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  1. Reaching Deep Relaxation
  2. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Of course you can. Try to remember doing it before going to sleep in bed, you should hopefully feel very relaxed. Another method could be to just rest your awareness on your body. If you feel any pain there, just watch it and you may be surprised as it disappears to be replace with relaxation.
  3. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Yes, it can be quite liberating.
  4. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    What you're searching for is your immediate existence right now. Therefore, nothing needs to be done to exist right now, and there is nothing you can do to search for your immediate existence right now.
  5. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    How would you know if someone was radiating vitality?
  6. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

    I have a few of his books. The book, Wonders of the Natural Mind was fantastic, I actually re-read it a few times.
  7. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    The only thing that doesn't want enlightenment is your attachments/ego
  8. Declaring Realisation Prematurely

    Good morning, I love you all.
  9. Aligned with your ego, but there is nothing wrong with that.
  10. How to bring forth hidden emotions?

    Why is that? If you want to release repressed emotions on a physical level this is the best I have found. Mentally, Zen mediation is good also. I am sorry that I am insane. It is something I have to live with.
  11. How to bring forth hidden emotions?

    Fasting and celibacy. Be careful though, it might be overwhelming and not for the faint of heart.
  12. Where to begin? i want to learn your teachings.

    I don't see how masturbation not selfish, when one has no partner.
  13. A most important point

  14. A most important point

    There is nothing you can do, to free yourself.