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  1. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I would like to mention something about the turning of the Dharma Wheel in Falun Dafa. After I learned Falun Dafa I had my medical clairvoyant check to see if there was a wheel installed inside of me. He described in correct detail including how it was rotating. And I also felt the wheel being installed.
  2. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    My view on death is just my take after being on a spiritual path for the last 50 years and having 2 world famous masters. I think that the exact time of our death, just the exact time of our day of enlightenment is already determined. What qigong does is allow us to be more healthy during our allotted lifespan. We probably can agree that one thing for certain that we all get from qigong is a stronger immune system. That alone would result in better heath. Same principal applies to my practice of Transcendental Meditation. It was meant to produce enlightenment which it certainly did for the guru who brought it out to the rest of the world. But I have never heard of anyone else reaching enlightenment who does TM, even for several decades. But what it does do is give other benefits that makes your daily life go better with less stress. We do not get physical immortality from doing qigong but we get better health and some spiritual growth. Daisy Lee during her webinar the other day mentioned that one of her teachers lived to be 108, Master Duan, and her other teacher lived to be 115! I say that is good enough.
  3. Does flying phoenix chi kung really work?

    To Toni I would suggest that you read the entire lengthy thread for Flying Phoenix and you will gain quite an understanding about the method while at the same time reading about what other people have experienced from this method. You are the first person that I have heard of who states that it does not work. Qigong works at different levels and works on different things for each person. So someone might be wanting qigong to heal a certain condition but instead the Qi, which has an intelligence to it, knows what it needs to work on and what order to do it. And it could be balancing conditions that we are not aware of. Also, we might have certain expectations for a method and with that a time table of when the results should happen. That might not be how these qigong methods work. If you did Flying Phoenix for a 6 month period I would be surprised if you would then say it does not work. Of the many qigong methods that I have learned, including Fragrant Qigong, Flying Phoenix Chi Kung has produced the most tangible and unique sensations of Qi. And I state that as someone who does not feel subtle energy very strongly at all. So think about your expectations and also the short of amount of time that you tried Flying Phoenix and also check to see if you learned the meditations exactly as they have been demonstrated and that you are doing the breath percentages as they are taught. I would be interested to learn what your expectations were from FP that you did not achieve.
  4. Potent Systems

    All I know is that I tried Falun Gong for 3 months 10 years ago and dropped it as it took too long. Since I now have more time I took it up again last month for about 3 weeks. All I know is that for several years I have had lower back pain after lifting anything even a bit heavy such as 25 lbs. But soon after this recent go round with Falun Gong that slight pain disappeared even though I have been lifting a 33 lbs baby for awhile now. 100 million Chinese years ago were not going to do Falun Gong unless it really did heal people that they knew and then themselves when they tried it. I dropped it again recently because the postures are not enjoyable at all. It is meant to make you endure hardship with the thinking that suffering changes bad karma to good karma. Just one of Master Li's concepts that I disagree with. But it does result in rapid and unexpected physical healings. The emphasis is that the practitioner should focus on uplifting his moral character in order to get full spiritual benefits because modern Chinese do not have very high morals according to Li Hongzhi. Instead, they are striving to get ahead of others on the job and are jealous of the success of others and are preoccupied with materialistic achievements. He does not even want the practitioner to read any other qigong books as all other qigong methods are to be considered to be low quality and only good for physical healing but will not advance you spiritually. Falun Gong is mainly for achieving enlightenment. Since it is all taught for free, including all of the teaching videos and texts are online, it is not a money making organization.
  5. Potent Systems

    Thank you for the short version which I now use for the 5th exercise even though at some point, perhaps in 2014 when the online Falun video narration was revised, Master Li Hongzhi wants cultivators to do the meditation section for about an hour.
  6. Potent Systems

    Good stuff you posted Ɖclair. I indeed have tried Kip's sound music over the past several years. Eric tested Kip's work and he told me that Kip does indeed have a gift. Kip told me that his sound music would give me the same deep meditation experience that I have had with TM meditation or else he would refund my money. I tried some of his albums and felt nothing from them so he did refund my money. I have a friend who this summer tried Kip's music and he had great experiences from those sounds. However, a few days ago I had a full session with Eric Isen who described the new energy coming from the avatar Amma-Bhagavan. It is beyond any of his previous deekshas. They now offer one day courses where they have this special light that you look at and it makes necessary changes to the brain where people then experience their daily life differently. Eric said that just one of those sessions produced more growth for him than all of the previous 15 years of traveling to India for Oneness courses did. He said the effects from this new course do not fade. They are permanent. I hope to try one in the future. Bhagavan works directly on each course participant even though he is not present physically, but he is there. This is beyond the ability of any guru to perform. It sounds similar to how Falun Dafa Master Li Hongzhi is able to work on everyone practicing Falun Dafa. Eric the other day did check to see if I had a Falun wheel already installed in my lower dan tian since I restarted Falun Dafa a few weeks ago. He said I definitely do have one there that he saw and he also saw that it was already working on a minor health issue that recently cropped up. I would say that Falun Dafa is not an enjoyable qigong method to do because it involves doing tapas by holding the static postures for long periods. But it is the only method that results in a person practicing qigong 24/7 even though they are not doing the practice itself that long at all. Because it is not enjoyable I am not sure how long I will continue with it. 12 years ago I only lasted 3 months with it.
  7. The Mahāsiddha Field - My first novel

    To Dwai, I look forward to someday reading your novel. There are not enough spiritual novels. My experience when the siddhis worked for me is that the experiences I had would sound like pure fiction to those who have not tasted the flavors of the siddhis. But such a beautiful title you chose for your book. I am sure the pages contain wisdom in addition to entertaining reading.
  8. The Mahāsiddha Field - My first novel

    That must be quite a labor of love to actually complete a book. No small task, I am told. I just wondered from the title if you have been initiated by an enlightened yogic master from a lineage of siddhas? Because from my direct experience, it would be almost impossible to write about the siddhis without actually having had that unique totally spiritual experience when Patanjali's yoga sutras actually do work. As I wrote elsewhere in the past somewhere on Daobums that there has been a vital correct teaching missing in all editions of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras books, such as the most well known, "How to Know God." Fortunately, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970's created the Transcendental Meditation Siddhis program that included the missing piece of correct instructions. The difference between experiencing direct and immediate temporary states of enlightenment vs. spinning your wheels wondering what you are supposed to experiencing or how long will it take to feel something. The method when taught correctly works the first time you practice it and when in that state of higher consciousness you absolutely know that this is the first time you have ever been in your normal state of mind/Being. You know this not from intellectual knowing, but just from Being it. Nothing compares to this. So that is quite a title, Maha Siddha. Greatest Power.
  9. Sereda's Quantum Communication doc

    On October 31, 2019 I had my trusted medical clairvoyant that I have used for the past 22 years test David Sereda's Pineal Gland download frequencies. The test results showed that it would have some effect on my Pineal gland for very short term. But if used for a long period it could have harmful effects to my Pineal gland and brain. He said David is trying to do something that the human mind cannot do. He is not a charlatan but what he claims to be doing cannot be done except perhaps from a Being from a Higher plane or by an act of Divine Grace or maybe from an enlightened master. I was warned to avoid products from David Sereda.
  10. Potent Systems

    Some people see Spring Forest as a very good method for beginners. Others see it as a very good method for anyone. Personally, I would not know. I did practice it for 8 years.
  11. Potent Systems

    To Rideforever, I have to disagree from personal experience and experiences of others I know plus the teachings of my masters that Awakening does not come from energy. My direct experiences of Awakening, samadhi, cosmic consciousness, all came directly from energy methods such as The T.M. Siddhi program, The Kam Yuen Method, Peter Hess Sound Massage method. The common modality in all of them was that each method caused the Kundalini to rise and reach the upper chakras, heart and head locations. Awakening is nothing other than kundalini reaching the upper chakras and staying there. It is from that state that I experienced my true Self, which for everyone of us is Pure Consciousness, or Sat Chit Ananda as some call it. It is spontaneous. I also forgot to mention the samadhi experiences from Keith Perry's Awesome Water which is water treated to have a certain vibrational energy that effects the chakras.
  12. Potent Systems

    To Bruce, that is a valid question you have asked. The answer is that I have been involved with the 2 most potent forms of energy, Transcendental Meditation and The Oneness Deeksha of the Avatar Sri Amma-Bhagavan. T.M. surprisingly entirely stopped working for me after about 40 yrs. Oneness Deedksha never worked for me after trying it for at least 12 years. As for Chunyi Lin, I learned Spring Forest Qigong from him in person and did it for 8 years but never had a healing session from him. To answer why I still beat a dead horse with qigong, it is because I enjoy the movements even though I have to settle for typical superficial Qi sensations just in the hands.
  13. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    The Falun Qigong postures are held as long as possible which makes a typical session usually last 90 minutes. When I did it just for 3 months I was up to holding a posture for 20 minutes and could have held it longer but have other things to do in life. Fortunately, with Wu Wei, it is suggested that a posture is held just 5 minutes. So I think the form could be done in 45 minutes. There is no need to sit in lotus.
  14. Potent Systems

    Ɖclair, you have suggested some very good qigong methods. I have tried various energy healers who thought their method could release whatever energy blocks I might have. They all were unsuccessful. But I have appreciated your suggestions.
  15. Jun Yu Xian and his philosophy

    Feathered friend I think you can find a lifetime of the materials you seek on YouTube. But you might be better off starting with some kind of teacher to help guide you through unfamiliar territory.