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  1. Hi sent you a private message - writing here in case you missed it

  2. I am trying to find my lost ID ... i am not sure how to intperet this results ... im looking for hints as to were my ID might be , i asked the yijing : "where is my ID?" and got : hex 61 with changing lines in second fith and six (2,5,6) locations >> this changes to hex 24 (hidden hexegram is 27) dont need of course for someone to tell me the exact location of my id of course - but maybe some hints some guess to were it might be near to based on this results
  3. I asked the yi-jing in 3 different times the next questions (its interesting that i got hexagram 20 in two of the questions - and 23 as hidden in them and in one the first changing line and the last one in another ) : * Some weeks ago i asked "what is the next step i need to do in life?" (thinking should i do more of what i do , to stop what i do , to do more of it , to change it , to add something new i never tried etc) and i got hex 11 changing line in the second place ... which changes to hex 36 (and hidden hexagram is 54) * Also asked back than "what i should do about my X training ?" (asking about a specific practice i do (dont want to write name of that practice to not effect answers with opinions on that practice ) and i got hex 20 with chageing line in the first ... which changes to hex 42 (hidden hex is 23) * Today i asked again "what is the next step i need to do in life?" and i got hex 20 with chageing line in the last ... which changes to hex 8 (hidden hex is 23) ** I dont know how to interpret this results - i wonder what other people see here ( no need to have an opinon about them all even if its about one hex origianl or hidden or a changing line , is good as well )
  4. How did they reach the i-ching images?

    I mean i can understand the lines being mountain and water etc.... but how they reach "The image of : " said about each hexagram (examples of what i mean by image is stuff like "duration"/"retreat"/ "Preponderance of the Great" etc some make sense some dont and i wonder how exactly they reached this in the first place ) ? or how they reached the images of different line of different hexagrams ?
  5. Did a solid read (was in a good mind state) with the yijing and asked "what i should do about the noise situation with my neighbors? " The results i got were : Hexagram 44 with changing lines of : 6 in the first ..... 9 in the second .... and 9 in the fourth Changing to hexagram 37 (hidden hexagram is 1) How do you interpret this ?
  6. disrspecting the i ching ?

    can you disrespect the i ching ? got to this by my want to test the i ching (to increase my faith in it - except asking him questions about my life to ask questions which their main goal is to test the i ching) - and wondered if its disrespectful to do so ? also wondered the question in relation to using the online i ching and also about what if i ask the i ching many small questions - even a few in one day , maybe even a few in a row (which is easy to do using the online i ching) if that can be disrespectful ? and i mean what is the effects of being disrepectful to it ? will it be less effective? isnt the i ching really my "true self" or my intution etc - so im just disprespecting myself and not some other entity - so it should be ok to ask whatever i want as much as i want ? also there is always hex 4 with its text :
  7. How you interpert this results ?

    @Apech well if it was an answer to my previous question than first hex and its line would been very clear and obvious but for this question its not the clearest : modesty maybe means online is good cause its done with modest means compared to what it takes to devinate in the "real world" ? on the changing hex it says stuff like " this pushing upward is associated with effort, " and the way damo teaches to do i ching takes more effort .... on the other hand i see also " The pushing upward is made possible not by violence but by modesty and adaptability. " ... and maybe modesty is using the online one ?
  8. How you interpert this results ?

    @Apech i have also asked the online i ching now "Should i use online i ching or only the i ching the way damo says ? " i got hex 15 ... with a changing six in the second ................ and it changes to hex 46 (i dont practice neigong with damo any more just for the record (not cause his a badteacher or anything like that of course)
  9. How you interpert this results ?

    also would like to add a remark that damo mitchell gives specific reasons for many of the stuff done - like using the yarrow stalks is not something of ritual only or getting into a meditation mode but also that the its something like it harms the results accuracy to use coins - and for example the incense sticks are for cleansing the room - and kept burning to keep the energy moving in the room during the deviation i would love to ignore all this - i defintly for example do not like the smell of the incense sticks sticking to my clothes etc ... i can think of a milion different stuff if its just about having a ritual but it seems its more than that in many of the stuff he says should be done
  10. How you interpert this results ?

    Thanks for replies i did now an online reading - in a website you put a link to in another post - i think damo mitchell is apposed to online i ching as much as coins .... and this website has it done via coin method at that ... but anyway i asked a similar question there - "am i advancing the right way with what im doing now ? " (while now doing small actions to imrpove nothing big) and got hexagram 55 which change to 21 the changing lines are 9 in the third and 6 at the top it seems again that 55 is great just like 11 ... and by this i see it as i am in a great direction , correct ? than 9 in the third also seems good and means im in a good path , correct ? 6 at the top seems it might be bad though no ? about 21 not sure how to interrupt it : ( specifically the bold part which seems to talk about stronger measures - which seems the opposite of slow progress (unlike "biting through" which seems to fit slow steady progress) )
  11. How you interpert this results ?

    @Apech Thanks good and helpful reply - so will further say (my main issue now from below is how to apply 36 to my life - all the rest are mini bonus thoughts that can be ignored ) : What you said about 11 and changing line - seems to make good sense and fit my situation - and my conclusion i got to now (After asking) by myeslf as well without connection to the i ching results .... though isnt that advice holding for most people anyway (taking a balanced approach and doing small tasks ) ? The changing hex 36 is hard to interpret for me - cause if i look at it myself i would think : 11 seems a good hex and from that it changes to hidden brilliance which doesnt seem as good - so i would think my good situation will change into a future bad one and even after reading what you read about 36 im not sure what it means for my life - how to apply it - talking about : maybe i can interpret it as not trying to change my relationship with my family or try to help them and just focus on meditation and other spirtual stuff - but not sure at all you dont look at hidden hexagram ? i ching is always right... but not always the most accurate ? damo mitchell way of doing it demands a good amount of effort - which this time i didnt do like lighting incense or meditating before (but still i had ok concentration so i see it as a good reading even if not best)
  12. How you interpert this results ?

    I asked the yi-jing - what i should do next in my life (like whats my next move (not in going to bathroom but bigger ones) whats the direction ? and the results were 11 with changing line in the second (changing nine) ........ which changes to a 36 and the hidden hexagram is 54 im dont know how to interpret it at all
  13. @wstein again i started to ponder this whole concept again of accepting what is , as some sort of major way of life , and as a major practice by itself , and was wondering if you have any advice about how to reach this state of fully expressing my inner nature ?
  14. I also would want to emphasize i am only looking for replies with interpretations for the yi jing results that i posted above and not for replies about how to solve this issue i have ("see a doctor/teacher" , "practice this and dont practice this", "take it easy" etc) without connection to the yi jing results
  15. I got some strong back pain from a system i practiced which had 3 physical parts to it (dantian gong , wuji stance, stretching) , so i stopped all i do , and started to do Yijin divinations to check what i should start doing again and what not to return to - and considering adding some new meditative non physical parts of that system i didnt do before - the questions i asked (not i order i asked) and the results : 1 ."Did the stretches i did up until now did me good ? should i get back to doing stretches ? how ?" Hexagram: 64 , Changing lines (1,4) -> Result 41 Hidden 63 after been told the above is not good cause its a yes/no type changed it into : 2 . "What is the impact of the stretches i did up to know on my health ? " H : 61 C : (3,5,6) R : 11 Hid :37 3 ."What is the effect of the WUJI stance i did on my health ? and what i should do about it ?" H : 64 C : (2,3,4) R : 52 Hid :63 4 . "What effect did lower dantian work had on my spine ? if i return to it what effect will it have on my spine?" H : 56 C : (2,3,6) R : 40 Hid : 28 5 ."What was the effect of the system i practiced on my health ?" H : 28 C : (3) R : 47 Hid : 1 6 . "What changes i need to do in my practice for my spine ?" H : 24 C : (1) R : 2 Hid : 2 *** i am not sure at all how to interpret this cause im new to yijing .... if someone can help this can be great , not expecting someone to reply to all - even if just replying to one divination result it can be great help