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  1. Spotting a fake master

    Thank you for showing me the righteous path, revered humble one.
  2. Most accurate Golden Flower translation?

    Agreed it's very interesting. One I'm aware of is Papal infallibility ( on doctrinal matters , infallibility is not presumed to be general), the Orthodox church doesn't accept Papal infallibility, nor does it presume infallibility of its patriarchs. Other than that the usual stuff, different robe colours, beards vs shaven, different management teams and different profit centres 😁 It's ok, 3 translations are more than enough for starters
  3. Most accurate Golden Flower translation?

    Thanks Mark, very interesting, the Schism happened a long time after Constantine though, different era.
  4. Spotting a fake master

    I have now become aware of your great modesty too and stay humbled in its presence. Thank you for protecting me from the "bop lores" horrors. As I do not yet have empowerment for that, I will relentlessly practice preliminaries to become worthy of it one day.
  5. What are you listening to?

    how do we embed a yt video 😁?
  6. What are you listening to?

    The Lost Boys - Soundtrack - Good Times - By INXS & Jimmy Barnes - (
  7. Spotting a fake master

    Venerable grandmaster, what are "FYP" and "bop lores" ?
  8. Most accurate Golden Flower translation?

    It does, I may open this during weekdays next week
  9. Most accurate Golden Flower translation?

    Apparently it was not meant to be read in a single way, nor to have a single scope.. " why did it take nearly three centuries to found the organized Church? There are three main reasons. ... had to allow each community to run itself, as indicated by Paul’s letters to the churches he established. " Today Christianity is run way more centralised than initially envisioned, at least by Paul. The above kind of implies that the intent was, at least at community level, to freely let people interpret the Bible and in fact, as there was no Bible/official selection of codices, they would even define the selection of texts they'd consider Bible. It sounds like the (almost) single view on what is part of it , it's interpretation and where it applies is due to imperial politics of the time " Constantine saw Christianity’s belief in one god as a way to unify the empire that had been so badly divided for two decades. But he discovered that Christianity itself was not unified. So, he called the Council of Nicea in 325 to bring together the 1,800 bishops from around the empire to work out official doctrine and provide the basis for a unified Church. Constantine paid for the entire council and even paid for travel, giving bishops the right of free transportation on the imperial postal system. The council laid the foundation of orthodox theology (Catholic theology) and declared several differing theologies heresies. Constantine’s support initially gave Orthodoxy the ability to require Christians to adopt their doctrinal formulation. While during the next few decades, the church’s fortunes waxed and waned, within a century, Christianity had been declared the official religion of the Roman Empire and non-Christian religions were in steep decline. "
  10. Alien encounters during dream

    His book on the psychology of encounters, whether real or perceived. His work applies independently of whether an encounter is real or not, he definitely did not bear a judgement against physical sightings with accompanied verified radar readings etc. Though in a dream where it is all psychological, his work is an even better fit for purpose.
  11. Spotting a fake master

    Not interested in this discussion either, but then "conclusions of actual realized Buddhists", which you mentioned, is also irrelevant and @Maddie 's point on lack of a universal definition of "enlightened" still stands.
  12. Alien encounters during dream

    Jung has a whole book on UFOs and what we project to them ! he does not make claims on the physicality of the phenomenon in the book, he examines the projections we do onto them, independently of whether they are real or perceived. The discussion in the book is of course very relevant for dreams with Aliens! My "dream aliens" were living nebulas in space!, very beautiful, near eternal and had a calming "aura". Comms were direct mind communication like your dream aliens - a good question to ask here is if it is common in your dreams to hear sounds, this might be a relevant factor which may extend to all communications you have while dreaming. Another question to ponder, and only you can determine that, is what did you project onto your Aliens, could be e.g. your perception of future humans, maybe some image from popular culture or maybe something entirely different, only you could tell, it was your dream. Dreams which are very vivid usually are important, so it's worth spending some time thinking about the symbolisms and what they mean for us. Interpretation of what a character symbolises is personal though there are common archetypes. Another question to think about, do you remember your bodily sensations during phases in your dream, can you recall when you had the same bodily sensations recently and in the past? This may give you clues to help you connect the "dream theater" to life events. I like this method a lot as it is not dependent on symbolic interpretation and is less error-prone. So a few angles, to look into it, what did you project onto the aliens, symbolic interpretation/archetypes, bodily sensations. That said don't spend an eternity analysing it, I used to keep a detailed dream journal for years and for some of them there could well be multiple interpretations, so not worth overthinking it. Good luck with the interpretation work !
  13. Spotting a fake master

    Up to you, tbh if I had concerns he might be one of those enlightened abusers, I'd refrain from financing his legal fees either through direct video paid subscriptions or views/advertising income
  14. Spotting a fake master

    If there are allegations I'd try to understand if they are founded first. If I couldn't understand that because it's not straightforward, I'd wait for the Court to find out first, and only if he's cleared of all charges would I revisit the question of studying with him