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  1. I recommend those that take offence, to please put 'Everything' on their personal Ignore List. This can be done under the account settings tab. Its also a good opportunity to practice restraint.
  2. I have never had the classical energy from the base of the spine shooting upwards. I was in bed and meditating very early on in my practice and felt like I was struck by lightening straight to the top of the head. It was so powerful I blacked out. I have never had that experience since, although it was quite frightening at the time.
  3. Phosphorus in internal alchemy

    This makes me discouraged as I have never seen any colours behind the eyes.
  4. Women and Buddhahood

    Buddhahood is beyond either male or female genders.
  5. Strange Energy

    Congratulations on your achievement. No it's not the tea. My question is, if the thinker disappears, as in the thoughts stop, all that is left is awareness. So are you the thinker or that awareness that is left?
  6. Strange Energy

  7. The hero's journey

    Thank you I'll have a look for it.
  8. The hero's journey

    I just found the image. What book is it from?
  9. The hero's journey

    Would anyone like to give their own interpretation on the attached? what is supernatural aid and threshold guardians? The mentor and the helper?
  10. Humans Without Souls

    What type of siddhi's should one see when they spiritually advance?
  11. Can desire also come from avoidance of pain and suffering and the seeking of pleasure?
  12. Desire comes from attachment.
  13. Humans Without Souls

    How does one go about learning more about this? Or performing this operation?
  14. Insomnia

    If she is up to experiment, tell her to cut out all grains, gluten and sugar in her diet.
  15. Chidabhasa

    Consciousness watching itself as consciousness. Being, seeing itself being?