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Found 30 results

  1. This is the post I talk about I wanna know other systems methods (if safe) to experiment with them so I can create a system to become practically invincible because I haven't found a single system that guarantees results nor one that doesn't take fucking decades to get the littlest result and all these systems have risks of blowing up in your face for some reason and no I don't want a system with any type of chant as I've seen what they do and it's not good for the soul. I'll be honest the only limit to my training is the fact that you need to rest three days after training before training again if recovery was instant id probably be throwing a building right now. So please tell me about some systems.
  2. Apparently energy can be embedded in video or audio format so play this fully to increase your energy strength and do the techniques I detailed in my earlier posts along with this to increase physical strength to superhuman levels anyway here is the cheat listen once a day or more or less depending on if your body tells you to or not.
  3. I made a post before this about the techniques I found but this time I have a link to the cheat code audio file so this will save you YEARS of training here it is Anyway have you guys ever seen Goku and wanted to be like that well I have so if you wanna know more check my previous posts they detail how to do that and remember to listen to the file I linked to you can even leave it running in the background it'll help. You need to ground after each use of techniques just imagine used energy going deep in the ground from your body Basically circulating your energy from your heart to all limbs and head and back to the heart in a cycle till you are "tired" and then resting for some days until your not tired anymore this increases strength of energy. And attempting to create objects with energy from dantien until it's empty to make qi regeneration and capacity greater once a day or two As for strengthening. just focusing your energy to power up I don't know how to explain this one but if you just try to activate strengthening you will feel your aura tighten on and inside your body and muscles only if you put strain on the technique which you probably should only do for 10 secs a day as it increases recovery time. If done successfully you will begin to feel lighter and you can lift slightly more. Do this technique while doing the other one or by itself if you want but for 10 mins or until you exhausted the technique and rest until the technique recharges. One important thing to note. THE AURA BOOST IS AN ADDITIVE TO STRENGTH AND DURABILITY NOT A MULTIPLIER THE AURA BOOSTS GROWTH HOWEVER IS EXPONENTIAL. You could do the techniques but you can also rely on a cheat code I had someone create to boost energy powers I will attach a link to a video which can increase your energy strength if you have it in the background fully trust me you will feel it and it will immensely boost your growth listen to it once a day ONLY if you can handle it. READ MY MISCONCEPTIONS POST AS I FORGOT TO PUT THE RISKS OF THE CHEAT HERE.
  4. A warm hello to all

    Hello everyone, I as was doing some research on a possible Indonesian trip to deepen my knowledge and discuss techniques with domestic practitioners, I came across this forum. How wonderful to see so many people interested in the art of Yin Yang fusion. I use the technique (although nowhere near the level of JC) everyday on my clients for the past 6 years with results that have filled me with gratitude from day one. The reaction to visible Qi flow remains equally magical no matter how often one experiences it. If anyone is interested in some of the therapy video's or has a question that I could possibly answer just let me know. Fellow practitioners who wish to exchange experiences and/or discharge techniques....always open for discussion as far as my time schedule lets me. Best Regards, CCXXIV
  5. Mo pai 72 levels

    In mo pai there are 72 levels. My doubt is these levels are exclusive to mo pai or they apply to all daoist traditions.
  6. Mo Pai Nei Kung - New Here From Chicago

    Hello my name is Michael, I'm 43 years old, from and living in Chicago. I'm glad to have found this website and hope to be able to both contribute as well as be able to find what information I am looking for as it relates to finding a teacher and more information about getting started the right way with Mo Pai Nei Kung.
  7. Where to Start? Auckland, NZ

    Hello all, I am Adrian, 48, (male) Auckland NZ. I've had a long association and interest in Daoist texts and philosophy after my aunt left the Dao te Ching in my house when I was a kid and I found it had a very strong feeling of familiarity and complete 'rightness' for me. I bumped into the Mo Pai thing with the Magus of Java text a few years ago about Jonny Chang, got interested, contacted Jim (now passed) and practiced it for about a year. I think I may have done myself some harm doing this without close supervision - but I stopped because I felt I was doing it from the wrong motivations anyway. In any case then I read a few of Shifu Lin's short works on Mo Pai and Sexual Alchemy. All this makes sense to me but I think I need to find a legit teacher to at least have some more conversations with as I'm not sure I'm ready or have time for hard core Mo Pai life commitment! Also I have a sense of uncertainty about Shifu Lin as some older threads on this site bear out. So does anyone have any advice for me about where to start a conversation with an experienced Daoist practitioner, not necessarily Mo Pai or even Nei Kung, ideally anyone NZ/Auckland based but with reasonable english!! I'm not much of a fan of just doing mysterious unexplained practices AKA "jacket on, jacket off"! Cheers, Adrian
  8. Taoist master John Chang has passed away. 5 Feb 2020 My condolences. Some say he fell off his bed. Let us, and those mopai practicitioners, if you are bow with sincere respect.
  9. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    So I was a student of Jim Mcmillan something like 12 years ago when I was around 16, at the time I took him at his word not having read The Magus of Java or heard anything conflicting. Now years later there are a lot of things that just seem off, level 1 just seems bare, and 2 goes against many Qi Gong and Nei Kung beliefs that proper breath is important. Also in The Magus of Java (which Kostas has admitted in an interview was embellished to make it a better read) they seem to disagree on things which shouldn't be the case for low level students. When speaking with Jim I remember asking if he could give any demonstrations and his words being "I don't have the Yin built up to do it without my master" he also mentioned that it takes many more years to accumulate equivalent Yin to post level 1 Yang collection. This doesn't make sense at all, Nei Kung is supposed to be more about Yin and Yang balance but yet seems that Mo Pai is still very Yang first and lacks proper technique to build Yin at the same speed. So now to my question, are there any good alternatives to Mo Pai? No so much interested in the 'abilities' of Mo Pai but rather than retaining consciousness after death portion (supposedly one must reach level 3/4) to obtain in Mo Pai. In Kostas books if anything he said is to be believed, is that there were 3 different lineages, one being Mo Pai, so there must be similar and better systems out there but I can't seem to find any good information, seems that Mo Pai reigns supreme despite having no knowledge (that can be confirmed) from the actual school. It's hard to tell the good schools from the fake so if anyone know of any that would be great.
  10. Mo Pai is Bullshit

    Mo Pai is Bullshit
  11. We would like your questions to add to our Mo Pai FAQ. Thanks very much.
  12. New Here - Looking for a Teacher

    Hello everyone! This is my first time ever posting on an online forum : ) I tried to see if something like this had been posted somewhere else but I couldn't find anything recent. I came to this site because I have been trying to find a teacher in the Mo Pai school of Nei Gong, or something very similar. Like probably all of you I've seen that famous old documentary video of John Chang working wonders with his Qi. I read "the magus of java" as well. And again like probably all of you, I've desired that kind of spiritual aptitude/adeptness for a very long time. I started researching the mo pai levels and trying to find information on practice, but I find info that is either untrustworthy or comes from a teacher I know nothing about. And even if the practices in a book are correct...well, i've been at the spiritual practice game long enough to know that having a teacher is crucial for these things to work right and come alive in the right way. Besides, anyone who's truly been practicing these things knows that they can be dangerous without proper guidance. I want a flesh and blood teacher who can teach me up to "level 4" in this system, or again something very similar to it. I'm at the point in my life where I can afford to travel to study with a true teacher, and I can think of no better use of my time and finances. Even if John Chang no longer accepts students, surely some of his students do, or his students' students. These types of practices - manifestation and influencing the world through one's own inner energy, are very close to my heart. I was especially moved by John Chang's ability to heal with this power. I've read of such things in the yogic and tantric traditions, but no one ever discusses techniques to make it happen. A little bit about my spiritual background. I've studied and practiced meditation in the soto zen, tibetan buddhist, and kashmiri shaivism styles. Currently I am very invested in the meditation and energetic practices of kashmiri tantra. I participate in an active native american sweat lodge community, and I've practiced hatha yoga for many years, as well as greek hermeticism. Although I've practiced qigong and studied chinese medicine and daoism, it's admittedly been more of a backburner thing until several months ago.In terms of martial arts, I did TKD for a while as a kid, but haven't followed up much. Several months ago I began doing Bagua in the Ma Gui lineage. My teacher's just had me doing circle walking and palm changes - less martial stuff for now as the tendon changing just starts out. But this Mo Pai and Nei Gong stuff feels like what I've been looking for all along. You know the feeling. For work, I ply my living as a classical astrologer. I majored in philosophy and am a huge ancient language nerd. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. TL;DR Do you know of any authentic teachers of Mo Pai Nei Gong or something similar who are currently accepting students?
  13. Ive been doing lots of research, trying to gather as much information on such things as the abilities developed in certian lineages discussed in this forum, before I begin my own journey diving into the universe.
  14. I will intdoduce my shelf to all of you again after being absence long time from the martial arts and nei kung forums... I was taught the system of five animals and hard chi kung in the period 1992-2000 by Antonios Iatrakis in Heraklion Crete and I reached a teacher level (In 1997 I was given a black belt and the first Dan). This system is genealogy of Shu Pui Cheung, based in Philadelphia's China Town. The kung fu of this kind includes movements in combination with breath, such as the tiger associated with the bones, the crane associated with the nervous system, the leopard associated with power and speed, the snake associated with controlling the chi-prana (animal power) and finally the dragon, who combines all four previous animals into one and symbolizes spirit-perfection. On the journey of my internal search until 2008 I was taught, I received influences and guidance from several teachers, some of which are: Kostas Vrettos (wu taiji form and sword) Panayiotis Kontaxakis (chi kung of the sun, chi kung of the spine, iron shirt and opening the microcosmic track.) Master Don Ankut (Korean based in New York, from whom I taught iron shirt chi kung twenty-four animals and tai chi chi kung, dan tien chi kung) Wang ting jun (Xing Shen Zhuan) In the last ten years, I have practiced beside master Kenneth Bone (the only personal student of BO MA, a high-grade Buddhist monk and teacher at Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai), from whom I fully taught the following: 1. Chen taiji chuan 3 frames (new, old, small). The main feature of chen tai chi is the switching of slow and fast spiral movement as well as the explosions at the end of the movements, of course, if we choose it. Some of the benefits of the proper tai chi execution to health are the following: Due to the very slow and constant speed of movement (we can only choose slow motion, if our goal is health) the body muscles are stimulated at the cellular level while the heart pushes the blood even to the smaller capillaries. This makes tai chi an excellent cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, the muscular and neuronal control capacity is gradually increased at a more sophisticated level. During the exercise of tai chi, the soles of the feet as well as a part of our intent, our mind are rooted in the soil with consistency in addition to the external stability to gain emotional balance. In addition, during the execution of the form, alignments of some parts of the body are made, while others are symmetrically arranged in relation to specific axes and points. This makes the contribution of tai chi to the prevention and treatment of orthopedic problems decisive. Because of the spiral movements combined with the intent, chi is driven to the joints and from there to the bone marrow where the blood is produced. This helps to strengthen the bones, to clean the bone marrow and thus to better oxygenate and revitalize the body. It is, therefore, an excellent anti-aging exercise. The constant intention of pulling from the earth and the top of the head from the sky dilates, strengthens the spine and exalts the spirit. Finally, all our moves should be guided by our intention, with the consequence of pushing the chi to the various parts of the body.This is meditation in movement, which strengthens our macrocosmic orbit. White crane (white crane from the lineage of master wee kee jin perfrected in my opinion by the great buddhist monk BO MA). The feature of this system is the combination of breathing exercises, tendon nei kung and bone- chi vibrations. Wild goose if the execution is done by the secret method, it is one of the most effective energy practices that combines stretching exercises and light vibrations to open energy meridians as well as detoxify the body. It includes two forms for opening the microcosmic and macroscopic track, respectively. Each "move" of this form can be used individually as a separate exercise, aiming at specific benefits. Swimming Dragon.. Form with the main aim of exercising the kidneys and opening the third eye. Mara qigong This form deals entirely with the spine and with the opening of all acupuncture points left and right. It looks very much like yoga on the move with the palms of the hands united. Mo pai the proper one not the ritual and demonic one LOST KUNG FU SUSTEM iam also train a system of a series of 12 spiraling forms very old and very very rare !!!! when I asked my sifu to tell me the name of this system, told me that he did not knew the name and that his teacher never mentioned from where come from. I believe that these forms are arcetypes for pakua, taichi xing yi system
  15. Greetings. As I have not found a more appropriate place to ask this question, I created this topic just for that. What I wish to know is what book is Jim McMillan refering to when he mentions he's been reading about some of the effects meditation can have on our body. If I recall correctly, there's also a part where he says the author of that particular book does some kind of work which requires the chi to circulate the body, going from the bottom of our pelvis to the top of our head, or something of the sorts. If someone can help me with that, I will me most grateful.
  16. First Post: Discovering Mo Pai Nei Kung

    Discovering Mo Pai Nei Kung Hey everyone, I'm new here and searching for something. If you're curious; I just turned 25, and I'm from the US. I'm interested in learning Mo Pai Nei Kung... So, I'm here! From what I've found online, John Chang's school and students are in Indonesia somewhere. So, it looks like I'm moving there (somewhere) after I finish my schooling (around 2-4 more years). I'm dedicated, so I read whatever I can about Mo Pai and similar schools. If you know of anyone or anything that may help me on my path, please don't hesitate to let me know. P.S. I've heard that they don't accept students from the US anymore. I'm ok with that. I feel that this is part of my path in this life... So, if it's meant to happen, it will. If not, I know I will have tried my hardest. Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn a little bit about who I am. Enjoy the rest of your day... Namaste.
  17. For anyone who was wondering was down for two days due to a way over-complicated hosting transfer. It took two days of hard work but it should be running correctly now like before. If you run into any errors be sure to let me know.
  18. Neigong Forum Relaunched! I proposed the idea of starting a nei gong forum. I kindu gave up since I really had no clue what I was doing or how to start one, but after tons of research I got the hang of it and decided to go for it. Anyways everyone seemed to support the idea so for everyone that PMed me saying they were interested and who commented on the thread I thought I'd announce it in case you missed it. There is also something I'd like to say to The Tao Bums community. I've had some heated debates with some of you in the past and some of you I don't particularly like, but none of that will carry over to my new forum. I'm starting fresh over there and I'd like everyone to know that they are welcome to join the forum and participate if they wish. Even if I disagree with you, you are still welcome to express your opinion freely. The only thing I don't want is trolling (obviously) so don't just go join for the purpose of making 10,000 "wire up your a**" jokes". The forum is obviously centered around neigong but there are also sections for martial arts, qigong, philosophy, etc. in case you are more interested in those topics.
  19. I'm pulling stuff off my Forum, so give me a little time. EDIT:
  20. 8 Extraordinary Meridians

    Are the 8 extraordinary meridians or the 12 primary meridians used in mo pai nei kung? Like does mo pai use them in practice?
  21. Nei Gong Forum?

    I'm thinking about creating a nei gong forum, but first I need to anyone would be interested in participating. If you're wondering why I'm thinking of doing this it's because, for the most part, the only reason I'm on TTB in the first place is to follow nei gong/mo pai related threads and sort of keep an eye on what's going on. However, as it turns out, I think it's quite obvious that TTBs is a good place for these threads. It is my opinion that there needs to be a separate forum for Mo Pai/nei gong related topics. Anyone agree with this? Who all would be interested in participating in a nei kung forum?
  22. What would you ask a master?

    I am taking a trip to China, in March 2014, to see Master Jiang. What questions would you ask him? What would you like to see him demonstrate on video? Here are some of his videos:
  23. Hi everybody! Let me introduce myself a bit. I have investigated Taoism and western philosophy for several years (both practically and theory). I have been accepted as internal student of one of the orthodox Taoist schools of internal alchemy, studied about 2 years and quite. I also more then very curious about Mo Pai school. I have specially learnt Chinese for few years to start my own journey to China and find real Taoist internal alchemy school (because I know the right criteria very well, to know these criteria is a secret itself and may be learnt in one of the hidden schools only, like the one I had connection with). Right now I would like to find a company for my journey - 1-2 people. We can go to China search for hidden Taoist schools or we can go to Indonesia to search for Mo Pai - it's for us to decide. In Indonesia my Chinese will not help us a lot, but I have some good ideas how our search could succeed. P.S. I'm not crazy))) Please, don't hesitate to contact me!
  24. Hello all! My name is Tyler and I used to be a student of Jim Mcmillan. I was a student years ago and over a year ago I stopped and eventually lost contact with Jim. Recently I tried to get back in contact with him only to find out that he has died. If anyone knows me from the forum of Jims and would like to talk to me via email about Jim and the teachings please do so. email: [email protected]