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  1. Taiji fights

    I don't mean to be sarcastic. If one learned Tai Chi from the masters as you have described, one should not still be asking silly question like that. Peace!
  2. Taiji fights

    That is quite right. The art of Tai Chi is not learn to fight but it just come with the package. To fight good with Tai Chi is not mainly with the moves rather it was the combination of the "you learn to move in a smart way, developing body's intelligence (call internal power, peng jin(勁). Period.)" I like that, you knew what Tai Chi is all about.
  3. Amoral Dao

    The way the video described that Taoism is different from Jainism. However, if one study the Tao Te Ching carefully enough, then one will realize that Taoism is the same as Jainism as in this aspect. The way Lao Tze emphasize Wu Wei is take no action to harm nature. In other words, he does not give too much credit to something that was good to nature. If the rat could be saved, a Taoist would have had saved. Otherwise, just leave it alone. Chapter Five may justify that. Chapter 5 1.天地不仁, 2.以萬物為芻狗。 3.聖人不仁, 4.以百姓為芻狗。 5.天地之間, 6.其猶橐籥乎﹖ 7.虛而不屈, 8.動而愈出。 9.多言數窮, 10.不如守中。 Chapter 5 01. Heaven and Earth have no mercy, 02. Treating all things as straw dogs. 03. Sages have no mercy, 04. Treating people as straw dogs. 05. In-between-Heaven-and-Earth 06. Is like a wind box, 07. Vacuous but inexhaustible, 08. Dynamic but invigorating. 09. Excessive words accelerate failure. 10. Prefer to stay being neutral.
  4. What is Taoism

    The reason for that is because during the Tang Dynasty there were many conflicts between the three religions. Hence, the emperor put them all in one room to talk things over. So to speak. Hereinafter, these three religions were sharing their philosophies and worship some of the deities. Based to my knowledge, I didn't think that was a very common practice.
  5. What is Taoism

    My preference is Taoism, non religious, is because it has only one fundamental principle to be followed which is Wu Wei. Wu Wei is to let nature take its course with no interference. It was suggested just to let things be to avoid many conflicts in life.
  6. What is Taoism

    Tai Chi! Does it ring then bell?
  7. What is Taoism

    A holistic exercise with breathing.
  8. What is Taoism

    Nowaday, yoga is a holistic exercise involves with breathing. The Chinese Buddhist extracted the part of breathing and practiced by the Xiaolin monks. The Taoist might have known the method of Qigong long time ago. At the time, it was called (吐吶)Tu Na.
  9. What is Taoism

    Let's do that, my BSmaster! Why didn't you do the research before you post?
  10. What is Taoism

    FYI Actually, Qigong was derived from Yoga.
  11. GSmaster

    Ahh...Yes! I should build my happiness over someone's misery.
  12. GSmaster

    If one doesn't follow any dogmatic beliefs, of cause, one may claim anything. So WTF?
  13. GSmaster

    I wish you act and talk like one!
  14. What is Taoism

    Perhaps I might say this. The Buddhist chanting is for a peace of mind in present life. Buddhists specialize in funerals is because they think life is miserable with the hardship and bitterness. The chanting is to help the deceased to clear all the sinful commitments in the past. So, the deceased will have a clear soul for the next life. Another thing, the purpose of chanting is to guide the deceased to have a safe journey to arrive in the next world. Edited to add: I am speaking on the philosophy of the Chinese Buddhism.
  15. Taiji fights

    Do you think a student will be good if trained by a good teacher? Don't you think that the learning ability and comprehension of the student has to do with the learning curve or achievement?