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  1. Does this forum enjoy spam threads?

    I'm the guy in the carnival who tells you what the joke is when all the clowns, fat men, and bearded ladies are laughing and you're lost in that fun house of life, and when you still don't get it, I say it anyway because all the lions, tigers, and bears or the sword-swallowers and knife jugglers are all too much for you to handle and pay attention to where the real gems are and how you can be a star. That's who I am, son, don't forget.
  2. Does this forum enjoy spam threads?

    That member was likely being sarcastic, and while you may believe you are serious, so far, many of our attempts to explain what is needed of a serious practitioner and what kind of teacher would be able to impart these techniques have been ignored by you. Serious questions are unanswered or given a justification. Explaining how things work in the world of energetics seems to be a pick and choose affair. There are indeed free techniques, but to ask for secret teachings those of us have paid for like from Loneman Pai is not just rude and disrespectful, but wrong and has energetic consequences for stealing that which does not belong to you. Avoiding the ego deflation and character development is an easy way to find yourself in deep shit. Read Thomas Ashley-Farrand's "Healing Mantras" or "Shakti Mantras" and "Chakra Mantras", which give mantras for free that impart power after 125,000 or more repetitions as well as the science behind it and how we reincarnate with those siddhis in any life we commit that practice. He talks of the same story about Shiva Bali Yoga, a guy who could leave his body and manifest material objects, but had zero character and that guy was punished by nature when he left his body trying to show off to the group how he was more powerful than anyone else and then a flood occurred and killed him while he was away from his body, but funny enough, in full lotus. Avoiding any sort of service or financial exchange for the high level techniques is theft and you demand a gift which in turn translates to others have to steal for you and that still reflects back on you. We all have tried to explain in many threads, but are you really interested in learning? You have been trained by the universe here with those of us who are responding as the Tao: those who are serious, those who respect it, and those who laugh at it. Which of those three are you? I was once just like you and when you said in another thread that if I "were in your shoes that I would understand" you ignored that comment and went to other threads. Others have given you free teachings like Inner Smile. Why don't you start a personal practice journal here and actually begin one of the many things you've been given and stick with it for a while? Why don't you actually reflect on the lessons you are learning (if you are indeed learning and recognize you could be if you are open enough to know we're all trying to help you and have fun with it too) in that PPJ? I don't expect a response from you or to be taken seriously. I was a know-it-all kid who thought I was tough when I was your age. Didn't get me far. I have faith you will eventually grow out of this and find a good teacher and system, and until then, I and the rest of us here have fun with you as your uncles and aunts who know you won't listen to a damn thing we say, son. But me, I'll be that older brother who tells it to you straight and laughs at you when you burn your hands on the stove after auntie Em told ya not to touch it because it's hot. I'll warn you that if you try to reach for the top shelf where all my skin mags are, I'll know because you'll find a box with a note inside that says, "SUCKER!" since you'll NEVER find my skin mags (or, hidden teachings) unless I want to share them, and I only share them if you ask nicely and do what your aunties and uncles here ask you to do, and be nice to yo' mama and yo' daddy. Here's a free hint since you're a teen: go read Grant Morrison's The Invisibles graphic novel series. It was written using Chaos Magick. Go read Alan Moore's Promethea. It's a history of magic in comic book format and myth. Buy them--don't download them for free. Those books are cursed and will burn you if you try to steal from these high level magicians.
  3. It also depends on where you are because my teacher said the basics can be taught online, but the advanced stuff is in person, as we can't even do circle walking unless he is there. He is in Sydney, Australia if you want a contact.
  4. Ausar a Fraud?

    I only brought FP here because you’ve mentioned FP was a low level practice several times in another thread and because as a student of Sifu Terry this is not what we want proliferated. You can continue to promote that idea elsewhere because no one is stopping you, but it had to be said once and no further on this thread so that you know it is not appreciated. This thread and your link will be shared on the FP thread for our benefit and how they respond is on them. My comment was only as we say a “courtesy call” and your defensiveness raises some questions that others may have desire to pursue as I’ve already done my duty. Cheers and many thanks for the link you have posted.
  5. Ausar a Fraud?

    Ausar has already been proven a fraud, but "higher level meds" is something Sifu Terry Dunn has already stated many times that anyone who says FP is "low level" and different systems of GMDW are "higher" level does not understand or have the depth within the system. This would be a good video to post in the FP thread and also to understand that the false dichotomy (and wrong information) about FP being "low level" is not an idea Sifu Terry appreciates proliferating.
  6. Indonesian Shaman Keeps Sex Slave

    This is a fact that is actually the reason we have Art of Manliness to show us rites and rituals and what it means to be a man as opposed to being a male, and this is derived from historical analysis from Rome and antiquity. It is a site that is neither Feminist nor anti-Feminist because it works with classical values that the modern world has eroded into rubbish such as how many women can we bed and how heavy are the weights we lift, and at worse can be like the Return of Kings site or even the so-called "Men's Rights" movement that have thrown the baby out with the bath water, and plagues us on the magazine rack with Maxim or FHM. To be a man is to embody the sacred masculine, the warrior, the king, the magician, and the lover. It is to earn through virtue and sacrifice to be more than just our sex organs. To be this shaman who is focused on his sex organs and may have learned a few skills in the metaphysical world is disgusting and I have encountered many people who claim powers and offer "healing" to women and seek instead to manipulate and sexually dominate them. They are not shamans. They are not men. They are no worth the dirt they walk on and taint with their soul blight. And I have made it a point to de-activate these poor wastes of Y-chromosomes and corruption of the Gift of the metaphysical worlds.
  7. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Funny enough I was going to tell him to chant this mantra and another to help him shift his vibration to be worthy of what he seeks if he is willing to do at least 125,000 repetitions.
  8. Hey there

    Welcome to the dao bums. Your username indicates what appears to be your interest, and there are a few members here involved with that practice whom you may have already gotten in touch with by now and are very supportive. May you enjoy your time here, with a warm welcome from someone who is not part of that system, but has respect for it and its students.
  9. Daoist weather magic and Feng Shui

    You seem to be under 18 years of age to have so much time to post the silliness you do and still lack the sense to understand that you're going nowhere with this search the more you disregard the warnings and advice of others here, as well as refuse to offer anything in return for the hard work and effort put into attempting to educate you or offer you anything of value. Drop this search. None of what you find on the Internet will help out without the right community and teacher. The best things are free, like the sun, moon, stars, wind, ocean, forest, and mountains. The best things are also not free, like secret yogic doctrines or alchemical secrets. There is a price to pay, and if you are unwilling to pay but insist on taking them, the Tao will extract it from you, and you will be forced to witness it without even knowing why you are stuck on the vibration you are on. Commune with God and Source instead. Anything else beyond that like controlling weather and minds is as much a distraction as going into a pub or brothel.
  10. Will anyone share the LMP secrets with me?

    Guess what? I was in your shoes eight years ago. I owed $60k and my father died and I was homeless on the streets. I am now earning from my techniques and I am only a middling adept, who has enough to eat, to shelter himself, to buy a Nintendo Switch, to travel, and to take care of two dogs, and to give other people money if they ask for help. When I was homeless and abandoned, I had no family and friends had all turned their backs on me. But I wanted to be better and I wanted to believe. And the Way opened up for me. And I got more in return for what I offered and what was asked of me. Don't give me those excuses that you don't have it. In truth, you don't believe you have anything to offer and yet bizarrely you believe you are entitled to what it is you look for, and have a very toxic thought form parasite you are suffering under. The choice is yours to continue on this path, and I am obliged only to offer you once. You can go where you want to, and as you are but a child, likely under the age of 18, I have no worries because your Will is not yours unless you decide you want Will. All you do now is Ego. Ego-Fear. Ego-Desire. I was there. And I have empathy. But I also have no intention of feeding the Ego or enabling you along the path. You want power? Good luck. The ones who seek it are consumed by it. You want to know? Then be humble, ask, and make sacrifices. You have given excuses, and that is your choice. There are no easy paths and no sugarcoated answers. Drop this or don't. You decide.
  11. Will anyone share the LMP secrets with me?

    Seeing a few people are giving the nod of approval here, I'm going to put this out there: Lightseeker, if you TRULY and SINCERELY want to learn all these esoteric techniques, you must be ready to go through an ego deflation process and learn to follow the virtuous path to use these properly if you have them. If you want to be taught, you must give exchange and you must pay. If you are trying to learn for free, you will never go anywhere even if we gave you the book of techniques because the etheric masters won't allow progress. If you, on the east coast as you have previously said, are willing to ask your parents to support this endeavor (re: pay for it for now) and you are willing to do some work as well, I will introduce you to Sifu Eric Randolph. He is NOT cheap. He is NOT going to teach you anything for free, nor is it going to be easy to get the skills you want. He is NOT the best teacher. He is NOT for everyone. But he has been instrumental in my own growth over the years and countless others who are happy to call him Sifu, teacher, father, brother, and friend. He does NOT care if you want him or not. He does NOT want anything for anyone but to be awakened. You will not be accepted necessarily, but you will be allowed an introduction and you will both decide if it's a path that works for you that you want to commit yourself to, or you can continue this pointless search that will lead you nowhere. So the choice is yours: the blue pill: keep posting irritating messages begging for free teachings, don't work to earn what we have had to sacrifice for, avoid any personal growth, and jump from system to system and technique to technique but never amount to anything but a kid running around in circles in a desert. Or, choose the red pill: and you can have a teacher, who may not even be the one I can introduce you to, but can point you along the way to where you need to go to find the right teacher, and find out what you truly want, and more importantly, what you truly deserve, while becoming a real sage if it is your destiny. You decide.
  12. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Limitations on practice and the human ego makes people not want to do it. I can't practice it alongside my other forms with special breathing and mind visualization, so that's why I don't do it. People are also spreading the wrong form on YouTube and absent of special instructions such as don't practice on an eclipse or during a storm.
  13. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Depending on what stories you want to hear, really, you can ask us both. It's cured deafness outright for one. IT will balance emotions, but be prepared for when the emotional purging happens too.
  14. Will anyone share the LMP secrets with me?

    Given his whole history so far on the forum is asking for all the secrets to be given to him for free and many times dodging questions or feedback, I think one day he will either grow out of these interests or he will find a teacher who will take him in if he's willing to make the necessary exchange for knowledge instead of trying to steal it. One of my own teachers in Pittsburgh is the only internal master and alchemist I know who would have the skill, teaching methods, and patience that Lightseeker looks for and that patience is very important to put up with him, but I doubt he (Lightseeker) would be willing to handle not just the price, but the ego deflation process from my teacher.
  15. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Just learn from John Dolic. I tried learning from the pdf first and he taught me corrections that are difficult to learn from a document. I also am a close student of his so feel free to ask for some funny stories about fragrant since he has volumes of stories.