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  1. Of course, but they didn't get a chance to get their wisdom across on the forum which is a shame. Once in the lions the lion should be satisfied I say. Fine, but you addressed a lineage, I am fond of. Eh, no problem. Good day to you.
  2. No. Not spontaneous movements. They do not guide/move the body solely or fundamentally. It is not tai chi and it is not possession. There are bed ridden paralyses members who can only communicate with the nurses by eye movements and still make great progress. Similarly we have inflexible members. It helps them to release karmas or something like that, I do not know the explanation to tell you. But I believe my schools representative (something which I am not) has answered it at least once on this forum before. No. It is not the schools curriculum solely. I am not a proper representative or practical right now. Not until I pass the first grade or something like that. If I don't practice enough and pass on I may not be coach-able in the afterlife because I won't be capable, and then the reincarnation goes on and in a way I leave the lineage... I still do have a lot of key progress and help from independant masters which I met before joining or even hearing of XYP and still practice those things on the side. Your omniscience clearly has failed you here hasn't it prajna-eye master? Pre-heaven qi....I don't use that terminology. I see 5 skhandas in the Nirmanakaya and more in the kayas. There is post-natal, jingchishen and pre-natal jingchishen. I see a lot more than 6 energies like that in this body. And if I give YOU and probably all your teachers a small amount of the higher skhandas you won't process it, heck it might even stay in that part of the body I give into for months, years. Meaning you don't even diffuse the substance and circulate around the body and aura. Not to mention you have super small amount to begin with, being a normal person. If I drain it for more than probably a few minutes you will die doctor! Even if I put it back into you and much more back. Don't worry Im not threatening you presently or in the future but simply describing the substances. So no again, I do not 'drawing' from my guiding immortal shen or anyone else in my lineage or any other being. I received from independant sages I knew, melt them and my body generates them out of thin air. I don't pull from the air, angels or the planet. Rather I make more in the system out of nothing. Am I clear ? But that aside :/ I was wondering when it will come to this. What are you attacking random lineages and methodologies in this thread? You think you know all the knowledge there is out there?! You see, that is cultish thinking right there dudes! I thought we are having an academic conversation but clearly this forum and it's active shareholders have favoritism and are clearly biased. You show your true colors! I was watching Damos Yi Jin Jing hour long video on youtube that you sent me Anshino and I couldn't help but notice how dirty his 3rd skhanda aura is bro, as for the others.... Good luck jinging yourself, the views you have shared today are pretty much what I said as well, but simply using different terms. In your last reply to me freeform for example I liked it because you said the same thing I said to you.... So for this view, what exactly is transformation? Are you saying you can transform post-natal chi and/or shen into pre-natal jing or chi? I would love to see you do it! Or show where in the cosmos that even happens! Similarly this body and your thoughts and opinions are fuelled by the 5 skhandas. How can you transform the body if you don't cultivate all the energies? - yes all, 5, even I have a long way to go it surely seems. They all have unique functions. But suit yourselves, you've had other people with progress in the higher skhandas and Arhants on this forum over the years who either got bored or insulted and all left.
  3. Great reply! Got me thinking....I do not know what words to use to reply....I agree with you and disagree...in a way you are right! This whole existence is a bit of a game isn't it? But why did God create ?! No tradition has give a concrete answer as far as I know?...
  4. everyday during practice and when I focus on my body, while walking to shopping or whatever, I generate over 3 types of energy, jing and chi forms of these energies. The nirmanakaya is composed of the 4 elements and activated by 5 different energy fields in 5 separate meridian sets I think. Regardless, even if they use the same meridian paths, I doubt one can truly transform the Nirmanakaya without cultivating all it's energies. I'm working on breaking into Sambogakaya realms to generate energy there like that, on a daily basis. Merging the soul or individual souls into one UNIT, STRONG unit. What else is there to achieve, I wonder, besides building MASSIVE energy fields. Is there something mystical I am missing out on? (Don't worry about the 1st 2 skhandas/postnatal energy, I will pick up the pace on that soon too, if you judge my words by how I present myself...)
  5. Guys and Girls, you don't have to go step by step. You can even cultivate multiple steps simultaneously, or at least gather their respective chi simultaneously without having a strong kung fu achievement in their respective bodies. When you get those respective bodies in your cultivation you will have a strong foundation and possibly be halfway finished or something like that. Modern technology is a blessing as well. You can blast all kinds of energies in pictures/videos, they all are detected by cameras. You can make an energy video and keep your phone/tablet with the video on blasting you thourghout the day or while you're working at your desk, whatever. Then you can devote your free time to adjusting to that level and further merging rather than acquiring raw materials; you can spend the time to build the house.
  6. What do you think will enable you to find out? I think this is where a lot of us disagree. there ARE steps about in awareness. Are you 'exercising' that immortal awareness in your daily life? You can says it is always there...but this doesn't mean it is not something you cultivate...something that you Grow! Buddhism says all beings have a 'buddha-seed', that is seed is 'sleeping'. unlike the physical body it will not decay, but it does not mean it is a not a singular cell bacteria in normal people! Are we God, the ultimate creator immortal 'being' or are we 'a' immortal being?
  7. bro no, it's not intuition, and it's really hard and secret to develop.
  8. That's what I saw saying in my previous post. Those who don't need to rebirth/reincarnate anymore see the world differently and understand totally different dynamics that we cannot, while in the matrix. I don't know what I am in the true existence. So how can I answer? If I go back internally in awareness, am I really answering the question or using it to guide myself into an exercise? As far as I know such an exercise leads to what is called Sambogakaya realms. So like: Nirmanakaya - concentration, one pointness, or outwardsness Sambogakaya - awareness of self, or awareness reverse on itself Dharmakaya - awareness 360 on everything, "subjectivity and objectivity merged"
  9. We also don't know if the this 'Trikaya' model is all there is. Perhaps evolution is infinite, we continue to evolve after becoming immortal.
  10. Does luck exist?

    I heard a Christian priest once say that Luck used to be a Babyloan/Mesopotanian God. He advised his followers to stop referring to luck and to their God instead.
  11. Does luck exist?

    In my opinion and study there is no law of attraction or 'manifestation' neither. Time and Space are naturally multipathed / faced but one (direction - velocity, hence Energy). When we 'manifest' we simply change perception. Perhaps there are beings out there that can travel in space and time. But we do not have the possibility based on how we are configured right now....merely to flow from instance to another in this river of lights (possibilities). An example. When I was a teenager I met a youtube video about this dude describing weed to 'beginners'. It had like thousands or millions of views, he made it funny and all that. It captivated my curiosity. Never before had I been approached by weed dealers in my area/school anywhere ever. In the next 6 months some 14 weed dealers approached me, in the park, at the shop out of nowhere, I was even with friends like a week after that video, some 3 separate people walking by us asked us, or me, if we wanted to buy and took their number. My friend exclaimed wtf, so many weedealers out of nowhere. It stopped after a while and never since had I been approached. Similarly I've used this level of curiosity/will to run into or stay away from some 'old friends' that still lived in my area for years but I stopped seeing them. Same with luck - it's in the mindset - Double-Slit experiment - change what you're 'observing' - I suspect it's a DNA based phenomena, not purely energetical. Hence it's not 'thoughts' that 'manifest' but ...something else, which can be simply thought of as the subconsciouss mind. Anyway, being DNA based could explain why the whole Annunaki craze, animals and perhaps many other aliens cannot navigate timespace with the same efficiency as our DNA also can explain why luck for a specific activity can run in families. It also has to do with the being in the presence of someone 'observing' their luck towards being a thief or whatever they believe themselves to be awesome in. You are naturally drawn into that observation....
  12. Possible off-topic but I want to clarify I assume everyone here would agree that what freeform mentioned as "Xian (mmortal)" earlier on requires the mind-made body - yangshen fetus ? aka that mind-made yangshen in the real 'spiritual' world is what becomes immortal/makes one Xian? I mean... freeform, hope you don't mind that I'm picking on you, but some examples you gave in this thread as part of the conversation, makes it seem like one HAS to achieve specific hardcore body gong in order to then become immortal that no longer has a need for a body again (reincarnation). What do the teachings you know of say? Is there a relation?
  13. Which teaching got your attention

    Was just reading the wiki article for the skhandas. quote: " The Tathāgatagarbha Sutras, treating the idea of the Buddha-nature, developed in India but played a prominent role in China. The tathagatagarbha-sutras, on occasion, speak of the ineffable skandhas of the Buddha (beyond the nature of worldly skandhas and beyond worldly understanding). In the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra the Buddha tells of how the Buddha's skandhas are in fact eternal and unchanging. The Buddha's skandhas are said to be incomprehensible to unawakened vision. " Maybe not relevant but was surprised to find this, I wanted to share it somewhere so what Mahayana Buddhists call Sambogakaya and Dharmakaya also have skhandas. 'Divine' fields of chi/energy that are not brain based or physical body meridian dependent. Hence if a normal person got a transmission of one of those they wouldn't feel anything or worse haha!, not even notice any change in their mentation/decision making/moods. But an Arahant would be fully capable of seeing the change from the increased 'divine' chi now present in the respective...soul/creature/whatever buddhism defines it as, I'm not sure actually. Did Gautama ever answer WHAT he was? not a self, not a nonself...but what?