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  1. I think that's the key thing, anytime I resist things just get worst, and my standing practice is a microcosm of that, anytime I manage to surrender everything gets simpler.
  2. Yi Gong/Kunlun/Spontaneous Qigong Questions

    inspiring I 'fell' into this after some time practicing standing... my body just moves and I try to let it happen, it's an eternal dance between not trying to amplify the movement because I somehow feel it's gonna bring release and not trying to prevent it even slightly because I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt myself and the more I zoom in the more I discover it's almost always the same thing at a different level, I can always let go a bit more and I'm the only one preventing further progress. The same patterns comes again and again until I can let go enough and then something else happens. Some things takes weeks some years. It's been a rough ride and the movements used to be really wild, nowadays it's a bit more gentle even if if it's painful, but I still feel like a perpetual beginner. I'm quite new here and mostly reading old posts, but I feel a bit less alone reading comments like yours.
  3. introduction

    On another subject, and I'll post here because it doesn't deserve a thread, anyone lives in or around Brussels, Belgium?
  4. introduction

    Can I assume I will be able to invite myself to slack when I will have posted more than 15 messages? Right now when I enter my email it says there's no member with that address
  5. Pretty new here and very low energy and sick.

    thanks for the book recommendation, it's very interesting
  6. Zhan Zhuang questions

    Same goes for Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, I haven't bought it yet.
  7. Zhan Zhuang questions

    I've also read good things about Tom Bisio's Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 2: Qi Cultivation Exercises and Standing Meditation, but I haven't bought it yet.
  8. Zhan Zhuang questions

    There's a few ones I haven't read, thank you. You might want to add Cai Songfang's Wujishi Breathing Exercises to your collection
  9. Zhan Zhuang questions

    just saw your edit, but yeah, I came to the same conclusion
  10. Zhan Zhuang questions

    looks like a cool DVD, sadly I didn't see anything about Zhan Zhuang in the trailer or the review detailing the content I found on amazon, the cover seems a bit deceptive thanks for looking though!
  11. Zhan Zhuang questions

    I think you are right, I found nothing explicitly about Zhan Zhuang or ever mentioning it by name with a quick google search... If you are luckier please let me know, I'm always looking for more literature on the subject
  12. Zhan Zhuang questions

    I know this is an old post, but does anyone know which of Dr Yang Jwing Ming's books is about Zhan Zhuang?
  13. introduction

    thank you
  14. introduction

    Hi! I live in Brussels, Belgium and my main practice is Zhan Zhuang. I look forward to browsing past discussions and participate in new ones