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  1. If a billion people vaccinated is perfectly ok, but I think I got a 10% chance of dying, then should I get a vaccine? What is the use of statistics?
  2. It is near impossible that a particular virus mutated and infected human and then infected the world. The more likely scenario would be a big family of similar viruses infecting animals and humans many many times until it successfully spread. So far there is no news about finding similar virus from bats or other animals. It is highly dangerous as the source is not identified or dealt with.
  3. You are only against covide vaccine today, not tomorrow or one or two years later when things are more clear.
  4. Extreme slow motions prepare a person in stilling the mind by giving them a purpose and focus, and increase the internal awareness of Chi and manage it when necessary. You may ask why don't just sit from day 1, it is stilling the body, stilling the mind. But the body and mind are not ready. It is easier to start off from movement exercises like majority of Chi Kung.
  5. Yes, it is why this type of stance is quite rare. I happen to be doing similar thing - by speeding up the main movement a bit and return to normal speed for some other movements.
  6. Thanks your clarification, the name is Mr. Yeung. But I can't help to wonder why so many people teaching his skills and write about him cannot spell his surname correctly. How can they teach complicated skills if they don't know the correct form of their own grand master's name. You are the very few good guys. For the glacial speed, you probably are doing some moving stance (Zhan Zhuang). Let say the normal beginning move, take the hands up and return to the navel level. Normal persons require 2 seconds, Taichi speed may be 10 seconds, but moving stance can take 15 minutes. They are great, and raise the exercise from Chi Kung level to near Neidan level. However I feel forward bend in such slow speed is not safe, especially for middle to old age persons. But I think students don't like it? A few moves can take them half an hour, which is all they can squeeze for the whole day. They may even think you are cheating them.
  7. I am confused as to this gentleman Fook Yeung, as there are lots of references that his name is Fook Yueng. And the same article can mention both spellings. And what is the surname? Fook or Yeung? For Tien Shan style, did Mr. Yeung (or Mr. Fook) imparted martial arts or Chi Kung into the US? There is a Tien Shan Pai organisation in the US, seems purely Kung Fu.
  8. This is an interesting subject so I do some research on it. The writing gives an impression that Bruce mainly learned his skills from an uncle who was a Taoist wizard, who seemed to be located in the US. But the research cannot justify this saying. Bruce Lee learned 9 different Chinese martial arts with Wing Chun affected him most. His Wing Chun was from the grand master Yip Man in Hong Kong from 12. He practiced 7 years before reaching the US. When he arrived in Seattle, there were 2 things very interesting. - He opened his own school Jan Fan National Skill dojo, 3 years after he arrived. - He was accompanied by a master of northern fighting style (Jit Kuan), Siu Hong Sang, from HK to the US, who helped him in the skill and financially. According to an articles outlining his 10 major masters/people enriched him, Fook Yueng was not there. So if this Fook Yueng only met him in the US, when he already had substantial actual experiences, opened his own school, accompanied by a master, and did learn many other Chinese and Western and Japanese fighting skills, the uncle/main master saying is hard to believe. Returning to the Tien Shan skill, which is Taoist. I cannot see much trace of Taoist or inner martial arts in Bruce Lee. His style is exactly the opposite. And he died young means these life prolonging skills were not really for him.
  9. Bruce Lee's main teacher was his own father, Lee Hoi Chuen, who was a famous actor and martial artist. His main master was Ip Man (or Yip Man), taught him Wing Chun. Donnie Yen's film series portrayed this master. Bruce still had learned other martial arts from quite a few teachers, but on a minor role. Nowhere was mentioned about a gentleman Fook Yueng as his main teacher.
  10. Thanks, I read his profile which says he was inner door disciple of Fook Yueng, who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main Kung Fu teacher. This seems not to be in accordance with the background of Bruce Lee.
  11. I thought the subject is about you. It is another Steve right?
  12. Neidan plan

    If you want to feel Chi, just doing something super slowly, then you can feel something. e.g. wave your hand up may take half a second normally, extending it to 30 seconds and see the difference. But feeling it has no use. Anyway you probably have a problem finding a program so follow @Iskote's method is a good start and even useful long term.
  13. Teachers and political opinions

    What you mention as an example is life or spiritual progress. Taoist cosmology, religion and philosophy can learn from the Dharma experience. But Taoist medicine and Taoist inner alchemy are not exactly the same. They are more functional and are basically a technique or a tool. Tools and the system behind it don't mix too well with other systems.
  14. Teachers and political opinions

    Completely agree with what you say. Different Chinese medicine doctors could have vastly different views on the same patient, apply opposing remedies. Nowadays the so-called integration frequently put Chinese medicine as one of the ancillary services like physiotherapy, dietitian, psychiatrist, pain management and so on - dissecting it and stripping out the usable parts.
  15. Teachers and political opinions

    If it is workable.