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  1. Xing and Ming cultivation

    since buddha nature is permanent and and this incarnation is not, it follows this incarnation is like a matrix or computer simulation inside the real world of the buddha nature. it is inside the buddha nature. so it does not come with it, because buddha nature is it's essence and cosmically it is it's source. as well as it's 'God' or sustainer.
  2. Xing and Ming cultivation

    As I learned it yuan shen would be something akin to 'karmic body' in new age thought. meaning it has not surpassed karma. and it is the yuan shen that 'reincarnates'. buddha nature on the other hand is beyond this entirely. So are my facts wrong here^ or how does it work?
  3. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Also their cunning manipulative language is obvious in this thread. You can clearly see there is no divine .... I don't want to say personality because you might the wrong idea .... divine mindfullnes or wisdom. It's just 2 earthly minds dragging this cult around. These minds are prone to sexuality, egohood and just about everything else... Random american kid with somewhat of a silent mind discovers enlightement and the highest states of progress - BREAKING NEWS! STAY TUNED FOR THE STORY - seriously, forget everything I said so far; just use your common sense ^. The enlightened mind is not even developed enough to be usable or noticed clearly by normal people when they are quiet, if you know any theory at all from all these ancient systems. . .
  4. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I've had a change of heart. Ignore what I said in the previous 2 long messages. I was definitely manipulating what I was saying. I was never into them lot and wanted to quit them a few times. Things like the addiction to their energy and de-personalization aspects kept me in the loop every now and then. But you sure got to admit, 2 Americans have discovered the highest of the highest? That is weird but that is what they do. Mix and smash everything together. They claim to be on levels of buddha and padmashamaba if not even higher. But if you take a look at them you will probably lol. There is no protection whatsoever in their cult despite exposing themselves to all kinds of random beings and energies attached to posts online. They even claim energy cannot be leeched. There is safety whatsoever but lots of dangers to the practices. They even claim often like, of most people in the world cannot even feel the energy in this picture. Or most TDBers. - there a few 'suggestive' things like that, which they do, reinstating their own uber spiritual development which is not the case. There is no lineage or framework whatsoever. Remember when jonesboy was barging in the MoPie thread not too long, claiming all energy is one. Yeah...no lineage or framework as I said....just, "BELIEVE IN MAGICK" This is further backed by no bodily accomplishments or siddhis whatsoever. We tend to think of cults as in big gatherings of people in suits, in a large room or stadium. But it doesn't have to be so. Their practices to turn sexual very often. And it does mess up with your willpower almost de-personalizing you. Like someone else pointed out, they definitely share samskaras. And no new level of mind or self that is undeveloped in normal people, is ever reached in their system. Just the lowest of the lowest practices and that is done ungrounded. Your visualization and ability to just stand still will be messed up for a long time in their practices. Also intensity of emotions is a bit stoned. You do become violent and a self-justified dick from their energy. I've shared it with my family in the past 2 years and every time they hug me unconsciously they start swearing more, become more of a bighead and bigmouth. There is no compassion in their energy. I've broken door handles, swore at my own parents, thought of killing my neighbours, like quite visually, wanked in public places, almost turned bisexual from the unnatural horniness and lack of willpower or self esteem/mindfullness and more. Heed my warning, balance is a hated word in their game. I don't know what freaking entity keep attaching itself to me from their posts but keeping up with the posts in this thread was a drag. The entity is definitely somewhat sexual. Well probably some of the nonsense they shared in their group not too long that I was exposed to, blindly following my common sense and going into the group mentality. I have to call my lineage guardian strongly every time to clean it out. And yes I don't feel better from it. I have plenty of experience with positive entities and egregores and being juiced by egregores. I know what a dumb entity feels like and does. So many systems that promote so many practices and so much framework to them. There is a reason. Be smart people. . .there is actually lot's good stuff out there that works...
  5. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Most schools, as in - all of them, that I know of which claim to replenish yuan sanbao, use moving exercises. So it's interesting to me that maybe we should divide the mind aspect. Something like: Xing = pure mind, beyond breath and all that Ming = mind in action, or mind in the body or better. Mind of the body. So moving practices come in here. An awareness that creates cohesion of the muscles. When you tense your muscles, despite of muscle structure and training, the will to keep going is something beyond the PUMP gained from post-natal sanbao and it's DTs, IME. I say it creates cohesion to signify an activating force, which is what gives power to pro-create. After all, in procreation you MUST pass on preheaven winter stocks so preheaven is activated. So in this line of thought. Ming would be your intention. So in only sitting and forgetting you aren't involving intention. In simply visualizing you aren't really involving attention but especially not allowing intention to be worked either! (You can keep re-coming back with the intention during visualisation exercises but you are still taking breaks in it every other moment or so and not allowing it to expand like daylight) So now if xing is yuan shen, it would be harder to isolate moment to moment in your awareness. You can think without intention, and this comes from the subconscious. It is the yuan shen that reincarnates in this daoist house of thought.
  6. Eye of the moon: Advanced practice

    wtf This guy or girl is not even doing it properly. This is a misunderstanding and shittery on a BASIC yogic technique. It's a joke. It's not even complete enough to take you deep enough. Go read a yoga book. Stay away from this.
  7. Xing and Ming cultivation

    they are not dan tiens mate and you know it. I can see that you like to combine words like a puzzle. Dan tien is physical body. You know it. I know what you mean though, but reading precisely it's a moldy soup.
  8. Xing and Ming cultivation

    The self doesn't have a subconscious. That is the mind.
  9. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I wasn't talking about the sexual stuff, just the other stuff. I do agree the blonde would be some deep obstructions that he is stuck on. It's not really a cult. And I'm not devoted to his persona or his group. I wanted to separate that stuff from the stuff I tried out.
  10. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Haha, I didn't mean in Law. I meant it's not illegal like being a drug lord, unless drugs are officially someones own business haha
  11. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Thanks. Never heard of any of them. I have a look at them in time.
  12. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    you are referring in both cases to post-natal energy? sure that too. But it's a different thing which does not replace the other. The energy Jeff plays with can be stepped down to nourish help increase the quality of post-natal energies or pranamaya kosha though. Manomaya kosha is also more useful for reaching the karana sharira, being closer, and it's also universal. After death unless I go into nirvana and extinguish my continual existence in this universe, which I might not, I will still have this energy in my universal body.
  13. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I wasn't aware. That's interesting now. Would you mind sharing your experience of being prayed upon? Regarding Amma, I understand her mind is at light level? I do sense she has some connections going herself. So I'm not fully sure but it seems so. Do you think she is not? It's not from him. I kind of put them in the background after the initial year or so. And haven't connected to Jeff's space in a while. Or other people there. I usually connect in the background to 'smaller' entities light Hanuman and those with light that is more bodily based / non-"light". The energy is real manomaya kosha. I don't get sick anymore and I sleep with my window open all winter. I have stayed outside in my garden barely clothed, until toes freeze, on purpose. And a lot of things like that, to test my self. I don't get sick anymore. I'm a male in my early 20s. I don't get wet dreams anymore. EVER. I've been celibate a few times, a month, two or so. Sleep is safe. I've even watched porn right before bed lol, but no wet dream. I know my body before I started these things. I have had some massive chi transmissions in this time as well and didn't really work out for the past 2 years. Quite a sedentary lifestyle. So wet dreams should have been as regular as the tax man. This is one that makes me really happy Because sometimes you sleep at friends house, etc.. I've had a few instances of going without sleep and without food as well, and this energy takes me deeper in consciousness by a lot. Those things don't affect me anymore. My mind comparatively to before is always focused. Of course I always notice more "weakest-chains". But I'm super clear, senses as well. Like I said, this is a mental energy, manomaya kosha. I don't get a bodily pump from this but I can workout and tense my muscles similarly as if I ate food or done some concentration practice. but yes, there's bodily voltage to it. Most of my work is focused on the atman and anadamaya kosha and for obtaining siddhis. It has improved every aspect of it. I don't really do much with Jeff, or 'his' group. Only about 2 weeks ago I decided I should pick up the pace some more with his practices. Feel free to post your problems with him but saying it's all illusory is not that true. Or saying it's DANGEROUS, I want clarification being involved myself.
  14. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I'm not him but I think that's the answer. He mentions in his ppd as well. He is a bit aged for some of us here. Has a stable and legal career and family / life.
  15. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Illuminaren how can I prove it? And like I said she's just one person. But people do this all the time with their loved ones. Amma could be doing a lot of postheaven things beside it as well, of course. She has quite the following. You don't have to see yourself hugging someone and if you pay attention you can learn to this immediately! in under a second with anyone. That's how people who do it unconsciously do it. Instantaneous. The hugging instructions from Jeff is just newbie friendly. If you want to visualize you can see yourself walking into them. Or flying into them like superman. Or the reverse, them hugging you or walking into you, etc. You can like see them fall into. If you want you can stir away from the 5 senses and use the sense of emotions or feelings. Feel their presence. You can use the mind sense only, too. Just think intensely of the being. But it is all about the intention, or will in esoteric terms, not the usage of the senses. The senses allow the respective body or 'vehicle' in W. Bodris terms, to function. This is why we say without senses there is no body, in yoga. You can connect to someone with different mechanics than normal hugging using a different intention. I am aware of 4types of connections. For example you can intent to hug/connect to someone to someone fully sort of and permanently. This leads to indeed a permanent connection. Meaning it won't undo itself unconsciously. You can undo it consciously of course. Just as you hang up on somebody can put the phone down. This may also possibly lead to a much stronger connection. I believe daode centre people call it heart-to-heart transmission? They definitely do hugging type stuff 100%. Try and hug some longmen pai lineage holders as well, even from the past. You can connect with (hug) both people from long ago, personal servitors, songs, buildings, places, planets, anything you can grasp mentally. Hug the pyramids or Stonehenge. Try to see them or feel them, whatever, to get information from them. You can also try to sense if anyone is connected to you. And throw them out! lol. Or keep the connection. I have done 'work' with Jeff for a good 2 years now after discovering his charged threat by mistake on the website. Which overloaded me back then and didn't even feel it. But now I can see and perceive somewhat the energy that he works with. I can see it in people. I've seen, in person, a couple autistic kids and could see their energy not flowing through their whole body. Which made them more like animals than anything. I'm also part of a proper established lineage that works with energy and hugging very similarly to Jeff though. I would have to somewhat agree though Jeff is quite overload. Perhaps too much and without warning. There's a lot of beings that have this energy of his that, to my knowledge, do not do all this often connections/hugging that Jeff does. But then Jeff is a lot 'bigger' than a lot of them. Most lineages seem to focus more on the body aspect of this energy than the mental expansion of it. They try to integrate with their chi structure to make a generator in their body of this energy as well as backwards to generate chi. I can do on command with a bit focus. But not nonstop or while doing much else. I believe in Hindu terms Jeff is working with manomaya and vijnamaya kosha and there a couple things he cannot do. For example materialize something out of thin air. But the main promise of these 12 hijacked pages so far has been that it's ALL fake. And the word 'pedophilia' was also mentioned which ... Anyway all the problems seem to arise from the 'polarity practice'. Which is mostly a mental practice. So I don't know, did anyone get visited at night by Jeff? Did you have physical bruises from any astral contact with Jeff? Did you get any of this from other members? Were you not able to just ignore Jeff, stop doing anything and return to your life? I'm curious as well. Because after 2 years I've got benefits and sheer voltage as well as spiritual sensitivity from him, and his group or doing his practices outside his group. If any aspect of it is bad for me, than I and a lot of unrelated lineages that do these types of things should know. Period. This is not 1,000 BC and there's no reason to hold anything in the darkness from the public eyes view. Education and healthcare is a birth right.