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  1. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Not sure why but Lmp or Sotg changed his name on this forum years ago. He used to use the name "Disabled Not Broken." Posted on literally all the same topics. Was the author of all the same PDFs that Sotg is also the author of. When I welcomed him back to the forum he told me he wasn't the same guy and rambled about the NSA. I thought it was strange to lie about something so obvious. Never looked any further into his system.
  2. BEWARE! This book is incomplete and the author himself has not completed the Work described . The book was put together from notes from Frater Albertus' classes. I have this on VERY good authority from many sources. Please do not do yourself any harm by following this book. All the best.
  3. Adrenal fatigue

    It's also possible that you are just generally exhausted from the erratic (man-made?) weather we've been having--I know I am. Most people I know have been complaining of "adrenal fatigue" type symptoms of late.
  4. A year of Agrippa :)

    Sounds like fun
  5. What's the deal with Tin Foil?

    That's good foil, Dude. At that price, Reynolds is giving it away!
  6. What's the deal with Tin Foil?

    Hahaha. Yes. Your reasoning was sound though! I learned to always wrap any bottles containing alchemical tinctures in tinfoil to keep them uncontaminated from psychic debris. I use virgin linen for my other tools.
  7. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Joe Blast, my comments were meant for the OP to consider as a student of an esoteric path. It is our responsibility to remind others to reflect on these important points from time to time as members of the community. I would say this to anyone who feels "strangely drawn" to any system of practice whether it be Wicca or Tenaga Dalam. My best to you.
  8. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Respectfully, a teacher must embody the results that a student wishes to achieve. The teacher must be able to demonstrate that the teaching is effective. Effective how? It delivers the sought for results. That is what I meant. This is what all ancient traditions teach. Max didn't teach you this??? Newer Age schools teach a placebo effect in which the student "does whatever feels groovy" with no standard to aim for until they must use the 4 words of true power: WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? I trust you see the difference.
  9. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Humbly, I hasten to point out that when taking up a practice, look at the teacher and consider that by practicing their teaching, you will become them. By their fruit you will know them.
  10. OP-- These articles will be useful to you: (Specifically those on Borderline Personality Disorder) Your wife is mentally ill. 15 years of marriage is more than enough time for you to become mentally unstable yourself due to modelling your environment. Get your mind clear and focused first and then and ONLY THEN take up this type of Work. My best to you.
  11. Greetings Folks--I was instructed by my Teacher to "really spend as much time as you can on your practices during the last 3 days of November." ISON was not mentioned but it is an interesting "coincidence."
  12. Afrocentric podcasts on occult topics tend to be somewhat tragic--the people seem hungry for knowledge but the us/them mentality limits the depth that they tend to interact with the material. Not to mention the outright lies,deception and misinformation that abounds within this subculture. His attitude is so common among occultists. I've met many Magicians who treat the occult sciences as if practicing magic is like being in a street gang and they are card-carrying members. That's a natural ego reaction but it must be overcome for real progress to be made on the path. Still it's better than nothing.
  13. Magical Challenge

    OP: I know Andrieh Vitimus personally and while I have great compassion for him, I cannot endorse him as a competent guide in these matters. His New Age approach will lead you nowhere. There is even someone posting in this very thread who could teach you so much more (note: I do not mean myself). Hint: he also goes by the name Donald
  14. ...

    I don't want to muddy the waters with too much metaphysics. But according to the ancients, we are surrounded by a vast array of spiritual entities--both good, bad and indifferent. Some of these beings of lower vibrations are purely chaotic forces and others are parasitic in nature. They feed off of human energy. This is something one can experience directly as one's awareness becomes subtler. As an experiment, go into a trendy bar when it is totally empty and note the response in your energy. There's a good chance you may feel quite drained. Some would posit that this is due to the disproportionate number of hungry low-level spirits to patrons. When the club is hopping, this effect is seldom noticed. To answer your question, the bulk of our suffering is caused by ignorance of our defective patterns that no longer serve us and some of our pain is indeed caused by malevolent entities who sabotage us on our path--these entities are spoken about in most traditions and even propitiated in certain schools so that they help rather than hinder the practitioner. There are countless stories of Christian or Buddhist Saints subduing the spirits around certain places; Padmasambhava being a good example.
  15. ...

    If one were conducting an experiment, one would endeavor to keep the materials, vessels, environment, etc. as clean and free from contamination as possible. To introduce drugs into ones practice is to contaminate one's "laboratory" with a variable that affects the results. Since the imagination is so strongly affected by drugs, one can never be sure what the results will be. Even if one believes one has achieved a favorable result how can one know what the results would be without drugs unless one attempts the experiment without the drugs? So many make a fale equivalency between things they have read about and drug experiences they have had. "I smoked pot and felt chi for the first time." How can one be sure? Further, the notion of drugs as a "short-cut" was mentioned--a short-cut to what exactly? They seem to be a shortcut to realizing how much baggage one carries around in one's subconscious--to that I agree--but so many believe that this is a destination on the path rather than a "rest-stop." Also, I have not met (or read) any champion of psychedelics who seemed to have any practical knowledge of anything spiritual but the lower astral realm and I believe that's as far as theses substances can take one. Sure, at the time the insights seem staggering but those will invariably plateau and ultimately cease. Lastly, it's worth noting that these drugs open one up to being vampirized by the denizens of the lower astral planes (hungry ghosts of buddhism). Without the proper knowledge of how to identify what's happening or what to do about it, the user can be duped into thinking they are meeting "higher intelligences" or making incredible discoveries about the nature of reality as their mundane reality continues to stagnate further and further. These entities have a vested interest in ensuring the person continues with these substances. Someone earlier mentioned that they get free weed every time they think about quitting. Well of course! The hungry ghosts need to eat. Do drugs open up the lower spiritual worlds? Absolutely. I am merely pointing out that it's not all sunshine and lollipops--but quite the contrary. Be guided accordingly.