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Found 34 results

  1. Sanchin breathing kata

    I'm blessed to have 2 dedicated & knowledgable karate teachers. one (SJ) primarily teaches us fighting. the other (SM) teaches us katas, tai chi & chi Kung (mostly katas, tho) as a traditional Goju-ryu stylist, he's asked us to get deep in "Sanchin breathing kata"(SBK). its a walking hard chi Kung form. SBK uses sanchin stance/slow movement/posture/abdominal breathing/opening the microcosmic orbit. i ask SM a lot of questions, study sanchin info online & study Taoist meditation books/sites/vids (mantak chia/dr yang). SM also instructs us in sitting and standing eight pieces of brocade chi Kung. i believe this is is to build our chi to move in daily life, during SBK & god forbid, if we have to defend ourselves. i'm wondering if any one on here has any experience w/Sanchin & it's benefits.
  2. Hi, I really like ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) videos and among the various youtube channels that make ASMR videos there is one that It ALWAYS make me "tingle" at the start, even when the audio is almost inaudible, it doesn't fail to give me a tingle. For example: So I am thinking...Perhaps it's possible to inprint some sort of "energy" on a video? Or her videos have some sort of very low frequency wich I find very comfortable with to trigger my asmr?
  3. Where is qi stored?

    Yes, I know, stupid question, but I want to clarify some things. Normally its the lower dantien, but I stumbled upon some articles about the three treasures (jing, qi and shen). There, I read that they are stored in the lower, middle and respectively upper dantien. Can somebody explain this? (I'm pretty new to those elements som yeah...)
  4. Greetings

    Hello The Dao Bums Feels like home here already. Almost like there's no use for words. I've had many great teachers, one of whom was a priest of the Quanzhen lineage. who have given me insight into the mysteries. Not the most strictly disciplined here myself, but have a lot of knowledge. Mystical experiences lead me to the Dao De Jing, and I am able to feel qi as magnetism between my palms. Went to Naropa University in boulder, co where I got a degree in Traditional Eastern Arts, Concentration Tai Chi Chuan. That is also where I met the priest. Im a quarter Chinese, my grandfather's jing. The Yellow Emperor's Y chromosome. Excited to talk and meet people here.
  5. Detection of extraordinary large bio-magnetic field strength from human hand during external Qi emission It is generally accepted that more than 10(-6) gauss order magnetism was not detected in normal human condition. However, we detected 10(-3) gauss (mGauss) order bio-magnetic field strength from the palm in special persons who emitted External Qi ("Chi" or "Ki"). This detection was possible by special arranged magnetic field detection system, consisted of a pair of 2 identical coils with 80,000 turns and a high sensitivity amplifier. Each of the coils were rolled 80,000 turns accurately, and were connected in series in opposite direction, actuating as a gradiometer. We measure bio-magnetic field strength in 37 subjects with this detection system. The only 3 subjects of them exhibited strong bio-magnetic field of 2 to 4 mGauss in frequency range of 4 to 10 Hz. This magnetic field strength was greater than that of normal human bio-magnetism by 1,000 times at least. A simultaneous measurement of bio-magnetic field strength and its corresponding bio-electric current was examined in one subject. During exhibiting such strong bio-magnetism, its corresponding electric current was not detectable. Therefore, the extra-ordinary large bio-magnetic field strength can not derive from internal body current alone, hence the origin of the large bio-magnetism is still unknown. We suppose that the extraordinary large bio-magnetic field strength might be originated from "Qi" energy in the oriental medicine or in the oriental traditional philosophy.
  6. has anyone here been on retreats or met one of these guys ? I'd like to try it for myself, also if you know other similar people that live in the EU (and have visited yourself) please drop a link or something. PS the closer it is to Romania, Ukraine the better
  7. Does anyone have any experience with convincing Reiki with Internal Alchemy and where the energy of Reiki falls in Dsoist modalities? I have my own thoughts as to what it is and where it falls but I wanted another opinion.
  8. I'm new to the game and I'm having difficulties establishing a firm daily practice. I understand the general concepts, but don't know the practicals. I'm more advanced in other forms of energy practice but I'm just beginning my journey into internal alchemy. 1) What's the fastest way to gather energy in the dantian? 2) How do you Cultivate Jing? Gathering Qi in the dantian is one thing but how do I generate life force? (jing) Or is it Jing that gathers in the Dantian... 3) I can sense energy, but I can't distinguish between the three types yet. Is there a practice specifically for enhancing sensing? Or is that just attained as you go kinda thing. 4) I'm trying to get used to reverse abdominal breathing but I can't get used to it. It completely disturbs my meditative state. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. It's different from "Reverse Breathing", right?
  9. New guy says hi!

    Hello, I was referred here by a redditor after making this post: I copied and pasted it below. I have high levels of energy which I meditate on and run through different circuits frequently. Some days I try to "burn" with my whole body at once all day long. I am familiar with rotating major and minor chakras on two axis of rotation, and the stimulating effects that has on the energy meridian pathways. I can feel where the meridians go and identify where acupressure and acupuncture points will stimulate. I can warm myself when cold and heal myself. During intense energy meditations, my point of awareness isn't at the third eye, it's wherever I'm focusing, and I can look around and see the energy fields of my body, the chakras, the meridians, the physical anatomy as well, and it's all dancing in all colors of the rainbow, and is accompanied by beautifully harmonious astral music. I don't believe I've had a full Kundalini experience, but when I do connect the tail of the snake through my root to the earth, or the "below", and run the head of the snake through my crown to the "above", it feels like going super saiyan, especially if I'm cycling with the whole universe, fully open, sending and receiving to infinity. Am I right in thinking that I should be putting more energy into the environment now? Feeling my surroundings and working energy with other people? So far I can put up a strong shield, I can "feel" people, whether they're close or far, and send them energy, having beginners identify the areas I send energy to and whether I'm sending energy or pulling energy. All information on energy work I've found thus far teaches how to do these things I've become familiar with, but on my own I've started to find things I haven't heard about before, like seeing the energy and hearing music. Does anyone know where I can progress from here? Any high-level books I could read? What else is possible?
  10. I have found the similarities between the Indian/Yogic/Vedic and the Daoist internal traditions extremely heartening. Here are two systems, both going back millennia in antiquity, having developed with some cross-pollination (via cultural exchanges in the early history/late pre-historic periods perhaps), but generally independent of each other during the formative periods (more than 5000 years ago). The one missing link was that the Indian system clearly categorizes Prana as having five constituent winds - Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana Vayus. Each of these have specific roles to play in the human bio-energetic system (and the psycho-physiology as well). Then as I was reading Damo Mitchell's excellent book on Neigong (Heavenly Streams), I found a section that is pretty much articulated in this blog post as well -- light shen yi po zhi hun colour red yellow white blue green movement expansion division contraction sinking forwards element fire earth metal water wood The overlap (and biological functions of these) are stark with the Pancha Vayus. Good illustration is provided here -- Would love more thoughts on this.
  11. Hi there, I'm a follower of the Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) system in Qi Gong. I'm self taught and have been doing this for almost 2 years. I earnestly try to calm my mind and sense the Chi running up my spine. Very occasionally it runs through my head and if I hold my tongue on my upper mouth I believe I can sense it running down back to the Dan Tien. The other line I've very definitely sensed is down my arm to my hand, especially if I'd done the "tapping" Qi Gong routine. So that's 2 of the 12 I have definitely sensed. How easy are the others to gain a "glimpse" of? Qi Gong gives me insights into my, or rather the human body, almost every day.
  12. Body Cultivation

    Hi i am new to thedaobums and i was wondering if anyone knows how i can get access to body refining techniques that use qi. Such that uses qi not to gain muscles but to release impurities and make the skin tougher.
  13. Emptiness embodied

    My teacher emphasizes emptiness. The feeling we get when we are doing taiji forms or qigong etc - that is emptiness. It feels like something, but perhaps it is the absence of something we feel. Thoughts?
  14. I was about to post this in another thread that is already well under way but thought it probably warrants a thread of it's own. So I'm curious. What are people's thoughts on "chi/energy necklaces/pendants/bracelets". I see these marketed as "scientifically proven to show they enhance energy levels, keeping you going for longer" I have a view on this, but just wondering what others think.
  15. By definition, is what I am asking, not to be muddled with how it enhances your life...
  16. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could send over recommendations for brief zhan zhuang routines. I've got some time freed up at lunchtime and would like ideas for a c.20minute ZZ session. Goals would be to complement my existing nei gong/meditation/qi gong practices i.e. gathering, feeling, directing qi, LDT work etc. I don't have any experience with ZZ, but imagine it's simple to learn and practice but challenging to perfect. If anyone has any suggestions for forms that would fit into this slot (With brief warm up/down if possible) I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks
  17. I am curious what people's views are on the concepts of 'yin qi' and 'yang qi', and what the sources are for your views on such things. For example, do you think that there are two distinct forms of qi, one of which is pure yin and one of which is pure yang, or do you think that such expressions are really just indicating the relative characteristics or qualities of certain forms of qi, such as Earth qi is more yin as compared to Heaven qi, and Heaven qi is more yang as compared to Earth qi, etc., or do you think the concept of there being such things as 'yin qi' and 'yang qi' is just plain wrong? Also, I would be interested in hearing what people are basing their views on. Is this something you have been taught from a certain tradition or teacher, or how did you come to your view? I have never been a big question asker when I have interacted with teachers, so I have never asked any of my teachers over the years specifically about this.
  18. Qigong systems

    Can someone list all the qi-gong systems in order of strength, or the known ones anyway and since there are 3 broad energies called qi, shen, and jing; does this mean that there are systems like shen-gong and jing-gong or along those lines. If so, could you name a few and the differences of the systems.
  19. Mindful Martial Arts

    With his forty five years of experience, Shifu Hayashi (Christopher Goedecke) explains the spiritual nature and the transformative process of the Martial Ways in the Mindfulness Tradition of the ancient lineage masters in this 3 part interview. I know everybody on the Way will find wonderful relevance in this interview. -Tom
  20. Mindful Martial Arts

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I live in NJ. I am apprentice to a Buddhist monk in martial lineage. We have been working on an interview about spiritual martial arts, internal energy, and living a mindful life. Here it is. I know everyone here will love it. Please tell me what you think. -Tom
  21. Such as? Especially as Tsung Hwa Jou's promised fourth book on the southern school is never coming out. I'm not interested in Dual Cultivation, just in not hurting myself through sex. Thank you.
  22. For those who like Kung Fu films. I purchased this movie (Dragon Tiger Gate) and thoroughly enjoyed the special effects. You can watch bits of it that other's have put on youtube. Here is an excerpt...maybe some truth to it ? (girl wants to save dying friend) Girl: Master! Girl: Master!Master! Girl: Please save my friend! Master: His wounds are too deep for me. Master: Go to Mt Baiyun. Master: Only Qi can help him. Girl: Where can i find Qi? Master: Inside the pagoda. Girl: I will find him once i get up there? Master: No one has ever entered the pagoda! Master: Stay put! (girl takes dying friend to pogoda temple to try and save him) Qi: Pick up the prayer beads. Qi: Pick up all the prayer beads. Girl: Master Qi! Girl: Here are all the prayer beads. Girl: Please save my friends. Qi: There is still one bead below the pagoda. Qi: You have gone an arduous way. Qi: Your friends must mean a lot to you. (one last bead falls off the pogoda) Qi: If you can jump down the pagoda... Qi: To pick up the bead... Qi: Then I will save them Girl: I hope you'll keep your promise. (she jumps off the 10th storey of the pogoda) (she wakes up at he bottom) Girl: Did I ever go up there? Qi: Everything is an illusion in the mundane world. Qi: Only your conviction is real. Qi: The moment your decided to sacrifice yourself... Qi: The prayer bead was already in your hand. Qi: Dont't worry, l will save your friends. Blessings of Insight !!! :wub: :wub: :wub:
  23. I'm experiencing pain and stiffness at the moment when I sit in meditation. I'm wondering whether sitting upright with no support just causes tension? Either way, it's very distracting and not too pleasant. When I then consciously slouch I feel better...but then it's like I'm doing more stretching exercises rather than meditating. Simple breath meditation just seems to be harder for me these days than say 6 months to a year ago. Perhaps my back is just shaped differently. Long car journeys in an erect seat also hurts a lot after a couple of hours. Does anybody have any clue as to what this could be? The doctor once said that it's just because I'm used to slouching and that I need to train my back muscles up by doing yoga exercises but since then, I've been more mindful of posture yet still it seems to be a problem.
  24. Hello all, I posted a few months ago in regard to Zazen practice and slightly open eyes that somewhat cross. I thank all that participated as now I feel that I have benefited greatly from the experience I have recently been practicing a chi/soul finding exercise that I found on Youtube from the Wudang guys. I was happy to see that the Zazen practice prepared me well for I am to use visualisation...something that I find difficult if my eyes are slightly open and I can see that I am still in my front room! But this isn't my problem...I know I will overcome this with practice. The real issue arose last week. I am prone to anxiety and almost bi-polar type behaviour but I have had this fairly under control in the last year or so. But recently, panic attacks have been regular, and I often find myself waking in the night. I have had some family issues in the past and they have resurfaced recently so I'm certain this has rocked the boat along with some added financial stress as of late. But last week I found myself in a very bad way. I spent a week with one of my old school friends. He stayed with me for a couple of days then I stayed at his for a few days in preparation for a big barbeque party. All started fine but as the days went by, I noticed that each chi meditation I did in the morning became more and more disrupted to the point where on Monday, the day I was set to travel home, I sat there freaking out for the whole 30 minutes! I was agitated, my lower back felt stiff, and there were negative voices everywhere. I felt too week to watch and control my breath and I just couldn't focus at all...I was just submitting to all the horrible words and scenarios that were in my head. Ok, so the week leading up to this did include a lot of weed, tobacco, energy drinks and alcohol. Sleep deprivation and some junk food (I tried my best to be good here! For the best part my diet was ok) ... so I guess I really do know the culprits (along with my family situation for me to nicely dwell on) BUT at the same time, what can I do? My old friend knows me too well...and I feel I would be alienating myself if I didn't keep up with the partying. A different (and wise) friend of mine told me that tobacco, alcohol and energy drinks would mess with my chi (not weed though, he likes the odd smoke) but I never really thought about it until this happened. All I know is that after last week, it has made me pissed at myself. I have been really moody since and I've upset my girlfriend only because I couldn't find a way to smile or be happy. I've literally been wallowing in some state depression for a week now and gradually I'm getting out but shit - I feel like I've destroyed myself just by hanging out with old school mates for a week and being "me". Sorry for the long post, I just need some advice on where I should go from here. I have a gut instinct, but I would like to see what y'all say first... Many thanks in advance for those that have read this and want to reply.
  25. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Hello. I am really interested in taoist thought, practice, and ways of living. I consider myself a student and seeker of truth, which means while I understand philosophies and their place I realize the most important part of anything is how it affects short I like practicality and to prove and experience things for myself. I've read and researched many "spiritual" philosophies and practices and would like to be able to eventually experience them all for what they can offer. I am most interested in chi right now, and to understand if what I have been feeling is the same thing as some of you...please reply if you think you can help me. Lately I have been noticing vibrating tingling like sensations mostly in my fingertips and through my hands, sometimes in other parts of my body. Incidentally as a result of focusing on these vibrations inwardly in a way they I have noticed to that wrinkles and lines have begun to form and appear on my hands that were not there before. I am worried that I am doing something harmful to myself, which sucks, because I wanted to understand chi and its healing benefits. Am I actually feeling chi? Or just nerves? Is there a difference? It's almost as if I think I am accelerating the aging of my body, and I thought meditation and feeling chi would lead me to reduce the aging of it...? Have I stumbled on the "dark side" of the force? I have never had a meditation teacher, and I have only read books on these subjects, which is why I am posting this here now. I wish there was someone in Ohio, which is where I live, who is actually able to personally help me. Please respond if any of the things I have said interest you, or if you think you may be able to help me understand some of these things. Thank you.