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  1. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    Most of you are describing body here. That stuff is beyond. Pre and post are both of body. Subcon and conscious that is.
  2. Yangshen perspectives in traditional Schools

    its you, emits from you and your yi
  3. Was the Buddha a Genius?

    yes that stuff increases iq
  4. "Sudden enlightenment" in daoism

    IS BS. It's an energy like chi. You already make som
  5. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    What is different? Are you religious? religions make distinction there...artificial
  6. .

  7. The Power gained from cultivation

    The northen Kai
  8. My attempt at sharing

    You muster all the purpose you can for your goal and call it desperatly enough for your higher self to faster-force you towards your goal into reality faster. Or in other terms create deep samskaras about your goal so your karma is then to obtain what you seek. :).
  9. My attempt at sharing

    Have you tried screaming for it? It's the best method I've ever tried. It is a hard one to pull, though.
  10. My attempt at sharing

    Have you found what you seeked?
  11. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    You find any lvl poeple on the web. Because it ain't easy. But it's surely possible.
  12. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    So really advanced cultivators have such strong vitality that the slightest leakage can result in massive nose blood spill like in anime.
  13. Hey there

    Hi! Why did you pick warlord in your username? You have long experience in fighting?
  14. Yeap, well said Rideforever. It's like when you can't take the paint off, so you need to paint over. Every thought, intention,feeling, action, desire are the act of paiting. So you must focus all your attention on the new. Going forward, instead of away from the past , that is also being stuck on the past (|mental tendencies).