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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi APK, Here're my thoughts on FPCK from my experience. Mornings, I spend 30 minutes doing either Five Animals Frolics, stretches, or 18 Lohan hands. Evenings I spend between 30 and 40 minutes on one fpck meditation. These I alternate between a sit, a narrow standing stance meditation and a wide stance standing meditation. This combination does not give me great flexibility, strength or aerobic stamina. However, I can get on my bicycle and go on a nice hour long bike ride at a pace I'm happy with and I'm quite content with my overall level of physical wellbeing. I do sometimes think whether I should do physical activities that push me more, but I enjoy this routine enough that I've done it 6 days a week for the last few years. And whenever I've tried other things, I end up quitting them, so I'm kind of stuck with this. Now this is a big question for me, because I just rely on FPCK for my physical exercise and I have to admit, there's a chance my physical wellbeing might be better if I went for a regular good jog instead. But I just get bored running and can't keep up physically pushing myself all the time. Highly recommend the body scan first, because that will have helped settle your mind into your body more so your FPCK session will go better. Yes. The recommendation is crosslegged, which I can't do, so I use hero pose / virasana on a cushion. But I have done the seated meditations on a chair and you can still get quite a bit of benefit from that. If you're experiencing a very strong flow of FPCK energy, it's actually suggested that you can cool this down by simply eating something. Now although I have experienced some good flows of energy during the meditation, they've never extended beyond the meditation itself, so I've never had to do this. However, once I've settled back into my normal, every day state of mind, I often eat immediately afterwards with no ill effects. This is something Sifu Terry will have to answer. I definitely have an empty stomach before hand, but I also make sure I'm hydrated and I often have a sip of water just before. Good luck with the practice and try things out to see what works for you.
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    From what I remember I think that's fine. Infact, I've often done the same thing with no adverse effects, so you should be okay
  3. Christianity

    I use it as a simple way to access spiritual energy. Seek god first, then carry on with whatever I'm doing.
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Chirising, I'd definitely suggest adding some of the moving meditations into the mix, especially Bending the Bows. By moving as slowly as possible, you can start to cultivate some of the same benefits as the internal martial arts. As you don't move against an imaginary force, the changes in the body do take a little longer, but over time, they will occur. Good luck with your practice. Miffymog. Note: I think Bending the Bows might be on the second DVD.
  5. Haiku Chain

    The cat takes a nap. His tail twitches quite a lot. Right, I am now off.
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi there Summer, The time commitment is roughly 30 minutes as a minimum, but as the whole practice is quite relaxing and enjoyable, after time you may find the duration naturally increases. Here are some links that can give you a pretty good overview of the requirements and what’s involved. https://taichimania.com/essentialguidelines.html https://taichimania.com/trainingschedule.html And this link will give you a lot of very well structured information on the practice. https://forum.alchemical.garden/branch/zenbear/
  7. Tao in Parenting - Advice

    This is all that matters.
  8. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Sifu Terry, I was just wondering what your advice was in regards to FPCK and fasting. I currently practice 6 days a week and I've just started fasting on my day off. This seems to be working okay, but I'm considering increasing the fast to 2 days a week in future, would it still be alright to do some FPCK on a fasting day or should I leave it until the fast is over? Many thanks, Miffymog p.s. I've never really had any brain washing sensations, but when doing Basic Warm Up 1 (5-60-80-40-30) as slowly as possible, I have sometimes felt as though there were two very small cogs intermeshing and rotating right in the center of my head (just in front of the pineal gland). But it was a really mild sensation
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    I remember reading somewhere that if you asked a Westerner who they were or how they defined themselves, they would nearly always answer that question with what their job or profession was. But if you asked an African, they were more likely to define themselves by who they were related to (Who/what are you? - I'm so and so's cousin/brother/sister). I'm trying to redefine myself in my own mind in these terms, but I'm not quite there yet
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    You'll be fine. If you find yourself experiencing too much chi after a session, the advice is actually go and eat something as that 'turns it off'.
  11. semen retention and transmutation

    I'm not saying it's either something you can or should do, but I did come across this guy on Youtube that might have some answers to your questions. https://m.youtube.com/c/sexualkungfu
  12. In memoriam

    I liked him.
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    This is a slightly tricky one to deal with. TLDR; it's best if things like this are done on a daily basis, but you can start off with literally doing just 5 minutes a day, just to create a the habit. This duration will then naturally increase in time. Whenever I had practices in the past, be it standing or sitting mediation, I always used to tell myself that the amount of time I end up doing it was always fairly equal to how much less sleep I’d need during the day. Therefore, it actually took no time out of my day to do it, I merely needed to get up a little earlier to do it. The reason I’d need less sleep was because I’d gain a little more energy from doing the meditation, the day would be a little less stressful due to it, so I’d expend less emotional energy, and my sleep was probably of a slightly higher quality. So it was kind of a win-win situation (the fact is, this is probably true for any daily exercise routine, not just meditation and qi gong). For me, the most challenging bit was getting up early to do it, because if I left it to the evening, there were always other things that might come up and I’d miss a session. FPCK is a little bit different, in that because the mediations can be quite relaxing and aren’t always too strenuous (especially when it comes to the seated mediations on DVD 2), my sessions can end up taking up quite a bit of time, and I definitely don’t get all that time back in less sleep needed. However, the way I have reduced the longer sessions is by only doing one mediation a session. Currently, I do some warm up exercises, sit or stand for 10 minutes before I start, perform the mediation for 20 to 30 minutes and then done, so it's relatively compact. Good luck with your new job and finding a routine that works for you
  14. looking for a master to heal teeth nadis

    Either go to your normal GP, or look for a local TCM practitioner?
  15. It'd probably be best to sign up to his on-line school where you can then join his Facebook group. There are loads of people who'll be happy to help you there.