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  1. I have a simple ZZ practice and it can take you quite far, or at least give you a nice foundation with which to explore other practices as a number have some form of ZZ component so you're off to a good start. Just my experience with ZZ is that I've found it very benefitial to have some joint loosening excercises before the stand and some simple shaking, arm swinging and body rub down afterwards. Just recently I added the 8 Brocades as an exercise during another part of the day. It does seem to give the body a nice stretch deep inside and I quite enjoy doing it. I learnt it from Lam Kam's way of energy, which is my favourite book on ZZ.
  2. What is Nirvana - A post from FB

    I've heard this idea before, and I can see some sense in it, and it does get to the moral heart of your daoism. But for me, this actually puts me off this style of practice. So, do these qualities slowly develop with the practice, or do you only act in a 'virtuous' way once you've attained X, which may be right at the end of the path, or never if you never quite get there. I'm comparing this attitude with bring up a child - do you teach them how to treat others with respect? When you yourself have an 'acquired mind'? Hmmm, I've got some other thoughts on this that I can't quite put into words yet . . . EDIT There are some strong differences between Chinese and Western culture, maybe this is slightly touching on why ... EDIT 2 should there be moral guidance in wider society who don't have access to this teaching, of course. It's strange then starting a spiritual practice where you then let some of that go, but just which bits of your earlier moral education do you let go?
  3. What is Nirvana - A post from FB

    And my interpretation was that maybe the Buddha had reached the jana where he did know everything - so perhaps such people do exist 🙂
  4. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    I'm already looking forward to the next instalment
  5. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    I've just had a thought - if they achieve the 'rainbow body' where the physical body disappears, that is something that I can go with, and would explain why they're not all walking around as we speak. Now, where they go when they do that is an aspect of metaphysics I'm happy to leave to faith and not worry too much about.
  6. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    I can kind of get my head round enlightenment, but the immortality thing still confuses me. Is this a form of spiritual immortality or a physical one? A physical immortality challenges my belief system a bit too much as if these techniques have been round for a few thousand years, then that would mean the number of immortals simply keeps increasing? I just find it difficult to believe...
  7. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    Sorry Old Student, it seems as though Earl Grey has taken offence to your posts and is now cutting back his involvement on this website. He is very knowledgeable and has contributed some very interesting posts indeed, this is also not the first time he has decided to step away from this site. I would just like you to know that I did not find your posts unpleasant or rude, in fact, I feel they were quite respectful.
  8. How to become less blind

    We'll just have to have different opinions on this one I think. There are times I have quite a strong faith in Christ. I haven't been told he exists by anyone who has the Devine light in them, and yet this belief can provide great strength. There have been times on a retreat when I have been told that the Buddha nature is already in me. Again, the person telling me this was not enlightened, and yet this belief would significantly improve the quality of the subsequent meditations. Would it have had more effect if the person telling me was enlightened, of course, but the belief would still have to be ultimately mine. And the idea that the transmission of the Buddhist teachings through non-enlightened people is miss-appropriation is something I can't really agree with I'm afraid. Interesting discussions though 😀
  9. How to become less blind

    I can see the place where you're coming from freeform, however, there are many different paths to enlightenment. Now I know this website is the 'Daobums' and not the 'Buddhistbums', so there is a lot to be said for representing for a Daoist approach. However, some Buddhist approaches do say we all have the Buddhist Nature inside of us, it's just a case of discovering / revealing it - which is done primarily through mediation practice, but also by being virtuous and taking refuge in the three jewels. It is not uncommon to suggest that this nature is already inside of us, we just need to discover it. And this statement does not in anyway exclude the hard work involved in seeking it. I know that some Daoist methods lay out a very clear, challenging path to travel, and that is fine. However, there are some Buddhist approaches which depend strongly on the faith that 'I can be enlightened, and I will be enlightened'. This again goes along the lines of the Buddhist nature/potential being in side of us already. Now - do I really need to be enlightened to make the above statement?[no] Is it any less true given the fact I'm not enlightened? [no] Do I have any right to say it?[yes] Some Daoist paths are really quite strict, but there are other paths and attitudes that are quite valid too.
  10. How to become less blind

    oh freeform, I don't feel wayfarer is saying there's no spiritual path, more that there's little/no difference between awakening and enlightenment. using words that don't make sense to me does not help me understand what point you are making - what are sheng ren and a zhen ren?
  11. How to become less blind

    I guess the difference is partly whether you're coming at it from a Buddhist or Daoist perspective. I'm happy to see the difference between awakening and enlightenment as the first being a brief experience of (what-ever-it-is) and the second as being permanently in that state. However, from my Buddhist past, I would attribute the same qualities to someone who was awakened as to someone who was enlightened. Like in many cases, differences of opinions are merely different interpretations of the same words, but given they are the tools we use to discuss, it's worth having these semantic debates.
  12. I was just wondering does the immortality that Daoism offers extend beyond the life of the universe?
  13. Adam Mizner interview/podcast

    My favourite bit was the dynamic between Adam and the interviewer, one of his live-in students. The interviewer is clearly a laid back, down to earth guy who Adam quite likes having around. Adam would make some thoughtful comment that would have me thinking really hard about what he'd said, but the interviewer would completely ignore it's profundity and just carry on with another question. Interviewer - What's the most important aspect of travelling 'the path' ? Adam - 'The people you hang about with ...' ---sultry look into the interviewer's eyes---
  14. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    hmmm - although what voidisyinyang says may well be correct, the stronger effects he describes may well require a number of full days of meditation, rather then just extending one daily sitting.
  15. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Apparently, while Damo Mitchell was on a Daoist retreat he saw someone partially disintegrate, which kind of goes along these lines. However, energy and matter can neither be created or destroyed. If you turn any mass into pure energy, in accordance to Einstein's equation E=mc2, it creates incredible amounts of energy which is very hard not to perceive - just consider a nuclear bomb which converts very little mass into incredible amounts of energy. For a physical body to disappear but not leave any traces ... well it's not easy see how this energy still exists but is not perceivable. (apparently there is one answer - it just changes it's 'frequency', from what to what and how is not really clear)