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  1. Taoist Immortal vs Buddha

    Dare I say, that an imperfect understanding of emptiness is a perfect understanding of emptiness : ) Most definitely so, and I'd say this is FROM a very NARROW, Daoist perspective and from a very NARROW Buddhist perspective.
  2. Xiao yao pai, interested

    Hi Ark, The next initiation for UK and potentially US is due for 2019. We're very active in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia and have had over 10 initiations already between Malaysia and Singapore in the last year alone. We're busy with a lot of different projects and have a large community to take care of, but that's not always apparent online, and it needn't be. You can keep up to date with initiation announcements on our FB group. Have a wonderful Sunday.
  3. I'd like to share some photos from our recent initiation. We welcomed 66 new Dao Yu into Xiao Yao Pai. People are always quite curious about what takes place in the first moments following each students pairing to their assigned Fu Fa Shen. As you can tell from the photos, everyone's physical movements are usually specific to the disciple and prescribed by Fu Fa Shen after their initial diagnosis of your body's spirit, energy and physical conditions. Not all movements are visible to the eye, but all can be perceived by the senses of the practitioner, in particular those that are of a more subtle nature as constituted by refinements of the middle (qi) and core energies (shen). The sensations involved in direct interaction with Fu Fa Shen, especially during physical movement, often resemble to the senses, a form of cloudy vaporous energy enveloping the limbs and drawing the body to move via a palpable magnetic force in a predetermined direction. Since our tradition allows us the benefit of retaining complete lucidity while intermingling with Fu Fa Shen, it means that we can always exercise the insuperableness of our providential right of free will - to move against the indication of the guiding energy and under the direction of our own mind. In the early days of practice investigating and playing with the volumetric organisation of this energetic envelope is a good way to build rapport and establish a "feeling" for the distinguishing qualities of energy which separate that of your body from that of your Fu Fa Shen. Other common sensations are perceptions of cold, usually experienced by most Dao Yu (initiated), firstly at the crown of the head (Bai Hui) after the initiation has taken place. It were as though a cold stream of water begins to pour into your head, mouth, ears and move through your body. I've noticed that the stronger the determination of your Fu Fa Shen to interface with your low vibrational matter, the colder the sensation; to a point where it can almost feel freezing during the direct employment of the disciples physical faculties; such as when in the presence of others, usually close family or friends, Fu Fa Shen, wishes to impart certain advice or assistance to them; they might speak directly through your body by using all the organs involved in producing speech. The mouth and lips and tongue during such expressions feel quite cold, but localised temperature change is always temporary and the organs return to normal immediately thereafter. After a completed session of Xian Tian Shen Gong (One of three of our tradition's practices), which usually includes choreographed movements of the physical body, respiratory mechanism, subtly energy and spirit - the end of the session is regularly marked by a heaviness in the arms. After prolonged sessions, I've felt like I had two bricks tied to my hands; such can be the sensation after Fu Fa Shen communicates the finality of a guided regimen. On the other hand, the completion of a Xian Tian Jing Zuo (guided seated meditation) session, is sometimes followed by a feeling of a body within your body expanding beyond the limit of your skin and dispersing back whence it came. Xian Tian Qigong practice is probably the most entertaining for bystanders, should you choose to share your session with someone else; for Fu Fa Shen's conduction of your respiratory mechanism, often produces laughable and impolite noises, accompanied by exertions and releases of spontaneous bursts of energy in sharp snapping motions to correspond with the inhalations and exhalations. This is usually done to clear more pronounced blockages within the subtle energy network and it is common for cycles of the same configuration of physical movement and breath movement to be instructed repetitively, sometimes for months, until the energetic impedance of the meridian is neutralised and transformed. When all major blockages have thus beeng cleared, the movements start to normalise and become more homogeneous, until they finally stop; this cessation is an indication that the subtle body has been purified sufficiently and Xian Tian Jing Zuo (guided meditation) can be initiated; through the process of which we continuously funnel energy from Wuji directly into our body with Fu Fa Shen acting as a bridge to "step down" the frequency of the primordial vapour so that it does not damage the physical matter of our body. After our energetic system has developed sufficiently, the functional service of the bridge becomes an integrated attribute of our own personal energy, allowing us to directly absorb Wuji Qi into our system to nourish our spirit, independent of Fu Fa Shen. Many other properties are also acquired in a similar fashion, as a result of ongoing practice, and become adopted as part of our personal tool set, whenever our energy, wisdom and morality reach the prerequisite sufficiency demanded of the respective skill and the responsibility which follows it. Happy Holidays Xuan Daoji
  4. Oh my, look who who couldn't resist to come back again, what a surprise. Anyway.... I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the new Dao Yu, recently initiated in September 2017, in Kuala Lumpur - and share some photos. It is the first event we've ever held in Malaysia since our school went public and began sharing Xiantian Dao Yin Shu openly. We had 50 new initiates formally accepted into the heavenly register and officially granted Hu Fa Shen under Xiao Yao Pai, by authority of Tai Shang Lao Jun. They can now all go home, invite their Hu Fa Shen and practice in the leisure of their own homes. As usual the initiation took place over a period of two days and was held in the breathtaking Chin Swee Temple. Almost all of the 50 initiates were able to establish a strong connection with their new teachers and began to interact with them on the first day, while others in the days that followed. People often ask, why is it that unlike many other schools of Daoism, Xiao Yao Pai does not offer a lineage chart? As a school, Xiao Yao Pai is secular and non-religious in its approach to ontological investigation, and we don't subscribe to any formed of dogma of belief systems that cannot be substantiated through empirical proof. We therefore espouse the practice of the scientific method in all things regarding spiritual development and the observation of the natural world. Our initiation process is a testament to this ethos and is designed around reproducing observable and substantial sensory experience. What type of empirical evidence do we provide and how? We carry this out through the direction of Hu Fa Shen. One of the first things Hu Fa Shen does once a candidate officially enters an apprenticeship as a Dao Yu is to typically "move" the physical body of the new student. Why physical movement? We've concluded that physical movement constitutes a complex of the most easily perceptible and familiar forms of interaction that a human being can understand in a simple way, allowing us to significantly reduce any ambiguity around the process which leaves little to no room for doubt when it comes to rationalising the authenticity of the reaction which is taking place. The movement of the body which is often felt as an external magnetic force; guiding and moving the hands, legs, torso and head into different directions, acts as sensory evidence of Hu Fa Shen and the existence of consciousness beyond the realm of the physical body, as well as its ability to interact with us. In addition to "physical movement", during the initiation, Hu Fa Shen can also move the energy in your body, appear in front of you, or communicate with you telepathically in a variety of ways, depending on your sensitivity and openness. All these initial manifestations are designed to provide proof of the non-physical dimension to the Dao Yu, so they can eliminate their doubts and move further in their discovery of the subtle elements of the Dao. It is important to understand however that our art is not a mechanical system and practising Xiantian Dao Yin Shu unfolds as an organic relationship between the Dao Yu and their Hu Fa Shen. Both being conscious beings, it develops and grows like any other relationship between two sentient forms of life. In addition to this, however, there are other factors which also play a role in a Dao Yu's development, such as karma and the quality of their heart-mind; so sometimes not everyone who "can" move, moves, as there might be other priorities which Hu Fa Shen will focus on first, that may not strictly reside or resonate at the level of the postnatal jing and the physical tissues of the new Dao Yu. In the tradition of our school as a spiritual organisation, we have always preferred this evidence based methodology vs. the provision of lineage charts, because the former form of presentation demands the employment of critical thinking and common sense in the observation of empirical phenomena, as opposed to the latter, which relies on belief, and can often coax people with a cultural bias into becoming susceptible to making hasty decisions founded on social customs rather than intelligent formulation. Another point to consider on the topic which shifts us away from lineage charts, is the nature in which the Dao is disseminated within our tradition. Each Dao Yu is the disciple of Tai Shang Lao Jun, and of their own personal Hu Fa Shen, who embodies the role and title of their primary instructor and guide along the curriculum of the Divine Guidance Art (Xiantian Dao Yin Shu); making it impossible to project and delineate a traditional hierarchical chart of lineage. Even if we did decide to draw a complex chart, how would a person verify the existence of the respective Hu Fa Shen? The problem created therein is ironically, not very different from that present in a traditional lineage chart that most schools offer, because, even in those instances, the masters whose names are written on the chart are already dead, so in lieu of a personal confirmation with your own senses, you must surrender your logic and accept to simply take the statements of the current claimant as a fact. This attitude is something that touches on the first point I made and goes against the values in our school which urge us to develop critical thinking and common sense, so instead, in Xiao Yao Pai, we prefer to act as scientists and conduct an "experiment", during which every person is offered an opportunity to interact directly and observe their senses in order to form an intelligent evidence based conclusion. If we hope to advance human evolution through spiritual cultivation on a global scale, we must stop relying on belief and start focusing exclusively on producing empirical data which can stand toe to toe with the the demands and standards of the scientific community. No matter if one is Atheist, Agnostic or simply Scientifically inclined, the initiation process in Xiantian Dao Yinshu is capable of offering the evidence necessary to form an objective sensory-based opinion of our extended reality, beyond the current experiential limits of the Dao Yu and is the ideal platform for members of the scientific community to explore this realm of phenomenal and non-phenomenal existence without the associations and restrictions of a faith-based value system. Regards, Xuan Daoji
  5. It may not be legally slanderous, SFH, but it sure as hell is libellous defamation - and let me remind you that when you say things to and officially damage a person or an organisation's reputation, if you can't offer objective evidence to substantiate your accusations, you leave yourself wide open for a defamation lawsuit. I would probably take a little more care when making damaging defamatory claims against an organisation, when you don't have any evidence that would stand in court. Finally, for the nth time; I'm not interested in you or your life, so you can stop coming back here and telling me about yourself and what you do. I really don't honestly care. You already made a separate thread specifically aimed at defaming our school, yet you still come here to do the very same, because I don't engage with you there. You love attention, pure and simple - if that wasn't the case, you would have accepted my invitation for a meeting by now to come and test your claims, which I've said I will record for evidence; or by now, you would have provided objective evidence to support your claim that the head of our school isn't Tai Shang Lao Jun. You have failed to do both. If I go through all your posts on this thread and make a list of all the damaging claims you've made against us, without providing any evidence, I think you're going to realise just how far you've dug yourself in, Sir.
  6. Ok, let me try to help you understand me, in very basic terms; 1. I don't like people who make accusations without offering objective proof. 2. I don't like people who act as if they are entitled to respect, recognition and authority and sit on a high horse. 3. I don't like people who ceaselessly try to force their own experiences and beliefs onto others, while negating others' value and authenticity. 4. I don't like people who don't keep their word, as in your case, you keep coming back to this thread to repeat the same thing over and over, after saying you won't. You tick all those boxes for me. If I poke fun and nastiness, it is because you created those nasty things that I am poking at, out of your own personal desire to slander myself and my school, so you only have yourself to thank for that. In all our exchanges, I have never once attacked your beliefs, your experiences or your methods, even when you claim to study under Tai Shang Lao Jun. Have you ever wondered why that is? Have you ever wondered why in all this time that you've slandered and tried to bad mouth myself and my school that I've never once retaliated in a similar fashion and attacked your school or your experiences or claims? Let's leave it a mystery. It's a lot more interesting that way : ) In terms of respect; I give it where it is shown. You have not shown it to me, so do not expect it in return.
  7. In reality, every Shen Xian has their own personality; just like we have different characters as human. We are all unique. You will not lose your personality through spiritual cultivation; this is something most people are often concerned about when they begin practice. Your emotions will not disappear, neither will your ability to feel and express them. What happens as a result of good practice, briefly put, is that our emotions stop being in control of us, while simultaneously; powerful emotions like anger, jealousy and hatred are progressively dissolved through the accumulation of wisdom, compassion and the cultivation of self responsibility and karmic intelligence. All these processes and more, take place as a product of internal cultivation. The immortals we work with in Xiao Yao Pai, are not beyond everything; on the contrary, they have cultivated to the point where they are everything, or nothing, depending on what they wish to experience. Therefore in our tradition, you will find that our Hu Fa Shen, can be funny and humorous, stern and strict, they experience joy and love - and can even be martially assertive if we are under attack. Our school is called "Xiao Yao", because this is the primary characteristic that is expressed by those whom have been practising for some time. Every Dao Yu (initiated) becomes more "Xiao Yao" as their practice progresses. If you can connect to the spiritual head of our school; Tai Shang Lao Jun, the first thing you will feel is his cheerful, easy going, carefree and happy energy; it almost feels like a warm and innocent childlike joy. One of my teachers, Immortal Jiu Tian Xuan Niu, often dances gracefully during my practice sessions with her; her beautiful dancing might also be considered "showy", but that would only be because they fail to understand the energy of the "Xiao Yao" concept that permeates the entire heritage of our tradition. If an immortal from our school therefore wanted to dance, or perform a flashy form, make jokes, demonstrate compassion, humour, distaste or even be grumpy; they can : ) The level that our teachers are at, allows them to be or express whatever they wish. Why? Because they have transcended notions of showyness and exhibitionism; and overcome the human mindset that would have them worry about how others perceive their actions when they chose to act. No, when our teachers want to express something, they do it. The ability to express one's self in such a way, is also a type of power. Perhaps not the sort of power most people look for, but one that we hold in high regard in our school; it is the manifest power of the concept of "Xiao Yao", acquired by the transcendence of the mundane mind, that is responsible for inhibiting the unabridged expression of the limitless divine "wholy" spirit; Yuan Shen. I can confidently say, that if anyone works with a spirit which worries about how they will be perceived or criticised, especially by the likes of a human; is dealing with spirits that have not yet grown into the mind of the Dao or acquired the wisdom of non-dualistic existence. Be weary of such teachers for they are likely with you entirely out of personal interests. Furthermore, like Mudfoot mentioned, I specifically made a request to my Hu Fa Shen, Jin Xiao Fa, to move me more during that session in a way that was, yes, more showy; as the video was created as a demonstration of the level of interactivity and physicality achievable through a connection to an Immortal while practising Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu. What a lot of people don't know is that one of my primary objectives here in the West, is the marriage of Spiritual Cultivation with Natural Sciences. My aim in this lifetime and very much so in the next decade, is to create a bridge between the two fields and usher in a new era of possibilities in the investigation and examination of non-physical and multidimensional energetic phenomena, currently undetectable by modern day instruments. This is one of the first times in our history that, a method for the direct experience and empirical observation of spiritual phenomena has become available, and I very much intend to make certain that this opportunity will become an integral part of scientific endeavours in the fields of quantum physics, ontological research, spiritual intelligence, natural sciences, and an integral part in the collective evolution of humanity. We are making great progress already. I don't have the words to explain to you what it feels like to meet devout atheists, passionate monotheistic followers, and modern day graduates in the fields of Physics, Psychology, Medicine, Engineering and Biology - and then have the pleasure of watching them connect to one of our school's Shen Xian and experience the rewiring of their belief systems in real-time as their body and energy begins to be moved and guided by their Hu Fa Shen. It's life and belief altering. We are literally, right now, working to and promoting the spiritual evolution of human kind through a reproducible, experience-based tool, that is Xiantian Dao Yin Shu - and from it generating wide spread consensus experiences that can be corroborated by large groups of individuals, regardless of association, creed, belief system and so forth. Then I come here, to this thread, and I see some people beating their chests and professing their academic superiority, claiming exclusivity and entitlement and making accusations and allegations without offering any proof - and honestly guys, I just fucking take a deep breath and sigh. As I've always said, to each their own, BUT don't come here trying to push your agenda and your experiences on me; I do not accept them, I have made that clear numerous times, but despite that, unlike you, I do not visit other people's threads to make accusations and relentlessly attempt to hammer in my own experiences. If you have your own views and experiences, keep them, they are yours. Mine are different and I do not agree with yours, and since you fail to provide any objective proof of your statements during every one of your tantrums; I will always just consider you a troll with an inability to control himself. And like I told you, a long, long, long, long time ago, SFH. I'm genuinely not interested in you or what you have to say anymore and particularly not in the way you say it. Yeah, that also means don't send me PM's and harass me. Now, and this wasn't something I was going to reply to, because I just figured I would let you ferment in your ignorance, but alas, there's one thing I hate more than ignorance and it's misinforming the masses, knowingly or unknowingly - so I'm going to answer your question about what you refer to as "One Finger Zen Palm". In the years that I've had the displeasure of communicating with you, I've noticed a trend; your mind is very much tied up in concepts; that is, superficial names, ideas and symbols that correspond to unified energetic laws of nature that are independent of human conceptualisation. So for the sake of education, let's do a simple exercise in mental purgation, like I often have to do with new candidates. Let's examine the following concept; "One Finger Zen Palm": The origin of the concept may or may not be attributed to a certain group of people ie Buddhists - that is still a matter of debate; although we do know they certainly popularised it. Now, let's remove the concept and it's corresponding association to Zen. What are we left with? - We are left with, "One Finger Palm". Can "One Finger Palm" still carry out it's underlying energetic purpose if it's not "Zen" anymore? - It sure can. Why? - Because the foundational basis for the movement and interplay of our body's internal energy is not dictated by mental concepts. Yes, mental concepts can affect our energy and vice-versa, but they are not responsible for the basic blueprint that determines how certain qualities and types of energy move in the body and through which mediums they express themselves. What dictates that is a product of natural evolution. What is the underlying purpose of "One Finger Palm" in human cultivation: the underlying purpose of "One Finger Palm" is to stimulate, focus, energise and tonify our body's energy through the employment of finger and palm configurations that form a hand seal. A hand seal or mudra can be employed by any human being to modify the energy within their body's electromagnetic channel network and they have been in use by the Taoist clans and schools, both public and private - for a very long time. It doesn't matter what your race is or what belief you subscribe to, or if you're Zen, Taoist, Christian or Muslim. Those are man made concepts, that come after the energetic formation of the viscera and energetic architecture of the body, at a time when the conceptual mind has no power to create any of these dualistic notions you speak of. In energy work to do with the human body, as well as in, would you know it; Taoism - the creases on the fingers can be activated by touching them with the thumb or bending the fingers which directly affect the corresponding energetic fields in the body. Similarly extending particular fingers will, among other things, stimulate the energy in the corresponding meridian and organ to manifest an intended effect. It doesn't matter what concepts you have in your head, that prevent you from seeing things from a greater perspective beyond your own experiences, when it comes to the energetic processes of the body, no one school or people have exclusivity, not you, not Taoism, not Buddhism. This is a human practice. Someone who claims to have been practising for 35 years, should know this stuff. It is elementary esoteric Taoism. The level at which our Hu Fa Shen, are allows them to operate beyond these restricting concepts, which again seem to be the root of most of your limiting and self defeating beliefs. When they interact with a Dao Yu (initiated) during the course of a Liangong (cultivation practice); they don't look at you as a Buddhist, or a Christian, or a Muslim or a Taoist; they go deeper and interface directly with the basal energy of the student in order to bring about internal change - and when necessary for those possessing a mind that has been made rigid and heavy by emotions and concepts; they either use lessons throughout the day to target specific limiting beliefs and refine them in order to bring about wisdom, or occasionally, directly interact with the sense based energy cluster to release the negative concepts and bring about a state of naturalness and tranquility. I really wish onto you that you will learn to look beyond the well of your own experiences to realise that there is an endless sea around you. Perhaps even your sense of exclusivity, entitlement and authority may be a test on your path. Good luck to you with that work - and as I have said before, If you ever want to put your money where your mouth is, I invite you to one of our initiations, where you can test your power and your beliefs against ours. I will be happy to record it and post it on here for free. Or, you know, you can just continue with your MO here and make unsubstantiated claims and accusations without ever providing any credible or verifiable objective proof. If you choose to the the latter, please make a thread elsewhere and litter it with as much of your sentiment as fills your heart, but kindly stop coming on my thread and regurgitating the same stuff over and over again. You're a grown man, have some dignity.. Oh, wait, you did make that thread already, if I recall. I guess nobody was paying you attention there. I've heard that before, several times actually, but you keep coming back. Let's see if you're a man of your word and actually have the dignity to follow through this time. PS: For the record, If anyone wants to ask me anything about Xiao Yao Pai, you can ask me here, no need to PM me.
  8. SFH. Give it a rest if you have any dignity at all. For the nth time, I'm genuinely not interested in your propaganda. If you want to put your money where your mouth is, and prove to everyone here that we are a fake, then I invite you to our next initiation where you can conduct your investigation and if you like, even test your power against ours - if it pleases you. I have good HD digital recording equipment and will be happy to document the whole thing to present it here as evidence for public viewing. If you give me ample time, I will even fundraise your ticket and or visa fees to accommodate you to carry out an official investigation. Until you accept that invitation and demonstrate a willingness to backup your empty talk; you're just a forum troll to me with zero integrity. Have a pleasant evening.
  9. No I haven't. I was within my right to delete your posts and the administration of the website supported me in my actions. You are wilfully being ignorant to serve your false narratives. I'm sorry that you're butthurt, but If you have or had a problem with it, which apparently you still do, you can discuss it with them. This is all very nice, but anyone with half a brain who reads my posts above and follows the thread you started and my reply to it, can make up their own minds. More importantly, LOL?! Come down from your high horse, Sir. - I have no interest in you, beyond protecting the reputation of my school. That is abusive. No, I will not accept your experiences as law and "shutup". You're just going to have to learn to live with that. Toodles.
  10. FlowingHands, didn't you declare in former posts here that you were not coming back to this thread, several times? - Yet you are here again, trolling, misleading others and trying to set up shop here again with a platform to launch attacks and make baseless and unsubstantiated accusations? You can't stop yourself can you? For someone who proclaims to be so well versed in Daoism, you really lack restraint and morals. If I wasn't sure that you were a troll before, I'm convinced of it now through your last post - more than ever. Here is why: You started an independent thread with the purpose of making libellous pronouncements against the origins of our school and attempted to substantiate the accusation that our tradition is a result of Mao's cultural revolution, placing us under the umbrella of many unauthentic arts. You fell flat on your face with your arguments; yet you are here now saying that, I had no solid answers? - Sorry, SFH - I only had the truth. As I can see from what is left of your pontificated thread, you've conveniently deleted most of your posts; yet you talk to me about solidity? And let me quote you further from your own and very same thread, after I refuted your accusations in a post on this thread which you can read here: Honestly fella, you're starting to look desperate, have some dignity. Haven't we had enough of this admins?
  11. Hi Vajra, We're focusing a little more on Asia this year (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia), but I'm going to start making plans for 2018 UK/US soon. I always make sure to give minimum 3-6 months notice. I'll post any relevant announcements here FYI. Regards, Xuan
  12. Only when we think about it : )
  13. ***No more bad dreams or nightmares as the Yin aspects have been refined completely, but still nice dreams : ) You can sense it as practice progresses. The dreams become more and more pleasant and more and more lucid.
  14. About necessity of having a true Teacher

    Thanks, AAK, but you again didn't answer my main question. Here is some background. And here is my question: - If physical immortality is a part of your tradition, and you claim you get younger and escape death, can you direct us to any one of your masters or their masters who are still alive today and were not buried or cremated, as a testament to this achievement? In relation to your other statements. I'll go by the numbers and share my ideas: 1. I'll have a look at that. 2. That's very convenient wouldn't you say? This way only people from inside your school can confirm it, its very biased. 3. Yes, naturally it's the nature of Yin and Yang, and it is evident in the Taijitu. I'm sure you already know this, but for the sake of making my point I'll say it. When Yang reaches its height Yin is born and vice versa. All things that are products of Taiji and the 5 elements are thus impermanent. They all naturally succumb to aging, death and decay; and their post-natal physical energy simple recycles itself based on the law of conservation of energy. The higher aspects of the Yuan Shen are not a Taiji energy and this is what we cultivate in Neidan. So in terms of the temporary partnership of Taiji (physical body) and Wuji aspects (immaterial spirit); yes there is the death of that which was the composite human being. Independently of each other, the Taiji energy is recycled continuously while being transformed into other forms of energy, while the Wuji aspects continue in their own respect. From such a perspective nothing ever really dies, but I'm not talking about that when I refer to physical immortality; rather I'm talking about a human being as one integrated and fully functioning unit. That is the idea of physical immortality. So to say that THAT ages, dies and decays, is certainly not a violation of Taiji, but evidence of its law which is reflected in the life cycle of every being born in Taiji through a natural birth. 4. It is not a persons physical body that overcomes Yin and Yang, but a person's cultivated immaterial body and soul. Again if you do not subscribe to this, then please let us know which one of your masters wasn't buried or cremated. That will be evidence enough I think. Otherwise we have to assume this is simply something you talk about in your school, but nobody has ever achieved in the last 500 years? 5. I didn't forget, that's what I also said a few posts back : )
  15. Happy New Year to everyone! May the upcoming year of the Fire Rooster, galantly grace your goals and ambitions and bring you much luck, health, prosperity and love. Tai Shang Bao Yu! : )