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  1. Did you find it helpful?
  2. Out of curiosity, had anybody here tried the Six Healing Sounds? It was something I read about when I first found out about Qigong, but most teachers and people I spoke to dismissed it as a beginners practice. It's something I'm curious about. I like the idea of something that purges the liver in particular, as I think most of my issues stem from liver qi being severely blocked (and subsequent spleen deficiency). Cheers
  3. Hey everyone, Thanks to each of you for your responses+thoughts, they are appreciated. Thanks Pak_Satrio for the mention of Flying Phoenix, that may well be the next thing I try. I know that others on this forum have spoken highly of the style. I realise I've probably asked questions here essentially that don't have an answer, but I thought there might be others out there who might have travelled the same terrain (doubt and confusion, essentially). Sadly, I think the answer is probably the obvious one. I have read that the focus is often on the 'QI' in qi-gong, but the emphasis should actually be on the 'GONG', which apparently translates to discipline, perseverance, life long skill etc. (Read this in a qigong book years back, but can't remember the exact source). Maybe it's just about finding something you like enough to commit to, be it qigong or something else. I don't have the answers. I don't know if anyone does, honestly. I wish everyone peace and good health. OM MANI PADME HUM
  4. Hello everyone, Thanks for responding to my post/questions. Taoist Texts, I think you might have combined two of my sentences there to form a slightly different meaning to what I intended. I wasn’t saying that I expected vitality AND expanded consciousness from 100 days of qigong. I was saying two independent things: firstly, that I hadn’t seen the results I had hoped after trying several styles of qigong for 100 days. Secondly, that I was hopeful of finding a style that boosts vitality and expands consciousness. Am I expecting too much? Possibly, but it’s certainly not more than the people who teach these styles talk about. Fragrant Qigong has a good reputation and the person I learnt it from certainly suggests that healing and psychic powers can be attained from its practice. Regarding Spring Forest Qigong, here is a quote from Master Lin: “I committed myself to 100 days of qigong practice when I first started practice Qigong. I helped myself to heal my arthritis, bone spurts, and even suicidal depression. The experience and results were marvelous! I want you to feel the same benefits like what I feel.” Finally in regard to Standing Qigong/Zhan Zhuang: As far as I am aware, Lam Kam Chuen has a good reputation and he describes Zhan Zhuang as ‘The most powerful form of Chi Kung’ (The Way of Energy, 1991). He also notes ‘It is usually said that after 100 days of Chi Kung exercise most people can be sure to see results’ (1991, p. 169). Also in regard to standing meditation/qigong, Y. P. Dong writes that practicing ‘regularly for even less than a year, one can go from weakness to strength, from sickness to vibrant health’ (Still as a Mountain, Powerful as Thunder, 1993, p. 17). He also talks about how qigong breathing exercises and standing meditation can alter consciousness. ‘The I Chuan method of breathing, combined with standing meditation, is the safest and fastest method of developing and circulating this tremendous energy, which lies dormant within the human body…and which is the source of all higher consciousness.’ (Still as a Mountain, Powerful as Thunder, 1993, p. 69). Am I expecting too much? I would say no from these above examples. Is it possible that qigong over-promises? I guess that’s another question entirely. I certainly do not mean to disparage these styles or teachers, in fact I respect them all a great deal. But my experience is that in the 100 day time frame, I didn’t get the effect I had hoped. Hence the question of whether to persevere or not….
  5. Hello there, I'm a newbie here, seeking thoughts on 100 days of qigong. I know the figure of 100 days pops up often in qigong literature, that one should persevere for this amount of time to see results. I've done 100 days each of a few styles now (Fragrant Qigong, Spring Forest Qigong including sessions w/Master Lin, Zhan Zhuang). Sadly I haven't seen the results I had hoped to. Which leaves two possibilities in my mind: either I don't respond to these styles, or am going to need to persevere for longer. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice? I'm a bit bummed that qigong hasn't payed dividends so far, but I am still hopeful of finding a style that works for me (in boosting vitality+expanding consciousness). Thanks kindly
  6. Greetings fellow bums

    Hello Pak_Satrio and Cobie, I've done Fragrant Qigong, Spring Forest Qigong (including some sessions with Master Lin) and Zhan Zhuang. I've given each of these a fair crack, persevering for the 100 day period for each. A bit unsure how to proceed now, whether I should try something new, or need to persevere longer with one of the styles I've tried. That's actually going to be the topic of my first post...
  7. Greetings fellow bums

    Hey there, Newbie here, just saying hello. I've browsed this site over the years for answers to some of my qigong/health related questions. I am someone who has practiced a few styles of qigong but been somewhat underwhelmed by the results. Saying that, I still live in hope of finding things that help enhance vitality and expand consciousness. That's why I'm here! Good vibes to everyone. Om mani padme hum