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  1. Connection between tao and christianity

    Super edgy take, bro. Take it to a Christian forum, they'll be really impressed.
  2. Connection between tao and christianity

    That's a deeply simplistic and polemical way of looking at Christianity.
  3. President Trump

    Of course not. Purely by coincidence another 50 rubles mysteriously appeared in my bank account after submitting this post.
  4. President Trump

    "Facts" which are fervently believed as articles of faith by Clintonites and nobody else. Xi Jinping paid me 50 cents for writing this post.
  5. President Trump

    I'm a communist. You liberals are just as bad as Trump supporters. I think Clintonites should be banned from the forum as right-wingers.
  6. President Trump

    I get it, everyone whose opinion is outside a very narrow centrist Democrat window is a Russian bot or a wumao or something. Likewise everyone who opposed the Iraq war in 2003 was a Saddam agent or Al Qaeda sympathizer. Putin just wired me 50 rubles for writing this post.
  7. President Trump

    Just because some fascists, for their own questionable reasons, point out the fact that Clinton and her associates are warmongers doesn't mean that it is an "alt-right talking point." If some Nazi says the sky is blue, that doesn't mean we need to contrive a detailed argument as to why it is really a subtle shade of purple.
  8. President Trump

    Those are synonyms. I personally am quite okay with a bit of "Red Terror" being exercised by the admin, provided he's consistent about it.
  9. Connection between tao and christianity

    There are important differences but plenty of common ground too. I attended a lecture by an Orthodox Christian monk who had spent time in China among Taoist and Buddhist monks. When the Buddhists quizzed him about his beliefs, they told him, "you sound like one of those Taoists" (this was meant is fairly condescending way). And indeed he seemed to have gotten along much better with the Taoists. Taoists wanting to engage with Christianity on an intellectual level would do well to read The Divine Names by Dionysius the Areopagite and the Ambigua by Maximus the Confessor. It does help to recognize that there is a lot more to Christianity than the decrepit institutional face it often wears today. Think of classic Christianity as a Hellenistic mystery religion, with heavy infusions of Neoplatonic theology and Stoic asceticism. The eucharist is basically a theurgic magickal rite.
  10. Thanks, Walker. Fascinating information as always. That ferret possessions sounds... awesome. I wonder how fox possessed people would behave. I had read that the fox cults are particularly big in the northeast. What I noticed though is that a lot of these fox temples appearing online and selling amulets, statues, etc. are in Taiwan or in Guangdong province or Hong Kong. In the link I provided there's a video of the scripture being read in what I think is Cantonese (I've only studied Mandarin so I'm not too sure about that)
  11. Deity seals

    Another question, what are 令牌 (lingpai)? They look like spirit tablets but with additional talismanic stuff carved on them. Are they objects of worship like statues or do they have some further ritual function?
  12. The Tao of Craft by B.Wen.

    Could you give some pointers for further reading on Taiyi Tianzun? I vaguely recall a paragraph or two about him in Eva Wong’s guide and I’d love to learn more. Thanks!
  13. Master....what master ?

    Right there’s nothing he has to offer that can’t be learned elsewhere, more accurately, and without paying ridiculous amounts of money. And if, as he says, he was initiated by some direct theophany it seems that anyone can.
  14. Receving a Taoist name and initiation.

    I have huge respect for Michael Saso and he's done great work in explaining inner workings of Taoism to English readers. I'm puzzled though by his insistence that the word "Taoist" must = daoshi, and that any non-daoshi calling themselves "Taoists" are somehow engaging in fraud or presumption. Part of this, I think, was motivated a righteous indignation at the way Taoism has been appropriated, distorted, and exploited by ignorant Westerners for book sales and other unsavory purposes, often accompanied by ignorant scoffing at "religious Taoism" as actually practiced in China for ages. It is of course important to make sure the authentic traditions are not obscured or hijacked by the bullshitters. The problem is that there is no indication, from the history of usage of the Western word "Taoist," that it was ever intended as a 1:1 translation of 道士. And since Taoism itself is such a complex matrix of disparate cults, practices, mythologies, philosophies, etc it seems bizarre to try to delineate the tradition in such a strict, clericalist way. Even some of the recognized "orthodox" sects today were founded by people who were not conventionally ordained by existing lineages. Not to mention the plethora of folksy, semi-literate "red hat" sects, whose origins are often obscure, but who Saso nonetheless recognizes as genuinely Taoist.
  15. Deity seals

    Thanks, Zhongyoungdaoist. I'd been eyeing that Benebell Wen book and your review finally convinced me to get a copy. I wish a teacher were near me to give direct guidance; the second best thing, I suppose, is to plod carefully along with the help of good books and the advice of fellow practitioners (like the good folks at this forum).