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  1. Reiki

    It is always very interesting to see people demanding your time is worth zero ie your sessions should be free while they are fine earning money on a regular job. Double standard, anyone?
  2. Reflections on Self-Worth

    So far, in my own research, there are different ways to navigate life. 1. Accept suffering and negativity as part of life, embrace it, don't try to change it. 2. Look at how suffering starts a negativity cycle within you and actively root out beliefs that trigger negativity. My own experience is that I have felt best when there was zero self reflection aka no self concern at all. It also was received best by others so I guess there was something attractive to the state just like watching a funny comedian that makes you forget the grim world a few minutes. This morning I felt a bit crazy, ungrounded as internal dialogue was bouncing around. I began to investigate the belief that started it. It was 'I need to make a decision on the way forward'. Once seen I could let it go and my mind was calm again and the feeling of craziness disappeared.
  3. Reiki

    Earl Grey I can understand what you are saying but bad and good is coupled together so nothing is 100% bad. Also everything is an appearance so it is basically Divinity disguised as bad. The book I have shared a link to in this thread is actually the opposite of McDonaldsization as the Reiki crystal that is imparted is handed down directly from the founder, Mikao Usui and is a way around the traditional Reiki schools. I am part of another lineage where the founder decided not to do only distance transmission due to wanting to build a community around the lineage. The community members can then help each other in both sharing stories and healing each other. I think this is a good approach.
  4. Reiki

    Same and sameness is not the same. Manifested energy can have different properties. Meaning different lineages transmit different energies. Like a dog is not a cat. Though in the end it is from the Self to the Self.
  5. Reiki

    Is that your perception? It depends on the method of energy exchange. I wouldn't be worried about this issue as clearing your field is so easy.
  6. Does the soul know the difference?

    Video games (and movies) make an energetic imprint in your mental energy body which makes an impact but does not turn us into monsters. It can be easily cleared with the right healing tools. If it was video games that was the root cause then both Europe and Asia would have shootings like in the US. Gun ownership has gone down from 1973 to 2014 - 47% to 31% but mass shootings are up Reports/GSS_Trends in Gun Ownership_US_1972-2014.pdf I think there multiple reasons for the shootings, some are copy-cats, some are fed up of feeling rejected/useless resulting in rage attacks. I think the militarization of society plays a role together with drug use, bad education, societal breakdown etc etc.
  7. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    There is no fixed, separate self as a unit, but there is a selfing process that develops as part of growing up due to the self reflective nature of the thinking mind. This can be seen by noting one's experience moment by moment or just noticing the insistence of the thoughts claiming one to be 'someone'. This 'one' means the body unit. My experience so far.
  8. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Just say no to constant negativity. Opt out and start being happy right now.
  9. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    1-3 are linked since thoughts can generate problems that do not exist in reality - other than as thoughts. So you can 'shadow box' the problems but they still appear until you remove the source of the thought. I have been working on my 'life sucks' attitude for some time and it can be difficult to root out. News act as confirmation bias that something is wrong but it is the background attitude that makes you feel that life sucks. Cleaning your own consciousness makes an impact on others but of course sometimes government intervention is needed in cases of environmental protection, movie regulations etc. If you want to help clear the need for watching such movies then there are Divine tools that one can use. Sometimes when I have used them on external issues then the tool used pointed back to my own source of irritation with the issue as the problem to work on.
  10. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Everything, you are right. It is better to root out the beliefs that make you feel bad including the belief 'the world is messed up' than to try to fix the world by external means.
  11. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    'Everything is fine' can be the reality of the realized but can also be a cover for avoidance for the unrealized. The majority of humanity is still following the egoic desires and destroying the Earth in the process. Not very intelligent.
  12. Surf's Up !

    Usually when we repress anger it is because we do not feel safe in the situation we are in. That's why children behave differently when at home with parents than outside the home with other people. I wouldn't say I have completely cleared all my repression issues even with all the years of cultivation under my belt. Sometimes I have connected to Thor, the Nordic god of thunder and I have felt a natural expression of power arising in me that is different from my learned response which is more repressing than expressing.
  13. What happens to suicides?

    I have been suicidal for a long time due to feeling like a failure when compared to the success that I perceived others having. I have healed that using Divine energy on all issues surrounding success, money, relationships plus listening to awakened teachers on YouTube that point to our True Nature. Fred Davis have nice practices on Being and Paul Hedderman points to not-self so you can see the selfing process in action. Also long walks in nature helps plus volunteering on causes that help others give something back that is not tangible but helps the spirit. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. Yi Jin Jing

    I am famous for playing the corpse in American TV series ('hey we got a John Doe here') but never been to Virginia Tech before