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  1. Hi Bums From a book by Master Wong Kiew Kit, "The Art of Chi Kung" I learned that Wai Tan Kung exists. A group of exercises that improve health and develop energy and improve skills in martial arts. Does anyone practice it? Anyone know something like that?
  2. Who or what is answering?

    Wise or empty answers that anyone can express... Made me remember a song by The Rutles:
  3. I was also doing Zhineng Qigong and later Soaring Crane, the latter is by far an excellent system, in which a lot of qi is acquired from the beginning, with respect to Zhineng as indicated by the other members of the forum, it does not produce greater tangible effects or sensation of chi, I understand that the teachers of Zhineng advise that Zhineng be done between 12 to 16 hours in cases of serious illness, which in the West is almost impossible considering that many sick people do not even have the necessary strength to be of foot one hour. You also need to create a chi field. The only effect of chi that I obtained with Zhineng Qigong was the feeling that the energy of my crown chakra was protected and the sensation was very pleasant, and it was given by doing the youtube demonstration with the voice and instructions of Pan Ming. Those systems take effect when the creator's instructions are followed. I have a book on Soaring Crane in which sounded successes in curing serious illnesses are discussed. Torben Bremann has an online teaching system of Taiji and Qigong, in which he mixes Soaring Crane Qigong, 5 animals Qigong, Baduanjin, Emei Qigong and Hunyuan Qigong, which in my opinion is mixing a lot of different sensations and cultivations which can generate chi deviation problems. I can be wrong. My routine now consists of doing Flying Phoenix Qigong and meditation, I believe that together with the Spring Forest Qigong system and the Gift of Tao they are the most powerful systems to feel, acquire and harvest qi from the first days. I think they are in the major leagues of Healing Qigong.
  4. "night hags"

    I will comment on something not very popular, but that is not why I should omit it, since the objective is to help anyone who reads this answer. 1. The AUM mantra is very helpful in sleep paralysis. Easy to remember It is very useful to vibrate the M in the dream since that vibration disintegrates the scene of the nightmare. 2. There is a Catholic prayer, the apostles' creed, which has a power of protection and expulsion of any demon or negative energy in my opinion is so powerful that I have used it successfully in ceremonial magic against evil and demonic entities. Even the banishing ritual of the Golden Dawn pentagram is not as effective. 3. Third is Psalm 91. Used by Christians, Kabbalists, and Magicks for centuries. Al G. Manning in his books on white wichtcraft recommends the use of Psalm 91 in conjunction with Psalm 23. You can use them before sleeping as it clears the space of astral beings.
  5. Exiting the worldly realm

    My Shifu of Drunken Kung Fu style, before he died, asked to be cremated. The funeral pyre burned for a week, we think of the incredible power of his chi ... The truth is that the teacher had died of an alcoholic coma.
  6. meanings related to Lord Shiva

    I have meditated for many years using the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. I will only say that Shiva in my experience is another name for the Abrahamic God and the repetition of that most powerful mantra leads to liberation in a unfailing, expeditious way, and to the clear perception of the presence of Shiva in the Sadhaka.
  7. The golden age will be when gold ceases to have value in the hearts of human beings.

    I will quote from Tao Stillness: You won't find a thread about Wu Wei Qigong anywhere. The little that is disclosed about is found on the site that sells the dvd, Purple Plum Pubications. Their series is called Chinese Living Treasures and they carry Master George Xu's dvds. He is a well known martial artist in the San Francisco Bay area. To ask questions about Wu Wei Qigong you could direct them to his senior student, Susan Matthews, since Master Xu usually does not reply to inquiries. From what Susan told me, Master Xu learned Wu Wei Qigong years ago from a Master in Shanghai and this was before Falun Gong was introduced by Master Li. And I prefer Wu Wei Qigong to Falun Gong because the static postures are not to be held anywhere near as long as Falun Gong requires. Falun wants you to hold a static posture for as long as you can. I found that the more I practiced the form the longer I could hold the postures and it was becoming 25 minutes for each posture but I had a life to live and could not devote that kind of time to qigong. With Wu Wei Qigong 5 minutes was fine and no more than 10 minutes per static posture. And there was no prohibition against doing any other type of Qigong like Falun Gong warns. Both systems automatically install an energy wheel which spins in your lower dan tian acting to bring in Qi, and also to expel bad Qi on a 24/7 basis. So doing the form serves to keep the wheel working at maximum capacity. My medical clairvoyant reported that Wu Wei Qigong is more powerful than doing Falun Qigong and the wheel from Wu Wei has a different appearance than the wheel from Falun Gong. I think the name of the form, Wu Wei, is what confuses some people. I just ignored the name rather than racking my brain about what it had to do with the form. So that is all that I know about this subject. And Wu Wei being considered to mean "nothing", would be like saying the vacuum state of quantum physics is empty. Or that the Tao contains nothing or that outer space is just space.

    I would like to learn 50 styles of Qigong, but I would be ashamed to continue with a big belly and gray hair even when handling powerful, ancient and rejuvenating Chi Kung styles. I would feel like the bald man who sells lotions for hair loss!

    I'm quite new to the forum, lately the Wu Wei Qigong system has caught my attention, (It has nothing to do with the Taoist Wu Wei) I have the DVDs of Master Georges Xu and German Master Emil Sandkuhl and apparently the system of Qigong Wuwei is the grandfather or father of the Falun Gong Buddhist Qigong system. The following is noted on Emil Sandkuhl's website: "Wu Wei Qigong is a traditional Qigong formed by Buddhism, consisting of 5 sets of exercises. The exercises are suitable for beginners and advanced students and cover almost all the important areas of Qigong with unusual range. "Thousand Arms of Buddha" returns the blocked energy to flow freely and opens the network of meridians. "Standing like a tree" raises the energy level in the body through four meditative standing positions. "Heaven, Earth & Man" connects people with the forces of the universe and the earth. "The great cosmic cycle" deepens the results of the first cycle and brings energetic freshness to each of the cells of the body. "Seated Mudra Meditation" deepens the ability to perceive energy and creates mental serenity" In the Falun Gong sites I have been able to rescue the following list of exercises: The first exercises, called "Buddha stretching a thousand arms", are intended to facilitate the free flow of energy through the body and open the meridians. The second exercise, "Falun Posture," involves holding four static postures, each of which resembles holding a wheel, for an extended period. The goal of this exercise is to "enhance wisdom, increase strength, raise a person's level, and strengthen divine powers." The third, "Penetrating Cosmic Extremes", involves three sets of movements, the objective of which is to allow the expulsion of bad energy (eg, pathogenic or black Qi) and the absorption of good energy in the body. Through the practice of this exercise, the practitioner aspires to cleanse and purify the body. The fourth exercise, "Falun Cosmic Orbit", seeks to circulate energy freely throughout the body. Unlike the first to fourth exercises, the fifth exercise is performed in the seated lotus position. Called "Strengthening the Supernatural Powers", it is a meditation intended to be maintained as long as possible. If any of you practice these Qigong systems, I would appreciate it if you could enrich this post. That was it, I open the discussion.
  11. Hi Bums

    Welcome tao pai pai, this site is amazing. I would love to hear about your experience with the shaolin cosmos qigong Enjoy it, participate and post, watch out for some spawns of the Demon Mara that appear and get banned later. Use divine indifference with them.
  12. Haiku Chain

    to the wilderness an unknown prophet arose his head will roll too
  13. The Self, Does it Exist?

    For some Tibetan Buddhists, what reincarnates is the "flow of consciousness" or Vijñāna along with the aggregates that persist as samskaras, for the same reason there is no permanent self rather it is similar to a conglomerate or flow of consciousness.
  14. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    This year un april I had coronavirus, dry cough, fever, sore throat, and trouble breathing. I drank a lot of water, and since I am an acupuncturist, I treated the lung meridian, took medicinal herbs, practiced the eight pieces of brocade, and in two days I reversed the symptoms. The coronavirus is real, but it the treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine works.
  15. Haiku Chain

    eyes of sky dancers falling like monsoon rain bums in the sanctuary