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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi @APK, are you practicing on a hard floor? You can try on a rug or yoga mat and see if that helps stop the heel pain. Your tongue should touch the roof through all the exercises.
  2. Bagua, nei gong, meditation etc

    Hi @Kyungsay, For neigong I can recommend Rudi’s authentic neigong course. The practices are easy to fit in throughout the day and should be able to fit in with your current practices! You can find more details here: https://authenticneigong.com/
  3. Greetings

    Welcome! Glad to see you are enjoying Flying Phoenix!
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Yes this is fine. Just make sure you do roughly the same amount of each meditation to keep things balanced.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    You should learn them in the order they are in the DVDs. When you’ve learned them you can do what order works for you, but in general it’s better to start with the standing meditations and end with the sitting meditations. You don’t have to do them all in one day, just alternate every day so there is a balance between each one. Please ask Sifu Terry ( @zen-bear ) for advice on your back.
  6. .

    You don’t need to feel your breath, just focus on that area. Don’t focus on your breath. It doesn’t cause stagnation, it brings the qi from the rest of your body back to the lower dantien where it belongs. Try it out and see if it makes a difference. That’s good, keep doing this.
  7. .

    Well there is your problem then. Of course you are feeling twitching in your head and neck, you are directing all of your qi there. Next time you meditate, focus on your lower abdomen, and only there. Breathe in and out through your nose but do not follow it, keep your mind on your lower abdomen below your belly button. Where do you place your tongue during meditation?
  8. .

    Where do you normally place your awareness during meditation?
  9. Prophecy of the Coming

    No AI image to accompany the babble?
  10. Can jing be replenished?

    This is the way. Too many people just live on the internet and never experience real life.
  11. Can jing be replenished?

    This is an important point. It’s not simply the ejaculation that causes you to lose jing, but the arousal too. Better to just enjoy it properly instead of being constantly aroused because you haven’t finished.
  12. Ok NOW I found the way to use chi for superhuman physical strength

    So what can you do with this superhuman physical strength that you couldn’t do before?
  13. Is There Any Way to Know it is Real?

    @liminal_luke is from Portland if I’m not mistaken. Maybe he can help you out
  14. Is There Any Way to Know it is Real?

    Where do you live? You never know who is nearby hiding in plain sight. One guy who was quite sought after on this website years ago ended up living 10 mins from my friends house!
  15. Is There Any Way to Know it is Real?

    The best thing you can do is go meet these masters in person and decide for yourself, not listen to what strangers on the internet tell you