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  1. @wstein again i started to ponder this whole concept again of accepting what is , as some sort of major way of life , and as a major practice by itself , and was wondering if you have any advice about how to reach this state of fully expressing my inner nature ?
  2. I also would want to emphasize i am only looking for replies with interpretations for the yi jing results that i posted above and not for replies about how to solve this issue i have ("see a doctor/teacher" , "practice this and dont practice this", "take it easy" etc) without connection to the yi jing results
  3. I got some strong back pain from a system i practiced which had 3 physical parts to it (dantian gong , wuji stance, stretching) , so i stopped all i do , and started to do Yijin divinations to check what i should start doing again and what not to return to - and considering adding some new meditative non physical parts of that system i didnt do before - the questions i asked (not i order i asked) and the results : 1 ."Did the stretches i did up until now did me good ? should i get back to doing stretches ? how ?" Hexagram: 64 , Changing lines (1,4) -> Result 41 Hidden 63 after been told the above is not good cause its a yes/no type changed it into : 2 . "What is the impact of the stretches i did up to know on my health ? " H : 61 C : (3,5,6) R : 11 Hid :37 3 ."What is the effect of the WUJI stance i did on my health ? and what i should do about it ?" H : 64 C : (2,3,4) R : 52 Hid :63 4 . "What effect did lower dantian work had on my spine ? if i return to it what effect will it have on my spine?" H : 56 C : (2,3,6) R : 40 Hid : 28 5 ."What was the effect of the system i practiced on my health ?" H : 28 C : (3) R : 47 Hid : 1 6 . "What changes i need to do in my practice for my spine ?" H : 24 C : (1) R : 2 Hid : 2 *** i am not sure at all how to interpret this cause im new to yijing .... if someone can help this can be great , not expecting someone to reply to all - even if just replying to one divination result it can be great help
  4. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    @Michael Sternbach I have asked the last question now - so i asked about practice in general about stretching and wuji stance - and now i asked about danitan gong - i asked : "What effect the lower dantian work i did had on my spine ? and if i return to it what effect will it have on my spine ? " I got hexagram 56 - with changing lines 2,3,6 --- and it turns into 40 (hidden hexagram is 28) how you interpret that ?
  5. I see the reasoning for not allowing it , still think it should be allowed but im not feeling to strong about it to debate it and actually write any logical reasons lol - asked cause i genuinely had no idea , but since i already replied about it felt obligated to give my opinion on it , but that is all not pushing this , i accept the moderators verdict
  6. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    @Michael Sternbach that seems to mean i should return to original practice - not sure what this line means though in the prevoius question where i got hex 28 it says there also so that is intersting point - that its in both hexes and i wonder what it means
  7. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    issue is i have no idea if force is me not putting force at all (aka just the meditation) or doing the physical part but really low intensity (though i always did things low intensity - now i need to do it really low .... this makes this whole issue much more complicated for me cause i already went very careful low intensity and now if i return it would be exceptionally low intensity - i think i did something like 10 minutes wuji stance for example - and strecthing i did just 1 minute doing a few seconds each stretch - while trying to put no force to it ) *** also i am considering asking another questions trying to figure out what caused my strong back pains exactly - but i am not sure what best way to word my questionos - does "what part caused my back pain the wuji stance the stretching or the dantian gong ? " good ? or there is better one ?
  8. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    this part ? - maybe wuji stance and danitan gong can be seen as force otoo though ? not just stretching ?
  9. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    @Michael Sternbach Ok so , cleaning it all out - looking at last question : " http://www.pantherwebworks.com/i_ching/bk1h21-30.html#24 Where do you see the stretching part in that hexagram ? (was really illuminating to see before you that you wrote the yijing was (probably) referring to my attitude - and me missing the Yijing saying oracle - would be funny if now i missed the word "stretching" somehow lol)
  10. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    @Michael Sternbach im a bit confused as to what you reply too in your latest post You talk about all the questions i wrote ? or just the two last ones ? - cause in the two last ones i asked about my whole system i take (wuji+stretches+dantian gong+meditation) and not just stretching What second hexagram ? are you talking about hexagram 24 ? or 2 ? or something else ? *** so trying to figure out what you mean is : is that it seems that the yi jing is saying not to stop my previous practice ( at the moment im doing nothing for some days now - trying to figure out what to return to) and return to it - and not try the new one (just meditation) ? (it makes sense - dont read criticism in my posts they are 100% genuine questions)
  11. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    have any thoughts about this clash ?
  12. shame , but thanks for the reply
  13. Did something change that you cant hide posts any more - and also cant hide other users posts ? or its still an option and i just forgot where it is and cant find it ?
  14. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    Well , i ask another question about this same subject : "what change(s) i need to do in my practice for my spine ?" I got hexagram 24 - where first line is a changing yang line -> and it changes to hexagram 2 (All yin) (and hiddent hexagram is 2 also) But again not sure how to interpret this - should i get back to my old practice continue the exact same way i did before ? or without some of the physical parts of it ? stop everything and not do anything ? start doing only meditation alone (including a new type of meditation i didnt do before) ? some thoughts i have on this is that by 24 and first line it seems i should return to exactly what i did before - and maybe hex 2 seems to mean the same on the other hand when I asked the yi jing : i asked somewhere else for advice on this - and someone said its a clear sign what i did did me bad for my back * so it seems this 2 divinations clash
  15. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    Yes that would be awesome - though if i had to choose i would rather get a reply about this another later divnation i did which is : I asked the yi jing : " what was the influence of what i practiced in X system on my back health " I got hexagram 28 --- with six (changing yang) in the third ---- that changed in to 47 .... and hidden hexagram is 1 Background : I got major back pain since i started doing an online course ( the course is great and i recommend it , and im still planing on doing parts of it (the non physical) - it seems i got something wrong in the physical aspect of it) so i stopped doing most of it - and i plan to start doing part of the course about balncing the elements in body thorugh meditation and working with the energy channels which is non physical , but still wonder if that is right and i should just get back into doing the regular online course and not just the channels and elements part From the results i got by some parts i can interpret if i continue The stretching i asked about before (when i got 64 ) are part of the online course (from what i call "physical part") ... also it has dantian gong part ... also Wuji stance ... and also dantian gong part .... all three i suspect might have caused my back pain ---- i also asked recently about " what was the influence of the wuji stance i did on my back health ? and what i should do about it " and got also 64 but with nine in the second and fourth places , and six in the third ( result was hexagram 52 with the hidden one being 63) *** i write all but if there is one i would like a reply is hexgram 28 cause it seems the most accurate - cause its the first time i ever get a result talking about the " The ridgepole sags to the breaking point" when im asking about my painful back ** i read the results after in a physical Wilhelm’s translation book - but if i look after again i look at this online site (if someone wants its pretty neat) : http://www.pantherwebworks.com/i_ching/index.html#key