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  1. Welcome Post

    Welcome Ajay! Nice to see you here my friend. Look forward to your participation in the discussions. I have had a wonderful time in the past couple of years with TDB. There is so much to learn, to contribute and the best part for me was to interact and get to know some of the members here. Wishing you a fun journey ahead! šŸ™‚ Siva.
  2. Determined to overcome Aphantasia

    I have dreams, but still can't picture things clearly while awake. So, yes imagination (with picture) is not so vivid to the point it is non existent many times. I think there are also different degrees to this.
  3. I can't help but observe, this sounds more like Advaita than Taoism. To discard the parts that involve duality (or the reality of the one and the many) as somewhat irrelevant. In my view, I think all parts are equally significant.
  4. Determined to overcome Aphantasia

    Hi Remake, Welcome to the forums. Is Aphantasia the issue or the obsession to overcome it? I am glad this search made you learn other things and progress spiritually. As long as you are seeking for a solution without obsession it should be fine. But sounds like there is an urgency and desperation in your seeking to find an answer for this. In my experience that can become an issue. Anything we seek with obsession becomes a hindrance for us in many ways, including that very desire becoming a road block to achieving that which we seek obsessively. I came to know I have this condition last year. Read about it a little and then just let go. I am not sure if there is a cure or fix for this. In my opinion, it is very unlikely. It could be part of our making, like how some people are astrally blind and there could be a reason for it. Why view it as a curse, does it impair your abilities to function severely? There are also advantages to this condition. You can't daydream like others, right? That is a huge plus. Even if it impairs some things, it is better to just let go, accept the condition. Acceptance does not necessarily mean not seeking a solution for it. A calm mind without any impediments and present in the moment has a higher chances of finding the answers. There were some momentary instances with very high energy flows, when it felt like I was able to overcome this condition and visualize things. But, otherwise not. Sorry, I can't provide a solution for this. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Best wishes! Siva.
  5. Yes, we discussed about this in the front page of this thread. I mentioned that perhaps I am not talking about the Self from Upanishads. Something like Shiva from KS will fit what I described well.
  6. Yes, I have had some experiences like that. But that seems to be the exception from the way dreams generally play out.
  7. Thanks, I still consider Jnaneswari's commentary on Gita to be one of the best ever. However, I have come to understand that the strict advaitin view and commentary of Gita has many limitations. There is a higher meaning and explanation given to some of the verses from the Kashmir Shaivism's monistic point of view.
  8. For instance, here is a verse that is more dualistic in my view. "bhÅ«mir āpo ā€™nalo vāyuhĢ£ khamĢ mano buddhir eva ca ahańkāra itÄ«yamĢ me bhinnā prakrĢ£tir asĢ£tĢ£adhā Translation of Bhagavad Gita 7.4 Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false egoā€”all together these eight constitute My separated material energies." Here Krishna talks about 8 things constituting his seperate material energies. It is a challenge to explain such verses from Advaita stand point. In the Advaita commentaries, I read that these represent the lower nature of the Divine in manifest form. In the higher nature, the divine is non-dual. Well, this verse is as valid as some other verses that appear to be totally non-dual. I have provided the link below that has the commentary from all traditions for this verse and I have quoted Abhinavagupta's commentary which makes very good sense to me over others. Though Abhinavagupta's original commentary says the one and the divided eight fold energy are both valid at the same time, and goes on to explain the self reflection, unfortunately the translator or the person who wrote the English commentary on Abhinavagupta's commentary has added a word 'superior' (sadly!) to the other form vs. divided forms as consistent with other Advaita commentaries. https://www.bhagavad-gita.us/bhagavad-gita-7-4/
  9. Just wanted to also point out, the commentary for the verse 66 (link provided in the post above) from chapter 18 is very large. That's because it is considered as a key verse in Gita by almost all traditions, for the Vaishnava traditions, it is the most important verse of Gita and part of their Rahasya Trayam ( the 3 great secrets). Not all verses in Gita have such lengthy commentary running to pages in that site I pasted above. Most have concise and easy to read commentary from masters of each tradition.
  10. In the recent times I read Abhinavagupta's commentary for few verses from his Gitartha Sangraha and found them fascinating. I find his commentary more balanced because Gita deals with both the transcendent and immanent aspects of the divine. For anyone interested, here is an English translated edition. https://archive.org/details/AbhinavaguptaGitarthaSangrahaArvindSharma If someone just wants to check or read Abhinavagupta's commentary for a certain verse(s) like how I do at times, it may be best to visit the following site, and just lookup that verse. https://www.bhagavad-gita.us/ Not just Abhinavagupta (From Kaula tradition with Monistic commentary of Gita) , the above site has the commentaries by various prominent masters from completely different types of schools or philosophies such as Shankara (Advaita commentary of Gita), Ramanuja (Vishishtadvaita commentary), Madhvacharya (Dwaita commentary), Prabupada from the lineage of Chaitanya & Nityananda (Achintya bheda-abhedha) and few others. It is interesting to read the commentary from various masters and traditions, side by side for some key verses. There used to be an option to filter the commentary only by one philosophy or master, for any of the verses. I don't see that option anymore in this new site. Here is the link for one verse from chapter 18 as an example. This verse talks about leaving all dharmas, processes and methods taught over all the previous chapters and verses and just surrender to the divine and to attain moksha with divine help. In the link below, we can read the commentary by various traditions on this same verse. https://www.bhagavad-gita.us/bhagavad-gita-18-66/
  11. Here is another verse I like. Again death, again birth and a stay in another mother's womb, all of the worldly experience is referred as suffering that is difficult to endure. Shankara is appealing to the divine in this verse for compassion to break this cycle of samsara.
  12. I already shared my thoughts about Mandukya Upanishad in this context in another thread. Mandukya is short and precise, has no concept of pratyabhijƱā or anything even relatively close. Of course, commentaries later can add what they liked from other systems such as KS. This has happened over the past and nothing wrong in Advaita taking over good stuff from other traditions and adapting, as long as the due credit is given to those systems. Also to have the clear understanding of what Advaita Vedanta is, from the real Upanishads themselves and direct works of Shankara is very important. One will not find KS concepts in these.
  13. In my view, I fail to see any constancy. What you are referring to as constant is also devoid of substance and is empty.
  14. Not sure what Dwai explained as first step. But, if you say no effort is needed, things happen on their own, I don't agree with such fatalistic view. I would rather be invested and put forth effort.
  15. Yoga Vasishta

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in response to my post. I have slightly differing ideas about the destination and the roads leading to it. I don't think there is any fixed destination, I started a thread recently in general forum with the title, it's a moving target. There is infinite expansion in my view. Not all paths lead to the same exact states also. Some paths are more limited than others.