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    I am probably more Beetle Bailey while you come across as Joker from Full Metal Jacket in that regard, which is kind of funny given your avatar (and meant as a compliment). Actually, a lot of internal masters are weird, there’s no getting around that and it’s not just the western mind, it’s that level of skill that makes them live on a totally different level of reality that almost feels like drinking some electric kool-aid acid test. The key is seeing how much you’re willing to put up with and if that teacher actually has the skill you want to learn or is just another scammer!

    You are a lot better than me, but maybe because I’m an optimist or just that stubborn! Ha! Like the X-Files’ Moulder, “I want to believe!”

    He is hard to reach in general and I have yet to connect with him, but Terry Dunn regularly communicates with him. I find it’s common for a lot of internal teachers to give more effort to long time and indoor students, and how you characterize him sounds like a couple of my teachers who apparently did that to test students in the beginning. It’s annoying as hell, but when I discovered the reason, it made sense, though I don’t agree with it.

    I'm sorry I did not see this earlier, but if you want to get in touch with him, his website is www.warriorbodybuddhamind.com
  5. Haiku Chain

    Their unborn faces stir Our expectations as They are Our Future
  6. Climate Change

    How crass! He thinks he surpasses science’s top brass when in truth he has no class so let’s all just take a hard pass! It’s as clear as glass that one look at the grass and we already know that the earth has reached critical mass! Come what may let us not delay our combined efforts to allay the inevitable disaster that is already happening today based on what Miss Thurnberg has to say!
  7. Climate Change

    He’s a messiah for the planetary masses who sasses that it’s all gasses coming out of our asses but he’s just thick as molasses with how he harasses!
  8. Daoist Dieta

    it is the kind of tea and many brands like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks also sell it so it’s quite accessible but the right brand is the issue to focus on here.
  9. Daoist Dieta

    Twinnings has its own issues with the tea estates in Sri Lanka but is slightly better than Lipton. As for the teabag you have, this is dragon well green tea.
  10. Climate Change

    What is fantastic is that you spoke to the spirit of the OP rather than the debate this thread devolved into!
  11. Mo Pai and unwellness

    “About that counter though, is it feasible as a programming soultion? 😉” I don’t understand this part.
  12. Mo Pai and unwellness

    or perhaps more appropriately Mo Pai and Drew, two forces that come together and give everyone a headache. Although it’s more Drew than Mo Pai at this point...
  13. The problem with the psychic frequency, besides the fact that it is more frequently accessed than other spheres like the Akashic, is that oftentimes “psychics” let ego get in the way to filter their interpretations. There is also suggestion of the reader and to the reader, potential intrusions by entities, and the tendency to get caught up in a client’s narrative.
  14. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Because you're on topic there. Finally you're back to topic, but that doesn't mean I'm going to read another wall of nonsense. This clip pretty much sums up how everyone feels about you here: "Enough you idiot! Shorten the stupid story to 20 words or less!"