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  1. Holy Blood and Xenophobia

    What is best in life for some: Beating dead horses. But why.
  2. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Its not about violence. The type of risk, pressure and sacrifice associated with competing in a sport like MMA. Brings out the best and worst in people. Its a good platform for showcasing bravery, work ethic, cleverness and greatness.
  3. This would be a good topic to ask Elon Musk's advice on. Because aliens.
  4. Examples of Magick in the Old Testament

    The white streaks may have been a type of mold, fungus or mushroom. Decomposing wood is broken down primarily by white mold. (At least that is what I've seen in youtube videos of gardeners digging up buried tree branches 2 years after burying them in raised beds.) Maybe there is a type of mold that triggers pigmentation genes in animals. There is legendary plant life like that was said to have been lost in ancient times.
  5. Evolution of Christianity

    The latest evolution could involve christians exploring the occult: Jared Cannonier credits earth stone energy work for win at UFC Copenhagen For those who follow UFC. Jiri Prochazka is another christian who recently did something resembling taoist training of living in complete darkness for days. Jiri Prochazka went 3 days without food in dark room to confront ‘demons,’ train his mind It could be fair to say athletes are seeing benefits from acupuncture and cupping: Which is encouraging them to branch outwards and explore. I think normal christians may also be doing something similar. If only as they see alphas in society doing it 1st.
  6. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    Can I have a thread?
  7. Stranger things

    Ohhhh. Reallllllly? Let me delete my posts and you can be on your merry way, then.
  8. Stranger things

  9. Stranger things

  10. Good exercises for the back?

    Surfing could be a good back exercise. Lying on the board with back arched for long periods of time. In the weightlessness of the ocean where the spine won't absorb the full strain of it.
  11. What controls the Chi

    His attempt to define the nature of chi mimicks the approach used by mass spectrometers to identify periodic table elements in planets and stars based on the light spectrum they emit. Good attempt. But I don't think he's on the right path.