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  1. I like your sense of humor. My friend. πŸ™
  2. Yes, if you go to an oxygen bar.
  3. Good translation is resulted from good interpetation with understanding while standing on poles.
  4. Earl said it's better not to learn from books. Anyway the author is $15 richer. If you believe it go for it.
  5. Please do and stop acting like a 5 year old kid.
  6. I didn't expect you have an open mind to understand the original classic.
  7. Is that why you used that against me? I am sorry you believed them all even though each says differently. Which one is really telling you the truth?
  8. With poor translation? I hope not!
  9. If I do that, I don't think you can read it.
  10. Religious Confucianism

    Let's hear it from our scholar SirPalomides first.
  11. Amoral Dao

    What is Confucian Qigong? Why do you think that morality is related to Confucian Qigong?
  12. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    I rest my case.
  13. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    Sorry, 唐手(Tang hand) was the Japanese version using the Chinese Characters to fit their own meaning. I know it is very confusing with the mixture of languages Chinese, Japanese and English. It is very hard to communicate. @Earl Grey @Zork I rest my case.
  14. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    Karate is 空手道 means "empty hand"