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  1. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Some interesting Twitter posts.
  2. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    I myself was once critical of hypnosis, but one of my internal masters actually is a qualified hypnotherapist and magician. He taught me some things using that and it showed me that to an extent, there's a lot of indirect self-programming and script writing that we are unaware of, and a hypnotherapist helps us begin our unlearning processes.
  3. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Here's a little something about a cat that had coronavirus--read the whole article before panicking though. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cat-belgium-positive-coronavirus_n_5e7f79e4c5b6cb9dc1a145bc
  4. It's all getting too much

    There's no current place to go, unless underground bunkers count. He was posting ignoble things in the coronavirus thread I started and a number of us were flabbergasted at his ignorance and audacity. There are gems, for sure. We just shouldn't have to sort through the rubbish bin to find them, which is why some people are retreating to their PPJ. There is no problem with this stuff in general--it's the fact it's become more prevalent is what I find to be potentially troublesome. For a small community of familiar names, this is nice, but for newbies who can't even get approval for membership, it's hard to search for things without this all coming up front and center.... The occult section is pretty good and underutilized, I will admit.
  5. tip toeing around trump is ridiculous

    Continue posting incoherent nonsense as you like and see how much good it does.
  6. tip toeing around trump is ridiculous

    You missed my point because you’re explaining the exact thing i said. You waste too much time posting crap instead of getting to the point.
  7. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/safe-homes-jobs-italy-roma-fear-coronavirus-impact-200325163604384.html Another marginalized group, the Roma. People who get by selling scraps can’t work from home. They will likely be most vulnerable to Coronavirus.
  8. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    https://www.rappler.com/nation/256218-coronavirus-cases-philippines-march-28-2020 1075 cases and 68 deaths.
  9. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Normally, I'd say that people call it bullshit until they get it or someone else whom they know gets it. I wonder how your family reunions look like (if you're even welcome there) with how rude and unpleasant you are, or how you'd react if your aunts, uncles, or parents got it.
  10. It's all getting too much

    For an engineer, you failed your maths to think 95% of the universe is "right-wing". It appears you don't even realize that the current Alt-Right have qualities that are not even "Right Wing" given that actual Right-Wingers have a mindset more pronounced in the Cold War NATO alliance rather than this contemporary isolationist and nationalist view. You've failed as a cultivator, mathematician, historian, sociologist, and biologist, your rhetoric and your logic are absent, and you stay here out of stubborn need to talk out of your ass, faffing left and right when you've already been told you're not welcome by Sean and contribute nothing but complaints about being ostracized without observing your own behavior. One day, you will either get tired of it, or you will continue to live the rest of your life miserably the way you are.
  11. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Rubeforever discusses spirituality, Trump, and the left in a topic that is about nCoVid19--sounds like a drunk who barges into a restaurant and begins ranting to everyone at their private booths and tables regardless of whether he is welcome or not. Gets told to go away and thinks he's above the rules and norms, and that others are just brainwashed, soulless robots who are likely on the left. Next: rudeforever comes and claims he has coronavirus and is just fine, then says everyone is making a big deal about it and doesn't get why nobody wants him around, then says nobody is spiritual or open-minded. Faff faff faff faff faff faff
  12. It's all getting too much

    I mean it's not like we don't try to focus on cultivation topics, but some people confuse spiritual development with cultivation, which is a technical thing...some people think by cultivating, you will become spiritual and mature, but that's not necessarily true. Most people would either like to be hippies hugging each other and preaching tolerance--but how do we discuss cultivation if they go into hippy mode? How do we keep cultivation serious if someone keeps interrupting, begging for techniques, or has made up their own system that actually is based off of pseudoscience conspiracies on aliens and the CIA or saying that Buddha activated his LDT and if you don't know which movements in Taiji activate which meridians, chakras, and dantians, then you don't know anything? So we have hippies trying to sing kumbaya, we have know-it-alls who actually don't have any skill whatsoever, we have people begging for free teachings, we have people insulting one another then getting mad when they get insulted back---all often in the same thread when we're trying to talk technicalities of cultivation. I'm at a point I may just have one thread on my PPJ and invite people there to discuss cultivation only, where everyone else will just have their posts deleted or hidden if they can't stay on topic, and staying on topic or following rules is just too tough here at times. Yeah, problem is, if we ignore it, it affects the quality of the forum while preaching tolerance and turning away people who still can't get membership approved. Sadly, we can't eliminate him or compel him and folks like him to stop, so the insults tend to be the last resort. Tolerating bad behavior normalizes it and doesn't make us more compassionate or enlightened, it just shows who has a more comfortable life and house that ignores how others suffer when they have less. It's the same as saying, "You're not as developed, you'd better develop" and creates a spiritual elitism indirectly even if they use words like acceptance, compassion, empathy, getting along, loving, blah blah blah....a lot like Jeff's crap. Yeah, I'll keep some of those topics I want to talk about in my PPJ at this point and let others come in if they want to talk about it there or invite others in a tag if I think they have something good to share.