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  1. Once you have succeeded in initializing qi from dantian , you are endowed with the privilege of playing with emptiness . Handling thing appears no mass, intangible in unknown dimension is always said to be the privilege of particle physicists, but now from the other way round qi practitioners can deal with it similarly . Instead of following the conventional way of circulating qi on the DU and Ren channels , playing qi along with emptiness can be more interesting and productive . But how ? It is simple , just first pay attention to your dantian where qi resides , then forget it ; then forget that you are forgetting and expecting nothing significant or great will be attained (" 悟無所得 " ) ... , then likely you are entering it . Please notice that the last step is important. Based on what ? It is based on the idea that an emptied mind , and the ubiquitous emptiness are just two faces of the same coin : Tao , so they are interchangeable ; we make it feasible only by using qi as the media.
  2. How to make own qigong set ?

    Most people like their qi gong sets composed of just movements, postures or ways of breathing..etc because they are things easy to understand , however , to create yours of these , classified as medical qi going , you still need some profound knowledge of TCM k, , say what the meridians are, from where to where they run , their relation with dantians..etc . Notice that forms of the body , no matter it is a static one ( posture ) , or active one ( some movement ) , are related to energy , in this case, qi, that motivates them . Besides telling people the ways of practicing your system , better also tell : 1) What benefits your system can provide 2)What diseases it can cure 3) In case after having practiced your system , some bad side- effects come out, how to tackle them..etc
  3. Desire is the spice of life!

    To eat, to mate, to have a shelter are basic desires of most animals ; and build on them , you have those other needs . To mate is the most significant one that people always overlook , in fact, many animals such as salmon, cicada , spider ..die soon after mating in varied forms . To reproduce is to grow , also to die . Humans is the same , only that the period of its reproduction is long , the number of mating numerous that the essence of it be blurred , not to mention the fact that many males die in the process of attaining the right to mate . Such desire to mate is a power , also some kind of energy, which is so tenacious and deep-rooted that only Taoism knows how to make use of it . Taoist transformation of jing , instead of allowing it projecting outside into another female's body , but into the form of qi back to nourish one's own body is the most effective way against mortality . Buddhist pursue of awakening from a mindless status so that primordial jing inside us can echo it is nearly the same thing .
  4. How can an english native speaker speak english , so quick and fluent , with his mind paying any attention to those english grammars ? Or, if a fish knows that it is swimming in water, can it still swim that free ? Our mind is , in fact, a flow of consciousness that we are situated and succumbed to , regardless most people think that they /we are in charge ; which , also makes us think that all methods and possibilities come from it , only become realistic via it . However, as we reach certain depth in meditation , more precisely , no-mind meditation , we can detach from it and become some kind outside observer , not only then capable of viewing our minds objectively , but also manipulating our bodies' organs , say stop our breathing or heart-beating at our own will ( it is in this sense that Taoists claim Xing meets Meng ) . So, before asking this question , first ask : Can we consolidate a mind without minds/ ideas..etc ? Or, if ever a mindless Mind be possible ? If anyone still holds any mind ( of method , step ,value..) to meditate , then of course he is not doing no-mind meditation .
  5. Heat in UDT

    Detach from what you experience and feel , not attach to them ; " 見怪不怪, 奇怪自敗" (" see them strange but not entangled , otherwise , you are doomed " )
  6. Internal alchemy for everyone

    Most Taoist masters only tell 90-95 % of the true they know , and leave 5%-10% as secret for various reasons , but if people read extensively enough and practice diligently , then like doing some puzzle matching , they can finally get the final , complete picture . Another thing is about level related . What if the masters already told the keys in their talks or writings, but owing to the level of people at the moment heard/read them , they might find that all sound insignificant ; in fact , quite a always happen experience is that the first reading of a famous Taoist writing you find it ordinary , even mediocre , at the ninth reading of it you may find it full of hints and keys due to the rise of your level . Finally it is about proof . Why apart from the modern physiology and medical system , which based on those physical , chemical and biological knowledge we are taught in schools , we have to study a totally different and strange system of jing-qi-shen ? The only reason is that Taoist alchemical practice/ experiment does pass many physical and spiritual tests, say healing diseases , reversing aging..etc ., which makes an alien system like Taoism and TCM worth studying . At least a system which can be viewed as a complement to the modern / western one . Although we are entering the GPT-n epoch , and likely we cannot outsmart the AI system which fed on billions of knowledge ,rules and algorithms ..etc , there is an arena we can keep for hardly can AI make use of the Taoist canons and Buddhist sutras to enhance itself . The reason simply is because even humans can't read them and truth hidden there are something beyond that plane of AI reasoning , different kind of intelligence ..
  7. Decrease sexual energy

    Just want to emphasize the importance of age in cultivation . Taoist alchemy and TCM both talk about it and pay lot of attention to it , but hardly can you find enough mention of its importance in Buddhist materials . When jing in our body is sufficient , it can echo a persistent emptied mind ; when jing in our body is in deficient state, hardly can it respond to an emptied mind, let alone consolidating one . Incapable of consolidating a persistent emptied mind means people are unable to understand why in Taoist canons and Buddhist sutras, they spend millions of paragraphs , from many different perspectives , exploring the same topic.
  8. Decrease sexual energy

    repeated message ; deleted.
  9. Decrease sexual energy

    Although Taoist qigong is for all ages, Taoist alchemy is hardly anything for the young people . Even some people are interested in it when they are young , it is unlikely that they can succeed , mainly because they lack of that resolute to commit . It is after having tasted all those bitterness , physical and emotional , in life that do people make up their mind . However , they then find that they are now already in their 50s , 60s .., so a careful calculation of how much jing and qi left behind becomes something important . Conversely , nearly all Zen masters in Chinese history start their cultivation of Zen when they are very young , as teenagers , even as kids in temples ; read Zen's classics ( say : 景德傳燈錄, 古尊宿語要.. etc ) will tell people about it , which in fact , is something significant but many people miss.
  10. Decrease sexual energy

    Already explain it partly in the post above .
  11. Decrease sexual energy

    The more jing we accumulate in our body , especially in the area of lower dantian , the more an urge we are forced to release it , either consciously ( the mind knows how to get its many excuses ) *, or unconsciously ( in sleeping , especially at the moment where yin and yang alternate) ^ ; not releasing it can make us sick physically or psychologically unless we can raise and solve it on another higher plane ; succumbing to it means we have to start the whole process of accumulating jing again , and the process just keeps repeating itself , which therefore means eternal youth is hardly anything possible for most people . We can view jing ( our sexual energy ) and qi together as some kind of stem cells invisible that we can extract from our bodies , and then inversely use them to repair our bodies' defects regardless whether they come from diseases or aging ; the problem is that the mechanism underlying is not that easy to grasp .. *+^ Tao's manipulation of fools is not that easy to be identified and disentangled . ( "人情濃厚道情微, 道用人情世罕知 " )
  12. Most males think that since sex pleasure felt to be from the bottom of their body , then jing must originate from there , which is not that correct . In reality , every organ of our bodies gets its own jing and qi , and in an ejaculation , jing of all organs are drawn and run from the top along the spine ( the Du channel) , and rush out . This is why all guys find tired and fragile on the whole back and waist , not just the lower body , after sex or nocturnal leakage . In fact , as long as men who can have an erection , even only some sex urge , as late as up to their eighties , Taoist cultivation is possible . A Taoist poem , which I always like to quote , reads as follows : "人情濃厚道情微, 道用人情世罕知 "
  13. Upper dantian

    Yeah , if talking about the emergence of them in time order , it is Taoism --> Buddhism --> Tibetan Buddhism .
  14. It is śikṣā ( three trainings) , not Four Jhanas , with a formula : 戒 (Precepts/Discipline ) => 定 ( Persistent no-Mind ) => 慧 ( Intelligence ) , which fight off three Poisons ('三 毒 ') , that correspond to Taoist Jing=> Qi=> Shen . With strict precepts , you refrain yourself from wine , sex, chatting , oversleep or overwork .. etc , so that your jing can be accumulated and then changed to Qi ; and it is with a prolonged , persistent no-Mind that your Qi can be gathered, consolidated and changed into Shen .
  15. The Pureland School is the dominant school in modern Buddhist cultivation , or at least it is the dominant way being practiced by millions of people who live in the Chinese communities : China Mainland, HongKong ,Macao..etc ; a school that has been flourishing for thousand of years, starting from the Song dynasty . Below are its way and some characteristics : 1) It tells people to just chanting the name of Buddha ( or name of a particular Buddha) in daily life whenever they get the time : sitting , traveling , eating..etc , so that their mind can settle down and be consolidated into one ( ' Make use of one idea to take the place of thousands of ideas ,worries and emotions ' ) ('一念代萬念') . 2) People chant the name of Buddha and it is going to be heard ; due to the mercy of the Buddha , He will positively respond to them. In that case, people's cultivation are going to be endorsed and their power enhanced ; it means , beside solely making use of their own power , cultivators can multiply the effect of their cultivation by extra divine power; 3) So, it is a way easy and can be done by ordinary people , even those illiterates; it can also be the last outlet for intellectuals who having been perplexed and misled by the huge and intricate system of Buddhism , at the end after their fruitless lifetime efforts of trying to grasp what it is , when their eyesight are now poor, their backs crooked, their memory fainted .., they suddenly find that there is a simple way out..; Quite a sad fact is that no matter where they start , from Tantric, Taoist , Zen 's.. , many at their old age return to the Pureland way . 4) It is a last-minute rescue for people who are lying on their deathbeds . Minor that it may look , by chanting the name of Buddha when they are struggling with their last breath , people can enter the Buddhist heaven easier, at least not falling to the hell ; of course they have to be in sane status , not in coma or suffered from the Alzheimer's Disease, otherwise there is no way for them to do it . 5) The Pureland way can also be a supplement , even enhancement, if you cultivate it together Zen , which is called " 禪凈雙修 " (Zen cum Pureland dual cultivation ) , a popular term you can always come across when reading online Chinese Buddhist materials . As it is so powerful that people describe such a combination as 'planting a sharp horn on the head of a tiger ' ('虎 角 '). Below I would like to introduce you guys a simple formula for it ( can be viewed as a transition of Pureland way to Zen's ) : 有心念佛 (' First deliberately chanting the Buddha's name for rescue ' ) => 念佛無心 ( ' then , having chanted it millions times that it is now a mindless chant ' ) => 佛不用念 ('at last , people find that it is in fact no need to chant or do anything ' )