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  1. Who or what is "satan"?

    Satan is the moral prosecutor. I hope you have a good defence lawyer.
  2. What’s the meaning of doing without doing?

    You don't understand, but you're trying to understand. By trying to understand, you are exerting effort to understand. Doing without doing or accomplishing everything without doing anything, means to do something without exerting any effort at all. Effortless action. An action that does not require or need effort in any direction.
  3. The Idiots Way

  4. Its true and in some cases there is multiple layers of meaning. A classic example is using a story to convey a certain idea. The idea can be taken exoterically or esoterically depending on the viewpoint. The exoteric view was given to the lay people, the esoteric was reserved for the priesthood.
  5. The difference between waking reality and dream reality

    The one taste of all things good or bad, the great seal of Mahamudra.
  6. Stages of Self Identification

    We may be using the same terms and using different descriptions here. It's very hard for me to explain. For me, when one rests in awareness, I mean resting in the 5 sense organs, but being undifferentiated so it remains whole. It is effortless to exists and rest in this nature and is what I believe the main practice of the cutting through our trekcho. We see through the fiction of the mind but still see the information provided by the 5 sense organs are being real. I believe the Buddha went beyond the 5 sense organs and saw them as Maya, illusion. The body and all that you are experiencing right now is not real. You are dreaming and don't realise you are dreaming. Your body is just a dream body, your thoughts are made up of dream language and the food and drink you consume including the taste is all part of the dream. In my opinion, seeing through the illusion of the 5 sense organs is what is seen in the leep over teachings of Togal.
  7. Stages of Self Identification

    Garab Dorje states - The second part whereby one decides upon the one thing and one thing only is whereby self identity starts to transfer from the conditioned to the unconditioned. The decision is like an intent, no words are needed, a bit like an understanding or a knowing.
  8. Boaz and Jachin

    The pillars represent duality. To enter the temple one must walk between the pillars. The point between two poles is the centre point. To stay at the centre one must be in perfect balance. So to enter the temple of the divine one must be in perfect balance. Undifferentiated awareness available right now and effortlessly existing is by it's nature perfectly balanced. When one is led to follow the discriminating mind, labelling things as discrete objects within awareness we fall out of the centre and into duality.
  9. Blending the body with the environment



    Interesting video on seeing life as a dream when we die we wake up.



  11. Stages of Self Identification

    Physical - I am the body, when the body dies I die. Mental - I am not just my body, but I am my thoughts. I am the thinker and the sum of my beliefs make me who I am. When the body dies my mind lives on. Causal - I am undifferentiated awareness. I see thoughts arising within the space of awareness. Awareness will be there when thoughts cease. I effortlessly exist. I AM. Unknown - I am the unknowable. The totality of experience is a changing illusion, including the 5 senses. Like the projection in a dream, the dreamer is dreaming the projection. The dreamscape itself is devoid of the dreamer. Like playing a video game, the character in the video game is not the same as the player playing the video game character, who is completely outside the video game world.
  12. The inner and the outer, when one sees without distinction, all has the same taste, all being appearance happening spontaneously.