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Found 3 results

  1. This is what I found up until now. Feel free to correct me. There's one near the tip of the nose. Just below the nose bump. There's one on the bump. Then it moves to exactly the nose canal, not quite where most people would put the third eye but just below that; I feel a constant pressure there. I think it's called officially the root of the nose - just where it starts going up. Then move on upwards there's another point where most I suspect would put the Ajna point, right resting on top of eyebrow level. I distinguish the two although many would count it as one thing I have found that if I drive energy towards the root of the nose I can't do it through the same passageway to reach Ajna. I have to go through Bindu for that. One is through Bindu - and crossing over. And the one below the third eye (the root of the nose) I have to cross over through the neck and throat, and that's how I reach it. I feel one in the middle of the forehead but I'm not quite sure about that one I found literature confirming it but I'm not sure if it's mistaken with the next point that I have found, through literature, and through experience, to be in the upper part of the forehead in the bony part where the hairline supposedly is. So this is what I got: one two three four, and five. I'm not saying all of these are chakras, but energy points that I have found, by myself, and some of them confirmed, through literature. Between the tip of the nose and the most upper part of the forehead, how many can you count? I think what I would most like to know is if the root of the nose is one energy center; and the traditional Ajna point is another, because that's how I feel it.
  2. I've been reading about the fact that practitioners in the art of Dao like to have their hair long. And some. In a knot up top. Somehow all of this related to the pineal gland, as it is an extra storage of energy they say. Has anyone here manipulated their hair, and found that it activated the pineal gland. Squeezing the hairs on the top of my head have given me somewhat results but I'm not sure, I think I'd like a second opinion on that. Squeezing seems to be important. My hairs are naturally in a spider hairstyle that I maintain without training. Don't ask me how. It just stays that way. And the more I go along my practice; the more it stays that way. Morning nighttime - it stays that way. So it is easy for me to grab it and squeeze it. You could say. They are like antennas. But that hang about. Waiting around, like a spider's legs. Perhaps Wicca style. But I'm not sure.
  3. Hello you all; just a quick question. You know better than I do but. What would be the best way to activate the third eye, if one had only the two eyes to work with. I suspect I'm close, and I've worked every part of my body except the hairs; and, all that's left is the two eyes. I've read that pineal gland activation could be achieved through somehow, working the eyeball, itself. Is that true? What exercises do you know about? It has to be an exercise that squeezes the eyeball, or something close to that. Thank you, and I await your answers. PS: Something just occured to me: Could frowning be considered a good technique to press the third eye. Because if I frown my face. And move up my nose; and sort of squint my eyes, I can squeeze it from all angles, and trap it in a sort of circle. Just a thought there.