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  1. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    I am not the best at creating connection but when I am most successful I ask questions about other people's interests, lives etc, being curious and open about how the conversation will go and also feel a sense of joy of the spontaneity appearing in front of me. Also noticing where I feel blocks in conversations which I then can work on later. The harshness you feel, which is revealed in the title, is a disconnected aspect of yourself you can meet with love and awareness to melt and dissolve over time. Then reality will appear less brutal and more loving than it appears today.
  2. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    In the lineage I am part of we have worked on the way technology is being used by the collective consciousness to bring about a change so the usage becomes more natural. Of course the issue is big so doesn't change overnight. Sometimes I also feel lonely, but I think it is my own weaknesses that determine if I continue being lonely. I think it is better to stop being cynical and open up to the joy of interacting with people even if it is just saying hi to your neighbor and doing some smalltalk here and there.
  3. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    Not sure what happened, but I will put the blame on the Western lifestyle with the obsession with work. Work mostly depletes people and when they get home, they have to take care of their kids etc. So no time to much else than work, sleep etc everyday. The social media has been a part of destroying this and I feel it is unhealthy to engage too much on Facebook. Social media also tends to rely on mental gymnastics and the physical connection which is necessary gets broken. That is why we see people with rage attacks and the conspiracy nuts going crazy like in New Zealand. Personally I feel much better going out in nature and listen to the birds and the wind moving rather than engaging on Facebook. Human mentality is becoming twisted and far from the reality of animals. In the discussion of globalization we seldom hear the voice of the whales for example, if they enjoy having thousands of ships moving in the oceans all the time. Economics is simply more important and everything else gets a mental downgrade. Regarding spirituality it is also getting too mental. I feel spirituality without human connection is too mental and seclusion like a monk is making people dry up and getting crazy.
  4. First heal yourself of the beliefs "I am a healer" "I am a savior" "I want to help people" etc. and then see if you still want to heal people.
  5. The Myth of Conscious awareness in Sleep

    So who/what is aware of the Dao then? It must be awareness thus you end up in the same place again - being awareness. I guess you mean conscious awareness where duality exists. Awareness where 'me' is gone and there is no distinction between 'my' fingers and the laptop I am typing at, is what I am referring to (rigpa).
  6. False lineage narrative with “Mooji”

    I see the guru bashing as a Divine setup for the guru to evolve and also the desciples to wake out of the need for a guru.
  7. Potent Systems

    I suggest you find a healer who heals with Divine energy. That will heal you, at least that is what I sense. I can suggest specific types of healing in a PM.
  8. Imagination - There's a Reason For it!

    Patrick maybe you belong in Cuba or somewhere in Africa where they enjoy dancing as well. I think the white man mentality is to bog down everything, to analyse everything to death so the soul has nothing to enjoy anymore. People who are overly intellectual are just hiding their trauma and using the intellect to appear intelligent. Regarding The Secret, the problem is that one needs to take action into the unknown instead of waiting passively for mana from heaven. Anyway when I dance there are no issues and everything appears perfect.
  9. I would say that is a scholar's version of love. What about something more immediate and personal? Like a friend's spontaneous show of affection when you are most in need. Or a teacher's patience with you even though you are stuck in ego. Just something personal I experienced myself.
  10. Base as awareness, Watch the mind

    I know what you mean, eg when talk gets filtered by the ego or when people are stuck in their issues if we look relatively, but in dzogchen everything is an appearance of one's own nature so nobody to abide or not abide. The first part requires someone to abide, the second requires no transformation.
  11. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    Ramana Maharshi would ask "Who is frustrated?" Look into the core of frustration and see who is there.
  12. Reiki

    This book contains a transmission of a reiki crystal you can use to channel reiki There is a newer book called Psychic Reiki, but I don't know that one.
  13. Central channel or Heart Field?

    This is a redefinition of what dwai is talking about. His master is referring to Divine Love which is not the emotion / experience you are talking about. Divine Love is endless, infinite and does not have any requirements.
  14. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    True. I sense no difference in his presence whether he is physically alive or dead. Though I must say I still have affection for him as one of my masters and for his passing I feel great sadness. Thanks to Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche for his great service to all beings
  15. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    A more intelligent person would have pointed out exactly where this scarcity mindset was found in the quoted text. But a dimwit such as yourself would of course choose not to.