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  1. @Nuralshamal Thanks for the response. How did you learn these styles of qigong? Did you do then online, DVD, in-person?
  2. @Nuralshamal How many qigong styles have you worked with and for how long? You seem to be posting a lot of these review-type posts lately.
  3. What are some "derivatives" of Chia's work? Are there any instructors who were taught by him who are well-known?
  4. Chanting

    One more thing: I should point out that I don't actually chant a mantra. I just repeat it mentally, using that instead of watching my breath. I usually have a hard time just watching my breath without controlling it.
  5. Chanting

    the last time I did it I was unemployed, and then I got a job. Maybe it is a coincidence. Now I need a new job. Perhaps I will try one of the "abundance" mantras in Thomas Ashley-Farrand's books.
  6. Chanting

    Lately I have been using it. I am trying to meditate more often. I started using mantras to help motivate me to stick with it. I have a rough guess of how many I can do in a minute and keep track of how many repetitions I have done. Now I am on day 200 of meditating ever day. I started "nam myoho renge kyo" about 50 days ago. "Nam myoho renge kyo" hasn't seemed to have much of an effect on me. I plan on doing it until I get to about 125,000, then going to another one. I tried "om vajarapani hum" for a few days, and I did feel different.
  7. Dealing with the dark side

    It's called "imprecatory prayer". It's a thing amongst the wingnut crowd. Google "imprecatory prayer Obama" for a few samples.
  8. No gods, then no humans

    For some reason, the formatting in my reply to Paradoxal was messed up. To repeat: How do you contact these beings? Do you do it through some form of meditation/astral projection? Or does it happen spontaneously? Or some combination?
  9. What's wrong with mantra meditation?

    I tend to regard matras as another object of meditation. I have a hard time just observing my breath without controlling it, so somewhere I got the idea to use a mantra. If it brings me wealth or health or helps me find a spiritual woman, that's great. I am skeptical about the idea that certain mantras connect you with particular gods or bodhisattvas or what have you. I do think that mantras with certain vowel sounds (like the "ah" in "mantra" for example) do seem to work better for me. I find I can focus more.
  10. Honestly, if my credit card company had the ability to allow me to get a one time credit card number, I think I would go for it. $40 total. Might not be a bad deal if it is Glenn Morris.
  11. I did some googling, and found a press release for the CDs on PRWeb. A few other searches make me think the phone number on this page might be his home phone number, but I have not tried it. It looks like they were being sold by a guy named Robert Morgen. He had a podcast for a while and a few books on Amazon (see pages here and here). Lastly, there is a company called EllEdu that has a couple of Glenn Morris courses: The Secret Smile (with instructions; one of the links on that page is a mis-formed URL that with some editing points to this page on the Dao Bums) and Meditation Mastery (I think this is the MP3 files of the CDs) . Only $19.90 for each!
  12. If I wanted to listen to someone talk about Jesus, I would have signed up for a Christian forum. Or go to church. We got plenty of those in the USA. Not too many places to talk about Taoism.
  13. Jingui Golden Shield QiGong

    There are some Golden Shield instructors here in Austin, TX. I mentioned to my instructor that this thread got bumped up again. He gave me clearance to post, so if anyone has any questions I might be able to answer them.