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  1. Would love to hear of ways to develop a persons intuition It is especially a problem as far as motivation ... and to be able to decide how hard to do stuff ... for example how not to burn out from doing too much or how not to be too lazy and do nothing all day
  2. Open system vs Closed system

    Easier for me to find on keyboard especially sense i change languages from time to time but also to me its more clear - or .... between parts than , its more visible and to me separates things better and clearer , even if its not proper grammar
  3. Rebirthing

    Its intersting i got no reply - thought people here might have tried rebirthing - maybe its the location - moderators maybe there is a better subject that this post belongs too ? to me i thought its here to get mainly the comparison between rebirthing and qigong - but maybe there is a better location ?
  4. What are all the benifits of wall squats ?

    I did in the past in a course for two months 6 days a week not seven and not sure i did 100 (at least a month a did them for 1 hour in morning but did with big breaks between squats) maybe i felt better from it not sure there wasnt something exceptional i noticed from it specifically though i think there might have been but not sure - i started doing it for half an hour a day now but not sure how much i will persist in this would be nice to get motivation or to know maybe it dosnt have much benefit above 100 times a day or maybe there is but better to add other excericses instead like LCUPCD and other qigong exercises - maybe it heals a lot but not all maybe its better to add stuff like "pushing mountains" as well or instead and do little wall squats little pushing mountains . and actual experience of people or what people heard about this , would be nice to get explanations about this exercises - if i will do 100 a day and it wont do anything and i would expect it too it will cause frustration and reduce chances i put effort in future too - maybe you need to do a 100 but do it at least 3 months or maybe you need to do it for 7 days a week and if you do just 6 days it has no effect - maybe im wasting my time on this when there are better stuff - so answers can be not only to motivate me but to say that the expectations from this are too high (healing all physical illneses etc) - i think the vast majority of questions here can be answered that its better to expirence them instaed of asking which is true but still ... would like to hear about this exercise benefits and explanations about why it happens if possible too from experience of people or from theory they ran into - there are a million reasons (some more important than others) why i am asking this that dont come to my head right now as well If i do 100 a day srpead around and someone writes here that its important to do them all at 100 time and if so than it really can make your qi flow very well unlike 100 in a day spread through than thats a great benefit i can get from a reply I dont base my practice fully on what people write here but its added to my decision making - For example if i do wall squats 1 hour a day and i think that my not so good eye sight is something i need to take care of so i decided to do eye sight exercise and so instead of doing 1 hour a day of wall squats i do just 30 minutes and the other 30 minutes i do exercises for the eyes or send qi to eyes etc ... but if someone says it can help heal the eyes and imrpove eyesight than i would stay with wall squats and maybe even heal other stuff on the way maybe stuff i dont even know about - and will get motivated by that reply to do more even 5 hours a day on the other hand if it dosnt heal eyesight and i expect it too and after 3 months my eyesight didnt get better i would feel cheated cause it says it can cure all physical illness ! if you do a 100 at a time each day - than i would stop doing them out of frustration instead of keeping to do them for all my life and get benifts from it a good answer can be "yes it says it can heal eyeseight" and even better ones can be : "i healed my eyesight with wallsquats" or also a great one : "wall squats can heal your eyes cause when you do them it pushes qi up into your head and spesificly thorugh the qoogsdfjjjcsg channel and the eye is connected to your sdfgjkhsdl and thats how its really effective for eyesight" or as i eited my answer now to make it even more clear - if this exercise can help correct posture by itself than great i just do more of it and try to do it with good forum - but if its not enough than i might look for other ways to correct posture and other stuff BUT i dont want to get to a discussion about this though cause it really derails a topic so instead of geting a lot of info about wall squats i just get assessed instead -this just to get answeres and more info people know/heared about this exercise
  5. What are all the benefits of wall squats In zhineng qigong they say if you do 100 everyday you can heal every physical health problem - is it true ? can it heal stuff like my dust allergy ? can it improve eyesight ? can this exercise alone help give a person a perfect posture without doing anything else ? what about 50 wall-squats a day ? what about 200 a day ? what are the effect of those ? and how did they reach 100 squats *at a time* (in the book "methods of zhineng qigong) as the recommended amount ? how different in benefits a 100 at a time is than 100 a day ( i know of people who do a 100 a day not a time are they missing out - in case they can do it all a single time ?) ? and for those who did/do it - how do you keep track to do a 100 ? wondering about doing this for as much as i can so extending it to maybe 2 hours a day maybe even 4 or 5 etc - and i wonder if this excerice can stand by its own as a "practice" or its just supplementary does it help in sexual transmutation ? would love to get all the benefits this exercise can have --- would like also above what you know in thoery or heared about this exercise benefits to hear about personal benefits people experienced with this exercise ? also even though its not the main question if someone wants to add tips about best way to do it that can be good too (though main question is about the benefits of it)
  6. I was wondering about strongest (or not strongest but the strongest you know of) spiritual practice you know i would like to have some "cool" out of the usual spiritual (i including feeling qi in this - seeing lights etc) that has the fastest effect - or maybe not even the fastest but that has sure effects if you do it and effects in a pretty short time ( a few months is also ok) for example is rebirthing that excericse ? 100 wall squats every day ? horse stand ? etc (Asking cause heared that if you do 100 wall squats each day it can heal all your health problems - and made me think about after trying many stuff and always feeling motivated that i dont see a difference (meditaitng for hours etc) and have a hard time to keep practicing non stop for more than a month (can do intesnse practice but not keep it more than a month without stopping) thought maybe there is some exercise that you 100% sure if you do for like tops one month you almost certainly will experience some "cool stuff" (more than just feeling more relaxed ! ) that can help motviate you further and since i dont want to be dissapointed wanted to hear about teh "Strongest" exceirses people know about that have the biggest chance to get results ** and without getting into a debate about it - im asking for all spiritual practices (spiritual can also be physical like wall squats of course) except drugs which i am not interested in trying
  7. Rebirthing

    Would like to know all people want to share about Rebirthing - stuff like reberthing and its conectiuon to qigong stuff (like the micro orbit - jing - qi - shen etc) stuff like - is it more powerful than qigong ? short range faster results than qigong ? long range ? what does it do qi wise ? why do you feel qi tingling all in the body when doing it ? when you finish do you need ot guide that qi to a certain location in the body like lower dantian ? everything people want to add about Rebirthing is welocmed
  8. Open system vs Closed system

    How do they stay closed and not open ? arent we all always "open" to the universe energy ? when they open what they do to "open" ?
  9. Open system vs Closed system

    i wanted to also ask about this and also in general hear about the whole connecting with the universe - as i understand we anyway always connect with the universe which is exchange qi with the environment but with zhineng qigong we enhance it somehow and im not sure how except the hand movemnts it is confusing to me What they said is that is that inzhineng qigong you go through this purification gradually so you get pains and acne and emotions etc all the time unlike the other way around where you get it all at once some questions to whoever wants to answer (just to get a debate going where i can get more info on this subject ) : Is the goal of qigong to clear the blocakges ? If we clear our blockages and have clear maridians (which we do in closed methods) dosnt it mean that qi from the universe can flow more and better in the body ? If we have clear maridians does it mean the qi flows in the body ? ( i read someones reply here saying to someone that focusing on claering the maridians and having clear maridians is not enough cause hes qi is stagnate and not flowing - which made me very confused)
  10. I learned zhineng qigong and teachers of it said that unlike other types of zhineng qigong is an "open" system where you take qi from the universe into the body and purify the body with it open the maridians and go through "purification" which its symptoms are pains and injuries and emotions etc ... while they say closed qigong systems practice for years just to purify the body and just when they are high level after years of training they open to the universe and gave an examples of all sorts of bad stuff hapening to qigong practiconers from this closed systems that suddenly connected to the universe and sense thier body was clear the moment they opened to the universe they got very strong "purification" process and this caused them harm even death (worst example given was someone the moment he opened got blood out hes eyes and other stuff that caused him to die fast ) my terminology is bad and so my knoledge on this spesific thing except what was said to students in zhineng qigong course - would like to hear peoples view on this matter and anything people can add about this topic of "purification"
  11. If its not claer from the long thing above - long replies with extra explnation are good but even a reply that says only : posthaeven jing>post heaven qi>zheng qi> shen > void (just making something up of course) is a good reply as well
  12. Hi i read for some days about microcosmic orbit, jing, qi, sexual transmutation etc and im still very confused especially cause i read different stuff - would like to ask : * mainly what are the names of the "stuff" we convert when we do sexual transmutation ...... specifically what is the first thing we convert (what its name - is it pre heaven jing/ post heaven jing or something else ) ... and to what we convert it too is it to qi ? post heaven qi ? Zheng Qi ? ..... and what is the final goal of it after we converted it to the second thing (to bring it back to lower dantian from head ? to make it into void jing>qi>shen>void ? ... by the way the format of X>Z>Y>G>R is a real simple way that can make it very clear ) so would like to know what is the exact name of the "stuff" we are converting - meaning if its post heaven jing than write post heaven jing and not just jing , or if its yin qi or yang qi than write that and not just qi... and what is the exact stuff that it needs to be converted to through its stages including what is the final final stage it goes by ** I would love long replies that explain in detail it all (including the whole microcosmic orbit etc) .... but before that part i would love a section before that explains just the names of the stuff we convert - cause i mainly ask this question cause in different places they say different names (even by Taoists not other traditions even) and its confusing its not the same thing *** i would love as much different people here to reply to me with their view
  13. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    6 . i seen in some places they say work is good enough to transmute sexual energy - thoughts ?
  14. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    Im assuming you dont answer 4 and 5 on purpose but in case not and you missed it i mention it now If i do "wall squats" before the horse stand it can help make the shaking of legs stage come faster right ? While i do the quick fire and horse stand - do i need to do movments of hand up and down like in the video you linked to before at the start ?
  15. Difference between jing and qi ?

    So ... : " should we turn all post heavenly jing to *** Zheng *** qi " ?