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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    The breath control sequence is the only thing missing, but Sifu Terry has mentioned these are good videos he took to show the ideal training speed.
  2. Kunlun Wild Goose Qigong

    The system is good. Learning it from them is however not optimal and I have indeed tried. The best DVD video instruction I have used is Flying Phoenix.
  3. Kunlun Wild Goose Qigong

    I have those books and DVDs by Dr. Hu. I can say that the form is not easy to learn off those DVDs and books. As a result they are now my mother’s DVDs and she plays them in the background when doing her household chores.
  4. And I will be one of the individuals who will question your answers too. Welcome.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    It was mentioned earlier in the thread that Sifu Terry does not currently have these in digital format, but as those are from a year or so ago, this may have changed, and in my personal classes with him, he has been working on it for a while, though his current priority take precedent over this.
  6. Yes we are creators of our reality, and also others can help co-create that. Where I am now in life is because I want to be here and free. Where your friend is, sorry to say, he wants it and your attention is feeding that. Some people have the capacity to support, and when we have exhausted ourselves we can best draw boundaries and say no more. Others don’t want to support and may even choose to make it worse by enabling or dismissing and trivializing. Always remember that it can be cruel to be kind and you have got to be cruel to be kind in the right measure. Otherwise, in avoiding hurting his feelings, you cause him harm.
  7. FWIW The Dharma Bums on sale

    First time I read this living in Bangkok at the bookstore and thought I’d peruse a moment. I ended up reading it in one go all afternoon. I returned a week later and tried to find passages to remember in my notebook and ended up reading cover to cover again the same day. This happened twice more and I finally bought the damned book and revisited On the Road and Doctor Sax then Big Sur when I went home and drove through Big Sur with friends. Be careful with Kerouac. He’s known to get into your head.
  8. This is absolutely true. When I was in grad school, some students were freaking out so hard about exams that several of them ended up in the mental health ward of San Diego. Spending 72 hours there will make anyone who threatens suicide either realize they wanted attention or far more suicidal because unfortunately, they don't distinguish much between patients who are outright 12 Monkeys crazy or emotionally melodramatic teens and twenty-somethings. Most people end up being the former because it's a reflection of the state of a society that is not sympathetic towards suicidal tendencies. As someone who was one of the three individuals there for 72 hours, I realized it wasn't suicide I wanted, it was an escape from a paradigm I hated, and suicide is usually a call for help or a last-resort escape from frustration. They call it Thanatos instinct according to the questionable Freudian theory. My escape after the right counseling was finding out grad school sucked, and being the fool who said the emperor was naked found that the politics of my department seriously tried everything they could to get rid of me, reinforcing those diminished feelings of self-worth. I do not recommend a trip to the mental health ward via the police escorting you there, but some people sadly may need to see that the intensity of their call for help is not a joke. It is made worse when loaded with sedatives and anti-depressants for some individuals there. I was on one for three months and got off eventually. The upside is that it pushed me deeper into the Taoist practice and more discerning of the realities I entered in the workplace, academia, an apartment complex, a restaurant, whatever--finding the rules for each pocket of reality not the reality, and extrapolating from that, the emotional state I was in to be the negative zone I was writing for myself. Granted, I pondered some of that last year too, but I actively seek help and express the emotions and appreciate the overwhelming support I always get (especially here). There are cycles of emotions, and your friend may be in their emotional winter and spiritual midnight--and perhaps you may be seeing them as a warning for your own too given your karmic lesson and test here.
  9. Balance and Nourishment (new here!)

    Welcome. Interesting username, but my immediate projection is that I think of a video game where the term liquid sun comes from. May you enjoy your time here.
  10. The Tao of Controversy

    I thought I'd share another thing that came to mind from both browsing the Off Grid section, and revisiting an old book of esteemed author Robert Anton Wilson, his beloved The Illuminatus! Trilogy. There is a scene during a magickal programming of the woman who would become Eris, goddess of Discord, which involves people dressed up as clowns engaged in a series of serious arguments about politics, the economy, the environment, and science. Each day, more and more people would come in with a straight face and colorful face paint and clothes, and do nothing but argue. After some time, the arguments would repeat themselves, but each side switching arguments: if they were conservatives one day, they were liberals another day. Then they would go back and forth and argue that they never changed sides and were always of a belief spectrum they argued for, and using newer examples but going back to the same arguments again and again and again. Later, after the clowns were done arguing, proselytizing, and marketing, they left the room, and people dressed up in business suits came into the room. This time, the business suit-clad individuals began riding in unicycles and juggling balls, performing acrobatics and swallowing swords or breathing fire, all sorts of circus-like antics. The woman who would become Eris, goddess of Discord, noted that the clown makeup wasn't necessary, as the arguments people made were already ridiculous, as well as how heated they became as they got further into their paradigms of their arguments. The people in business suits also didn't need the circus antics because they already were hilarious due to how seriously they took themselves.
  11. The Tao of Controversy

    This is in the book "The Celestine Prophecy" and one of the insights is about the "longer now", which expands actually to before the Enlightenment. It says to put things into context, we were as a civilization in the west, dominated by the church rather than by science and reason, and the reverse polarity now is a response to the extreme and totalitarian control over us before. Perhaps we are walking into a new polarity after the status quo has been shaken, possibly permanently this time, much like the church may not likely have the power it once did?
  12. The Tao of Controversy

    This is what makes me miss Taomeow even more because of how keen she was on energetic shifts with years of understanding beyond my own and far more immersion in her own esoteric knowledge. My oh my, the shifts on the individual level are really strong here. I'm happy we can discuss and argue here in this forum because at least, even with our disagreements, we know something is amiss.
  13. The Tao of Controversy

    To me, controversy creates polarity--or rather, it highlights polarity, which can also create duality (not the same thing). That would not be there if it didn't already exist. If there is up, there is down, if there is beauty, there is ugliness. There is also silence that does not bring awareness, but keeps people quiet for fear of reprisal, or fear of offending and avoiding a kind of hushed silence. Right now, where I live, people have been becoming louder and louder as martial law creeps in and possible war with extrajudicial killings and a host of egregious crimes that are no longer opinion, but outright picking and choosing facts or pick and choose morality. It's no longer about proving killings are happening, it's now "They deserve to die! They are drug addicts/pushers!". I have stepped over more than a few times where corpses and chalk outlines were after an EJK was committed by my teacher's house by motorcycle tandem vigilantes, and sadly, there are a large number of 14 year-olds and even a nine year-old who were killed by police. I had a student who was basically the man screaming "Soylent Green is made of people!" and the first year here, people dismissed him as a nutcase. So going beyond where it's arguing whether the facts are there (in this case, the Philippines), the controversy here is felt at all levels, from a president (Duterte) who kisses random women on the lips forcefully and his supporters saying it's fine and consensual to the increase in Chinese residents and increase in rents, and a host of polarizing actions between Feminists and people who are saying that that's just the president's humor and his province he swears a lot and they are into touch as a form of trust. Robert Greene in his book on power talks about how a leader with power tends to be bold, and they disregard what others say because polarity and controversy strengthens one's power base, but risks defectors if too extreme. Creating controversy in this country is theatrics, and theatrics also relate to the high number of former actors who have found their way to politics. Theatrics give the unfortunately ill-educated population a sense of something happening in the government rather than bureaucratic updates and discussions. It is essentially a telenovela that la masa can participate in through their votes or through their protests, yet bafflingly, they fail to understand their silence is itself a form of approval and itself participation. Perhaps controversy in the context of this country is that it is making people who would otherwise be silent eventually get fed up and say something. In this case, it's the other end of the extreme because it was the blue collar and low-income and poverty level voters who demanded this leader in 2016 (which by the way, also had a controversy about Chinese hackers affecting the election, which parallels the Russian scandal in the US). That other end of the extreme is again, controversially, accused by Duterte supporters as being power elites and oligarchs who are pretending to care about human rights in order to get back the power lost to them during the elections and creating a voting scandal. The Philippines really sounds a lot like the words of William Howard Taft, "[America's] Little Brown Brothers" with emphasis on siblings being more alike than they care to admit. The parallel controversies on both sides of the Pacific to me also say that there is an energetic phenomenon in the universe, and in my Biogenesis group, Ascended Master Lantos says that this has been the time of unearthing. 2016 was a Fire Monkey year, which is burning everything to the ground and a trickster's delight, 2017 was a Fire Rooster year, which is the new dawn that we have to wake up to, and this is the Earth Dog year, where now that everything is brought to light, we have to decide what to do with this new world, and polarity through controversy helps people identify where they individually want to go, yet it's up to us as a species to decide where we will go as a whole. If we can avoid killing each other first, I have faith our species will go where it is meant to go, in accordance with the Tao.
  14. The Tao of Controversy

    I know Drew read what Wandelaar and I wrote because I saw it in the online activity list. Either he responds and spams multiple times with things further divorced from topic, or he outright ignores it because he doesn't seem to get the basics of the social contract, let alone respect forum rules. But I digress, talking about it diverts away from topic as well. I also notice people actively seek controversy in an otherwise casual and friendly conversation. Two people insisted on talking politics over Christmas lunch and as they were baiting other guests on the other side of the spectrum and sounding silly too because you had brown faces themselves talking about keeping illegal immigrants out, specifically brown-faced non-citizens--to other brown-faced people. So had to step in and say, "Guys! It's Christmas! No politics or heated debate when it's a time of joy and peace, not arguing!" They refused and quickly found themselves isolated from the rest of the guests, stuck with one relative from France who was polite enough to keep them entertained since it was quite obvious nobody wanted to deal with them. He didn't enjoy himself either, but he was a good lad who had that Crimbo goodwill. So when you create controversy, at a certain point, nobody wants to deal with it and you get locked out. When you talk about things unrelated or you push for an argument or a fight, you get thrown out and locked out, much like Fred Flintstone banging on the door screaming "Wiiiiiiilmaaaaa!" during the ending credits while Dino the dog (dinosaur) gets let in, who is far more pleasant company.