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  1. Can We Know Truth?

    It's a typo. Just corrected it. I meant eternal (not external) listening as mentioned in your first post. No need to get upset over this and make assumptions on my intentions and actions. I am not interested in debating this or to engage in lengthy off topic discussions. Have a nice day!
  2. Can We Know Truth?

    Are you sure vichara is eternal listening? May be you are mixing it up with some other term. Vichara world be questioning or analysis rather than inference or listening.
  3. Thanks for the reply even though I am not sure if you were stating those, or asking them as questions. I was just curious because your post explained Advaita very well except this one concept, in my view.
  4. That is very good articulation of the Advaidic view. Just curious, how does Ishvara fit in this picture? Is Ishvara also a display of vanity in this view?
  5. I never thought there was a point to this discussion from the start and said it so, with the exception that the premise of this thread to judge others as 'qualified' or 'not qualified' to engage in discussions as wrong. Thanks for award, but I am doing fine without it and would like to keep it that way. Just a suggestion though. Instead of seeing it as winning of someone, can it also be seen as inner resistence to concede on ideas from our side? I won't stand in the way of you discussing with others if you see no point in continuing the discussion with me. So, I will leave. Please continue the discussion with others. Much love
  6. Those were your exact words (verbatim) and I did not put any of them there. You clearly seem to have an expanded view of your tradition as inclusive of all other traditions. I would hope at least you take responsibility for what you said instead of blaming that also as other's fault. No, none of this helps me clearly.
  7. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    Thanks for sharing. It is indeed sad news. On the bright side, I am sure the Light from Norbu will keep shining, no matter what form he is in.
  8. Well it was not. There's nothing I can share about Vedanta that is not already in the 10 principle upanishads. My answer is not very different from your answer to my request to post your understanding on KS. Since 2007 I have posted many such posts on Daobums. You say it's not. But readers can draw their own concussion. As to the part about your answer is not very different from some of my previous answer:. No way!!! I don't make assumptions that people have not read this or that text. I would never tell someone point-blank, just go read this or that, before they can ask me certain questions. Find one post where I did that and then you can claim they are similar. Until then, I have to dismiss that statement as absurd. As to the part about you have been doing this in TDB from 2007:. That hardly justifies the action in anyway. I don't even know why you bothered to point it out. That your seniority gives you the right to do so? Many people do things and get away with it for years, decades or lifetime, that hardly justifies those actions are right. I stand by what I said. The statement 'Read the 10 primary Upanishads', in response to what appeared like a sincere question, sounds patronizing to me.
  9. Statements such as KS is Advaita tradition. Buddhism is also part of Advaita tradition and most Buddhists know this (I do not know a single Buddhist who thinks Buddhism is Advaita tradition). These statements are just baffling to say the least for me. I just find them plain wrong and insensitive in so many ways because they give zero thought to what others believe or cherish as their tradition. There was no insinuation in my words except expressing this bafflement in mildest terms. I have no interest to setup ground rules for anyone (or any tradition) to qualify or determine what is a genuine discussion in these topics. That was never my intent. I was arguing against that right from the start.
  10. Observing similarities is one thing, but to claim other belief systems are part of one's own tradition is different. Thanks for the discussion and answering my question. I think it's time for me to take a break from this thread!
  11. Read the 10 primary upanishads The question sounds like a simple request and the reply patronizing!
  12. Yes I do. Not just me, most Buddhists do to. What about Taoism and Taoists? That also Advaita tradition?
  13. Well, the Masters of the KS tradition did not think so. There is a reason it is classified as Monism. When statements like that are made, it can only be classified as opinion. I was just reading what Buddha said on philosophical assertions and refutations. It is hard to make arguments against assertions based on personal beliefs. Do you consider Buddhism also as Advaita tradition?
  14. from Boulder to Fort Myers

    Ok .
  15. from Boulder to Fort Myers

    Why not head North? Just curious!