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  1. Share good TCM videos

    Im looking for all videos in depth and shallow (though i am now leaning to the more in depth now - dont mind highly technical videos as well ) , this can be good resource not only for me but for all who read this thread and wants to watch broader stuff or more in depth stuff than what i will be currently looking for I want this for many reasons , would be nice to get a "Chinese Medicine perspective" on my practice , would be good to get an overview , would be good to heal some issue i have , maybe one day would like to be a TCM practitioner and i would have some good background Above all I am already spending a good amount of time watching youtube videos , so i would like to replace it instead with watching TCM related video ... since its not a hard thing for me to watch videos (including the more technical ones) and its replacing a not "productive" activity , than there is no problem for me to watch something i am not specifically looking into , that is too shallow for me or too in depth .... i just care about it being accurate that i wont watch BS videos that might unconsciously by diffusion insert false information
  2. Share good TCM videos

    I have been looking for some good videos on TCM(= traditional chinese medicine) , but dont want to absorb any bad information even if just by subconscious diffusion , so would like to hear if people here have recommendation for TCM (= traditional chinese medicine) videos Also i ran into this youtube channel that seems to have good videos , but not sure if the info in it is correct, so it would be nice to read if someone who have seen it and think the information shared in it is correct or not : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXeKpuxltFA_FiLdMYLrXlA/videos
  3. Wanted to share my thought , that the fact that its not possible to have a "block" option at the moment is (one of) the reasons i didn't explain in detail my view on why exactly i think a block option is a good idea , and i think probably its the same for other users who don't give their view on this subject - cause in some way its a bit of an effort and time waster (a full debate) , so i believe the moment it was written (and its good it was written) that it is not really a technical option right now, it took out the motivation of members to speak about the need for it .... so my point is : In the future if there would be an option to add a block option to this forum , it would be nice if someone (no need for an obligation - just in case some moderator remembers this issue) will notify the users here - by making a thread (i think better a new thread as opposed to bumping this one) about this and opening this option to debate (in a date when it would actually be a possibility so people would want to give their opinion on this )
  4. @Taomeow since the above thing im going to shamelessly tag you just in case you missed - if you saw and just want to ignore for whatver reason - give my post is a like ( and if that will happen a few times than i will stop tagging you in genral) tagging you for my long post i wrote before - i wonder if you know the main questions answer :
  5. Just to add in a comment and not just like - that i join taomeow will to have a block option (unlike the usless ignore option) And i see some negative impact it can have but i think the positive impact it will have is greater So if any day in the future - it would available (technically) to add this option - wanted to add that i think it would be a good thing to add
  6. ohh and i felt im being too pushy lol That was a great read - I dont eat meat (but im down to hear about it and its effects and learn from that) so im trying to figure out what i can have as well as what i can find in my supermarket * For the record i have now enough to go by on my own - now its just fishing for extra info so you dont have to answer all - and in bold i put the main questions : I will try this - you mean they dont work immediately as in they take a few hours to feel an effect or that i need to consume them for a few days or a few weeks before i can see their effect ? so everything that causes liquid to be gelatinous are good ? the things have an effect only if i consume them in thier gelatinous forum ? i mean for example the parsley - if i eat its leaves just like that in leaf form do they have the same effect ? or for example do potatoes have the effect ? (maybe the potato starch powder is more dense - but it means the potato will also have a small effect?) - or potato startch but to add it to many dishes i make like pad thai , will that have a good effect ? - i have now a few things in house : pesto paste (From parsley from the garden - parsley little salt little garlic and lots of oil ) is it good? i got industrial jeli with sugar some and some with sugar substitute - both of them not good? jams are gelatinous but if it has sugar than its not good ? what about dairy products like yogurt ? or puddings ? cornstarch jelly? Mămăligă ? tapioca ? this things can be consumed with the meals ? like i do water ? like i will sit with the meal and a big bowl of " kissel " and just "drink" it with a spoon between bites like i do with water ? What about fruits and vegetables - some of them can be seen as gelatinous ... like watermelon , some peaches (the yellow inside ones) , cucumber etc ? i will go shopping soon - will look for stuff so im trying to figure out this thing better so if i ran into something in the store that is good i will take it thats why the many questions - so i get the basic rules i go bye
  7. @Piyadasi Great replies , even partial answers are good (and defintly better than full nonsense replies) , from the replies i get from everyone on this forum (and the internet in general and books , teachers etc) take all good info i can and act as much as i can based on it Thats why i ask many questions (that some users in this forum are annoyed by the amount and the fact i repeat them with different (but important) variations and see it as nitpicking) like me wanting to get how much of an effect different stuff have ( how bad it is i dont eat the vegetable a second after its picked ... or a year after its picked) or to understand why stuff is recommended Another example is the drinking warm water which at winter time i do a lot even without connection to qigong (just warm water to warm up - i wonder if tea no sugar is also good?) but now at summer time where i live (especially in my house) its really warm and so consuming warm foods make me sweaty and cold ones cool me - thats another reason why i try to get as close as possible to understand how much of an effect things have
  8. When i googled before this was one of the results i got : https://www.sacredlotus.com/go/foundations-chinese-medicine/get/jin-ye-body-fluids-vital-substance but how that sits with it as a method ?
  9. @Taomeow just to make sure you see this - i would like to know what are the "slow yin fluids" - even in general so i can google search about them (cause by myself im not sure if the results i get are the same thing you meant) ( im re-tagging in case you missed the first one , if you dont reply than i take it you seen this just dont want to reply )
  10. why do you say it gives a negative amount of qi ? because of the contraction and sting feeling ? does that feeling somehow make you think it drains qi or something like that ?
  11. Its effect is cause the cold reach the ldt area (intestines?) and than causes qi to move slower there which makes it harder to make changes to the ldt ? would add also a question about frozen food that we reheat (frozen vegetables mainly) are they considered cold in some way or effect ?
  12. Does cold water effect the lower dantian ? does ice cream effect it ? how it effects it , in what way ? and how much it effects it (is it a big effect or minor one you can ignore) ? also lets say cold water can really cool your body but some ice creams lets say a Popsicle can get pretty warm before it really enters your throat - so does it really have a significant effect?
  13. I wonder if anyone here has a view about the TCM nutrition book : " Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition" written by paul Pitchford ?
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    @salaam123 this is the link to damo mitchell "internal arts academy" that costs 40$ per month (or 440$ for a year in advance) - that starts from the basics (and teaches also how to build the lower dantian ) : https://damomitchell.com/
  15. As i asked before about the need for isolation when training in qigong and got the reply we need to isolate or else the yang qi escapes to the earth ( the yin qi moves freely and that is what should happen) and that you still get benefit from training barefoot on the ground you lose some of the effectiveness (if i remeber was told something like 15%) ... So the question is what is a good isolation material - what works what not : How thick the material should be ? ( 0.0001 cm / 0.1 cm / 0.5 cm / 1 cm / 2 cm / 5 cm / 10 cm ) What material it should be ? ( rubber ? cotton ? ) Are shoes good ? are tai chi shoes good ? are slippers good ? Are socks good enough ? what about really old socks that are worn out - can they work too ? A bed sheet on the floor - a very thin one (is it too thin?) ? A bed sheet folded a few times ? Can i use a towel i have ? or is a towel too stimulating on the feet so in that sense it takes off your mind from inside your body ? * Where i live its warm - if anything i go barefoot just to cool a tiny bit , the house tiles which are granite porcelain are ab it cool - but if i stand in place after a few seconds where i stand will be warm as well ( I ask about material for isolation but if someone wants to say his views about the subject of isolation its great as well - about the need for isolation , about how it effects us , about how much it effects our practice etc)