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  1. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    This guy stands on uneven ground, better avoid.
  2. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    It is a chicken and egg problem. Passions and sex drives can be dealt with by stilling the mind. But stilling the mind needs to deal with passions and sex drives.
  3. Taiji fights

    This kind of videos always look ludicrous. But they are a rather misrepresented demonstration of skills, intentionally or not. My teacher says such can only work between teachers and students, not with outsiders. The performance is actually using the centre of gravity to throw off opponents. A person can do it without any Chikung background, and it is not exactly a fajin. Using Chi and fajin combined with such CG moves can enhance the damage. But don't think this skill is easy. The theory can be learned within weeks. Using it could take more time than generating Chi. The skill requires long term training of "listening" i.e. knowing, anticipating, devising counter measures and respond in split second.
  4. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    It is a very good point. Alchemy does not do fajin. They may or may not be able to do it, but generally regard this as a deviation that should not be indulged in. Originally there was only Neidan - the alchemy process, and neigong - the inner body strengthening methods. The term of Chikung was also used loosely for moving exercises and sitting poses. In 1956 the China government lift the ban on Chinese Medicine and standardized the term QiGong (Romanized spelling of Chikung). QiGong refers to everything from Neidan, Neigong, some martial arts practices, and in many circumstances encompass so called western psychic activities or even hypnosis or fortune telling. Since these exercises are quite interrelated and in fact belong to a big family, as #cleansox says, differentiating something as Qigong or Neidan can be misleading and meaningless. It is better use the time and effort to train yourself up.
  5. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    It is the first time I read someone " achieved enlightenment many years ago from southern doaism ", congrat Tombajo! Actually how it feels? Coming back to different Taoist paths, it is not only the north and the south. There are the central and the west. And even a hermit path. If you really have achieved a high level, you know it is not prudent to shift to another inner system. There are dangers.
  6. Is it due to your school is more on the letting the Chi run its course style (dig trench metaphor)? Those micro-management styles require more personal direct guidance?
  7. What do you think of people doing MCO without regular human guidance?
  8. Dissolving meditation not working after 8 years

    The name "dissolving meditation" sounds like a technique than a system, more like a tool than for long term progress. The tool type method should be discontinued once the purpose is achieved or proved not working.
  9. Chi is an universal phenomenon. It can accumulate with or without Chikung/NeiGung/NeiDaan. There are other ways like Confucianism, by outward behaviour and personal management. Normal sports also build Chi. Perhaps not basketball, but walking, swimming surely do. Others include Chinese calligraphy, painting, music, religious activities like chanting, even helping others. The Taoist way is the better way, more efficient and effective, because it directly works on Chi itself. It is a full system, taking into account building Chi, preventing loss, fast accumulation, avoidance of sidetracked.
  10. Still interested in this question? There are 2 theories. Each supported by well-known masters. The storing Chi in LDT is the more common. Another thinking is man is like a balloon, Chi permeates everywhere. As to whether Chi is over-accumulated in one area and becomes sluggish and lead to problems, Damo Mitchell says it can be dangerous. My view is it depends. For 20+ young male, their Chi would be strong, but they probably spend a lot on all activities or unhealthy lifestyles. And they are physically active. So Chi runs around even without internal training. For older or weak persons, Chi is never sufficient, there would be no accumulation whatsoever. Chi stagnancy is another issue.
  11. Dissolving meditation not working after 8 years

    It affects external arts more. Foreigners who go to China to learn martial arts must follow the standard national programmes and styles. These have no combat value, only for performance and competition, may not even good for health and sometimes dangerous as there are some acrobatic moves. Taichi used to be around 88-119 moves. It is why the moving meditation term comes about. But it is simplified to 24 moves, even have 8/12/24/36/48 moves. China's researchers themselves say the 24 moves is not conducive to health as the traditional long style.
  12. Dissolving meditation not working after 8 years

    The flaw is with the culture. It is common to have students toil for many years without real progress for Chinese arts and martial arts. In China it is more difficult to change your master too, even for today. Somehow this part is not "simplified for westerner".
  13. Blind - 40% Inept - 40% Seeker - 18% Liberated - 2%
  14. Ox or water buffalo

    It is relevant because there is another thread about whether Laozhi is a real person or not. Indeed many old paintings show a buffalo instead of an ox. This is curious. Firstly, Laozhi was a northern Chinese, currently the northern or even central China is quite dry, unsuitable for water buffalo. 2000 years ago, that area might be more green, and become semi-arid due to climate change or centuries of Chinese deforest and overpopulated, war and so on. So there is a question mark. There are 3 types of paintings, with green ox, yellow ox and buffalo. Colors of the animal could symbolize something too. As to who was Laozhi, there were arguments as early as 2000 years ago.
  15. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    The higher being theory is correct. But we never know what other spirits already lurking around @thelerner. The normal thinking is that he may have wronged somebody, this life or previous. But his Yang's is so strong that he is immune now. Opening a channel could be a problem for some people. ZFG is no more spiritual, indeed, it is what the others choose to interpret those kinds of reactions that is a problem.