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  1. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    The opposite to pride is humility. Practice humility to reduce pride.
  2. Physical signs that your practice is working

    The Balance Point
  3. Daoist enlightenment

  4. The Sephiroth

    The more you give it attention and believe it to be real, the more power it has over you.
  5. Secrecy

    Will knowing his birthplace change anything?
  6. Simply Be -- Summa Iru

    I have heard there is a contrived stillness. Almost called Dead Tree Zen.
  7. Living in the Now, vs. Dementia

    I've read low carb diets are good for brain health. Maybe have a try for a week or two and see if it takes the brain fog away.
  8. Money

    Run your bank account like you would a business. More money coming in than money coming out. If you stick with this you will always stay level or increase. Hard to do when the money coming in is not very much to start with though.
  9. What is Fear?

    I like this line of reasoning. If we are dreaming and know everything is a dream and cannot hurt us, is there still fear? I would say fear stems from attachment. If we do not have an attachment to something, is there any fear involved if that thing is compromised.
  10. Eastern and Western cultivation

    I have heard that Western Traditions are more secret. Eastern was very secret too, but there has been a push in the last 30-40 years to get the teachings into the public for the sake of those who it can help.
  11. Anyone heard anything about this?

    I have felt a cool breeze that seems to pass right through me in meditation. The first year or two of serious mediation saw me experience most weird phenomena. Now the sensations are a lot more subtle.
  12. You Can Only Manifest Whats Meant For You

    Is it depressing due to the lack of freedom we have?
  13. Mantra Recitation Dream

    Maybe the information contained in that specific mantra is meant to assist you in a certain way.
  14. The Perils of Meditation

    Meditation and self inquiry can go together. I agree with you about studying and contemplation. However maybe mediation makes the mind more conducive to having a breakthrough with contemplation.