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  1. Dude, you are in Daoist discussion thread. This is not "New Age relevant teaching for people who seem to be glamorous" thread of the forum
  2. OK. Can you provide a citation from daoist texts in which there is said that there is the need to work with 7 chakras? May be Zhang Boduan wrote about chakras? Was any method that you advise here described there in daoist scriptures? What about "sacral chakra"? Go ahead
  3. If one has sacral chakra it does not mean one has LDT. Chakras dont play a big role in daoist neidan. I mean they dont pay much attention to chakras but they give more attention to 8 extraordinary channels. Some methods in Indian system can be good to work with heart-mind. There are good Xing masters in India these days. But they dont have Ming methods at least in what is publicly known. These methods can help to quiet the heart-mind but they can cause the adverse effects on the energetic system and I would be careful with such methods. There are some shamanic methods which work with chakras and they can give some abilities but it has no relation to neidan or real nei kung
  4. The false one has no location because it is not dantien for there is no elixir. People think that they have built it but this is just water/fire channels harmonization. Good for health and balance though. The true one' location is between navel and ming men.
  5. Yes, they are constant. But I did not see the correct channels description in Indian system. And they work differently with them from the very beginning. I mean Indian system does not imply correct practical routine of transformation and even in building the LDT. And i totally disagree with their methods that they offer these days. I dont know how it was in the far past but I did not see the term of Kundalini in Patanjali sutras for example. In a work of Indian yogi of 10th century I could find the term of Kundalini but it has different meaning than they put forward now. More over that they practical aspects are quite doubtful and even harmful. That's why I dont see a reason to take something from their system and apply to practice. In general this is a typical mistake of many beginners to mix systems and theories. It is not desirableto practise more than one sytem even within Daoist system but yo want to mix theories of both systems. It is better to undesrtand one system at first but it must be authentic system of course. The contemporary yoga system is not authentic. Period
  6. And how does your energy body adopt that elemental energy? Why it needs spirits for that?
  7. Yes, legs strength is very important but it can be just physical strengthening so it depends on details of training. Bagua is quite alchemical system though. It is not only about legs training I would say
  8. Qigong can create "false dantien" only. That only means that some postheaven channels would work better. and this may produce some sensations but this is not real dantien.
  9. And what is the chakra in your experience?
  10. It is not the same internal system. We all have channels but Indian and Chinese systems look differently at it. And this is not good idea to mix them. The dantien means "the field of elixir" and this is not the manipura chakra. Chakra is just a spot where channels intersect and the state of chakra depends on the state of channels. That's all. But what is "elixir" in Indian system and what is "field"? They have not only different terminology but their approaches differ. Indian system has been corrupted greatly so I would not use its terminology at all. It is just pointless
  11. Alright, but you should be more precise about your ideas of how to nurture these qualities. We need to consider such notions as xin and Xing, what is the mind, what is the Spirit and where stillness and All-inclusiveness come from, how to nurture these qualities. I agree with you that we all have it already within us but the matter is in real quality of it. But many people who read DDJ for example, think that one needs just to relax and flow (or follow) with Dao and these qualities you are talking about will just reveal themselves. That what I disagree with. But partially I agree with you since we should cultivate these qualities within us. But without certain methods it wont work and I wanted to stress the importance of correct methods at the "laying the foundation" stage
  12. and what's next should one do? Concentration, visualization, mantek chia breath methods... right?
  13. Ok, Mark Twain knows better than daoists know about energy cultivation. It is better to quote daoist texts about chakras and so on. BTW what is daoist term for "chakra"? The trouble is that some people mix not only theories, but sometime they mix systems and methods... Then they invent their own "sytems", and running with their made up theories and methods spreading them as some revelation.
  14. Chakras have no relation to dantien. All people have chakras but a minor amount of them have LDT. Also ordinary people dont have LDT. It must be cultivated. And this is not a psychological trick or anything of this sort. One cant get it just with intent or by practising celibacy. But celibacy helps to keep heart-mind more centered and balanced. That' true. This is just preriquisite for building the foundation stage. This is post heaven qi you breath in. No real dantien, no transformation here. But it might be good for general health support.
  15. How does it transform you jing? Just wonder