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  1. To those interested in doing Tao Tan Pai via the Bill Helms Taoist Sanctuary dvd be aware that Bill recently informed me that it would take 90 minutes to perform the 31 exercises or longer, depending on how long you wanted to spend doing the 2 meditations which are part of the 31 exercises in TTP. One is staring at a candle without blinking your eyes for as long as you can do that. I recently saw an old picture of Bill Helms when he was much younger along with fellow student Carl Totton when they both were part of Lew K. Share's Taoist Sanctuary. Carl Totton is the teacher of Pedram Shojai for TTP and probably other forms.
  2. Tao Tan Pai was part of the Taoist temple where Master Lew K. Share was trained and became a Taoist priest. I have heard that the complete set of 31 exercises has now been released by the Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego. Of the first five I have found they can be learned by DVD.
  3. False lineage narrative with “Mooji”

    Along these lines it was tragic to recently read about the arrest following sexual abuse charges against John of God. But if the charges are true, this is not surprising during our current Kali Yuga age where the abnormal is the norm. Souls incarnating with great spiritual gifts yet there ego has not been disconnected so they have a great fall from Grace. The problem is that then some people over generalize about this and think that all gurus are not the real thing. Guru means remover of darkness which is the bringer of Light. That is the role of a true guru.
  4. What became of Qigong Master Yan Xin?

    I heard him talk of this when I learned qigong from him. Spring Forest was the first form that I learned.
  5. What became of Qigong Master Yan Xin?

    Yes, I was referring to Dr. Yan. He is most likely the master whom Chunyi Lin was crediting for healing his injured knee. It's strange that videos has been taken off YouTube that concern Dr. Yan. I listened to one of his lectures but I didn't feel anything from it. That doesn't mean his work is not effective. It's just that I could not sense his energy.
  6. For those who cannot afford to pay the fee to learn Spontaneous Five Animal Play but do want to experience spontaneous Qi flow, for whatever reason, I would recommend you buy Sifu Jenny Lamb's qigong DVD and practice her Spontaneous Adjustment Qigong and I assure you that you will very quickly experience to some degree body parts moving on their own due to flow of Qi. Requires just sitting down and holding hands in a certain manner and lifting your heels off the ground. It is that simple and easy to learn and do. Of course, I am not saying that you will have the healing results that you would get from Spontaneous Five Animal Play. I am just saying this is a method for those who want to experience spontaneous Qi flow and movement in a very easy, quick and inexpensive way. I do think that learning any method in the traditional manner that it was meant to be taught is important. There are certain methods that just do not work well when self-taught. So my input here is for those who do not wish to try Spontaneous Five Animals Play on their own, but do want to learn a way to have an experience of spontaneous Qi movement. For Jenny Lamb method to work I found out, for me, at least, that I had to have had a full night of sleep or it would not work. And it also did not work at night when I was fatigued. But that might just be because of my make up. For me it did not work every day. It was hit and miss. But once again, that just could be due to my nervous system, energy blocks, etc. Jenny Lamb taught her method to Max who then tweaked it just a tiny bit with the hand position and he renamed the method, Kunlun Method. But one and the same. I say this because I learned from Jenny Lamb's DVD and then later I learned Kun Lun Method directly from Max in a private session. It took about 3 minutes to learn. There is no danger in learning Jenny Lamb or Kun Lun methods.
  7. In terms of recommending Pangu I am wondering how one gets past the boredom of doing that routine? I posted in years past my amazing overnight healing from a serious virus by doing Pangu Qigong but I did not continue with for that long because it was very boring doing it. But it is simple and very effective.
  8. llOf the 80-90 different styles of Qigong that I have tried I find none easier to do than Fragrant Qigong and it has tested as being very effective. The good news is that there probably is a German dvd of this from Emil who learns all these different qigong methods and then puts them on dvds to sell on his website. I can't recall his last name but if you search under emil doing qigong on youtube you will see his many youtube demos of qigong there and that will lead you to his website. I recently visited my 93 year old mother with the intention of teaching her qigong and I chose Fragrant Qigong for her but she said her arm motion limited so she did not want to even try it. But I believe she could have done it.
  9. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Also to Star Jumper, there is no way to do the level 2 Fragrant Qigong properly from any you tube video unless you understand Chinese. This is because there are movements done where you have to work your legs in a way that is opposite to the side you are moving your hands to, etc. That requires teaching and practice which is available in English on John Dolic's dvd of this form. I learned levels one and two from his dvds. Then you can follow along with the youtube videos of Master Tian's daughters doing the forms. I would not trust any other posted videos of Fragrant Qigong because even as a novice I noticed mistakes being made. My wife strongly smelled the scent of flowers when she tried doing Fragrant Qigong the first time and she smells it when I have done the form in the same room as she is in. But I have yet to smell anything, nor have I felt anything other than the typical chi sensation in the hands. And that is all I have felt from any of the other 80-90 methods of qigong that I have tried.
  10. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    In reply to Star Jumper, I was also doing one method from Chi-Lel/Zhineng along with the Fragrant Qigong. The method from Chi-Lel is a common posture they call La Chi. It is the one where you look like you are playing an accordion. Palms face each other close to each other and you then open them apart and then come back together. In Spring Forest Qigong this posture is known as Breathing the Universe. For the first 10 days that I did these 2 qigong methods I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, an age related condition of prostate gland. However, after several days things reverted back to how they used to be so that was a brief and temporary healing only. That was disappointing. But it could due to the fact that I slacked off doing the La Chi posture. It was tested that doing it for 30 minutes would be the optimum amount of time. But I stopped doing that much. So I need to go back to doing it for the recommended amount time like I did for the first 10 days to see if the condition again improves.
  11. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I have received some advice from a teacher of Fragrant Qigong who studies TCM and qigong for several years in China and he has visited the Tian family. He told me that other qigong methods can be done with Fragrant Qigong just as long as they do not involve unnatural breathing methods and do not use visualization or guiding the Qi mentally. I have never smelled any fragrance but my wife smelled fragrance strongly the first time she tried Fragrant Qigong and each time she has tried it. She also can taste flowers in the Fragrant Qigong water that I make following Master Tian's method for that. But I have never tasted anything from the water. Yet the method works regardless of what is being sensed or not sensed. Some people base their evaluation of qigong methods by the experiences or sensations that they have from it. That would be a mistake since you cannot determine what the Qi is really doing for you during the practice. I want to clarify the post that I wrote in January of 2018 when I said that Earl Grey's teacher visited Master Tian's family and Master Tian is alive and well. I since have spoken with that person and he said he visited the family but Master Tian was not there. So it would be incorrect for me to report that he said Master Tian is alive and well. From what I read in the book it seems that Fragrant Qigong is most powerful for healing when done in very large groups. But I have also heard of testimonials from people doing FQ alone. As for learning the method from videos I have John Dolic's dvds and I find that the posted youtube videos on this thread done by Master Tian's daughters are done in the same way that John Dolic performs them. But you do need instruction for the do's and don'ts so you would need John's dvds for level one and two if you do not understand Mandarin. And a reminder that different qigong methods do different things for different people. I did Flying Phoenix Chi Kung for 2 years and did not heal anything. I did Fragrant Qigong and after the first night it improved a medical condition that I had for 20-30 years. So different strokes for different folks. But if someone wants to feel chi very strongly, then Flying Phoenix most likely will do that for most people. I always enjoyed doing Flying Phoenix but my lifestyle never permitted enough time for it.
  12. Potent Systems

    After many months of doing the Eddie Chong method I never felt any kundalini going up the spine as forecast by Eric Isen the medical intuitive. Since I was unaware of any results from this method I dropped it regardless of the glowing test results. Decades ago when doing the correct method for Patanjalis Yoga Sutras, as only taught thru the Transcendental Meditation program, I definitely felt strong kundalini rising up the spine that reached the crown chakra and lit up my brain with colors and explosions of bliss and love. So if Kundalini is rising up the spine, there is no way to miss that happening. And nothing was happening from doing the Eddie Chong Chi Kung. Since my nervous system or brain is probably blocking chi kung methods from working, I will no longer post any test results from Eric Isen unless I later have some kind of experiences from any energy method. Other people that have tried some of the methods that Eric has tested for me do have great results. So I am not saying that Eric's testing is inaccurate. I am just sayin I am lacking in being able to register any benefits in most cases. There have been exceptions to this but it has been a number of years since having legit experiences from chi kung other than strong sensation of chi in my hands. And that is not notable at all since it is what most beginners soon feel whenever they do chi kung for the first time. So as of July 16, 2018 signing off until I have experiences to report rather than just great test results.
  13. What became of Qigong Master Yan Xin?

    I don't think he was a fake because Chunyi Lin talks about going to a soccer stadium where this master was transmitting Qi and Lin's old basketball injured knee suddenly was healed. The subject of this thread was the master there.
  14. Sifu Jenny

    Jenny Lamb is indeed thriving. My cousin lives in the Denver area and he told me the town that Jenny lives in is a community of very wealthy people. Someone who took a class in her house told me that it is loaded with expensive statues and other such items. Just inquire about what she charges for removing entities if she informs you that you have to come to her in person for that type of work.
  15. Sifu Dan LaRochelle and the Rizzo brothers

    The above complaints about Sifu Dan La Rochelle surprise me because over the last 5 years he has always replied to any questions I had about what he offers on his website. The Rizzo brothers have also always replied to my questions about their products and they were the ones who informed me of Doo Wai's health issues with the strokes. As far as Flying Phoenix taking too long to do, I totally agree with that. And that is the only shortcoming I find in that system. The quality of those dvds by Terry Dunn is beyond what most other qigong dvds look like. The question about if there are any qigong methods out there which do not take as long as FP but are equally or more beneficial can only be answered on an individual basis that would take a legitimate medical clairvoyant to determine. That is how I determine which qigong methods I currently practice. Each method is relative to other methods and is always based on your individual condition of your nervous system, energy blocks, etc. There is no way to determine this on your own. As for the crazy high prices for some of Doo Wai videos, I was told by a few of his students that the price relates to how powerful the claimed benefits are for that particular qigong method from the Doo Wai family lineage. That is why 690 AD method costs $300. Some of the Doo Wai students were charged $30,000 for Doo Wai to make them a video of a certain qigong form. PT Barnum said it best.