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  1. The taboo of enlightenment

    excuse me, I may be wrong, but that is neither the buddhism or hindu view regardless of which inner sect of these traditions we view from. Take buddhist view of 8 consciousnesses. The 5 senses science too has identified are grouped together. The 6th is the earthly mind we're all familiar with. This 6th, mind, is always there with the 5 senses but still it is beyond them, capable of things far beyond their animal level of perception, consciousness or LIFE. Similarly there are highers 'mind', simply degrees of consciousness that make up our 'structure'. When people say no self, they say this earthly stuff is not a self, it's not permanent and it's empty. You can see it change entirely from one moment to the other. Like emotions. They're shape is like water, shapeless. As such if a salesman sells you water and tell you to cup your hands to receive it because he's selling the cups separately then you know there is self / business there and must seek a proper guide /shop. This means that yes, even sages have a body with limitations or problems like us. They dream. They get horny and have wild sex. They get angry or disgusted or disappointed with their close friends, even their own children! They do need exercise their bodies and minds and nurture them else they get health problems, start forgetting perhaps.....Sagehood is 'above', another organ of function entirely and that immortal is and was always thus it is IMMORTAL. This whole universe will collapse one day with it's astral and etheric and etc, etc.
  2. Evocation

    It's just if you don't have STRONG energy and legendary poise of mind/will (concentration!) why would you ask for personal development related help or questions from more mature mind - spirits. Evocation is a hype trend and traditionally evocation is used for energetic empowerment, preferably at higher levels of consciousness than you currently are at. Evoking a spirit from another dimension to ask for help with chicks or ask how should i treat this lady to selflessly serve her and make her happy is silly because you've seen this spirit on the internet or some book but we have plenty of humans, who can counsel you on social matters, but really this is Your journey to walk. Nasa doesn't send messages in space begging for tech from aliens. TECH PLEASE BEEP BEEP
  3. Evocation

    Yes; On the levels of consciousness which you have developed and can volatilize with your will/consciousness/concentration. What's the difference between concentration and scanning? What's the difference between remote viewing and clairvoyance/clairs? Can you answer LightSeeker? Have you researched the topic before? If someone goes off to another planet, is there any interference or extra requirements or a change in the medium of 'evocation'? Another galaxy? Another time?
  4. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    higher shen
  5. @Iskote so what's the goal, to just feel without exacerbating ACTIONs of any kind, including impulses which can feed into bad postures or chi deviation, mental habits which are artificial, etc etc? didn't tao te ching say something like that? they see but they do not look, they sense but they do not feel, they hear but they do not listen, etc.
  6. So it's not that I become a buddha and you become a buddha also, or I have an atma to realise and/or liberate, but rather he is buddha or "buddh" and I am buddh too, that same IS....I am realise atma, the atma which IS..... not isness, just IS.... So while you can think of it as the same mechanics of achieving etheric non-decay after physical death, this high degree of achievement isn't just a higher vehicle that is truly primordial and it's a matter of housing it and violatizing it, but rather awakening to the source of the universe and all manifestation which springs up from it...inside it! "I am that" ... in a non new-agey manner. IS...
  7. Yeah that's a very good point to point out. Buddhism claims there is ONE buddha. Similarly just about every traditions claims there is ONE atma. Or if an immortal they say you actually ARE siva, etc. That shows a common ground at least. I wonder if it's just a matter of different levels or sub achievements of the dharmakayas realization that differs in traditions? What follows after the trikaya/shavabivakaya (nature body) is fully realised. Evolution stops? I would imagine it continues on forever, simply in ways we cannot have the paradigm off from our current level of realisation, or as hinduism would say, we cannot know it with our inferior knowledge.
  8. wow interesting thread. tradition cross-talk deserves more discussion that it currently has! one of the worst things you can hear from a practitioner is " I don't bother with / check X tradition ever" excuse me?! That's just illogical, no one has complete path and stages fully explained from perfect angles. Another tradition is just more information of the world we live in for you I am still an amateur, but what do you think of this basic model I've kind of observed; the trikaya: Nirmanakaya, this body, yinshen - non-immortal going through rebirth, (although may stop aging of the body and arrogantly call that immortality, or it's possibility is just a myth) Sambokaya, self-realised, yangshen - limited immortal, still needs to reincarnate eventually (according to bhagavad gita this consciousness still 're-births' at the end of each Brahmic day - trillions of years - big bang/big crunch ?) Dharmakaya, self-liberated, wuji? or yangshen in wuji?... - eternal immortal, never needs to reincarnate ?
  9. Wild Technological Metaphysics

    do people believe this? what does everyone believe? I'm genuinely curios of a demographic of everyone how does this fit in with the immortals of daoism, buddhism, etc for you all?
  10. Blue aura people

    Hmm dawn90 to me it sounds more like a personal attachment to such personality. Sort of love at first sight but real...a real energetical phenomen for you. You say they have a blue aura but I think to most people reading this thread this sounds like highly biased information that "works" for you. No one else will see a blue aura because you get such feelings. Also people with the skill to see auras usually see a lot more colours than ONE. I recommend you investigate yourself and come to terms with what you desire and emotionally/mentally react to so you may fully know what it is you're attracted to. Every memory, reaction and impression in your body and mind; analyse them. And no I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with flying phoenix qiqong. You're implying the qiqong changes their personality to a specific trait if you insist it does. Which does not make sense. To me, the people you gave as examples appear as old people, possibly pedophiles. Sorry they're not attractive to me in the least.
  11. Is speed reading possible?

    absolutely. you tend to train something like it in IQ training with normal Image Streaming and then later on with Quantum Image Streaming but you need higher IQ to process the higher speed otherwise you go crazy literally
  12. Want to learn more about hinduism

    Good choice! Orthodoxy has become all about stealing chi and bribing to get higher.
  13. Question on the dantians

    @anshino23 interesting correlation about the realms and the buddha eye. Where is this quote from?
  14. Question on the dantians

    what is the answer?
  15. Question on the dantians

    Well of course there are. You know the colour of yuan chi is solar looking. And we all know the colour of the energy enlightement (dharmakaya) is golden. Even post-natal chi gains golden colour naturally at some advanced stage after merging (reversing) prana and apana vayus in the body. Some consider that to the key by calling the LDT immortal faetus. As if post-natal chi can become the dharmakaya ?????