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  1. 3 months doing Fragant QiGong and..

    The story of liver cancer has never been proven. Tian cured people of liver cancer. Keep in mind that propaganda in China is rampant, especially when the government is paranoid of any organization that attracts large numbers of people, fearing they will become political and want to overthrow the Communist government. That is not my perception, but that of someone who lived and trained in Qigong in China for several years and knew the family of Master Tian Ruisheng.
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Yes, Sifu Terry, the TTP 31 DVD is reissue of the old VHS version. I have had the DVD for several years. I think I saw one or two year sago that Bill was rather ill. I hope he recovered. Your plan to issue book and DVD for the Tao Tan Pan - 31 is the most exciting news I have heard so far in the New Year. 2025 is shaping up to be the most exciting year during this current Kali Yuga because it has been proclaimed that the foundation for the Golden Age of mass enlightenment will be laid in 2025. So TTP-31 in book and DVD format seems appropriate for the start of the Golden Age of humanity. Great timing.
  3. Fragrant not allowing me to reconcile sleeping ?

    Fragrant Qigong cannot be practiced with any qigong method that manipulates breathing in any way. That means that if one does FP, they cannot also do Fragrant Qigong.
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Subscriptions are always much more expensive than DVDs.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    At last I made sure that I found some time to perform a few FP meditations that I used to do regularly several years ago. Yesterday and today I performed Monk Holding a Pearl, and Bending the Bows. During Bending the Bows it brought back that old familiar sensation from past FP practice when my hands would slowly move toward each other and the feeling of Qi was so strong that the slower I went the stronger it became and the harder it was to move my hands towards each other. I have never felt Qi that strongly in any of the other 100 different styles of Qigong that I have learned. Other Qigong systems have you imagine squeezing a balloon or a beach ball in order to increase the sensation of Qi when moving your palms toward each other. But with Flying Phoenix Chi Kung, the sensation of Qi gets stronger and stronger on its own, no amount of imagination required. And the slower I go, the stronger the sensation. So due to the slow pace of doing Bending the Bows and the time it takes to do 18 repetitions, I have to do 9 reps in the morning and then 9 reps again in the evening. And to answer the above question about doing qigong at midnight, I often have not had time to do my daily qigong quota until 11pm- past midnight. The sensation of Qi has always been stronger at those times than when I do Qigong in the morning or afternoon. But better to be in bed by 10pm, per Ayurveda, because from 10pm-1am is when many of the bodily systems get replenished, especially the immune system. Unfortunately, I always have been a night owl and have not been in bed by 10pm since I left Maharishi International University in 1982, a university based on Ayurvedic principles for health and evolution of consciousness. So it was lights out at 10pm on campus back then.
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Boreas, In my way of thinking, the main reason you might want to give up your other qigong method is because for sure you will need that time to perform Flying Phoenix. This is not a 20 minute routine. Also, if you are like most other new practitioners, after doing FP for awhile you will naturally compare FP to whatever else you have done in the name of qigong and you will quickly realize the differences between FP and other qigong methods. At that point you probably would naturally see no need to do any qigong method other than Flying Phoenix. More is not always better. One of the greatest spiritual/energy masters of the 20th and 21st centuries, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught, "always go for the highest first."
  7. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I think it is obvious that with what is going on in the world with new viruses, stress from unstable governments, crumbling economies, college athletic conferences merging or disappearing, warfare, etc., Qigong is needed now more than ever to boost the immune system and to manage stress as the world continues to rapidly change during this anticipated phase transition due to a minor period of Sat Yuga beginning in the midst of the longer Kali Yuga. Physics tells us that before something takes a quantum leap to a more orderly state, such as water turning to ice, there is much random chaotic activity of the molecules before the change in states happens. That is what we have been seeing for the last number of years. So I think Qigong serves as buffer for what is going on. Since our consciousness at the quantum level is connected to everything and everyone at a deep level, we are all subject to this increasing entropy/chaos. So it's time to buckle up and increase the time we put into doing Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. I am currently looking at my daily routine and demands on my time created by family life to find a way to go back to doing some Flying Phoenix Chi Kung based on all of these glowing testimonials from people comparing results of Flying Phoenix to the other Qigong methods that they previously experienced. The solution to the lack of time probably can be found by decreasing the addictive nature of being online too long. I also have to have a mental change. When I used to do Flying Phoenix Chi Kung I had the attitude that I had to do almost all of the meditations each day. A mindset of all or nothing resulted in not finding the time to do Flying Phoenix and then looking for styles of Qigong that were not as time consuming as Flying Phoenix Chi Kung.
  8. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thank you Sifu Terry for the clarification of where the energizer meditation is found. I remember when doing the meditation nicknamed, the sleeper, that I would often doze off while doing it right before bed but I would wake and realize my hands and arms were still doing the posture while part of me was briefly snoozing.
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Quite a nice experience of Qi flow. I haven't heard any Qigong teachers mentioning that there are stages of qigong. I would consider your experience as a sign of having made progress in your practice of Flying Phoenix Qigong. People experience the flow of Qi differently, and to my way of thinking, any sensation while performing Qigong is validation that something good is happening and motivates us to continue with our practice.
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I would Rx from Vol. 7, the one that is the energizer which is the one we should not do before bed. I mistakenly did that one once late at night and it took hours for me to fall asleep. So that's a great one to start the day. As everyone who does Flying Phoenix Chi Kung already knows, there is no other qigong method that produces such a tangible, strong sensation of Qi. That's my experience after trying at least 100 different chi kung sets. Tai Chi guy Scott Meredith claims to feel "thunder Qi" from his methods, and claims that unless you feel that tremendous, strong flow of energy while doing tai chi, you are not getting much out of doing tai chi other than performing a nice looking dance. I did not try his methods long enough to feel anything from them. I keep intending to go back to doing Flying Phoenix but the time requirement is a barrier due to my increased duties raising young foster children during retirement. Busier now than when I was employed.
  11. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Several years ago I probably wrote on this blog that in 2014 I suffered for a week with a virus that felt worse than any flu I ever had before or since then. A qigong master told me to get out of bed and do qigong for as many times as I could, and then my virus would be gone by the next day. So I then did qigong in segments totaling 3.5 hours and felt no relief. But when I woke up the next morning my body temperature was finally normal, I felt really good, and the virus was gone. So definitely do lots of Flying Phoenix when ill. That healing experience convinced me that qigong actually does improve health. It's not a panacea, but it does heal.
  12. Sri Rangin Mukherjee Original Kriya Yoga

    Such a difficult path when one can obtain these higher states of consciousness so effortlessly and in much less time with better results doing Transcendental Meditation, and even quicker and better now is the Oneness movement of Sri Amma Bhagavan where the essence of Soma is downloaded. Difficult paths are a thing of the past.
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    The avatar of the Golden Age Movement teaches that there are no coincidences, there are only miracles. Kwan Yin sighting on TV after restored eye sight, that is quite a miracle and rather poetic.
  14. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I will PM my comments to you later tonight.
  15. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    This sounds like a valid experience since I personally have friends who have had similar experiences with Bodhisattva sightings. When I gave my wife her first Oneness Blessing she reported seeing a woman dressed in ancient Chinese attire. Our medical clairvoyant later told us that my wife had seen the goddess Tara during that experience and it had way more importance than it having anything to do with Buddhist belief about Tara. Tara then demonstrated a qigong form for my wife, who at that time, had never seen any qigong. I was rather envious. Then a good friend of mine had his sister attend a Oneness Blessing event for the first time, and she saw Kwan Yin floating on a cloud. Kwan Yin then instructed her in a qigong form. This woman had no prior experience in qigong.