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  1. Thanks. Taoism is something a mixture of philosophy, Taoism and science, it is difficult to define it in Western terms . The key is the ability to initialize qi , then upgrade it to shen, then all doubts are clarified and solved . And, a clear , full picture of what human intelligent is appears to us ...; people will no longer be entangled by those differences between Buddhism, science and Taoism .
  2. To most people , qi appears to them in those forms of diseases so they can't identify the energy behind .Acupressure ( not acupuncture , for it is a skill difficult and dangerous to be tried by an amateur ) is an alternative to let people taste what qi feel like; memorizing those acupoints and their effects are not that difficult , a series of acupoints: "氣海" ("Qi Hai") , " 關元 " ("Kwan Yuan") ..etc under our navel can be the start point . How about moxibustion ? Yes, but there are many places you shouldn't do moxibustion, so you need to have lot of knowledge about TCM,especially the meridians , before you start . Can we invent a machine to initialize qi ? Quite an old question ,it depends what level of qi you want to raise..besides, don't forget that jing-qi-shen are always linked in certain state , so solely having a physical device doesn't help much .
  3. Translation

    Unless it is about Taoist sex practice, better post it here, not through any private message..; will take a look ...
  4. Daoist Canon goldmine

    The website looks good
  5. Thanks your comment. Revised it as you suggest.
  6. Walker, a member of this forum , once posted a post about this important poetry left behind by Immortal Lu of the Tang Dynasty , but it was in Chinese, without any translation, so I try to make a translation of it here : 養氣忘言守,降心為不為。 動靜知宗祖,無事更尋誰。 真常須應物,應物要不迷。 不迷性自住,性住氣自回。 氣回丹自結,壺中配坎離。 陰陽生返复,普化一聲雷。 白雲朝頂上,甘露灑須彌。 自飲長生酒,逍遙誰得知。 坐聽無弦曲,明通造化機。 都來二十句,端的上天梯 ( My translation ) Nourish your qi by paying attention to nowhere, empty your mind through not expecting anything more * . No matter you are in action or stay at rest, you let the real-Self, consolidated by the primordial qi, take charge ; free and at ease , you find no necessity to search anything or anyone who claims greater # . The free and real Self needs to trains itself in daily challenges ; it is through cultivating itself in the world that it becomes free of worries and doubts . Once not lost and not entangled by fakes in this world , the Spiritual Nature of us will return ; once it returned and stayed, the primordial qi also comes. With the primordial qi returned, the gold dan starts to form, making Kan and Li ** mixed together . In such a mixture, a higher level of intercourse between yin and yang arises and reverses , producing something like a thunder thudded. With clouds rising up to the sky, turned into holy rains and fell back to the mountains, Taoist dan is consolidated ^ . It is like drinking some wine of immortality, a feeling of coziness hardly others ever tasted . It is like sitting there listening to a string-less musical instrument played by the nature, you know you have got the secret of it . With these phases , you are led climbing up the ladder towards the Heaven with faith . Notes: * You can't attain an emptied Mind through an intention to empty it for what you do is adding an extra mind to it. The more you want to empty your mind, the more you add minds to it, so never can you succeed. # No search is the real search ; there is no need to cultivate Tao, no cultivation is the real cultivation (" 道不用修, 可修者非道也" ) ** Kan is said to be something yang enveloped by yin, located somewhere in between our kidneys; Li is said to be something yin enveloped by yang , located somewhere inside our skull. The return of the primordial qi ( pre-heavenly qi ) makes their intercourse possible, and the jump from post-heavenly level to pre-heavenly level realized. ^ Dan , in fact, is something a result of the intercourse between the sky and the land ;
  7. Yangshen perspectives in traditional Schools

    Yang Shen ( "陽神" ) is nourished from our body, very different from Yuan ("元", meta or original ) Shen which is a trinity of primordial qi ,jing and shen without personal character , yet existing everywhere . Yang Shen is a deliberate effort of an individual to 'refine' his Yuan qi , hidden somewhere around his abdomen , into an everlasting spiritual entity. Since it involves a deliberate effort, it means some kind of consciousness/mind is applied, for example, paying attention to people's dantian ; since it involves using jing and qi to " refine", not solely dependent on our mind power, it is free of the shortcomings a yin-typed / ghostly mind . Because of these, its outcome , a Super Consciousness nourished with jing and qi , is something not without personal characters : Immortal Lu , from the Tang Dynasty, nowadays still appears repeatedly to us as an arrogant and persistent mid-30 looking guy who claims only a small group of people can be rescued * ; on the other hand, the occasional emergence of Immortal Zhang San-feng as a big-eyed guy in his sloppy costume still startled lot of people... In Taoist cultivation, you do not need to die , as followers of other religions do , in order to know whether your spirit can last forever / live outside of your body / meet your God or gods .Taoist proof of the existence of Yang Shen is not that passive . Since Yang Shen is also a trinity of Yang jing, qi and shen , so the gradual refinement of it will give us some proofs along the way : sick-proof of our body, aging-proof of our face and skin, appearance of a bean-like qi-substance somewhere under our navel similar to a pregnant woman and occasional half-detachment of a spirit-body out of our physical body..etc., all these touchable , controllable stuff make Taoist alchemy a practice unique , closest to modern science . * Immortal Lu once said : " 世人認假不認真, 難授長生上品經" ; (" Most people love the fake better than the real ,how can I teach them the way of a life eternal ? ")
  8. Storing energy in Mingmen v Dantien

    Thanks your comment. Well, it does being mentioned in the Neijing, but hardly did it catch any attention of those TCM doctors afterwards ( ie, from Han up to the Ming Dynasty) ; that means , without Wu-Liu Taoist detailed elaboration of the lower dantain, hardly can ordinary TCM doctors sense the significance of the term Mingmen.
  9. Storing energy in Mingmen v Dantien

    " Mingmen " (" 命門" ) is a TCM's term , which refers to a special area in between our kidneys where the yuan-qi originates, and is said to be the source of those qi that nourishes all our meridians and organs . "Dantian", or more precisely speaking the "lower dantian" , is a Taoist alchmical term which refers to an area under our abdomen where the yuan- qi arises ; so they are nearly things the same; saying that qi stored in the Mingmen better than those in dantian seems to be a result of ignorant of TCM's literature , and its intricate relation with Taoism . In fact, the start of using " Mingmen"as a term in the TCM literature was from the Ming dynasty , and was somewhat related to the rise of the Wu-Liu school.. ; anyway, it seems no need to go into details here.
  10. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    On primordial level or in prenatal state, Jing , Qi and Shen is unitary, so we call them yuan (meta or original )-jing yuan-qi, yuan-shen. After birth, ie, our having shifted to breathe by using the lung, they split , but connected; after adolescence, they further split, but still related; and up to our becoming 30 something, they start to drain away. To most of us , without enough jing, we can't sense qi; this is why old people can't "initalize" qi so easily and likely not believe in it . However, in some cases , they may understand it better than young people because they feel qi , with jing embodied, in its distorted and deficient forms clearer : Deficient jing makes their eyesight deteriorate or ankles ache ( lack of jing), unable to work long hours ( lack of qi ) and lose their memory ( lack of shen )easier . Although medical qigong holds back the becoming deficient qi , it is Taoist alchemy that reverses it, and makes the split jing ,qi, shen united again. The key is an ability to form that Mind or Shen ,that empty and consolidated mind . It is said that "神凝則精聚 " ("While the Mind consolidated , jing also gathers ") , that means, you not only can alleviate back pain or arthritis by some needles , but cure it thoroughly through applying a Mind .
  11. Because there are so many Taoist gods so people think that Taoism is a religion; in fact, those gods are originally humans , it is only because they can refine their qi into Shen , which appear to people as supernatural abilities , that they then become gods and worshiped . Besides, the time duration of these gods' life stretched once Shen is attained , so they live very long ,even forever, therefore people also call them "immortals" . As a saying tells us : "What is called Shen is something not entangled by yin and yang"("陰陽不測謂之神") ,and beause the balance and struggle between yin and yang implies change, which also means time ,so Shen is also changes-proof and time-proof . "Religious " Taoism gives philosophers unlimited energy , wisdom and forever life that hardly can they think of , dream of.
  12. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Here on this forum , we get different readers/ members who have attained respective levels or interested in different subjects, so if some people find my posts arrogant, please just ignore them and continue their conversation ;
  13. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    From Taoist standpoint, any spiritual achievement, once achieved doesn't necessarily imply that it can be kept forever , you need jing and qi to sustain that " energy level " , otherwise you likely will drop off from it , back to your previous level as you aged . Of course, hardly are old Buddhist "masters" eager to tell you this because they already established their prestige among followers when they were young...; besides, recognizing Taoist truth at old age seems too late and therefore too painful for them.. * It doesn't necessary mean Buddhism is inferior to Taoism in every aspect , Buddhism has something really great, for example , Zen and Hua-Yan , which can be equal , even superior , to Taoism.
  14. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    The thinking that our practice " once certain level/ breakthrough attained, can be kept forever " ( "一得永得" ) is hardly true for Taoist alchemy and Buddhist enlightenment , nor martial arts. In the case of martial arts, there is a famous saying tells us that " 鍊拳不鍊功, 到老一場空 " ( " practicing those postures without having attained some (qi)gong , to the end of your life, all your efforts end in vain ") ; If you follow Taoist jing -> qi -> Shen formula, then unable to eliminate jing leakage or period ,similarly makes your efforts, no matter how many years they accumulated , something futile. How about Zen's ? Sitting there straight for long hours to hollow their mind, in fact, drains off monks or Buddhist practitioners' jing , qi and shen , so unless what they gain in deep emptiness overtakes what they lose in jing+ qi+ shen, decade-long meditation mostly ends up giving them a dull mind and withered body only...