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  1. Refining ZZ alignments

    What you say is true. Unfortunately no one really keeps on practising ZZ all the way to the highest level. Most likely they will progress to the many other Chikung exercises. And no teacher can survive by teaching ZZ alone. So the result is, except one or 2 schools which are ZZ specialist, ZZ is treated as basic exercise only.
  2. Refining ZZ alignments

    ZZ is simple enough to learn from videos etc.
  3. Very well said. Not many people realize working for something may actually reduce it. How do you think the mind quality will go down when one ages? It is called Withered Zen or stubborn emptiness. Just empty for empty's sake.
  4. downward energy flow

    Normally the biggest risk of Baduanjin is twisting or not having effects
  5. downward energy flow

    Before writing about this subject, I did't think injury is a big issue. Most of the contentions are about uncontrollable Chi or so called psychic problems. Thinking about it again, a group of people, in a semi-trance state, acting out wide movements that are erratic and without pattern, it is prone to hit somebody. Nothing can be worst if a student is in trance, suddenly hit by someone and knocked on something or fallen to the ground, there would be psychological shocks and Chi would run uncontrolled too. When I learned Spontaneous, the light was intentionally dimmed, though I was not aware of the danger then.
  6. How does one even start the Dao?

    It is rare for a young person to be interested in Tao.
  7. Once a person is sick or injured, it is very difficult to still the mind. So body must come first for most of the people, unless the seeker is young and healthy enough.
  8. Kidney jing

    reduce food and drinks, eat plain food, avoid exertion, take care of body when one does everything.
  9. sensitivity to viberation cause of qigong practice ?

    Could it be some sort of minor earthquake? Animals can sense that too.
  10. downward energy flow

    Requote my own msg,. Problems include - physical injury in personal or group setting - Chi out of control, Chi used up - heart, high blood pressure, long term illness not suitable - psychiatric problems for the weak minded - psychic problems - not suitable for self learning Many of the items are sourced from a Hong Kong Chikung Sifu's site. He also teaches Spontaneous Chikung as you. So his cautions should be useful.
  11. All Chinese monks have heard of dantian, chi and so on. They possibly encounter some sensations during their meditation. However nothing would come out of that. Because they are supposed not letting any body sensations, feelings, visions and other anomalities to affect their mind training.
  12. Is Everything Consciousness for a Taoist?

    Originally Buddha statutes look like Indians. Now they look like northern Chinese.
  13. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    My experience is cannot. Having decades of experience in one form of Taichi and shift to another, the old form's shadow is always there. There is also a cost issue in addition to humility. Some of the differences are not significant enough to spend great efforts to change. Ego is not that big an issue, because when you start with the new form, the old experience will make you progress much faster. It should be satisfying for most. Re your another post, how is the Master/Sifu/Teacher relationship with students in the US? Is it purely commercial or still follow traditions like father/son relationship for major students?
  14. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    Does it mean going into a completely different system? It would be a reasonable request if so. If the systems are similar, then, it is not easy. Even start from scratch again can't remove old habits.
  15. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    Just watched his YouTube on zz. Seems normal.