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  1. Mantra/tantra for sex

    Yes I do. And many on the internet do. No ones going to give stones to a faetus. Most techniques you as for require atman/adam kadmon. People with atmic progress are very sane, mature and smart. They look down on earthly weakness. Regardless to do most techniques you begged for requires a strong force of consciousness, so build massive chi first. All 3 dan tiens active. Then you can worry about the higher kayas and annunakihood. Don't pm me.
  2. Mantra/tantra for sex

    Sorry to be annoying but this is not tantra and he says that. His blog of consists of mere mantras of yantras/sigils, as he mentions. This is NOT the tantra/magic/cultivation system in any way. I like that you describe vashikaran as to enchant because it implies the other person is not forced to do what he will do. Vashikaran is merely hypnosis and real act of hypnosis does not force or entrap in any way by it's physics mechanics. This is why this can only be done on those weaker than you.
  3. Mantra/tantra for sex

    You don't have that much siddhi yourself, mate. . .
  4. Mantra/tantra for sex

    Whats wrong with this one?
  5. Xing and Ming cultivation

    A contradiction: "xing cannot be realised" but you also say "xing is in the heart" or "you can wu wei all the way (as in you can ming all the way)" .... In my opinion, xing isn't in any part of the body or part of bodily cells. It is outside the body or timespace because it is the spirit. To clarify, preheaven as well as postheaven seem to be bodily focused area/level of mind IMO, so they are both ming. After all, too much sex depleted preheaven as it does with postheaven, doesn't it? body energy! So again to what I said above, if it is a bodily thing you are realising it, you go deeper in consciousness. So xing would be more like trauma, for example^ too much sex, depletes ming .. or exercises ming (bodily) power while it can help release xing trauma...or watching yourself/everything in your daily life and you find yourself in what you do and say. You find the same thing you had seen maybe when you were a child. ----------- Also, about Wei Wu Wei, how can you perform a non action from a level of mind or awareness that is still fuelled by, sustained by and rooted in the body? Xing must be like pure space. So in Nei-Ye it say "it accumulates in the chest of the sages", so rather it expresses itself in the physical world through the chest than being 'stored' there or anything that would imply you can 'move' it around the body, etc. Xing has to be in your other lifetimes/souls as it is here untinted, effortlessly, like the Dao.
  6. Qiqong exercise for increased focus?

    Do trataka. Don't close eyes take brakes, when you see double too often, instead.
  7. internal anger

    As I understand it, anger is in the domain of mind not body so in the domain of preheaven energy. So it's a matter of circulating preheaven energy. Similarly to postheaven energy making one ... let's say: horny. So similarly as there is no innately only-sex energy there is no innately only-anger energy. So Yes, you can immitate the anger movement in a consciouss manner which is a cultivation of ones power in a totally empowering way.I think I've seen more than one sage mention we should be ever so slightly anger at all times.
  8. however rainbowveinm, after formless(preaheven) begins dao. to go by line of thought of form and formless, i call it boundless. Or pure space. It is beyond formless. It is what hindus may refer to as "you can't hurt me". Because you can't. Formless and Form are bound to karma or cause and effect, They cannot exist on their own. The first level of dao, is above the head in that line of thought...so theres at least 3 levels. post, pre and dao. of course theres ilke infinite levels in the grand scale as evolution keeps going. 4 level is not often spoken about and you cant really directly cultivate it much without mastering dao which you cant without being healthy and having a strong force of consciousness or form and formless cultivation...but anyway the likes of some you mentioned like Buddha stopped at 3rd level :). Energy follows Yi or any of that principle. First any bodily or incarnated energy is postheaven. So any layer of you attention follows and is followed by some energy that you can perceive in space and see move directly in space as does your arms and legs or maybe sound and light that you can perceive is not formless or beyond. Formless attention starts to leak 360. So this is practices where its like you watch yourself. Or basically anything that brings you in the present moment. One pointness stuff or "mental focus" is postheaven.
  9. The are whole tissue or organ energy. Preaheven is the mind itself or cellular energy. Jing is your vigour and wakefullness. Chi is your stamina or pump. Shen is your focus and quality of expression. So when you run chi is your stamina. If you loose jing you feel soft. If you loose shen you feel no motivation or discipline. Jing makes you strong and helps build muscle. Chi keeps muscles healthy. Shen makes skin radiant like children. So when full of jing you are wakefull, calm and centred, no need to shake legs or if you do agitate yourself like shake your limbs while talking to someone you feel grounded and not scaterred from the extra movement. Similarly you wont be horny or angry, etc. Low on chi and youre hungry. But when full you don't need food. You have energy for many thoughts as well...mental stamina. As thoughts are fabricated out of chi. When shen is strong youre focused. Also when full on shen no sleep needed.When youre late up at night the shen keeps you going. But when youre working out hard the chi keeps you going. So essentially jing is not mind at all. It the raw energy for any kind of action of the cells/mollecules. To grow? Jing. Have surgery and get cut? JIng. Chi sustains the body, keep it in maitenance. This is why you dont need food with chi. But you live somewhat in minimal state if you live without food...ie, you cant lift weights and build muscle because now youre shorting the jing and you need food to replenish that. Shen guides the maintenance worker (chi). This is why it makes your skin look good, it tells it how to do it properly. Its a supervisor.
  10. Do not call any of the famous names.

    When you say it's a fraud, it's almost incorrect gramatically. It simply refers to atman/adam kadmon/buddha and above, the non-dual/undefined/unconsciouss realms. I have some atmic progress, can you sense it?
  11. What would be your superpower?

    The best route to drive home is the one you know. Oh how many people know themselves well enough to know their own unique super power? Oh God, give us what we desire the most and let us stumble in everything else so we may see you!
  12. I don't think body has anywhere to leave to. It also cannot live on it's own, soo, is it really leaving?
  13. There is still individuality in non-duality. Otherwise buddhism would actually preach nihilism as some folks on internet forums claim. It is through these more internal layers that the yogi may be for example able to enter anothers body and even a dead body, get up and walk while doing his duties in his. I see it like this. Its not just consciousness as we know it. But SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS. So it is able to fractally individualise while being consciousness....because consciousness isnt that or such and so but IS. . . You go up the layers and eventually find what buddhists call mind-stream that reincarnates. So I see it as a unification of mechanical processes, a type of unified field that is more performant than simple nerves being used for data transfer to proess reality. But the mindstream field being a more efficient body that can process the endless data of endless lives and whatnot. Eventually you go up so much you leave anything that resembles a body. Into infinity and beyond. Just more and more speed We as humans made out of the source as everything is, love technology process and technology loves to progress. So it makes sense tech likes go fast and faster to be the fastest. It gets to layers where its so fast you can have the whole universe incorporated in one unit or one body/dharmakaya/atman/whatever. So then how is it still communication? Well maybe it helps to think of it like children cant whistle so they need a crowd to sing and maybe some adults to listen to them as well as give feedback. An adult can whistle-sing any song Alone as well as enjoy them all ,from all mindstates at the same time. He is still just one cultivator in his race.
  14. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    Right, pitbull vs husky. You want mathematical info? I see the sections eventually reach all sides on the horned whereas in the ring they have a 2d path only. The horned is 3d essentially. A proper "torus" ? Methaphysically since you correlated yinyang I gues you could say the horned one represents Taiji - the one. The unification of yin and yang.