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  1. Lineages- old and new

    I agree on the very considerable shift. Infact that is what it exactly is. A considerable shift and when it happens rapidly in some, it seems to leave a strong impression of a new state, or even mislead some to think they are enlightened. Is the person free from all sufferings and afflictions as Buddha stated? The answer seems to be no. To me, this awakening is just the start of the journey. Long ways to go afterwards. The challenges after the so called awakenings are much higher than before. One needs to let go and keep expanding to cope up with them. When they resist to let go, they suffer. Divine guidance is essential after the awakening.
  2. Lineages- old and new

    The problem for me is, various different major openings and corresponding realizations are possible at different levels. Like, one going through the ten Buddha bhumis to finally become a Buddha or even before these bhumis, the chakra openings. Any one of these can be classified as an awakening and it looks like different people are discribing different thing as Awakening. There is nothing wrong in this. But, when we take Awakening as a one topic and study, it can cause lot of confusion since there is no common ground among all awakenings. If we say it is the emerging oneness and falling away of self that is common, then once again this happens at various degrees at each level starting from the heart chakra opening to the levels above.
  3. Just seeking my path

    Hi cg4tw, Welcome to TDB. Wish you success in your pursuit to become an immortal. Just curios, are you wishing to become physically immortal with the body or to achieve something like a rainbow body of light? Do you follow any particular tradition or practices?
  4. I agree with this point, it is better to treat the lineages differently. There can be some similarities, the core values and principles in many spiritual paths are similar, but that does not make different lineages the same. Mixing everything up is unproductive imo, it can also mislead seekers into confusion instead of clarity. Context is very important.
  5. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    When we are ready, we will invariably find a teacher or a lineage that can help or provide guidance. It will happen sooner or later, no matter where a person physically is. Some of us here do group energy practices in a place called Living Unbound in slack (similar to the TDB slack chat). If you are interested and would like to check out, send me a PM and I will send you the link to sign up for the chat. This has helped some of us here tremendously in the past few years.
  6. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Something like out of body experiences can happen to certain people practicing yoga nidra. There is nothing to fear about this in my opinion.
  7. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Glad you liked it. It is a very good guided yoga nidra practice. The person guiding really knows what they are doing. About your question on screwing up, it is very unlikely to screw up just with yoga nidra practice. Screw ups generally happen when drugs are involved with meditation or energy practices. Also, remember this is just a starting practice for beginners. It is best to do any advanced energy practices with some guidance. True transformation happens only with guidance from a teacher/divine being. These type of practices are just to calm the mind in the early stages.
  8. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    In my experience yoga nidra is the best practice for relaxing and to take the mind to deep states of inner silence. It is much easier to practice than any guided meditation. Less risky also in terms of things going wrong or energy overloads, since it has a balancing grounding component also. One can lie down in savasana/corpse-posture while practicing this. It's okay if you go to sleep in the middle when starting to practice this. I bought the MP3 version of this guided yoga nidra practice below over a decade back. It helped me tremendously. After sometime I did not need the guided audio and could do it on my own. Some of the Buddhist bodichitta mediations also have similar scanning of different body parts. Helps open up and clear the energy pathways all across the body. The following video is the introduction. There are 3 more parts to this which are also available in YouTube.
  9. Anger as Power

    Anger once acted upon is always destructive and it cannot be transmuted. Very few can just observe the underlying emotion and not act on it, 'anger' generally means it is already acted upon and therefore is destructive. But whatever is causing the anger underneath is generally some type of obstruction from a deep seated emotion, that can be let go by just observing & being totally present with the emotion and not acting on it. By following a process like what is described in The Presence Process by Michael Brown. Easier said than done at the early stages. But someone who consistently follows the process will go through a transformation and eventually reach a state of clarity from where they can just observe it as ripples that arise in mind. With time the rising of such ripples will also subside.
  10. Welcome Post

    Welcome Ajay! Nice to see you here my friend. Look forward to your participation in the discussions. I have had a wonderful time in the past couple of years with TDB. There is so much to learn, to contribute and the best part for me was to interact and get to know some of the members here. Wishing you a fun journey ahead! 🙂 Siva.
  11. Determined to overcome Aphantasia

    I have dreams, but still can't picture things clearly while awake. So, yes imagination (with picture) is not so vivid to the point it is non existent many times. I think there are also different degrees to this.
  12. I can't help but observe, this sounds more like Advaita than Taoism. To discard the parts that involve duality (or the reality of the one and the many) as somewhat irrelevant. In my view, I think all parts are equally significant.
  13. Determined to overcome Aphantasia

    Hi Remake, Welcome to the forums. Is Aphantasia the issue or the obsession to overcome it? I am glad this search made you learn other things and progress spiritually. As long as you are seeking for a solution without obsession it should be fine. But sounds like there is an urgency and desperation in your seeking to find an answer for this. In my experience that can become an issue. Anything we seek with obsession becomes a hindrance for us in many ways, including that very desire becoming a road block to achieving that which we seek obsessively. I came to know I have this condition last year. Read about it a little and then just let go. I am not sure if there is a cure or fix for this. In my opinion, it is very unlikely. It could be part of our making, like how some people are astrally blind and there could be a reason for it. Why view it as a curse, does it impair your abilities to function severely? There are also advantages to this condition. You can't daydream like others, right? That is a huge plus. Even if it impairs some things, it is better to just let go, accept the condition. Acceptance does not necessarily mean not seeking a solution for it. A calm mind without any impediments and present in the moment has a higher chances of finding the answers. There were some momentary instances with very high energy flows, when it felt like I was able to overcome this condition and visualize things. But, otherwise not. Sorry, I can't provide a solution for this. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Best wishes! Siva.
  14. Yes, we discussed about this in the front page of this thread. I mentioned that perhaps I am not talking about the Self from Upanishads. Something like Shiva from KS will fit what I described well.
  15. Yes, I have had some experiences like that. But that seems to be the exception from the way dreams generally play out.