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  1. An end to the intellect?

    I don't really understand this thread....you don't want thought-forms? Or ability to control them Regardless of which place (=depth) in the subconsciouss to consciouss spectrum of consciousness they Arise From? Than you want Wei Wu Wei, basically; which requires a good functional well developed atman/Adam Kadmon and his energy/chi called Yechidah or pure awareness in hinduism. I've dealt with a similar issue ..
  2. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    I don't know why people bother differentiating so much about the postheaven sanbao, when its all the same. An old bastard drains your chi, your chi and shen will go down. You also posted this in Daoist discussion. Postnatal energy is more about TCM than Lao Tzes et all DAOism. Body vs Spirit /psyche. As for the first point, 1), I think what Hindus call 7 Dhatu is also a form of energy. Whereby the bones are the physical body. And the flesh is dense energy as post sanbao is 'subtle' energy. You circulate the 7 tissues by working out, etc. just as you do with energy. An astral entity doesnt need to workout its astral body but surely needs to somehow circulate its energy which is also somewhat equivalent to keeping the mind [=perception IMO] active and sharp trained/reflexed. Some alchemists / lower immortals obtain great longevity with special herbs and potions. Not with sanbao. So <- here<- we can pretty much see that the subtle merely influences the dense. Sort of like merely 'communicates' with it. - You also have to remember where you hear ANY rumours [....what is the difference between 'knowledge', 'wisdom' and 'rumour' ? all must be verified by You anyway]. "traditional Qiqong' well this properly refers to specific sample of the martial arts community from modern times. This sample has really poor cultivation over all. They also spread false rumours like preheaven cannot be cultivated or increased yet its always decreasing....which mathematically is ... *cute*
  3. What is the difference between deities and ....entities, or...anything that moves
  4. Warning!!!

    To make his own mantra the yogi should be self-realised in the real world so he can see everything.
  5. Blue Light

    Is it normal if I feel charged open being exposed to Sifus words here online? I forgot his name, the master of the school. I can also sense like a blue almost cyan at times, or with tiny cyan dots, energy emanating from you lot, especially sifu.
  6. Question about breath retention

    I have directly observed, it circulates prejing as well.
  7. Instead of seeking x you should seek to understand what it is. then you focus on growing/perfecting all that is because you know it all. ulitmately cultivation will culminate at that....unless you fail Think think and think some more. Any question you cannot answer/explain? Then theres a layer of reality you don't get. EVERYTHING is explainable, so seek to explain. Then you recognise some things are still complicated held secret but won't lead to much. But to see below you must look from above So when you've reached the dao and such you will know however long that takes and yes you are all, otherwise you wouldnt know all
  8. The 3 dan tiens are made of chi. So that is a hou tian thing.
  9. Some Thoughts about the Neutral Quality of the Tao

    Preheaven is still bodily. There is a 3rd level after yuan shen. The real you. I didn't mean to offend with that example, I didn't realise :). I'm saying prejing is much like normal chi. Bodily activity circulates it. It is an elixir. Whereas yuan shen is not so much affected but it gets stuck in it. The one above if youre rooted you could be tortured and not be deranged by the pain. That is like preshen transmits and receives data form one point. Whereas the frams of info in the real mind, above it, can transmit and receive from any position thus braking free of impediments/limitations. But yuan shen is like its reflection in the mirror. It has impediments...or rather impediments of the highest degree. Yes, changing mode of thinking is huge, gut bacteria big too, has to do with it because they are individuals. Its like why did tao create universe. This is hardcore
  10. Some Thoughts about the Neutral Quality of the Tao

    The first is simly not smart, imperfect creation. But it's strength is a matter of concentration/chi circulation. The second I disagree. The layer above it is the commander...or king, to quote sutras. If punch you and you bleed, pre-jing circulates so the dust of this world sticks to it.
  11. Is this picture biased by any chance? The information presented is very one pointed in appereance, even thought eating the whole animal fully gives you what you need whereas plants alone kind of make you bold...if you catch my saying. Trying to honestly weight points here. ... Not to mention gut bacteria, the number 1 regarding most things, IMO
  12. Some Thoughts about the Neutral Quality of the Tao

    but not a source, underlining a higher principle at play
  13. Citta

    Vital Not Fundamental - unborn/outside spacetime ... You are incarnate not in your breath...
  14. Why not build energy to feel energy? I build various energies in my practice and that seems to be the mechanics <-. If you want a work out why not horse stance I heard Master Jiangs lineage used to horse stance for 1 hour or longer. Even on one foot to make it harder. Now that's a workout. Not quite sure what you by relaxed state you see :D. If you want to train stillness control sit in the chair and don't move. ZZ position is too advanced to train body control in/depth-through-relaxation.