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  1. My logic goes like this. What I'm experiencing is only in the now, and all ideas I have about the past are again the only in the now. However, what I am experiencing in the now has not just come into existence out of nowhere, but is the consequence of events in the past. My pen, for example, did not just come out of nowhere, it has a history. Therefore, although I only experience the present, I'm absolutely certain there has been a past which came before. For me, this is enough evidence of there being a timeline. I can happy extend this time to before when I existed, and extend it further to before there was any conscious awareness anywhere in the universe. This results in my being able to define two universes, my universe and the universe. My universe is the universe I bring into existence by virtue of my own awareness, and the universe which gives me some understanding of how and why things are as they are in the moment. My pen has its own history, and would exist without me, only I would of course not know about it.
  2. Ars longa, vita brevis

    In my head I came up with a really, really long answer to your question. But I was then able to simplify it to something very short. Just try them out. The initial outlay isn't actually too much to 'dip your toe in the water', and it's the only real way to find one that resonates with you.
  3. Marquises and Kings (Chap 39)

    Damo Mitchell says something like the 'people' tends to refer to your own thoughts, and that when the DDJ refers to them it's actually giving advice with how to deal with the restless mind. But it can also mean whatever's best for you 🙂
  4. Dreamt of having a lucid dream

    One way to maintain lucidity is to slowly spin round while in the dream, taking in everything you see.
  5. I have an inquisitive mind so find these videos fascinating, and I very much like passing the time wondering what I might do once I'm more experienced with Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. In this video Lama Glenn spends a little bit of time discussing karmic resonance, and what draws you to a particular practice. Something keeps bringing me back to Tibetan Buddhism, but having watched this it confirms I'm not quite ready for this particular path, yet.
  6. I have been on a number of week long silent retreats, and although I have approached pre-samadhic states, I have never had a nondual experience. The closest I've got to is when I'm doing an activity and 'been in the zone'. This is quite different from a meditative experience, because wwhile I'm doing the activity my mind is completely immersed. Where as, I'm guessing, in a meditative state because you can more fully reside in it, it can be more fully integrated and evaluated. There have been times when I have been utterly lost in an experience, and after the event I would some times eflect on what I could take away from it. The response I had from one retreat leader was that it meant I knew how to return to that state if I so chose. For me what I would most like from a nondual experience, which is a strange thing to say, is something that I could apply in my life almost on an intellectual level. The word 'intellectual' here means the part of my mind which I use as a filter in order to engage with the rest of world. When this filter is working well, I feel I am at my best. This has been a fantastic thread, and I have been gaining a great deal from reflecting on the posts, so thanks to all 🙂
  7. Living In Freedom

    In many parts there is a very large over lap with my understanding of a Christian interpretation of God, however, this approach adds much logic that I feel can be missing in Christianity.
  8. Living In Freedom

    Highly recommended 👌
  9. Name change request

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but I was just wondering if my name could be changed back to Miffymog? Thank you
  10. Not a coin collector but...

    If its the 50th Anniversary of Pride one you're thinking of, it seems its not going in to general circulation I'm afraid. ebay UK might have some, but the really nice ones with all the rainbow colours on could cost a little bit more than 50 pence
  11. Vedic Christianity

    I found it quite inspirational, and its now sent me off down a nice little rabbit hole investigating what Vedanta is, so thank you
  12. What are you listening to?

    Success! On both tablet and laptop! But I don't know why, because I'm sure I've just done exactly the same as I did before. Anyway, its all working and that makes me very happy
  13. What are you listening to?

    I'm using a Samsung tablet and copy the link from the browser while on the desktop version of the Web page. I've tried just pressing enter after posting the link but the forum still doesn't seem to recognise it as a YouTube link. I'm going to experiment with using my laptop tomorrow and see what happens then.
  14. Just watched the 7 of them and I can confirm he gives very clear explanations