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  1. Thank you for all your contributions @Earl Grey! For sharing yourself so generously and also offering resources and help. Know that you are deeply appreciated. Despite having to admit that I may have had different views with you on many things, I am grateful that you've shared with me about this forum. I discovered your love for the taoism and writing in your entries. <3 It makes me sad that it's gone (hopefully it is just hidden). There are a lot of gems in your posts. Take care! 

  2. healer John chang

    "Newspaper". No link I know of anymore.
  3. And you are not me, nor am I you. I did voice my concern. Perhaps it is meaningless to you, but it needed to be said and there was no repetition here, only clarification and elaboration.
  4. I'm sure you do. Operative word there being "believe". While I don't doubt your skill, I do question your discernment and qualifications to make the decisions you have in this matter. I wonder what his thoughts are about you publishing the form in its entirety for free. We don't give it out for free and the monetary incentive is not the issue, but the matter of responsibility between student and teacher. Democratizing it might seem idealistic, but in practice, many things get lost, primarily the integrity of the practice. Don't worry, it's not a personal attack, because it's a common theme in the world due to the Internet and availability of many systems, but a typical effect is many times it gets diluted (look at people with Fragrant Qigong for example) or it gets monetized by people with no qualifications to sell it (look at people selling unauthorized duplicates of private videos such as from the Doo Wai arts) for high prices and none of those going to the people who deserve it for preserving the art. Typically, unless a teacher says that they are happy with you giving it away for free, you are essentially stealing the art and quite possibly stealing their livelihood. I hope that you truly have the blessings all the way up to give away the art, and then take the responsibility to manage those who may suffer some possible effects from lack of proper guidance. My own teacher from the 1980s and 1990s already voiced his displeasure with this, again, primarily because in his words, "it can cause all sorts of problems". Ask your teacher or ask the Liang family about the Guangzhou trip for an interesting story about a student whose ego took over the integrity of the practice and ignored the instructions and precautions, and ignored guidance for their development. I advise against giving away such techniques like this without at least actually guiding people in the beginning and throughout their development. I intended to leave this thread already, but this warranted a response from me. Furthermore, there is not supposed to be any experimental science in an established art going back over a thousand years. Perhaps your intentions are pure albeit misguided, perhaps they are orders from above, I don't know. Respectfully yours,
  5. Your karma, not mine. “Scaremongering” is one word used to dismiss legitimate concerns and discredit anyone who raises them. Still don’t see any authorization from Liang or his brother or what makes you think posting a practice like this so openly is okay. We have already had to handle a few people over the years with qi deviation from this form specifically. Posting these instructions here and on the website is akin to saying “Here’s a bottle of absinthe, take only a sip” and some people may respect that and others may down the whole bottle. Your karma for leaving the bottle here, their karma for taking what they shouldn’t. No financial incentive from me or my teachers. Just concern.
  6. If you're truly authorized to release this and he is making this statement truthfully, have a certificate of authorization, I see none of that in the link or from you. If you are aware of the possible qi sickness that can arise without proper instruction (which I'm guessing is what he meant by making the instructions available, meaning people can go out and teach it if they are authorized and qualified), then I would think twice about posting it. After all, if problems or questions arise, who would people go to following these questionable instructions? I've already advised caution and spoken with my teachers about this, and we've heard no such decision to release it freely and publicly without the need of an instructor in the way that is being done on the site you linked. No more from me. In the words of Luke Skywalker, "See you around, kid."
  7. healer John chang

    He is no longer publicly available, and according to his classmates and peers in Java, it was reported in the local newspaper that he "died" a couple years back. Make what you will of that knowing that newspapers say one thing and some people just want privacy by any means. I would go with SirYuri's recommendation, and have also lived and worked in Java too, but the people I know already died or moved elsewhere in Indonesia.
  8. And I have learned from Liang's direct student too who trained in Beijing since the 1980s and 1990s and taught this to me in Chinese, but I have already stated my piece about the consequences (and now warn you of karmic ones too) for sharing such a technique for free. There are some deviations as posted here and I am not responsible for anyone who practices and has any qi sickness resulting from lack of proper instruction or guidance. Enjoy the ride...
  9. Besides the fact that there are a few crucial details omitted in the instructions here and a few discrepancies from the instructions given by my own teacher that should not be forgotten for the safety of the practitioners, I would not advise this to be posted online in this thread or on the website you are linking, especially for such a powerful technique to be given away so freely.
  10. Can anyone guide me to access the Akashic Records?

    This is taught in our lineage, but unfortunately, this is what the Masters and Teachers have instructed us and readers in our group have all confirmed that whenever we ask this question. Why not ask your Akashic friends what their teachers say about the restriction they have given to our lineage if we all are accessing the same place, or access the records yourself if you are familiar with it? It's their (the MTLs) rule, not mine. I will happily link to the contact information or website of the group if you are so interested and genuinely want to know. Your tone doesn't appear that way though, but I can't presume for you. I agree. But I didn't set this rule--it was decreed by the Akashic Lords themselves. Again, ask your friends or ask the Akashic Lords yourself, because you're using intuition and making inductive conclusions. I'm only following what was instructed, and that gave me insights I would never otherwise arrive at without their guidance, and subsequently, far more peace and acceptance. I could ask the MTLs for you too, but again, I wonder if you actually would be open to and receptive to what they have to say through me, as a reader. Ask your friends for access and insight or access it yourself if our relationship is affecting the objectivity for you to trust and me to offer this to you. I find him annoying, but only because I was exactly like him when I was a teenager, and I have a desire to help him avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered when I was searching. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I can't be responsible for his karma or preventing him from learning what he is meant to learn. So I find myself acting at times like an older sibling who loves to tease sometimes, wants to watch out for him, but slaps his own forehead in frustration. You may call it presumptuousness. Again, the best I can say is, if you read the FAQ in my personal practice journal (and again I wonder if you actually will), you may have some more insights. It is your Free Will to perceive me and us as you do, to do as you will, and to conclude as you will.
  11. Here's a mantra, you should say while pointing with both hands to your chest each time you breathe in, and hold them there after the mantra is recited, then drop them after each repetition. "Hohwhatanassayam." Say it aloud, then after 10x, slow down half speed, then after another 10x, slow down half speed again. Most helpful in front of your parents, friends, classmates, and teachers.
  12. Any bums workout?

    This thread is my practice with calisthenics and isometrics. https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/46885-i-experimented-with-the-systems-of-charles-atlas-charlie-bronson-harry-wong-and-mike-chang/