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  1. Sikh tradition

    I am practicing sikh. May be I can answer some questions or doubt or clarifications?
  2. Hi DSCB57,

      You mentioned in below about DVD " BK Frantzis's "8 Yiquan Postures". I am unable to find it. Can you share a link to this DVD.




  3. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    please create a PPD for me.
  4. beginner Zhan zhuang question

    Thanks Miffymog for sharing your valuable experience. It given me motivation that people out there have been able to learn ZZ on their own and have been able to make progress in their practice. One more question Did you see an increase in you libido when you started ZZ practice ?
  5. beginner Zhan zhuang question

    Hi All, I am beginner Zhan Zhuang learner from India and learning my own using book Lam Kam Chuen book "Way of Energy". Looking for ZZ master in India but not been successful. My question is related to transitioning from Wuji to Holding the balloon posture. In book author ask to start in Wuji and then move to Holding the balloon posture. My Wuji posture is correct but when I lift my hands, my upper back moves back and stains the middle back. In his book he ask to move the body forward so that the pressure shifts forward in feet as compared to the wuji posture ( weight is spread out evenly in the whole feet). How do ZZ practitioner keep there back straight in Holding the balloon posture.? Does every one simply lift the hand in front of chest while moving from wuji to Holding the balloon and their back remains straight.? I don't have the same issue when I start ZZ practice directly from Holding the balloon. Thank you