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  1. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    I think so. You cannot carry usual Chinese long weapons around. e.g. The long pole is very long. Philippine stick can be substituted by umbrella or walking staff.
  2. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    @Earl Grey What is your view towards the Philippines stick fighting?
  3. Sometimes, even Qigong within the system cannot be practiced together. It depends on the objectives but also current body conditions. This is a very complicated question that only your teachers or peers can answer.
  4. In the modern world, a person can be highly developed in spirituality, wealth, art, knowledge, skills, appearances, alchemy. But offending others is offending others.
  5. I have developed a new way to improve my meditation. It is the "Ignored List" method. When my thoughts stray, I would imagine put this person/thing/situation into the "ignored list", so that I have a calmer mind to continue. The inspiration of course comes from.... Would it work?
  6. The Chinese don't need that for memory. They recite everything. Schools are mostly role learning. Hardworking students memorize English dictionary word by word. As to Taoist and memory, there are 2 interesting things worth mentioning. Firstly, Taoist philosophy prefers a person to banish reasoning and smartness. Under this context, they didn't develop memory aid like memory palace or practices for super intelligence. When a Neidan, or other Kung fu masters, want to impart secret skill to selected student, it is often done in utmost secrecy. Students are given the few lines of texts to be memorized immediately, not written down in any case, and often not explained at all. So I figure they are having good memory in the first place.
  7. Correct tongue position

    As far back as possible. If you are very serious.
  8. Eslite is everywhere. San Min got 1 store and its blue green books are printed in 2005 for my collections. I think it is quite alright to mix religious and philosophical beliefs. Having new religions is also exciting. But Neidan is too technical, so it is better to be pure to avoid unwanted side effects.
  9. I have the impression that Taiwan is almost completely Buddhist, even though there are a lot of Taoist temples. In bookstore, 95% of the books are Buddhist.
  10. "When the student is ready, the master appears"

    That makes things more clear. It is just that I don't really think Taoist inner alchemy is "spiritual". There are some spiritual developments, but probably not the "spiritual" you have in mind. For the ZhengYi Taoists, they deal with spirits and entities directly. I just wonder this kind of spirits relationship management is again "spiritual". For "spiritual master", does it include non-human entities? Re @Taoist Texts 's opinion on student readiness, there are indeed stories or folklore in China. It is often an Immortal or high level Taoist master giving out disgusting or dumb challenges to potential students, before accepting them as disciples. These may satisfy the notion of student preparedness and master sought out students. But these happenings were not meant for anyone. The chosen ones are outstanding in terms of their endowment or previous achievements in the same field. Sometimes karmic/reincarnation was involved. For a general person, however prepared you are, the master would not come.
  11. "When the student is ready, the master appears"

    There is not too much sense in this statement if the definition of a master is unknown. Let say does it include advertisement?
  12. "When the student is ready, the master appears"

    In real life, a master can appear when the student is ready, or not ready, or not interested, or rejected. We all see how "masters" can look for pupils these days in our very forum.
  13. Video about 玄關/Hsuan Kuan/Mysterious Gate

    Indeed. But the Gate is an important step that most traditions cannot bypass. Traditionally the controversy regarding the Gate is its where about, rather than how to achieve it. The secrecy is about how to directly access it, in a much faster and expedient manner, in a sustainable fashion whenever required. Technically someone with deep Xing cultivation, like some Buddhist or Hindu, can inadvertently access the Gate. However, they don't have the purpose of using it as an energy source for physical transformation, nor the know-how. And making use of the Gate in many circumstances make these meditation traditions deviate from their own objectives. If the Gate is in a definite physical location, say LDT or UDT, then the secrecy should not be there. Almost everyone will train the LDT or UDT in some stages, and from time to time experience the Gate phenomenon. If it is outside the body, visualization is very important. But most Neidan traditions are not particularly visualization intensive. My thinking is around a Tetrahedron The so called Merkaba diagram is interesting in depicting some elements of a Mystic Gate. - It has definite reference to locations in the body. - It is not entirely in but has an out of body element. - It is probably affected by cosmic or astrological influences (it is why Neidan stresses on the months or hours or direction to meditate) or linkage to Feng Shui (on the body) - It can appear in different tips (i.e. mobile) - It is not available under normal circumstances but need something to access. The similarities are interesting. ** for those without Pinterest account, the diagram