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  1. On Spontineity

    Forget you have a self includes forgetting others have a self and then there is only the functioning of the Tao, nobody doing it.
  2. Search for 'feldenkrais free mp3s' and do the exercises even if they are not related to the area you are targeting. Another way is body scanning where you scan the body up and down. Search for 'Goenka body scanning' for the instructions.
  3. Remaining Centered - Simply Be

    Find your objections to the notion that you are already the Self and remove them, see what remains.
  4. Best books to introduce myself to inner alchemy?

    Inner alchemy that only focuses on the body could lead to a biased perspective. Reading TTC and other Taoist works, eg this one: is good for refining the mind. If you just sit Zuowang / Zen style, the Tao will present itself each moment since this is all there is.
  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    Indeed, no one has any choice. There is no doer of action, as someone who has free will, as one that could do any different at any point in time. The point is anger arising at actions that one doesn't like is perfectly fine (biological anger), suffering is optional. Suffering as blame that goes on in time as thoughts in the head of the human and uncomfortable sensations in the body can fall away as blame falls away.
  6. Internal alchemy for everyone

    There's a new book discussing the practice of Internal Alchemy. Anyone got this?
  7. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    It seems freeform is under some sort of delusion that spiritual teachers are saints, a direct manifestation of God and always are polite, always do the right thing etc. Who told you so? Nisargadatta got angry. So did Ramana Maharshi. So did Buddha Shakyamuni. If a Dao Bum met these today, they would be called "not ready, charlatans, fakes". Nobody can do anything different than they are doing right now. This moment is it. The problem is the thinking mind wants things to be different, it cannot accepts things as they are. Then suffering arises and the doer runs after it and gets upset "No! Things got to change! I cannot accept this!!!".
  8. Find the doer of action and see if anything changes.
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

    This is seeing your own nature, you can recognize it from Harding's Headless experiments or from Dzogchen pointing-out instructions (just examples). Seeing this may satisfy you and rid yourself of all earthly desires in a full swoop if that is your destiny.
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

    Seeing into your nature directly is one way of gaining certainty. Resting in Being (Heart) is another way. There is feeling-access to it behind the heart chakra and back, dive in and stay. There is feeling of Existence independent of everything else. For your actions just do whatever you feel like doing, not feeling like a slave, but what you really want.
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

    That someone is not following the Dao is a incorrect idea. That at a certain point in your life you 'suddenly' turned away from Dao and followed not-Dao. It comes from believing the appearances we see in life and take them to be real. Since there is only the Dao nobody can follow the not-Dao. The not-Dao is just another name for Dao, it is an appearance. So nothing to worry about. Everything is already pure perfection right now.
  12. Inner alchemy outer reality

    Have no expectations of anything specific to happen, then how can things go wrong?
  13. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thinking mind = automatic thoughts that cause suffering. Enlightenment = end of suffering in Buddhism. No suffering = end of that type of thinking. Anyone thinking of gaining lots of money in spirituality is obviously still under the influence of strong egoic desires. And desire is the root of suffering, so this person still has heavy suffering going on.
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    Anyone having Trump's body-mind and being in the same circumstances would act in the same way as him. It might see things in a new light leading to the cessation of blame. Blaming others is hurting yourself, some call it suffering. Just feel it the uncomfortable sensations. The blame is telling yourself that there is someone who has free will and that this someone person could have acted differently than they had done. This is also the source of shame. That you were the sole doer of that action independently of the circumstances. So giving up blaming also gives up your sense of shame. And you are free. Voila! 😁