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  1. Calcium and the pineal gland

    You nailed this on the head. Calcium is not the problem, it’s the lack of Vitamin D and K. I have been eating natto for K, and raw eggs for Vit D along with a Vit D supplement. One other thing that i feel harms the pineal... fluoride and bromine. These halogens are taken up in the body in areas where Iodine should be. The lack of iodine in most diets is why i theorize that people are sicker and cancer is more prevalent.
  2. Green Tea and Caffeine

    I’m a big fan of green tea. It’s a morning ritual of mine. My concern is the caffeine. I’ve read how this could be an issue for health reasons. But didn’t yogis sip green tea throughout the day? Were they not concerned with caffeine? I would love to hear what other people think about this.
  3. Qigong Grandmaster John Tsai

    I have both of his VHS tapes. Couldn't find much about this guy. Thanks for creating this thread.
  4. A stream of oregano oil into a falling of water. Drink the gallon everyday. Kills most pathogens. You want to supplement with some kind of probiotic too during this.
  5. Puerh tea

    Appreciate the advice Gerald. I will do that!
  6. Puerh tea

    So I ended up taking your advice, and bought some from that site, and more. I figured I’d share. Bought some of the newer stuff thinking I can age it while I drink the others.
  7. What do you put in your congee?

    What is the preference here for everyone? White or brown rice? Is there a certain kind of rice superior for this?
  8. Shou Wu Chih

    I’m starting to take it. I’ll post updates on what I think. Anyone have any experience with the Tonic or herbs? im personally using the tonic. I’m boiling hot water, and pour into a mug. After a minute, I will pour the dose into the cup.
  9. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I might have to try making this. Thanks!
  10. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I make kefir myself, with raw cow’s milk. It’s one of the few foods that contain vitamin K (along with other fermented foods). The typical American diet is deficient in Vitamin K, and I hypothesize that this causes osteoporosis. Could even cause brain issues like Alzheimer’s or others due to the calcification of glands. For the booch makers... why booch over kefir? Is it healthier?
  11. Esoteric and Occult Discussion

    How did you find this? I'm intrigued its from Doo Wai. Wonder if it really is?
  12. Glutamine to rebuild the gut

    Glutamine, if I remember correctly, is the most abundant amino acid needed for the body. It would make sense. When I was in my weight training days as a teenager, I took heavy doses of glutamine for recovery. I understand I didn't do a scientific experiment, and whether it was the placebo effect or not, I found recovery times to help when I dosed with gluatmine (5-15 grams a day). I know chicken broth, made from chicken bones, has lots of glutamine in it. That could be why its so good for the gut (with the addition of gelatin). Try it. It's an amino acid, so as long as you build yourself up to a higher dose, I dont see any harm in ingesting it (it's like eating more meat).
  13. Blood type and personalty

    For people reading this thread, do you find that the descriptions of your blood type personality describe yourself? I know certain foods are supposedly better/worse depending on blood type, with meat being a big difference. Does anyone follow this diet? i find this subject fascinating, as I am an AB+ type. Seems like that is conflicted.
  14. Puerh tea

    I have this one from Wegman's: Also have this:
  15. Puerh tea

    I'm honestly not sure which one I enjoy more. I'll have to try and find out. It was these two from your post some time ago (see below). I'm thinking of buying both. Here's two raw puerh cakes with plenty of kick: First is top class and the second...see if you can handle it!