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  1. Immortality Physical and NonPhysical

    Before proving whether physical immortality is possible or not, people have to stop and reverse the aging process ; if people can't reverse aging , then it is senseless to talk about physical immortality . Luckily , to prove whether aging process can be reversed or not is not that complicated and only takes you few weeks time , say , you indulge yourself few weeks in overnight wine drinking, sex , online games..etc , then you get a withered face with some wrinkles .., then you try using Taoist way to reverse it..; so the success or not of that reversing method can only cheat you few weeks not long ; besides, the proof of whether physical-immortality feasible is more reliable than those spiritual-enlightenment ways as you can see its effects easily , hardly will it waste you years of time , even a whole lifetime . A very long life span also grants you enough time and energy to explore the spiritual arena , the secret of the universe and complicated issues like time, dimensions, gravity , AI ..etc, which are all related ; the so-called Meng first, Xing later principle is really good for most people .
  2. Thousands of quotes can be found in traditional Taoist writings, which I am not going to quote here. A big trunk of Taoism is related to medical qigong, which can easily give people some curing powers, then by using it to affect others , to initialize a movement or uprisings , which repeated appeared in the Chinese history . This is one of the reasons why Taoists are reluctant to meddle affairs in society .
  3. I think as long as the contents are not quoted by others in a polemic , it is okay to do so . Taoists have been persecuted by different kinds of regimes in its 2500-year history, no matter it was from the Communists or from those Emperors ; as long as qi really exists , some people will discover it , refine it and make use it to discover the secret of this universe. Its secular expressions or feedback , whether it be a philosophical theory to be loved by scholars , or as a medical system used by doctors to cure patients , even as a religion to be worshiped by the mass , in relatively not so important .
  4. I think traditional attitude of Taoism towards this issue likely is quite different from what people think . No meddling with politics or earthly affairs is what they adopt. It is same as an attitude of a field biologist adopted not meddling with affairs among those groups of chimpanzee that he is studying in a forest despite his understanding that the chimpanzee might be his close relatives. Nor there is any necessity for him to show off his skill of controlling a drone flying through the dense forest to them .
  5. Confucian Qi gong

    Mencius says : " 萬物皆備於我矣" ("All things are there well prepared for my coming.. " ). How splendid such a saying is ! Yet hardly can it be true for most people unless he is a guy who is born in a royal or a very rich family ; in fact, most things and forces around us when we come to this world appeared as things hostile : Strong wind and rain make you uncomfortable , bacteria makes us sick ; people jealous of our achievements discourage us , having no jobs for few months makes us starve..etc. However, the guy who says this is no liar or superficial guy for Mencius , the second saint next to Confucius , is a person who claims himself nourish qi not solely for circulating around his own body , but qi that is special as he tells us : "吾善浩然之氣, 至大至剛..塞于天地之間" ( " I am good at nourishing expansive qi, so immense , so strong ,..that it fills the whole universe ") If all things are composed of qi , then by using our own qi in quest for qi outside , making them serve our purpose with ease because of their similarity ( "同氣相求") ,we can say that things exist there well prepared for our coming.
  6. Most people can't directly access the " ultimate jing of the universe" because there are physical( bodily ) and spiritual boundaries that limit them , however, they can access the internalized form of that jing , now called Yuan-jing ( " 元精 ", the original jing) after its having entered the body , via paying attention to their lower abdomen. After having tasted that initial doze of qi arising there , they should then shift to " polishing" ( ie by not polishing * ) their mind into some kind of mindless Mind as the immense jing and qi outside definitely can't be accessed through the minds stuffed with earthly impurity . With quality of qi as the counter-checking criterion, they can check whether their mind are doing it correctly , much reliable than what we see in Zen Koans ( those silly questions and answers mainly talk about different levels of emptiness/ spiritual achievement that only insiders/ practitioners understand, hardly anything meaningful for outsiders or people not adopting their ways..) . * By not polishing : first you pay attention to it , then you ignore such "an attention" , then you forget ever having such "an ignorance"...; no worry whether you can grasp it as in that process your qi will lend you a hand .Don't forget that inside qi there is some delicate , clever stuff called shen waiting for you to provide help.
  7. Tao is certainly related to jing, qi and shen , it is through them that Tao is embodied and expressed in this world , reading writings like Chung tzu and Huangdi Nei Jing ( which lays the foundation of TCM and acupuncture ) ...etc. will tell people this clearly . And attaining qi , which is limitless and everywhere , implies the possibility of physical immortality. Of course, some people may only like some of its philosophical implication , not anything practical , which is nothing wrong . These people are like visitors who visit a diamond mine and admire how beautiful it is , then leave it without bringing anything precious out . On the other hand , there are some other visitors who not only admire the beauty of the mine, but they can dig and bring with them many previous stones when leaving .
  8. Qi vs Virus

    Let say you get a malicious tumor in your brain , right inside your consciousness , and it develops quickly daily , can you , by using your mind only , to squeeze it , burn it , chop it off..because it is that close , that touchable ? The true is , by whatever ways of visualizing or mind concentration of getting rid of it , you likely fail . Not only because when you were told by the doctor of the existence of the brain cancer scared you , plunged you into great panic that makes you confused and discouraged , but also because the gap between the mind and the tumor is so far away beyond reach despite of its being "inside you " . Maybe some medium inbetween is needed ? Say if you deal with it from a Taoist way, from a way related to jing and qi, then the result can be very different. In TCM , Taoist expression in medicine , our brain is called "髓海 " (" Sea of marrow") , which is linked to our spine and down to the lowest part of our body where our yang-qi arises. In fact, our spine and brain is just the material expression that some mammals developed in order to get a higher form of shen . Capable of sublimate jing into qi , even then qi into shen ( the so-called "reversing jing upwards so as to nourish the brian " (' 還精補腦 ' ) )will definitely help you healing diseases in your brain , more effective than just using some kind of visualization or mind concentration , which is something still entangled in the realm of daily consciousness, some kind of yin-typed of mind . This likely is also true for nerve damage when people hurt their spinal cord. In fact it is very difficult for you to visualize your nerve cells to regenerate themselves because they differentiated and become too mature, you need some more "original" , more basic cells , the so-called stem cells, to do the job . In terms of Taoist medical treatment , no life force is more original , delicate and effective than jing and qi provided that you fulfill some precondition : In that status of paralysis and pain, you still get a clear mind , not a defeatist mind , and can initialize qi even in a lying down posture, which is much more difficult than a sitting one.
  9. A returned member from exile

    Welcome back, anyway.
  10. Meditation during the living hour (yang shen)

    Some ideas : Before attaining yang shen , it seems there are two things you not mention: 1) a persistent emptied Mind 2) embryonic breathing You can't just rely on qi in your meridians or dantian, to do the job, for they are still yin-typed of qi ; what you need is yang qi from embryonic breathing. However , in order to get embryonic breathing , you need to be able to sustain a persistent emptied Mind. Sustain a persistent emptied Mind ( ie Xing gong ) can also solve jing leakage , including nocturnal , problems ; so it is always viewed as quite a one-stroke solution to many troubles . A persistent emptied Mind will definitely enable you an embryonic breathing , some yang qi , which is the precondition for attaining a yang shen .
  11. Qi vs Virus

    Hi, Nothing seems to be significant about my qigong practice. If there were some , I already posted them here . Most of them are reflections when I read the Chinese classical qigong/TCM/acupuncture writings and their applications on my or acquaintances' bodies .
  12. Qi vs Virus

    Thanks your concern. Hardly do I view it as any kind of achievement at all . Only because I need some examples to elaborate my points do I mention them .
  13. Qi vs Virus

    Likely people who , at the initial stage of their capability of mobilizing qi , will find themselves begin to heal some minor disease like a cold or some ringworm(mold) on hip ; it then proceeds to heal more serious ringworm between toes , heal hemorrhoids and other not malicious tumors ; Furthermore it can be something like syphilis (bacteria) and serious epidemic like bird flu( virus ) ,then cancer.. , so it can be many forms. Qi is nourished from jing , so its healing power is proportional to the quality of jing inside ; as we always do many things in daily life to undermine our life energy , so qi's power can be fluctuating. How good the quality of our qi power can be judged by the following : 1) Whether there is sex pleasure or heat arisen when your qi is mobilized? 2) Whether there is a light, delicate flow of current , inside or around your body , instead of your sensing only something dull and heavy ? 3) Whether you find your qi expand , eliminate your sense of the body boundary and make you feel immersing yourself with the outside world..etc. Of course, there are also spiritual proofs say whether qi makes you sustain an emptied mind much easier ; the appearance of some dot/shape of light unintentionally before you , not necessarily in front of your eyes..etc . A simpler form of qi healing can be just a projection of your spirit , it may looks similar to other religions' ; for example, some Christian clergy , totally not known of any qi theory, just via praying , can do some healing on people. However, from the standpoint of Taoism , any healing ability has to be sustained by jing and qi, so as the healer gets older or overuses his power , he may lose it ( In fact, this is true for all supernatural abilities , not necessary healing power ) . I think the significance of Taoist jing-qi-shen path of gaining healing power is to show people a more touchable, controllable series of steps of how it arises, sublimates then turn into purer spiritual form, preventing people from falling into Mysticism .
  14. Qi vs Virus

    Thanks your concern. I am still in HK . Medical masks have become something so precious that I think better leave others who really need them to have it .
  15. Qi vs Virus

    Thanks. Qi is in fact from emptiness, so of course more basic than any other forms of livings. However, in the area of modern science, people are accustomed to separating subjects of knowledge and technology, and cannot understand Taoist approach. Physicsts Hawking and Feymann get different diseases and suffered from them , yet nobody will think that because they are experts in black hole, gravitation, sub-particles ..., the basic stuff of this universe , then they should be able to cure themselves and not going to see doctors who are experts in dealing with things mainly at other levels say cell and molecular levels.. In the case of qigong practice , we get a very strange approach: once people can mobilise qi, and can sustain an emptied mind for minutes ,for example, then they start to get their fate in their own hands , not relying on other so-called experts. Qi is so basic, just with a correct grasp of shen, it becomes god-like and solve all our problems ; how strange an approach it is .