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  1. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    Tao, without qi , the philosophy about it can only be limited to abstract philosophical level , hardly can it be realized and become something really practical . Qi is like a powerful instrument 1000 times more powerful than a swiss knife that you can bring along with you wherever you go . Taoism , right at its early period of birth , is closely linked with medicine because the body is the first place you can test its practical effects: curing diseases, reversing aging, enhancing intelligence..etc . It is only after you can expand your qi beyond the body boundary do you find its more external usages.
  2. Emptiness can conserve energy

    Maybe we can set up a device to explore the character of emptiness, this likely is what those physicists are doing, but it will be something very big , expensive and involved a team of people . I think, to an individual , we can explore and tap emptiness through our mind , or more precisely speaking , through our emptied Mind . It is said that " 同類易施工兮,非種難為巧"( from Can Tong Qi) (" Because they are the same kind, it can easily be done; otherwise , it can not be so effective ")
  3. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    It comes from a Taoist master Tan Qiao ("譚峭") who lived at the end of the Tang Dynasty .
  4. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    "Forget everything and become enlightened" is extremely difficult for most people , it is like asking a bug which is living and moving on a 2D world, wholly fixed in it , to jump out of that 2D plane, entering into an unknown space ; it is nearly impossible because that bug just doesn't sense and understand what that extra 3rd dimension can be . Similarly , although our consciousness and analytic mind give us very powerful ability to analyze , imagine, dream , even an intuitive ability to grasp the core of things at one stroke, Enlightenment as another dimension* of our 3D world and always described by Taoism as something capable of 'breaking open a primordial hole ' (' 鴻蒙竅' ) in emptiness , is still too difficult for our attaching-to-the-3D-world mind to understand . We are fully trapped in it through our senses ( '法執' ) and our entanglement of its inward projection , our pseudo-egos ('我執') . However , the seemingly Buddhist way of forget-everything-and-become-enlightened can be combined with Taoist jing-qi-shen as we get the famous saying ( in fact , a way ) from a Taoist master : "忘形以養氣,忘氣以養神,忘神以養虛 " (" Forget forms , jing or physical stuff , so as to nourish qi, forget qi so as to nourish shen , forget shen so as to nourish emptiness " ) . Of course, we have to be capable of mobilizing qi first in order to forget it , and it can be done step by step , or at one stroke . So, it is something practical , not necessarily elusive . * Most people refer time as the 4th dimension of our 3D world , which I prefer to leave it aside for future exploration ; however , I do think that maybe we can explore time along with qi , see my previous post on such issue.
  5. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    The mentioned two ways are both Taoist : 1) Shen/Xing first , Meng ( jing + qi ) later (先性後命) or 2) Meng first , Xing later ( 先命後性) What way you adopt is somehow age related . Likely for old guys, say those over 60 , you are suggested to adopt the Meng-first way because Taoist cultivation is a long-run enterprise , in your 60s, the main job is to lengthen your physical life, getting ride of disease and aging symptoms so that continuous cultivation possible . Besides, at that age, you can't attain spiritual achievement so easily ,and seeing that no immediate effect of it, you might give it up . Also Meng-first way can give you significant effects quickly, you will get the confidence to continue. However, this way is also said to be " 先易後難" ( Seemingly easy first but difficult later ) because you leave the critical spiritual issue ( emptying your mind issue) to the late period of your cultivation which inevitably block the advance of the whole process. On the other hand, gifted young guys can adopt the Xing-first way . Although it is difficult at the beginning, but once you have grasped the character of Shen , other things become trivial and easy . So it is also said to be a " 先難後易" way ( " Difficult first but later much easy" ).
  6. Emptiness can conserve energy

    An emptied Mind ,if we can consolidate One , together with the external emptiness , are in fact two faces of the same coin : Tao . However, it is only after our having the ability of bringing up such a Mind, can we understand the emptiness outside , tap the energy from it . As emptiness is everywhere without limitation , so energy from it is endless, which is also the reason why having attained such a Mind implies forever physical life ( Taoist interpretation , not Buddhist ) .
  7. Taoist meditation techniques

    Hi Sebastian, thanks your response. "Qi rises to my head " ..,then if your Qi 's quality is further improved , it will grasp your minds ; and the longer it grasps and settles your minds, the better it is . Since your minds is settled, you then start to understand what shen might look likes..; better use shen to upgrade our qi , not use an ordinary everyday mind to do . Just some superficial ideas .
  8. Taoist meditation techniques

    Most methods of meditation teach people to use their mind to settle their fluctuating minds , so it means they are using more minds , not less minds ; the result is most of them fail . Taoist method is unique , it teaches people to mobilize qi first, then by making use qi to settle their minds. It works because jing-qi-shen is, in fact , some kind of Trinity .
  9. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    Hi, Walker , thanks .
  10. Polishing qi among the crowd

    Hi, rainbowvein ,thanks. This is a post I wrote many years ago and even I already forgot I had ever written something like this . I think it is a topic deserves more discussion although the original copy was written in clumsy English . It is said that qi is a portable expertise (" 隨身本事" ) that we can bring along with us wherever we go ; it lets us not only not bow to the powerful and rich , cure other people at our own will , but also protects us from diseases, cold and fierce beasts . Carrying such a powerful energy /weapon inside us is wonderful , yet also dangerous , so virtue becomes something indispensable to confine it .
  11. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    Sorry for my clumsy English, may re-write it if I later get more time or find a new perspective ...
  12. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    Jing and qi originally are two things inseparate, which refers to the essence of life . We lose jing daily , but most of them in invisible ways, for examples, reading books for a long time , listening to music for long hours, arguing with friends about politics..etc , yet hardly all those loss give us a material substance to recognize . So our life force deteriorates daily unnoticed, and it is through sex that the loss of jing materialized and appeared to us as something that we can see and feel . And, it is a serious loss that all guys know what it is . The older we are, the clearer we understand what Taoism says, although regretfully , to most people , it is always a regret too late to come . Loss of jing , of course , will also undermine our spiritual power, say our memory and ability to learn new things, but here I want to focus on the jing and qi level, not touching the so-call shen's level. The sex-related loss of jing processes can happen in the daytime when we are sane or in our sleep . They appear to us very different yet in both cases we are just the same kind of puppets controlled by unknown life power : one being unconscious, one seemingly conscious and under self-control , but in fact not. As a Taoist/zen saying tells us : " 學道之人不識真 , 只因從前認識神; 無量劫來生死種, 痴人喚作本來人" . To reverse such an always detaching trend of jing from qi, its pre-condition is your capability to mobilize qi from that life essence; unable to do so but want to know more, to practice further seems not possible .
  13. Herbal Formulas

    A herbal formula of TCM is a prescription composed of two or more than two herbs. Its combination is not something simply an addition of several herbs with similar effect so as to give a cure , quite the contrary , mixing several herbs together does give rise to some specific result. So, you not only have to know the individual effect of a herb, say ginseng replenish and enhance qi , danggui ( a major herb for women ) replenish blood , but also the combinative effect when you use them together ; for example , if you boil 10 grams of ginseng with 15 grams of danggui in a bowl for 45 minutes , what effect it will give to a lady who always feels fatigue ? Here are something to note when learning/using a formula : 1) In a herbal formula, there are always one or two herbs which play the major role , and the other one or two herbs playing secondary, supporting role . Find and identify them can let you quickly understand what the formula does ; other elements in the formula are then just something complementary. 2) The quantity of the major and secondary herbs being used always get bigger quantity /portion , in a prescription for an adult they always appear as 10 grams or more ; this is also another point to let you recognize them easier . 3) Classical formulas(經方) are prescriptions that have been using for thousands of years and have themselves proved being effective for certain diseases , for example, the Decoction of Four Drugs ( "四物湯" : dang gui 10 g, shu di huang 15 g, bai shao 12 g, chuan xiong 6 g) for curing women's diseases or Decoction of Six Gentlemen ( " 六君子湯" , mainly use ginseng and bai shu ) for curing lack of qi, vulnerable to fatigue..etc; Learning TCM formula through these classical ones is a good way to learn Chinese herbs, maybe even a way to learning Chinese .
  14. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    The trouble is that people who follow the paying-attention-to-lower-dantian way will be more liable to get their jing released , for the more jing they accumulate at the lower abdomen, the more likely to release it , so, what is the solution? 1) Emptied mind solution: try consolidating an emptied Mind in daily life, which sublimates your jing to qi, then turn it into a harmless Shen ( just consider it as a spiritual state of Oneness , for simplicity to explain ), so you no longer get any wet dream, or even any dream at all , and you are safe. 2) Try turning all jing into qi , and hold it on that level without falling back; since all your jing are now in qi 's form , even you get a wet dream , you will not get any nocturnal release , so there is no hurt . (WARNING: that means you deliberately suspend your reproductive ability )
  15. Not much , but I am quite sure that there is no yin-yang concepts as Taoist in the Indian Yoga system. Indian Yoga entered China more than one thousand years ago , so the Chinese Buddhists and Taoists do know what it is .