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  1. Changing Jing to Chi'i

    Yeah, all are authoritative. I am not talented enough to create them myself. Don’t overlook them as some kind of showing-off...,hardly am I delighted by such kind of small vainity.
  2. Changing Jing to Chi'i

    It is not necessarily some kind of direct translation, why bother?
  3. Chakra and Dan Tian

    Although the "chakra" system looks similar to Taoist dantians , for example, locations of the lower dantian and upper dantian quite match the positions of chakras, there are some big differences between them : 1) There is no jing-qi-Shen framework in the Indian system . In Taoist system ,the lower dantian is said to be the place where you cultivate jing, and at the upper dantian , a place you cultivate Shen. And there are intricate relations between them, not just a change of position. 2) In the Indian system ,there are no yin and yang concepts to which Taoism repeatedly refers as something crucial . For example, a spirit or consciousness , despite having got powerful 3rd eye abilities , as long as it not having refined by yang-qi , is called yin-shen and to the final analysis , is something worthless and futile . It is the yang Shen that we are eager to attain. 3) There are no post-heavenly and pre-heavenly concepts in the Indian systems. In Taoist system , while an area where post-heavenly qi arises is called dantian, an indefinite place where pre-heavenly qi arise is called "Magic Gateway " (' 玄關') ; one is for curing diseases or delaying aging , one is for immortality , hardly any mixed up . 4) In the Taoist system , Yi's trigrams (' 易卦') are heavily used to describe different phases of our practice and life scenarios , which you unlikely find anything similar in the Chakra system . For example , there is one important trigram pair , the upper Li (fire) --- lower Kan (water ) trigram , pointing out to us the fatal , vulnerable human status in which most people situated ,yet is the starting point where they begin their practice.
  4. Changing Jing to Chi'i

    Although most people initialize qi , or more precisely speaking, sublimate jing to qi, through paying-attention-to-lower-dantian way , what they get likely is still post-heavenly one , ie, qi with quality not high enough . In order to get high-quality qi , people have to change their mindsets . Varied levels to consider are as follows : 1) You pay attention to it, and you get it ( low-class way ; "存而後得") 2) You pay attention to it, then forget it ,yet still get it ( better; "存而後忘") 3) You don't pay attention to it, yet still get it ( high-class way; " 忘而後得") 4) You are not eager to practice, and expect no achievement ( highest ); (" 學道無心, 悟無所得")
  5. If you are a woman, then it is partly true : Using middle dantian ( refer not to the heart) as a starting point, and it initializes something from lower dantian . Otherwise it is doubtful .
  6. The Three Gates of Practice

    Noted. Thanks your appreciation . 1699 in Cantonese sounds ‘forever’, this is the reason why...
  7. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    A way-less Way is still a way , maybe a much superior way ; a mindless mind is still a Mind, maybe a much magnificent Mind ("法本法無法, 無法法亦法" ; "心本法無心, 無心心亦心," ) Ways of Taoist alchemy do divide into low, middle and superior ones (上、中、下品丹法) , which Taoist writings repeatedly emphasize . Saying that different methods/ways suit different people is just a polite way to evade arguments or to avoid being viewed as arrogant. In fact, a low-end way can only lead you to a healthy body , hardly can it let you attain everlasting life.
  8. The Three Gates of Practice

    Hardly can I agree to the ‘gate of sleep’ , it likely be something from the Buddhist practice. From taoist perspective, If your qi and Shen become full, then you sleep less or not sleep at all naturally , otherwise sleep as long as you need. The saying about ‘ the evil of sleep’ (‘睡魔’ ) , to me, is doubtful . To young guys , an erection that always emerges after sleeping undoubtedly proves an existence of yang , which is some kind of good sign . Old guys can’ t sleep long hours, and, even they sleep long hours , hardly can they get an erection after it. Capable of resuming it is one of the criteria showing how well you cultivate . Likely Buddhist practitioners ignore it, even laugh at it, but careful Taoist practitioners know better..
  9. In fact, nose tip is a place difficult to pinpoint ; you are asked to focus on somewhere, but led to nowhere. Nose tip is just a place transitional . Capable of skilfully making use of emptiness /nowhere at certain stage of our cultivation is one of the significance of the West School.
  10. A lineage worthy of study should be one different from what people nowadays always coming across easily in the parks or on the internet : A gong composed of a series of postures ,likely accompanied with certain ways of breathing, and boasted of what amazing healing effects it has. Although most of them name themselves beautifully ,says XXX-gong ,they are in fact some kind of copies or mediocre revisions originated from those TCM medical qi-gong writings. A Taoist lineage worthy of paying attention to should get some unique ideas that enable us to look deeper at Taoist principles or gives us a different perspective on some ideas ,not to mention its always having outstanding creators, for example, the Wu-Liu School was established by Wu and Liu, a monk-turned Taoist who not only likes quoting tons of Buddhist phrases in his writings, but also due to his background , raises the issue about the importance jing leakage in spiritual cultivation; in fact, jing leakage is not only important in Taoism, but also in Buddhism ; maybe also in all other religions as most of them emphasize asceticism , yet unable to tell you exactly why . Or, in the West School its creator , Li xi-Yue, claims himself as a reincarnation of the creator of the East School,Lu xi-Xing, coming back only to finish his unfinished job. Notice that in Taoism, different from what you see in Tibetan heritage , reincarnation is hardly anything positive. A master should be smart and resolute enough to complete his job of turning into an immortal in one life-time, not in several ones. Besides, the starting point of the West school is also strange, different from most schools: Followers are asked to have their eyes focus on their noses' tips , that means on the boundary of the body where it is neither inside nor outside, neither attached to eyesight nor smell ; and although close to the upper dantian , it has fewer of its defects .
  11. Qi, Jing and Shen - Nourishment Thread!

    I think people have to be reminded that TCM's concepts about jing, qi, shen are different from those of the Taoist alchemy . For example, when Taoist alchemy talks about the pre-heavenly jing, it refers to some kind of energy, always accompanied with sex pressure, arisen from a Mindless state , that can cure many diseases and enhance our mind ...etc ( for at pre-heavenly level, jing ,qi and Shen are a unity, inseparable ), while TCM always refers it as something pre-natal , mostly related to whether our parents are healthy or strong enough or not..
  12. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    Most Taoist alchemist writings don't give people a clear guideline with concrete steps towards attaining Dan, especially those written before the Ching Dynasty . Wu-Liu's are the more the detailed and precise , yet at certain key points, the explanation still appear evasive (deliberately ? ) ..
  13. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    Lower dantian is the place for refining jing to qi, not the place for nourishing the fetus; note that it is only after qi and shen having their intercourse, does a fetus appear ; if people can't complete the job of refining jing to qi , then maybe they will keep staying at the lower dantian , even for whole life. In fact, most of the people can't understand what the mindless Mind is is because their incapability in solving the issue of jing leakage . Even if they deliberately start from the upper dantian , it doesn't necessarily mean they can finish the job of attaining shen quicker or easier . The key is not about the location, nor the posture of your body, nor how you breathe, but what mind you get . For what mind you get determines what way you breathe, what life you live. As an immortal tells us : " Those whose minds succumbed to life scenarios are called ordinary people , those who have life scenarios killed by their Mind are called Immortals " "境殺心則凡, 心殺境則仙" (郝太古) Apart from the lower , middle and upper dantian , there is a place where the fetus being nourished , plus another place where the grown up baby coming out of the head , all are referred to as different areas at different stages , so people shouldn't mix up them.
  14. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    Building up the lower dantian well means you can refine jing into qi cleanly , which also implies your having successfully stopped leaking most jing or any jing , then of course you will be entering the stage of refining qi into shen . At that stage, you can easily eliminate the ups and downs of your minds ...concretely speaking , when your qi rises to the top , the energetic form of qi will turn into some spiritual form of Oneness, of course, you have to grasp that moment to consolidate it, extend it .... At the stage of refining jing into qi, the feelings of jing and qi symptoms are significant ; at the stage of refining qi into shen , it is the ' feeling' of shen , a mighty mindless Mind , that will be dominant : for example , hardly can you get angry so easily because of others' criticisms , unsettled by adversity and uncertainties in life or perplexed by any difficult intellectual problems .
  15. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    The principle is : Wherever the yang qi arises , wherever you should focus your mind on . So, if you are a man, you start by paying attention to your lower dantian ; if you are a woman, you focus your mind to the middle dantian ( place in between your breasts) . However, hardly does paying attention to the upper dantian help you initializing the yang qi , nor does it help you 'consolidating' your mind ( conversely it is what the lower dantian does) ; and, no consolidation of the mind means no possibility of any 3rd-eye . So starting from the upper dantian , a way introduced by the book " Secret of the Golden flower" , is really something strange . Maybe one of reasons is the popularity of the book ... that means, once there was a Westerner who accidentally found a strange Taoist book at a marketplace of China, translated it , long before anyone had got a grasp of the basic theory of Taoism , and unfortunately the book then becomes so famous , making them distracted .