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  1. Knowledge is very simple

    It's an ongoing pattern with him: misdirect, misinterpret, and misuse.
  2. Impunity Watch

    I know we eliminated the off-grid section, but I think with the kind of people we have amongst our membership now, it makes for a good discussion group of crucial issues of political, social, economical, and environmental varieties. This first post here is my contribution to show how shitty Uber is even with Travis gone and comparing the murder of Kashoggi to a glitch. The house of Saud is a big investor in Uber, and Saudi Arabia already has a sock puppet account denouncing Kashoggi here in the replies to this user’s status. https://mobile.twitter.com/KarenAttiah/status/1193856709124444160
  3. Knowledge is very simple

    This is more appropriate for you.
  4. Knowledge is very simple

    At this point, anything he answers is a non-explanation, best characterized as a rant against necessary scrutiny of his dubious ideas.
  5. How lazy are you?

    My college roommate bought an iPod nano because he didn’t want to change the songs on his regular iPod.
  6. Do What Thou Wilt

    No, but unlike you, I can quote RAW in context and with appreciation because I’ve read his work and you have not, yet you’re acting like you know it intimately. Such a grumpy lad. Perhaps you need a good night kiss from someone who shares your disdain for others: Leona Helmsley.
  7. Do What Thou Wilt

    More conjecture, yet again, as I predicted earlier that you would cite a source you neither know nothing about or have no understanding of whatsoever, for the sake of supporting your views, whether it’s RAW or Crowley. It’s the same patent absurdity analogous to what it would look like if Eisenhower quoted Marx as a means to criticize Rockefeller.
  8. Do What Thou Wilt

    Just like everyone who wants to post in 4chan and 8chan free from scrutiny.
  9. Do What Thou Wilt

    Kindness isn’t how I’d characterize it. Perhaps archetypal “nice guy” who thinks just because he’s “nice” that he’s entitled to better treatment than others, especially in getting respect or a chance to sleep with someone, is actually a resentful and self-rationalizing ticking time bomb full of anger. Again, read Dostoevsky.
  10. Do What Thou Wilt

    You ought to read Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky. You’re starting to sound a lot like the unreliable narrator and his rampage against western philosophy.
  11. Do What Thou Wilt

    This level of victimhood and whining is on par with American suburban white incels.
  12. Do What Thou Wilt

    Oh we have all offered tools and critiques for others all over the forum, including for you. You just aren’t listening.
  13. Do What Thou Wilt

    “We love Big Brother. War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. We Love Big Brother.“
  14. Do What Thou Wilt

    First thing is, you’re so certain of how he’d react based on a few quotes in my signature and already are revealing you’ve never read his work. Second, RAW is the kind of guy who would question your beliefs if you aren’t questioning your own—anyone who reads Coincidance, Prometheus Rising, or The New Inquisition can show you he’s quite the literal thought provoker. Last, be very careful as you’re now citing an author you have never read or know anything about to me and at least three other people posting in this thread who often reference and read a lot of RAW mention all over the forum. This is a caution to stop painting yourself into a corner because you’re sounding a lot more foolish now.
  15. Do What Thou Wilt

    I should also add that RAW read a lot of Crowley and cited not just his works in his own writing, but made Crowley a character too.