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  1. Time and Qi

    You really grasp what I want to say . We no longer have to travel close to the speed of light or being situated in another , different gravitational field so as to change the time of our existence , qi as media will allow us..; there is time dilation between ordinary people and immortals , in fact , once we are able to stop Jing leakage it starts to tick slower , whether it is on biological level or physical level seems no need to differentiate , maybe on both .
  2. Time and Qi

    Shen or Buddha Mind is a Mind beyond evil and goodness , doing and not-doing, this side and the other side.. ; of course, it is also a Mind beyond time . People think that since they don't know what disaster or fatal disease they might get in the future, it seems better to live a so-called full life or try to grasp something meaningful in the present moment , and views it as some solution for it . However, as the Diamond Sutra already told us : " 過去心不可得, 現在心不可得 , 未來心不可得" "Neither a mind attached to the past , nor a mind attached to the present , nor a mind attached to the future, can be attained " In fact , all pseudo-minds get their respective , illusory feelings of time intervals . A pseudo-mind is always fluctuating , intermittent and limited, and it thinks that those limitations are real. However, it is only a Mind beyond the past, the present and the future, nourished from nowhere and no time that allows us to have an ability of travelling across those time barriers ( similar to physical barriers , say a wall or a hill in space , blocking our ordinary eyesight, but not our 3rd-eye ) , and go straight to grasp what time is. Wisdom got from those pseudo-minds is shallow and unable to solve our life predicament, which if expressed in existentialist term , is something of our ontological crisis : Death or detachment from God ; if expressed in Taoist term , is a post-heavenly status symbolized as fire ( spirit) having no intercourse with water (jing) . We are always entangled by daily trivial , mistake what is crucial and refuse to face it . " Living in the present moment" in most cases degenerates into engagement with daily trivial.
  3. Daozang for non-chinese speakers?

    Another sad thing is that you can't use Google 's translate to help , even partly to lessen the difficulties of the job . AI scientists always like to bullshit people about the coming of Singularity as super AI is going to access all knowledge through the world wide net and understood all different languages through Machine Learning and NLP ..etc, yet two huge archives ( millions volumes of them in Chinese ) of Daozang and Fozang (" 佛蔵" , Buddhist sutra in Chinese ; in fact, nobody knows how huge a volume it is .. ) are there talking about deep knowledge of jing, qi, shen , time, consciousness ..etc , so important to human' intelligence , are even not mentioned by those AI scientists; Writing to this point, it makes me think of a Chinese saying you can always come across online : " 無知者無懼 " ; " Those who are so brave to claim intelligent , unfortunately are those who are so ignorant ( of what human intelligence really is ) "
  4. Time and Qi

    Time is a strange dimension of our existence, supported by qi, and is always important for our cultivation. In Taoist alchemy, there are at least 3 scenarios showing you its significances : 1) At which time you do your cultivation/meditation does matter : It is no exaggeration to claim that in certain period of time, for example , from 3 am to 5 am, if you can wake up to cultivate , then it is many folds more effective than the cultivation you do in other periods . And anyone who can sustain such a habit for a long time, she definitely can achieve something great; 2) As "Rise of yang' or ' Pop-up of a mindless Mind" is something always happen in a flash of second , if you can't grasp it in that short instant, or you try to add to it any extract idea, it immediately disappear and escape from you ,making resumption of your practice something laborious and discouraging. 3) After having succeeded in stopping the leakage of jing / your periods , the time of your existence start to 'stretch ' , and it is no longer calculated by decades or centuries . In science, a biological clock on molecular level does not necessary equal to a physical clock on sub-particle level , but in Taoist alchemy, we do not have to differentiate it because a mindless Mind ( which strangely related to how full our qi is ) smashes our illusion toward time , despite whatever level it is situated , and can end its physical effects on us . In this sense , hardly can Taoism agrees with the prevailing idea of " Living well in the present moment " as a solution for troubles and sufferings in our seemingly short and unpredictable life for no mind is the best mind, no time is the best time.
  5. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    It really depends on what level we are talking . On some high level, we may only need pure yang qi...
  6. Significance of the Wu-Liu Pai

    Just ordinary one : -) In Chinese , " 精神" ( " jing- shen" ) is a fixed term being used daily , which implicitly tells people that they are two things closed related ; it ,in fact , implies that once you have enough jing accumulated , your spirit will be affected and upgraded , only unnoticed by ordinary people ...
  7. Significance of the Wu-Liu Pai

    Although someone here argues about whether there ever existed a school called Wu-Liu Pai , it doesn't bother me much for Wu-liu writings are there, its actual figures' preaching are well recorded, and its influence on Taoism in recent centuries is undeniable . Anyway , here I would like to talk about its significance , which can be summarized as follows: 1) It is Wu-Liu who declare that once we can stop jing leakage , we can live forever. It sounds seemingly not that difficult , but unless you know/ are told of some clues, it is ,in fact, something unlikely . Besides capable of stopping and reversing aging, jing is also said to be the 'medicine' accumulated in us to cure nearly all diseases; 2) A stop of jing leakage is not only crucial to Taoist practice, but also to Buddhism, which is hardly mentioned by those Buddhists. From Wu-Liu's point of view , you can't get an enlightened monk with his jing keeps leaking . Even he does succeed on some occasions , definitely he can't sustain it for long. That means, enough and pure jing is the precondition for a yang-typed of Enlightenment , which is different from most yin-typed meditations without Awakening ; as a Taoist formula tells us what meditation should be : "To the utmost of yin , yang pop-up " ; so it is that Awakening, that yang arisen from "chaos " enables us to live forever. 3) Because of the above-mentioned reasons , Wu-Liu quote a lot from Buddhist sutras , mainly to emphasize implicitly the importance of a persistent mindlessness followed with Awakening ; since old guys/women lack of that essence to nourish IT , better start your practice young, say before 60 . 4) Capable of pulling together a yang-typed , awaken Mind likely is something crucial to the Micro-cosmic circulation despite most people prefer paying attention to other things such as how strong their feelings of qi are... The MCC can not be guided by a daily-type of consciousness , in fact, quite a lot of troubles arisen from MCC are due practitioners' sticking to their old way of thinking . Giving us lot of details for the MCC that no other schools ever did is another contribution of the Wu-Liu school.
  8. I wonder why people pay so much attention to their breathing ,better breathe naturally . What kind of breathing we get is dependent on what kind of a mind we have , which is not anything by a deliberate effort .
  9. wei wu wei

    Such a saying is for people who already reached certain ,higher level , not for people at the initial stage. Let say you want to study and master Japanese, you decide to go and live in Japan and spend a lot of time in learning kana, kanji, their complicated pronunciation and those grammars..etc. At first, hardly can you speak one or two sentences ..,later after having accumulated tons of vocabularies , expression patterns and grammars, you then become capable of sustaining a lengthy conversation... however, it is after decades later , when one day you no longer think of any pronunciation rules and grammars and react instantly to a person's question that you find yourself become a native-level speaker of Japanese.. Similarly, as a native speaker of English, you don't think of any grammars before you open your mouth to speak, otherwise, you can't speak it so fluently . It doesn't mean there are no English grammars, but to you , different from other non-native English speakers, there are no rules to tell you , guide you to speak . This kind of phenomenon does happen in some other fields, but to Buddhism and Taoism , it is especially significant as in these two arena, we are handling something unique . Let me raise the Pure-Land Buddhist way of "singing the name of Buddha " as explanation , through it your path of climbing up those spiritual levels may take the form as the following: First, you sing the name of Buddha mindfully and anxiously so as to get some effects ( "有心念 佛" ) -> then , after having sung it for months or years , you find yourself entered a stage of singing the name of Buddha mindlessly ("念 佛無心") , even lost yourself and suddenly ask : " Who is singing it " -> Finally , you find out that there is , in fact, no need to sing any name of the of Buddha at all ("佛不用念, 無修無証" ) . So , no rules becomes the highest rule, no minds turns into the biggest Mind, no action yet allows you to achieve all... Hard to grasp for beginners ; especially for most people, experiences tell them that if they do things mindfully, pay more effort, focus stronger, then they achieve more ; but in the arena of Taoism and Buddhism, we need to adopt a different mindset . Hopefully, with some more practice, people can grasp it .
  10. Buy taoist canon (chinese)

    Something need to know before you buy it : Whether it is in traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese , with punctuation or not, and how big is the font size..etc.
  11. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir

    Five sources that form the Chinese culture are said to be : I-Ching, Taoism, Confucian , Buddhism and TCM ( an embodiment of Taoism in our bodies, food, seasons, plants.. etc ). Regarding those common elements that both Taoism and I- Ching share , in the context of cultivating a forever life , there are at least two : 1) The five-element theory ,which brought into the I-Ching system , and takes the forms of those trigrams and hexagrams . Two of them : fire and water , are especially important for their combinations are always used to symbolize the predicament we humans face . For example , hexagram of upper fire - lower water symbolizes humans' post-heavenly difficult status as fire is always go upwards and diffuse while water go downwards and leaks... So, Taoist cultivation is said to be just reversing it and making it into another hexagram of upper water - lower fire so that there is an intercourse between them . A Taoist saying plainly tells us : "水火交 , 永不老 " ( " Once water intermixed with fire , never can you get aged " ) 2) The pre-heavenly and post-heavenly : In fact, trigrams are also classified into post- and pre-heavenly ones. On post-heavenly level , you get aging, worries, lost and found, sickness, death..etc, all those stuff you call them life, nature , science ,reality ..etc. However on pre-heavenly level , they are not necessarily true . In a word , " saints/immortals and ordinary people walk on their respective paths " (" 聖凡異路" ) ,and seldom so they meet ; never can you expect to meet Tao by having a post-heavenly type of mind set embedded in your brain .
  12. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    Fire is the key for our cultivation . At first, we use post-heavenly fire ( "paying-attention-to-your-dantian"); at a later stage, we use pre-heavenly fire ( "mindless-mind"); Sometime we use strong fire , sometime we use weak fire ..etc;
  13. Daozang for non-chinese speakers?

    Difficulties in reading the original Taoist canon are : 1) They are in classical Chinese , not modern Chinese; 2) Many are without punctuation ! ( that means your reading ability must be very high so as to separate the sentences/phases) 3) In the texts, there are lot of strange jargons , making them nearly not readable ;
  14. This is also a place I always visit. Yes, most materials are in Chinese, mainly classical Chinese ...