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  1. Knee pop at bjj - advice

    Finally got an MRI, major injury avoided. The miniscus is fine, and sprain to the mcl. 😂
  2. James Lacey Historical Video Archive

    That is a shame. From the stories I hear, James’ son now is in charge of the company. If you Look hard enough on the net, there are numerous stories about his character.
  3. Evidnece for the super natural

    I have one story, might not be that exciting, but I’ll let you judge. I grew up in a row home, or a metropolitan city block. It was 2 stories, with a basement. The bedrooms were on the top floor. The basement was always cool, and up until college it was my hangout where we had a computer and cable tv. On a Friday night in the early 2000s, I was at the computer, and my father was watching tv on the couch. before I continue, some needed background. The basement had an exit in the back to the driveway, and from there was a washer/dryer, linoleum floor, and a cedar closet under the steps. This closet was rarely opened, and you had to really pull hard to open as it had an extremely tight seal with the door handle. Anyway, we had a dog, and we would sometimes call him by his nickname ‘cleats’ because when he needed to go to the bathroom, you would hear that noise on the linoleum floor. As I was on the computer, and my father watching tv, we hear the cedar closet open, and I hear footsteps. Half paying attention, I tell my dad, ‘I guess the dog needs to go out’. I walk to the back door, and no one is back there. Go back to my dad and ask ‘did you hear the dog?’ He agreed. I went up to my moms room on the top floor, and our dog was in her room sound asleep. My father passed about 11 years ago. But it’s something we always talked about after. To this day, I remember that moment clearly, and definitely remember the footsteps after the cedar door opening. Of all the years I lived there, that door never opened on it’s own. There was one prior owner before we moved in, and supposedly, the older male died in the house, with the wife moving out. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal, especially Bigfoot, ghosts, and ufos. This was the only extraordinary experience I ever had.
  4. Knee pop at bjj - advice

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I figured I give an update... it’s been 10 days, it has improved but still have some tenderness and mobility issues. I went to an orthopedic tonight. X-rays came back negative, and the manual tests he tried moving my knee various ways, he believes I don’t have any tendon tears. With that said, it’s possible there may be a miniscus tear, but I will need to get an mri. Waiting on authorization. I have been taking turmeric with raw milk kefir, and also using comfrey poultices along with a comfrey cream I bought at the health food store. Also have some dit da jow ive been using, but not sure how effective this is. ive stayed away from the bjj class. Looking to maybe strengthen the knee with Energy Arts as Wu Ming Jen suggested. Again, thanks everyone.
  5. Knee pop at bjj - advice

    I make Kefir from raw cows milk. I’m actually ready to drink some now with turmeric. They call it golden milk I believe. Thank you for the advice!
  6. Knee pop at bjj - advice

    Hello bums, I started my first bjj class tonight, and embarrassingly, I popped my knee. Right when I did it, I was able to walk around. But now, after stiffening up and hour or two later, it’s swelling a bit. I think it may be an ldl sprain, grade undetermined. with that said, I plan on going to the hospital in two days if it gets worse. Until then, does anyone have any advice? I’m doing RICE for the first 48 hours. Also thinking about doing a dit dat Jow (iron palm), but confused if I should wait. Also have a comfrey cream which I will be using today. im sure there are people on this board that may have had a simile injury. Any advice on what people have done with a similar knee injury for the initial 48 hours?
  7. Elixirs

    What do you source to get your quinine? Thanks in advance!
  8. Calcium and the pineal gland

    You nailed this on the head. Calcium is not the problem, it’s the lack of Vitamin D and K. I have been eating natto for K, and raw eggs for Vit D along with a Vit D supplement. One other thing that i feel harms the pineal... fluoride and bromine. These halogens are taken up in the body in areas where Iodine should be. The lack of iodine in most diets is why i theorize that people are sicker and cancer is more prevalent.
  9. Green Tea and Caffeine

    I’m a big fan of green tea. It’s a morning ritual of mine. My concern is the caffeine. I’ve read how this could be an issue for health reasons. But didn’t yogis sip green tea throughout the day? Were they not concerned with caffeine? I would love to hear what other people think about this.
  10. Qigong Grandmaster John Tsai

    I have both of his VHS tapes. Couldn't find much about this guy. Thanks for creating this thread.
  11. A stream of oregano oil into a falling of water. Drink the gallon everyday. Kills most pathogens. You want to supplement with some kind of probiotic too during this.
  12. Puerh tea

    Appreciate the advice Gerald. I will do that!
  13. Puerh tea

    So I ended up taking your advice, and bought some from that site, and more. I figured I’d share. Bought some of the newer stuff thinking I can age it while I drink the others.
  14. What do you put in your congee?

    What is the preference here for everyone? White or brown rice? Is there a certain kind of rice superior for this?
  15. Shou Wu Chih

    I’m starting to take it. I’ll post updates on what I think. Anyone have any experience with the Tonic or herbs? im personally using the tonic. I’m boiling hot water, and pour into a mug. After a minute, I will pour the dose into the cup.