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  1. Amoral Dao

    So your dad was just doing his part in the process of life.
  2. Amoral Dao

    You seem to be saying murdering people around the world and torturing one's children are a bad thing, no? On what basis do you assume that?
  3. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    My uncles are insisting to me over WhatsApp that the virus is a US bioweapon gone awry. This theory is apparently quite popular on Chinese social media.
  4. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Well now someone is saying the CIA knew about the virus in November . I don't buy it but man are the conspiracy theorists going to love that one.
  5. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Great article by the always great Yasha Levine talking about how our industrialized agriculture system makes pandemics more and more likely to recur:
  6. Does Daoism permit promiscuousness?

    This Wikipedia article is quite good. Look under the “syncreticism” section:
  7. Does Daoism permit promiscuousness?

    The quest to absorb energy from as many partners as possible seems to be pretty roundly denounced as immoral and/or foolish by "orthodox" Daoists.
  8. Does Daoism permit promiscuousness?

    Yeah, it was called "heqi" (merging qi) or "the way of the yellow and the red". Eventually the Celestial Masters abandoned it themselves- one of the main sources of info is the xiang'er which is a Tianshi commentary on the Dao De Jing, which frowns on the practice. Ling Bao was very much influenced by Buddhism but I don't think there is much if any Buddhist influence in Shang Qing. They are generally held to be the first organized Daoist sect though I believe there is some uncertainty there.
  9. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Yes, in ordinary usage, qi can mean oxygen and other gases. That is not what yuanqi is referring to. Likewise when Thales says the original principle of everything is "water" he does not mean dihydrogen monoxide.
  10. Does Daoism permit promiscuousness?

    There seem to be different theories about this but generally in excess it is held to lead to loss of jing. I recall reading of Qiu Chuji's visit to Genghis Khan- the Khan was so exhausted that he had to be carried out to his audience with the Daoist monk. Qiu Chuji advised that it was because of too much banging (the Khan had thousands of captive women) that he had depleted his vitality. I don't know if any early Daoists said sex was bad per se. There were different attitudes in the early sects though. The Celestial Masters (Tianshi) Daoists practiced a ritual for married couples that has been the topic of a lot of study (and polemic by Buddhists). The Shang Qing and Ling Bao sects both denounced this practice and saw the Tianshi Daoists as somehow compromised because of this. Tianshi Daoists were only permitted into Ling Bao as novices. As for Shang Qing they sought a mystical marriage with heavenly maidens, and earthly ties had to be renounced for this to occur.
  11. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Qi is a cosmological principle without easy definition. Calling it "oxygen" is like calling the Greek philosophers' element of water "H2O"- a complete misunderstanding of what is being talked about.
  12. An opinion or observation of madness

    Anyone having the body-mind of someone who holds Trump accountable for his evil actions would act in the same way,. It might see things in a new light leading to the cessation of self-refuting nonsense.
  13. Amoral Dao

    What do "perfect" and "pure" mean without any Good? There is however a difference between ultimate good and good as something relative to bad. Hence Confucians can say, with Wang Yangming, "There is neither good nor evil in the mind-in-itself" yet also call the mind-in-itself supremely good.
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    What evidence do you have for that? Until the electoral college is abolished, I don't see what relevance this has. Was there? I tend to vote Democratic, and never for Republicans, but the Dems have been telling people like me to piss off for many years and they've been moving further to the right. So I would not consider myself a Democrat.
  15. An opinion or observation of madness

    That's great. What did it accomplish politically? Throughout this whole thing there has been this indefatigable faith from Dems that people who vote for Republicans have some strong sense of decency and decorum that can only take so much abuse before they switch. I don't know where it comes from.