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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I have a question regarding Monk Gazing at the moon. I'm wondering if it's meant to double as a one pointed focus concentration building meditation because it seems perfect for it. As in You're Gazing at an object or point in space through your fingers and are holding your focus on it as well as you can unbroken to build extended concentration. I imagine if the moon was there that's what would be intended? Or kinda zone out and focus more on the energetic sensation? If the moon is out should you try and time it near a moonrise or moonset so its straight ahead if you have no elevation near you, or lie on your back? Bending the neck back to look up seems like it could cause health issues with the neck.
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thanks for the reply. I clearly just got the date entirely wrong haha but it explains that he was already really into it, maybe he grew up on David Carradine and old Kung Fu movies. For some reason I thought it was early 90s shows how little I know about basketball history. And yes it's the joys of clicking on a random page due to an entirely unrelated search on this thread and finding absolute gold! That whole page was great with all the Kuan Yin stuff as well. page 223
  3. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello Sifu Terry. This isn't a very serious question but it made me wonder and laugh. Based on this video and how you said Shaq was very into it. It made me wonder...do you think the 1994 video game I remember as a kid called Shaq fu on the Sega genesis https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaq_Fu Was possibly directly or indirectly inspired by you and your lessons? Related
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thank you @senseless virtue Very good post the ginger part is fascinating to me because before I saw it I was really feeling this intuitive pull to ginger and even got these ginger drinks from trader joes for Christmas from my brother that are basically a tbsp or two of ginger powder you mix with water. It feels so energizing and refreshing. The blood cleansing aspect intrigued me.
  5. Use cannabis to build Chi

    Certainly! I'm aware its not the best but I'm just a human making my way along the path. I'll get there eventually and I'm learning as I go. At the moment it helps and Hinders me I'm incredibly aware of how each happens. So I don't reccomend it to people. Without I never would have gone as far as I've have in the past 5 years or so and coulda been stuck in protestant mainstream Christianity rather than going to the very deep side of the occult using that foundation to skip all the bs, by following my curiosity but I also have backed off from the Chinese alchemical side and I see that as a place it could be a huge hindrance.. but who knows really? I do qigong now mainly for the health benefits and to advance spiritually. Man now I feel bad for revinig this post. What senseless virtue posted was What I was searching for i just forgot the old timey word of calling if pot lol.
  6. Use cannabis to build Chi

    Thanks for the response. I might have been a bit much on my commentary about dogma but I deal with a lot of it on religious side so it can be ant easy straw man for me to create. But it also becomes very easy to identify in all aspects of life. I'll fully admit im inexperienced with meditation only 6 years or so after 10 of religion and theology even college level. Though it's interesting I listened to Damo Mitchels podcast earlier and he's who I originally started with in qigong/neigong. But he mentioned meditation being good for discerning truth and seeing through falsehood and this is something that I do well at though I may be lacking the deep mystical experiences of many here. Not related to this topic particularly, but it seems to be working though I still have a long way to go.
  7. Use cannabis to build Chi

    Definitely, but they have their place and use when used responsibly. A lot of stigma from people sounds almost dogmatic from people who have no relationship with it. I'm not judging them just making observations over long periods. Those who don't use or have no desire more power to them and I'm happy for their decision. It's kinda a thing of not being able to go back, not addiction wise but knowledge and experience wise to see things differently. This is kinda a universal concept on any deep or occulted topic.
  8. Use cannabis to build Chi

    Interesting topic. I was wondering if there was one of these. Just from my experience Weed makes the feeling of Qi way stronger and more noticeable. I don't do it all the time but sometimes I'll do my practices after coming down and it feels way more potent. Your mind isn't hazy if you are used to it and it can be an altered meditative state it places you in opening up doors to inspiration and increased psychic Awareness.. now the latter part can be a burden sometimes. All this is just from my personal experience and opinion. The first time I truly felt the ability to project qi from my palm with my outgoing breath was when I was high. I'm also the kind of person who when drunk doesn't lose any coordination or mental faculties just become more friendly and confident unless it's an exceptional amount, so maybe that has something to do with it. But unlikely because Weed can quickly become overwhelming if out of your league. Another one I'll mention was the first time I tried LSD around when I was first starting Daoist breathing practices around 5 years ago. When on LSD due to the heightened brain function and awareness I was able to Feel my lower dantian and breathe straight into it feeling a pulsing or vibration as the Qi descended. I kinda intuited this pump like sensation on pumping down on the outgoing breath. I still can't do that normally. These things can be valuable tools but shouldn't be relied upon.
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Had a very interesting sensation after practicing earlier today. I've been doing the volume one standing set for a few months now. And for my birthday a week ago I got the Volume 2 dvd. I Usually do roughly 3 at a time. Since the recommendation is 5 minutes minimum I set a meditation timer to chime 3 times every 6:30 to give time for the breath control just as a rough estimate. One thing I like about the MSW sets is the lack of a need of a timer and just to keep track of how many I've done which is what i'm more used to with my Western practices. Anyways I was in a lightly rainy nature trail in-between 2 lakes. I was the only one out there and walked out to a little peninsula, It's far enough back to escape the traffic sounds, and usually a lot of birds such as Blue and White Herons. Off Topic but I actually saw 3 of the large red headed woodpeckers together which is mind boggling. I did MGAM, BTB,MH Pearl, then Wind above the clouds... or is it tree tops? Was a good 27 mins or so with the timers I set. Then walked a bit further to try and find a dry patch of ground, found something good enough up on a wooden deck and sat for MSW1 and MSW3 just the typical 7 sets with breathe control. When I came out of it the sensation was very tangible. I felt energetic vibrations all over my body. Once I started doing the seated practices I started to feel a lot of energy in the face usually and under the chin when doing the practices. But What I could compare the energetic sensation after finishing to is when I was trying to learn to Astral Travel 4 or 5 years ago and could get to the vibration stage pre exit. Never quite achieved the exit except waking up lifting out of the bed once and just kept going right through the walls and roof haha. But regardless it was a really cool experience. I've also started to have even stronger sensation in my hands which all I had to do before was just focus on them to feel Qi circulating or emitting from the palms , but now its even stronger especially when the 2 are facing and they will start shaking sometimes. Since people were mentioning electronics. I use bluetooth noise canceling headphones sometimes with like peaceful zen or flute music out of necessity due to living in very noisy place, and I don't know if it has a negative effect, but it helps me stay focused and actually complete the practices which I see as a positive. I prefer to go without, but occasionally have no choice.
  10. Falun gong

    I just want to comment on the focus of developing virtue and morality that stood out to me just browsing their material awhile back. I just happened to pick up the book of the shelf at a library a few months back and found it very interesting. A lot of the stuff talked about early on is similar to my own deep esoteric research In systems that are into following the Divine or as he calls in the Buddha law. I only got like 50 pages in, and watched some of the practice videos. The high focus on morality could be great for some people, and turn others off completely, it seems to be more Buddhist than Daoist, so if ones already into buddhism or other systems of purifying one's character it can kinda resonate for them? From my own experience and just study in general I believe there is something to the idea of a shortcut by developing virtue. Others systems like esoteric Christian ones also have a huge emphasis on this as a requirement for true development of the soul which would skip many many lifetimes of doing it by trial and error, and that there is only so far you can develop as a precaution built into the whole system if one does not develop virtue. Where if one is aligned or attuned to the Buddha law the Divine or whatever word you want to choose. It will take care of you. But Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and his Righteousness all this will added unto you. Is a very esoteric verse about such a concept. Now whether this is relevant or true about their system I can't say due to no experience with anyone whose practiced it. Just putting out some philosophical thoughts. The one I forgot but stuck out to me also just as a common sense thing the more you study this stuff. Is talking about the ancient guys who developed the energy channel system being some form of clairvoyant. Being able to literally see it. I feel like this should be more discussed more often as it seems obvious as a result and level of spiritual development. The western model of medicine won't acknowledge this currently, but if you know you know. I can't see it yet but I have faith it's just part of the process and developing yourself a true healer.
  11. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Just wanted to chime in. I just started the practice and. wow even after only a couple sessions while still learning the standing forms. I've felt sensations I've never felt. In the legs and neck. It seems to be great for unblocking areas I've never been able to feel the qi well, even after being sensitive to it for several years now. Kinda like this cool flowing sensation up the neck. Also just feel generally great and mellow after the session. One thing I'm curious about is the left hand in the right. So many people specify by gender for males the right goes under the left. But to me the other way has always felt more intuitive and just a natural fit. So I'm enjoying that theres no tension like when I'd try and do the other way. It just adds an unnecessary layer of distraction. Editing my own comment I realized it's probably due to it being more yin in nature in general which makes sense.
  12. Interesting, good to know, I will have to look into it focused breathing Is my preffefed meditation method. But on a side note I don't want to derail this topic into a heat issue. The original thing I'm talking about is very much a qi/Prana thing that is known and expected in energetic development and alchemical systems. My own issues are separate and unrelated to the original topic, just to clarify thanks for the advice!
  13. I am curious what Chinese herbs you might recommend. I know this is true about my body, it's what I was told when first seeing a TCM practitioner about 9 years ago. Currently the only thing I take at all is Eyebright for eyes and sinuses. Which I intuitively came to Apparently its also good for clearing heat. Xiao Mi Cao is the Chinese name. Not exactly what I was reffering to, but wouldn't mind advice on this miserable problem.
  14. I find this very important as well. Getting the right dichotomy of physical/spiritual is important. This is based more on the physical side but for health reasons is still entirely on point. The more people learn and know about these topics the easier it is to maintain your health. I'm involved with some western esoteric systems and even the focus on the blood flow from deep breathing is incredibly important to purifying the body. I think it goes into many levels subtle to direct.
  15. Thanks so much for this input. Its what I was feeling as well. Breathing is very magical and alchemical when it is done with focus and intention And I think that's what the sensations are leaning towards some manifestation of spirit transforming your being. One of my favorite quotes from Zhuangzi or Chuang Tzu is his one on breath control. Now what the original Chinese means might be different but. it's so straightforward and awesome, which resonates so much even if you have even just a little experience with it. "Breathing control give man strength, vitality, inspiration,and magic powers." -Zhaungzi