to explore other practices as a number have some form of ZZ component so you're off to a good start. Just my experience with ZZ is that I've found it very benefitial to have some joint loosening excercises before the stand and some simple shaking, arm swinging and body rub down afterwards. Just recently I added the 8 Brocades as an exercise during another part of the day. It does seem to give the body a nice stretch deep inside and I quite enjoy doing it. I learnt it from Lam Kam's way of energy, which is my favourite book on ZZ.
  13. What is Nirvana - A post from FB

    I've heard this idea before, and I can see some sense in it, and it does get to the moral heart of your daoism. But for me, this actually puts me off this style of practice. So, do these qualities slowly develop with the practice, or do you only act in a 'virtuous' way once you've attained X, which may be right at the end of the path, or never if you never quite get there. I'm comparing this attitude with bring up a child - do you teach them how to treat others with respect? When you yourself have an 'acquired mind'? Hmmm, I've got some other thoughts on this that I can't quite put into words yet . . . EDIT There are some strong differences between Chinese and Western culture, maybe this is slightly touching on why ... EDIT 2 should there be moral guidance in wider society who don't have access to this teaching, of course. It's strange then starting a spiritual practice where you then let some of that go, but just which bits of your earlier moral education do you let go?
  14. What is Nirvana - A post from FB

    And my interpretation was that maybe the Buddha had reached the jana where he did know everything - so perhaps such people do exist 🙂
  15. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    I'm already looking forward to the next instalment