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  1. The Q&A has concluded now, you can watch it on the link below. There were a lot of interesting questions: https://www.facebook.com/DaoYinShu/videos/1109165959810748
  2. Tomorrow, there will be a live event with open QA conducted by Master Lie Ming on Xiao Yao Pai and The Divine Guidance Art; Dao Yin Shu. If anyone wishes to ask any questions about our art, feel free to jump on and participate. A link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/DaoYinShu/videos/1109165959810748
  3. What does your Meditation feel like?

    Expansion, Power, Knowing, Connection and Love.
  4. Immerse yourself in the subtlety of nature, maintain stillness and tranquility – and do this for a long time and it will progressively open (it is not a switch.) No special tricks are necessary. It is simply a matter of vibrational entrainment (as with everything to do with consciousness). Attune yourself to the subtlest energies the physical dimension has to offer, they are gateways to the tenderness of the Dao, whose frequencies will take you to the precipice of Taiji whence you need only freefall into the immaterial in order to consciously familiarise yourself with its energy signatures. Once you've done that, your body will naturally be capable of recognizing and picking up those ranges of information; essentially, once you know you know – even though you already always know – in this life, you're remembering that you know from a different perspective, which is the definition of growth. Bear in mind that, the closer you get to the envelope of Taiji, the less you have to do to stabilize that state of being. In fact, at the initial stages any "doing" will simply snap you back to the consciousness of the body. There is initially a sort of duality present between the two, but once you normalize the state, they collapse into one and everything you can do, witness, or experience in a higher realm of consciousness becomes native to the non-meditative state, if you will, for lack of better phraseology. All of doing happens within nondoing and nondoing gives birth to all doing. Everything arises from nothing. Nothing is being everything that is. Try to initially use your imagination and will (you wei) to know your consciousness expanding beyond the borders of your body and blending into all the other consciousnesses of all other beings around you. Blend with the trees, with the seas, with the rivers, with the subtlety of the sunlight. Blend as one drop of water would blend with another to form a greater drop and endless drops would unite to form a mighty ocean. Blend and imagine becoming one identity. This more than anything will help you attune to the frequencies of energy needed to stimulate the third eye. The paradox to existence is that while consciousness is "seemingly" inside the physical body, in fact, the idea of the physical body and Taiji as a whole is taking place inside your consciousness and your consciousness fractally is taking place inside the consciousness of the Dao. So fundamentally speaking, there is actually no physical reality – it is more akin to a consensual ideological hologram maintained by a unity of pooling consciousness that sustains the experience of physical reality. All of this starts to break apart at the seams once you begin to tune out of Taiji and start seeing the mechanics behind the whole orchestral symphony of consciousness at play. You need only consciously remember the subtlety that you already are and access to those ranges of your consciousness will become available because they already exist. But you have to consciously immerse yourself in as subtle of states as possible to "lead" yourself, to stream yourself back to your higher ranges of frequency. That is all that most of physical cultivation is really; various modalities to entrain yourself to frequencies you already possess, the activity of which "triggers" your awareness into a remembering of what you already know and that's how "abilities" awaken. It is you awakening to the knowledge of yourself and familiarising your physical mind to the expansiveness of consciousness. Meditate and immerse yourself in subtlety, maintain emotional equilibrium, dissolve your "I" in favour of the collective universal one "I" and everything you want will "open and activate."
  5. A pre-initiation talk, followed by an initiation ceremony carried out by one of our senior Dao Yu; Master Li Ming Shen. The new Dao Yu are paired to their Hu Fa Shen interact with them for the first time through physical movement. After this event, the Dao Yu will be able to practice in the comfort of their homes or wherever they choose to, by invoking their Hu Fa Shen to guide them in the arts of the Dao. They are now formally inheritors of Dao Yin Shu; The Divine Guidance Art of Xiao Yao Pai. --- English Captions available.
  6. Sorry buddy, this one completely skipped me. Thanks for taking care of it, Zero. I'll chip in with some additional information: There are several scenarios as zeros said, and as we would imagine aught to be the case; they manifests in relation to your personal efforts. These are some of the possibilities: 1. You're initiated and receive HFS. - You practice, but you don't practice enough. - You die and you reincarnate. - Next life you have to be initiated again. - You retain your developments as they are part of your consciousness. More talents and abilities may become prominent in the following incarnation and it will be easier to find us again as your affinity will be stronger. 2. " - - " - You practice diligently enough to develop your consciousness and learn to act as it and move yourself outside of the bounds of your body (a practice that begins while incarnated); You break the conceptual and material boundaries of Taiji and start operating as one progressively singular unit within the immateriality of Wuji. - You continue to cultivate yourself and improve your emotional condition and energetic quality and quantity through residing in Wuji, and by entering Taiji in a formless state to aid and assist the development of other incarnated beings ie: you take on the role of a HFS within the school and accept responsibilities befitting your current level of experience and energetic skill. 3. "- -" - You cultivate your consciousness to a high degree and achieve a high rank with the ability to reside in very subtle dimensions of the Dao, but due to very heavy and unfulfilled karma. You require to enter Taiji again through a live birth in order to" handshake" the respective karmic relationship away and neutralise the debt or the credit. - You die and return to your high state of achievement without any further necessity for reincarnation, unless by choice. 4. "- -" - You cultivate your consciousness to a high degree and achieve a high rank with the ability to reside in very subtle dimensions of the Dao, but you still have minor karma remaining, though not heavy enough to require interaction between two physical bodies, thus one may chose to repay what is owed or to facilitate the growth of the second party of the karmic bond, by aiding them in their current incarnation ie through, "miracles", whispers, suggestions, positive affirmations, positive guidance, positive energetic influence like surges of inspiration, love, courage or by directly helping them develop their consciousness from the role of a Hu Fa Shen. In such a way more minor residual karma can be neutralised without the need for incarnation. There may be more possibilities as the Dao is infinitely complex and colorful, but I do not know of any beyond this at this point in my journey.
  7. TESTIMONIAL 55: It's never too late as they say! So here is a testimonial that just came in today from last year's London initiation: 10 months ago, I took an initiation in the Xiao Yao Pai tradition. Prior to this, I experienced a few Eastern and Western traditions and assisted various empowerments, ceremonies and rituals. Entering the initiation I actually had no real expectation, the idea of having an “Immortal Fu fa Shen” and feeling some form of “divine guidance” was kind of alien to me… I just wanted to learn more about taoism and Chi kung and get a taster of different chi kung styles, as I’ve been doing hard chi kung for the last few years. During the ceremony I remember cheating a bit and opening my eyes as I felt nothing, around me various people waving their hand in the air and I thought for a few second “WHERE DID I END UP ”. Then suddenly my hand … a “magnetic” not fully “labelable” push pull sensation started. I was amused by it and just remember the good old hypnotic magnetic hand induction that I use to play with longtime ago… oh well I Have I just been hypnotised … We spent some time listening to a few interesting talks, socialised a bit and went home where I obviously had to try again … And it worked … Well, I was just under a nice hypnotic trance wasn’t I? … I Went for the second day as I appreciate the course and the people I met. I gave up for a few days and tried again over and over for minutes sometimes hours to understand what was going on. All possible scenarios started to run in my mind… is this a real Immortal … Is this Chi ?… is this benevolent? … is this just some magnetic energy ?…. am I being possessed? … will I end up doing 360 with my head vomiting on the walls ?… Is this just me ?. I also annoyed a few of the seniors Dao Yu with my distorted analysis who gave me a sharp, direct and honest answers. I decided to stop the training till I get a bit more clarity, and stoped for a few months… Life took back as normal … No HFS … No invisible friend… Yipee !!! I am normal again and can start back on a beautiful mundane life…. After a few months … The movements were still there, I carried the practice remembering the wise words of a great Dao Yu : “The proof is in the pudding” and that my initial set of practices felt quite good and benevolent, nothing really bad happened during rather the contrary… it was mainly my own mis judgments, fears that set me back as usual… I practiced more and more with my HFS, and what a beautiful practice I must say. I am still not sure of anything but what I am sure is that in moments of extreme physical pain (excruciating migraines since childhood) the practice and the Kindness of the HFS heals me. I would like to thank Xiao Yao Pai, our elders for passing this beautiful tradition. Word are not enough. All I seen was beauty and purity . Anon. DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  8. TESTIMONIAL 54: I found the retreat great from the teachings, to the people, to the cosy venue we were hosted in. In the beginning we had an introduction into Spiritual Taoism and later that afternoon we were given the opportunity to meet our Hu Fa Shen. When the time came we all said a prayer to invoke the spirit. Then we sat quietly and meditated. A few minutes in I a felt an energy moving in my body especially my legs and head. Then a subtle energy which was not mine started moving my head to the back and front. This went on for a while and when it stopped I just carried on meditating as I felt so calm and doing it was easier than usual. The next days I felt really happy – during one of the meditations I actually cried of happiness. I was very grateful for this gift and finally felt that that I found my path. On another occasion since the retreat I was on my way back from a tiring event and was feeling a bit unsettled. Then, I realised the best thing I could do was to meditate. That time I meditated for the longest time in one sitting - 1h 30 minutes – and I’ve never felt more peaceful and settled. All in all coming to this retreat was one of the best choices I made and next year I will bring my partner too and hopefully my parents can have the opportunity to do it in the future. Alexandra DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  9. TESTIMONIAL 53: Hi Xuan, This is my testimonial written a week and a half after the London 2019 Dao Yin Shu initiation: I came to the initiation with a yogic and KAP (Kundalini Awakening Process) background. Especially the latter helped me to have an understanding of the principles of what I have been practicing for a week and a half. The mood of the event organizers and of master Flyming and Nina were very good, which helped to have a good time during the weekend. During the initiation I was one of those few that didn´t move externally. However I felt a lot of internal energy movement in orbits touching the top of my head, although it´s not the first time I have felt it. Anyway I was not worried since Effi (Xuan Daoji) said that in his initiation he didn´t move, just saw an image. During the practices that I performed afterwards, sometimes I moved, sometimes I practised Qi Gong breathing exercises accompanied by hands movement, and sometimes Jing Zuo, still meditation. I feel like an impulse to move in a certain way, or a thought image comes and then I follow. Sometimes I move the neck, sometimes the hands guiding the energy internally in orbits, sometimes the legs (in a movement new to me). My legs blood circulation has improved after initiation and now after many hours of sitting at work I don't feel discomfort in the right hip or much less discomfort. I still am not 100% sure if I am moving according to my FFS or according to my intuition, but I will keep practising since I like the practice and where this is going. At night I no longer use audios to sleep. The other day my meditation was really deep, and could have probably entered samadhi/ awareness of light without any objects (as has happened to me in the past, but not frequently) if I didn't have to stop to go to work. Thank you and best wishes, L. L. DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  10. TESTIMONIAL 52: Wow, great stuff, so amazing I am very pleasantly surprised that stuff like Dao Yin Shu exists and is readily available to the public! The night before initiation I think some kind of master visited me or something as I felt great energy and I think something pleasant at LDT. Was energised the whole night. At the initiation the seniors from Indonesia and Xuan were all amazing people. Very, very strong energies (and souls Very grounded, kind and welcoming people. They all look young, healthy and happy. So the atmosphere for the event was really nice. Master Flyming especially I was surprised when I first heard him talk. Very strong For the first half a day I noticed getting increasingly charged with their energies from their presence. I was getting nice and pleasant, warm pinches in my body here and there. Mainly in places where I have problems like specific spot on my right knee! I can tell they all have many abilities, probably abitility to read thoughts as well, ha, their presence at least is next level. I learned much in these 2 days and from the demonstrations as well. I very much THANK YOU. During initiation I could tell when Tai Shang Lao Jun was called and came into the room. Very powerful being and pure energies. I did not move much..I wasn't in best of shape, tense and such. But I surely moved, and I couldn't stop laughing for a while actually. I was just there in my body as I've been all my life but these subtle magnetic river-like is moving my body if I just relax and let it. Amazing. I still laugh like in my last session I started doing a mudra or while rotating my hands Pleasantly unexpected I also smilled the other day when Hu Fa Shen rotated my arms very very fast, ha. I think I have more cool work to do with Hu Fa Shen that will surprise me when I do it for the first time. After the event I started to move a lot more. Just now I've done a long session and I have hands rotating in all kinds of ways, head, torso, legs at the same time as well as my mind field. Quite honestly these days since the event I have made a few movements that I don't think I have ever done in my whole life, lol. The Hu Fa Shen does more than just me visibly. A LOT of work is done internally, and I can fell a lot of pleasant movement and whatnot. The practice leaves me energised AND super grounded in both body and mind. I didn't that is possible. If I were to just absorb some chi and do meditation i would not feel even a fifth as good as after a session with Hu Fa Shen! I didn't even know this is possible. What it does I see, is taking me deeper in consciousness. In the first few sessions every 2-5 minutes a resistance from deep would surface slowly and then instantenously leave me. It could come up as a sort of abstract pressure, or a daydream, or a feeling, etc. Then once it left/dissolved I would get a small but noticeable increase in my awareness! every few minutes. This is why I say this is powerful. Lately like in the recent last session my most abstract level of thought I noticed to be instructions from Hu Fa Shen, like what it will do. Interesting... I usually am in the dark keeping my eyelids shut so this makes me somewhat sleepy overtime and movements push isn't so noticeable but then I open my eyes and it gets stronger. So this isn't a form of posession or any thing like that. Its like pushing or GUIDING my own awareness/consciousness. So the more I have that I keep relaxed, the more/better it can guide me I've seen these described as a possession but I wouldn't give it that word because I can easily just move away. The "magnetic river" push is not even magnetic. It is not even that I snap out of the movement if I wish to "resist" or move against the movement, even if my hands are midair, I just move hands like they were sitting on my lap! Actually sometimes with all these rotational, active movements and because Hu Fa Shen moves my "mind-field" as well as probably my chi I can easily get stuck on letting my hands do the same movement, so then on the most abstract level of mind that I can perceive, it's like a gut feeling or very slight image of how I should move because now the movement that HFS wants me to do has changed and I've started doing the old movement by myself, getting carried away by the gross body sensations. So these kind of "very slight image" on the "most abstract level of mind" ^ seem to be more of my own translation of what Hu Fa Shen has told me. Energy during practice is quite strong. I sometimes keep my attention on the nose and I can feel lots of energetics all of the sudden. Just to show how much is going in the background. But anyway key is to be silent and try and notice the Hu Fa Shen, that act seems to immediatly give a boost to my connection to it. Something to do with the me in the higher planes being more open... Regarding the practice as far as I see and seeing in the senior initiates, where it leads to, it covers pretty much everything So now Xiao Yao Pai is my main practice. If I practice anything else like mental concentration it would be if I have extra time in the day. But XYP is number 1 prority from now I would definitely recommend this to everyone ! It's worth it's weight in gold; heavenly jade gold Even if you do some other practice that you are keen on doing, I think it's safe to say Dao Yin Shu will turbo charge everything else. Looking forward and really grateful for this opportunity. I am still amazed this is so easily available to the public. I can validate some of the skills these people have and develop are very much rare, at least here in Europe/western occult community Also, after I left the building and was on the street in large, open space to orient in I noticed a big increase in my awareness. Like I can see or process more. I personally assumed that to be yuan shen activation I have not noticed it decrease and am pretty sure it's still here, with me. A background boost. Speaking of background for the past 2 or 3 days is like I am aware of a me, very deep inside. But still Many bloackged until I reach it. Yet this me, is very deep. And these past days sometimes my imagination or emotional clarity reaches like a quality and depth that I have not experienced since I was a child. It's very powerful and liberating and that alone is worth spending the weekend gettign initiated! It's something very subtle that I've been unknownly seeking back since I left my childhood years Actually remembering people like Master Flyming, I bet his experience has surpassed and envolped the magick his childhood years were filled with, if you know what I am referring to. EmeraldHead (Dao Bums) DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  11. TESTIMONIAL 51: Hello, Thanks to all the people that made this initiation possible. Before I decided to join the initiation I read and saw a lot of testimonials. I went to London with a lot of doubts, if it was for real or not, but I had to live the experience. Saturday during the initiation nothing happened, no sensations, no movements. I felt disappointed, but as it was explained before initiation not everybody have movement at the beginning. Saturday night and Sunday morning I practised at my hotel room and again nothing happened. I started to doubt if the initiation has worked on me. But Sunday at the event, during the practice, I thought "maybe this doesn´t work on me, so I will just stay with closed eyes and enjoy the moment" and I abandoned any expectancy. And then things started to happen, my abdomen started to do spasms with forced expiration, I almost started to cry but my rational mind controlled it, my legs started to open and close few times. Since then I am practising at morning and night everyday, and the process is going on some days more intense than others, sometimes some screams come from inside me. I am happy with what is going on because 13 years ago I had a bad experience during a past lives regression and things got out of control and were not solved out then. Now after all this years I feel that this process after initiation is dealing with that and the healing is happening. For me this is incredible and I was not expecting this. Thanks and regards, Miguel S. DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  12. TESTIMONIAL 50: Dear Xuan Daoji, I am honered to write a testimonial of my initiation experience. First I want to thank you for making the initiation possible, by organising the event in London. For me it was a amazing experience! It was great to get to know you, and all the wonderful people at the event. Dao Shi Flyming...... what a master, he made me smile so much. His wife and the people of the Xiao Yao Pai team were all so warm, kind and open. The first day of the initiation, when Hu Fa Shen connected with me, my torso started to move in a circular motion while I was sitting on a chair, then I felt my hands start to move all the movements getting stronger and stronger. Later at night I did the practice, this time sitting on the floor and soon there was the same movements as before, but also my back began to strongly move back and forth. Before going to the second day of the workshop, I did some practice on my own, and started to move almost straight away. At the workshop, we connected to Hu Fa Shen and again my body began to move and shake, I could also feel my fingers moving. Now almost a week after the initiation, the movements guided by Hu Fa Shen are getting stronger, I can feel how i improve in my training and health. You have nothing to lose, but all to win! Thank you Regards, Dan DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  13. TESTIMONIAL 49: Hello Friends, The first time I heard anything about the term Hu Fa Shen was around 3 years ago, when my younger daughter, Galina, shared with me that she had planned to attend an “initiation.” To be frank, my first thought was, what the hell is that, some kind of sect?! I should mention that we don’t live close together. Galina lives in London while I live in Rome, Italy. As a consequence of certain life events, we were separated and forced to live far from each other, as with her sister, Borislava; a fact which has caused much suffering, at least for me. Back to the initiation. I've never prevented my children from realising their wishes and chasing their dreams, because they're incredibly smart and responsible individuals with open minds, and as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing worse than clipping your children's wings on account of your own fear of flight. Some time after Gali had been paired with her Hu Fa Shen and had commited herself to the practice, we met during a visit she paid me. I asked her then how she felt. I wanted to know if it's real. To know if it really exists; and she invoked her Hu Fa Shen in my presence. Honestly, It was difficult to be convinced by what I was witnessing and I didn't believe it much. It seemed to me like the movements she was making were her own or that she was influenced by some form of suggestion, yet, on the other hand, secretly; I wished that it was true and that there really was a "Guardian Angel", who would look after and over her in those moments when I myself couldn't. And so the years passed. Circumstances happened to change and I found out that a new initiation event is going to be taking place. I decided that it was time for me to also "get" my "Guardian Angel", even though the doubt still existed and I was convinced that all this could be explained as some form of psychological suggestion. I couldn't bring myself to believe that all the things Gali told me about could be true. It simply went against my logic. And so, the day came. I made the journey to London where we also met my older daughter, Borislava, and the three of us together started towards the "place." There were a lot of people. Their numbers had surpassed my expectations. They were intelligent people with pure, good hearts and souls. I made the acquaintance of the masters and teachers dressed in yellow and I met Effi; a wonderful man with a deep mind whose face wore the shadows of sufferings triumphed. And so it began. I don't understand English very well, but I could get the gist of it. I was still in disbelief. They talked. It went on for a while, quite a while. They were beautiful words coming from beautiful teachers. At the end of the day, we got initiatied. I felt very little. I was tired and there was little in me left to muster any belief. When we left the event venue I felt a little dizzy and floaty. It felt like I was "swimming" in the air around me as if I was embraced by a cloud. We arrived home and I decided to try again and see if anything would happen. I invited my teacher and to my surprise he arrived. He began to "move" me. I have a lot of problems with my waist and lower back. He began to guide me into Yoga-esque positions which suited my ailments and were consistent with my problems. I started to believe a little...... On the next day, I practiced again, the doubt still lingering, but he came again, and again and again. I was happy even thought my adamantine logic continued in its failure to explain what I was experiencing or how for that matter. I was happy and felt peace for the first time in years. Apart from when I was a child, I don't think I've ever felt such peace in my life. I felt light. I looked at people with love. Nothing seemed to irritate me. I loved everyone and felt a love towards myself. I felt strong and unconquerable. It was an incredible feeling. I feel happy. Thank you to the teachers, thank you to Effi and to everyone who made this experience possible. Thank you to my wonderful daughters who are always by my side, and especially, Gali, who was the first of us to discover this light. Thank you to my amazing partner, also, who supported me in this adventure despite his disbelief. I understand you. I love you all. Thank you for existing. I love everyone. Please Love yourselves! Hristina T. DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019
  14. TESTIMONIAL 48: Hi Xuan, First of all thanks to you for organising the London event and for writing thoroughly about Xiao Yao Pai on thedaobums forum for the past years. Your texts felt so truthful to me and inspired me to give the system a try. Here I am, now 4 days and about 7 practice sessions after the initiation event in London. I am still trying to fathom what happened on the initiation weekend. For me personally it was fascinating and inspiring. Also apart from being initiated into the Xiao Yao Pai school I met so many wonderful people with whom I would loved to have more time to talk to. Master Fleming, his wife and the whole XYP team were so nice, heartful and open. The initiation in itself was a very sacred, mystical and special moment. With the incenses and the beginning of the ceremony by Master Fleming and his wife, the energy and the excitement rose dramatically. After the invocation, I waited. Pretty soon afterwards my head was tilted backwards very slowly and gently, into a stretch. I was "kept" there and felt a resistance when trying to move against it. One time I went through the resistance to a neutral head position. After a resting period I was taken back to the stretching position. Also my arms started to move very slowly, making movements in the air. I felt that guiding energy to be very very subtle, very refined. Like from a consciousness far above mine - almost not to notice by me. To best describe the sensation and energy, to me it felt like a very subtle coldish white divine magnetic cloud enveloping me to a degree and guiding me. These sensations were accompanied with strong tinglings in feet, hands and my crown. During the whole initiation and all my practicing so far I was 100% conscious the whole time, that was interesting to me. I feel very humbled to be initiated into this school and having had these experiences. Also I feel super excited about how it all will develop into and how the relationship to my HFS will grow. Best wishes Julian DAO YING | LONDON, UK | OCTOBER 2019