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  1. Circle walking

    I concur.🤣 We used to do this in 3 years, but we found that the average was closer to 3-5 years because of things like safety and the commitment of the students. 😎 Example: some students haven’t gone past the first year of syllabus for three years because they don’t have the time to practice consistently enough and be ready for the next step. They’re committed—life just doesn’t let them. One student with kids moved fast, one student with kids finds they won’t let him stand for more than 10–15 minutes. Yare-yare daze. Cool! 😁 Some of our school can do fajin with their face, as we train to do fajin without being restricted to a form.
  2. Circle walking

    These were taught as basic first year practice in Xin Yi under Chan/Rodriguez, and fundamentals under Dolic first year too.😃 Yup! Somehow, I don’t think we’re thinking of the same thing when talking about fajin because it doesn’t come in our practice without fascia and core activation, which doesn’t come from single palm change alone. You can push using the same form for example, but you won’t have the power behind it without the development from supplemental practices, which take 3-5 years. We’ve taught one person to do the fajin push without the fundamentals though, and he ended up first being able to make people fly, however, it led to serious health problems and he was forced to stop by his doctor since it somehow caused him a lot of pain and chronic fatigue and weakness among other things.
  3. Circle walking

    The analogy falls a bit flat given my teachers mastered and taught me both styles. 🤣 Pun very much intended. Yup, these same guys trained my teachers! 😃 That’s why I can fajin now either standing or walking, among other things.
  4. Circle walking

    Technically, they are sister styles as historically there was a lot of overlap in the training methods. Yes--self-learning is the worst thing one can do when learning circle walking. Taking bits and pieces here and there don't develop the skill one desires--it's the supplementary practices in addition to circle walking that impart its benefits, much like balancing and strengthening is necessary for athletes before they begin training in the sport they wish to excel in, as done in the Olympics.
  5. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Serious answer this time: moderation, not suppression or repression. Meaningful relationships, adult decisions for sex, not "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am". It's not just jing loss from ejaculation, it's absorbing more than you bargain for when touching another person. I know people who are cautious about whom they have sex with and whom they spar with, and hate massages because of the sensitivity to energy exchange they have. So they only spar with their students or friends after vetting. If you're not picky about whom you have sex with, you have more than just STIs to worry about. Likewise, even for sensing hands, you may pick things up from your opponent as a lot of energy exchange is happening for those with deeper understanding of tuishou and alchemical cultivation.
  6. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Is that a pickup line?
  7. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Depends on the art, and the teacher. Also greatly depends on the student. Aikido: not the same mentality as Krav Maga. Iaido: not the same as Eskrima.
  8. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    And then there are some of us who just do these things, longevity or martial, for fun. Narf.
  9. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OneSteveLimit
  10. I’m happy for Steve Gray. Good to know he’s doing better with his teaching and living situation.
  11. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    Just to clarify: the forum for AG is technically owned by virtue and I just help with mod duties. Above is his request for feedback and here is the link to leave it.
  12. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    If someone thought it was a violation of rules here or reported us for making a new forum, they probably don’t realize that they’re advertising for us by bringing attention to the site. 🤣 Nothing wrong with a choice between Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper anyway—some people might even want water, so give them options.
  13. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    I think I found out the problem: can’t edit my posts in locked threads. So far it’s working if I unlock temporarily before editing a post. Thanks!
  14. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    No. I can only split or hide a post. I don't even have the option to edit appear.
  15. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    Still can't delete or edit. I wonder if something changed when removing as a whole members' ability to hide public threads.