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    I get past lives as an issue to clear if I sense into your system. Trauma can sit in your system carried over from past lives, some call it karma. Can be cleared by a healer. You could also try sitting with Mother Meera on YouTube Best live but here is a recording
  2. Primordial qigong aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment

    I just follow the Rubbo video.
  3. Primordial qigong aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment

    The form increases clarity or the state of no-mind
  4. It is the same for all religions and philosophies. Non duality, the end of the personal self and no subject-object distinction. Some call it God, some call it Nirvana, some call it Dao.
  5. The sickly self-obsessed modern man

    The funny thing is when I went to China they seemed more extreme capitalists than when I went to the US.
  6. Need some Daily Cultivation Techniques

    Flying Phoenix Meditation: Primordial Qigong:
  7. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    I suddenly remembered Rinzai Zen. You can access good courses on, for direct pointing the Zen way also other general Zen courses are available.
  8. Breath % in BFP meditations

    I was doing a San Gong meditation with the breathing sequence 60% 50% and could feel my sense of self expand or awareness was more spread out so to speak. It could be linked to the Solar Plexus. I remember there was a technique from Rinzai Zen where one pressed the Solar Plexus to change the feeling of 'self'. Maybe 60% is linked to the Solar Plexus and the above diagram is correct? 😊
  9. Primordial qigong aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment

    I hope this is ok copyright wise, since the Rubbo domain and ebook are no longer available online. As for people who say Buddhism is superior, I would like to point out the many who goes into the dark knight of the soul due to vipassana and the extreme focus on insight. A very ungrounded practice IMHO. Buddhist insight needs the ming aspect and energetic work of Taoism + focus on releasing/healing trauma and ego-tendencies from healing work in whatever form (therapy,energy healing, etc etc), just my opinion.
  10. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    We already see clearly but then start to believe the mind there is more work to do to arrive at a future, better state. Call the bullshit of the mind and the party is over 😊
  11. Very unpopular opinions

    Apparently not only westerners
  12. Can jing be replenished?

    You can have sex without ejaculating. It feels good and energy levels are higher afterwards in my experience. Release sexual repression and suppression and be happy.
  13. I have the 10 San Gong meditations by Doo Wai. Very powerful for stilling the mind, deepening FP meditations and other systems. Also very helpful in realizing I AM as per So if anybody hasn't tried these yet, I can recommend to give them a try.
  14. Primordial qigong aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment

    From the Rubbo ebook which is no longer available it seems Goal: non-duality, the Dao, my translation.
  15. Does Qi cultivation supercharge human traits?

    Depression, anger, restlessness etc is a sign mind looks outward, to seek something that can satisfy an apparent need. Qi can push this tendency rather than dissolve it, resulting in a worse state than doing nothing. I don't think we actually need tons of qi to realize the truth. It is a very misguided approach but apparently very popular in some communities.