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  1. AMORC

    I've been noticing or rather thinking this a lot lately. Many groups when they lose their original leader tend to degrade, or never seem to produce anyone of substance. I've honestly been thinking about this a lot lately due to being so fascinated by actual high level mystics or you could say saints. The people who train under them get that guru disciple relationship of having an actual master with Gnosis that can personally guide them, so their progress can be sped up exponentially, as well as being able to personally see what is possible which builds faith and positive outlook which also speeds things up. I wonder if it's a karma thing to be one of the lucky ones to end up in that situation, that the time is right for you. Because I certainly feel lost at times trying to just do long distance training. Now I digress and need to specify I don't think Lewis or people who start orders likes the Golden Dawn groups were any sort of that level. The proof is in the pudding there since many seem to self destruct due to petty infighting. I personally respect Amorc because I learned of it from a friend and think it has good effects on people. But I'm also very well aware of the controversy involved with their founding, and the term Charlatan being thrown around by several sources including Manly P. Hall. So whether their true Rosicrucians or just a good group for esoteric training that coopted the name for advertising sake is a mystery to me.
  2. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    This is a Great point. For instance since it already went there. The video of John Chang lead to Kostas traveling to study with him which led to The Magus of Java book. Me seeing the video on YouTube years back led to me noticing the book in a metaphysical book store. Then reading it which changed my life by getting me into Qigong, and drastically shifting my worldview.
  3. I'm going to share some obvious results of practice from my own personal experience I've seen happen. Such as beginning to feel Qi when you couldn't at all before, then this increasing in different areas of the body, As well as feeling heat during practices, becoming much more relaxed and calm overall. Inner peace. Your thoughts nearly entirely shutting off. Not identifying with said thoughts. Health problems disappearing or no longer mattering. Being able to choose you're emotional state at times. Like making yourself happy for no reason just by focusing on the feeling of joy or love. Dream life becoming more active like Lucid dreams. All sorts of mini psychical ones like precognitive thoughts of knowing someone's coming to visit or about to call or text you. These are just some things I've personally experienced since I started about 4 years ago that were not present before.
  4. Sorry for the full quote and late reply, but thank you for the advice I will look into it! I realized I was extremely active in sports my whole life till going to college, then it became only surfing, which is roughly when it started so perhaps my youthful vitality and constant active lifestyle preventing it from manifesting sooner. I also realized I distracted the topic... forgive me for that. I Just saw the one part, and commented from my personal experience.
  5. The 1100 ton Unfinished Obelisk

    See I actually like the idea of certain researchers/authors like Freddy Silva who compares ancient sites all over the world using Sacred geometry, celestial, alignments, procession, as well as the local stories and mythology and his own intuitive insights he gets at the places, that sites Like Saqsaywaman, and more specifically at Lake Titicaca might be up to 12,000 plus years old, or whats considered antedeluvian, and could be related to those multiple groups of 7 sages whose stories show up at the begging of almost all major cultures in our modern history.( not the mainstream books but the actual culture's histories.) He's like Graham Hancock but lesser known and way more interesting for those into mystical things.
  6. The 1100 ton Unfinished Obelisk

    Well I'm certainly no expert, nor said anything about trowel marks, or know what that means, I actually missed most of the converstation. Just sharing some cool photos and new ideas. There were tons of stones with something that sort of resembles a handle, a quick google image search will show these like and some that were hollow inside with a channel in a museum showing some were interlocked together. I'm just fascinated by it. The more you research it, people have no idea how old it all is or how long ago they were built. Why would a lost art be out of the question from a time when we weren't so disconnected from direct wisdom from the spiritual world. I think a chemical reaction that can soften granite is being rather conservative in that realm of possibility. But also She was an Archeologist/tour guide in the area and is making a movie about the idea that's mostly done. I know how funny it sounds with what I originally said haha. That's why I was there helping out. The softening I think is more the idea that it just softens the surface you put it on so you can smooth or shape it. Some bird there is known for digging nests in rock faces by using some plant mixed with it's saliva.
  7. The 1100 ton Unfinished Obelisk

    I've also heard this. Percy Faucet, I think is the guys name the Lost city of Z book/movie is about him. I just want to share some ideas about it because it fascinates me, and I've researched it to a point. I've heard other references to this as well but also just 2nd hand accounts. My Aunt learned of it from Peruvians in the Amazon saying they could soften the stone with some kind of natural mixture Then this is where it gets extremely fascinating. I also heard reference to it in an interview from Praveen Mohan an Indian Archeologist. He mentioned that The Sculptors from ancient family lines in India, still have this secret formula and use it to make temple statues, etc. It makes sense that if the top or bottom of one stone is softened the next one is going to conform to it perfectly from the weight with no gaps, though it could be a polymer too. Now how old they are is a total mystery unless you get into psychic territory. But you can see clear similarities in the oldest stuff in Egypt and the stuff in South America. If you get into Steiner He talks about how they are all post Atlantean cultures, with Vedic India being the oldest, around 7000 bc then Zoroastrian Persia, then the Egyptian/Samaritan/Chaldean culture last, But this is Psychic territory so questionable.. but it resonates with me. Here's a couple images I took when I went a few years ago to Cusco. The 1st is some really scooped out looking stones at a place called Qenqo. The 2nd is in downtown Cusco at a famous spot for the many sided stones and 3rd is at the ancient megalithic temple of Saqsaywaman.The last is an example of Ancient vs Incan architecture, And here is that interview where it's referenced https://www.earthancients.com/?portfolio=praveen-mohan-pyramid-cultures-of-ancients-cambodia
  8. Thanks for looking! I've been very curious about this and other problems from an energy standpoint. I moved to Florida for college back then with the insane humidity and mold everywhere. Ha that was my only explanation. Started drinking as most people that age do perhaps but was already doing that before without issues. Roughly 13 years ago hard to remember. my habits , diet, and negative emotions and thoughts are like night and day compared to now. But it still persists. Adding in had major depression a year or two before it started making me think of possible heart center issue from that could be related? Do you mean its like some sort of energy blockage or entity attachment, and do you suggest I focus upon that area to attempt to heal it? I've been trying to learn some healing skills and can activate and send qi from my hands at will to a lesser extent.
  9. This is interesting but probably not universal? I've had a weird allergy that developed in my early 20s where my breathing became restricted. Usually one side or the other it switches and pure white mucous. It could very well be an energy issue, it's very annoying I have to drink a lot of water to compensate for the dehydrating effect the lack of oxygen has. But I wonder if having some kinda allergy that causes chronic inflammation of sinuses is different or could be the same thing because doctors have been usless.
  10. Katha Upanishad excerpt

    Thanks for sharing! This is what I love about The Upanishads, and The Bhagavad Gita. They are so Concise and clear yet still esoteric. But when you come to the point of having ears to hear as they say, or understand the concepts. You're just blown away because its all there so straight forward, yet so deep.
  11. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    Ya seems a bit abusive. The rest of the video has way more intense stuff like breaking spears braced on their throats and the ground by breaking stones over their backs etc, holding he kid by the ankles and breaking a huge stone with his head like a jackhammer so it gets worse from that perspective. You should watch the full video if you haven't from my original reply it's nuts.
  12. Just thought people would find this cool, I was so surprised when it came up. I was playing this games Tales of Berseria, and out of nowhere there was a full on Lower Dantian reference in the middle of a conversation. starts at 27:30 for context. Link should start there.
  13. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    Just wanted to share a video I found seems extremely legit. Also this one I think I saw here somewhere
  14. Buddhism and spiritual protection

    Hey this is so old now, but what you said is fascinating in light of what I've studied ! I share a lot of Daskalos recently simply because he seems to be the highest most legit the west has had in centuries. But! He as a Christian mystic of Buddha level, wrote an akashic book on Jesus. And I remember a specific teaching of Jesus I'll link a screenshot that says this exactly for anyone that is interested. This is his actual teaching if you are willing to believe. He says it's human made demons created by evil thoughts and actions than can posses people not the natural ones.