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Found 38 results

  1. What is the purpose of neigong?

    Whats the end goal? the effects or by-products? How strong can it make a person? What are the main schools? which is best?
  2. In Damo Mitchell's new book titled "A comprehensive guide to Daoist Nei gong", I found him distinguishing between the cultivation/working with the Central Channel from that of working with the Heart field. According to the book, most Daoist lineages deal with the former and seldom refer to the latter. In my own experience, I found that the Central Channel development does seem to be the main focus of the daoist traditions I've studied. However, when I went to my master, it seems he was working on both, albeit the heart field cultivation is something that he added to the traditional teachings he was handed down from his master. He often tells us that the most powerful force in the universe is love and the heart field energy is that of love primarily (albeit he doesn't specifically discuss the heart field). Would love to hear more thoughts on this.
  3. Dan Tien commentary appreciated

    I notice that when my Middle and Upper dantiens are full, I'm very aware, comfortable, loving, and perceptive. HOWEVER, I'm way more vulnerable to the negative external energies. When my lower energy field exclusively is flowing and the upper two aren't as pronounced, I am energetically invulnerable. I believe this to be because of the Qi belt. Any advice?
  4. You had me at hello ...

    A big hello to everyone here from South Africa! By way of introduction, i have been captivated for quite some time with eastern philosophy; the spiritual, martial and medical elements and practices; the alchemical and esoteric mythology and everything in between. i hope to gain a better insight and understanding from all of the scholars and teachers here at [Dao Bums] as well as share where i can. Looking forward to conversing with all of you soon ....
  5. Most of the Qigong, Neigong, and meditation systems seem to require keeping the mind still and free of thoughts, or otherwise their benefits would be annulled or at least compromised. I have practiced Flying Phoenix system for over a month now and it is working just great: it doesn't require any subduing of thoughts. It was a surprise to discover that there are internal or meditative energy arts that actually worked without imposing any requirements to one's mentations. Now I am wondering if there are other energy and mind cultivating systems that are similarly lenient on keeping the mind still. If there are others like that, then how do they work? Most of the GM Doo Wai's family arts seem to use breath percentage methods which also enable Flying Phoenix to do its magic, but I don't know if these other arts also enable to keep one's mind thinking on anything and get the results regardless. I would love to have experiences from people who have practiced any GMDW's arts other than Flying Phoenix. Does Sunn Yee Gong require stilling the mind? Sifu Garry's statement here in SYG Q&A seems to imply so, but I don't take that as a definite answer. @phil gracefully answered in the Flying Phoenix discussion that there is a Shaolin art like that, but how does its energy cultivation work then? If it's an external method such as in Iron Palm where you keep conditioning your palms with striking and using dit da jow to heal, then it does not qualify for an internal or meditative energy art in the sense I am asking about. Okay, your turn now. Hopefully we all can learn something nice and new about the healing wonders of energy and mind.
  6. Hey, was thinking of purchasing Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu by Wang Li Ping. Does anyone already have this book and would you recommend it? Really want to find a good system to get properly started and this book is highly rated on Amazon. I could immediately relate to the introduction and the mentions of gathering energy from the sun in particular spoke to my experience. Sincere responses would be appreciated again thanks.
  7. Path to enlightenment

    Nearly four years ago, my best friend came across a Daoist master while backpacking across South America. He demonstrated his power by throwing him to the ground without even touching him and even saw a glowing green and blue energy substance emanating from his fingers during evening Tai Chi practice. His stories of this man ignited a flame that has consumed my entire life. After vigorous training and continuous research of the origins, roots and different sects of qigong I finally managed to fly out and train with the legend if a man that ignited my passion in the first place. My life is now completely entwined with the path of the Tao and training to achieve the highest level of power I can achieve in this lifetime. Humans were meant to be so much more than we are today, I hope to rediscover what we once were and be an example of what we can actually become if we dedicate the effort in training and meditation.
  8. This thread was inspired by seeing that more and more people are claiming to teach nei kung systems and they only offer a few techniques. If someone takes a few exercises out of a nei kung system then it really should be called chi kung and not nei kung. What I have read about real systems of nei kung is that they contain thousands of techniques, and my own experience has verified this. When you take one or a small group of techniques out of a vast system then technically it should be called chi kung, not nei kung, because the name nei kung should be reserved for the few wholistic systems that address all aspects of cultivating health and power. if someone focus on one type of technique that may lead to some power it can cause a serious imbalance in a person in the long run. As an example of this, the kind of yoga done by the immortal mahavatar, Babaji, is said to contain thousands of techniques also, and I was told by another chi kung master that the methods are actually quite similar to the methods of a real nei kung system like mine, which also has the goal of leading one on the path of immortal. Here is a video that explains it well:
  9. Dr Barry Morguelan

    Hi DB, I've just been listening to a Bulletproof Radio podcast with a guy called Dr Barry Morguelan. He claims to have trained in China and become one of only 12 master level practitioners in a 5000 year old energy root practise from the mountains. He does not give the name of this lineage or his master. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any experience or knowledge about this guy. His website is Thx J
  10. This is the syllabus of an advanced program for the Taoist Path to Extrasensory Projection by The Tao Applied (Sifu Eric Randolph's school). In the words of Sifu: "If you are accepted, you get to learn how to use skills include but are not limited to telepathy, clairvoyance, superhuman strength, and immortality." Pinned to the top here will be Sifu Eric's syllabus. I am creating this as inspired by the Flying Phoenix thread started by a student of the system 8 years ago, who turned it into a great community where Sifu Terry Dunn interacts directly with his students. Sifu Eric and I hope that this will grow into a good community with lively and happy engagement for everyone. Sifu's normal classes outside of this are here at Year 1 Extra Sensory Basics 101:Chi Balls Class 1A: Manifesting Chi 1B: Moving Chi from sitting to standing to moving fluidly Golden Flower Class 1A: Obtaining Stillness 1B: The Three Levels of Extra-Sensory Physical Sight 2A: Of Light and Shadow Sight Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly 2B: Auric Sight Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly 2C: Astral Sight Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly Astro Logic: Understanding Planetary Functions and Stellar Phenomena Understanding the Planetary Matrix: The Study of Seasons Understanding the Breath: This class focuses on different methods of breathing and the phenomena that the differences physiologically create. Year 2 Qigong: The Understanding of How to Flow How to Move the Chi 1A: The Elements Basic Elements Earth: Grounded Air: Movement Fire: Action and Non-Action (Wei and Wu-Wei) Water: Connection Flow Advanced Elements Earth, Wood, Gold, Diamond Trembling Fire, Hearth, and Engulfing Air, Moving Within and Moving Around Water, Solid to Liquid to Gas and Reverse Year 3 Healing the Self, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically The Body: A Trinity of Symbiotic Wisdom Healing through Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste, Thought, and Emotion Elemental Healing Earth Air Fire Water: Through the 7 senses Year 4 Advanced Healing Telepathy Clairvoyance Wave Physics and Fluid Dynamics for Moving Large Objects The Art of Immortality Astral Travel Planetary travel Time and Space Travel Year 5 The Skill of Immortality and Research
  11. I'm new to the game and I'm having difficulties establishing a firm daily practice. I understand the general concepts, but don't know the practicals. I'm more advanced in other forms of energy practice but I'm just beginning my journey into internal alchemy. 1) What's the fastest way to gather energy in the dantian? 2) How do you Cultivate Jing? Gathering Qi in the dantian is one thing but how do I generate life force? (jing) Or is it Jing that gathers in the Dantian... 3) I can sense energy, but I can't distinguish between the three types yet. Is there a practice specifically for enhancing sensing? Or is that just attained as you go kinda thing. 4) I'm trying to get used to reverse abdominal breathing but I can't get used to it. It completely disturbs my meditative state. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. It's different from "Reverse Breathing", right?
  12. Hello all, As a beginning martial arts practitioner (Northern long fist) who has been training for around a year and far less experienced in internal work, I have been trying to look for a proper teacher who'll be able to guide me in internal cultivation for martial arts - mainly for internal power development/control. From the numerous posts I've seen on these forums, there seems to be a lot of people who are very experienced in internal work and skill, whether it is for martial arts or spiritual cultivation (or both). However, I also feel like people with genuine, high level internal cultivation are extremely rare, so I come for your advice. I have an opportunity to learn Sheng Zhen Gong with one of Master Li Junfeng's direct students. From the information online, it seems that it is more of a spiritual-focused one, rather than a martial-focused one. However, some teachers in my area (Austin, TX) highly recommended me to learn from his system, as they informed me that Master Li is also very experienced in martial arts as well. Any thoughts?
  13. Fujian White Crane

    Hello eveyone, I have recently heard that Fujian White Crane is a very practical and effective internal martial art that also has some external aspects within it. I did some research into it and found out that Fujian White Crane is a progenitor art of Wing Chun . It was a video I saw of a FWC lineage holder talking about the history of the art. He mentioned that Wing Chun is only basically half of Fujian White Crane. Does anybody know about the accuracy of these claims? Also how effective is it truly?
  14. Hello Dao Bums, My sifu and I are starting a distance learning program for Kenny Gong's xingyibagua. We have in-person practice here in the Southwest USA but would like this art to be available to the world. For some reason most of the senior practitioners in our style have little interest in perpetuating the art and spreading it to a wider audience. Expect in the next month some significant additions to our site and YouTube channel. For now I would like some information from my fellow Bums about your feelings on distance learning.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm curious for those who have personal experience or knowledge about the neidan firing process - focusing on the lower dantian while contracting the lower abdominal muscles and the perineum during inhale to build chi in this dantian, etc. I'm not sure if it has an actual name or not. I can find very little on this practice on the internet. Specifically, I'm curious what the benefits and purpose are both to this practice, and the effects in general in daily life, and whether the practice is really necessary for the rest of the neidan process. Any idea? My current twice daily practice is Mantak Chia's version of the microcosmic orbit (focusing on the accupuncture points along the ren and do, one by one). That's usually it, because the couple of times I've added Zuowang at the end of it, I've had very intense experiences, so I'm somewhat loath to include it as a regular feature. (The first time, I saw what appeared to be a white moon without craters in the darkness, except that it was as bright as the sun. And the second time, I felt as if my whole body was rising, and then I had very strong experiences of spacial/bodily distortion, and then it felt as if my whole body was sinking.) Any information on this would be cool. I learned about the technique from Damo Mitchell's latest neidan book.
  16. Selling Qigong/Neigong DVDs

    Hi, I was sorting through some of my stuff and found a few DVDs I bought some time ago and have no need for anymore. Anyone interested can PM for a price. DVDs available: -Gift of the Tao - Vibratory Acts of Power -Sequential Energy Center Activation, Balancing, & Dimensional Expansion Chi Kung -Celestial Nei Kung I -Celestial Nei Kung II - Mergin Heaven And Earth Dragongate Sanctuary's Internal Palm Workshop
  17. Tai Chi time of day

    What time of day do you practice? Why? is there any time of day you avoid? Why?
  18. I was reading innersoundqigong's blog at so now I'm wondering what are the best foods/herbs/supplements for providing nourishment to the spleen?
  19. SaiyaMans Stuff!

    I'll be advertising posting/sharing a lot of the stuff I'm working on in here. First: Saiyan Subliminal - Meditation Mastery Subliminal Hypnosis track for improving quality, depth and efficiency of any meditative practice. Best used with headphones, and upon waking or before going to sleep. Youtube(short version): CDbaby - extended version, with more affirmations and NLP techniques - Only $2.99!: Let me know how it works for you, and if there are any other subliminals you'd be interested in. The next one I'm making will be to stop smoking You can like my page on Facebook to receive updates: Peace!
  20. Hello, An initiation in London is coming up for Xiao Yao Pai and I am thinking about attending. It sounds interesting. I just wanted to ask anyone who has been initiated and done the practices what there experiences have been with Xiao Yao Pai. So, what are your experiences? Both 'normal' (improved mood, health, etc), and mystical (seeing auras, communicating with deities when you didn't before, increased intensity of energy in practices, healing abilities, OOBE, etc), and, whatever else (like improvement in practices)? If you can (concisely) describe the practices involved that would be appreciated too. Would the practices involved be called Neidan? Neigong? Qigong? Any (concise) relevant information would be appreciated). I'm still quite new to Chinese and Taoist terminology.
  21. Hello, You guys are all always saying how good or important a real life teacher is. Does anyone here have any opinions on Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu? A friend of mine teaches Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu. I've gone to them for traditional Chinese medicine before (acupuncture and massage) also. I've always felt great after the sessions and, just being around them, you can tell they have a very calm and calming demeanour. Due to my recent interest in the Neidan/Neigong Taoist/Chinese side of spiritual/energy work, I asked them if what they taught covered any of the following: Neidan, Neigong, Weigong, Qigong, Daoyin, Taoist Magick, Hand Seals, Star Stepping. Their reply was that Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu incorporates all of those things. So, I am thinking of getting involved and starting some lessons. They all seem to work together but I think there are some lessons on Qigong/Daoyin/Meditation and some on external movements/Kung fu. I'm thinking of going with both. Any thoughts on this approach, the Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu system as a whole, etc, are welcome. Thank you for your time. Satya
  22. For anyone who was wondering was down for two days due to a way over-complicated hosting transfer. It took two days of hard work but it should be running correctly now like before. If you run into any errors be sure to let me know.
  23. Which banner do you guys think looks the best and why? (lol)
  24. Neigong Forum Relaunched! I proposed the idea of starting a nei gong forum. I kindu gave up since I really had no clue what I was doing or how to start one, but after tons of research I got the hang of it and decided to go for it. Anyways everyone seemed to support the idea so for everyone that PMed me saying they were interested and who commented on the thread I thought I'd announce it in case you missed it. There is also something I'd like to say to The Tao Bums community. I've had some heated debates with some of you in the past and some of you I don't particularly like, but none of that will carry over to my new forum. I'm starting fresh over there and I'd like everyone to know that they are welcome to join the forum and participate if they wish. Even if I disagree with you, you are still welcome to express your opinion freely. The only thing I don't want is trolling (obviously) so don't just go join for the purpose of making 10,000 "wire up your a**" jokes". The forum is obviously centered around neigong but there are also sections for martial arts, qigong, philosophy, etc. in case you are more interested in those topics.
  25. Hey! So, from what i've understood most systems of inner alchemy have similar stages of development. Also, most of them have elements of accumulating inner fire, pairing yin and yang/water and fire/lead and mercury/hun and po. The theory of it can be understood in many different terms, and is in most cases described clearly. I've been wondering about something that doesn't take much space in literature though: vibrations in the dantian. I've been able to find cross-cultural references to most stages of inner development and alchemy, but have a hard time finding references to the stage of development where the dantian starts shaking/vibrating. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? How is it mentioned symbolically in literature about neidan (or other systems). What are your experiences? Is it a theoretical part of a system you practice? One thought I've had as an explanation is that many of the signs of development are purposefully not described, as to avoid that a student focuses on a result in stead of the method, and ends up distorting the process and bringing about an incomplete elixir, or harming the body. Thus the teacher will know for sure when the sign develops that the student is ready, and not just "willing" forth an effect in the body. I'm going to ask my shifu about this on thursday, until then I hope I can pass the subject back and forth with you bums a bit