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  1. Taking another break—don’t PM me; messenger disabled. Don’t @ me, I won’t reply.

  2. Authentic golden body

    There is no golden body, it’s an exaggeration from a mistranslation. Anybody claiming to teach it is a huckster. The OP has publicly made disingenuous and dishonest posts pretending that his demanding and disrespectful PMs to various people never happened. Also, he has been extremely hostile towards the few who offered help to him out of generosity, which he also pretends never happened. Anyone who insults yet demands help for free in the same message is not a newbie, and deserves neither guidance nor coddling, no matter how well one appears to be a victim to those who know no context.
  3. Authentic golden body

  4. Authentic golden body

  5. How to make own qigong set ?

    Unless you’re a master with understanding of qi and TCM, making up your own qigong set is only going to either waste your time and achieve nothing, or harm you. Let the people who make up their own qigong sets from watching YouTube be your evidence by looking at what lack of development they have, no matter how New Age they may appear.
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Please create a separate thread about purchasing a Kuan Yin statue so people can focus on Flying Phoenix.
  7. Look at the students of anyone claiming to be a teacher and judge by the fruits of their teachings.
  8. I am Sorry

    Whoever you were then, that's not who you are now. Welcome.
  9. Temporarily deactivate account not delete

    A late message, but just posting to say thank you to the mods for granting my request to restrict my access here for my voluntary exile. The clarity and peace of mind after working on several life projects has been immensely helpful.
  10. Golden core

    No. Good luck.
  11. Golden core

    If your goal is to learn, find a teacher. If your goal is to discuss, prepare for many contradictory answers from different people here.
  12. Heat in UDT

    Look at Osho's students and see their development. Look at Osho's crimes and see if you want him as a model to follow. Look at people teaching from Osho's drivel and see how their development is. This is all you need to know about if you're seeking to develop the third eye from what you've read in Osho's work.
  13. Ah, I can't buy powdered collagen easily here, and so I just throw an entire chicken, bones and all, plus any other chicken bones, into an instant pot to pressure cook for three hours with a pinch of salt and tbsp of apple cider vinegar. The gelatin and collagen that comes out is still pretty good. Drink it in the morning when you wake up and after dinner--you'll quickly find your health improve.
  14. I make mostly chicken bone broth for both me and my dogs. Good for gut health and metabolism too. The best thing besides helping my joints is that my dogs farting don’t stink up the room anymore.
  15. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    You'll have to ask him as he had temporarily made them available digitally very briefly, but then decided upon consultation of the I-Ching that it was not in his best interests...so he stuck with DVDs for now.