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  1. Why build qi - if qi flows in and out ?

    lets say i get enough sleep and put effort and 100% is organic -- does it mean i will get a very big amount of qi ? and lets say i have that pile of qi in me .... i still need to take action to convert that qi into jing or the fact i have huge amounts of qi will make some of it increase my jing (above the normal amount) ? Also when i dont masterbaute i get wet dreams - maybe in some high level in the future i could somehow avoid them but not at my current state - does it mean its not much use to gather qi if its lost anyway - like i can put an effort and gather 66 units instead of 44 but at the end of the day i will lose it just the same ?
  2. Why build qi - if qi flows in and out ?

    1 . we are trying to convert as much qi to jing as we can - the more the better ? 2 . we waste qi in daily life - by masterbating and doing actions - and we gather qi by eating food ? 3 . qi flows all the time in and out of the body to the universe (Exchange) ? if i get 6 points of qi from this organic salad i ate instead of chips .... and they i practice a qigong exercise where you push and pull qi .... than do i push those 6 points out togther with 20 qi points in the push phase and than in another 26 qi points in the pull stage ? 3 . if i clear my blocakges - how does it improve my gathering more jing/food in the fridge ?
  3. Why build qi - if qi flows in and out ?

    So you are saying gathering qi is like a back up plan ? as in if you do something maybe its batter to work on the pipeline ? Yes. i dont understand the "yes" do we gather qi so we can increase flow - or increase flow so we can gather qi ? ( i assume we gather qi to increase flow by the above but i want to hear it from you)
  4. Why build qi - if qi flows in and out ?

    I rather use a flowing shower so how do i get there ? do i need to gather carry bottles of water of buckets of water .... or rather build a pipe line ? in that metaphor it seems that building a pipeline is better instead of wasting time gather water bottles ............... unless by gathering qi you help get flowing of qi better somehow but if that is the case it does clash with your example of a "larger container" we expand the channels just so we can gather more qi in some place in the body ? or we gather qi so we can increase the flow of qi ? is it A to B - or B to A ?
  5. Why build qi - if qi flows in and out ?

    Can you elaborate a bit more - like why its not useless to eat food which is high in qi - if we anyway do qigong exercises that are supose to increase the circulation of qi between the body and the universe ? for example there are many exercise where you visualize qi entering and exiting the body ( like in zhineng qiogng which i practiced ) - isnt it clashing with gathering qi ? meaning it makes it pointless ? why expand the channels for example ? does it make the gathering of qi obsolete ?
  6. What is the advantage in not masturbating and eating good food .... if anyway qi comes and goes with the body ? its it usless like putting buckets into a flowing river ? (also some palces i seen people say there is no point in gathering qi and all that matters is doing stuff like practicing qigong increasing the flow between the body and the world) what are the advantages of gathering more qi in the body (in means of food and celibacy etc) ?
  7. (How do i make my kidneys stronger ? - mini question can answer shortly or ignore it) the whole spiritual path is annoyingly complex but your comments in general defintly made things much clearer To eat good food and not masturbate are pretty easy things for me to do (in comparison to sitting in mediation for example and dealing with all the things that come up) but i wish i could understand why they are important - as in why its important to have qi in body - if we work on strengthing the flow of qi between the body and the world ? as i heared/read from some (not former teachers) its like (making up a bad analogy at the spot ...) gathering and putting water into a river that flows water will flow out anyway instead of widening it
  8. wow love your answers very enlightening maybe you can finaly explain it to me well : why build up huge amounts of qi ? whats the point ? (also another mini question : if i dont masterbaute i get wet dreams .... so what is the point if anyway the energy is lost ?)
  9. I did vipasasna retreats (mahasi sayadaw style) - but that is just doing meditation all day long - so the meditation you do in daily life just more non stop ................ so maybe that is the case with spontaneous qigong that if you do it in a retreat setting non stop you get to eliminate seeds as well ? What about the aspect of feeling qi and flowing of qi using spontaneous qigong - in comparison to other methods ?
  10. also what im saying is that by reading what you say maybe spontaneous qigong is not really that good - and other qigong method are better ? thats what i get - i mean i practiced zhineng qigong also - so maybe your saying its better to practice it insted od sponatneous qigong
  11. Well that is great i dont know i come from buddhism and if "all" it does is clear attachments that is amazing but since you talk about it not being a practice for 20 years - than i wonder will i know when im done with it and wasting my time with it ?
  12. attachments getting cleared out ?
  13. If you do many movments in it that you do in other techniques even more tailored for your own needs (the qi will move where it is needed - and in that its much better than other qigong styles ? ) than you can clear all blockages with spontaneous qigong - is it not so ? your meridians will be the best they can be flow will be crazy good is it not the case ? it can be like meditation as well no ?
  14. TBH i dont like to read it ( that its not one method all the way and that its not for 20 years) cause it does lower the motivation to practice it - probably (99%) my fault for asking what i am doing is just moving in what goes between qigong movments some the even very close to the ones i practice in zhineng qigong to interpretive dance type of thing
  15. they say to tighten it which probably brings it a bit up but not to strongly - to be honest i dont remember the details i didnt do it much lately maybe its to tigthen the perineum Its crazy and funny how many times i confused bai hui with hui yin again and again : "tuck chin in .... huiyin lift up .... huiyin touching the sky ... huiyin merging with the sky"