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Found 187 results

  1. Dear Dao followers, We are happy to invite you all to the new courses of lectures starting May 2024 in Dao De Center. The theory of Zhan Zhuang; Post-standing This course of lectures gives the most detailed analysis of all the features, difficulties, mistakes and accelerating techniques of Zhan Zhuang practice (aka "Post-Standing"). The course is built on the direct knowledge received privately from a High level Masters of Martial Arts and Daoism in China, partially based on a detailed book by the daughter of Wang Xiangzhai - the most famous master-founder of the Yiquan style, where amazing results are achieved with the help of Post-Standing. This course will allow those who practice Post-Standing to receive regular motivation to practice, become aware of and correct mistakes in personal practice and learn effective techniques that enhance and simplify the practice, and for those who do not practice, gain a detailed understanding and principles of correct inner work, learn the energetic functioning of the human body and get familiar with human body capabilities and what achievements could be attained with Post-Standing practice. Schedule: Sunday 07:00 - 07:45am / UTC time Price: from 105 USD / per person / per month (in case of 20+ students attending) + payment system fee. To Know the details and ask questions please contact Dao De Center directly via email Email: [email protected] Skype: daode-world1 Phone: +7 921 377 88 01 (whatsapp/telegram/viber)
  2. Without rodeo, are the exercises here legit? And are they safe to use as it is or should people that do certain qigong styles avoid this?
  3. Heavenly Essence Qigong

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine introduce me to this system called Heavenly Essence Qigong and Master Li Tianhua. I followed some of their free presentations on Zoom. There are 5 levels on this practice, most of them costing extraordinary sums of money (up to 5000 euros for level 5) and working for Yang Shen emergence on level 5. You can see the method here ( I tried to do more research and I found this is based on Zhong Gong (中功) a spiritual movement based on qigong founded in 1987 by Zhang Hongbao, but with another name. Their teacher died in relatively young age (60 or so) in an accident. Does anyone have experience on this path? And do you think the claims mentioned in the different levels are legit? Thank you, Andreas
  4. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to Qigong, and have been looking for a path that combines healing with evolution of consciousnesses. I was trying to find my way between different paths like Ren Xue (, Neiqi Gong (, Spring Forest Qigong, Zhineng. I finally started practicing the first two methods of Ren Xue (Yuan Qigong) after being inspired by the documentary on the teacher's life ( He seems like a knowledgeable and humble man. The analysis of the different methods seems to be more expansive than the original Zhineng from where he started, also including concepts like the middle channel, the qualities of the heart and development of Shen. I would love to hear if anyone has an experience of transformation in this path. Also is it considered just qigong or is it comparable to Neidan with the elements it contains-overview of the different methods it contains here Thank you in advance, Andreas
  5. Mr

    Hello, I hope this is a forum I’ve been looking to find for a long time to discuss anything regarding true health and with the understanding that not everything is for everyone, even ancient teachings like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine (which I resonate deeply with), as a wellness therapist with over 20 years experience. many thanks! Christiaan
  6. Hello everyone!

    Hi Dao Bums, My name is Keith. I am a Zen Buddhist, with an interest in Neigong. Looking forward to learning here from you all. _/|\_ Keith
  7. Four or five years ago I started noticing a pulse in my lower dan tien, I'd been practicing some reverse breathing after years and years of practice. Could be that reverse breathing activates the lower dan tien? In yoga the bandhas are meant to unlock the granthi (dan tien)
  8. I have finally understood why I was angry and frustrated of Taoists denying my ideas and made-up technique. I failed to understand what we search for was different and our understanding of Internal Alchemy was never really the same. Classic Taoism & Internal Alchemy Classic Taoists are just fans of the Tao Te Ching, like old Chinese philosophy/poems and maybe even have a bit of religious believe in talismans and shamanism. Classic Internal Alchemists, however, believes in meditation where one think of deep, sometimes dark, things to overcome their traumas and inner demons. Their version of "spiritual" is psychological rather than supernatural. They use Qigong in hope of, not immortality or true longevity like living for 1000 of years, but to heal their mortal body and mind. I, however, was searching for the Xian immortal version of Internal Alchemy. To live for as long and how young I want, to become strong enough to split mountains and seas, like in the Xianxia novels. Before you say that was childish, yes it was, however, in my defends I do have and am diagnosed with atypical autism so I have all the right to be a bit childish and dream about the impossible. Also that buzzing feeling that keep take the shapes of the meridians on the acupuncture maps did make me believe of was right and you were wrong, blinding me with arrogance. I'm sorry for my outbursts and being mean. Totally not because my mom forced me as punishment for my arrogance... Joke aside. I will still leave this community because this community doesn't support my search of the Xian immortal art or whether it is real or not. Thank you for the experience of understanding arrogance. P.s. please delete my account as I will not be back. P.s.s. My Yin Yang Lotus technique wouldn't have caused Qi deviations since it focuses on moving/generating that (physical) buzzing feeling (not emotionally) rather than your inner thoughts and demons like classic meditation does. Bye.
  9. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Hello. I started to study the Tao Te Ching when I was an art student round about 1987. Some years later I began Chen Taijiquan with Jan Silberstorff in Hamburg. After stopping for almost 20 years, when I was focused in Qigong practices like Fan Huan Gong (my main practice for 20 years) and Jing Gong (I have in Jing Gong a complete training), I returned to perform daily Chen Taijiquan round about 7 years ago. I also perform some time Xiang Gong 1 & 2. I have read many Daoist Classisc, also about Internal Alchemy and several translations in different languages of Tao Te Ching until today. My personal site is Have a good day and night, Yours Hans
  10. Dear Dao Bums, I would love to hear your story and experience of serious, long term, daily standing practice The pros, the cons, was it worth while, what did standing do to you / for you? Physically, energetically and spiritually. In order to kick of this exchange of personal, lived experience, I will also share my own experiences. However, please refrain from sharing theories, opinions, views of different schools, your viewpoints, these are all interesting of course, but I would like to keep this thread completely clean of that, and instead solely focus on lived, personal experiences. The end goal is to collect actual "data" on standing from real people, and see which patterns emerge over time, with more and more people sharing their stories. My Own Experiences So Far, 4 parts 1) 2017, First Encounter With Standing I first heard about the idea of long, static, standing meditation in 2017 from Lam Kam Chuen's book "Way of Energy". One evening during my deployment to Africa with the UN, I couldn't fall asleep. I thought to myself "okay, let me try this standing thing". I stood up and did my best, and managed to stand for what felt "like a really long time", realistically it was probably between 10 and 40 minutes. My experience was that each time it felt like "it's impossible to stand any longer, my shoulders are burning too much, my legs are too tense" or whichever physical thing was annoying me, I used my willpower to keep standing anyway. Each time I managed to "hold on", it was as if a kind of breakthrough happened, and the physical tension was relieved by a surge of energy. This happened maybe 5-10 times, and each time I felt energy surging in my body. When I finally finished and laid down to sleep in my tent (yes, it was a primitive army camp), I had the best and deepest sleep since maybe my teenage years. When I woke up in the morning and felt so incredibly refreshed, I made a mental note to myself "I must remember this standing meditation, there is really something here, some day I will explore it further". 2) 2018, standing as a supplement to lovemaking In 2018 as part of a daoist lovemaking and sex qigong retreat in Asia, there were some general qigong exercises taught to supplement the sexual exercises. There were 2-3 moving exercises which took about 5-10 minutes, and the other part was 4 standing, static exercises, each held for 5 minutes, totaling 20 minutes. When I tried these 20 minutes of standing, the instruction was not to blink at all during the whole time if possible, but if the eyes started watering, you could blink. To be honest I didn't experience anything at all, other than it felt kind of weird to just stand still and stare. Every 5 minutes you switched position, which was a huge relief on the shoulders. At this point I made a mental note to myself not to explore standing any further, as I didn't feel like it did anything for me. 3) 2022, 1 hour squatting monkey standing challenge I heard that the fastest way to build the lower dan tien and open the microcosmic orbit was through 1 hour standing squatting monkey. I decided to give it a go. It took me about 1 month to work up to standing for 60 minutes. What I experienced progressively during that 1 month while practicing was that I would get warm, start sweating, I would feel qi surging through my body, I would feel warmth in my lower dan tien, I would feel vibration in my microcosmic orbit, and towards the end I started seeing a light between my eyebrows. So I felt a lot of stuff going on energetically and spiritually. However, the posture didn't feel healthy to me at all. It felt like I was training my body to be slouched over because of the way you're standing, and the shoulders are slightly forward too. Instead of putting my physical body into alignment, I felt like I was training it to be out of alignment. In the end my conclusion was that I would revisit the practice in the future if I ever became desperate to work on my third eye, but for now I would discontinue the practice, simply because it didn't feel good for my physical body. I felt other practices I knew were faster, easier and just felt better physically. 4) 2023, 100 days standing like a pillar challenge This is the most recent, and is in progress. This is also what prompted me to start this thread, simply because I would love to hear your experiences. I'm about 31 days in as of today, and have had some quite interesting experiences. The first 25 days were progressively getting more and more hellish. It felt like my body simply was not designed to stand. No matter what I did, I just couldn't get my body into proper alignment, and especially my shoulders were killing me, no matter what I did. I searched online (including on this forum), and read everything I could about standing. I actually felt like there was not too much quality information out there; most was people either bashing it as a waste of time or downright dangerous, or people praising it like the holy grail. That's also why I wanted to make this post, I want personal, lived experiences, not people ideologizing. I want us all to share our own experiences to over time build potentially build empirical evidence. The only reason I didn't quit, in spite of me feeling like I was going through meaningless suffering daily, was that I found a facebook group called "1000 hours of standing". I joined the group and started reading. Someone had made the general rule "10 hours of standing will give results, 100 will give good results, 1000 will give best results". However, I would say I found the majority in that group saying that long standing is meaningless and just creates more tension in the body, or even worse, injuries. At that point I had accumulated almost 9 hours of total standing time, and I wanted to quit. That 10 hour rule motivated me to try a bit more. Lo and behold, a day or two after reading that post, something happened during my standing. Suddenly I felt my left hip "pop open" is the best way to describe it. It was as if there had been some kind of tension in there, preventing my hips from "hanging", and thereby preventing my lower and upper body from being connected and aligned. That same day, just towards the end of my standing (about 40 minutes), my right hip popped open. I was shocked! It was as if my body had been multiple different compartments of tensions, and with this hip opening (thanks only to time and gravity, it was completely outside of my own volition to do), it felt like my entire body became one, connected, physical whole. The last 4-5 days or so have been shocking to say the least. The hips both now "fall" open by themselves after about 5-10 minutes of standing, my whole body falls into alignment, and I can just stand and stand completely effortlessly. Everything has fallen into place. I stood 60 minutes yesterday, completely effortlessly! I am shocked. So I have something physical to show for it, at least for my self. Before I started, I just couldn't stand no matter what I did, it was literal self-torture. However, now my physical body feels more and more like one integrated and well-aligned unit, making it possible for me to effortlessly stand. I am yet to see what will happen from here energetically and spiritually, but I can see now how standing lends itself to meditation. The body clicks into position, and I can completely focus on simply meditating. I also feel very grounded after standing. But there are still about 70 days to go, so I will just have to wait and see what will happen (if anything). However, I would love to hear your experiences from long term, daily standing The good, the bad, the ugly, everything, just your personal lived experience. If standing cured your cancer, I want to know about it. If standing killed your grandma, I want to know about it. Look forward to hear from you! All the best
  11. Title REQUIRED

    Greetings fellow Daoists unsure how I ended up here, but it looks interesting. Well, I can paint the bigger picture, if not the direct path. I developed an interest over the past years for Qigong, which led me to Shaolin, from where I came to Taoism and remembered a book I read once, the Tao of Pooh, which is not nearly as readable as I remember, but I remember it did a thing for me for a while a while back before it faded somewhat. After not reading that book again, I got some versions of TaoTeChing, listened a bit to Alan Wats, who brings it nicely I think, and found another book by Eva Wong, Taoism, an Essential Guide, leading me to getting too many other books, and I suppose following the subsequent rabbit hole I must have ended up here. So there, I do roughly know the path that led me here! Some interests, I am looking for more information on qi circulation methods, different methods and applications, qi gong in general, I ended up at internal alchemy, but I am still figuring that out. But if anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated. Always had the idea that someday I would like to retreat to the mountain for a while to cultivate myself full time, unimpeded by life as it tends to be, but I still have not gotten to it. If anyone has knowledge or experience, please do share. I am at the time in between jobs and projects so it could be a good time to get going. I play go, if anyone is interested, please add me on ogs: I live in Belgium, in case anyone wants a live game! I like reading, just learning things or fiction. Although it goes from a bit compulsive to a debilitating fiction addiction and then overflows into other media, it is partly under control for now. But it leads me to the next bit. Where I try to sell you this web novel, Cultivation Chat Group (hence username), it is hilarious and amazing, and for a moment when I found the forum I thought: "Well, you did it now, rabbithauled yourself into schizophrenia." If any of you have suggestions how to jumpstart my cultivation at the rather later than ideal age of 36, be it medicinal recipes, physical or internal techniques, please advise! There you go, a short introduction. I will be going through the forum to dig for more. In the meanwhile, thanks for having me!
  12. I just had this shower-thought! Before our birth, we do not exist. After our birth, we exist. Once we are dead, we cease to exist once more. These things are known to all of us, therefore many of us believes in reincarnation, since the next step would likely be "to exist once more". This is the circle of life and reincarnation that most follow by their own free will, but those who seek to cultivate the three treasures does not follow this circle out of their own free will. My thought is; Those who practice neigong or chigong are like Sisyphus, endlessly pushing a boulder up the hill. Not because what we do isn't real but because we are like a bucket full of holes, what we build up leaks out fast. My hypothesis is that we start with nothing, no meridians or dantians, but we (our soul/consciousness) are a seed. We must use inaction (wuwei) to grow our meridians and then later grow our dantians (similar to how potatoes grow). (We refine our meridians and dantians with Shen, Qi and Jing after storing enough of it). (Shen is spiritual force/energy, Qi is life force/longevity and Jing is vitality/youth.) (Qigong and other exercises could be used to refine the body). To use Wuwei: Get comfortable (meditate). Focus with your sense of touch/feeling (not only your mind) on the acupressure point between your eyebrows (slightly above the nasal bone a.k.a the glabella). Do not actually move (hence to inaction). Though involuntary movements are fine and sometimes putting your focus on those movements, trying to feel it again, is good. Focus on the acupressure points of your temporal bones. Go back and forth between those points. Your goal would be to feel a light buzzing of energy in those areas. Later you must try to spread this feeling down to other acupressure points which would later allow you to feel strings of energy taking the shape of meridians. To spread the energy, you must simply focus with inaction on the next acupressure points. Trust yourself and try to find the right buzzing feeling, as well as, acupressure points for you (a feeling of; that this is the right one to focus on). Good luck and happy cultivation. - Sleepy Bluejay
  13. Apparently, nobody believes that they can live for more than 100-200 years by practicing internal alchemy. They also do not believe that they can eventually jump over a house or split a mountain in half by practicing martial arts together with internal alchemy. My questions are; why do you/they practice internal alchemy? What is your/their final purpose with doing so? - A sleepy and curious bluejay
  14. Martial cultivation

    Hey everyone, I’m looking into martial cultivation systems. If anyone has anything on some and willing to trade that would be great! Or just discussing as well I’m all for anything!
  15. Getting TCM Herbs in the EU

    Dear Dao Bums, Where do you get your herbs in the European Union? In my country I get K'an Herbs and their other department Mycoherb from a local TCM company. Sometimes I also get already formulated herbs from Pine Mountain, Seven Forests & White Tiger from a Dutch TCM company that I know through local TCM connections. However, when I want to buy raw, single herbs, I need to get them from German or British Amazon, or sometimes I'm lucky and find them in specialised teastores or bazaar-like shops in the big cities where I live. However, lately I'm looking for american ginseng & dendrobium, and no matter where I search, I can only find them being shipped from outside of EU (e.g. USA or China). The problem with getting them from the US or China is that the delivery will be more than 1 month, and when you finally receive it, you have to pay extra tolls because it's from outside the EU. So I'm desperately searching for a place in the EU, because then delivery is usually within 7 days, and trade within EU is toll-free. Do you have any good places within the EU to get raw single herbs?
  16. THE GIFT OF LIGHT ....................................... A daily meditation session offering free healing and energy attunement to help clear blockages, dissolve resistance and align you with the subtle vibrational energies of the higher realms. Xuan Daoji is an ordained priest, Daoshi 道仕, in the ancient tradition of the Xiao Yao School of Daoist Spiritual Cultivation. In this scheduled one hour guided meditation, you will be energetically empowered to receive a vibrational attunement in the frequency of our lineage with the purpose of guiding your consciousness into a state of calm and peace. The transmission will help to facilitate an energetic re-balancing of your physical and subtle bodies and bring you into alignment with your encoded blueprints for optimal functional health and spiritual awareness. For those practising internal alchemy and the esoteric spiritual arts; this daily transmission will assist you in cultivating your subtle energy to stimulate the delicate process of internal transformation by infusing the volume of your body with a refined Shen energy through the Shang Dan Tian. This light will step down into Qi in the Chong Dan Tian and then settle into the Xia Dan Tian to facillitate the transmutation of Jing into the frequency required to activate the Du and Ren meridians for the refinement of high vibrational energy through the Xiao Zhou Tian (Microcosmic Orbit). INSTRUCTIONS: ................................ After you join the room. Take a comfortable seated meditation position with your back naturally straight and set a gentle intention to reach out to me with your heart and mind. This will establish a consensual resonance between us and allow me to elevate your vibration, attend to any areas that are out of balance and imbue your subtle energy with transformational light. When the countdown timer hits 1:00:00. Put your hands in a prayer position against your chest for a minute, then relax and allow your body to react spontaneously to the session, permitting the energy to go where it is needed and to flow through you to release stagnation and dissolve resistance. You may experience sensations of heat, cold, tingling, shaking, vibrations, visible lights or glowing, see images, re-live old experiences from a different perspective, or experience cathartic releases of emotions. Whatever you need to heal and fortify your being; you will receive. Many blessings, Tai Shang Bao Yu. ..................................................................... TO JOIN THE MEDITATION ROOM: - Download Insight Timer: - You can use the FREE version, no need to subscribe to plus. - Everyday from 11PM UK time. Duration: 1 hour TESTIMONIAL 1: "I strongly advise you to participate in @Xuan's daily meditation. It's a fantastic opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and reconnect with your authentic self. I've been participating for the last three nights and am amazed at how much my days have improved. The first night, I had a powerful bodily experience in which I felt blocked energy begin to flow through my body. My body was shaking as a cold sensation flowed through it. On the second night, I was led through many former events when I felt a lot of fear and clarified why I felt that way because of the meaning that I assigned to what happened. Last night, I found the strength to forgive and let go of all the resentment I had been carrying for a long time. My everyday mindset improved significantly and I was able to go through stressful events while remaining present in my body rather than running away from what I was feeling. During these days, waves of love poured over me, and I felt at peace doing my regular tasks. I was present, which helped me to trust that I am unconditionally supported by the creation and that my life is unfolding just as it should. I used to have a lot of resistance during the day because I kept arguing that I couldn't let go of control for a long time, but since I started meditating with Xuan, I've been able to let go and appreciate every part of my days. I had the idea that everything happens at the right moment and that I will not miss anything; that I am where I am for a reason and that it is exactly where I need to be. I was also able to give and accept love, joy, and compassion, as well as detach myself from my old beliefs and trust I have exactly what I need. For a long time, I felt at my core that I was so insignificant and had so little control over what was going on in my life. With Xuan's guidance and support, I was able to connect the dots and begin relaxing by realising I had the freedom to choose what I preferred. I am a Reiki master in multiple systems and have been working with healing energy for a long time, but the Xiao Yao schools cultivation is uniquely different. Thank you, Xuan for all your hard work and for allowing us to benefit from it." TESTIMONIAL 2: " Hi Elizabeth. The energy feels really different. Reiki energy has always felt hot for me, but when Xuan connects to me, I feel a flow of strong cold energy, not heat. Another thing that is different is that Reiki energy tends to make me feel energised, it charges me, but in a general, non-specific way, if that makes sense. On the other hand when im in the meditation room with Xuan, i feel the energy is doing specific things in my body, focusing on problem areas im aware of and i can feel it clearing blockages. It's like it has intelligence or consciousness of its own. Reiki also tends to leave me a little tense afterwards, but with this I have a persistent feeling of peace and emotional stability afterwards. Also a significant sense of detachment from my emotions, almost like im watching things from a distance rather than identifying completely with them." TESTIMONIAL 3: "Quite an interesting experience. I initially started off before reading the instructions and did my usual seated stillness with hands in dyana mudra position. I found that I could breathe much slower than usual and was able to concentrate better. After around 20 minutes I had to adjust my seating position and saw the instructions to properly connect with Xuan. I put my hands in the relevant position and did the intention. Soon after that it felt like a jacuzzi in my head, an effect I sometimes experience from qigong, accompanied by images of outer space. Throughout the meditation I didn’t see much except blue, most of physical affects were being able to breathe much deeper and much slower than usual, and I felt some energy around my shoulder blades. Towards the end I had to adjust my seating position again, re did the connecting process and experienced the same effect which was quite interesting. Looking forward to join again and highly recommend everyone tries a session!" TESTIMONIAL 4: "I had an extraordinary experience yesterday when I started a group meditation session. First of all, just before starting meditation I felt a very strong energy resonance from my heart chakra, then after starting meditation I immediately entered a deep meditation state and felt the energy from the heart chakra spread to the third eye chakra and sacral chakra. This lasted for 1 hour and after finishing I felt very peaceful and felt like all the energy blockages in my body were all cleared. After meditation I feel very energized all day. On the second day today, I immediately felt peaceful when I started meditating, although the sensation was not as intense as the first day (maybe because on the first day there was clearing of energy blockages in my body) but I felt peaceful throughout the meditation. That is my testimony from following the daily meditation session for 2 days. Lu." TESTIMONIAL 5: "Hi Xuan, it's me Lu. I am grateful to you because since attending this group meditation session for almost a month I have experienced a very significant change in myself, it feels like I was reborn into a different person. I felt very calm, balanced and filled with love. My Lian Gong process also feels deeper and I feel that my Gong Li has improved a lot since attending this meditation session. I hope that more people can benefit from these group meditation sessions. Once again thank you very much Xuan 🙏" TESTIMONIAL 6 "I had a tremendous experience yesterday during your mediation session. It is very hard to put into words, but after several minutes, my hands wished to move independently and if I moved them back to the original position they would then proceed back to where they wanted to go. After rising and falling they rotated over both knees for a very long time, so much so that I began to think I would be doing it for an hour. Next my body did circular movements, in both directions, then my spine did forward and back motions. I then did a movement that made me feel the movement of my ribs and my internal organs felt massaged. Lastly my neck was stretched upwards and I felt a heavy pressure that pushed me backwards until I was leaning completely backwards. At any stage when I moved against the direction my body wanted to go, I was then again slowly led back. I stayed in the backwards position for quite some time. Despite being cognitively there I did not realise the session had finished. I was then pushed forward at a much greater speed and then felt a release. I should add that I was conscious, that my breath was much deeper and lower and felt guided throughout. I have never had an experience like it and went in not expecting it. I felt a great feeling of relaxation and peacefulness, and immediately went to sleep. This morning I feel that I have had a work out and feel stretched especially internally. My mind has clarity and peacefulness Guy"
  17. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    Dear Dao Bums, I would like to ask you: 1) What has been the most physically strengthening and stretching qigong form you've experienced? 2) Which qigong forms would you recommend solely based on the physical strengthening and stretching aspect? 3) Which qigong forms would you recommend especially for physically strengthening and stretching the whole hip & groin area, as well the low back and kidneys? I look forward to hear from you guys! All the best
  18. Are there any schools or workshops that provide in-person QiGong/Neidan training in the USA? Preferably in New York, but any state will do. A brief search just gives me online schools and QiGong massage parlors. I went to one of those massage parlors that do QiGong and it was a happy ending place, I was very disappointed.
  19. If I meditate on the Real Lower Dan Tian during regular sitting meditation, will that build up and store Qi there? Is that an effective approach to filling the Real Lower Dan Tian?
  20. How legit are youtube qigong videos ? how beneficial are they ? can they do harm in some way (even small one) ? are they beneficial qi wise ? energetically wise ? are they just good low intensity exercise and that is it (not "Real qigong") nothing more ? in short - how beneficial are they really ? how far can you take it with them ? Just so what im trying to understand is more clear : I am thinking this all in comparison to damo mitchell teaching for example , or stuff written in this forum ... for example on how you cant store qi in the lower dantian before you "build" it first .... yet in many of this videos they talk about drawing qi to the dantian and storing it in the dantian , which according to other teachings its usless and by that view point this youtube videos are misleading examples : And also wondering about known sets stuff like 8 brocades and shibashi etc (that are also on youtube) ... and how beneficial are they (cause they say the same things and claimed benifits as the videos above - stuff like storing qi in lower dantian and stuff like improve eyesight or improve liver and kidney functions etc) ?
  21. Personal Greatest Hits

    Dear Dao Bums, In the spirit of sharing, what are your personal greatest hits? My personal top 3 is: 1) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (Vethathiri Maharishi), 2) Talisman qigong (Zhongxian Wu), 3) Sri Vidya (Amritananda / Devipuram). A little bit about each: 1) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (Vethathiri Maharishi) In this system your chakras are opened and empowered by a master one by one, allowing you to tangibly feel the pulsating vibration of energy in each chakra. It takes all the guesswork away, you don't need to rely on outer feedback anymore, you can yourself feel how strong your chakras are. Meditating on each chakra provides specific benefits. It's a complete system for increasing and transmuting sexual energy (kaya kalpa), building health through physical exercises (asanas, pranayama, massage and acupressure), building energy through meditation allowing you to achieve peace of mind and enlightenment, introspection for improving your moral character and getting rid of negative karmic imprints (vasanas/samskaras) and finally philosophical explanations for God, the universe, evolution, astrology etc. Beside the chakra meditations (7 inside the body, 2 outside, 9 in total), there are numerous other meditations which give unique benefits: Panchendriya (5 senses): this strengthens your 5 senses even until old age, and further gives your mind control of the senses. Panchabhuta Navagraha (5 elements and 9 planets): harmonize with universal forces and energies, cultivate energy, improve your destiny. Nityananda (meditating on the energy pervading all over the body): gives ecstatic pleasure and strengthens energy all over your body. Divine State Meditation: helps you to again and again understand and feel the oneness between you, the universe and all living beings. Lamp Gazing: improving eyesight, purifying and energizing your soul, mind, brain and energy, and over time can give supernatural skills. Mirror gazing: one of the most powerful meditations, increasing energy in your body manifold very quickly. Over time can also give supernatural skills. Above is a general description of the system, let me share my personal journey and breakthroughs along the way. 1st breakthrough: when I got the first initiation, I felt a little something between my eyebrows, but not very noticeable. However, when I meditated that night, my God, it was insane. The vibration was so strong and powerful, my mind became completely still, and I just sat in complete peace. 2nd breakthrough: when I got the third initation, sahasrara chakra, I was blown away. When I meditated on the vibration in the crown chakra, I felt the same orgasmic pleasure as just before ejaculating. However, instead of being in the prostate area, and ending after a few seconds, the orgasmic ecstasy just stays in your crown chakra and brain during the whole meditation. At this point... I increased my meditation time a lot 3rd breakthrough: when I got my dwadasangham chakra (12 fingers above the head) opened, after about 1-2 weeks of meditation, one day I felt it REALLY open. Immediately, I was flooded with information. Questions and doubts about life, the universe, things that had happened to me, answers just flooded my consciousness. And whenever I thought of a question, the answer immediately came. I felt at one with God. This also made me meditate much longer, because it was just so interesting. After some weeks, I had no more questions, so I just sat in complete peace and oneness. Nowadays, whenever something is going on in my life, I sit and meditate, and I will understand what's going on and why. 4th breakthrough: lamp gazing. I got SO much more energy after starting lamp gazing. It probably increased my energy levels 5 times or so. 5th breakthrough: when all chakras were opened, I realized just how weak my navel chakra had been. I got so much more energy and much better digestion when I could finally meditate on my navel chakra. 6th breakthrough: mirror gazing. This exercise is insane. My energy must have increased by 10 fold or more when I started doing it. To this day, I can't understand why it is SO powerful, but it increases my energy so much. I rarely ever fall sick, and I am always full of energy now. 7th breakthrough: becoming a master and initiating others. You simply do mirror gazing and meditation on the morning you give initiations to boost your own energy. Just before giving initiation, you say a prayer to God and Vethathiri. Every single time, energy just floods into your system, empowering either your hands or eyes, depending on which initiation you're about to give. It's truly magnificent. I can only imagine how powerful Vethathiri had been while still alive in the body, seeing that such strong energy still comes, simply because of his sankalpa to help as many as possible through SKY. 2) Talisman qigong (Zhongxian Wu) I was doing a 3 day workshop on his cosmic orbit qigong, which I really enjoyed. Due to a ticket sale, I would stay 3 more days after the workshop before flying home. Because Master Wu also stayed some days after the workshop, he decided to offer a one day workshop on "calligraphy healing qigong" for just 25 euros. I was so sceptical and there was no way I believed "painting" could be used as a way of healing. However, I was there for 3 days with nothing to day, and 25 euros was nothing, so I decided to try out the workshop. I came there just to pass time, expecting nothing. However, when we did the mantras, mudras and visualisation, I really felt energy come into my body. Then he asked us to practice healing on each other, and I just didn't believe it to be possible. To my great surprise, it worked! The lady I worked on could really feel my energy and that of the talisman inside her body. I was so surprised. I thought it was probably because I had already been meditating daily for 4 years. But there was no way that this elderly lady with no spiritual background could perform healing on me, she had no training, nor any energy to give. Even when she used the talisman to heal me, I really felt the energy from the talisman coming into my body! I was so surprised. It was not that powerful, but it still worked. I was blown away. Master Wu told us to go back home and practice daily for 49 days, then we would have access to this talisman's healing energy. We could use it on ourselves and others, or even to paint a talisman on paper to use for improving fengshui in the home. I went back home to practice, still not really believing it could be possible. I saw everything through the lens of hinduism: healing I considered a kind of siddhi, and acquiring siddhi is extremely difficult. At that point, I had done years and years of daily mala japa (chanting with prayer beads) of a mantra, completing many purascharans, and it had been quite difficult. And that was just to purify myself, come closer to God and prepare myself for higher sadhana (spiritual practice), including other sadhanas that could produce siddhis or supernatural powers. When I got back home and started practicing, I would do the talisman healing on myself, and I felt that it worked. About 10 days into my 49 day practice, my parents heard about my 49 day project. From that day, they asked me to call them every day when I was practicing, and they asked me to help heal different issues. Also as remote healing (something I didn't even believe in at the time). No matter what I did, it just worked! It worked every single time. They would call me after the healing and tell me everything they had experienced during the remote healing. About 21 days into my 49 days, random friends of my parents would call me and ask for healing. So during my 49 days, I hadn't even finished the 49 days, still the talisman energy was helping me to heal myself, siblings, parents, friends of my parents, and also a few strangers. This experience completely exploded my worldview at the time, and that's why I decided to keep training with Master Wu. I've since then learnt the talismans for all 5 elements (White Tiger, Green Dragon, Red Bird, Mystical Warrior and Mother of the Big Dipper). Mystical Warrior is northern water energy, Mother of the Big Dipper is central, earth energy. I actually spent all my money, and even lend from my grandmother, to travel and learn these talismans (at the time I was still studying, so I had low funds). I spend as little as possible on food and hotel when I was there, so I could pay everything back to her when I got back I still use it for myself, and sometimes if others ask for healings. I also use it to bless what I eat and drink sometimes. 3) Sri Vidya (Amritananda / Devipuram) This is a formerly secret system of Hindu Goddess Worship, which Amritananda has decided to share openly with the world. All Goddess worship can provide great supernatural powers, and the energies also have a great effect on our wordly life, e.g. increasing money and succes, healing etc. I never really cared for hindu ritual worship, I felt it to just be an empty show, and a way of extracting money from the poor. Priests and astrologers convincing poor people they had bad karma and needed to pay huge sums of money for them to do rituals on their behalf. However, when I saw a picture of Bala Tripura Sundari, I felt strangely attracted towards it. These weird feelings prompted me to try and do the beginners module. In the end, if it didn't work, I could just stop after the first module. I got diksha (initiation) for the mantras for the root, sexual and navel chakras. Furthermore, I learnt several rituals for each chakra: tarpana (water ritual), puja (prayer ceremony) and homa/havan (fire ritual). I did it just to try it out. First I did a 41 days tarpana for the root chakra God Ganesha/Ganapati (elephant God). I actually felt energy coming into my root chakra and circulating in the 4 nadis of the root chakra. This suprised me a lot! Further, when I was about 38 days in, I got a call from someone, offering me a side hustle to earn more money. On the 44th day (I continued the ritual a few days extra, because there were a few days my wife didn't do it with me, so for her to also reach 41 days, we extendend it 3 days), I got another call, yet again with another side hustle opportunity. I was really surprised! Firstly, I actually felt the mantra opening and circulating energy in my root chakra and nadis. Secondly, I felt the ritual actually had an effect on my worldly life! This I felt to be the magic from movies, books, series etc, where a wizard does certain rituals to change his life and acquire powers. Therefore I continued with Sri Vidya, and it just keeps giving. I have been given mantras and rituals for the root, sexual, navel, heart and 3rd eye chakra, and I am in the process of completing them all (tarpanas I have completed for all, pujas I have 2 to go, havan I am currently in the process of finishing for all). After this, I will get the final and ultimate mantra for the crown chakra, as well as the ultimate ritual performed directly on the Sri Meru / Sri Yantra / Sri Chakra. This is supposed to be the ultimate, making it possible to acquire all worldly pleasures, all spiritual powers as well as complete enlightenment. Conclusion: My personal greatest hits are: 1) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (Vethathiri Maharishi), this taught me deep meditation. 2) Talisman qigong (Zhongxian Wu), this taught me healing. 3) Sri Vidya (Amritananda / Devipuram), this taught me rituals and mantras to assist my worldly and spiritual life. Question: What are your personal greatest hits on the spiritual path? You can include a small summary of the system, as well as your personal journey and breakthroughs God bless you!
  22. Dear Dao Bums, I would like to ask about your experiences and/or opinions on this topic: "karma visible in our energy field". Let me share some of my stories: 1) Master Zhongxian Wu A fellow student of Master Wu shared something with me: when you visualise your liver as green, that day when you see your whole liver as completely green, that organ is fully healed. As long as there are spots of other colors or dark spots, there remain some potential problem in that organ. Similarly for heart and small intestine as red, lung and large intestine as white/grey/transparent, kidney and bladder as blue/black/purple, spleen stomach and pancreas as yellow, and liver and gallbladder as green. The black spots / spots of other colors are karmas (from ancestors, from yourself or from the universe) remaining in your body, potentially causing you to fall sick later. 2) Chunyi Lin As long as there is a channel that is not open, it means there is a wrong energy blocking it. 3) Danish Mystic Martinus Martinus states that all of our karmas are visible in our energy field or aura. So someone could be walking around with a car accident in the aura, and for the psychic this would be clearly visible. 4) Damo Mitchell In one of Damo Mitchells books (I think it's his big one "a comprehensive guide to daoist neigong"), he talks about supernatural powers. One of the powers is the ability to view the whole qi field around a person. This makes the practitioner capable of predicting a person's future, as it's all visible in the different layers of the energy field. 5) Native American in Peru A coworker of mine spent 1 year in South America in Peru, trying to learn Spanish. When she was visiting a mountain deep in a jungle, as she was descending, a native american approached her. He warned her, that he could see in her aura that some bads things were just about to happen to her, and that it would be quite difficult emotionally, but that after 1 year, things would improve. When she got back to her hotel, her boyfriend called her and broke up with her. The next day she got a call that one of her parents had fallen sick, and that an animal on her childhood farm she loved had died. Everything the man told her came true in the next year, and when she pulled through, suddenly everything improved drastically. 6) My own experience After having a very mentally disturbing nadi reading last week, I went to meditate. I am initiated into Sri Vidya, and sat down to say my daily mantras for each chakra (japa). As I was going through each chakra, I saw some different dark spots and shapes inside each chakra. I intuitively understood what they meant, and understood that it was karmas from past lifetimes. They could be exhausted by experiencing them, and some of them could also be resolved through the mantras and rituals of Sri Vidya. I was happy that there was only one chakra that had a lot of bad karma stored in it, the others were much easier to deal with. However, it's going to take 1-3 years of intense rituals and mantras to clean up the worst and most intense stuff. Conclusion In the end, karma is simply energy. We have sent out energy through our thoughts, words and deeds, and this energy is bound to return to us. However, we can to a certain extent mitigate these energies, by building up opposing energies of sufficient strength. One way to do this is through qigong (posture, breathing, mantra, mudra and visualisation). Another way is through action (being good, serving others, giving to charity, forgiving, helping others etc). It's also possible through deep meditation on each chakra coupled with introspection and improvement of character (as done in SKY). Sri Vidya also gives very simple yet powerful ways of building energy through mantras, mudras and rituals. Depending on how strong your negative karma is, you need to put more energy into trying to cancelling it out. But it all comes to down being able to somehow get access to see and understand what the karmas are before they actually hit you, so you have time to build up the energy to try to neutralize them. Of course, in the end, karma is simply an educational tool of God, so another way is to simply learn our lesson then the karmas get wiped clean (according to Danish Martinus). Question What are your viewpoints, experiences or stories about the idea that karma is tangibly present and visible in our energy fields? God bless you!
  23. Max Christansen

    Hello everyone! is there anyone here who is or has practiced with Max and can train me online? I am already a member of primordial alchemist but I would like to learn more from other students who have been studying with him. I'll pay you for your time if you'd like as well. Thank you!
  24. Six Healing Sounds

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for some feedback on the Six healing sounds by those who have tried it. I am someone who has tried a few different styles of qigong without getting the results that I hoped. I suspect the root cause of my health issues is chronic, persistent blockages in the Liver. Trapped energy/emotions in the liver, basically. Hence my interest in the healing sounds and their apparent ability to 'purge' stuck emotions. I did ask for feedback on the Six healing sounds in a recent thread I started about '100 days of qigong', but I thought it was better to cast a wider net here, by making it a standalone topic. I'm still a newbie here, so please forgive me if posting in wrong section, or not following correct etiquette... Thanks kindly