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  1. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Taoism emphasizes jing and qi , and pays attention to the bodily changes , so there are "secrets " of Ming gong(practice) . Buddhism, ignoring Esoteric Buddhism here, is mainly a pure spiritual practice so hardly does it recognize any " secret " to find in order to gain a leap forward . There are only varied levels of the emptied Mind you have to attain , and whether you get a higher/ deeper one or not can only be confirmed by your sifu who had before you attained such a level . I think likely Taoist one is more full and meets what people really experience for what we eat , what we drink , how we sleep.. all affect our practice . Ming and Xing gong ( a series of deepening , emptied minds..s ) are in fact difficult to separate ; Taoist criticism on Buddhist way is reasonable and must not be ignored. Jing and Qi are too important to be mistaken as just "forms " ( "相" ) that people are vulnerable to be trapped in . In fact , Taoist Ming gong is not that secret ,especially after a modern guy Zhao pi-zhen( 趙避塵, 1860- ) , who belongs to the Wu-Liu school, had written so much about it explicitly that anyone can google it by Chinese . It is more a problem of low Chinese language ability of the Western people than a problem of so-called Chinese Taoists sticking to their vanity of keeping secrets not releasing them to others..
  2. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Likely it is true. However , reading " The Journey to the West " does need very high Chinese ability , especially those Taoist poems at the beginning of each chapter .
  3. combating addiction to porn

    Our life is in fact a struggle between the spiritual( Shen) and the physical ( jing +qi) forces , and they fight with each other in every minute of it. The Taiji diagram already shows us its meaning : People get the need to masturbate either because the have accumulated too much jing ( physical side stronger) or because they are in depression, confusion .., for example, if their girlfriends run away from them, or they get fired, or playing too much online games..etc, that is , they are in spiritually low , depleted status .., then in either case , the balance is broken and you have the lust gets an upper hand ,so, you succumb to your lust.. Besides , it is not when people are in an awake status that they have to pay attention to , but say, in sleeping or whatever status or form it be , as long as jing is lost , then it is fatal and you lose. All other means to tame , say not watching porn videos, getting a bath of cold water when you get strong desire, not eating spicy food..etc are all trivial , not thorough . So difficult it is that although Taoist alchemy claims "capable of retaining jing gives people forever life" looks seemingly not so significant , hardly can people succeed in taming that beast inside. Nor the direct-qi-from-lower-dantian-upwards way be the solution because you are till using an ordinary mind's way to treat the problem . In fact, a deep emptied Mind is its through solution ( thorough treatment of unclean jing and qi ) as what the I-Ching says : "君子終日乾乾,反復道也"
  4. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Yeah. But I know not much about other Yoga/Tantra and other dharmic practices. Maybe they have their unique expressions.
  5. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    After thousands years of arguments and interactions among those Buddhist and Daoist practitioners in deep caves and on mountain tops, some theoretical integration does come out from the Daoists ,and it looks something easy and effective, at least to some people . I try to simplify some aspect of it related as follows: Integrate Daoist jing-qi- shen framework with Zen's abrupt , emptied Mind ( not other Buddhist emptied minds) gives you a good combination of those good components from these systems. As Daoist way of accumulating jing and qi makes attaining that series of emptied mind =>Mind easy and natural , people no longer need to deliberately search for it ( a deliberate search definitely fails and blocks you ); conversely , the attained emptied mind=>Mind helps you understand what the trap of attaching to jing and qi means and helps you releasing from it . In fact , attachment to them is the main reason why people's practice stagnant and the reason why big troubles arisen. In a word, combining Daoist jing-qi-shen framework with the Zen's emptied Mind gives you some kind of benign / positive interaction that benefits your practice most .
  6. Xing and Ming cultivation

    To old guys/ ladies, say those over 60 , of course cultivating Ming is their priority . Theory about Ming is also much easier to grasp as they are related to things like what postures better , which dantian to start, what time give you most effects , ways of breathing..etc. That means, old people should handle thing more urgent , use things more handy so as lengthen their life span for decades ,say up to 100, so that after retirement they get the time and energy to explore Xing . Understanding Xing is much difficult and there is no guarantee, but once people get it , all Ming's problems become easy.
  7. Sad to hear this. He was always supportive even though he knew of my inclination to religious Taoism and his favor of philosophical Taoism is undoubtful . I can't stop recalling how he gave me a hand when I was under fire in some posts. Maybe the regrets of many people's life are their knowing of the Taoist jing-qi-shen theory not earlier enough ..
  8. The Chinese think that the world is composed of qi, in fact, the Chinese culture, before the incoming of Buddhism , can be said to be a unique culture of qi as both Taoism and Confucianism speak about it . They argue that qi is the foundamental source and power of this world , true for both the spiritual and material ones. Note that although all things come from qi, it is only living things that get jing and shen ( spirit ) . Jing is a delicate substance arises from qi under certain circumstances ( now we know that it is a belt of area with right distance from the Sun(s) , the main Yang, of any solar system where temperature is suitable and water exists) . Although only high intelligent beings get self-concious type of shen emerged from jing , capable of reflecting and separating themselves from their environment , other living things also develope their respective ways ( socalled biological algorithms) of living , adapting and reproducing in this universe. So, shen can appear to us as various forms and levels of intelligence that always perplex us : white cells identify and kill incoming virus, desert ants find their routes back home from long distance away , octopus capable of changing their skin colors for their environment..etc
  9. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    Qi comes from jing, its quality determines how subtle and powerful qi is . A brain dominated by weak and dull qi can't remember things well, can't grasp the complexities of things well , let alone talking about being creative or not . To old guys and ladies , nothing is more practical than rescuing their deteriorating mind and bodies .
  10. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    The theory of Tao , without qi , can only be a philosophy limited to abstract idea level , hardly can it be realized and become something really practical . Qi is like a powerful tool 1000 times more powerful than a swiss knife that you can bring along wherever you go . Taoism , right at its early period of birth , is closely linked to medicine because the body is the first place you can test its practical effects: curing diseases, reversing aging, enhancing intelligence..etc . It is only after capable of expanding your qi beyond the body boundary do you find its more external usages.
  11. Emptiness can conserve energy

    Maybe we can set up a device to explore the character of emptiness, this likely is what those physicists are doing, but it will be something very big , expensive and involved a team of people . I think, to an individual , we can explore and tap emptiness through our mind , or more precisely speaking , through our emptied Mind . It is said that " 同類易施工兮,非種難為巧"( from Can Tong Qi) (" Because they are the same kind, it can easily be done; otherwise , it can not be so effective ")
  12. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    It comes from a Taoist master Tan Qiao ("譚峭") who lived at the end of the Tang Dynasty .
  13. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    "Forget everything and become enlightened" is extremely difficult for most people , it is like asking a bug which is living and moving on a 2D world, wholly fixed in it , to jump out of that 2D plane, entering into an unknown space ; it is nearly impossible because that bug just doesn't sense and understand what that extra 3rd dimension can be . Similarly , although our consciousness and analytic mind give us very powerful ability to analyze , imagine, dream , even an intuitive ability to grasp the core of things at one stroke, Enlightenment as another dimension* of our 3D world and always described by Taoism as something capable of 'breaking open a primordial hole ' (' 鴻蒙竅' ) in emptiness , is still too difficult for our attaching-to-the-3D-world mind to understand . We are fully trapped in it through our senses ( '法執' ) and our entanglement of its inward projection , our pseudo-egos ('我執') . However , the seemingly Buddhist way of forget-everything-and-become-enlightened can be combined with Taoist jing-qi-shen as we get the famous saying ( in fact , a way ) from a Taoist master : "忘形以養氣,忘氣以養神,忘神以養虛 " (" Forget forms , jing or physical stuff , so as to nourish qi, forget qi so as to nourish shen , forget shen so as to nourish emptiness " ) . Of course, we have to be capable of mobilizing qi first in order to forget it , and it can be done step by step , or at one stroke . So, it is something practical , not necessarily elusive . * Most people refer time as the 4th dimension of our 3D world , which I prefer to leave it aside for future exploration ; however , I do think that maybe we can explore time along with qi , see my previous post on such issue.
  14. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    The mentioned two ways are both Taoist : 1) Shen/Xing first , Meng ( jing + qi ) later (先性後命) or 2) Meng first , Xing later ( 先命後性) What way you adopt is somehow age related . Likely for old guys, say those over 60 , you are suggested to adopt the Meng-first way because Taoist cultivation is a long-run enterprise , in your 60s, the main job is to lengthen your physical life, getting ride of disease and aging symptoms so that continuous cultivation possible . Besides, at that age, you can't attain spiritual achievement so easily ,and seeing that no immediate effect of it, you might give it up . Also Meng-first way can give you significant effects quickly, you will get the confidence to continue. However, this way is also said to be " 先易後難" ( Seemingly easy first but difficult later ) because you leave the critical spiritual issue ( emptying your mind issue) to the late period of your cultivation which inevitably block the advance of the whole process. On the other hand, gifted young guys can adopt the Xing-first way . Although it is difficult at the beginning, but once you have grasped the character of Shen , other things become trivial and easy . So it is also said to be a " 先難後易" way ( " Difficult first but later much easy" ).
  15. Emptiness can conserve energy

    An emptied Mind ,if we can consolidate One , together with the external emptiness , are in fact two faces of the same coin : Tao . However, it is only after our having the ability of bringing up such a Mind, can we understand the emptiness outside , tap the energy from it . As emptiness is everywhere without limitation , so energy from it is endless, which is also the reason why having attained such a Mind implies forever physical life ( Taoist interpretation , not Buddhist ) .