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  1. UDT Cultivation

    Breakdowns or breakthroughs, sounds like crossing the abyss in western occultism. You make it or you don't and welcome madness.
  2. Theosis: Becoming Like God

    More interesting information on Theosis.
  3. UDT Cultivation

    Does the UDT relate to 'space' or an absence of the personal self? I can see peering into this level could be dangerous to those who still derive their sense of self from the constructed ego.
  4. Unwinding Desire

    Dear Daniel, Please do not apologize. Although I know nothing also, you're very welcome here. I understand your original question, and it is a good one, however I cannot answer it as I do not belong to a Daoist lineage. However attachment is clearly stated in Buddhisms 4 Noble Truths, being in the second noble truth - Its interesting that a distinction is made between desire and attachment. My question to you is, what about a desire for freedom through spiritual practices? Without a desire to free ourselves from bondage, how can we start the journey to be free?
  5. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    I believe he made a video about Tao Bums but it looks like it has been deleted along with all the airsoft videos he had.
  6. BDSM, psycho-spiritual context?

    I think one should look at the reason behind why you have a fascination as mentioned in the quote above. Is it an energetic imprint from a past experience? Try and think back to the earliest memory when you remember having this fascination. If you dream about the fascination, good, look for clues. There is nothing wrong with it, however, instead of this fascination leading you, find out why it wants to lead you in this direction.
  7. Non dual Buddhism

    Its possible depending on the way in that the mind made the discovery.
  8. New Dao Bums world map created

  9. Being in the present moment?

    It's much easier when you 'are' the present moment, instead of trying to be in the present moment. In fact, the present moment is inescapable, so why expend effort trying to capture something you already are. Again, the present moment is you, including everything.
  10. Being in the present moment?

    The present moment is you.
  11. sensitivity to viberation cause of qigong practice ?

    I have felt the earth shaking numerous times and thought the same. However it was, as others suggested, an internal energy state.
  12. 3 am

  13. I think I need some help..

    The thump in your head I think is a good sign. I had a similar experience too.
  14. Kidney jing

    Abstain from sex