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  1. Neidan plan

    Quite agree . Teaching medical qigong , Taiqi ..etc as a commodity is okay , nothing wrong . Just like someone who teaches you how to play some kind of sports that makes you healthier and happier, and he charges you some money for it . Neidan is totally something different . If any guy who really knows the key , or any crucial skills about it , not those mostly are just medical qigong stuff , the first thing he does is not to set up a website boast of how capable he is , but how to hide among the crowd .. ; the Taoist saint walks on path totally different from common people's , if someday you meet him , it is because he deliberately changes his path to enter yours , not because of your chase after him .
  2. It is strange to think that spiritual problems can only be answered in a spiritual way , not in a physical way ; maybe it is true for people who follow the Buddhist style of cultivation , but it definitely is not the case if you follow the Taoist way . An emptied mind , if you do it correctly , definitely will give rise to physical changes in your body , say diseases be cured or your aging be reversed even your having paid no attention to them . So, seeing this , you can estimate that likely you are on a right path of your spiritual cultivation . It is important to know that if your mind consolidates (not just empties ) , your jing will also consolidate ; (" 神凝則精凝" ) Note that having jing consolidated means it not leaking , can be accumulated , and no longer be deficient . Deficiency of jing , therefore deficiency and imbalance of qi , is the main reason of those diseases and aging.
  3. Alcohol and Qi

    If you are doing medical qigong , or try using the so-called "post-heavenly " qi to do some cure , then drinking some alcohol does help you initializing and enhancing qi ; or you mix alcohol with some herbs , say Ginseng or Dang Gui , to enhance its curing effects; you can find tons of these materials related to alcohol in TCM writings . If you are doing Taoist alchemy , then drinking alcohol is unlikely to be proposed as in that area, a delicate application of your mind is necessary ; drinking alcohol expands your qi and makes you not capable of consolidating your mind , besides, arousing sex drive ..etc all are not so beneficial .
  4. Deep Universe Inside?

    From Zhongyongdaoist's post : It existed in China as can be seen in this quote from the Confucian, Mencius: It is the same Mencius further says : " 吾善養浩然之氣.. 其為氣也,至大至剛,以直養而無害,則塞於天地之間 " ( " I am good at nourishing that magnificent qi ..such qi fills the whole universe , so enormous and strong that we can nourish it straight without worry " ) so for both Confucians and Taoists , the precondition for those ten thousands things inside us , for such a great joy inside us is the common ground : qi ; without it , we can not overcome the sufferings and adversities in life. Yet the existence of a bodily boundary and the qi so weak we initialize separate the internal qi and the external qi , making us not sense them as a unity . Therefore most of us remain living in the world as mediocre folks, hardly appear as any kind of saints or heroes .
  5. Questions about Qigong and Healing

    Likely qi fixes scoliosis , along the spinal cord is where the Du channel runs ..
  6. The Embryo of Sagehood

    Chinese Buddhist texts is one of the most difficult areas of the classical Chinese , I appreciate anyone , especially western scholars , who are brave enough to do such an attempt . Also because it is one of the constituents of the Chinese and Japanese cultures ,it seems to be something difficult to evade if you aim at high-level spiritual achievement
  7. Approaches to Cultivation

    Similar to nature , heat air rises to the heaven ,then it gives rise to lightning and rain downwards..
  8. Approaches to Cultivation

    Some may feel it as a stream of energy with heat , even with some light.
  9. Approaches to Cultivation

    There are two things , as preconditions , you need to have in order to attain an eternal life or something spiritually great : 1) You are capable of initializing qi . Unable to get such an ability beforehand means you get no criteria to measuring how good or how high a level your spiritual practice is or will be . Note that praying , visualization or how well you imagine things , is some kind of subjective experience or creation , hardly any kind of criterion to be used to judge itself , and is unmatched to a criterion like qi so reliable . 2) You somehow know what a genuine emptied Mind look likes . In capable of tasting some flavor of it will either make you mistake those talks in Buddhist Sutra as philosophical stuff , or make you ignore those spiritual presuppositions that Taoist emphasize before doing your MCO .
  10. Approaches to Cultivation

    People who follow the Buddhist way must know the Taoist framework of jing-qi-shen otherwise they very likely will fall into the trap of ignoring the importance of body energy; people who follow Taoist way must know Zen's criticisms about attachments to ideas, forms and statuses otherwise they definitely will be entangled by those tricks of MCO or visualization , not capable of achieving anything great .
  11. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    Our Self , is not just composed of two big chunks: the upper consciousness and the lower biological needs and drives . If we look at it through the Maslow's hierarchy of needs , from top to bottom , there are more layers : need of self-fulfilment, need to be respected, need to feeling safe.. and the bottom, biological needs of sex , food and shelter . A male in depressed mood can be pressed to sex addiction , not only because he has accumulated lot of jing in celibacy ; it is just like some women who are urged to eating snacks or buying clothes under stress . So, conversely, those emotions, whether they are suppressed , not being noticed , or fully sensed but not controllable : fear , anger, jealousness, hatred , unrest .. can all be / should be used as ' fuels ' burning for the emptied Mind . Or, doing / thinking it in the way around , it is the emptied Mind that is the thorough , at one stroke way to solve all troubles . Also it is in this sense that doing our cultivation in earthly world is much more meaningful than doing it on the top of high mountain or in deep cave . In fact , only after having trained in those earthly hardships, can we secure what we have achieved .
  12. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    Sex drive can be used as fuel burning for attaining an emptied Mind , the initial condition is just the ability of mobilizing qi . Passion and emotions , such as worries, jealousy , fear, vanity ...etc can also be used as fuels for it , not only jing and qi .
  13. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    The result of sex intercourse is same as nocturnal emission as long as leakage of jing does happen. It makes no differences whether it happened in sane state or deep sleep; or whether it is accompanied with wet dream or without wet dream ; or, whether via your own hands or via other sex's body. In fact , people who adopt the paying-attention-to-the-dantian way of cultivation are especially entangled by this problem for the more jing and qi they have accumulated at their abdomen, the more momentum /urge that force them to release it , if not in awake state, then it likely in their dreams. The sex drive will disguise as your own self , making you think that you are acting at your own will , for your own interest .
  14. desire in Taoism

    "attached to the idea of non-attachment " means attaching to the emptiness , which is just another kind of attachments that fails many people's attempts to attain a genuine mindless Mind . Such a loophole , regardless of many people's ignorance of it , is fully understood by both Taoism and Zen . However, the ways to solve it can be very difficult , much more difficult than your trial of solving some abstract mathematical theorem /conjecture because "intuitive abstraction" * is much difficult to grasp than analytic abstraction that we do in daily life . Ways to deal with it can be : 1) " 為著有者說空 , 為著空者說有 " ( " To those attached to beings , you preach emptiness ; to those attached to emptiness , you preach being " ) 2) Negation of negation : You try negating the " attachment of non-attachment " , thinking that your intention of getting ride of attachment to emptiness can make you attain the genuine emptiness ... ; unfortunately , it likely only leads you to a series of negations without end or outlet . 3) " 當下無心, 悟無所得" ( " At one stroke you forget all minds , and expect no attainment, achievements.. from it " ) * A term sounds contradictory as people always view intuition as a direct , flash-like grasp of some truth in some area of knowledge or skills ; the fact that emptiness does get layers is the basis for such a claim .
  15. MCO point location

    Once you have been able to initialize qi, be it from the lower dantian(male ) , or from the middle dandian ( female ) , you then wait for qi telling you how it develops ( where it goes and in what direction..) , not your desire of what it is or what other people tell you how it should be . An important saying : " 氣滿督自開" " Once qi accumulated and got full, the channel of Du itself opens " so the channel of Du is formed out of qi, developed by it , not by your intention . And, if it has not been full, there is no use of your adding your intention to make it full or to lead it in whatever ways . Please notice that a stronger intention / focus gives rise to "evil fire" ( "邪火" ) , not more or better qi , regardless of its giving you stronger feelings ( students of TCM likely can grasp this easier..) Similar to the Du channel, a genuine mindless Mind is nourished out of qi * , so any intention to attain it ( intentionally) inevitably results in a grinding-a-brick-to-become-mirror failure , some kind of meditation that most people have been doing for their whole life-time, yet useless. * Another way is via Zen's , which is too peculiar for most people to grasp .