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  1. How did you come up with your username?

    This forum happens to allow space in the user name. And I happened to use 2 words with a space in between in the username. It is uncommon. At first it was okay. After some time, I could not log in due to forgetting the space, and it continues for many years until I somehow corrected it. Actually it is very Taoist. Taoists don't use the word emptiness "空" but use "虛". Many Taoists have "虛" in their Taoist names. This word, unlike emptiness which primarily means empty/nothingness, has a significant meaning of hollowness. The hollowness is an important concept in Taoist philosophy and alchemy. It is where the most basic cosmic energy comes from. The space inside the username is exactly hollowness, the Tao.
  2. How do you personally meditate?

    We probably have experience of changing method if they don't seem to work or don't feel right. I think a periodic change of methods is also an option. Some of the methods are quite "active" , like contemplation, counting, staring, concentrate in a certain point/s. All these engage the normal consciousness in different extents. In the longer term, the person would be too ingrained and hamper their progress to more passive or emptiness meditation. While a more passive approach tends to stray, day dreaming, or fallen asleep. A periodic back to the fundamental approaches is beneficial. Apart from periodic changes, there are stipulated rotation of methods within a system. In traditional orbiting, normally the upward movement of Chi is encouraged by the "fire" or fanning the fire i.e. more using of the concentration. While in certain points, especially the downward journey back to the dantien, a passive or "bathing" approach is necessary to gather the Chi, resting and may be opening some points.
  3. Taoism according to.....

    The parable of The Blind Men and The Elephant tells the story of six blind men who examine one part of an elephant and each come to very different conclusions on what an elephant is. They are all partly right, but also all entirely wrong. Comparison between Philosophical Taoism and Religious Taoism can be viewed in the same light. In reality, a philosopher Taoist would go to the nearest Taoist temple and worships deities. Temple Taoists would talk about TTJ. An Yijing enthusiast could only engage ZhengYi Taoists in times of funeral, while never going to temples. If Taoism is to be dissected for studying. I would say there are 3 main circles, philosophy, religious and folk religion. They are independent and yet overlapping each other. The significance of China folk religion cannot be underestimated. In fact the so called Taoist branches, like guiding behaviour, ancestor offerings, concepts/workings of heaven and hell, folk magics, medicines, orthopedics, fortune telling, all exist in folk religion/practices as well. Taosim has been trying to absorb these activities and beliefs - of course believers. It ends up they are mixed with each other. Usually the more refined, theoretical, organized, standardized practices belong to the Taoists, the remaining are said to be Taoist but really on their own. To give an example, a China tv program estimated there are 2000 villages in the KwongTung province, each having its local (village) main deity, their own magic, rituals. Interestingly, they frequently also worship Kwan Yin, a Buddhist Goddess. But they may not worship normal Taoist Immortals/gods. If you ask them, they would say they are Taoists, but are they? or they are smaller religions themselves?
  4. Chain of disillusionment

    Real or not real, these "performances" are not practical. How to accumulate, and then direct your Chi to your hands, and send it out, fly across empty space, maintain the momentum, and finally hit the moving target, with sufficient damage, all within half a second in attacking an opponent? Using Chi to fight has no practical value.
  5. Can jing be replenished?

    This Shen approach, is very similar to Zen Buddhism or similar. But these no-mind meditations never exhibit much results in terms of healing or rejuvenation. Of course Zen Buddhists are not particular interested in body healing nor replenishment of essence. It is that intrigues me.
  6. Can jing be replenished?

    This model seems more difficult. But there are frequent sayings like : 清淨門亦能裁接,守中功夫,即屬裁接法之一。年邁或多病修士,做此種功夫,亦可返爲童貞也。 which approximate the model mentioned by you. I wonder how this kind of methods actually work.
  7. Electric chi

    Since you say you are an electrical engineer, can you comment on the followings: 假气功在鞋子里装有低电设备,发出轻微的电流。 假气功师穿的鞋是经过特殊加工能“发电”,主要原理其实就在于鞋上设计了一个充电电路和一个放电电路,假气功师通过一次次充电放电的过程,不断让游客有了针扎触电感觉。大脚指头下面有一个开关,是按压式开关,他压下这个开关以后呢,就可以用这个7号电池给电容器充电,这个充电很快,然后只要按压一下,然后把它松开就行了,这样的话,电容器就处于带电的准备。    气功师本身也是通过这样一个线头,电容器的一极连在一起,假气功师电容器实际上是一体的。所以说这个假气功师身上也是带电的,当他需要所谓表现发电的时候,实际上只要把手搭到游客身上,这样的话,这个电容器通过这样线头,假气功师的手和游客,以及游客和这个电容器之间这块大地,这样就构成了一个放电的回路,电容器上带的电量会瞬间放射出去,放出去,然后产生一个短的电压脉,然后你就有被电击的感觉了。 For the others who can't read Chinese. Quote= Fake qigong has low-voltage devices in the shoes that emit a slight electric current. The shoes worn by fake qigong masters are specially processed to "generate electricity". The main principle is actually that a charging circuit and a discharge circuit are designed on the shoes. The fake qigong masters continue to cause needle sticks to tourists through the process of charging and discharging again and again. Electric shock sensation. There is a switch under the big toe, which is a push-type switch. After he presses the switch, he can use the AA battery to charge the capacitor. This charge is very fast, and then he only needs to press it and then release it. In this case, the capacitor is ready to be charged. The qigong master itself is also connected through such a thread, and one pole of the capacitor is connected together. The capacitor of the fake qigong master is actually one piece. Therefore, this fake qigong master is also charged. When he needs the so-called performance to generate electricity, he actually only needs to put his hand on the tourist. In this case, the capacitor passes through this thread, the fake qigong master's hand and the tourist, and the tourist and this The earth between the capacitors forms a discharge circuit. The electricity on the capacitors will be radiated out instantly, and then a short voltage pulse will be generated, and then you will feel like you are being shocked. Unquote
  8. LDT Woes

    I looked up about Yong Hua. It is a type of Zen Buddhist meditation. Comparing with Taoist practices, which are quite body centric, Chan/Zen are mostly mind stuff. It is not expected nor heard to have substantial effects, whether good or bad, on the body. The methods outlined do look like Taoist practice. But the book doesn't mention LDT? So I don't think your Chan meditation leads to fatigue, especially to that level of fatigue.
  9. Normally it is about 30 minutes. But it depends on different situations. A strenuous physical exercise for 40 mins and a mind-centered sitting meditation of about 20 mins would be quite different. This kind of cautionary notes or ancillary exercises are usually available from teachers or senior students. They are not the core subjects so they are seldom fully mentioned in the books or articles, but exist here and there. Your explanations for these are correct. Apart from the effect of Chi, there are considerations on internal hormones change or other secretions that take time to be absorbed and the effects on the meridians etc. There comes the caution on urination. Touching and drinking water, again, depends very much on the temperature difference and volume. A small cup of body temperature water would be safe. A big glass of icy cold water or worst, beer, would be detrimental.
  10. Does meditating on the Dan Tian build up the Qi there?

    Yes. Effectiveness, depends on a lot of factors.
  11. Authentic golden body

    The term golden body has been widely used in many contexts. Generally it denotes a quality of endurance and as a primitive way of describing luminescent. Theoretically a "golden body" is different from a "rainbow body" as one denotes permanence and another is transient. Taoist inner alchemy doesn't work towards a golden body. Neigong can never do that. As Taoist text says, the term golden body is more common used in Buddhist context, actually more a physical context than spiritual. Buddhists have been doing mummification of their eminent monks, in making them golden, or gold plated. See the photos: . A reference: Flesh Buddha , a Buddhist term, is a realm achieved by Buddhist eminent monks. After death, the body can still not be corrupted; such as Master Huineng , an eminent Zen monk in the Tang Dynasty of China . Its incorruptible body is called the whole body relic , the incorruptible body , the bodhisattva in the flesh , the indestructible body of Vajra , etc. If it is made into a Buddha statue and enshrined, it is called a real body statue ; Therefore, it is also called the Buddha of the Body (Japanese: Buddha of the Body ).
  12. Authentic golden body

    Taoist cultivation is against rainbow body. It's aim is to extend the current body as long as possible. Rainbow body means death.
  13. How to make own qigong set ?

    Music + slow movement + attention to breath sounds like dance to me. Does dance cause damage ? It depends. But if you are doing a repetitive set of movement for 20 years. Sure there are damages. It applies to many qigong, tennis, using mouse, carrying objects, cooking. It is called Repetitive strain injuries. Feeling nice has nothing to do with possible damage. Your feelings are irrelevant unless you are at high level. Then emotional control is very important.
  14. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I think these grand masters had ways to ensure their core teaching are intact very the ages. Otherwise whatever they preach would be unreliable. And it was not easy to write something in the old days. Paper and pen were not easily available. So any writer would take great care when the wrote something.
  15. Having good teacher is essential. But for many members who are in small towns all over the globe, online is the only choice.