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  1. Biological manipulation towards what?

    I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
  2. An opinion or observation of madness

    The question was whether he had any part in atrocities, not whether he had good intentions or was a nice guy to have a beer with or whatever. Stop deflecting.
  3. An opinion or observation of madness

    Carter supported Suharto’s East Timor genocide. He also joined China and Thailand in backing the Khmer Rouge after Vietnam overthrew them. His man Brzezinski masterminded the US support for the Afghan mujahideen with the wonderful results we are still living with today. Carter does seem to have developed some conscience since leaving office which is more than can be said for his successors.
  4. Biological manipulation towards what?

    A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice.
  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    I think it's more that legality is completely irrelevant when there is no power capable of holding the US accountable for its actions. Perhaps the most perennial but impotent criticism of US interventions and wars is that they violate international law. Is someone going to sanction the USA? Arrest its politicians? Of course not. If there were some serious international attempt to punish the US for Trump's crimes even the liberals would be fuming at the insolence.
  6. Biological manipulation towards what?

    man you are going to blow this thing wide open watch your back
  7. An opinion or observation of madness

    Let it be also said that, while Trump's anti-immigration policy is indeed evil and worthy of all the condemnation it gets, it is a development of policies already put in place by previous administrations. Writers for liberal magazine The Nation already warned about this in 2016: Yes, it was Obama who put the kids in cages first. Republicans often exploit this fact as a talking point, but it is nonetheless true. This is what is enabled when people take robotic political stances, reducing everything to two possible positions.
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    Rachel Maddow is a hack (Glenn Beck for liberals) but it's true that a whistleblower has come out with this allegation, which, unfortunately, I find all too believable:
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    Your remark about Bill Barr suggests that you completely missed the point of the article you just posted.
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    I really wonder though. Some of these people are really crazy enough to be sincere, IMO. To me it feels like the death squad pentecostalism that the US sponsored in Latin America has come full circle. These people really believe they are some kind of apocalyptic warriors and any crime, any lie, any perversion, is not only permissible but necessary in the service of God.
  11. An opinion or observation of madness

    Prior the 80's, as I understand it, the religious influence in US politics was less focused and less powerful. In particular the evangelicals were something of a sleeping giant, many of them inclining toward quietism; those that were political did not necessarily incline toward the Republican party. Actually maybe the first surge of evangelical political involvement helped Carter win the presidency in 1976. That "progressive evangelical" vote though seems to be a distant memory now. With the help of people like Frankie Schaeffer, Republican strategists were able to exploit a number of issues, primarily abortion, to convince large numbers of evangelicals that their political home was in the GOP (the GOP's intense pro-life stance was itself a novelty).
  12. An opinion or observation of madness

    Putin's greatest act of маскировка is convincing Americans that they're two separate places!
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    Pure projection on your part. In fact I made no comparison between them at all. I work at a little firm called the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg.
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    If you really believe that- and I don't think you do- go ahead and report it to the mods.
  15. An opinion or observation of madness

    The only way a question like this has any relevance is if you have completely centered your world and your values around Trump. Think about what you're doing here. "Candidate Y has hacked 3 people to death on live TV". "But what about Candidate X who hacked 5 people to death on live TV? Are you okay with that?" Being unable to form coherent sentences is a bad quality in any candidate, regardless of who they're running against.