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  1. Vedic Christianity

    The power to piss people off, especially when showing to them that they're wrong. ....and the power to piss them off without even trying, too.
  2. The Power of Chi movie

    Why does the image of boys going through puberty persist here? Guess people making these comparisons never grow out of it because some parts of them never grow the way they should like everyone else. ...NO INNUENDO INTENDED IN THAT LAST SENTENCE.
  3. You're welcome check out our forum at AG as well if you aren't happy here so far, OD refugee.
  4. Vedic Christianity

    I'm a Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk.
  5. Mantra Yoga

    Oh, you won't believe the things I've experienced doing it...especially when I'd do it in dreams and everyone in the dream would react to it. Fall off a building, do it before hitting the ground, and end up floating inches above, safely, while the building I'm on rotates and floats in the air and people come to talk to me. Do it in a plane about to crash and everyone is saved, and then I float up and fly away from the plane. I've also had people approach me at the airport or while getting a foot massage ask me if I'm doing that mantra even if I'm doing it silently in my mind as they tell me my eyes "kind of glow".
  6. David Verdesi

    Verdesi is also apparently friends with known scammer, Ausar Amon, so make what you will of that.
  7. Mantra Yoga

    Look up the long Gayatri mantra and attempt that for a full mala of 108 repetitions, or ten malas in one sitting. When you have done that, I will have more to comment. And no, it is not the short more commonly taught Om Bhu Bhuvaswaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dimhahi Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayat--this is the short mantra that only goes from root to solar plexus. The long one is 23-syllables and goes all the way to the crown and beyond. OM BHUR, OM BHUVAHA, OM SWAHA, OM MAHA, OM JANAHA, OM TAPAHA, OM SATYAM OM TAT SAVITUR VARENYAM, BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI DHIYO YONAHA PRACHODAYAT.
  8. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Especially because it's not a universal prescription. Herbal recommendations are modified for each individual, and the prescription looks at you and your overall health; it's not like grabbing off-the-counter Tylenol. This is a recipe for qi deviations, damaging your spleen, and a guaranteed lawsuit. But, only two words describe this: caveat emptor--"Let the buyer beware."
  9. "The soul is beyond self-righteous destiny". - Deepak Chopra
  10. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Does it not occur to you that getting prescriptions for herbs from unqualified strangers on the Internet may be even more dangerous than people giving you medical advice instead of talking with a qualified medical professional? Even if nobody is nearby you or you don't have the money, you really shouldn't be doing this.
  11. Original Dao Bums

    My post above explains that you did not say anything about it on this thread as Ralis and Silent Thunder referenced while the latter misquoted you. To the surprise of nobody, my explanation was overlooked and unacknowledged.
  12. Original Dao Bums

    No comment disappeared. It was mine, quoted above, mistakenly attributed to thelerner. I may be wary of the mod team, but I believe in truth, fairness, and justice, but mainly truth above all. Nobody hid or deleted anything. Peace out.
  13. Original Dao Bums

    There are already sock puppet accounts of banned members from OD. Some I've reported (and been ignored), others I don't mention because someone else already recognizes who they are and says it before me, and one in particular who doesn't know that I know but it only ends up working out for me because of their harassment towards me that gets ignored because they are very good at passive-aggression. I didn't intend to come back here for a while as per my last post even with a couple PMs I've received, but I just had to point out that there are already banned members hanging out here in sock puppet accounts. Back to AG for me for a while (give or take a few weeks). Anyone trying to PM me can just find me on AG instead because I want no part of welcoming back some seriously dangerous individuals, let alone a current moderation team whose reasoning I often disagree with since they took over--especially for welcoming back OD folks knowing what they've done.
  14. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    Why? Is there something wrong with wanting to not see the forum dominated by an exhausting exchange that really shouldn't be repeating itself as often as it does over the years? I also don't see the correlation with me being a previously banned member--so much for not holding on to old history. A guy can only ask for a better place for discourse that doesn't push me and others out due to the Mo Pai debate spamming all the content here, even with the ignore option. I'm not going to even pretend to be surprised if I'm next on the chopping block now for questioning this or even expressing a sentiment that a number of people are feeling (as told to me privately). The emperor may be naked and the fool may call attention to it, but of course, the fool remains a fool because the emperor is still the emperor with the power to call for his head. I think I'm going to log off for a while and see myself out before you give me the boot. I need a cigarette and it's only Monday morning where I am (also, I don't even smoke).
  15. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    I am exhausted logging in and seeing either walls of Chinese text or conversations on Mo Pai. It is as though this forum has had all the life sucked out of it. Sadly, the quality of discussion is still higher than reddit, where people are insisting that you can smoke marijuana and then meditate.