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  1. Come back to your true nature

    Hi Anand, You are Being, always, even though it appears not to. The mind may come up with another story but that is an error it makes.
  2. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Well believers here on this forum believe that you would have to do years and years of training, you see the condescending tone from Taemeow and others who actively despises those who post anything that is not 100% in line with their Buddhist and Taoist beliefs. So it can come as a surprise that you actually can remove such a virus pretty easily, that it is not a big deal, that you just need to the correct information. I can point people to training in a PM, because I don't want to appear as someone who advertises here. If you are sincere you can just sit and ask your Being for information on how to do it and you could probably learn how to do it on your own. If this method can remove all symptoms of a corona virus I am not sure since I have only removed it from people in the beginning of the disease, 1-3 days in. After this there might be 1 day fever, not more, the body knows how to get back to a natural functioning.
  3. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    It is unfortunate that very few know energy healing since it only takes 10 mins per person to clear the coronavirus.
  4. Come back to your true nature

    John Wheeler on our true nature A song about Being, that which is always present Enjoy!
  5. Inequality

    From "Xing Yi Nei Gong", Wang Ji Wu says: The world is already harmonious but a heart which isn't quiet sees it differently. The question 'should I help people or not' does not come from a belief 'thy should always help others' but from an internal listening to your own system. The listening improves with practice and quieting of the heart-mind.
  6. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    I wonder whether your motivation is based on suffering since end of suffering means end of being uncomfortable thus no striving to get anywhere. End of suffering is a silent mind in my definition. For a combination of things which are safe and shouldn't lead to instability (qi deviation) I would recommend Zhan Zhuang to start with along with a Taiji form for circulation purposes. For end of suffering see Roger Castillo satsangs on YouTube. This combination works both on the energy body and the psyche.
  7. Emotions are the path

    You write as if it is a conscious choice of hiding stuff in our psyche. I don't think it is a conscious choice at all. It requires free will to make a choice. A child that grows up with loving parents usually end up happier than a child that grows up under a tough-love environment. Although genetics play a part of course. Once the tough-love child becomes an adult why blame the adult for behavior that is caused by past conditions? Blame is a emotion that causes suffering. It can be eliminated by contemplating free will. The psyche is built on layers upon layers. Pulling the rug completely out is not possible and would be unhealthy. Imagine if your psyche would change completely everytime you walked into a new room. Until humans evolve an automatic defragging of old emotions we need to clear everything out ourselves manually. The bottom line is why do the people do what they are doing? Everything is caused by the past. No doer, no blame, no pride, no guilt, no shame, no suffering.
  8. Sudden enlightenment doesn't work because the human psyche is too complex to revert to the natural state. It might work for one person but average folks need more work. Releasing just one emotion can take a toll on the psyche, so releasing 1000 emotions plus being integrated afterwards is not possible in real life. If you instead focus on feeling good in the present then quickly you stop worrying about enlightenment because you are feeling good, why worry about something in the future? It also stops the psyche from blaming others etc because you quickly see that the psyche generates suffering so the solution is very close to home.
  9. There is a clear description of enlightenment from Ramesh Balsekar: the end of suffering, the end of uncomfortable sensations in the body. The uncomfortable sensations are caused by the identity that calls itself 'me', thus the end of 'me' is enlightenment. Another stage, which is mentioned in Actualism, is the end of all instinctual passions. Ramesh Balsekar was apparently ok with anger which I personally see as a symptom of aggression. But it depends on what you call anger. I find a good marker of progress to be silence of mind and tension in the body. Both things anyone can feel internally, so not mystical at all. Namkhai Norbu said the state of rigpa was lack of difference between you and an object, something I have not achieved myself so cannot talk about it. I only had glimpses so far.
  10. This is simply wrong. Drinking cannabis tea (less than 0.5 g) results in more complete relaxation than any qigong I have tried so best to judge by yourself. And it feels so much more natural where qigong feels artificial and forced. It is a question of chemistry in the brain (search for cannabinoid receptors). Qigong manipulates energy that is then supposed to change the chemistry. My experience is that it doesn't work that way and cannabis tea works so much better that I was completely amazed by its results.
  11. The necessity of thought.

    There are two types of thoughts: "bla bla" automatic thoughts that cause suffering, and planning / calculating etc thoughts that do not cause suffering. The first type is the one to eliminate, eliminating the second makes you non-functional.
  12. Potent Systems

    The Union of Three Hearts from Sheng Zhen is a super simple meditation giving good results. So far it feels better due to not invoking "the feeling-being" which meditating on the lower dantian does (in my body). The feeling-being is all about the "me, my self and I" structure and meditating in the middle of the head cuts that off completely starving the feeling-being away. So a quick way to realization of no-mind I think.
  13. The psychology of conspiracy theories

    Huang Po: "There is no truth, beware even of this truth". Trump uses the first part to steer people to his version of the truth. There is also the thing about psychics, that do no fit into the world of fact-checkers because humanity is still suppressing psychic information. So conspiracy theories are more attractive because they rely on the UNSEEN. I see this "war" between psychics and non-psychics as yet another play God has written to make evolution go forward.
  14. The psychology of conspiracy theories We have not evolved to see objective reality because then we would have been extinct. Thus we live in a human generated reality however some of the things we live by are real in a sense like gravity. So the human is built for generating its own version of reality hence conspiracy theories can proliferate.
  15. The psychology of conspiracy theories

    There is active Russian disinformation going on using people's dislike for anything to destabilize society. More chaos equals freer movement for Putin and friends. Then there is also growing up in a society where money is the object of desire fueled by American social media. The hyper focus on lack and the overly simplistic tools on how to fix that lack: cars, houses, career, 'the secret'. After some time you get the feeling 'the system is rigged' and 'somebody is controlling the system' which it is in a way. Basically the young ones are inherenting a system that is exploiting and controlling them, at least that is one way of interpretating the gravitation towards conspiracy theories. Also I think the current way of using facts to shut down how people feel about things is counterproductive. If people still feel the system is rigged then surely those facts have not solved the real issue? The fact checking way relies on suppression of feelings and so-called 'scientific evidence' rather than a resolution of said feelings.