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  1. Books about spiritual masters

    These are some great recommendations thanks so much everyone! This list will keep me busy for awhile.
  2. Hello friends, I figured this would be a good place to ask about book recommendations specifically about high level spiritual masters. The few I've read I love and I feel just reading about what they can do etc while it can being distracting on the path is also incredible at building faith and hope! So ones I have read include the greek author magus series lol. Magus of Java about John Chang and more impressive the Magus of Strovolos about Stylianos Atteshlis aka Daskalos. Basically a Christian buddha who had vast wisdom and power that died in the mid 90s. As well as things like autobiography of a Yogi
  3. Awesome thanks so much, basically what I was looking for. And yes it really can here's a little example one of my first few new energetic experiences happened about a year ago after I did about 25 minutes of practice 10 standing movements 15 meditative sitting. Then i was walking In the forest smoked in a tree lol and then my hands felt like they were covered in energetic spider webs for like 5 minutes, my friend who was teaching me at the time told me that was the fascia channels opening.
  4. Lol thanks the way I worded it might have sounded like that. It was more specifically for getting chi flowing to loosen stuff up In my face. The liver could be very spot on. I am very moderate with my weed use 3.5 grams which is a standard amount for personal use last me months, heavy users that's like a week. But it does really effect your eyes at the time and in that sensitive state I guess it's much easier to mess them up. Thanks
  5. Thanks this is one I'm going to try and do more already. It can easily double as a contemplative meditation by just looking at something in the distance and contemplating its nature etc. I spent much of my younger years as a video game fanatic, but I hardly use screens anymore fortunately.
  6. Hello I am curious if anyone knows any good methods to loosen tight facial muscles specifically the eyebrows, and under the eyes. I sometimes have an issue where my right eye will become somewhat asymmetrical and I got the insight last night that it was due to my right eyebrow being too tense sometimes. which I never noticed but I can now obviously feel, like it's trying to compensate. I also got the insight that if I could get it all to relax and loosen up it might also fix my strange vision problem. So I'm going to attempt it. I've heard of the bates method, but I was wondering if there were TCM or Qigong specific methods or massages for it. Side note I developed a strange vision problem a few years ago where my eyes are still 20/20 and stumped the western specialists but they are slow to focus is all they could come up with, which makes artificial lighting and screens looks semi blurred and hard to read text. This all started 5 years ago when I started smoking Cannabis again and would look at tv screens for long periods playing video games. Also when I do smoke a good amount it sometimes makes the problem extremely noticeable. It also amplifies my ability to feel chi greatly since I started practicing as well, weird trade off. Thanks for the help or ideas.
  7. Are there evil master?

    I can see that as it's going through translators etc. But the point I was trying to make is that a certain morality or spiritual belief isn't necessary to cultivate Qi according to that story. So obviously finding a qualified teacher is important. And that is very sound advice, don't attempt your own plumbing!
  8. Are there evil master?

    The second part is very important! It's very easy trap to fall into to hold a trascendental point of view without actually being at the level of consciousness where it applies. This realm is one of duality. I hear so many fringe spiritual people get very into non duality and such and its a lovely idea, but I think you have to be at an ridiculously high level of consciousness for it to actually apply, otherwise you are just deceiving yourself. Usually these statements are coming from fully self realized people where it can actually apply, because it is their reality to see beyond it all. But then again me talking about this without actually experiencing it is kinda pointless, and flawed.
  9. Are there evil master?

    This is a great question that seems kinda like it has an contradictory answer from what I've studied. Now I haven't personally met any masters that I am aware of, but am a student of western esotericism, as well as a little bit of Daoism. The belief is that if you are not pure and good, aligning to your highest potential than spiritual forces will be cut off to you, so they can have no "Real adept power" but then you hear about people doing Black Magic at high levels so I don't know. This was troubling to me as I read "the Magus of Java" There is a section where he is recounting the story of his Sifu Liao when he was young who was much more powerful than he. Liao's master had given mercy to a bandit king by just maiming him and that guy couldn't let it go and trained furiously to get to the same level as him and then came back to kill him and they had an epic fight destroying a large chunk of a forest, And I think John Chang mentions it's just breathing so anyone can do it. So maybe in terms of Daoist alchemical power yes, but true God like reality bending power probably not. This is all just speculation though so forgive my ignorance. There is definitely good and evil and repercussions for each accordingly. For Instance a Manly P. Hall lecture I listened to about The Secret Doctrine mentioned those who perform Black Magic will be born with physical or mental deformities in their next lives. Not to mention all the immediate Karma that will come back to them in their current life for their evil acts. Supposedly this is just the way the universal law works. To paraphrase a bible verse "Do not repay evil for evil, for Vengeance is mine says the lord." People will have to experience the pain and suffering they have afflicted onto others. I've heard other people make reference to how they know a black magic thing will work by if they are also feeling the result or getting sick.
  10. I'll add a random one I've read about to add into the discussion. No way to verify except a lot of what this guy said was true. According to Edgar Cayce in one of his akashic readings Thoth is Hermes, was the architect of the great pyramid, and also a previous incarnation of Jesus. I think this pushes the timeline back to 12,000 years ago. As for being aware of eastern practices I don't know, I have an interesting theory that all the practices came from Atlantis, and just got spread throughout the world after the Cataclysm and took on their own unique forms. So then yes he probably would have known about them in their highest original form. The different groups of teachers traveled around spreading them. Like the Egyptians and Indians were direct descendants of that civilization probably the Maya too. So the Chinese system was probably also one of these, but kept a more complete form similar to how the ancient Indian did while we lost most in the West.
  11. Paintings you like

    Just saw this the other day nice little painting of what's beyond our physical sight. "The Invisible Path" by Tuco Amalfi
  12. Entities, how do you know if you have them?

    I from personal experience know of several thing that work if you don't know a qualified person. Though they are a bit more Christian/Hermetic themed, that doesn't discount the fact that they are universal and are effective. First is the LBRP ( Lesser ritual of the pentagram) very easy to learn and only takes a couple minutes to perform. The theory is it banishes all the energy in the space so you have to be intentional not to banish the positive stuff or items of power. It works upon the astral realm. Second I heard from an interview with Robert Bruce on Lighting the void Podcast. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/joe-rupe/lighting-the-void/e/62770165. Or you can search for it on any podcast app. He said he teaches even children to do this and it works. He is a hardcorde Aussie astral traveler and says he draws a banishing pentagram (start at the bottom left going up) while saying I banish you in the name of Tetragrammaton. Could probably say Jesus or Yeheshua as well There is also Sage you can burn in your home that can clear the area, as well as Palo Santo wood( much more bearable if you can't handle smoke due to health reasons) Also your thoughts and actions are very important to your mental well being. Stuff can get attached to you if you dwell too much on the negative and your energy is low. Alcohol and drugs etc lower your defenses. This I know from personal experience as it's the only time i get F'd with anymore is if I drank too much or got too high. Things like to feed of off the low energy. If your loving and happy and overall positive creating positive karma it's much harder for things to get through. Also the hardest one is try to stay calm and then you can properly evaluate the situation if fear takes over its much harder to think rationally. Good luck hope this helps someone.
  13. Sorry I can't figure out how to reply specifically without quoting, but they seem very complimentary as I'm still doing basic stuff to just clean and charge your aura, while qigong gives more chi and opens channels, and that is very off topic I dont want to derail this into fear of mixing different alchemical systems. I wouldn't have even brought it up normally. And yes I should find an actual teacher locally, but that seemed like some version of an astral teacher.
  14. I'm really not sure, but phase 1 I got the impression was filling the ldt. I also practice ritual magic so I've been doing a lot of middle pillar rituals which is another way of charging the energy centers. I'll look into it though!
  15. Hi, first off I'm pretty new to practicing 7 months or so. My question is about how do you tell when the Lower Dantian is full and then what to do about it? I'm also going to include the sensation I had, as well as part of a extremely vivid dream where I also had the same sensation. Sadly this was months ago so perhaps my progress has gone backwards since then. I don't know why I didn't just come straight here.. So the feeling was of a pulsing/shaking sensation in my lower dantian area, kinda like a muscle spasm feeling. The dream I had was really cool and memorable. I had also read the Magus of Java twice so there was a John Chang like figure. Basically I was at some temple on a very small island surrounded by water somewhere in South East Asia and was sitting in a circle with several other students and they were doing a test to see if we were ready to advance. After awhile the master looked directly at me and put his palm up to his mouth and blew in my direction and all of a sudden that intense pulsing feeling happened in my Lower Dantian region. Afterward he walked over to me and said some joke to the rest of the guys about surfer's bodies and patted me in the stomach . Then I woke up. The guy who I had learned my basic movements from told me he wasn''t sure and that it probably just meant i actually had a LDT. Recently I opened up this thing from Dr. Yang and it described the exact feeling I had in regards to it being full but this was months after the feelings happened. And i haven't felt it since. https://ymaa.com/articles/2014/1/nei-dan-sitting-meditation Here's the quote from the end of the arcticle, "After you have practiced the abdominal exercises for about three to five weeks, you may feel your abdomen get warmer every time you practice. After continued practice, the abdomen will start to tremble and shake each time you start the fire. This means qi has accumulated at the lower dan tian and is about to overflow. At this time you should start to coordinate your breathing and abdominal movement with the movement of your huiyin (Co-1) (literally "meet the yin") cavity and perineum to lead the qi to the tailbone (weilu cavity)." Thanks so much for any advice!