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  1. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    I seem to have a change in my practice, too lately and that is that GOT I and GOT II do only have mild effects on me. I do feel a bit more with certain movements but the effects are very mild compared to the beginning. It is a bit better with SECA/BDE but still no comparison to the beginning weeks. However I do make constant progress with SM sitting and standing and that is why I stopped GOT I and II and concentrated more on SM. Taking a break is part of the path. I do test myself on GOT I and II from time to time but the effects quickly wear off after some days. I seem to be more of the SM-type :-D But as I said, taking a break is part of the path. Maybe you brought up some deeper issues that need to be digested .A teacher and friend coined a nice word for it - psychic furballs :-)
  2. You DO have? Great! I was thinking about joining the programme, too. We'll have to discuss this in more detail, Ya Mu. You got mail :-)
  3. I was attending in spirit so to speak and I felt quite a lot of energy during this particular weekend. Guy's what have you been doing on the 16th?? That was the day I felt the strongest. I felt the energy continuously the whole day. I felt the other days, too but this day was by far the strongest for me. I even thought I had seen glimpses of what had happened during the workshop in my meditation. Sadly I forgot to write down what I had seen. Would have been nice to check whether my perception was correct or not.

    He doesn't need to. German beer is the best beer in the world anyway
  5. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    Thanks a lot Friend. Yes, this was my impression already that the shielding is part of the transmission. Just wanted to make sure I supposed correctly. It is very interesting what you say about tests in dreams. When I was practicing Tenaga Dalam some years ago, I even had to fight in dreams. I remember one dream where I was taken to a colloseum and had to fight what looked like a Daoist Master in my dream. He wanted to test my abilities and mentioned that he had "heard" of me. I could defeat him, thank god My teacher at that time gave quite a weird explanation. He was convinced that this had been a place of power that was obviously near the place I live. The place was obviously curious about the "new guy" in town and wanted to see what I am up to.
  6. damn kundalini at it again

    I am glad you liked it. Its an exercise from my toolbox that I always pull out when my energy is out of balance. I like "stuff that works". PS: Have a look at Glenn Morris' exercise as well if you don't already know it. Great preparational exercise for any Qigong-session and very useful when your system is out of balance as well.Its especially good for situations where you emotionally release or have emtional Qigong-reactions. Puts you in a good mood very quickly.
  7. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    Now how would you turn all of this into a habit as I understood your words as recommendation for shielding 24/7? Do it as much as I can at different times throughout the day? Or is once a day enough? In the morning and before going to sleep? Any recommendations?
  8. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    Yes Ya Mu, I already knew it as I have read your book carefully but as you know it is a difference between knowledge and experience and I just wanted to comment on the fact that I now start practically experiencing the root of this tradition. So as I understand your comment (as I want to put it to use) is that its again pure intent. "Shielding on" - "shielding off". So I suppose that the energy information of what the shield properly looks like is part of the transmission in SM. I guess you touched upon cloaking in the book but somehow the details escaped me. As far as I understand the term it is that people or beings might react on the energy when you run around constantly "open". Hmm...makes me think a lot. I do often work with larger groups and last week I noticed that I got somehow very nervous and upset with every day and one day it got suddenly better. That afternoon I spoke to a collegue and she mentioned a group that I was supervising that week and how surprised she was that the group is now so extremely centered,focused and relaxed. She did not understand why the group's mood could have shifted somehow so quickly. But it took some toll on me, felt pretty much like undergoing extreme stress. I seem to shy away from shielding a bit as part of my work is quite spontaneous (and gets even more spontaneous with practicing what you teach) in the sense that I somehow give transmissions to people that come out of the situation. E.g. my heart center lights up very strongly and whenever this happens I know that an emotional release is about to happen with the person I am talking to.So shielding in your tradition is more like a one-way-ticket? Nothing sick comes in but the good stuff still gets out?
  9. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    As shielding was mentioned in this thread, Ya Mu is there more to shielding than just visualizing the two layers of the shield like you described in your book? I personally never felt the need to shield probably as I come from a background of practicing open style Qigong for quite some time where you consciously merge your field with the universal field (ideally) all the time. I however had a situation recently where I was not sure whether the person had pulled off some energy from me because she reported feeling very hot while I felt a bit of a draining of my energy. Is that possible at all? I always thought that if you have a high vibration people with lower vibration can not drain you as "the stronger spirit always wins" like the late Dr. Glenn Morris used to say. During healing session I used to build a Hunyuan Qi-field which pretty much filters out all sick qi just like a cosmic washing machine. So when you practice healing in SM you may keep your energy clean by using shielding but what is with your environment? How do you prevent sick qi from spilling into the surroundings? Is there a qi-field-building method in SM, too? PS: From practicing GOT II for a while I got an even deeper understanding of the shamanic aspects of this Qigong. Currently I am reading "Soul on fire" by the late Peter Calhoun and he describes many extraordinary energy events just like you did in your book. The whole practice sparked an interest in shamanism again as I had some very extraordinary experiences during a shamanic workshop I attended a couple of years ago. Some of these feelings and experiences came back and I am having the feeling that I should look deper in shamanism in general. My attitude was before always that shamanism is only for shamans and that you are no shaman without undergoing the shamanic sickness. So no sickness, no shaman - that is what I always thought. What is your take on this?
  10. damn kundalini at it again

    This exercise is called Wu Shen (Body protection) Qigong and was especially developed for balancing out all effects of incorrect practice or results from overdoing practice or when there is excessive energy in the system. I have used it at numerous occasions with good result. It is also good for relieving high blood pressure. I have a private manuscript of Sunyata Saraswati, author of "Jewel in The Lotus" that contains this exercise.
  11. damn kundalini at it again

    See what you can do, brother. These are just suggestions which may be helpful. Sometimes taking a complete break from cultivation for a time is also part of the path.
  12. damn kundalini at it again

    This exercise is also helpful: The Kundalini Awakening Breathing Instructions 1. Begin by sitting in the fudosai meditative posture. The mudra of choice to rest the fingers of the right hand within the fingers of the left hand, palms facing upwards with the thumb tips touching each other. The hands should be then resting comfortably in the area of the genitals. 2. Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth just behind where the teeth join with the palate. Close the eyes. 3. Begin to slowly belly breath, inhaling the air DOWN into the abdomen, expanding the stomach as the air enters the body. Fill the lungs from bottom to top. Inhale for a count of four. Time the breathing with the SLOW counting so that you have filled your lungs just as your reach four. 4. Exhale slowly from the top of your lungs to the bottom, contracting the stomach inwards. This should pull the tummy back inwards toward the spine. Do this for a slow count of ten. 5. Inhale once again, same as before. There should be no pause between the inhaling and the exhaling; the breath is seamless. Focus on the counting to keep the extraneous thoughts from intruding. Continue this for at least ten minutes a day. The eventual goal is to get the breathing down to between four and six breaths a minute. The downward push of inhale will eventually become testicular breathing and inflate out well below the navel without the upper ribs moving at all. Safety First: The Secret Smile The first meditation required for success in the Lightening Path training is the "Secret Smile". Always begin your practice with the secret smile. You want your body to be very happy. That way your hormonal system will cooperate and you will avoid discomfort. I have observed that kundalini moves best through a happy camper and this meditation is a process for internalizing an intensely positive mind-state. A certain degree of intensity is required to raise the kundalini and so this practice draws on highly charged positive emotions that most people are familiar with. There are five emotions utilized in the Heaven's Way Chi Kung, Lightening Path Esoteric Yoga Secret Smile Meditation. Circulating the Five Intense Positive Mind States Relaxed Calm: After you are in the fudosai meditation posture and have begun Zen breathing for 5-10 minutes, put a smile on your face. You should actually lift your cheeks so the corners of your mouth turn up. Next tighten your toes until they really hurt and then release them. Do this three times paying attention to the relaxed feeling that occurs with in between each pause. Move that relaxed feeling up from the soles of your feet to your ankles and then up to your calves. Bring it around to your knees and to the heavy muscles of the thighs allowing them to soften and relax. Picture your thorax as a grail filling up with relaxation. Let the intestines, stomach, and lower back fill up as well. Next, allow it to flow up into your chest, upper back, and shoulder so that it overflows into your arms and down to the fingertips. Let your arms fill up until the relaxed feeling begins to move around your neck and up the back of the head coming up over your ears and skull to rest behind your eyes. Catch the feeling with your relaxed tongue and swallow it down to the bottom of your belly where you swirl it around. Confidence: Remember a time when you did something you were not only proud of but other people recognized your achievement. Pay attention to how you felt. Erase the people and the event while keeping the feeling. Take that feeling down to your feet and bring it up through your body in the same manner as in the active relaxation, but this time you don't have to tighten your toes. Bring it over you head, mix with the saliva, swallow, and allow it to mix with the relaxed feeling and then the cycle begins anew. Do this for three cycles of more of breath. Happiness: Next, picture a time when you were laughing so hard you literally fell down, cracked up, and totally lost it. Take out the joke or situation and hold onto that wonderful feeling. Take that down to your feet and bring it up through your body over your head, swallow it down and mix with the other feelings. Then combine the four feelings to breathe through your body following the identical procedure. Do this for three or more cycles of breath. Love: Now remember a time when you were in love and felt loving. Take out the loved one and the situation and hold onto that wonderful feeling. Take that down to your feet and bring it up through your body over your head, swallow it down and mix with the other feelings. Then combine the four feelings to breathe through your body following the identical procedure. Do this for three or more cycles of breath. Ecstasy: The smile is for adults over 19 years of age. If you are sexually active, remember the best orgasm you ever had, and if male, hold onto the movement just before ejaculation and breathe that feeling through your body (as you probably don't want to stain your trousers and the male orgasm is usually too short for this exercise). If female, let it rip as you breathe through your body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, down behind your eyes, through the tongue, and back to your belly. This is the power behind the secret smile and one of those important items usually regarded as oral transmission. Do this for three or more cycles of breath. Once you've succeeded in combining all these feelings and moving them from your feet to your head and back to below your stomach, memorize the process. Make it part of your daily practice until it is so easy that it just become a warm up for other methods that sticks with you. - Dr Glenn J Morris
  13. damn kundalini at it again

    Here is a practical exercise you can do in order to ground exessive energy and bring your system back to balance: 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, relax mind and body. Place palms over your navel (right hand over left hand - left hand over navel) 2. During the exercise when you inhale, contract Huiyin, when you exhale expand Huiyin. 3. As you inhale, put attention on the bubbling spring energy centers at the bottom of your feet. With your mind and visualization, draw energy from the left foot up the inside of the left leg into Huiyin. 4. As you exhale, expand Huiyin and project the energy down the inside of the right leg into the bubbling spring energy center at the right foot. 5. Reverse the process and start with the right foot. Repeat 9, 18 or 36 times. 6. Imagine that you are breathing from the energy centers of your palms into the navel and exhaling from the navel through Huiyin and down the inside of both legs to the feet and into the earth. Repeat 9 times, Make sure your breath is slow, even and natural. Hope that helps.
  14. What Are "Legitimate" Qi Abilities/Power?

    Well being worshipped as an avatar is pretty strenuous. Even the great Indian Saint Anandamayi Ma is reported to have physically attacked devotess because a devotee projects tons of unfinished personal issues, projections and emotional stuff on the guru. We also have to understand that he had to undergo all of this since being a child. He had no oportunity to grow up in a healthy way, naturally develop boundaries or communication skills. In the end why consider him a "failure"? He will do as all humans do. He will get back up on his feet, dust of his clothes and continue. His level of cultivation is high. The problem was that cultivating is all that he wanted and the people did not leave him alone - much like a spiritual celebrity that is constantly followed by paparazi. We who lead a normal life tend to look down on celebrities when they get angry and attack paparazi but we are not followed by crowds of people 24/7 and the celebrities asked for it - he never did. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at him"