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  2. The Power gained from cultivation

    The northen Kai
  3. My attempt at sharing

    You muster all the purpose you can for your goal and call it desperatly enough for your higher self to faster-force you towards your goal into reality faster. Or in other terms create deep samskaras about your goal so your karma is then to obtain what you seek. :).
  4. My attempt at sharing

    Have you tried screaming for it? It's the best method I've ever tried. It is a hard one to pull, though.
  5. My attempt at sharing

    Have you found what you seeked?
  6. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    You find any lvl poeple on the web. Because it ain't easy. But it's surely possible.
  7. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    So really advanced cultivators have such strong vitality that the slightest leakage can result in massive nose blood spill like in anime.
  8. Hey there

    Hi! Why did you pick warlord in your username? You have long experience in fighting?
  9. Yeap, well said Rideforever. It's like when you can't take the paint off, so you need to paint over. Every thought, intention,feeling, action, desire are the act of paiting. So you must focus all your attention on the new. Going forward, instead of away from the past , that is also being stuck on the past (|mental tendencies).
  10. Exactly! This is what the advanced ones who invented celibacy - brahmachary yogis, say about it. The physical body has 7 physical stages of digestion made from the best parts of the previous stage substances/tissues. So from the best parts of the food we eat, body makes chyle. Then blood. Then soft flesh, muscles, skin, etc. Then hard flesh, tendons, nerves, etc. Then bone. Then bone marrow. And the 7th is a subtle white substance present in a subtle form in ALL the cells of the body. It is this last, 7th datu, that provides all kinds of essential nutrients and more to the cells. It is from this vital juice that (at least in males, and similar story to females) the ejaculated semen is made. Remember, sperm is not important, that's hyped up culture. Much of the ejaculated liquid is semen - that is super dense with all kinds of vital nutrients from ALL the cells and organs of the body. Essentially making a little sacrifice/paying tribute to the child. You can't make life out of nothing on the physical. However, the grosser, sexual only fluid, stored in the prostate, only is made if there are sexual thoughts. Thus proper celibacy is not creating this grosser liquid from the very food which you eat to live, and then 'transmuting' that horniness into physical work. That is nonsense. It is keeping in check the very formation of this. Also this 7th tissue once made gross, and it is released into the bloodstream from all the organs instantly as lustful thoughts arise, as you can even feel it, it also is imbued with jing. Otherwise throughout the 7 digestion processes or just when the final 7th tissue is made, then the chi stored in it is released into the body and jing is made from it. So lustful thoughts is waste of vital nutrients and liquids, plasma, etc. and jing. And chi, as jing will be depleted and covered from chi. Then some shen might be used to cover the chi. For the actual expelling from the system is needed qi, where in the expelling of the vital nutrient filled fluid, some qi is wasted around and the jing imbued in it..well, it's gone.
  11. Will anyone share the LMP secrets with me?

    It's not about Google or others merely watching. It's the tongue that gets you on fire here. Secret info? Lol. You have a death wish? By that I mean you are no match for SOTGs school or just him alone. You should not piss off Disrespect them. And the other reason, why should you disrespect them. They aren't buggling with anyone. In fact sotg is giving all this stuff for free, with no tests or tricks to anyone who is capable of benefiting from it. If you are strong enough to benefit from that knowledge without burning yourself you will be accepted in and they will give you all the help they can. You get what I'm saying. Also, I do not think they have secrets, really. It says in the MFBH header, mfbh gives free to the public beginner and intermediary techs, and the main temple is reserved for advanced = dangerous techniques, very dangerous, and which require in themselves serious juice before you can actually do them. Like I said, I'm not a die hard fan or crusader but honestly I do not see any elitism here. I will be honest, and add that I don't see any elitism in all the people that I know who are TRULY FUCKING STRONG. I'm not kidding, everyone genre sotg I know of, is doing it for free 100% or not teaching and as long as you can handle the extreme knowledge will gladly share while projecting super cool buddy persona because that's the kind of person they are. The insults, subconsciouss and dishonest intents I only see in students/teachers/people who seriously do not have a great achievement. It must be karma ey ya? You can't achieve power if you're a piece of shit (excuse my descriptive language but it's a heavy duty topic). I think these rare jewels (rare out of 7 8 BILLionS) basically either cultivated directly their karma-MING or beat it to a pulp on their way to 'great achievement'. Basically achievement = status. PS: I guess my choice of language proves I'm not that great myself yet .. I will let that be without edit. For years I've blindly ignored this aspect of sorcery/cultivation/whatever you call it.
  12. I miss Taomeow

    Isn't knowledge more important than attitude, in a martial arts community?
  13. I miss Taomeow

    Who is Meow and what is the best cat advice he gave on this forum?
  14. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    So on the mfbh your lmp account and ip is banned? use a vpn and new account. (EDIT: I forgot to say, and post an introduction and explain the situation. Don't be sneaking around. mfbh is purely out of sotgs compassion for helping others all the techs in it have been tested well and possible side-effects known. This is why he/they don't impose a journal there.) If it's not, and you got banned separately from mfbh, altough I don't think they do that there, It says in every webpage title no banning for innactivity, no rules, etc.
  15. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    Please do not spell LMP fully as it calls upon the egregore. Just lmp is good enough and everyone knows it by that. SOTG has probably the most qi I know of, in the public domain. He is compassionate and helping everyone advance without injuries and getting their system used to big levels of qi. But while he's kind he's not patient for weaklings or non contributors ... not an evil quality in itself as there's plenty competent students out there to teach a big crowd .... that's why he would throw ya out from lmp if youre incompetent with the sexuality part or training at least minimum amount or logging your progress. LMP is now a big community that practices advanced techs and he made mfbh which is free beginner and intermediate techs for the poblic. If youre doing a heck good job at it, he may invite you to lmp. It says so on the mfbh website. As for the lmp forum you should never even visit the url if youre not a member. If you don't know why, I will let you figure it the hard way because you cannot take basic advice - - . I'm not a member, die hard fan or crusader about it. But what I learned sotg you wont find anywhere so easily. It's point down the most potent jing, chi, shen stuff I know. This is why he calls it western mopi... because it's the most potent, jing, chi, shen stuff we have in the public domain. If you find someone with more qi than sotg, please show me, I'm genuinly curious in learning Well, enjoy my wall of text and mfbh system, I trust you can browse an ENGLISH forum properly and figure the instructions inside it without having to ask for help. Tech 1 alone will put you above 99 of people. As he pointed out in some places, a lot of these people in occult lodges don't really have any qi...yeah, embarassing :0, considering all they do is summon spirits which is all qi / POST-natal energy based. The pizza spirit needs gas to travel all the way to you.