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  1. Haiku Chain

    And eternal joy radiates from the man who shares great laughter and mirth
  2. Can we all focus on what a person actually is intending to communicate rather than rattling them for how they appear to be posting? It would save a lot of angst because some people just write differently from what we read and how we read and misread is what creates unnecessary conflict here. He already said he wasn’t trying to confront others or act like a know-it-all, and I’d like to believe someone’s good intentions trump the communication issues everyone is already dealing with as I’ve elaborated earlier.
  3. Amongst systems @Zork, I know GM Doo Wai arts like Flying Phoenix and Bok Fu Pai do not have or care about the orbit. They don't even focus on dantians or jing and shen--it's essentially all mind to them, not even chakras or meridians. Do the practice and everything happens as it must for you according to both GM Doo Wai and Sifu Terry Dunn. But obviously we don't have neidan or MCO in that lineage or system and I can't speak for that. For some of the work with Shifu John Dolic, the Sleeping Qigong he offers does have elements of the neidan, but he doesn't even bother mentioning it unless you get there, and when it came up was because a mutual friend asked if there was a neidan involved, which apparently is an advanced element in the practice--just not this mythical and intangible thing that some here like to characterize it as.
  4. No need to apologize. There’s a lot of confusion and miscommunication and on top of being difficult to know tone or intentions, we have people whose second language is English and their writing skills are different than verbal skills, on top of maturity. This forum is not unique, but what makes it extra challenging is the metaphysical aspect.
  5. Hmm I'm having a hard time understanding--what are you saying and what do I appear to be saying about the guard and parry?
  6. I didn't say there was an attack, I just answered the part about why that cynicism seems to happen.
  7. Many people here claim to have the answers, so when someone like you is asking and already knows a bit about the inherent problems common to it, others become cynical and assume you’re a know-it-all instead of engaging in discussion or answering the question.
  8. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    From two of my teachers who teach qigong, Bagua, and Liuhebafa with Yiquan.
  9. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    Depends on the system. For example, in Flying Phoenix from Emeishan, there’s no discussion on this because it’s totally different qi, whereas in Sleeping Qigong from Huashan, qi is analagous to the money in your wallet and jing is the money in your savings account.There are common parallels but eventually one finds that they are not necessarily universal answers.
  10. I wouldn’t bother because the masters I’ve met have heard all sorts of garbage and they couldn’t trouble themselves caring about people with absolutely no uncertainty in their assertions. True story: John Dolic was shown some threads here making silly assertions here and he laughed. He said that none of his teachers would fit the characterization made about “true masters who won’t teach anyone the real things”. He and his teachers have no time to worry because opinions from know-it-alls are too smart for them and he and his teachers are just stupid Taoists who do simple things that somehow have always worked for them. Besides: they’re happier without needing to argue with someone telling them their practices aren’t real.
  11. Most people feel entitled to it but don’t do what it takes to deserve it. Power draws many people their way and it’s also a huge market as the scammers and opportunists realized.
  12. Well, I can’t speak generally and am only parroting what was taught from the lineage of Sadguru Sant Keshvadas. Vocalizing sounds in the Aboriginal tradition and their songlines is a different approach and still works wonders—they are alluded to in our books as well. We teach all sorts of ways to chant whether aloud, singing, whispers, silently, writing them out, reading them, or even listening to someone chant and following along best we can or even passive listening. All work but achieve different frequencies. Aloud is a lower vibration but higher frequency and the opposite is for mental chanting.
  13. The mods should check the system because this happened to me before with people quoting others and somehow it registered as coming from me, which were things I never said either.
  14. The sounds are made while in the mind because the vibration is stronger. Thoughts make sound on a vibrational level and that’s also why some people say some thoughts are just noise, or mental noise. I meant no offense when I called the emoticon silly. As you pointed out I misunderstood what you were implying. What would help was to use your own words so that I could better understand and respond, old friend.