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  1. "太乙金華宗旨" ( "The secret of the golden flower") is said to be Lu's work, however , whether it is true or not seems doubtful ..., and hardly can it match to Huang's work ( sorry to say this, unfortunately , it is true ) ; Huang's , although is just some records of his talks with his disciples , and looks unorganized , is , in fact , the climax of the development of Taoist literature in recent centuries.. Why says that it is unfortunate ? Unfortunate in the sense that so few foreigners read Chinese, especially those who know and read the Chinese Taoist literature . 2nd or 3rd class stuff is always viewed as the most precious ; it happens in the case of Taoist writings , it also happens in the case of appreciating of some schools . The most popular ones are mistaken as the best ..,which always happen .
  2. Emptiness (sunnyata)

    Zen's exploring of emptiness is like a dull and hard process of digging a well with low water level , only having reached certain point do you find its immense benefits , unfortunately hardly can you know where it is ; in fact, many strange koans are the request of approval from a junior practitioner towards a senior master . On the other hand, Taoist proofs are not limited to spiritual aspects , and can be something physical , so it is easier to follow.
  3. Emptiness (sunnyata)

    Yeah, it is quite a blame of Taoist on Buddhism . I think any serious Buddhist should think about Taoist criticism on Buddhist limitation to Xing practice only . On the other hand , any Taoist should take it seriously about Buddhist criticism on Taoist attachment to jing and qi , in fact , any post-heavenly mind typed of focusing on jing and qi likely smother their development .
  4. Emptiness (sunnyata)

    I hope you talked to me ?
  5. Using Shen to change negative thought patterns

    Taoist famous poem: "自古神仙無別法, 只生觀喜不生愁" " To become an immortal you get no other ways, but to rejoice and have no negative emotional state"
  6. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    In fact, at every jing-qi-shen level , each of them is classified into yin and yang : You have yang-jing , risen in a mindless state but given you sex pleasure , that can lead you to immortality while yin-jing , appears as the result of some repeated, compulsory symptoms that can only lead you to weary and death. While yang-qi gives you unlimited energy , moral confidence and a disease-proof body , yin-qi can only give you wrinkles, pains and unknown tumors. Finally you get the classification of shen into yin and yang , which is unique as no other cultures get such a classification of the human spirit, and it can be important : 1) While yang-shen is the outcome of a lifelong accumulation and refinement of jing and qi, yin-shen is a lonely struggle for itself ; so despite how much tears and blood , shame and glory , defeat and success .. a person struggles in his whole life , unable to identify what jing and qi are and make use of them , all his efforts to control his own destiny will inevitably come to an end at some moment, and he is forced to leave , regardless of so many regrets left behind. 2) Although both yang-shen and yin-shen can exist outside the physical body, it is yin-shen that is to leave in a passive and reluctant way ,say in case of death or critical condition ; yang-shen's leave of the physical body is a natural outcome, even a deliberate one , like a mature fruit leaving its mother tree: Enough jing and qi have been accumulated , it is time possible to leave and make contact with the external , immense qi and explore the meaning of life in this universe . 3) Yang-shen can appear under the Sun without shadow while yin-shen always has to escape from It ; 4) Although both yin-shen and yang-shen can travel at instant speed , it is yang-shen that can split : At an instant , there can be many sprites of a yang-shen doing different things.
  7. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    "Baidu " ( "百度") is the Chinese Google. Its name likely comes from the famous poem : " 眾裏尋他千百度.. ". Although Zhao Bi Chen is said to have written several books, the only one we can now find is " 性命法訣明指" . All mentioned books can be found online as said.
  8. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Blaming modern Taoists of hiding the secret for attaining immortality is not so fair, at least books written in the Ching Dynasty and the Nationalist period ( 1911-1949 ) are already very explicit . That means, most of original secrets are now in black and white ; the prevailing reproach from the West is somewhat biased or mainly due to the fact that most of these books are either unknown to the West or have not been translated into English , which then is not solely the responsibility of the Chinese Taoists. Notice that these books are mostly written in classical Chinese, and they are , of course , much better than any books published in the West in recent decades ( students of acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine likely understand what I claim..) ; anyway , apart from those books from the Wu-Liu schools and those from Zhao Bi Chen, which are known to some members of this forum , the following books are worthy of paying attention to : - 大成捷要 ( Da Cheng Jie Yao) - 補虧正法 - 地仙玄門秘訣 - 養真集 - 樂育堂語錄 You can 'baidu ' them to get a copy .
  9. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    The refined , self-conscious form of qi can be called shen ; At the so-called pre-heavenly level /stage, jing , qi and shen are something united , and because they are so fundamental to life and formless , we add the term "yuan" ( original / basic ) to them . At post-heavenly level/ stage, when they are embodied in a physical body, they split but still related to each other . For example, any deficiency of jing makes people tired , not wanting to move ; any deficiency of qi makes people lose their memory , even faint ..etc. When we accumulate jing in our body , we also aggregate our qi ; the stuff embedded in qi that gives you sex pleasure , feelings of having endless energy , capable of understanding anything ..etc can be identified as jing .
  10. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    It is said that Damo , the guy who initialize the Chinese Zen movement, when leaving the southern India on his trip to China by boat more than thousand years ago, told people that it was because of the shrinkage of the Indian mind and the great atmosphere ( " 大乘氣象") he saw in the East that introduced him to go . Believe , or just interested in Taoism , nowadays requires some insight, not only because it is somewhat against common sense , but also because of the growing dominance of scientism . At the place where people's mind are shrinking of course you find Taoist truth falling on dead ears .
  11. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    I don't know anything about secrets in martial arts, what I want to talk about here is the secret of Taoist alchemy . Likely something you have to keep for thousands of years , I think , as secret is something of extreme importance , something having top secret character , not anything ordinary in some expertise . It is all about physical immortality . On this planet , there are only two groups of people who dare to talk about physical immortality : The scientists who think that by some kind of DNA engineering , or by growing human organs in a laboratory , someday in future, maybe just few decades away, they can grant immortality to humans . Another group of people is called Taoists, whom can be viewed as the most weird people ever lived or living , who claim that they already succeeded physical immortality thousands years ago ; although not believing in the existence of any Creator of this universe , they believe in qi , and its delicate form , shen ,that can give people immortality . So, to be fair , they are guys/ women not religious. Both of them have followers , but comparing to believers in Science , number of believers in Taoism is shrinking .. I mean, on the Mainland China. Both of them are also brave because whenever you talk about physical immortality, people ask for proofs. Taoists are not reluctant to give you proofs, but they are reluctant to give you all secrets to attain them. It is first about jing , the stuff that qi based on; or more precisely speaking , about the Yuan-jing(" 元精 " ) or meta-jing ; The principle is that with enough jing in your body, you will never die ( being hit and killed by an airplane crashed into your house is another story ) , but how to accumulate it can be very tricky ..
  12. Chakra and Dan Tian

    Although the "chakra" system looks similar to Taoist dantians , for example, locations of the lower dantian and upper dantian quite match the positions of chakras, there are some big differences between them : 1) There is no jing-qi-Shen framework in the Indian system . In Taoist system ,the lower dantian is said to be the place where you cultivate jing, and at the upper dantian , a place you cultivate Shen. And there are intricate relations between them, not just a change of position. 2) In the Indian system ,there are no yin and yang concepts to which Taoism repeatedly refers as something crucial . For example, a spirit or consciousness , despite having got powerful 3rd eye abilities , as long as it not having refined by yang-qi , is called yin-shen and to the final analysis , is something worthless and futile . It is the yang Shen that we are eager to attain. 3) There are no post-heavenly and pre-heavenly concepts in the Indian systems. In Taoist system , while an area where post-heavenly qi arises is called dantian, an indefinite place where pre-heavenly qi arise is called "Magic Gateway " (' 玄關') ; one is for curing diseases or delaying aging , one is for immortality , hardly any mixed up . 4) In the Taoist system , Yi's trigrams (' 易卦') are heavily used to describe different phases of our practice and life scenarios , which you unlikely find anything similar in the Chakra system . For example , there is one important trigram pair , the upper Li (fire) --- lower Kan (water ) trigram , pointing out to us the fatal , vulnerable human status in which most people situated ,yet is the starting point where they begin their practice.
  13. If you are a woman, then it is partly true : Using middle dantian ( refer not to the heart) as a starting point, and it initializes something from lower dantian . Otherwise it is doubtful .
  14. The Three Gates of Practice

    Noted. Thanks your appreciation . 1699 in Cantonese sounds ‘forever’, this is the reason why...
  15. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    A way-less Way is still a way , maybe a much superior way ; a mindless mind is still a Mind, maybe a much magnificent Mind ("法本法無法, 無法法亦法" ; "心本法無心, 無心心亦心," ) Ways of Taoist alchemy do divide into low, middle and superior ones (上、中、下品丹法) , which Taoist writings repeatedly emphasize . Saying that different methods/ways suit different people is just a polite way to evade arguments or to avoid being viewed as arrogant. In fact, a low-end way can only lead you to a healthy body , hardly can it let you attain everlasting life.