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  1. Potent Systems

    Justin Stone states that he invented Tai Chi Chih in 1977. The first movement came to Stone thru a channeling type experience or whatever way he stated that he received in his mind. The rest of the movements he created by himself. Since many of Stone's teachers have been doing this form for 30-40 years or more, I would say they must be getting benefits regardless of how high they keep their hands. Justin Stone has an excellent detailed DVD where he teaches the entire form the way he invented it. People can always believe what they choose to believe. I did the form for a number of months last year and was not aware of any imbalance but I did notice that unlike some other forms I have done, Tai Chi Chih resulted in immediate strong sensations of chi in the hands and the trembling of fingers which is always a sign of strong chi flow. So take it as you wish.
  2. Potent Systems

    The story about how Tai Chi Chih was created is not the same story that Justin Stone discloses on his DVD. Stone states that he taught Tai Chi and he found that most of his students were unable to perform Tai Chi in the way it has to be performed to get benefits. So he decided to change it around so it would be easier to learn and perform and he called this Tai Chi Chih. The story about it being created for an Emperor for his sexual prowess sounds like one of those typical historical myths from ancient China. To be sure about this, someone could always email any of Justin Stone's senior students to ask about that myth. Many of Stone's teachers I found have been doing Tai Chi Chih for over 30 years now or longer. It's good stuff. Very quickly and strongly the chi can be felt in the hands from some of the movements.
  3. Secrecy

    In terms of Secrecy and erasing personal history from Carlos Casteneda teachings I now view this from the teachings of the Oneness movement avatar, Sri Amma Bhagavan. He states that when one reaches a certain level of Awakening, your ego is pushed to the side and you are no longer the sum total of your experiences and past associations that the mind filters everything from. Instead, you are now just consciousness without the ego. From my own experience with this I would say one has to have been in this state of no ego in order to understand what this means. We cannot erase our personal history by some mental method or try to do it. Happens on its own as a result of being in a state of higher consciousness. Things like this are explained in detail each Sunday during the question and answer session from Eric Isen on Livestream.
  4. Flying Phoenix or Blossoms in the Spring?

    I just saw a post above from 2019 asking if there is an initiation involved with Pangu Shengong that makes it work. The Michael Winn version first of all is done incorrectly at one point. Secondly, there is an energy transmission that is done when you first learn the method and is needed for the form to be effective. It is done via a CD and one time only. I would not waste my time doing Pangu unless it was learned via their DVD and CD. It cannot be learned from a book because of the energy transmission. I think it's irresponsible for anyone to take someone else's qigong method, alter it in some way and omit a vital piece of it and then teach others the method.

    The teacher of SYG is probably very busy.

    If anyone had the inner light show that H.Uriahr claims that he had from Sunn Yee Gong he would still be using the method. So I say his testimony is probably B.S.
  7. The Real Shargung La Monastery at Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

    I always have enjoyed metaphysical novels trying to be passed off as true events. That is how I would read the book of Jon Piniel. I would order it for pure enjoyment. Metaphysical sci-fi. The oldest recordings of true spiritual methods are found in the Vedas of India. They were not created by man. They were cognized by enlightened seers/rishis at each new creation of the Earth when the atmosphere is most pure. --- paraphrased from the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
  8. Interview with the Spiritual Teacher Jon Peniel

    I think I read somewhere recently that John the Baptist per Edgar Cayce symbolized the opening of the third eye and that is what the Baptism originally was about. And Cayce said the third eye is connected to the pineal gland I believe. So the John Piniel in the Cayce reading to me sounds like he is referring to John the Baptist. The opening of the Pineal gland and hence the third eye to see the Light is what the baptism was about. So Pineal and Baptism could have been used to mean one and the same in the Cayce readings. I don't know who this Johnny Come Lately, Jon Piniel really was. Please pardon the pun.
  9. Potent Systems

    I have heard only good things about Sheng Zhen. Unfortunately, I never felt anything from it when I tried it for a week.
  10. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I think it is. I just stumbled upon the correct website for it yesterday and should have bookmarked it.
  11. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    This is the link for Kevin W. Chen's website. But I always have trouble finding where he advertised his current qigong class that I am taking for Longevity Qigong. http://yang-sheng.com/
  12. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I want to reply to the perception that Falun Dafa is pseudo Buddhism. Falun Dafa claims that what has been passed down as Buddhism is actually very distorted because the followers of Buddha who heard his teachings were not enlightened for the most part and thus they did not understand his teachings and interpreted the teachings incorrectly and they were passed down like that. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told us that only 500 followers of Buddha reached enlightenment. An example of misunderstanding is the 8 Fold Path. The 8th path, enlightenment actually should be the first path to be achieved because when someone is enlightened their behavior becomes spontaneously in accord with all the Laws of Nature and they spontaneously engage in right action. There is no trying to be peaceful, or trying to be non-violent when you are enlightened. You naturally behave that way. It comes with that level of consciousness. So once enlightenment is achieved, all of the 7 paths are automatically achieved. Tell this to a practicing Buddhist and they will become very uncomfortable and resist this way of thinking about Buddhism.
  13. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    In reply to the death of qigong masters. You might want to look up the life of Kai Shen Tsui who is retired police dept. worker, I think in Taiwan, who was born in 1910. He learned a rare set of qigong exercises from a Buddhist monk in 1934. Since then he only did qigong sporadically but not daily. However, when he retired at age 66 his health was not so good so he then began to practice daily the qigong set that he learned in 1934. He is still alive at age 109 and you can see his flexibility on youtube videos where he teaches his form but in Chinese. However, Kevin W. Chen, whom the Chinese government called "The cancer killer", is a professor at the Integrative Medical Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore campus and he translated Tsui's teachings and he is now offering that as an online course which I recently began as a 5 session course. I will say that you will not be able to learn it from the online video unless you speak Chinese fluently. That is the value of professor Chen. Professor Chen also quotes from a Chinese master who lived to be 133. By the way, it's fascinating that Tsui, at age 109 still has his own teeth, he does not need eye glasses, and he demonstrates the bodily flexibility of an infant. See it for yourself. The exercises are easy to do except for one of them, depending on your level of flexibility. There are 20 exercises and the course fee is about as low as you will ever see for qigong.
  14. Potent Systems

    My friend did not make that claim. I stated that because I was so impressed. I might have exaggerated based on the way he described the tremendous Qi flow in his body. When he first did Flying Phoenix holding a peach, I think it was, as he held his hands in that position he could feel like a spinning ball of qi in his hands. When doing other types of qigong he feels Qi shooting out of his bubbling spring points and energy going up his spine so it sounds like he has the MCO going spontaneously. Recently he felt Qi shooting out from his beard. And he hardly ever does any qigong at all.
  15. Potent Systems

    To Sifu Lew's daughter, Times have changed. Technology, DVD teaching, online teaching, etc. are part of our modern life. I have a friend who only dabbles in qigong, trying a form only once in awhile. Yet he has some experiences the first time he does some qigong from a DVD or online download which equals that of a master. Effective qigong should produce results regardless of the format that is being used to teach it. That is my personal opinion from trying about 100 different qigong forms so far, mainly learned from DVDS. The strongest Qi I ever felt was when a teacher online was sending me a Qi transmission.