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  1. Through intercourse , certain amount of yang jing (pre-heavenly qi ) was absorbed into a woman's body ,and with her breathing and nourishment , a fetus grew into a baby and after 10 months, the baby was born; notice that a spirit /soul only comes into the baby at the moment when it comes into the world , and it is said that its soft forehead is the gateway for this incoming alien . After our birth, the originally united , pre-heavenly qi starts to split into jing, qi and shen : While jing and qi settle down to the lower part of our body , shen rises to the top; the gradual distraction of shen and its further attachment to senses as we grow up gives rise to the thing we call consciousness , a pseudo-self , which is in fact a mixture of the incoming , karma-borne spirit and a distracted ,lost mind who hardly knows of anything about itself . As a famous Taoist saying tells us : " 海枯可見底, 人死不知心" ("While you can see the bottom of the sea when it dries up, never can a man knows his Mind even at the point of his death")
  2. Says it beautifully is not enough . Heartless / Mindless is the key to break the physical (bodily ) and spiritual boundary that encircle and separate us from the outside world , but practically how ? To Taoism , doing mindless meditation has to go deep enough to initialize embryonic breathing, otherwise it is 'useless' for we can't break the wall that blocks the exchange between the internal body qi and the qi outside. Unable to do so talking about living an endless life is groundless for the qi we accumulate inside is always limited . But regarding how to get deep mindlessness , Buddhism and Taoism provide different solutions . To Taoism , it is something not that difficult ,maybe Taoist reply is more fuller because it emphasizes accumulating enough jing and qi to help . To Buddhism , Grinding-a -brick-so-as-to-make-a-mirror type of meditation is shallow and a waste of lifetime , at least we need to go deep enough to attain a stop of breathing ( after it , hopefully , is the rise of embryonic breathing..). The Buddhist solution is difficult but unique, always gives me unexpected ecstasy, but it seems not appropriate for me , a Taoist , to explicate it here .
  3. Hi, You got it . Instead of paying attention to certain part of body/ dantian , the quote says forgetting it ; instead of asking people to lead the qi mobilized , it further asks people to forget it ; so, at different stages of Taoist cultivation , people do need to have different mindset .
  4. I like the following quote: "忘形以養氣, 忘氣以養神, 忘神以養虛 " ( " Forget the body/form so as to nourish qi, forget qi so as to nourish Shen, forget Shen so as to nourish Emptiness" ) Looks zen-like , not Taoist , yet because it mentions body and qi , this quote is undoubtedly Taoist .
  5. As many people follow the most common method of focusing their mind on the abdomen to mobilize and accumulate qi , another important reason why MCC seems so necessary is that the more jing and qi they accumulate , the more a pressure they bear to release them; so not doing the MCC means they will definite lose it in whatsoever status : Either in awaken status under some excuse or in their dreams . And, unable to accumulate certain amount of qi , there is no way of talking about opening the "Magic Doorway" . On the other hand ,doing the MCC makes the accumulated jing and qi , now likely in some kind of hot, ball-shaped stuff, no longer staying at that place so vulnerable . Why the Buddhists don't talk about this so clearly crucial issue in Taoist alchemy ,but laugh at it or even look down on Taoism because of it ? I think likely it is because some of them think that their at-one-stroke-entering-into-deep-mindlessness way ,comparing to Taoist MCC treatment ,can solve the issue more thoroughly(?) Or it is Taoist MCC treatment more practical ? Anyway, although lower abdomen is the area where we can get our qi easier, it doesn't necessary mean it is the only place inevitable to start with . Based on Taoist theory, qi is everywhere,so theoretically speaking you can start from anywhere ,even outside of the physical body ; in that case, the effects & troubles you get will be very different from following the MCC's .
  6. Micro cosmic circulation has become so famous , so dominant only in recent centuries , partly because of the influence of the Wu-Liu School ,partly because of the fact that Du and Ren channels are likely the main paths where qi will flow once we have accumulated enough of it : It goes upwards to our head from the bottom , then downwards to our abdomen..( Note that the said direction is only true to men , not necessary to women); Please pay attention to the famous saying if you prefer to follow the way of MCO : "氣滿督自開" "Once qi is full , the Dun channel will naturally open to you " So it is not open by our deliberate effort , our lead of it. Also notice that there are differences between TCM and Taoist alchemical idea on this issue : From TCM's point of view ,of course, qi is always flowing along our Du and Ren channels , otherwise we can't even sit or stand straight ( old people who get their crooked backs is because of their deficient qi not rising high enough...) , despite the fact it is something we are unconscious of ; on the other hand , in Taoist alchemy : 1) what we are talking about is something we consciously initialize , yet we should avoid ourselves from using or overusing our mind to enhance it . 2)The post-heavenly qi that runs along the channels ,dealed with by the TCM doctors for curing diseases , is only a medium , what Taoists target at is the pre-heavenly one.
  7. A lot . It is a common practice of Taoist classics to tell what physical effects people can attain after talking about certain principles , usually as some kind of proof. For example, the famous " Preachings of masters Zhong and Lu" (<<鍾吕傳道集>>) .
  8. Some keys : 1) A settled , magnificent Mind is the guarantee for the stop of jing leakage ,it is especially true for nocturnal release ; and ,is of course important for spiritual achievement ; most of Buddhist monks don't talk about it( likely also unable to stop release of it ) doesn't mean that it is a trivial issue ; in Wu-Liu writings, there are a lot argument about it, I will not repeat them here ; ( See how a monk's face look like you get 90% about how deep his cultivation ..) Wu-Liu argument is clear and definite : capable of stopping the leakage of jing and maintaining it means very ,very long life... 2) Conversely , having accumulated enough jing and qi lets you grasp and settle the fluctuated minds ( details hidden in Taoist theory of Kan and Li ) much easier ; the emphasize of qi and Shen's intercourse is always overlooked by people ...; anyway , the key is to let a mindless Mind govern the whole process of your cultivation, not relying on your silly ,narrow-minded ego . 3) Reversing aging, not just stopping it, is a wonderful criterion proposed by Taoists to check about the effectiveness of our practice. As they are so clear : Turning your whitened hair back to black or rebirth of fallen teeth .., so it is more reliable than other criterion , for example, those silly questions raised by monks in Zen 's Koans in quest of a final answer , not to speak of other religions' otherworldly promises..., for Taoism believes that to the utmost of jing's fullness and purity , Shen will also form and come ( " 精極成神 " ) to us .
  9. From Taoist standpoint , the importance of stopping jing leakage for any high achievement is beyond doubt , whether it be spiritual or physical as they are always related , inseparate; such a position is different from some religions' claim of depleting the physical body so as to get some spiritual achievement ; so I will here only focus on those successful ways of stopping leakage jing ; of course, stoppage is the pre-condition for you can't replenish it by keep losing it . So far there are only two successful ways: The Taoist way : By refining all jing into qi , then of course, there is no jing to leak; what you can leak are qi and Shen ; this can be said to be a gradual way for you are asked to follow the jing -> qi -> Shen path , which likely is also an easier way . Of course, the problems you then get is how to avoid the leakage of qi or Shen, but they are problems of next stage . The Zen way : This way says that you leak jing because you get a low-quality ,fluctuated mind , so if you are always in a high-quality mindless Mind , then hardly can you need to worry about it .A mind full of sex drive , in fact, is also a Mind of Enlightenment / Tao ( "淫心即道心" ") . High spiritual achievement needs enough jing embedded to succeed , so methodologically speaking , you just turn it around to do , simple and ' easy ' , I mean clear-cut and thorough ; of course it is a hard way but a mindless Mind can be something playful, so why not try it ?
  10. It sounds great . Hope that more people can tell us their way of getting qi .
  11. Note that qi is everywhere, can be inside or outside of us . Place inside of our body where qi arisen when we pay attention to is called dantian , but dantian can be many places depending on how we use our mind . How about places just on the boundary ,say just before our eyes or at the tip of our noses ? Or , we place our mind to somewhere far outside our body , even to nowhere ? But why we would prefer to do that ? Most of the people mobilize internal qi first , then accumulate it so as to absorb qi from outside, however the order is not something fixed , you can adopt something new , say get them both at one stroke.. ; " Qi got from a mind of nowhere " implies that you have to use a mind very different : A mind of no visualization , a mind of not paying-attention-to to get what you want .
  12. More : Notice that the more delicate and subtle you feel in your qi, which is determined by the quality of jing there , the closer you comes to attain shen ..
  13. The qi people get by focusing on their dantian , for example, likely is not same as the one they get by putting their mind to nowhere , the later should be something having higher , more delicate quality . The principle is that after having got qi through an attached, attentive way, people should change their mindset and adopt a more detached way to get something more superior.
  14. I find these photos disturbing, Awaken seems know not much about the recent history of those events related to , or partly related to qi-gong dating back to I-Kwan-Tao, June 4 , FLG..etc, the worry and timidity I expressed has just been laughed by Marblehead.
  15. Thanks your comment. I always over-worry things that are unlikely to happen. Glad to hear that you can go straight to 6) . By the way, just want to add that the ways are not necessarily incompatible , some in fact can be done together to enhance the effect .