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  1. Lotus Nei Gong process; how long?

    Check out Scott Kiloby's work. Could be you are suffering from emotional repression that manifests as back pain. Also some energy healing modalities can ease the pain.
  2. On Personal Goodness

    Nothing is relative, all is relative, nothing is relative Is a translation of the zen saying 'first there are mountains, then there are no mountains, then there are mountains again' The middle stage is the non dual bypass discussed by Scott Kiloby by using presence as an escape from the unconscious emotions. It feels like emptiness but actually is the shutdown mechanism the body-mind uses to not face deeper emotions.
  3. On Personal Goodness

    On people pleasing 'being nice' All kinds of childhood patterns, traumas need to be addressed. Neither Buddhism nor Daoism do this, you have you look elsewhere for techniques.
  4. On Personal Goodness

    If you practice enough you'll end up 'good' but note sometimes you have to be a badass since some people only understand things the hard way. People pleasing is not something you deal with in qigong. You might have to look into divine energy healing, kiloby inquiries or something else.
  5. Transforming emotions

  6. I was a renunciate in a past life, this life is more about enjoyment, kids, women etc.
  7. For very few the recognition lasts, so we have to use other tools. Edit: Noticed some selfish traits come up, did a part of a Dzogchen practice and it disappeared. Just empty clarity left. So grateful for ChNN. A real master ♥️
  8. You can also check out the Resonant Breathing app or guided meditation
  9. So you need to do standing to cultivate Yang?
  10. I think you can do both. Clearing old surface karma is simple (just use divine healing tools or light) but deep seated karma cannot be cleared in a few seconds. A change of life circumstances, doing good deeds, focus on virtue is the way. Also I found receiving Buddhist empowerments cleared some heaviness out as doing Tantric practices as well. I think a good measurement tool is finding out what you feel towards others: do you wish them well or harm?
  11. You can force things but it will actually set you back because you have to repair the damage. A lesson in taking it slow.
  12. Study Chen style Tai Chi, free tutorial on YouTube Dharma events gruop on Telegram for Buddhist events, some are free Damo Mitchell MCO course or SFQ small universe Flying Phoenix meditations, this alone can take a long time 😀 Self inquiry, look at Gary Weber, happiness beyond thought or Awakening to Reality Hatha yoga or Yantra yoga (Tibetan) Maybe read Taiji Bums practice advice Or Internal Alchemy for Everyone book Etc etc
  13. I guess this quote answers this.
  14. I know this is a pointing out but why denounce demons, when it is just as stupid to denounce psychopaths/sociopaths like Ted Bundy? Non-physical entities do exist or do not exist?
  15. I like how it is described in Peter Brown's work Reality is already your experience but is not perceived correctly thus needing work to perceive it as it really is. I feel that page also transmits a knowledge/transmission to get that correction a cross.