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  1. Moral character of Qi

    Unsure what you want to express , anyway, thank you for popping up this clumsily written post that I wrote so many years ago.
  2. How to recognise a taoist master

    Of course .
  3. Hello

    Hi, Thanks a lot for reading my previous posts . I expect to read posts or translation you are going to contribute .
  4. Hello from another new member

    I already forget my age , so it must be very long time ago I was born...; Taoists like to compare their age with the duration of the mountains and seas exist , not figures..; anyway, glad to meet you guys/ladies here.
  5. Hello

    Hi, Hope more people can translate Taoist classics or materials into English .
  6. Qigong without internal organs?

    It is TCM that emphasizes organs and their qi . Taoist qigong pays attention mainly to the source of all organs' qi , ie, the lower dantian, rather than the organs themselves ; so , as long as you can initialize qi , it is okay . Buddhist qigong emphasizes the mind , or no-mind , rather than the physical body ; so as long as qi is initialized , it doesn't matter where it originates from : the body , or outside of the body , or from nowhere .
  7. How to recognise a taoist master

    There is no need to practice . No practice is the highest practice of Dao . 道何言修? 修無可修, 無修即修.
  8. How to recognise a taoist master

    Yes, a real master should have some kind of glow in his/her eyes . The Hollywood movies about superheroes /heroines are not all imaginary .
  9. How to recognise a taoist master

    Thank you for popping up this piece of silly post which I forget I have ever written .
  10. why TaoBUM?

    I joined in 2007 ; but before that , what I understand is that this forum had been existing for many years . I really do not like the name of it .., anyway, it is one of the not so many Taoist forums overseas when you compare to the quantity of online forums of Buddhism . Taoist style is always somewhat 'arrogant ' , and to ordinary people , it is the most indifferent religion in the world. All other religions preach zealously spiritual immortality , only Taoist preach physical immortality coldly .
  11. How does Jing relate to desires?

    From Daoist perspective , the answer likely is yes . They better be full , so that we can have those qualitative jumps. However from Zen's point of view , it is not necessary as stages or steps are not its concern . Zen fully makes use of people's subjective initiative , and add some extra dimension to our spirit . Zen is beyond logic and time, this is why and how Zen can be so powerful , or so difficult . In that sense, talking about steps or stages of accumulating jing or qi is not necessary, but blockades. Daoist interpretation of Zen's uniqueness in methodology is : In terms of contra- logic, people can ignore jing and qi , go straight forward to cultivate Shen , thing on the highest level , yet at the same time finish the jobs of cultivating jing and qi , things on lower levels or earlier stages , at one stroke .. ; in terms of no time , people can go to the future achievement first , then later solve the problem at the present .. Daoist Wen Shi School ("文始派" ) is in this sense the school closet to Zen , yet still via Jing, qi and Shen ; for example , it says , right at the very beginning of cultivation : - "以我之精,合天地萬物之精 ; 以我之神,合天地萬物之神 " (" Cultivate our jing to integrate with the jing of the cosmic ; cultivate our Shen to integrate with the Shen of the cosmic ") - "能見精神而久生;能忘精神而超生 " (" Those who see and grasp jing and Shen can live very long ; those who forget what their jing and Shen are live beyond the boundary of life " ) Notice that these are not only talking about levels but also ways or methods ; in fact , all superb things in Zen and Daoism are , in philosophical terms, the unity of epistemology , methodology and ontology ; and , any trial of separating them implies steps and differentiations, therefore means entanglements in cultivation .
  12. How does Jing relate to desires?

    Jing , the essence of life , is unlikely to be kept or consolidated ; it is after having it changed to Qi, can we keep and consolidate it . Similarly, we cannot keep Qi and consolidate it for long and for a big amount ; it is after having it changed to Shen, can we keep and consolidate it safely and substantially . Jing and Qi are always in dispersal status . So, the law of the increase of disorder , entropy , not just applies to the physical world but also to the world of Qi , yet only up to the so-called post-heavenly level . Beyond that , say after our success of nourishing embryonic breathing and break open the Magic Gateway , the law stops to be true because now we no longer solely get our own Qi to live, but limitless Qi outside . Notice that external world always "steals" our jing and qi secretly in scenarios unnoticed , that is when we are in sleep, in anger, in depression ..etc , it is only after our capability of consolidating the mindless Mind ("不神之神" ) that can us be safeguarded from those secret loses and reverse that one-dimensional time's arrow towards aging and death.. There is in fact a dynamic balance between qi (with jing assimilated ) and Shen , the more jing and qi we accumulate , the higher a level of Shen we need to reach in order to keep those qi and jing secured , not leaking , yet it is in sleep , in frustration , in anger , in unrest ..etc that we can't consolidate our mind to do ( read the famous book " Yin Fu Jing" ("陰符經" ), a Daoist classic next to Laotze and Chungtze. )
  13. Differences between TCM and Daoist Alchemy

    Qi, whatever media (needle, herbs, mind..) we use, is always the way to heal.
  14. Differences between TCM and Daoist Alchemy

    Of course I do. In fact, some of Shang Han Lun's formulae are composed of only two or three different herbs that their meanings not so difficult to grasp.
  15. Differences between TCM and Daoist Alchemy

    Thanks a lot. Nothing special about my practice. In fact, I am just a guy who can read Chinese classical texts of TCM and alchemy and translate them into English. Of course ,I test all those means ,except piercing a needle, related to qi on my own body and mind .