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  1. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    On primordial level or in prenatal state, Jing , Qi , Shen is unitary, it is why we call them yuan (meta or original )-jing yuan-qi, yuan-shen. After birth, ie, our having shifted to breath by using the lung, they split , but connected; after adolescence, they further split, but still related; To most of us , without enough jing, we can't sense qi; this is why old people can't "initalize" qi so easily and likely not believe in it . However, in some cases , they may understand it better than young people because they feel qi , with jing embodied, in its distorted and deficient forms clearer : Deficient jing makes their eyesight deteriorate or ankle ache ( lack of jing), unable to work long time ( lack of qi ) and lose their memory ( lack of shen )easier . Although medical qigong holds back the becoming deficient qi , it is Taoist alchemy that reverses it, and makes the split jing ,qi, shen united again. The key is an ability to form that Mind or Shen ,that empty and consolidated mind . It is said that "神凝則精聚 " ("While the Mind consolidated , jing also gathers ") , that means, you not only can alleviate back pain or arthritis by some needles , but cure it thoroughly through a Mind .
  2. Because there are so many Taoist gods so people think that Taoism is a religion; in fact, those gods are originally humans , it is only because they can refine their qi into Shen , which appear to people as supernatural abilities , that they then become gods and worshiped . Besides, the time duration of these gods' life stretched once Shen is attained , so they live very long ,even forever, therefore people also call them "immortals" . As a saying tells us : "What is called Shen is something not entangled by yin and yang"("陰陽不測謂之神") ,and beause the balance and struggle between yin and yang implies change, therefore time ,so Shen is changes-proof and time-proof . "Religious " Taoism gives philosophers unlimited energy , wisdom and forever life that hardly can they think of , dream of.
  3. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Here on this forum , we get different readers/ members who have attained respective levels or interested in different subjects, so if some people find my posts arrogant, please just ignore them and continue their conversation ;
  4. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    From Taoist standpoint, any spiritual achievement, once achieved doesn't necessarily imply that it can be kept forever , you need jing and qi to sustain that " energy level " , otherwise you likely will drop off from it , back to your previous level as you aged . Of course, hardly are old Buddhist "masters" eager to tell you this because they already established their prestige among followers when they were young...; besides, recognizing Taoist truth at old age seems too late and therefore too painful for them.. * It doesn't necessary mean Buddhism is inferior to Taoism in every aspect , Buddhism has something really great, for example , Zen and Hua-Yan , which can be equal , even superior , to Taoism.
  5. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    The thinking that our practice " once certain level/ breakthrough attained, can be kept forever " ( "一得永得" ) is hardly true for Taoist alchemy and Buddhist enlightenment , nor martial arts. In the case of martial arts, there is a famous saying tells us that " 鍊拳不鍊功, 到老一場空 " ( " practicing those postures without having attained some (qi)gong , to the end of your life, all your efforts end in vain ") ; If you follow Taoist jing -> qi -> Shen formula, then unable to eliminate jing leakage or period ,similarly makes your efforts, no matter how many years they accumulated , something futile. How about Zen's ? Sitting there straight for long hours to hollow their mind, in fact, drains off monks or Buddhist practitioners' jing , qi and shen , so unless what they gain in deep emptiness overtakes what they lose in jing+ qi+ shen, decade-long meditation mostly ends up giving them a dull mind and withered body only...
  6. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    The novel " The Journey To The West " is mainly a Taoist novel although it is a story with a Buddhist theme and there are many Buddhist figures appeared in it . Nearly in every chapter you can find some Taoist poems, and quite a big part of them hide some keys ( that is , hints for solving Taoist alchemical problems/ troubles you are facing or will be facing ) , which hardly can you yourself figure them out ; in fact, many of those poems look so plain , just few simple words ,that you don't think that they have any significance until you reach certain stage . In many cases, pre-telling them might not be anything good ; But why science can tell people about the truth of this universe , as clear as possible, even in concise equations, for example : F=ma or E=mc2 , Taoist alchemy so reluctant ..
  7. You don't put the most precious thing at the place where you most likely will lose it. Unfortunately the lower dantian is situated at the area where we get rid of our waste, and jing, in its full status , is very likely turned into liquid form and released outside from there . So, the 1st step to prevent such a loss is to turn it into qi's form . However, as we accumulate as much qi as we can in the lower dantian , the danger of its being turned back into jing and then released outside as semen is also built up , which is why the introduction of the Micro Cosmic Circulation is neccessary . Note that by turning jing into qi and let it move upwards, the danger of its being lost is lessened. In fact, by looking at the jing-> qi-> shen-> emptiness formula, you can find that through changing their respective forms, you lessen the danger of their being lost at respective stages... Sharp readers may have noticed that the way of preventing qi's loss and making the most out of it , is to turn it into shen , not just accumulating a big volume of it. Also notice that the more qi ( or shen) you store in your body , the more likely the local one expands , contacts and merges with the external qi , which is limitless; this is why forever life possible . Hardly can you only reply on your local qi to get forever youth .
  8. Water above Fire

    While jing (water) has a tendency to leak and go downwards , the spirit (fire), our post-heavenly mind , is always fluctuating and dissipating, hardly can we consolidate and settle it ; such a status, if we let it continue , then aging and death is our only possible end. In fact, the more jing we lose, the more dull and unstable our mind is ; conversely , the more spiritual power you loose, say through reading too much books or playing too many on-line games, the more likely you get nocturnal jing leakages. Besides, we can say that why Buddhist type of meditation fails , especially for old guys/women, is its unable to identify this delicate balance and feedback between these two poles. Fortunately , we can nourish qi from jing and use it as a rising power , following the Du ( back and upward) channel , and make it counter that always uncontrolled fire... Taoist water/fire theory is important due not only to its actual healing effects on many diseases( insomnia, mental retardation, impotency..etc) as its having adopted by TCM, but its playing as an important complement to the Buddhist cultivation .
  9. Why people want to lead qi to their heads ? Do they think that by doing so, they can attain some kind of 3rd eye power ? Or, it is what they think how qi be upgraded to the shen level ? Although you can lead qi to some part of your body to cure some disease, say ringworm or tumor , if you do it properly, you can't do it the same way to upgrade your energetic level , ie from qi to Shen , only by leading it to a place different no matter it is a place before your eyes/ somewhere deep inside the middle of your eyes/ in your brain..etc . Most people get it wrong because they apply their daily type of reasoning to the world of qi , and think that it works similarly, which unfortunately is not . Or, they are misled by those "brain science ", thinking that some part of our brain in charge of some super-natural ability , and so think that if they can force some qi to that part , they will get the 3rd-eye ability ? All such kinds of thinking is sadly totally wrong..
  10. How to retain as much qi as possible in the body?

    If you are talking about anti-cold, then acu-pressing the " Yang Chi " ("陽池" ) ( literally means "Pool of yang " ) acupuncture point at the middle of our wrist is helpful . Just press it 2~3 times per day , each last for 3 ~ 5 minutes .
  11. Tian Gu

    Huang Di Nei Jing is composed of "素問" and "靈樞", and the phrase comes from "靈樞", which specialize in acupuncture theory and skills ; note that both are ancient paragraphs /books with many hand-copied versions on bamboo/cloth , so differences in content is likely. My claim based on the following 4 books' quotations, they are either Ming or Song's writings : 1) 玄膚論 2) 紫清指玄篇 3) 性命圭旨 4) 脈望 It is nothing strange that if you can't find it on the modern version of "靈樞".
  12. Tian Gu

    "Tian Gu" ("天谷" ) literally means " valley , an emptied mind , on top/heaven" comes from a phrase of Huang Di Nei Jing, the most important classics of TCM : "天谷元神, 守之自真" " Focus on the Tian Gu and maintain that emptied meta-Mind , we can live forever. " Why just focusing on the upper dantian makes us live forever physically seems difficult to comprehend , not to mention that most of the later-coming TCM medical qigong writings mainly ask people to focus on the lower dantian . In fact , why men can't get rid of their jing leakage is due to the uncontrolled lust from their lower dantian , which disguised as illusory desires and emotions (" 妄情 " ) , that helps nature secretly "steal" their jing and qi ( see Yin Fu Jing) and make them die ; a persistent emptied Mind therefore is the most reliable safeguard against such an unnoticed loss.. (* upper dantian is place of troublesome , be careful )
  13. There is no need to differentiate those thought, observation, intention...etc( in fact, you shouldn't ! ) ; just eliminate all mental activities, including this intention to eliminate , and expect nothing upcoming....to its utmost , an emptied mindless Mind , ie the real Mind/ meta-Mind, will pop up ; If you can't follow the above-mentioned way , then follow Taoist way , that is : jing -> qi -> Shen ( emptied Mind) , which implies using jing and qi to counteract your fluctuating minds...
  14. From Taoist viewpoint, it is only after an empty Mind capable of mobilizing qi that we can go from philosophical level to practical level , and the main issue of humans, i.e. Xing's ('性' ) alienation from meng , be solved ; otherwise all philosophical treatments of humans' dilemma , in the end, turned out to be futile . The key is "凝神得竅" ; "Consolidate a mindless Mind and open the gateway to qi " ; All others are useless , just something " soothing kids not to cry " ;
  15. Taoist Immortal vs Buddha

    From Taoist point of view, it is a process of Shen's reuniting with Meng ( our physical life of jing and qi) : First you can stop your breathing through having consolidated a mindless Mind , not through a deliberate mind , for 1~ 2 minutes, then 15 minutes..and longer ; later you can stop your heart beat at your own will ..( just place your finger on your pulse at the wrist but not be distracted , whenever it happens , likely in a gradual diminishing process , you can sense it ; since you make it happen , you can re-activate it ) . Accompanied these with your skin turned back baby-like, fallen teeth reborn ..etc, physical immortality becomes something believable, otherwise all are self-deceit . I always think that physical proofs are more re-liable than spiritual proofs for you can get a mental disease and think yourself turned into an immortal or Messiah , but physical proofs can always be used as reliable counter-checking..