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  1. Strange Cooling Sensations

    Isn't this basically what people think the 1st samatha jhana is? - What that "Absolutus" guy was talking about if you've heard of him
  2. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    I'm still really curious what those mysterious tones are! They stopped after I left them. Last week, when I stumbled on cheyas messages on the forum and than later on screenshots from their chats in my computer files; I noticed the tones reappear, somewhat. So basically I was exposed full throttle to their entities infected current open. I think the tones could be those entities prying open your natural forces that keep you alive / kundalini, like tectonic plates moving. As they leech onto you they still want to think on their own, but now live on your body so their activities can disturb your coherence field. (I know it sounds fantasy like the way I worded it, but it feels something like that when they leech onto me) I wonder if it comes from what they call Pocket Universe, PU, something a person just find at 'level/chakra 11'. Supposedly it's per person? and a permanent world that happens to be inside the person. Entities can enter, or be created and they will grow on their own then. The world or it's contents cannot be 'erased' but they can be moved about. Jeff took many a huge civilization from his daughters universe when she hit lvl 11, because they were overloading her - the inhabitants use your mental 'RAM' / field supposedly. Whatever this star trek fairy tale is^ they basically said themselves, the many entities are part of your system, mind and aura once in. And yes they have free will. I do not if they have potential for evolution/cultivation/enlightenment but we can infer many of these entities could be just a gas/spectral phenomen and/or have Very immoral and inhumane minds/thoughts! Hence the absolute lack of control on their part. Probably the queen in Jeffs PU is a busty blonde : ))) or they're all just horny bastards.
  3. Three Gunas in Taoism?

    The gunas are fundamental. We don't find the 5 pranamaya vayus in Daoism, but they surely are very tangible and will be found by the cultivator on his path. That is, if he builds real juice in real amounts. An advanced cultivator that comes from the Daoist background would know how to speak the 3 gunas in Daoist terms. Those are due to change as time move on!
  4. I found it while browsing old threads on the forum, not too long ago. It's my fault; I didn't give it the wanted attention. a daoist quote. I searched 4-5 terms looking for it but to no help. Maybe someone else has a better luck 7 treasures including jaded chi and crystal like bones (basically STRONG, natural frequency, etc.) The other 5 treasures were things like blood, bone marrow, skin?, hair?... - all bodily things (chi was the only 'psychic' treasure) But I'm not sure what they become like
  5. Three Gunas in Taoism?

    that's nonsense. The three gunas have different compositions of yin yang. Sattva is the most yang. If yinyang balanced formed a specific 3rd quality or emptiness was an actual another principle then taoism would have told us about it in clear terms!
  6. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    interesting can you see preheaven energies in the body?
  7. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    You still don't believe. You have to understand they never claimed to be a true path or another path. These people literally think their astral space is the buddha field/mind and they have surpassed all buddhas and whatnot. No one in freaking history does this stuff; there is absolutely NO structure to their practices, or references that they draw from. Its not a LINEAGE! or SYSTEM like all these ancient things we know publicly know about today. Once again, only THEY do this stuff in like the whole world. Only 24 people or something, including a good third being their group in the whole world today are "light level" ! They 'can' see all the buddhas, all the sages, anything and everything. After lvl 11 you "can even see christ on the cross" - quoting Jonesboy. They do NOT claim to be another but the only one standing on the top of the mountain by FAAR from any other body of practice out there. Literally. And a second good point, if you think they are immune to emotions like anger and whatnot ... or let's say another emotion like HATE...consider Jeffs lash to gatito and pilgrim for exposing his outright 100% LIE about the email. His reaction says it all. He's human. And he Does have agenda. He's not the perfect transcendental diamond he claims to be. As for Jonesboy lashing out...just go on their forum and post skeptic stuff or mention gatito, lori, pilgrim, etc lmao. He won't even simply ban you. You can sense the stress and anger from a mile away. As for Karen....this whole forum knows her and her uncontrollable emotions. BRO WAKE UP TRILLIONS OF PRACTITIONERS FOR AGES ARE NOT CRAZY PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO CULTIVATE!! Seriously if Jeffs so confident quit those entities and breathe fresh air for once man. Edit: okay I'm done with these fucks. My hard drives are infected with an infected version of me from back in the day. I'm tired of these things attaching to me. I have to run like a violent drug addict who wants a clean life away from the mafia haha And cheya if you think jeffs current helps you manifest karma faster in your life, you have no idea....the stuff manifesting faster is not from your being. Now I can see it, being out and clean from the current.
  8. Quote or misquote

    I cannot authenticate it but I would say it is true. It refers to your real, rootless, mind.
  9. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    I sense that you already hate me... It's parasites from the higher tattvas. They block your mind ultimately, as a result. All kinds of mental mood that you cannot shake of and persist. Not to mention lots of sexual tendencies involved that won't leave you no matter what. That has nothing to do with the energy itself but its these little bugs. You have to leave the lineage for a long time, preferably someone competent to clean you to even realize. I have joined xiao yao pai and they are more than powerful in cleaning this shit. Jeffs scanning of the spirit masters in the lineage is nonsense and only looks at the lower tattvas. Its emitting out of their herd, probably sticks to me because I was an insider and never really left, or in other words simple left but on papers my bodymind is still their estate. Even old posts in forums infect me with these little bugs. Very sexual, I'm infected right now after reading some screenshots I found in my drive from back in the day plus some of cheyas posts. Not long ago I had found another one of these pictures from back in the day, a screenshot of what jeff said inside his energy chats, I was struggling to bloody remember my immediate train of thoughts and an unmovable but subtle sexual tendency would occupy me. Like I was fucking celibate for a week at that point perfectly calm. I did some light exercise, went out, spoke to my family, ate some food. The shit wouldn't bloody leave me. Thats not my energy flows in their words but that is little parasitic entities attached to my field. I have developed a lot, with genuine transmissions from some of my teachers /gurus I have met and with the help of my lineage XYP and I can see these little goofy balls in my perception when they attach to me. Quite irritating. But anyway besides noticing the subtitle but strong tendency and sexual feeling on my organ (as well as slightly more centered perception on that organ (usually my percetion is on my head or chest or hands)) there is a lot of background 'mood'. I don't know how to properly describe these moods but they are clearly recognizable. Mental patterns including trains of thoughts that I subconsciously thought were part of ME back when I was 'working' with them. But now having been out for the past few months I instantly recognize these intrusions. I'm not kidding. I know it's sounds intangible but how can I describe my inner experience and perceptions without like sending you telepathic images of my concepts - which cannot be done here... And yes a lot of these moods I would describe as self centered and violent. Things like making remarks or jokes about violent things like I will smash your cranium and feel it with shit you bleeding pussy merged with an asshole. Almost demonic in nature. Just tendencies for my mind (thoughts and imagination) to go crazy like that. But these mental currents aren't mine, I know it. I've had a couple months of their system and I'm quite appalled by how easily my imagination went and conceived that stuff^ I'm usually more analytical and lazy person. I'm not really that obsessed with any one particular topic and I prefer to quit if I see that a game is pointless and going downhill. Other people have reported this phenomena through words like depersonalization or destroying willpower. Yes it does occupy your mind, like I just being free of these parasitic current and then being exposed back into it, I now immediately recognize slightly decreased ability to think/focus/visualise/short term memorise because I'm so busy with these background mental flows. It seems to give flows to the mind. Almost like my body is a structure of flowing hot lava or crystal or jelly that is shifting about. On the bodily level these express as sexual feelings, over reacting (hyper) emotions (basically bursts of bloody emotion). And these 'flows' just won't leave me no matter what I do, masturbate, meditate, watch a good show, eat in the garden and sun to ground myself. Nope just won't bloody fucking leave, or even relax for half an hour. This is because these many parasitic entities are causing it. Chas and pilgrim (and probably many others) who both know and have followed Jeffs evil for many years since his early AYP days have mentioned they sense some higher master parasitic-entity around Jeff. It only lingers down to everyone else working with him. And yes this whole hugging and your (quoting Jeff) "tantric practices" are sharing bloody karmas among yourselves. Other people who now run away from him like Lori just cannot put the word on what so fucked about their current but you can see that they run away almost subconsciously like - because they sense the dirt their current is. Some of the people seemed like innocent and nice people like FaXin. I hope he gets out of this nonsense and stops being the food and free rent of some parasitic entities, big or small. Just building prana for example, I build some prana then I go out in the garden in the evening, alone looking at the sky and i am just grounding calm, almost like seeing my future in a positive and reinforcing way. But in general, seeing the world in certain ways I did not since I was a child. Jeffs mental flows cover all that way and put me in a constant freenzy. I quit many goals, procrastinated and masturbated a lot during my time with him, also swore at many people including my own parents, broken door knows and other stuff as if out of a frenzy because he's flows numb you and make your mind busy. I even, just one time, I think back in the beginning of March, on their new forum. I couldn't spend 10 seconds there exposed to Jonesboys writings, on the newest unread comments section, without feeling this dirt covering me like (the parasites infesting me). I closed the browser instantly. Did some else, mundane, just to let the flows on me to see if I'm bloody imagining things. I've kind of repeated this experiment a couple times by findign old screenshots from their energy chats from back in the day in my files. I have all my data backed up in around 3 places and I need to cleans all jeff related material manually at some point... I don't know what to say to you man. I'm telling you they are infested beyond comprehension but if you just hug NO then I guess no it is for you....anything I say will automatically be rejected. You might want to give the scan my chakras thread a quick glance over as well. Anyway I need to call my lineage to cleanse these things off me now and get back to normal. Bye.
  10. Yellow jelly like semen after retention?

    by the way isn't yellow a liver thing?
  11. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    His lineage is infected. Stay away from their group. There bloody billions of little infected parasites around them. It's "good flows" in his words. I've had enough of him for two years. Really fucked me in the beginning and slowed me down over time. His levels is just playing with linga sharira. Stay away from him and find a legitimate lineage, you will find a real resolution then.
  12. haha me neither, I really wish someone translated it. It has critical info about that lineages techniques which I bet are unfound anywhere else on the net. But the author, whoever wrote that website has that development. I've no idea what they practice. Same with that egyptian dude from the picture, can be weird, and has no proper idea what he has achieved unconsciously haha, he thinks he's reached unenlightened actually, that's what he told me in pm. He has no idea. But he's achieved that frequency uplift to a pretty strooong degree at the time of the screenshot.
  13. I didn't scan or come close to you, that is intrusion and perverted. Don't worry about my terminology, I like to talk about what I know. Just try those 2 links, the authors emit special energy broadbands effortlessly that won't give you a shaktipat of any kind but simply raise you up to their frequencies because they have transformed their fields. It will have an effect on your energy and health, although minor. Anyway it hits exactly at the frequency you're draining. My advice is take it or leave, no need to feel pressured mate.
  14. Oh wow I feel that. You're draining the heatwaves of one of the 5 vedantic koshas. I'm not sure which, I think it is manomaya or vijnamaya kosha by the feel of it. I'm not radiating them out myself and would take a couple days to generate them nicely, and I don't know anyone online that I can share who radiates them but you can try these too: manomaya: https://www.book.bfnn.org/books/0362.htm and vijnamaya : https://ufile.io/42al3jgk they radiate sort of water form of the koshas which folds your awareness back on itself at those levels, basically taking your koshas range deeper in consciousness without building the raw substances. Get them on your phone, multiple phones and tablets if you have. Get an 'onscreen' and 'touch protection' so the screen doesn't change on your phone while you keep in your pocket. Just keep the images towards you for a long time. It should help and coagulate eventually after a long time. Both individuals don't have any egregores or other energies that they radiate towards surroundings. It should help a little, in the very least; tell me how it goes. I doubt doctors could help much in your situation, draining like that heavily. Maybe someone in your house is draining and they have emptied you? How long has it been going for? Try to build chi, eat and sleep well and exercise as well. Try not to slouch as you mention, if you cause other health problems while being down because of this they won't fix themselves magickally when you finally fix this :/
  15. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    Great, thank you man. Feel free to talk. Those who laugh at the Dao, never achieve it. Those who laugh at others, may already be one with the Dao