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  1. Awesome, thanks so much for the help. I'll check those out when I have some free time.
  2. Hi, thanks for the response I'll definitely look into it. Maybe I should have specified though as I was referring to where specifically on this forum to ask. And am looking for a qigong movement or technique to try and heal myself.
  3. Hi, I'm new here but have been practicing qi gong for just over 2 months, though I've been doing a Daoist related meditation for about a year or more. I do feel the chi flowing very often now in my hands atleast. I'm curious where to ask about specific practices to heal blockages in the sexual region. I've had undiagnosable issues for about 6 years now, basically oversensitivity that causes pain. Western medicine made it like 3x as bad. And I'm hoping this would be a way to treat it and other problems. Thanks!
  4. Hi from Kyle

    Thanks for the reply, I'm not positive on the type. I've been doing some basic standing practices to move chi, and help blockages, and nei gong sitting meditation with a lot of focus on lower dantian breathing. My friend has been teaching me, I should ask him that. And yes I'm starting to notice that about the surfing, I've tried some other systems and this just fits me much more naturally.
  5. Hi from Kyle

    Hi everyone, or anyone that reads this more specifically. I'm Kyle I just started Qigong and Neigong practice. For a little background, I'm a surfer and have been on a spiritual path for about 11 years , started in Christianity and had a bit of an awakening and disillusionment starting about 5 or so years ago loaded with a bunch of health problems. This led me to many different alternative ways of healing and introduced me to qigong. Then several years after deep diving into occult and vedic philosophies and starting to meditate consistently. I found my way back to Daoism and Qigong. I love it due to how effective it is. Only been doing it about a month and now my hands feel like there is constant energy flowing from my palms and finger tips it's cool, but I really just want to keep learning as much as I can !