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  1. Levitation and possibly flight?

    You can see David Blaine's feet in some of the levitation sequences above. I don't know if its real or not. But it is the closest I've come to believing levitation is real.
  2. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only Some may find this information interesting. It is published on a government .gov website. And so I hope people will refrain from labeling this conspiracy theory content.
  3. Da Vinci and Reincarnation

    The above describes how Einstein, Newton, Pythagoras and Benjamin Franklin all had ties to the occult.
  4. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    The existence of different sects of taoism shows even they don't agree with each other about everything. Theory is for those who are interested in the topic. Who don't envision themselves spending 20 years meditating to develop the full real world application.
  5. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    There are small towns and villages who created their own cryptocurrency for local use like aurora coin. Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic have discussed how a human settlement on mars might best be served by launching its own natively utilized cryptocurrency. For a small taoist village it could be worthwhile to try as an experiment. Crypto mining targets cheap electricity. That usually describes untapped, surplus, sources of hydroelectric energy being generated by dams. The only time crypto mining utilizes dirty energy that is coal or fossil fuel based, is when its being subsidized by a government for the purpose of boosting local economies or creating jobs. I try to 100% ignore generalized labels like libertarian and figure out the facts of things. That's my party. It seems to have near zero representation in global populations and be utterly dead these days.
  6. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    No need for verification. I know some of it is real.
  7. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    The perfect steam engine is one which only requires sunlight and water to produce power. A system or mirrors heat water past boiling to produce steam. The steam is expelled to produce power, then re-collected and re-harvested within a closed loop. So the water can essentially be re-used. This format could only function during the day and so would need to be built to 2x or 3x nominal energy requirement. With a bank of batteries to provide energy at night. Even with this daytime only arrangement, the technology would be flex fuel friendly and could be modified to use wood, gasoline and other things as alt energy sources. There are steam engines more than 100 years old that are still functioning today. The technology is underrated. Their main drawbacks are size and constant noise. Size isn't so much an issue for a village and thanks to modern technology soundproofing is a real thing. Which could open the door to steam engines for domestic power production. The sun cooker above describes the basic principle.
  8. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    It would be a steampunk technology friendly village utilizing its own cryptocurrency. Steam power is cleaner with longer longevity than solar, wind, nuclear, etc. Cryptocurrencies are useful for protecting local economies from dangers of hyperinflation, etc. Science and technology would intermingle with taoism and esoteric study.
  9. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    I watched some of the videos in this channel as well as the alternate channel Tin Yat Dragon Taoism. They were very interesting. Are there places offering similar content and explanations without having to spend years learning fundamentals? Atm I'm only interested in theory. I know there are health and wellness applications that do work. Many teachings seem questionable which makes me hesitant to practice anything until I have a better idea of what I'm getting into.
  10. Curiouser and curiouser

    Hi. Someone told me about mantak chia's micro cosmic orbit years ago. Recently I began reading his books. I don't currently meditate or follow a routine intended to develop the energy body or learn "chi" techniques. My interest atm is to satisfy my curiosity and learn about the conceptual and abstract side of things. Are there good resources for reading about inner alchemy or similar topics from a fundamental point of view? I'm aware its mostly a closed society in the way chinese discouraged the teaching of martial arts to non chinese prior to Bruce Lee. But hey still worth a try, am I right?